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Unread 09-26-2019, 06:32 AM
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Default Scouting Reports

In response to this post from the Attributes Suggestion thread, I had a thought:

Originally Posted by Self View Post
I can see the benefit to having attributes that say these things, as reading "great at hardcore matches" and "unsafe" can be a more visceral way to parse a character than reading a list of numbers. But if the stats are doing their job there shouldn't need to be an extra bonus.
Currently, as far as I’m aware, scouting is only relevant for removing Fog of War.

I think it would be useful/immersive/more user friendly to also have a scout report generated, similar to games like Football Manager.

Yes, players can interpret stats for themselves and the most hardcore fans (who will naturally make up the majority of posters) might not see the point in a fluffier paragraph description of information they can see in workers stats but I can see there being plenty of people who would prefer a written report of what a worker is like.

Things like “Undertaker is a talented striker, he will thrive in Brawl-based matches. His excellent understanding of how to construct a match means he is capable of calling matches in the ring. etc.” It gives a clearer indication of what workers stats mean.

It could also include information learned through interviews or road agent feedback. “Daniel Bryan prefers to wrestle workers bigger than he is.” “Scott Hall likes to go on first as he enjoys the energy of a crowd at the start of the show.” “Steve Austin dislikes wrestling in multi-man matches as it does not suit his style.” Perhaps even the info that appears on the Creative Meeting screens could be included for all scouted workers on their scouting report.

It gives a little bit more flavour and insight into workers and keeps track of things you learn over time, such as those messages where workers say they work better if you don’t book them in X style match, and is a bit more user-friendly/realistic than looking at a list of statistics.

Edit: Just seen the stickied thread and I’m assuming as this would include an extra screen being added, this would not come under the absolutely tiny heading. Ah well. One for further off down the line.
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Unread 10-10-2019, 05:36 PM
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I actually like this. Would be useful for seeing how scouts come up with ratings, especially if character players were ever able to scout themselves.

Could be featured in a 'realism' mode where players could chose to not see values listed out.
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