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Unread 03-19-2015, 04:54 PM
Arlie Rahn Arlie Rahn is offline
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Default Steam guides

We be choosing a few steam guides posted here to help us get new users more comfortable with the game. For anyone chosen, you will get a Steam key for the game (so you can post it) and a free elicense for the game of your choice!

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Unread 03-20-2015, 11:14 AM
Arlie Rahn Arlie Rahn is offline
GDS Developer
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Location: Phoenix, AZ
Posts: 2,242

I have some steam keys and the first few good guides posted here will get one (as well as a elicense of their choosing).
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Unread 03-21-2015, 01:14 PM
RastaRhino420 RastaRhino420 is offline
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Talking My Guide

Sorry if the formatting isn't the best I typed this out on Notepad and copy pasted it, I will fix any spelling errors and grammatical errors before posting to steam if I get a steam key and possibly go more in depth on certain topics but I think it is a good enough guide for a new player to get into the game.

"About WMMA 3:
World of Mixed Martial Arts 3 is an MMA simulator in which you run an MMA company and set up events and plan fights.

Getting Started:
When you launch the game you will see numerous buttons on the top of the window for now we will be looking at starting a new game:

Start a new game: Clicking this button will start a database check that will make sure there are no errors with your games database after that you are ready to begin your game. The game will ask you to input a name, the name will be what appears on the load game screen for this particular save file and it will also be the name of the folder in which your save data is located. Once you have entered a name and have confirmed that this is what you want your game to be called your game world will be created.

Selecting an Avatar and setting your User Talent Levels:
Once your world has been created you will be asked to select an Avatar to play as there are three avatar's too select and each one has a different reputation percentage. Your reputation measures how much respect your character has and depending on how well you do in the game will rise or fall and will help you have a better chance at getting jobs in bigger promotions don't worry to much about this at first as it doesn't effect which company you start with. The three avatar's are:

Jennifer Avatar: A female avatar with a reputation of 40.0%
Mittens Blurcat: A Cat avatar with a reputation of 70.0%
Scott Avatar: A Male avatar with a reputation of 40.0%

Once you have selected the avatar you wish to play as up next is selecting your User Talent Levels, Your User Talents help you in certain areas in the game and you will be given 20 points to spend in total on your user talents don't worry if you're not happy with how many you have in a certain category as the game progresses you will gain more points to spend, Also you can select the Lucky Dip button which will give you a random ammount of points in each of your User Talent Levels allowing for more than 20 points but this is a risk as you may end up with less points also. Now onto the levels themselves they include:

Negotiating: This skill allows you to get taken more seriously when signing contracts with fighters and will let you get fighters on cheaper contracts and give you more time to figure out what the fighter wants to get paid.

Eye for Talent: This allows you to scout fighters better and you will know more about how good fighters are.

Match Making: This makes it easier for you to organize fights without fighters turning the fight down or complaining.

Promotion: This allows you to promote fights better which will help raise the rating the fight gets.

Once you have spent your points you are ready to choose your starting promotion below I will list all of the companies available at the start of the game and a short description:

ALPHA-1: ALPHA-1 is based in Japan and is the #1 Company in the world it has a starting size of Low Level National allowing you to put events on all over Japan, It has a starting momentum of 70.0% it only features Male fighters in divisions from Lightweight-Heavyweight.

British Cage Fighting: BCF is based in the UK and is the #4 Company in the world it has a starting size of Mid Level Regional allowing you to put on events in certain regions of the UK. It has a starting momentum of 30.0% and features only male fighters in the weight classes of Lightweight-Heavyweight.

Fight League Brazil: FLB is based in South America (Brazil in particular) and is the #6 company in the world it has a starting size of Low Level Regional allowing for events in certain areas of South America. It has a starting momentum of 15.0% and features only male fighters in the weight classes of Lightweight-Heavyweight.

Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts: GAMMA is based in America and is the #2 company in the world it has a size of Low Level National allowing for events to be held across the US. It has a starting momentum of 60.0% and features male fighters from Lightweight-Heavyweight. It is this Universes equivilent of the UFC.

Kadena De Mano Fighting Circuit: KDM FC is based in Asia and is the #8 company they have a starting size of Low Level Regional allowing for events in certain areas of Asia, and a starting momentum of 18.0% they feature both Male and Female fighters and feature lighter weight classes with there heaviest weight class being Lightweight. I would not reccomend KDM FC for newcomers to the game as it is a very hard company to keep a float.

Signature Martial Arts: SIGMA is based in Europe(Germany in particular) and is the #3 company in the world they have a starting size of Mid Level Regional and a starting momentum of 18.0% and feature a wide array of divisions from Featherweight to Heavyweight but only feature Male fighters.

Women's Extreme Fighting Federation: WEFF is the only starting Female only company they are based in Canada and are the #5 company in the world with a starting size of Low Level Regional and a starting momentum of 20.0%, They feature 2 Female only divisions Lightweight and Heavyweight

Xtreme Cage Combat: XCC is based in America and is the #7 company in the world and has a starting size of Low Level Regional and a starting momentum of 24.0%. They feature both Male and Female fighters and much like KDM FC they focus on the lighter weight classes with there heaviest division being Lightweight.

Your last option is Unemployed you can select this option if you are unsure about who you want to work with and just want to watch the game progress by itself and be a viewer instead of running a company.

Once you have selected a company you are ready to begin playing. The game starts on Monday, Week 1 of January 1998 with 1198 active fighters and 8 active companies. The top fighter in the world at the games start will be Hassan Fezzik a dominating force from Turkey with an impressive record of 25-0 he is this games equivilent of Fedor Emelianenko

Your homepage and the button to the far left on the top of the screen will be a webpage called this worlds equivilent of Sherdog. This page will show you News, Results, Fighter Rankings, Company Rankings, Awards, The Hall of Fame, World Diary, Records and Strength by Numbers.

The next button over is Your Office this is where you can run your company there will be four octagons all with a number of buttons this screen is where you will be able to create events, edit how your company runs, look at how your company is doing financially and competitivly and resign from the company.

The next button over is Companies this is just a list of all the companies currently active in the world.

The next button over is Fighters this is a list of all the active fighters in the world you can use the search button to search for certain types of fighters and hire them from this page or put them on your shortlist which will notify you whenever a fighter has an upcoming fight and whenever something happens to that fighter.

The next button over is Camps this shows you all the fight camps in the universe and which fighters belong to which camps and if they are full time members or only visiting the company the biggest camp in the world is Mantas Andreyev Fighting in Europe it features some of the best fighters in the world such as the number 1 fighter in the world Hassan Fezzik.

The next button over is Media hub this is where you can manage your TV shows or negotiate deals with TV Stations or PPV Carriers allowing for you to gain a wider audience and more fans.

The next button over is Game world this allows you to see which companies have a presence in which areas. this is useful for seeing how well you are doing and where abouts you can put on succesful events.

The next button over is Options this just allows you to edit how the game runs.

The next button over is Advance this advances the game to the next day or if you have Fast Advance enabled you can advance the game up to a year.

The next button is Back to Main menu this just exits you back to the main page (be sure to save the game before clicking this!!!!)

The next button is Save Game this allows you to save your progress.

The next button is Notepad you can use this to keep notes about your plans and such.

The last button is Exit WMMA3 this closes the game.

Organizing an Event:

In Your Office in the bottom left octagon there will be a button that says matchmaking if you click this you will be able to organize an event click Add Event in the top right corner and a screen will appear that allows you to name the event choose what type of event it will be either Normal or one of your TV shows, where abouts you wish to hold the event and what type of popularity you have in that area and lastly when you want to hold the event, You must hold the event at least two weeks from the current date in the game. below this is a schedule of all of your planned events and below that is a schedule of all the planned events in the world. Once you have created the event you are ready to add some matches you will be given three options, Single Match this will allow you to add one match between two competitors and will bring up a screen for you to choose which fighters you want to fight you will also be able to see where abouts the fans would expect to see this fight on the card and if these fighters have fought before and also compare the two fighters skill wise. The next options are both 4 Man Tournament and 8 Man Tournament if Tournaments are allowed in your areas this will allow you to hold a tournament either for a title or not for a title this will allow your fighters to fight each other multiple times in one night and will only count as one fight on there contract.

Negotiating a contract:

The last thing I'm going to cover is Negotiating a contract when you ask to negotiate with a fighter you will have to wait a few days and then you will be brought to a screen in which you will be able to negotiate with the fighter on a contract, This will allow you to choose if you want to hire them as an Exclusive Fighter which will only allow them to fight in your company, a Standard Fighter which will allow them to fight for other companies and an Associate Fighter. you will notice a bar at the bottom of the screen that says Patience remaining the more times you offer them a contract they don't like the more the bar goes down until either you work something out or the bar runs out and they will get angry and stop negotiations this will make it so you cannot hire this fighter for an ammount of time until they are no longer angry at you. There is also a button at the bottom that says Delegate this makes the computer negotiate for you this is only really recomended for use on lower level fighters as this is almost guarenteed to lead to negotiations collapsing with a larger name fighter.

Other Things:

Back to the main menu some other things you may want to know:

Load Saved Game: This allows you to load your game

Delete Saved Game: This allows you to delete your saved file

Change Database: This allows you to change database if you have any mods installed

Access Editorial Suite: This allows you to edit the database and modify the game you can also install mods from here.

Quick Match: This allows you to just hold single matches for fun with no consequences.

Change Skin: If you have another skin installed this allows you to change how the game looks.

View Acheivements: This shows you the Acheivements you have earned

PBP Controls: This allows you to edit how the Play by Play commentary in the game works.

View Credits: This shows you all of the people involved in the creation of the game.

View Help File: This will open up a help file which will basically give you a lot of the information I have given you more in depth.

And that is it WMMA3 is a fantastic game that any MMA fan is sure to enjoy. So enjoy and have fun!"
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Unread 03-21-2015, 03:18 PM
DIonut DIonut is offline
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I'll give it a try

I.Creating a game

first of all you'll have to pick an avatar, it has no effect so pick whoever you want

1.User talent points

negotiating - probably your most important attribute , gives you more rounds when trying to sign/resign a fighter(i'll explain that later)

eye for talent - very important if you like signing fighters with little experience, gives you more info about their skills sooner

match making - quite important, allows you book fighters on shorter notice

promoting - not very important, gives you bigger ppv numpers (money is not usually an issue so it doesn't matter that much)

you get 20 points that you can divide among these four attributes, but I would recommend using the "lucky dip" button an reloading until you get more because it will make you game easier.

2.Picking a promotion

Alpha-1 - easy start - based in Japan(unregulated) - low level national size - the number one promotion with an international roster. also Japan is not regulated so you will not receive medical suspensions after shows and you can *book one-night tournaments( *available in the regulated regions if you change the game options)

BCF - medium start - based in the UK - mid level regional size - the uk scene is not that populated so it will be tougher to create stars for your promotion

FLB - medium start - based in Brasil - low level regional size - you'll start with quite a lot of talented fighters that can produce great shows but it will take a while until the promotion gains popularity so the other promotions might "steal" your fighters .

Gamma - easy start - based in the US- low level national size - the alternative to alpha, great roster, well established

KDM FC - very hard start - based in Asia(unregulated) - low level regional size - unfortunately you'll probably go bankrupt due to having two stars with big contracts and low level regional popularity, resulting in small shows that can't sustain your expenses . if you want to play with this promotion you can edit their contracts in the "editorial suite"

Sigma - medium start - based in Europe - mid level regional size - a lot of weight classes and some great fighters

WEFF - hard start - based in Canada - low level regional - exclusively female organizations, only two weight classes, not a lot of depth in the female divisions so it's tougher to have great shows

XCC - hard start - based in the US - low level regional - only the smaller weight classes, including a women division, decent roster

II. First steps

1.Creating a show

go to "your office" =>"match making"=> "add event"

if you are running a promotion with "national" popularity you can choose the location, otherwise it will be held where you are based, alpha also has a tv show for which you can host events with lower popularity demands for the main event/co-main etc.

the date must be at least two weeks from the starting date(usually you'll want to plan ahead and book the shows with 4-6 weeks prior to the event)

you are also limited to two normal shows and a tv show per month

main eventers must have a popularity level equal to your promotion and usually need to be coming off a win(use the fan feedback button to see where should you place a given fight )

your aim is to create exiting fight, pay attention to the fighters attributes when booking them, wrestlers with little finishing ability on the ground
are prone to deliver boring fights, booking them against other wrestlers is also dangerous as they might cancel each other out . submission specialist usually get dominated but they can pull of spectacular/unexpected finishes. kickboxers, thai boxers and boxers get the most results when fighting each others , depending on their takedown defense you might use them against grapplers.


you can request negotiations with any free agent or any fighter with one month/one fight left in his contract

the important fields in contract negotiations are :

contract type(try to get an exlusive deal)
number of and guaranteed fights(the more fights you offer the bigger the salary)
base pay(if the fighters asks for let's say 1,150$ start lower and work your way up, this might be time consuming but it will save you a lot of cash because fighters will require more and more if you don't negotiate)

performance scale(+/- means he will have a bigger salary if he wins, smaller if he losses)

win bonus - self explanatory
signing bonus - self explanatory

the other options are only important when trying to negotiate with a star

you can delegate negotiations if you don't like it but it's risky

III. Game concepts


there are three main levels: regional,national, international. each level is divided in three: low,medium high

when your company gains a level you get a higher attendance and you have an easier time negotiating with fighters, but finding a main events for your cards is more difficult

national size promotions can host events in more locations(anywhere in their region),international promotions can host anywhere in the world

your company gets popularity by hosting exiting shows that also have enough drawing power(the main event is the most important)

fighers get popularity by wining fights(faster if the fights was spectacular and they have marketability)

you will see a percentage , 0-33 is low, 33-66 medium, 66-99 high


you get more details and a more accurate report depending on how many fights someone had

fighters become better over time then deteriorate when they are older( you can only hope your prospect gets in a good camp)


if you want, you can customize the fight area(cage/ring) , match length, which strikes are illegal, 10 sec count etc

this is a great way of making a promotion based on your preferences

the fun part begins when you see your events unfold, hoping for a spectacular finish

there are a lot of other features but i'm sure you'll get the hang of them once you try

p.s. english is not my first language,i'm sorry if I made mistakes...I wrote this because I used to play this game a lot and I'm sure others will like it too. Best of luck
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Unread 03-22-2015, 04:20 PM
Thesnake101 Thesnake101 is offline
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How to get started with WMMA 3.

Creating a new game

Select the first button, it should say "start a new game". After the database analysis is done click the "begin game" button, after that you need to write a name for your game. Then you'll need to pick an avatar, you will notice the user talent points that are down to the left. You have 20 points and you can use them on any of those attributes or you can use the lucky dip button to try and get more than that, but beware since it could backfire and you will end up with even less points. The most important attributes are:

Negotiating: Having this high up will make contract negotiations way easier.

Eye for talent: This is really important if you're starting up because it will reveal the stats of the fighters faster.

Picking a company

If you just got the game the best thing you can do is picking one of the two top companies to get used to the game. You can click the roster button to see which fighters the company has. After you pick your company you will be ready to play. Here are the top 5 companies:

Alpha-1: Japanese Mixed Martial Arts: Low level national 30 points

Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts: Low level national 15 points

Signature Martial Arts: Mid level regional 45 points

British Cage Fighting: Mid level regional 40 points

Women's Extreme Fighting Federation: Low level regional 28 points

How to play

If you already want to make an event all you have to do is go to "your office" to do that you need to click the second button. Now you have to click "match making" then "add event" Now you need to name the event and select the date you want it to be, now click "add match" you'll see a lot of fighters, first you need to have a main event so check who the title holders are in that weightclass and make them fight the number one contender,now you need to put a co main the best thing to do is check the rankings and pair two up so one in the top 5-10 fights another in the top 5-10, if you're starting with a small company the best thing you can do is to have only 5 or 6 fights per card.

Getting a PPV or TV contract

To get a PPV or TV you need to click "media hub" then "TV stations" or "PPV carriers" and select the one that covers the area you're the most popular, to know how much popularity you need to get a contract, you have to go to "Options" then "Modify data" then "TV stations" or "PPV carriers" and click the one you want to negotiate with.

How to scout fighters

You can't make an event without first signing some fighters, now i will teach you how. When aproaching a fighter the things you want to take on notice are:

Name value: This will determine how famous a fighter is in an area, you will want to sign fighters famous in the area you're putting an event. The more famous the fighter is, the higher you will have to pay him.

Stats: To view a fighter's stats you have to click the scout button, if you have fog of war turned on and the fighter has few fights you will see an small amount of information, this will show how good a fighter is with striking, wrestling and ground fighting. His stats will gradually change based on the team he's training.

Employement: This will show if the fighter has a contract with a company, what type of contract and how much he's making. If he has an standard contract you can sign him as an associate fighter, if he has an exclusive contract you can't sign him and if he has an associate contract you can sign him as an exclusive fighter.

How to bring fighters out of retirement

If one of your biggest stars has retired and you want him to keep fighting, you have to go on to options, modify data, fighters, select the fighter you're looking for and change his status from retired fighter to active fighter. He will retire again, you'll need to follow the same steps and this time he will not retire, you'll have to sign him again and then he will be ready to fight.

How to negotiate a contract

When negotiating a contract the main things you want to focus on are:

Contract type: This will determine what kind of contract you're making a fighter sign, there are three types of contracts which are: Exclusive, Standard and Associate, Exclusive being the most expensive but the best one of them.

Matches: This will determine how many fights your fighter is going to have with your organization before having to renegotiate, the best number for newly signed fighters is 4 and for popular fighters is 5.

Contract length: This will determine how many months the fighter will be on your company before entering renegotiating period. The best length for a newly signed fighter is 42 months and for a popular fighter 54 months.

Pay: The more popular the fighter is the more they will be asking, if the fighter is High level national he will be asking between 50K and 100K.

PPV cut: If the name value of fighter you're trying to sign is is low level international or higher, he will ask for a PPV cut, be careful with how much percent you're giving to the fighter because it could take all your profit away.

Signing Bonus: Every fighter will ask you for a signing bonus, most of the time it won't be more than 80K, the more you give to them the easier it will be to sign them.

Patience: The big bar at the bottom is the patience of the fighter, if it runs out he will walk away on you and will sign with another company. Some fighters have higher patience than others.

How to change a fighter's weight class

If a fighter has been losing too much he will ask you if he can change his weightclass, to do it you'll need to go to roster, select the fighter you're looking for, click weight class and change it to the one he was asking for. This feature is also useful when you're trying to make a superfight between champions.

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Unread 03-24-2015, 02:08 PM
Blackman's Avatar
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I made a short guide on "Booking an event" and attached it to this post. Kept the lenght close to two pages so it doesn't scare people away.
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File Type: doc Blackman_eventbooking.doc (19.5 KB, 41 views)
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Unread 03-24-2015, 03:58 PM
Arlie Rahn Arlie Rahn is offline
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Do you have a key to submit that to Steam in the guides section, Blackman? If not, let me know and I can get you one.
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Unread 03-24-2015, 04:23 PM
Blackman's Avatar
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Oh, right. I'll post it right now, then.
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Unread 12-30-2015, 06:32 AM
neymarganso99 neymarganso99 is offline
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guys after I bought the wmma3 in steam installed but not found that GDS folder on my PC, where it is ??
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Unread 12-30-2015, 08:08 AM
Adam Ryland Adam Ryland is offline
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It should be in Program Files \ GDS \ WMMA3. Or you can just search for "WMMA3.exe" and it'll show you.
Adam Ryland
Designer of TEW, WMMA, WreSpi, and Comic Book Hero
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