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Unread 10-10-2018, 01:39 PM
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Nitro coming up either tonight or tomorrow, really shooting for tonight though! Sadly, just as I thought I had got away from being busy, job had me picking up hours like crazy, since it's getting to be that time of year. Working hard to keep this going more regularly, as I'm sure a lack of update kills a dynasty's momentum. I'll keep one thing for certain, I'll keep this dynasty going for as long as possible. I'll also have recaps of every Nitro posted on a post before every PPV, to help people who don't want to ready every episode over again
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Unread 10-10-2018, 04:51 PM
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Default WCW Monday Nitro #3 (12-15-1997)

Pre-Show:Psychosis Def. Evan Karagias in 6:27 by pinfall. (D+, 51)

Pre-Show: The Blue Bloods Def. The Public Enemy in 6:53 (C, 65)

WCW Monday Nitro #2

December 15th, 1997

Live from the Dale F. Halton Arena in Charlotte, North Carolina

Attendance: 9,105

Announce Team: Larry Zbyskzo, Mike Tenay & Tony Schiavone

The show once again kicks-off with the New World Order heading to the ring, in what seems to be every week now. While walking down the ramp, Bischoff finds a fan in the front row holding up a sign claiming that the WWF sucks and that nWo is for life. After taunting the rival company on his way to the ring, Bischoff addresses Bret Hart’s statement from last week’s Nitro. Bischoff says that Hart doesn’t have to keep the secret hidden from everyone anymore and that he can proudly open up that he’s a part of the New World Order. Bischoff says that he knows Hart isn’t here tonight to make the announcement but reassures fans that Hart will declare his alliance... Not next week on Nitro though. Instead, Bischoff announces that he has thought of the perfect way that Hart can announce his alliance to the nWo.

Bischoff continues by stating that Hart will in fact declare his alliance to the nWo at WCW’s biggest show of the year, Starcade! Bischoff says that Hart’s announcement won’t just be any regular announcement though, in fact, Hart will announce his alignment when he counts the 1...2...3 and declares Hollywood Hulk Hogan the winner and still WCW World Heavyweight Champion!

Bischoff displays a slight smirk on his face and says that’s right, at Starcade, Bret Hart will be the official referee for Hogan versus Sting. Bischoff adds that Sting never had a chance of beating Hogan to begin with and that this doesn’t change the outcome, not even by the slightest. Hogan begins to talk into the microphone, in which he taunts Sting and says that he isn’t afraid of Sting’s little mind games. Hogan calls Sting a coward due to the fact that he doesn’t meet him inside the ring, Hogan even doubts that Sting will appear at Starcade. The nWo share a laugh among each other, as the segment comes to an end.

Normal, Singles Match

Alex Wright Vs. Disco Inferno

In usual WCW fashion, the cruiserweight division kicks off the show with the first match of the night, which kicked into a decent start. Wright and Inferno battled it out inside the ring, with neither man giving in as both of them knew that tonight was a must-win match. Inferno began to look as though he had the match in his hands, which lasted all the way towards the end until Wright capitalized with a cheap shot. Wright took advantage of the cheap shot and soon connected with a Cross Body, which resulted into a pinfall victory.

Winner: Alex Wright Via Pinfall

Match Time: 6:59

The “Total Package” Lex Luger made his way to the ring before his scheduled match against Ice Train. Luger was soon on the microphone and instead of addressing his upcoming match, Luger addressed his current rivalry with Buff Bagwell. Luger said that there is only one Total Package in the WCW and that’s nobody other than LEX LUGER! Luger flexes his muscles and biceps, as the camera zooms in to get a closer look.

Afterwards, Luger says that since Bagwell remains so confident that he can beat the “Total Package” any day, then he wouldn’t have no problem facing him at the biggest event of the year, Starcade. Luger claims that Bagwell does a lot of talking and that it’s time he puts his money where his mouth is. Luger finishes by calling Bagwell pathetic because he’s only confident when he has somebody watching his back. Luger deems himself the only “Total Package” because unlike Bagwell, Luger watches his OWN back!

Normal, Singles Match

Ice Train Vs. Lex Luger

Lex Luger demonstrated time and time again why he’s the “Total Package” and this match was no different. Ice Train tried to use his size and strength to help him earn the advantage over Luger but it did him no good. Luger was determined to send a message to Bagwell and he did just that once he got Ice Train into the Torture Rack and made him tap out.

Winner: Lex Luger Via Submission

Match Time: 6:19

Lex Luger celebrated inside the ring but the celebration was short lived.

Buff Bagwell soon interrupted Luger’s music as he congratulated Luger, while he and Scott Norton made their way down the ramp. Luger taunted both men to come inside the ring and fight him, as Bagwell played off the taunt. Bagwell agreed to Luger’s challenge and added that he didn’t need anybody helping him seize the victory over a “washed up” superstar. Bagwell added that at Starcade, he’s going to prove why he’s the new “Total Package”. Luger looked ready to come out and strike at both Bagwell and Norton but before he could...

Vincent showed up from out of the crowd and entered the ring, attacking Luger from behind. Bagwell and Norton followed the attack up by entering themselves. All three men began stomping Luger down, which ultimately led to Bagwell connecting with the Yellow Jacket Suplex, laying Luger out cold. After the damage was dealt, Bagwell continued to taunt Luger about how he’s “Totally Buff” and that come Starcade, he’s establishing himself as the new “Total Package”.

Normal, Singles Match

Dean Malenko Vs. Juventud Guerrera

Dean Malenko’s mindset was focused on facing Eddie Guerrero for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship at Starcade but if he wanted any shot at winning against Juventud Guerrera, he would need to focus on tonight’s match-up. Guerrera brought the fight to Malenko, proving to be a big contender in the cruiserweight division. Malenko however, stood his ground and kept his footing against Guerrera, taking any advantage he could on the offensive end.

WCW Cruiserweight Champion, Eddie Guerrero, came down the ramp dressed up while holding the WCW Cruiserweight Championship over his shoulder. Malenko caught a glimpse of Guerrero, but stayed focused on the task at hand, which was defeating Guerrera. Malenko caught Guerrera with a big suplex and soon locked in the Texas Cloverleaf submission hold. Malenko looked as though he was on his way to a clean victory, until Guerrero decided to intervene.

Guerrero entered the ring, as Malenko quickly let go of the hold in an attempt to block Guerrero’s incoming attack. However, Malenko wasn’t able to retaliate in time, as he was struck hard in the head by the WCW Cruiserweight Championship. The referee declared this match over and announced Malenko as the winner by way of disqualification.

Winner: Dean Malenko Via Disqualification

Match Time: 7:14

Once the match was over, Eddie Guerrero decided to add insult to injury, as he began stomping away at his upcoming opponent at Starcade, Dean Malenko. After a few minutes passed, several WCW officials entered the ring to stop Guerrero from seriously injuring Malenko. After the officials were able to separate Guerrero and escort him up the ramp, the champion demanded a microphone.

Now at the top of the ramp, Guerrero began to talk about how he’s much better than Malenko. Guerrero states that Malenko cannot and will not, defeat him at Starcade. Guerrero then decides to bring up their past rivalry from earlier in the year. He states that Malenko was “lucky” to get a victory over him at Uncensored but that he won’t be so fortunate on the biggest stage that WCW has to offer. Guerrero finishes off his promo segment by mentioning how he won the WCW United States Championship at last year’s Starcade. He adds that this year, he’ll yet again walk out of Starcade with gold over his shoulder, when he defeats Dean Malenko, to retain the WCW Cruiserweight Championship.

Normal, Singles Match

John Nord Vs. Goldberg

Since making his debut here in the WCW, Goldberg has remained undefeated, defeating whoever stepped in his way. Tonight, John Nord took his chance at ending Goldberg’s momentum but like all the men that fell before him, Goldberg once again was unstoppable. Nord didn’t have a chance when it came delivering offense, as he was speared by Goldberg, once the opening bell rung. Goldberg then finished Nord off with the Jackhammer and afterwards, received the 1...2...3!

Winner: Goldberg Via Pinfall

Match Time: 3:54

Goldberg celebrates yet another easy victory, as he looks forward to earning redemption on December 28th, when he faces Steve McMichael at Starcade. While their match is still another Nitro away, tensions between both men have escalated throughout the past weeks and tonight added even more tensions as...

Steve McMichael appeared at the top of the ramp, with a microphone in his right hand. McMichael knew better than to head towards the ring and taunt Goldberg face to face, so instead, he decided to stay at the top of the ramp and taunt Goldberg. McMichael said that while Goldberg may be undefeated now, he won’t be come next Sunday, when he stops Goldberg in his tracks on the biggest stage that WCW has to offer. Goldberg wasn’t wanting to hear McMichael talk about how he’ll emerge victorious. Goldberg exited out of the ring and began making his way up to the ramp, with the clear intentions of not waiting until Starcade. McMichael knew of the looming threat and retreated as Goldberg got half-way up the ramp.

McMichael entered the backstage section of the arena, in which cameras followed him. As McMichael looked for a hideaway or perhaps a getaway, camera crew followed Goldberg, who was now entering the backstage. McMichael soon hurried to the parking lot, as he saw Goldberg approaching him once more. Goldberg was now becoming an alarming threat to McMichael, as he began to panic. Suddenly, McMichael was in luck, as a car pulled up and urged him to get inside the passenger seat. McMichael did just that, as Goldberg approached the car. The car hurried off, as Goldberg threw a trash can at the back of the car. Enraged about McMichael’s escape, Goldberg became a loose cannon and began kicking over anything that appeared in his sights. Scared that they may become a victim of Goldberg’s onslaught, the camera crew quickly fled the scene.

Normal, Singles Match

Chris Adams Vs. Wrath (/w James Vandenberg)

The show returns from commercial break, as the audience is brought to a match between Chris Adams and Wrath. The announce team talks briefly about Wrath, who has also been on quite a run, in recent weeks. However, the action between Adams and Wrath is mostly ignored as the commentators talk mostly about what we had just witnessed backstage, in which Steve McMichael was successfully able to get away from Goldberg’s rampage. As for the match at hand, Wrath dominated and picked up another win after performing a vicious powerbomb to Adams.

Winner: Wrath Via Pinfall

Match Time: 5:22

Ted DiBiase and his clients, the WCW World Tag Team Champions, The Steiner Brothers, appear at the top of the ramp. DiBiase calls into question what the reason is, for why his clients must defend their WCW Tag Team Championships against not just the Faces of Fear but also, Harlem Heat, in a triple threat tag team match. DiBiase acknowledges the fact that both teams are valid contenders but states that it’s not quite fair that because his clients got caught in the cross fire between both of those teams, that they must defend against them both. DiBiase calls out WCW Commissioner, JJ Dillon, to address this situation.

Not long after Ted DiBiase’s request is made, the WCW Commissioner, JJ Dillon, approaches all three men. Dillon addresses the announcement by claiming that Starcade is the biggest show that WCW has to offer and that the fans deserve the very best that WCW has to offer. Dillon adds that both the Faces of Fear and Harlem Heat deserve title shots and that instead of doing business like usual, we’re going to shake it up a bit with a triple threat match. Dillon says that not only does it give all three teams a chance to compete on the biggest stage, it also gives them all a chance to prove why they deserve to be the WCW World Tag Team Champions. Dillon finishes by saying that if The Steiner Brothers are in fact the tag champs, then they should defend the titles with pride under any circumstance, just as they hold the titles with pride.

Normal, Singles Match

Booker T (/w Jacqueline Moore) Vs. Meng (/w Jimmy Hart)

After the conformation of JJ Dillon’s announcement for a triple threat WCW World Tag Team Championship match being made for Starcade, the fierce rivalry between Harlem Heat and the Faces of Fear, have only intensified. Now with a singles match between Booker T and Meng, one of them have a chance to earn a big momentum boost before next Sunday’s big event. Meng continued his brute stance, delivering monstrous strikes and kicks, trying to put Booker out early. Booker T showcased a strong will, as he fought back endlessly against Meng’s brute strength. This was no doubt an interesting and entertaining match between both men, as the match continued to go back and forth.

Booker T started to take control late and looked to be on his way to victory until Jimmy Hart led on a distraction, that gave Meng the chance to take advantage. Jacqueline went on to handle Jimmy, as Meng began to deliver crushing blows to Booker T. Meng then locked in the Tongan Death Grip, as Booker T fought tirelessly to the ropes. He soon was able to reach the ropes but Meng refused to release the hold. The referee counted to 4 until Meng released the hold.

Afterwards, Meng went into complete berserk mode, as he attacked Booker T with non-stop strikes. The referee attempted to back Meng off Booker, but his attempt led to him taking a big fall to the mat. Afterwards, the referee declared the match a disqualification and announced Booker T as the winner.

Winner: Booker T Via Disqualification

Match Time: 9:22

Once the music of the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair began to play, the fans here in Charlotte, North Carolina erupted in cheers. Flair strutted his way to the ring in one of his luxorious robes, as two women escort him into the ring. Once inside, Flair states that tonight, he’s walking out of North Carolina, as the #1 contender for the WCW United States Heavyweight championship. Flair states that he’s owed redemption over what the WCW US champion, Curt Hennig, did to him. Flair finishes by saying he isn’t leaving the ring until that match at Starcade is official.

Instead of WCW Commissioner, JJ Dillon, showing up to please Ric Flair, Diamond Dallas Paige appeared to an ovation, but certainly wasn’t here to please Flair. DDP says that his intentions tonight were to settle the score between himself and Randy Savage. Although that all changed the moment Ric Flair came out here to steal his spot in line for the WCW US championship. Both men go on about why they are owed a rematch against Curt Hennig.

The argument between DDP and Flair soon came to an erupt end, as WCW US champion, Curt Hennig, interrupted both men and deemed both of them losers. Hennig demands that neither men get a shot at his title because they both lost their shot when they lost to him. Hennig says that he does however, have a suggestion on who should face him at Starcade and that is... Hennig looks at Randy Savage and claims him as the #1 contender for the title. Savage graciously accepts the match and puts himself over both DDP and Ric Flair.

Now with all four men inside the ring, with a brawl just waiting the break out at any minute, WCW Commissioner, JJ Dillon, interrupts them, as he appears at the top of the ramp. Dillon says that DDP and Flair both deserve a shot, while disregarding Randy Savage’s match. Dillon says that he has thought of a great idea to make everyone happy, which is that at Starcade, the WCW US championship will be defended in a Fatal 4 Way match. Dillon then announces that all 4 men will battle it out inside the ring, with only one man walking out with the championship.

The main event between Chris Benoit and WCW World Television champion, Saturn, with the title on the line, is upon us. Both Benoit and Saturn enter the ring but before the referee signals for the bell to ring, Raven begins to speak into the microphone. Raven states that Benoit fights under his rules and that tonight’s match is now officially a Falls Count Anywhere match.

WCW World Television Championship

Normal, Singles Match

Chris Benoit Vs. Saturn

Tonight, both men earned their moment to shine as they shared the ring for tonight’s main event of perhaps the hottest wrestling show in North America, WCW Monday Nitro. Not bothered by the pressure, Benoit continued to strive and prove himself as a top tier superstar. Saturn threw no stops either, ensuring Benoit doesn’t carry the match away with his offensive move set.

Both men took the action to the outside of the ring, even having an instant moment where to fought briefly in the crowd. Eventually, Saturn could not keep up with Benoit’s agility, as he began to get tired, Benoit continued to take care of the offense. Benoit was soon on his way to victory, as he delivered his Diving Headbutt finisher onto Saturn, inside the ring. Benoit went for the pin, as the referee began his count to 3. A new champion looked to be on the horizon, as Benoit hurried to make the pinfall and capture his first WCW World Television Championship...



The referee made it to the count of 2 in a half, before Raven broke up the pin by attacking Benoit and dragging him off of Saturn. Raven delivered a little offense to Benoit, before finishing him with a thunderous DDT. Saturn was still unconscious by Benoit’s DDT and instead of placing Saturn on top of Benoit to get the win and retain, Raven took matters into his own hands again. He quickly covered Benoit and the referee began the count, as Raven ordered him too. Once he received the 3 count, Raven held the title high in the air, as he was declared the new WCW World Television Champion.

Winner: Raven Via Pinfall

Match Time: 13:28

After returning from the last commercial break of the night, the nWo make their way down to the ring, to close out the show. Hogan taunts Sting again, by calling him a coward and that he’s surprise that people actually cheer on a coward. He goes on to speak about himself in high regards, as he claims himself to be the men around here with the big gold championship belt. The nWo continue taunting Sting until...

The Lights Go Out...

Once the lights come back on, the fans in attendance begin to cheer loud, possibly the biggest reaction of the night, as they witness Sting in the middle of the ring. Sting raises his black baseball bat and begins to deliver strikes at the members of the nWo. Hogan dodges the attack, as he hurries his way up the ramp with Eric Bischoff, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. Once at the top of the ramp, they watch on as Sting finishes his attack on the nWo. Sting then looks directly at Hogan and without saying a single word, raises his bat and points it at Hogan, signaling that his time as champion is coming to an end.

TV Rating: 15.88 (11,910,270 Viewers)

Overall Show Grade:

This show increased WCW’s popularity in 22 regions.

Backstage Report:

• Ice Train sustained a percussive ankle stretch in his match against Lex Luger. It’s believed that he’ll work through the pain.

• Raven’s late involvement lowered expectations in main event but added heat to the feud.

• Chris Adams showed up drunk in his match tonight. No action has been taken thus far.

• Rumors speculate that Bret Hart could be making an appearance next week on Nitro’s final show before Starcade.

Monday Night War Report:



Neither Decrease/Increase

Nitro: 15.88 (11,910,270 Viewers)

• Main Event of the Night:
Raven Def. Benoit & Saturn (C+, 70)

Last 5 Shows:

Nitro 12/8: 15.84

Nitro 12/01: 15.42

Raw is War: 16:89 (12,668,020 Viewers)

• Main Event of the Night:
D-Generation X Vs. Owen Hart & Vader to a Draw (A, 91)

Last 5 Shows:

Raw is War 12/08: 13.41

Raw is War 12/01: 13.07

Confirmed Matches for Starcade 1997 (Thus Far)

Singles, WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match: Sting Vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan

Special Guest Referee: Bret Hart

Fatal 4 Way, WCW United States Championship Match: Diamond Dallas Page Vs. Curt Hennig Vs. Randy Savage Vs. Ric Flair

Singles Match: Buff Bagwell Vs. Lex Luger

Singles, WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match: Dean Malenko Vs. Eddie Guerrero

Triple Threat, WCW World Tag Team Championship Match: Harlem Heat Vs. The Faces of Fear Vs. The Steiner Brothers

Final match-card will be posted after WCW Saturday Night.

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