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Unread 12-12-2010, 05:45 AM
Adam Ryland Adam Ryland is offline
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Arrow WMMA3 Temporary Patch (March 28th 2017)

Temporary patches are small downloads that are released to fix any errors that have been found; they are used as a temporary measure between the release of full updates of the game so that users always have access to the most up-to-date version of the game. These temporary patches are more up-to-date than the main game download, and so it recommended that you install the latest patch after purchase.

Please note that these patches are only available for the Elicense version of the game. Steam users will get full patches when they are released.

The most recent version is March 28th 2017.

The patch is available HERE.


Download the file above. Unzip the contents. You will find a file called WMMA3.exe. Cut or copy this and paste it into your WMMA3 folder (usually Program Files \ GDS \ WMMA3), replacing the existing copy. (You can check that it installed correctly by running the game and checking the date in the title bar.)

Additions \ Modifications
Fixed rare issue where birth months could become corrupted and cause a small amount of fighters to continue fighting into their fifties and onward
(Pre 1.101)
Potentially fixed rare issue involving 'phantom' companies
Tweaks to fight engine
Fixed various minor errors with match stats
Adjusted some fighter peak narrative effects at user request
Fixed issue with some visitors staying at camps for much longer than expected
Fixed glitch whereby ground strikes could occur against the rules
Fixed minor rare glitch whereby a cut could be checked after the round had ended but was counted as being before the bell
Fixed minor commentary error with D'Arce choke getting fighters the wrong way around
Fixed issue with What's Up Doc achievement not triggering
Adjusted fight history filter so that Submission would cover all submissions (and likewise for TKO and KO)
Various error fixes
Fighters pinned against cage can use dirty boxing and knee strikes to fight back
Tweaked submission engine to be better balanced
Increased chance of early stoppages
Fighters can now deliver flying ninja kicks off the cage, a la Anthony Pettis
Additional one Achievement added
Results screen on website now gives pro record in brackets
Fighters can now guillotine "rubbery leg" opponents rather than having to go for strikes
Dazed wrestlers can go for "instinctive" takedowns to save themselves from being finished off standing
Pressing 'b' during a fight will auto-skip to the next big moment
Reduction of clicks required during negotiation processes
Commentators can talk about the quality of each round as an indication of how the bout is going
Altered how international shows handle popularity
Extra match engine tweaks and additions
Altered injury rate
Reduced amount of shows per year that unemployed fighters can work
Lessened restrictions on major names rejecting smaller promotions in order to cut down unemployment
Altered fighter popularity handling to reduce number of fighters becoming too big for home promotion
Allowed user to book up to five shows simultaneously
Altered tolerances to allow ground-based fights to be considered more exciting
Altered match engine frequencies for certain moves in line with feedback
Fixed issue with 0 level Eye For Talent not giving proper penalties
Fixed minor booking problem with multiple gender weight classes getting mixed up when modifying
Fixed minor issue with gender pronouns in pre-card comments
Fixed minor issue with commentator contradicting himself in regard to robberies
Altered commentary to show "submission attempt" graphic on all attempts
Fixed minor issue with order of shows in promotion profile
Added notification of contract status change when promotion goes out of business
Fixed issue in main editor whereby people could appear to be in a weight class of an incorrect gender
More tweaks to probabilities of submission moves in match engine (13\12\11)
Chinese fighters now are eligible for homegrown status for Asian promotions
Fixed error that could occur while using merge tool

(Please note that these patches are only for customers who have retail copies of the game; they cannot be applied to the trial version.)
Adam Ryland
Designer of TEW, WMMA, WreSpi, and Comic Book Hero

Last edited by Adam Ryland : 03-28-2017 at 05:20 AM.
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