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Unread 05-28-2016, 11:56 AM
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Default nGo Generations 2k16

This is the official release of nGo Generations 2016

Zip Link per request
nGo Generations Complete Pack Zip Version
Official Update #1
Official Update #2
Official Update #3
Official Update #4
Official Update #5
Official Update #6

Notes about Updates:
-The official download link will always refresh to the latest copy. At any given time when you download the main link, it will include all available updates.
-Future updates will be listed underneath the main download link above.

What is nGo?
nGo (credit to Hive for the name!) is an "organic" picture file (samples in second post) that is designed to stretch across multiple generations of game play. It includes title belts, people, broadcasters, tv logos, promotion logos, event logos, free pictures, etc. in an organic format. It also takes advantage of the new "classic" agers options by including custom made classic portraits.

What is organic? Organic simply means that you take the image as it is found and place it into a 150x150 file format. No cutting out backgrounds. The only work involved is resizing to keep similar scale throughout the pack and often times touch ups to try and keep image quality as high as possible. THis is not always possible, but many pictures have had extensive work done on them to be as clear as I can get them for game play.
Special thanks to the following people who have contributed to the pack in various ways over the years:
The Mod Squad
Installation Instructions
[You will need 7Zip to open and extract these files]
1) Extract the image file into your TEW pictures file (C://Program Files (x86)/GDS/TEW2016/Pictures)
2) If you are using a mod that is designed to work with nGo, you are done!
3) For a mod NOT designed for nGo, go into the edit database feature of TEW and select database info. Change picture folder to "nGo"
Mods that currently utilize this picture pack
Mods by Matt Shannon
Mods by Hive
Mods by Justtxyank

If you would like your mod added, please PM justtxyank through the boards. Make sure your mod is currently set to be pug and play operable with this pack.
Important Notes
-This pack is free to use for any game
-All modders are welcome (and encouraged) to utilize this pack for their database. However, permission is expressly denied to release any updates to this pack in your mod or otherwise. This is not about an ego, this about making sure the file names don't get out of whack going forward. If you would like to make a mod using this but you need to add pictures, fee free to send me a PM. I have worked with mod makers to expand this pack to cover your time period and willing to continue to do so where the need exists. Try to use the existing images first though! If you tag this set in your mod, please give credit and include a link to this thread in your release thread! Also send me a PM to let me know so I can add you to the list!

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