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Unread 10-31-2017, 01:18 PM
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Default The War to End All Wars! (An alternate history of pro wrestling)

Prologue #1:

February 1987

A board meeting at the Connecticut headquarters of the World Wrestling Federation...

Vince McMahon stands at the head of a large conference table. Seated around the table are announcer Gorilla Monsoon, lead road agent George Scott, color commentator Lord Alfred Hayes, longtime manager and occasional booker the Grand Wizard and the father and son production team of Dennis and Kevin Dunn. Vince's wife Linda looks on from across the room as a TV on the desk behind Vince shows a VHS tape of recent highlights from the WWF's flagship program PrimeTime Wrestling...

WWF owner Vincent Kennedy McMahon

Monsoon: "I'm just saying Vince, after what happened with the Sheik down in Georgia we need to be safe just incase, you know..."

A visibly irritated McMahon interrupts...

McMahon: "Hogan is our champion g** d****t! You've seen those crowds. You see the ratings...and the merch numbers are through the roof!"

Grand Wizard: "Monsoon's got a point Vince. After what happened, Barnett is barely hanging on right now..."

McMahon: "He's a dinosaur anyway."

Scott: "He lost all his TV..."

McMahon: "..a relic..."

Hayes: "A lot of his top stars have abandoned him..."

McMahon: " over the hill relic.."

Monsoon: "You saw Ted Koppel's report on Nightline..."

McMahon: "Fine...Fine!! FINE!!! Who do you guys have in mind then? Huh, Ventura? Muraco?

Dennis Dunn: "What about Blackjack?"

McMahon: "Mulligan is at the end...another holdover from a dead era of 'wrasslin."

Kevin Dunn: "How about The Ultim---"

McMahon: "Shut up Kevin...he's a head case and worse than Hogan! Look, Ventura, Snuka, Mulligan, Muraco are all past their primes. Piper might never wrestle again, and Tommy-Mania was a flash in the pan, and I love Andre for everything he's done here but cripes he can barely walk to the ring at this point. Hogan is our champion and that's final!"

Monsoon: "I think your forgetting someone Vince."

Monsoon sits in a WWF Board Meeting

McMahon: "No!"

Monsoon: "He's over Vince..."

McMahon: "What is he like 5'8"?"

Monsoon: "He can cut one helleva promo..."

McMahon: "I got socks bigger than him..."

Monsoon: "He connects with the fans Vince, and he can go in the ring..."

McMahon: "Fine! We'll keep him strong...'just in case'..."

As if on cue, the highlight tape lingers on highlights of Gorilla Monsoon's favorite wrestler, the top heel in the World Wrestling Federation...

The Nature Boy...Tully Blanchard!

The Nature Boy will be leaving with your girlfriend tonight

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Unread 10-31-2017, 02:06 PM
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Prologue #2:

December 1986

A dreary winter's evening in Georgia and we are at the Savannah Civic Center. It's 20 minutes before the gates open for an untelevised house show from Georgia Championship Wrestling. It's one day after ABC's late night news show Nightline with Ted Koppel ran a 30 minute episode titled "Roids, Rails and Rings - Behind the Curtain of Professional Wrestling" . During the episode, The Iron Sheik gave a tell all interview about the heavy usage of steroids and cocaine in the GCW locker room, accusing both former and current Georgia wrestlers of heavy drug abuse. By noon the next day, sponsors were pulling out of GCW, the promotion lost their local TV deal and several wrestlers turned in their notice.

GCW Owner Jim Barnett

Popular babyface Jerry Brisco walks into the heels locker room, immediately ducking as chair wizzes by his head. He looks across the room to see an enraged Ole Anderson destroying the place while GCW owner Jim Barnett tried to calm him down...

Ole: "What the **** do you mean everything will be alright?!?"

Barnett: "We'll work through it Ole."

Anderson rips off his t-shirt and punches a locker, leaving a softball sized dent in the locker door...

Ole: "I told you not to ******* hire that piece of **** Sheik rip-off! He's always been a ******* pile of ******* ***"

Barnett: "Ole look..."

Anderson picks up one of the locker room benches and chucks it against the wall then turns to Jerry Brisco...

Ole: "And what the **** do you ******* want?"

Ole Anderson circa 1983...he thinks your the drizzling *****

Brisco (tries to) ignore the now fuming Anderson and speaks to Jim Barnett...

Brisco: "Look Jim we go way back, but I'm sorry, I got no choice..."

Brisco backs slowly towards the door as Ole kicks another locker, leaving another massive dent and nearly knocking over the whole row of lockers...

Brisco: "Look Jim I'll do a job tonight if you want but after understand..."

Ole: "Yeah, run to Vince like your ******* turncoat brother Jack ya little..."

Barnett: "That's enough Ole. I understand Jerry. Just go, don't worry about your match tonight."

Brisco: "I'm sorry Jim but look, Vince is killing us...Turner's WCW is killing us...nothing's been the same since Crockett went out of business. Maybe our time is over Jim."

Ole Anderson is now literally foaming at the mouth. Brisco darts out of the locker room just in time to avoid another steel chair being thrown at his head by Ole...intentionally this time!

Barnett: "You gotta switch to decaf brother..."

Ole growls and picks up another chair...

Barnett: "Or try listening to some Wang Chung...they're very soothing you know..."

Ole calms down with his old friend's attempt at humor. The two share a giggle that eventually turns to a hearty belly laugh...

Barnett: "This isn't over Ole, not by a longshot."

Ole: "Like Dusty said...this thing will never be over!"

Chart topping Wang Chung - Not Ole Anderson's favorite band

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Unread 10-31-2017, 02:25 PM
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Everything about this is awesome.
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Unread 10-31-2017, 02:50 PM
JackKnifed72 JackKnifed72 is offline
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(required OOC post): Hey everyone it's my sorta annual attempt at TEW diary. For this game I am using the excellent Death of the Territories mod by TCP1, download and play it!

I started the game trying a 0/0/0/0 challenge and wanted to use a historical mod, however, I didn't make it too far before going bankrupt . I was going to just delete the save until I started looking around and seeing all the changes to the wrestling world compared to our "real" history and decided to keep going. I am now all the way into the Fall of 1987 (not gonna say which promotion I am running right now) and boy is the wrestling landscape interesting...Hulk Hogan is the WWF champion, but not a whole lot else is what you would expect. For the foreseeable future I will be posting month by month recaps of all the major goings on in wrestling, some awesome some tragic. This format seemed to go well in the TEW 2013 section with my Different Kind of Attitude diary, so we'll try it again here.

A few quick notes: I have made a few changes to the default database, and at times have jumped into the editor to make some changes (edit relationships, add wrestlers, raise or lower a promotions money etc.) I also set the game to generate random workers at a very low level starting in January 1983, as of late 1987 only a few have made a minor impact, but curious to see how they all fare over time.

Feel free to jump in with comments or questions about your favorite wrestlers or promotions, but keep in mind I may have to not give a full answer if doing so results in spoilers moving forward.

I started the game using a fictional wrestler/promoter named JD Greene opening a backyard promotion called River City Wrestling. After that I jumped around to run various promotions, I'll keep you updated on who I am in charge of as time goes on...and now without further adieu...

Originally Posted by Crossface View Post
Everything about this is awesome.
Thanks and welcome aboard...
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Unread 10-31-2017, 03:00 PM
JackKnifed72 JackKnifed72 is offline
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This diary will recap the history of professional wrestling during the 1980s and beyond (if we make it that far), specifically starting in 1983 with the death of the territory system and the all-out scramble for talent and the #1 spot in the wrestling rankings. This diary will focus mainly on the American wrestling scene, although we will touch on events outside the US when they are merited. Also, we will follow the journey of smalltime wannabe wrestler/promoter JD Greene as he tries to crack into the wrestling elite. Will he survive or become a footnote in history? Monthly recaps will begin later tonight!

Aspiring wrestler/promoter JD Greene...He'll either become a big star or move back into his parent's basement

Up Next: Early 1983...Prelude to the War!

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Unread 10-31-2017, 11:51 PM
JackKnifed72 JackKnifed72 is offline
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As we enter 1983, Ric Flair is more than a year into his first run with the NWA World title, defending the belt in his 'home' territory of Jim Crockett Promotions and in NWA affiliated promotions worldwide...Georgia Championship Wrestling (TBS) and Joe Blanchard's SWCW (USA Network) are on national cable television...Verne Gagne is slowly, begrudgingly, introducing some younger talent into the AWA like Rick Martel and Hulk "Thunderlips" Hogan...Dusty Rhodes is the man in Florida, WCCW is on fire thanks to the long running Von Erich vs Freebirds feud while The Rat Pack (Ted Dibiase, Jim Duggan and Tony Borne) are the top heels in Bill Watts' Mid-South territory...meanwhile in the Northeast, Vincent K. McMahon (and wife Linda) have recently purchased the WWF from Vince's ailing father and are in the process of assuming complete control of the promotion...

Hulk Hogan as Thunderlips in the 1982 blockbuster Rocky III

January 1983:

News and Notes:

Vince McMahon inks a deal with the fledgling SportsChannel America to broadcast WWF All-Star Wrestling across the US...Andre the Giant suffers a Ruptured Achilles Tendon and misses six months of action...Jim Barnett raises eyebrows signing several top stars to exclusive deals including Austin Idol from CWA (Memphis), Jesse Ventura and Ken Patera from the AWA, Jimmy Snuka and the Iron Sheik from the WWF and Sgt. Slaughter from Jim Crockett Promotions...Mitsuharu Misawa and Bruiser Brody trade the top title in All-Japan Pro Wrestling in a pair of stellar matches...The Rat Pack breaks up in Mid-South with Jim Duggan turning face and feuding with his former partners, Dibiase and Borne

Andre the Giant breaks the news of his injury on an episode of All-Star Wrestling

The Strongbows make several defenses of the WWF Tag Team titles during January...Bob Backlund defeats the returning Ivan Putski to retain the WWF World Heavyweight title in the WWF's big end of the month show

With the influx of new talent, GCW heats up with some of the best wrestling TV in recent memory...Tommy Rich turns his back on the fans and forms a tag team with hated villain Austin Idol...the two win the NWA National Tag Team titles and defend them successfully in the main event of GCW's monthly Omni Super Show defeating Assassin #1 and Ricky Steamboat

Ric Flair and Roddy Piper have an entertaining feud on TV in the Carolinas...Flair becomes a dual champion when he and longtime ally Greg Valentine defeat Kevin Von Erich and Wahoo McDaniel to win the vacant NWA World Tag Team titles after Sgt. Slaughter (who held the belts with Don Kernoodle) bolts for Georgia

Ric Flair defeats Dusty Rhodes at the Superbowl of Wrestling in Florida (CWF) in a MOTY candidate (99) to retain the NWA World title

River City Wrestling holds it's debut show, Birth of a Legend, in front of a raucous crowd of 10 fans in Pittsburgh, Pa...In the main event, journeyman Bruiser Costa defeats Doug Vines by DQ...WWF jobber -um- Superstar Frankie Williams makes a special appearance...Williams is challenged by JD Greene who pins Williams after using a pair of Brass Knuckles!

WWF Superstar Frankie Williams appears at RCW's debut show

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