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Unread 05-27-2018, 09:44 AM
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Default Raw #1310

Live from Denny Sanford Premier Center, Sioux Falls, South Dakota!

Following a look back at last week, Raw opened with the entrance of Paul Heyman. Brock Lesnar’s advocate would promote the match between Brock Lesnar and Finn Balor, using his peerlessly way with words to put over the fact that in real life, David never beats Goliath. Saying this, Paul Heyman drew out a true “Goliath” in the form of Braun Strowman.
Braun Strowman looked down on Paul Heyman, showing no respect toward him or the Universal Champion. Strowman said that he knows Lesnar is feeling the pressure, taking delight in putting Brock in a position he has never been in before. Paul Heyman surprisingly accepted that Strowman was correct, saying that “you’re right, for the first time in his career… Brock Lesnar is running scared!” He would quickly clarify that Brock wasn’t afraid on Braun Strowman, he was afraid that he could lose his title to someone holding that “ridiculous briefcase” after he’s already competed.

However, being the great representative that he is, Paul Heyman made note that the reason that his meeting with Kurt Angle was so short is because he knows that Kurt doesn’t really pull the strings on Raw. Paul Heyman then announced that at Extreme Rules, he has negotiated that as part of Brock Lesnar agreeing to a pre-SummerSlam title defence, it was decided that Braun Strowman would be banned from the building at Extreme Rules. He would als inform Braun Strowman that Brock Lesnar would be at Raw next week, and Braun Strowman will also be barred from the building then. Braun Strowman was infuriated by this, and was told by Heyman to take it up with Kurt Angle. As Braun Strowman stormed to the back, Finn Balor made his entrance. As the two passed each other, there was a nod between them, as Finn Balor went to confront Paul Heyman.
Now Finn Balor spoke to Heyman, telling him that he’s looking at “Mr. 666… because Paul, I’ve got the number of ‘The Beast’”. Finn Balor talked about how long in the making his match with Brock Lesnar was, saying that it has been almost two years since he vacated the title. Paul Heyman would point out that there is a very different landscape in the WWE in 2018, saying that if Brock Lesnar was in that tournament two years ago, he would be into day 700 of his Championship reign. Finn disagreed, saying that he was on a roll, and he would have liked nothing more than to defend that Championship against Brock Lesnar. As Finn Balor continued to put over how much this opportunity means to him, he was cut off by Sami Zayn.
Sami Zayn told Paul Heyman that he is coming for the Universal Championship, a claim which was humorous to Paul Heyman. He then said that he had a much better chance of beating Lesnar next Sunday than Finn Balor, saying that the spot should have been his. Stirring the pot, Paul Heyman helped work up the aggression in both competitors, before eventually suggesting that they fight each other. This was deemed perfectly agreeable by both men.

Returning from the break, Kurt Angle was confronted by Braun Strowman, who questioned him about the claim from Paul Heyman that he would be barred from the building both next week and at Extreme Rules. Kurt was apologetic to Braun Strowman, making it clear that that particular decision was taken out of his hands. Strowman was understandably furious.

Kicking off the action for the evening, the two men in the ring went all out to put on an impressive opener. Going back and forth throughout the contest, both competitors managed a good amount of offence, coming close to a victory on a number of occasions. It was when Finn Balor appeared to be picking up momentum that this match was robbed of a decisive finish. Making his way out from the back, Kevin Owens decided to make his own impact on the match.
As Finn Balor set up for a Slingblade, Kevin Owens pulled him out of the ring “saving” his on and off best friend Sami Zayn from the move. This however cost Zayn the match, as the result of a DQ.

Finn Balor bt. Sami Zayn (DQ)

In the immediate aftermath of the contest, Sami Zayn didn’t know how to react to Kevin’s involvement, but it appeared that Owens had had a moment clarity. Slapping Zayn on the chest, Owens said “we’re going to do this… together!” adding “we need each other!” Fired up by this, Sami Zayn joined in the attack on Finn Balor, and the two men happily laid boots into him. Eventually, the save came - from an unlikely source.
Roman Reigns made the save, with the suggestion being made that he was looking to undermine Finn Balor. This had the desired effect, as a frustrated Finn Balor looked less than grateful for the help. Posturing in the ring, a smirking Roman Reigns made it clear that he was intentionally getting under the skin of the Number One Contender. Clearly, this had worked.

Later in the evening, Finn Balor made his annoyance clear, as he confronted Roman Reigns in the back. Tired of the two men bickering, Kurt Angle had the idea to put them together, making a tag team match featuring the two of them, against the equally turbulent team of Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn.

While they agreeing to work together once more, there were still a few issues between Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, who nonetheless were much more cohesive as a team than their opposition. Despite this, the individual talent of Roman Reigns and Finn Balor shined through, most evidently in the decisive moments. As Finn Balor set up to hit Sami Zayn with a Coupe De Grace, Kevin Owens returned to the ring. Spotting this, from his position on the outside, Roman Reigns showed his agility by quickly entering the ring, hitting Owens with the move. This allowed Finn Balor to hit his finishing move to Sami Zayn, scoring the victory for his team.

Finn Balor & Roman Reigns bt. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn

After the match, as Roman Reigns celebrated in the ring, Finn Balor looked towards him, annoyed to see Reigns “taking the credit”. When the referee raised the hands of the two men, there was a clear tension between them. As Roman Reigns continued to enjoy the victory, Finn Balor hit him from behind, dropping “The Big Dog” with a Sling Blade. Standing over Roman Reigns, Finn Balor looked down with disgust at his rival, making it clear that their success as a tag team changes nothing between them.

This wasn’t the end of their interactions on the evening, as Finn Balor got heated in the office of Kurt Angle. He was told by Kurt Angle that he would get what he wanted, and he would face Roman Reigns next week - 6 days before his Universal Championship match with Brock Lesnar.

Much earlier in the night, another thread of this week’s Raw began, as Chad Gable and Jason Jordan prepared to team together for the first time in a year.
While Jason Jordan looked extremely upbeat about the prospect of beating the buddies of Gable’s attacker, there was some clear apprehension on the part of Gable. Initially it seemed that this was due to him feeling the pair may be taking a step back, but after American Alpha defeated the team of Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel, Gable approached General Manager (and father of Jason Jordan) Kurt Angle.
Not wanting to make an accusation of his boss’ son, Chad Gable simply told Angle that something felt “off” about Jason Jordan, and he didn’t feel like he was teaming with the man he once held tag team gold with. Kurt Angle was hurt by this, saying that he sees so much of himself in them when they’re teaming together. Despite this, Chad Gable wasn’t convinced about their future together. He also confided in Kurt that he didn’t believe Elias was behind the attack on him last week.
These feeling were perhaps compounded later on, when Elias approach Chad as he left the medical room. Initially skeptical, Chad eventually heard Elias out, as he claimed that Chad’s suspicions were correct, and it wasn’t him who attacked Gable, but Jason Jordan. Elias told Gable that only one man profited from Chad Gable not being in that match last week, adding “and you know exactly who I am talking about…” With that, Elias was gone, having sown a seed of doubt deeper in the mind of Chad Gable.

Having opened the second hour of Raw, The Deleters of World - the current Tag Team Champions - decided that they would call out The Authors of Pain, after the newcomers attacked them last week.
The Authors of Pain were happy to join Hardy & Wyatt in the ring, but they were not there for a chat. Immediately getting physical with the Champions, The Authors of Pain initiated a brawl which went all the way around the ringside area. Able to focus on Bray Wyatt, the pair were able to drop Matt Hardy’s partner, resulting in the “Woken Warrior” being left to fight The Authors of Pain alone. Now by the commentary table, Akam ran the announcers off, as Rezar set up for a Powerbomb. Assisting the move, Akam ensured that Matt Hardy was slammed through the table viciously, leaving him out cold. After a slow start to their Raw careers, The Authors of Pain stood tall - having made their mark this Monday night.

Also out to make a name for herself was Ruby Riott, as she faced Ember Moon - ahead of her Women’s Championship match at Extreme Rules. Nia Jax joined commentary for the match, and when The Riott Squad were able to assist Ruby in scoring a victory over Ember Moon, Jax was clearly not happy. Staring down from the top of the ramp, Nia Jax made it clear that she was ready to face all three members of The Riott Squad, if that’s what it would take to retain her Championship.

Not quite as united as The Riott Squad, the issues between Titus Worldwide continued this week, as Apollo Crews was spotted talking to Dana Brooke. Lacking an explanation, Apollo fuelled the rumours that he was ready to leave Titus Worldwide, signing to be represented by Dana Brooke instead. While Crews denied this, it was clear that his head was not in the game, as he fell to defeat against Mojo Rawley.

Having only appeared in a video package that appeared to be designed to “re-reintroduce” him last week, Bobby Lashley was interviewed at the top of the ramp by Renee Young.
Bobby Lashley’s general comment was that his first few months back in the WWE have been up and down, saying that everybody knows that he was sent out here to “connect with the people”. Bobby Lashley said that he loved being in front of the WWE Universe, but added that his true love was the competition in the ring. For that reason, Lashley declared that as of this moment, his focus wasn’t on connecting with the fans, but connecting with the jaws of anybody wants to step in the ring with him. He asked if that is what the WWE Universe want from him. As he gauged the response, Bobby was confronted on the ramp by Baron Corbin.
Baron Corbin’s message to Bobby Lashley was clear, as he told “The Destroyer” to just “stop talking!” Bobby Lashley squared up to “The Lone Wolf”, but Corbin had said his piece, and headed to the back.

Bobby Roode’s struggles continued on Raw this week, as Jinder Mahal defeated him. After the match, it was clear that this defeat had effected him more than any other thus far.

Having not appeared on last week’s Raw, an update came from Alexa Bliss (and Mickie James) with the two women reporting back to the show while on vacation.
Making the decision, to allow Mickie James to recover from her injury - sustained at the hands of Ronda Rousey - Alexa Bliss said that the two would be back on Raw “sooner rather than later” and would continue to expose Ronda Rousey. Alexa put over the fact that they were not on vacation, saying that the main focus of their trip was the rehabilitation of Mickie James’ left arm. Despite this, the two women appeared to be relaxing on the beach, drinking cocktails. While dressed in summer clothes, Mickie James still had her arm in a sling.

Meanwhile, another major storyline featuring female Superstars developed, as Bayley performed a sit-down interview “Earlier in the Week”.
Emotional throughout, Bayley said that she felt a part of herself had been torn out, feeling that the last couple of years have been a lie. She said that there was no going back now, and the attack two weeks ago broke her heart. Bayley said that part of her wanted to run away from what happened, but she knows that she can’t let it lie. Saying that the time for hugs are over, Bayley promised to fight for anybody who has ever been screwed over by someone they considered a friend.
Watching the interview in the back, Sasha Banks was asked for an immediate reaction to the emotional scenes. She showed zero remorse for her actions, calling Bayley an “annoying little sister” who needed to be put in her place. Speaking coldly, Sasha said she was sick of Bayley’s crying already, making it clear that she is more than willing to face her in the future.

Following that, Rhyno scored a victory over Curt Hawkins, taking the opportunity post-match to challenge Drew Galloway and Dolph Ziggler on behalf of his team.

In the Main Event, Drew Galloway and Dolph Ziggler would make an appearance, ignoring the challenge of Slater & Rhyno. Instead, they appeared to accept the Open Challenge of Seth Rollins. Not making it clear which one of them was taking the opportunity, Dolph Ziggler was able to catch the Champion off guard with a Superkick. This confirmed Ziggler as the challenger for the title.

Intercontinental Championship Match

Despite being at ringside, Drew McIntyre played a very small part in the match, showing his trust in Dolph Ziggler to get the job done. Throughout the match, the history of the two men involved was put over, citing some of their matches from the past. Clear that the bad blood is still raw, this match was both athletic and brutally physical. This blend saw both men going all out for victory, scoring near falls on a number of occasions. Eventually, Seth Rollins was able to pick up yet another win, with a lightning quick final sequence brought to a conclusion via a Curb Stomp to Dolph Ziggler.

Seth Rollins bt. Dolph Ziggler

After the match, Seth Rollins stood tall in the ring, as Drew McIntyre carried Dolph Ziggler over his shoulder. Leaving up the ramp, Drew McIntyre turned back to Rollins when he reached the top, showing he had one eye on the Intercontinental Championship.

Quick Results
Finn Balor bt. Sami Zayn (DQ)
American Alpha bt. Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel

Ruby Riott bt. Ember Moon
Jinder Mahal bt. Bobby Roode
Finn Balor & Roman Reigns bt. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn

Rhyno bt. Curt Hawkins
Apollo Crews bt. Mojo Rawley
Seth Rollins (c) bt. Dolph Ziggler [Intercontinental Championship]
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Unread 05-29-2018, 09:08 AM
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Default Raw #1311

Live from TD Garden, Boston, Massachusets!

The build towards Extreme Rules hit a fever pitch this week, as the Go Home Show promised the first appearance of Brock Lesnar since the Greatest Royal Rumble event. Opening the show, Braun Strowman was shown at the entrance of the building.
A large amount of security were seen stopping him from entering the arena, after Paul Heyman and Kurt Angle’s “bosses” came to an agreement that Strowman would be banned from the building, both on this week’s Raw, and at the Extreme Rules event.

Following footage that recapped this, as well as the rivalry between Finn Balor and Roman Reigns, it was explained that the show would open with the match between the two. This decision was made after Finn Balor claimed he “couldn’t wait” to get his hands on “The Big Dog”.

Kicking off the show in a huge way, the two competitors came straight out of the gates, looking to set the crowd alight. Having felt overshadowed by Roman Reigns on a constant basis - particularly since he was announced as the Universal Championship Number One Contender - Finn Balor took the fight to his opponent, and started well. As the match went on, Finn Balor’s speed was caught up with by the power of Roman Reigns, and “The Big Dog” looked in control. This allowed Finn Balor to kick off a comeback, which was cut short when both men suffered a clash of heads, sending them down to the mat. As both competitors, exhausted from the match, remained on the mat, the music of Brock Lesnar began to play. Joined by Paul Heyman, the Universal Champion made his way down to the ring.
When he entered the ring, the referee called for the bell, knowing what was about to come. As he did this, Brock Lesnar ran the referee out of the ring.

No Contest

Lifting Roman Reigns up from the mat first, Brock Lesnar hit “The Big Dog” with an F-5, before rolling him out of the ring with his boot. Lesnar then turned his focus to Finn Balor, which was noted as the first interaction between the two. Brock Lesnar flicked Balor with his boot, showing zero respect to his challenger. Lesnar then lifted Balor to his feet, hitting him with a single German Suplex. Dragging him back to his feet, Lesnar blocked a feeble attempt at throwing a right hand by Finn Balor, hitting him with an F-5 in the middle of the ring. Paul Heyman then joined Brock Lesnar.
Cutting a promo hyping his client Brock Lesnar, “The Advocate” put over this Sunday’s match as an exhibition for the Universal Champion, saying that despite Finn Balor being extremely talented, he will not be the man who takes the Universal Championship. Paul Heyman continued by talking about Braun Strowman, and the fact that he is barred from the building at Extreme Rules. That will mean that Brock Lesnar isn’t going to get any nasty surprises, and Paul Heyman promises that his mind and his body are both 100% ready to continue the longest Heavyweight Championship reign of the “modern era”.

Returning from the break, Kurt Angle was seen at the entrance of the parking lot, having been called their by the “Head of Security”. Angle was informed that they were unable to locate Braun Strowman at the moment. While they claim to have every entrance marked, the security team are unable to confirm the whereabouts of the “The Monster Amongst Men”. This will be of some concern to Kurt Angle, who will tell the security team to keep searching for Strowman, saying that “if Braun Strowman gets into the building… it’s my neck on the line!”

The commentators would then recap the events of Raw so far, looking back at the first half hour of the show. Following that, Kurt Angle would be seen back in his office on the phone. As he talked about Braun Strowman being missing, Paul Heyman walked in, causing Kurt to abruptly end the call.
Having come close to Heyman finding out that Strowman may be in the building, Kurt Angle acted suspiciously as Paul Heyman spoke to him. As Heyman started to discuss business with the flustered Raw GM, Kurt’s son entered the room.
Dropping his father in it, a smiling Jason Jordan asked Kurt “so, did you find Braun yet?” Kurt Angle facepalmed, as Paul Heyman reacted by demanding answers from Kurt Angle. The General Manager of Raw attempted to play it down, but Heyman was furious. Storming out of the room, Paul Heyman said that he had to get Brock Lesnar out of here. Now left with his father in the room, Jason Jordan asked for a match tonight, requesting that Kurt Angle put him in the ring with an “elite level Superstar”. Kurt was clearly annoyed with Jason blabbing, and said “I’ll see what I can do”.

Returning to ringside, it was time for a performance from Elias, ahead of his match with Chad Gable. Elias sang a song before the match, which he dedicated to Chad Gable and Jason Jordan, a “ballad of a friendship destroyed by a backstabbing partner”. When Chad Gable made his entrance, he was surprised when Jason Jordan joined him, clearly having not been invited by his former tag team partner.

During the match, Jason Jordan served as a cheerleader for Chad Gable, albeit not one that he had asked for. Trying to remain focussed on the action in the ring, it was clear that Jordan’s antics were becoming a distractions. While Elias did use various underhanded tactics during the match, it still came somewhar out of the blue when Jason Jordan grabbed “The Drifter” by the leg, as he looked to close in on victory.
Chad Gable had missed this involvement, but nonetheless took advantage when Elias turned his back. This allowed Gable to score the victory via a rollup.

Chad Gable bt. Elias

After the match, as the referee raised the hand of Chad Gable, Jason Jordan wanted in. Moving the referee out of the way, Jason Jordan raised the hand of Gable, who once again looked wholey uncomfortable with the situation.

After that, the first hour of Raw was concluded with Paul Heyman leading Brock Lesnar out of the building.
Surrounded by security, Paul Heyman was clearly worried about the threat that Braun Strowman possessed to the Universal Champion. Brock Lesnar however was not outwardly afraid, demanding to know “where is he?” and putting over that Paul is the reason they’re leaving not Brocl. Getting into a car, the pair were driven away. As the car drove off, Braun Strowman was seen in the parking lot.
Watching as their vehicle left the arena, Strowman turned to enter the building.

Returning to the second hour of Raw, another recap video showed the events of Raw so far. Braun Strowman was then shown to be still at the entrance of the building, with security telling him that he is barred from entering. Approaching the scene, Kurt Angle told security to let him in.
The “Head of Security” told Kurt that the call had come from the very top of the WWE, but Angle insisted that they let Strowman in. Since he was running the show, the Head agreed to allow Braun Strowman in the business, telling his team “it’s this guys neck on the line… let him in!”

Having been allowed in the building, Braun Strowman made his way down to the ring.

Speaking of his fury that he won’t be at Extreme Rules, Braun Strowman said that somebody was going to “Get These Hands” tonight in Boston. Braun Strowman’s demands were heard by Kurt Angle, who told him that he would be in action “right now” against Jason Jordan!

Braun Strowman was able to defeat Jason Jordan in a fairly decisive manner, with it quickly becoming clear that the son of Kurt Angle wasn’t quite on the level of his opponent just yet. The finish came following a Running Powerslam by “The Monster Amongst Men”. On commentary it was put over that Braun Strowman was barred from the building at Extreme Rules, as a result of Paul Heyman’s talks with “Kurt’s bosses”. This was part of an agreement to ensure that Brock Lesnar would defend his Championship on Sunday.

Braun Strowman bt. Jason Jordan

Raising his Briefcase in the air, Braun Strowman made it clear that he would be coming for Brock Lesnar sooner rather than later. After he exited the ring, Jason Jordan was left to pick himself back up, and was joined in the ring by Chad Gable.
As Chad Gable helped his former partner to his feet, Jordan smiled at him. Gable did not smile back. When Jason Jordan was back on his feet, Gable took a microphone. Jason Jordan smiled again, asking Gable to “lighten up”. Chad Gable shook his head. Gable then told Jason Jordan that one thing has been going through his head since Jordan returned. Jordan was confused, until Gable explained. Saying that he didn’t want to think it to be true, and he didn’t even want to have to say it, Gable told Jordan he has been unable to shake the feeling. Jordan would ask him “what are you talking about?” and after a fairly sizeable pause, Gable would say “... I don’t believe Elias attacked me three weeks ago… I think you did it Jason!”

With this accusation, Jason Jordan’s eyes went wide, in disbelief at what he is hearing from his best friend. Jordan had no response to the claim however, instead leaving the ring and heading up the ramp, offended at what had just been said.

Later in the evening, reacting to Chad Gable’s accusation, Jason Jordan confided in his father, outraged by what had been said. While Angle didn’t believe Jordan to be the attacker, his answer wasn’t what Jordan wanted to hear. Kurt Angle seemed to side with Gable, saying that he understands the suspicion, explaining “you did show up right after Gable was taken out”. Jason couldn’t believe what he was hearing, telling his father that he will prove his innocence. To do this, he demanded that Kurt set up a lie detector test, for this Sunday at Extreme Rules.

While the friendship of Gable and Jordan appeared to be on the rocks, one that has “passed the point of no return” is that between Bayley and Sasha Banks. Coming face to face for the first time - in a meeting mediated by Renee Young - the two women promoted the match this Sunday at Extreme Rules.
Going back and forth, it was clear that the emotions between the two women were still very raw, as they almost spilled over into violence on several occasions. Bayley played up how much the friendship had meant to her, saying that whatever happened between them, she never thought it would go this far. Bayley took the time to ask Sasha Banks why she did what she did, which set “The Boss” off.

Sasha Banks claimed that she wasn’t the one who ended the friendship between them, refusing to be painted as the bad guy by Bayley. Banks then turned on Renee Young, asking her who is in her ear trying to paint Sasha as the bad guy. Banks said that Bayley ended the friendship when she told Sasha that she didn’t trust her. Sasha Banks just put her back in her place. “The Boss” then compared Bayley to an annoying little sister, saying that if she is the one representing all the young girls in the crowd, then Banks represents all those who are tired of those crying, complaining, spoiled little brats! Sasha Banks added that this isn’t about “good vs. bad”, but about “Bayley vs. Banks”. Sasha then promised that on Sunday night, any misguided little girl who looks up to Bayley would be going to bed crying, and waking up knowing that Sasha Banks is “The Boss of Monday Night Raw”.

These words in turn set Bayley off, but she was too emotional to articulate her feelings. As a result, she stepped to Sasha, looking to start the fight 6 days early. However, before the two women could come to blows in the ring, the music of Ronda Rousey hit.
Coming between the two women, Ronda declared that she had been speaking to Kurt Angle, and the decision has been made. At Extreme Rules, Ronda will be the Special Guest Enforcer for the match between Bayley and Sasha Banks.

Moving beyond that, there was Championship action on Raw, as Kevin Owens challenged Seth Rollins for the Intercontinental title. Earlier in the night, Kevin Owens was seen talking to Sami Zayn, saying that having watched how close Sami came to defeating Seth Rollins a few weeks ago, he has the blueprints to ensure “they” become the Intercontinental Champion tonight.

Intercontinental Championship Match

An even and competitive contest, the result of the match could not be looked at without the context of the involvement from outside interests. Throughout the match, Sami Zayn had looked to involve himself in the action, but after a while these minor infractions weren’t enough. As a result, when Sami Zayn actually looked to get in the ring, directly influencing the outcome of the match, Roman Reigns made his way out from the back.
Negating the involvement of Sami Zayn, while also causing a distraction to Kevin Owens, the challenger was left regretting his attempts to “steal one”. Backfiring on him completely, Kevin Owens was dropped to the mat by Rollins, falling into the Curb Stomp that scored the win.

Seth Rollins (c) bt. Kevin Owens

Following the match, as Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns stood in the ring, they stared down Owens & Zayn. As KO & Zayn looked to leave, Kurt Angle appeared on the large screen behind them.
Angle informed the teams that they would face off in a tag team match at Extreme Rules. Later in the night, when Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns asked what the “Extreme” stipulation would be, Kurt Angle told them they would “Spin The Wheel”, with the teams only finding out the match type moments before heading to the ring on Sunday.

Coming back for the final hour of Raw, Nia Jax was set for a warm up match against a member of The Riott Squad, prior to her match against the leader of the group at Extreme Rules. Tired of the constant outside involvement, Nia Jax said that she simply wanted to make this match what it already was, challenging all three members of The Riott Squad to face her at once. This resulted in a handicap match, where Nia Jax spent the entire 8 minutes fighting off relentless attack. While she had made the match to make a point, Nia would soon regret her decision, as the group beat her down. Jax showed great resilience in the match, but eventually all three women were able to take her down. Using their combined strength, and the second rope, The Riott Squad were able to hit an assisted Powerbomb to their much larger opponent.

Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan would then grab her by the arm, leaving Jax prone to a “Riott Kick”. Ruby Riott would then pin Jax, who had given taken a huge amount of punishment by the three women.

The Riott Squad bt. Nia Jax

After the match, as The Riott Squad stood tall,the commentators put over the threat to the Women’s Championship. Soon, Ember Moon and Natalya came to the top of the ramp. Natalya announced that at Extreme Rules, the match between Ruby Riott and Nia Jax would now be a Lumberjack match - promising that if nobody else does, then at least they have Nia’s back!

Having accepted Slater & Rhyno’s challenge, Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler ran down their opponents, using them as examples of guys who have found themselves all too happy to sit back and earn a cheque. While Slater protested “I got kids”, Drew McIntyre replied “... but you’ve got zero heart!”

Drew Galloway & Dolph Ziggler then beat Slater & Rhyno fairly comfortably.

After that tag team match, a video package played, promoting the Tag Team Championships match at Extreme Rules. Showing the moment that The Authors of Pain put Matt Hardy through a Table, the package ended with Bray Wyatt appearing on the screen.

Bray Wyatt sat in darkness, saying that last week his light was extinguished. Wyatt said that at “Extreme Rules” Matt Hardy would be back, ready to face “The Authors of Pain” in a Tables match!

Following a confrontation between the two last week, Raw’s final match saw Baron Corbin and Bobby Lashley go one on one for the first time ever. While the match was evenly contested, the experience edge of Bobby Lashley shone through, and he once again came out on top. Still yet to be pinned or submitted since his return to the WWE, Bobby Lashley stood tall following an impressive victory.

Bobby Lashley bt. Baron Corbin

Cutting away from Lashley’s celebrations, the Raw before Extreme Rules came to an end with news of an incident in the back. Found on the floor, with Sasha Banks stood over her, it was clear that Bayley had been blindsided by her opponent for Sunday.
As Sasha Banks stood over Bayley, vowing to put her back in her place at Extreme Rules, she was confronted by the Special Guest Enforcer for their match, Ronda Rousey.
Staring down “The Boss” as Raw went off the air, it was clear that Ronda was going to ensure there could be no question marks over who the better woman would be, as Bayley goes one on one with Sasha Banks - at Extreme Rules.
This Sunday...

July 15, 2018

Quick Results
Finn Balor went to a No Contest with Roman Reigns
Chad Gable bt. Elias

Braun Strowman bt. Jason Jordan
Seth Rollins (c) bt. Kevin Owens [Intercontinental Championship]

The Riott Squad bt. Nia Jax
Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre bt. Slater & Rhyno
Bobby Lashley bt. Baron Corbin
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Default This Month on Smackdown Live!

This Month on…

Week #1

Having found himself on a roll off the back of an impressive display at Money In The Bank, Samoa Joe picked up an impressive victory over The Miz that saw his momentum to continue to grow. It was also a successful week for The Club, as they became the Smackdown Tag Team Champions at the second time of asking.
The major segment of the show was the WWE Championship celebration of Shinsuke Nakamura, who took delight in showing off the title he won from AJ Styles at Money In The Bank. Looking forward to the next show, Paige announced two Fatal 4 Way match, with the winners going on to face each other for the Number One Contendership to the Women’s Championship. The first one of these matches was won by Charlotte Flair, with the second scheduled for the following week.

In the show’s Main Event, Cesaro was able to “steal one”, defeating Daniel Bryan - just 48 hours after Sheamus had been unable to do so.

Week #2

Opening the show, Eric Young was able to coerce Jeff Hardy into defending the United States Championship, after Hardy demanded revenge for EY’s previous attacks. Jeff Hardy was able to outmaneuver Eric Young, defeating him after The New Day negated Sanity’s outside involvement.

The other Fatal 4 Way in the Women’s Division saw Asuka come out victorious, leading to a historic match on the following week’s show. This victory ensured that Smackdown Live would witness Asuka / Charlotte II - for the Number One Contendership to the Women’s titles.

Another rematch was announced, taking place at the upcoming Extreme Rules event. As AJ Styles confirmed another match against Shinsuke Nakamura, he was attacked by Andrade “Cien” Almas, who was looking to make a name for himself.
In the show’s Main Event, Samoa Joe scored a victory over Sheamus, when Daniel Bryan evened the odds - gaining revenge for what happened last week.

Week #3

Despite the huge Main Event set for the show, another massive match appeared to be scheduled, as The Bar suggested that The Miz was ready to face Daniel Bryan. This turned out to be a set up, with The Miz and The Bar working together in a pre-planned assault on Daniel Bryan. Returning the favour from the previous week, Samoa Joe saved Daniel Bryan from the attack, with the two men seemingly displaying a mutual respect for one another.

After the attack by Andrade “Cien” Almas to AJ Styles last week, Shinsuke Nakamura looked to cosy up with Almas and Zelina Vega, with the pair teaming to an impressive victory. This came after AJ Styles had announced the next match in the series between himself and Shinsuke Nakamura as a Steel Cage match. While AJ Styles was able to get to Nakamura after his match, he was stopped in his tracks by Andrade Almas, who took him down for the second successive week. The show also saw Sanity and The New Day agree to a Falls Count Anywhere match at Extreme Rules.
Of course, the major story of the episode was the build to Asuka / Charlotte II, and following their incredible match at WrestleMania, it was Asuka who scored the victory this time. After the bell, Carmella looked to attack the new Number One Contender, but was thwarted by Charlotte Flair, who showed respect to the woman who had just beaten her.

Week #4

The go-home episode of Smackdown before Extreme Rules saw Joe & Bryan lay down a challenge to The Bar, while The New Day “got serious” about the threat of Sanity. Carmella looked to draw help for the challenge of Asuka, and seemed to strike a deal with The IIconics to be at her side on Sunday. Unfortunately for her, Charlotte Flair promised to have Asuka’s back just the same.
Another key moment of the show, albeit not in relation to Sunday’s Extreme Rules, was a promo by Rusev. Somewhat out of character for the “Bulgarian Brute”, Rusev talked about the fact that he and Lana have been kept apart on Smackdown Live because people are jealous of them. Rusev would go on to thank the people who have truly supported him, the fans, saying that have given him so much and vowing not to let them down. Rusev sealed the deal with a kiss to his wife Lana, before walking triumphantly into the sunset.

In the Main Event of Smackdown, six days before he takes his rematch against Shinsuke Nakamura for the WWE Championship, AJ Styles went one on one with Andrade “Cien” Almas. Scoring a victory, AJ Styles still had enough left in the tank to overcome an attempted post-match attack from Shinsuke Nakamura. As the WWE Champion backed away, AJ Styles made it clear there would be no opportunity to do that this Sunday - as they go one on one inside a Steel Cage!
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Default Extreme Rules 2018

[Kick-Off Show] The DELETERS of Worlds (c) bt. The Authors of Pain in a Tables Match

Live from PPG Paints Arena, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Following the opening video package of the show, the commentators spoke over an aerial shot of the building. Surrounding the arena, were police cars and police officers. This heightened security was a response to this Monday’s appearance of Braun Strowman, despite him being barred from the building. In order to appease Paul Heyman, who this week threatened to pull Brock Lesnar out of the show, WWE increased security to avoid an appearance from “Mr. Money In The Bank” Braun Strowman.

Falls Count Anywhere

Sanity vs. The New Day

Due to the nature of this match, it was very difficult for the referee to keep up with the action. As a result, his role was limited to attempting to count a pinfall when he saw one. Introducing various weapons, Sanity and The New Day went all out to kick off the show with a wild brawl. While it would seem that Sanity would have the edge in a match of this type, The New Day showed once again that when they’re backs are against the wall, they come out swinging. This match was no different, and when it came down to it, Kofi Kingston was able to pin Alexander Wolfe, following a Trouble In Paradise to his Trash Can covered head.

The New Day bt. Sanity

Despite the huge impact they have had on Smackdown Live in such a small amount of time, Sanity were unable to defeat The New Day in their first major rivalry. Following the match, the man who has vowed to bring chaos and confusion to Smackdown led his men away, ensuring Sanity could regroup for their next mission. Celebrating in the ring, The New Day were put over as one of the greatest three men groups in WWE history.

Ahead of the first match on the Raw side of the show, the history between Bayley and Sasha Banks was recapped. Last month, Sasha Banks attacked Bayley in the middle of the ring, the moment described as “the point of no return” in their friendship. Since then, Sasha Banks has launched a campaign of verbal abuse against Bayley, and her fans. This past week on Raw, things became so heated between the two women, that the decision was made to add a Special Enforcer to the match. Following the video package, that woman made her entrance.

Extreme Rules; Ronda Rousey is Special Guest Enforcer

Bayley vs. Sasha Banks

Given the Extreme Rules stipulation, Ronda Rousey’s only job was to ensure that the match remained a match, and didn’t descend into a fight. This job would be more difficult than it sounds, as Bayley came straight out of the gates with arms swinging. On a number of occasions, Ronda stopped the two women from fighting up the ramp and even into the crowd. The emotional Bayley managed to get out some of her aggression early on, but it quickly became clear that Sasha’s game plan was to use that against her. She did this very well, and it was on this forward thinking that the match tipped in her favour. Also the first to introduce weapons into the match, Sasha Banks used a miscommunication between Bayley and Ronda Rousey to secure control of the match.

While the two women went back and forth, there wasn’t the number of nearfalls that would be expected between these two competitors who know each other so well. It was also on Sasha Banks’ first attempt at a Banks Statement that she secured victory. When Bayley had reached the ropes, Banks noticed a Kendo Stick to her side. Picking it up, Sasha rolled the move back through to the ring, using the Kendo Stick to assist the Banks Statement. Now only focussed on removing the Kendo Stick from her face, Bayley was left with little chance of escape. After a few moments, Bayley was forced to swallow her pride, submitting to the Banks Statement.

Sasha Banks bt. Bayley

Having kept her eyes on Ronda Rousey while locking in the Banks Statement, Sasha took a little too long to release the hold for Ronda’s liking. As a result, Rousey climbed up on to the ring apron.
Releasing the hold as soon as it appeared Ronda was going to enter the ring, Sasha Banks release the hold, instead focussing on boasting about her victory. While she enjoyed goading Rousey, it was clear Banks wanted nothing to do with her. As Rousey entered the ring to check on Bayley, Sasha Banks left up the ramp, posing at the top of it after a huge victory against Bayley

Tornado Tag Match

Daniel Bryan & Samoa Joe vs. The Bat

Having come together as a result of mutual enemies, a respect has grown between Daniel Bryan and Samoa Joe in recent weeks. This showed against The Bar, as the two men worked extremely well together in the early going. The tornado tag element of the match probably helped them as the contest continued, as The Bar would certainly have had the edge in a traditional tag team match. In the end, Daniel Bryan and Samoa Joe were able to secure the victory, with them managing to lock in submission moves at the same moment in the middle of the ring. With Sheamus caught in the Heel Hook of Daniel Bryan, and Cesaro in Joe’s Coquina Clutch, the pair had no choice but the tap out simultaneously.

Daniel Bryan & Samoa Joe bt. The Bar

After the match, Daniel Bryan & Samoa Joe celebrated. Daniel Bryan led a “Yes” chant with the crowd, while Samoa Joe stood tall.

In the office of Kurt Angle, Jason Jordan approached his father. Later tonight, Jason Jordan will take a lie detector test, as he looks to clear suspicion that he may have been involved in an attack that put Chad Gable out of action last month.
Jason Jordan was looking forward to the opportunity to clear his name, asking his father if everything was prepared. Kurt Angle was busy, but ensured Jordan that everything was ready for them to go ahead.

Ahead of the match between Asuka and Carmella for the Smackdown Women’s Championship, Charlotte Flair cut a promo. She promised to ensure that there would be no excuses following the match, vowing that the best woman would win.

Smackdown Women’s Championship

Carmella (c) vs. Asuka

Going into the match, it was clear that Carmella was up against in, and the opportunistic Champion had to do everything in her power to try and escape with the Women’s Championship. This included literally trying to run away from her problems, only for Charlotte Flair to block her path. When it came to the actual in-ring part of the match, Carmella was blown away by Asuka, and it was clear that she would have to do something drastic to keep hold of the title. When her usual tactics didn’t work, Carmella found herself almost resigned to her fate, eventually submitting to the Asuka Lock.

Asuka bt. Carmella (c) to become the NEW Smackdown Women’s Champion!

Following her victory, Asuka was joined in the ring by Charlotte Flair.
With suspicions about her intent from some sections of the WWE Universe, Flair proved the doubters wrong, congratulating the new Smackdown Women’s Champion, and raising her hand in the ring.

Street Fight

Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn vs. Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins

Leading into the next match, Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn cut a promo on their way to the ring. Speaking to Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, who were already in the ring, Owens & Zayn claimed to have a plan to stop the former Tag Team Champions. Once the match got underway, this was clearly not the case. Before the match, the wheel was spun, landing on a “Street Fight”. However, the stipulation was barely explored, and after a lot of stalling a posturing, the match was short. When Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens brawled up the ramp, Roman Reigns squashed Sami Zayn, hitting him with a series of his signatures moves. The commentators compared this to last month, when Roman Reigns defeat Jinder Mahal in under five minutes. It was barely much longer on the clock when Reigns hit Zayn with a Superman Punch from “The Big Dog”. Reigns followed this up with a Spear to Zayn, scoring another decisive victory.

Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins bt. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn

Following the match, an impressed Seth Rollins joined Roman Reigns in the ring, celebrating with his partner.

Steel Cage Match for the WWE Championship

Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs. AJ Styles

Competing in yet another match for the WWE Championship, this contest marked the first time Shinsuke Nakamura came in as Champion, having defeated AJ Styles in a Last Man Standing match last month at Money In The Bank. Throughout the month, AJ Styles had been forced to deal with Andrade “Cien” Almas, as the Smackdown Live newcomer looked to make his name off the former WWE Champion. Shinsuke Nakamura took advantage of that, but still had a lot to prove, given claims were made that his victory last month was lucky. With no excuses in a Steel Cage, this match would be definitive, either proving Shinsuke Nakamura to be the real deal, or reaffirming AJ Styles’ position at the top level on Smackdown Live. Going back and forth, with a number of nearfalls, it was AJ Styles who picked up the victory, defeating Shinsuke Nakamura with a Styles Clash. This came after Shinsuke Nakamura broke what had appeared to be a “gentleman’s agreement”, with both men avoiding the escape route to win the match. When Shinsuke tried to escape the Cage, he was knocked back down to the mat from about half way up, and this allowed AJ Styles to take the control he needed to regain the title.

AJ Styles bt. Shinsuke Nakamura (c) to become the WWE Champion

Celebrating the victory, which makes him a now 3 time WWE Champion, AJ Styles left the cage. Left in the Steel Cage, Shinsuke Nakamura was left to consider his 6 month plus chase of the WWE Championship, and where he goes from there.

Looking back at the night so far, footage was played from the “Kick-Off Show”, in which the Raw Tag Team Championship Tables match between The Deleters of World and The Authors of Pain was recapped. Replaying the finish, The Authors of Pain looked in complete control, setting Bray Wyatt up for an assisted Powerbomb. However, coming out of nowhere, Matt Hardy took a dive from the second ropes, to the outside of the ring where The Authors of Pain were. Connecting with Akam, Matt Hardy sent himself and Akam through the Table, securing the victory for his team. After that, it was time for the Lie Detector Test of Jason Jordan.

Coming down to the ring, Kurt Angle described the set up, introducing Jason Jordan to the ring. Chad Gable walked down to the ring soon after.
As Kurt Angle continued to explain what was going on, he reminded viewers of the attack on Chad Gable several weeks ago, which happened moments before Jason Jordan reappeared after his injury layoff. This led to suspicion from Chad Gable, who reluctantly made the accusation last week on Raw. Outraged, Jason Jordan demanded the Lie Detector Test. After Kurt Angle explained this, Elias made his way out, stoking the flames.
Taking a seat at ringside, Elias looked to get under the skin of Jason Jordan, and the General Manager Kurt Angle. He took great delight as Jason Jordan was hooked up to the Polygraph. Jason Jordan was happy to take the test, hurrying up the staff. Jason Jordan was then asked if he was in the building on the said date, at the time of the attack. Jason Jordan said he was, and the test proved he was telling the truth.

Jason Jordan was then asked if he had returned solely to take the place of Chad Gable in his match with Elias. Jordan said he did not, and was again proved to be telling the truth. Elias commented on this, but was silenced for the final question when Kurt said “can somebody cut this guys mic?” The final question was simple, did Jason Jordan attack Chad Gable. Answering no, the Lie Detector suggested that Jason Jordan was telling the truth. Chad Gable and Kurt Angle were satisfied with this, but somewhat surprised by a strange - over the top - celebration from Jason Jordan. Punching the air, more like someone who had gotten away with something, rather than an innocent man, Jason Jordan aroused suspicion. Saying he was “so happy to clear [his] name”, Jason Jordan hugged both Chad Gable and Kurt Angle, before leaving the ring to gloat to Elias. Left in the ring, Gable and Angle shrugged, accepting the result of the polygraph.

It was then time for the Raw Women’s Championship match. Joining the ring were six Lumberjacks. These were Ember Moon & Natalya, The Riott Squad’s Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan, and the returning Alexa Bliss & Mickie James.
Having been “on vacation” for the last few weeks, Alexa Bliss and Mickie James expected a warm welcome, but certainly didn’t get one from their fellow Superstars. They were also frustrated when the music of Ronda Rousey hit, and she stood at the top of the ramp.
Remaining away from the ring, it appeared that Ronda Rousey still had her eyes on Alexa Bliss and Mickie James, and would not be moving on, as the pair had hoped.

Lumberjack Match for the Raw Women’s Championship

Nia Jax (c) vs. Ruby Riott

Splitting into distinctive groups, each side of the bring had two Superstar surrounding it, apart from the ramp side. Half way down the ramp, Ronda Rousey stood, watching over the match. For much of the match, see seemed to be staring straight past the competitors, transfixed on Alexa Bliss. In the ring, after The Riott Squad’s effects were negated, the match was fairly straight forward. A standard Championship defence for Nia, a Samoan Drop, followed by a Running Leg Drop, was enough to retain the title.

Nia Jax bt. Ruby Riott

After the match, the focus shifted away from the victorious Nia Jax and to Ronda Rousey, who had ran off Mickie James and Alexa Bliss when they joined Logan and Morgan in targeting Nia. Standing tall at the top of the ramp, Ronda looked back towards the ring. It was suggested that it won’t be long before Rousey will be the one with her eyes on the Women’s Championship.

WWE Universal Championship

Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Finn Balor

Prior to the Main Event, a video package played showing the record-breaking Universal Championship run of Brock Lesnar. Finn Balor’s short run with the title, of just one day was contrasted to this, and had been mentioned by Paul Heyman in a promo leading up to the match. Once in the ring, Paul Heyman introduced his client.

The match itself followed the fairly standard mold for a Brock Lesnar match, with the challenger suffering at the hands of “The Beast”. While Finn Balor managed some of his offence, using his speed to try and bring down the Champion, he struggled to maintain any control. In a game of cat and mouse, Finn Balor did manage a Double Footstomp to the back of the Champion, but was hit with a stiff Lariat as he tried to capitalise on the momentum. From here, the match was built around how far Brock Lesnar could throw Finn Balor across the ring. The athleticism of Finn Balor created some doubt during the later parts, but Brock Lesnar was able to defeat him after hitting him with an F-5.

Brock Lesnar bt. Finn Balor

As Brock Lesnar stood tall in the ring with Paul Heyman, it appeared as though it was once again “job done” for the Universal Champion, who would now turn his attention to Summerslam. However, out of nowhere, the big screen began showing the outside of the building, where Police Officers and Police Vehicles still surrounded the arena. While the commentators spoke of reports of an incident going on outside, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman were none the wiser. The Officers were seen looking up to the sky, as the sound of a Helicopter in the background got gradually louder. Eventually, the Helicopter was seen, hovering above the arena.
Cutting back to the inside, Brock Lesnar was still looking at Paul Heyman, confused. Heyman appeared just as dumbfounded as the WWE Universal Champion, asking those at ringside what was going on. As the scene unfolded, Police Officers were forced to flee the area, with the landing Helicopter lowering extremely close to them. When the Helicopter hit the ground, the side door was opened and Braun Strowman stepped out of it. Removing a headset with one hand, Braun Strowman used the other to pick up his “Money In The Bank” Briefcase!
The commentators reacted in complete disbelief, as Strowman walked towards the arena. Looking down the camera, Strowman said “Beastie Boy… I’m coming for you!”

Having cleared the line blocking him from the building, Braun Strowman made his way towards the arena. In the ring, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman appeared to have come to the same conclusion. Forcing Brock Lesnar to back down from a fight, Braun Strowman was able to do something that nobody had ever been able to before. Leaving the ring in a hurry, Brock Lesnar literally “ran away” from the threat of Braun Strowman, a surreal moment for those who have followed the Universal Champion’s career.

Managing to get away from the ringside area, just as Braun Strowman’s music hit, Brock Lesnar ensured his Championship reign would go on. Moments later, the man who had been “banned from the building”, made his way down the ramp. Once in the ring, having arrived at the building in the most spectacular fashion, Braun Strowman raised his “Money In The Bank” Briefcase high in the air. Looking to hype the crowd up, Strowman went to all four sides of the ring, raising the Briefcase repeatedly and encouraging the WWE Universe to make noise. As Extreme Rules went off the air, the commentators talked disbelievingly about Braun Strowman having apparently piloted a Helicopter to the building. They also put him over as the WWE’s biggest predator, with the most dangerous weapon possible (the “Money In The Bank” Briefcase).

With Brock Lesnar as the most unlikely of preys, and the Universal Championship in his sight, Braun Strowman stood tall to end the show. Michael Cole signed off, saying that “for the first time in his life… after a career of victimising his opponents… The Beast finally knows what it means to be the hunted!” adding “Braun Strowman is coming for the Universal Champion… and Lesnar’s only option is to run… and keep running!”

Quick Results
The New Day bt. Sanity
Sasha Banks bt. Bayley
Daniel Bryan & Samoa Joe bt. The Bar
Asuka bt. Carmella (c) [Smackdown Women's Championship; TITLE CHANGE]
Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins bt. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn
AJ Styles bt. Shinsuke Nakamura [WWE Championship; TITLE CHANGE]
Nia Jax (c) bt. Ruby Riott [Raw Women's Championship]
Brock Lesnar (c) bt. Finn Balor [Universal Championship]
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Default Raw #1312

Live from KeyBank Center, Buffalo, New York!

24 Hours after the events of Extreme Rules, Raw kicked off with the footage of Braun Strowman’s Helicopter arrival at the show. This was followed by the entrance of Paul Heyman, who was unhappy about what had happened - and how it resulted in Brock Lesnar “running from a fight” for the first time ever. Paul decided to take his anger out on the Raw General Manager, Kurt Angle.
Having gone over Kurt’s head in the past, including doing so to ensure Braun Strowman was banned from the building at Extreme Rules, Paul Heyman made a number of thinly veiled threats towards Kurt Angle, regarding his job security. Heyman suggested that Brock Lesnar was considering pulling out of SummerSlam, citing “Kurt Angle’s mismanagement of Raw” as the key reason. Paul Heyman also said that last night when Kurt Angle was busy playing “Jerry Springer” with his son, he should have been ensuring that he did his job by keeping tabs on Braun Strowman. Paul added that this latest failure probably wouldn’t go down well with Kurt’s employers. In the end, his message to Kurt was simple, “do your job… and sort this mess out!”

After the break, as Kurt returned to his office, he was approached by Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Having been beaten in embarrassing fashion last night (in under five minutes), they wanted a chance to “right that wrong” tonight on Raw.
However, the humiliation of just a few moments earlier was still raw for Kurt, and he flipped out on the pair - demanding they get out of his office. As they left, he told them “don’t worry… you’ll be in action tonight!” It would later be announced that the Main Event of the night would see Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn face the team of Roman Reigns & Braun Strowman.

Before that match, Braun Strowman had his own issues with Paul Heyman, confronting him in the back.
When he spoke to “The Advocate”, Paul Heyman told Braun Strowman that he was once again getting him barred from the building next week, as Brock Lesnar would be there to name his SummerSlam opponent. Heyman once again alluded to going over Angle’s head, and this gave “The Monster Amongst Men” an idea. Braun Strowman would then approach Kurt Angle, with the contents of their conversation being kept under wraps.

Opening up the action for the evening, Ember Moon and Natalya teamed up against The Riott Squad’s Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan. When The Squad were defeated, Ruby Riott - who lost to Nia Jax at Extreme Rules - took out her frustration on her stablemates.

Bobby Roode scored a victory during the first hour of Raw, defeating Curt Hawkins. After the match, Jinder Mahal - who recently defeated Roode in singles competition - came out to laugh at Roode, saying that “The Glorious One” had finally found his level. The hour was closed off with a match between The DELETERS of Worlds and Titus Worldwide’s Apollo Crews & No Way Jose. However, the match would be ruined by The Authors of Pain, who attacked both teams.
Taking out all four competitors, The Authors of Pain were confronted by Titus O’Neil. However, O’Neil quickly realised that attempting to stand up for his friends would be a bad idea, as he backed away from the two men who many have suggested were “unlucky” to lose to Hardy & Wyatt at Extreme Rules.

Beyond the reaction to Braun Strowman’s involvement with the Universal Champion, Finn Balor also had something to say about Extreme Rules.
Accepting that he was beaten by the better man on the night, Balor suggested that his name be in the mix as the potential challenger for SummerSlam, feeling that he deserves to be one of the Superstars in contention. Despite his willingness to earn another shot, his words caught the attention of Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler, who accused him of making excuses.
McIntyre ran down Finn Balor’s entitlement, calling him “just as bad” as the guys he calls out and adding “Finn, you’re just like Roman Reigns!” When Balor stepped to the two men, he appeared to be under threat. However, before Dolph and Drew could take Finn out, Heath Slater and Rhyno (who have had issues with Drew & DZ recently) ran down to make the save.

This was followed by a scheduled match between Drew McIntyre and Heath Slater, which the Scottish Superstar won. However, after the match, Finn Balor approached Kurt Angle, annoyed that Slater & Rhyno had got involved in his business. Kurt Angle questioned the change in Finn Balor’s personality recently, but gave him a match with Rhyno later in the evening. Finn Balor would win the match handily, but clearly have his sights set on bigger things.

Baron Corbin continued his mission to get Bobby Lashley to notice him, squashing Zack Ryder in a short match. Following the contest, Bobby Lashley came out to the top of the ramp, applauding “The Lone Wolf”.

After that, it was time for the much promoted “Pilot Episode” of “Talk With Elias”.
Earlier in the night, Ronda Rousey had reacted to the announcement of Alexa Bliss and Mickie James as the first guests, telling the WWE Universe that she had a plan to make Talk With Elias “can’t miss TV”. After Elias introduced his guests (making it known that he didn’t need a house band, as he played them in himself), it was clear that Alexa had no idea that Ronda was waiting in the wings. Talking about Mickie’s recovery and their vacation together, Alexa Bliss was shocked when Elias introduced the “surprise guest” for the evening, Ronda Rousey.
As soon as Ronda entered the ring, Alexa Bliss lost it. Furious with Elias, Alexa Bliss walked off the set of “Talk With Elias”, with Mickie James following behind her. Ronda Rousey had no problem with this, and Elias told her that the floor was hers. Elias also sided with Ronda Rousey as he interviewed her, putting over that she stole the show on the very first “Talk With Elias”. He also offered her a place as a proper guest when the series begins.

The blockbuster second hour of Raw wasn’t done there, as Seth Rollins defended his Intercontinental Championship against Chad Gable. Earlier in the night, as a former Tag Team Champion with Seth Rollins, Jason Jordan gave Chad Gable advice on his opponent.
Despite his support, the mask slipped momentarily for Jason Jordan, as he visibly grimaced when informed that Chad Gable was getting a shot of the IC title. Clearly jealous of his friend’s opportunity, Jason Jordan once again tried to make it about himself, telling Gable that he would join him at ringside for the match. When Gable told Jordan he would rather go it alone, the son of Kurt Angle refused to take no for an answer...

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

Another highly competitive Championship defence from Seth Rollins, the two Superstars went back and forth. Of course, there was another thread to the match, with Jason Jordan at ringside. Encouraging and offering advice to Chad Gable, Jordan rubbed Seth Rollins up the wrong way. Rollins told Gable to get Jordan to back off, but Gable made it clear that he didn’t want the help either, saying there was nothing he could do. Eventually, Jordan overstepped the mark, climbing on the apron as Chad Gable enjoyed a spell of control. Jordan looked to give Gable advice, shouting towards him, despite the fact he was doing quite well for himself anyway. Chad Gable told Jason Jordan to step down, and this distraction cost him control of the match. He wouldn’t get close to victory after this, and Seth Rollins eventually defeated him with a Curb Stomp.

Seth Rollins (c) bt. Chad Gable

After the match, it was clear that Chad Gable was furious with Jason Jordan. When Jordan entered the ring to check on Chad, he flipped. Jordan was surprised by Gable’s reaction, failing to understand the anger of his friend. Seth Rollins also had some choice words for Jordan as he passed him with his Intercontinental Championship

Now into the third hour of Raw, focus turned to Sasha Banks’ victory over Bayley at Extreme Rules. Sasha Banks made her way to the ring, informing viewers that Bayley was not in the building, continuing to run down her former friend. Hearing enough of this, Nia Jax made her way down to the ring.
Confronting Sasha, Nia said that she had dealt with women like Sasha Banks before, and she wasn’t going to sit back and let her continue picking on Bayley. Sasha Banks didn’t take the warning from the Women’s Champion serious, and told her to get out of her way, because she would have no problem taking the title from her whenever she wanted to. When Nia Jax asked what was stopping her, Sasha responded with a slap. Before Nia could fully react, Sasha had left the ring, as well a mark on Nia’s face. Talking to Kurt Angle about the incident, Nia Jax requested a match with Sasha Banks. Angle agreed to make the match, with Nia Jax asking that it take place next week.

Before the Main Event, Drake Maverick spoke in a pre-recorded promo segment, talking about the current “Winner’s Club” on 205 Live.
Each week members of the roster will be eliminated, until one man remains. That man will go one on one with Cedric Alexander for the Cruiserweight Championship.

There were two segments earlier in the night that led into the Main Event. The first saw Braun Strowman tell Roman Reigns to keep out of his way in the match. Reigns responded to Strowman by reminding him that he “beat these two in 5 minutes last night”, telling Braun that it might be best if he’s the one who waits on the outside. The other segment was an attempt to get out of the match by Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, as the latter claimed injury from last night. When Angle’s solution was for Kevin Owens to face Reigns and Strowman alone, Sami Zayn showed his loyalty to his friend, promising to fight through the pain.

When the match began, it was fairly one way traffic. While they lasted longer and did better than the previous night, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn were defeated once more. Taking Kevin Owens out at ringside, Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns were able to focus solely on Sami Zayn. Getting Zayn up on his shoulder, Braun went for the Running Powerslam, but was tagged by Roman Reigns. Strowman dumped Zayn to the mat, turning to Reigns to question his actions. Roman Reigns ignored Braun, going straight past him to get to their opponent. Hitting the prone Zayn with a Spear, Roman Reigns was able to score the fall, picking up the win for his team.

Braun Strowman & Roman Reigns bt. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn

Having scored the victory, Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns had their arms raised in the ring. Braun Strowman was clearly a little annoyed that Reigns was the one who scored the pinfall, and kept his eye on “The Big Dog” as he celebrated. Oblivious to Strowman’s gaze, Roman Reigns turned back around, and straight into the grasp of “The Monster Amongst Men”. Lifting Roman onto his shoulder, Braun hit his partner with a Running Powerslam. As there is no love lost between the two, it was fairly unsurprising for Strowman to take Reigns down, and he stood tall alone to end Raw. Raising his “Money In The Bank” Briefcase over his head with both hands, Braun Strowman gave the commentators opportunity to promote next week’s show, where Brock Lesnar will appear, and come face to face with whoever his SummerSlam opponent is.

Quick Results
Ember Moon & Natalya bt. The Riott Squad’s Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan
Bobby Roode bt. Curt Hawkins
The DELETERS of Worlds bt. Titus Worldwide’s Apollo Crews & No Way Jose (DQ)

Drew McIntyre bt. Heath Slater
Baron Corbin bt. Zack Ryder
Seth Rollins (c) bt. Chad Gable [Intercontinental Championship]

Finn Balor bt. Rhyno
Braun Strowman & Roman Reigns bt. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn
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Default SummerSlam Main Event [ Exclusive] Exclusive: Brock Lesnar will face Roman Reigns at SummerSlam

Earlier today, was able to exclusively confirm that Brock Lesnar’s SummerSlam opponent will be “The Big Dog” Roman Reigns, a rematch from their controversial Steel Cage match at May’s Greatest Royal Rumble event. While both Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar’s advocate Paul Heyman shared their thought on the match upon the announcement, Raw General Manager Kurt Angle has been “unavailable to comment” since were able to confirm the SummerSlam main event.

In the hours since the announcement, members of the WWE Universe and Superstars alike have had their say on the matter. Finn Balor tweeted his discontent at the announcement, asking “what happened to earning a title shot? #sameold”. Braun Strowman also reacted to the news, saying “Brock clearly wasn’t ready to #GetTheseHands ! #MoneyInTheBank #RAW #FindAWay”. The controversial announcement has also divided the WWE Universe, with some members taking to social media to praise the decision to give Reigns the opportunity to right the wrong of The Greatest Royal Rumble, where Brock Lesnar was declared the winner, despite Roman Reigns’ feet touching the ground first. Other members of the Universe have suggested that Roman Reigns simply can’t beat Brock Lesnar, and the opportunity should have been given to someone else. Regardless of opinions, it will be Roman Reigns who faces Brock Lesnar on August 19, with the opportunity to end the record-setting, historic title reigns of “The Beast”. has a poll below, asking the WWE Universe for their feelings on the Main Event of SummerSlam:

Backstage at Raw, there was plenty of reaction to the Extreme Rules PPV, with mixed response to some of the booking.
  • The Authors of Pain suffering defeat was a surprise to many, with them expected to continue their unbeaten run by winning the titles. While the “fluke nature” of defeat was played up, it is clear that A.O.P’s first few months in the WWE haven’t gone to plan, with feeling within the company that they may already need a “reboot”.
  • The Lie Detector angle was universally agreed to have gone on too long, with mentions of it kept to a minimum. There was of course a recap of the segment on Raw, but it was not talked about in regards to the story going forward.
  • The tension between Ronda Rousey and Sasha Banks is said to be planting seeds for something further down the line, with the plan still for Ronda to be involved with Alexa Bliss at SummerSlam. As seen on Raw, Banks appears to be transitioning into a rivalry with Nia Jax over the Raw Women’s Championship.
  • For the second Pay-Per-View in a row, Roman Reigns scored a victory in under 5 minutes. Given the reaction to his matches in recent months, the idea is to get Reigns in and out, with maximum impact in as short a time as possible. Of course, this booking against someone like Sami Zayn will do little to endear him to the WWE Universe. Whether this is by design is still up for debate within the WWE, as Reigns prepares to main event another huge show.
  • The main talking point was the major segment with Braun Strowman commandeering a helicopter for his arrival at Extreme Rules. An expensive and logistically complex pre-record, the cinematic feel of the footage has also garnered a mixed response. While the intent was to create a “highlight reel” moment™, some felt that the result was somewhat hokey, and hurt Braun Strowman’s recent push towards being a more serious competitor. Recently, Strowman has moved away from the cartoonish feats of strength and “comedy” side of his character, and this was seen as a step back in that direction. Again, whether that is a positive or negative is up for debate.
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Default Raw #1313

Live from U.S Bank Arena, Cincinnati, Ohio!

The biggest talking point going into Raw this week was the announcement made that Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns would go one on one at SummerSlam for the Universal Championship, and their face-to-face which was set for the show. Opening the show, the commentators discussed the reaction to the match being made, which has been a major talking point between the WWE Superstars and the WWE Universe. Following a recap of last week’s show, which looked at how Braun Strowman’s Helicopter ride into Extreme Rules could cost Kurt Angle his job, as well as Strowman dropping Roman Reigns at the end of the show, Seth Rollins made his entrance.
Seth Rollins put over the Main Event of SummerSlam, saying that while he would have loved to have been chosen himself, he supports Roman Reigns as the man to make sure the Universal title is held by a “fighting Champion”. Speaking about himself in similar terms, and moving on to the opportunities he has given out for the Intercontinental Championship, Seth Rollins was cut off by Finn Balor.
Finn Balor didn’t have such an understanding outlook, questioning why a match was made without a Number One Contendership process. Calling out his GM, Finn Balor wanted answer from Kurt Angle, as to why Roman Reigns was getting the shot.
While Kurt Angle did put over Roman Reigns as a worthy challenger, he also admitted when pressed by Finn that he had no say in the match being made. Kurt Angle looked hurt as he told Finn Balor this, confessing that week by week, “they” are taking more and more decisions “out of [his] hands”. Kurt did however say that he is making the matches for tonight, informing Finn Balor he would go one on one with Dolph Ziggler. In the opener, Seth Rollins would defend the Intercontinental Championship against Drew McIntyre.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

Coming down to the ring, Drew McIntyre had words for Seth Rollins (and Finn Balor, who left ringside before the match began). Once again, Drew McIntyre made it clear that in the WWE, you can’t ask for opportunity, you take it! This is what he looked to do in this match, and he would have stood a good chance in doing so, as Dolph Ziggler helped him out. As has been the case in the last few weeks, Dana Brooke has joined Dolph Ziggler at ringside, as the pair continue to work on their “business arrangement”.
It was Dana (who Drew appears to have zero involvement with) who played a key part in the finish of the match, botching an interference that cost Drew McIntyre. Her involvement was an attempt to follow up the successful cheating done by Dolph Ziggler, but resulted in McIntyre’s first defeat since returning to the WWE.

Seth Rollins (c) bt. Drew McIntyre

Between that match and the next, the commentators further promoted the WWE Universal Championship match set for SummerSlam, showing media coverage of the announcement earlier in the week. They also put over the “controversial nature” of the match being made, saying that in the WWE Universal and amongst the Superstars, opinion is split. This was highlighted in tweets made by Finn Balor, Seth Rollins and members of the WWE Universe.

Going into the match, footage was shown from the previous week, as Sasha Banks slapped Nia Jax across the face. Heated from the opening bell, the match was cut short of what it could have been due to outside interference. Making her first appearance since losing to Banks at Extreme Rules, Bayley got involved.
Running down to the ring, as Sasha Banks looked to be gaining steam, Bayley allowed her emotions to get the better of her, taking “The Boss” down. This resulted in a DQ defeat for Nia Jax.

Sasha Banks bt. Nia Jax (DQ)

Following the match, the attack from the emotionally vulnerable Bayley continued. While Sasha Banks attempted to get away, it was eventually Nia Jax who broke the fight up. Allowing Banks to escape, Nia Jax confronted Bayley, annoyed that she had cost her the match. Bayley was still fired up, and pushed Nia. This had little effect on Jax, who showed understanding despite also being angry. Walking away from Bayley, Nia Jax managed to stay calm, leaving the ring.

Moving on from that, viewers were informed that Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman were in the building.
Returning from the break, Paul Heyman was interviewed. During the interview, Paul Heyman confirmed that Brock Lesnar was here tonight, and was ready for Roman Reigns.

The set up to another match at SummerSlam appeared to be warming up after this, as Alexa Bliss called out Ronda Rousey. Earlier in the night, Kurt Angle had told Alexa to stop complaining and find a resolution to their rivalry. When she did, Ronda was all too happy to offer a solution.
Getting Alexa alone, Ronda Rousey said that she agreed with Kurt Angle. Her idea was simple, as she explained that she didn’t want to keep chasing Bliss, she just wanted to fight her. Ronda Rousey then made a challenge to face Alexa Bliss at SummerSlam. Alexa Bliss replied to the challenge, speaking in a way which led viewers to believe she was going to accept the challenge. However, she finished her promo by saying “Alexa Bliss… Ronda Rousey… at SummerSlam. I… I… I acce… I’ll think about it”. Alexa then left the ring with a smile on her face, having frustrated Ronda once again.

After promoting 205 Live on the show last week, Drave Maverick was shown in the arena at Raw. Interviewed about his attendance, Drake thanked Kurt for the spot last week, and said he had a meeting with Kurt. After speaking with Jason Jordan in the back, as he offered to deal with Kurt’s “Owens & Zayn problem”, Angle welcomed Drake to his office.
The two exchanged pleasantries, before Kurt asked “what can I do for you?” Drake Maverick said that he came here for “a favour” but having spoke with some of the guys backstage tonight, he needs “more than a favour” telling Kurt “I need a miracle…”

Following up last week’s attack, The Authors of Pain defeated Titus Worldwide with relative ease. After the match, Bray Wyatt & Matt Hardy appeared.
Wanting revenge for the assault last week, and looking to prove their victory at Extreme Rules wasn’t a fluke, the Tag Team Champions challenged The Authors of Pain to a match next week on Raw.

Later on, Jinder Mahal continued to mock and taunt Bobby Roode, claiming that “The Glorious One” was facing Sunil Singh tonight because it was deemed he wasn’t on the level of Jinder Mahal.
After picking up an easy win, Bobby Roode went after Jinder Mahal, but had his leg grabbed by Sunil Singh. This allowed Jinder Mahal to get the better of the exchange, which ended when “The Modern Day Maharaja” was able to hit a Khallas to Roode.

Returning to Kurt Angle’s issues with the ungovernable Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn, Chad Gable took to the microphone to defend the Raw GM, who the duo mocked, and claimed lacked the respect of the Raw roster. While Gable looked to talk up his respect for his boss, Jason Jordan came out behind him.
Speaking over Gable, much to his annoyance, Jason Jordan decided his story was more important to tell. Jordan then talked about Kurt Angle being his father, and promising that if anybody can beat some respect into Owens & Zayn, it’s him.

It was however Chad Gable who went one on one with Kevin Owens. Soon it became clear that Chad Gable was wholly uncomfortable with Jordan at ringside, who the commentators said “isn’t the same man that Chad knew in American Alpha”. Thrown off his game, Chad Gable was defeated by Kevin Owens. After the match, Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn stood tall in the ring.
While Kurt Angle may not like them, it was made clear that he had no choice but to deal with “Stephanie McMahon’s personal projects”, who continue to do well on the show.

In a silly skit that opened the final hour of Raw, Elias looked for his missing Guitar ahead of a scheduled performance. When he eventually found the Guitar, Heath Slater was using it to teach Rhyno, telling his partner “I used to be in a band”. Once Elias got the Guitar back, he went to go out and perform, only to be told it was too late, and he would be unable to make the appearance.

Ruby Riott then looked to prove herself once more, after taking out her frustrations on her Riott Squad companions last week. Telling them to stay in the back, Ruby fared no better as she went one on one with Ember Moon.
Without her partners pulling the strings, Ruby stood even less of a chance, and was defeated following an “Eclipse” from Ember Moon.

Put over as a generational clash, the commentators highlighted the competitors as two of the most athletic Superstars in WWE history. This showed in the ring, as the two men - each with something to prove - went all out to steal the show. While Dolph Ziggler showed his wiley experience, Finn Balor’s determination shone through as he fought against the odds. Despite the presence at ringside, Balor was able to overcome Dolph Ziggler, pinning him following a Coupe De Grace. It was made clear after the match that the result really could have gone either way.

Finn Balor bt. Dolph Ziggler

Just seconds after having his hand raised in the ring, Finn Balor was jumped from behind by Drew McIntyre.
Clearly angry about their unsuccessful night, Dolph Ziggler soon joined his partner in the attack. Aggressively laying into Finn, Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler appeared ready to take him to the outside, looking to take the attack up another level. However, before they could do too much damage, Seth Rollins ran down to even the odds.
Whether it was about saving Balor from the assault, or getting a measure of revenge for earlier, Seth Rollins’ presence saved the former WWE Universal Champion from certain disaster. Managing to run off the two men, who clearly had ruthless intentions, Seth Rollins checked on Finn Balor, who appeared more receptive to the help than he had been in recent weeks.

Promoted heavily throughout the entire evening, the show closed with a meeting between the Champion and the Challenger, who will go one on one for the WWE Universal Championship at SummerSlam.
Relying heavily on the history between the two men, a hype video earlier in the night recapped the controversial ending to their match at “The Greatest Royal Rumble”. Bizarrely, just moments before he was set to go out and mediate the face-to-face, Kurt Angle received a call. Seemingly taking instruction from his superiors, Kurt Angle was ordered to stay in the back, much to his frustration. This allowed Paul Heyman to control the first interaction between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns, since the confirmation of the Main Event of SummerSlam.
Doing his best sell job, Paul Heyman put over the indecisive nature of the finish to their last match, as well as the importance of proving his dominance to Brock Lesnar. While Brock Lesnar didn’t initially want to face Roman Reigns again, he changed his mind after hearing the rewriting of history by Roman Reigns himself. Speaking to Brock Lesnar, and not Paul Heyman, the challenger’s attempts to get a rise out of Brock Lesnar failed. Lesnar instead made it clear that he had no concerns about going through Reigns again at SummerSlam.

Throughout his promo, Paul Heyman made a number of allusions to the WWE Universe’s discontent with the match being made once again, making it clear that “controversial decision” by Raw’s management to make the match was very much a part of the story. Playing on the idea that the WWE Universe doesn’t want to see Roman Reigns as the one to dethrone Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman went as far as to say that “for every member of the WWE Universe that is complaining about this match… another 99 are signing up to the Network to watch Brock Lesnar kick the last few drops out of the Roman Reigns cash cow”.

These bizarre references to the criticism of the WWE’s booking continued, with Paul Heyman eventually being cut off by Kurt Angle.
Paul Heyman warned Kurt Angle that he had been specifically told by his superiors to stay away, but the Raw General Manager didn’t care. Saying that he’d had enough, Kurt Angle declared that if they’re going to fire him, he might as well give them a reason to. Kurt Angle’s breaking point had been reached, and he told Paul Heyman that going above his head is going to bite him on the ass. Paul Heyman attempted to discourage Kurt Angle with the threat of violence from Brock Lesnar, but Kurt Angle told Paul Heyman that he didn’t come alone.

Pointing behind him, Kurt Angle said that Paul might be willing to “Unleash The Beast”, but he has opened the doors to “The Monster Amongst Men”. Having once again broken the ruling that he be barred from the building, Braun Strowman’s appearance angered Paul Heyman. Lesnar and Reigns however seemed ready for whatever was to follow.
Holding his “Money In The Bank” Briefcase, Braun Strowman nodded at Kurt Angle, as Michael Cole suggested that this was the plan they spoke about last week. This time, as Braun came to the ring, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman stayed put, knowing that with Roman Reigns also in the ring, Strowman would be reluctant to cash in, and would more than likely fail if he tried to do so.

They need not have worried anyway, as Braun Strowman left his Briefcase on the Steel Steps, instead entering the ring with a microphone. Cutting off the “Champion and Challenger” segment, Braun Strowman got in Brock Lesnar’s face. Unflinching, Brock Lesnar stared Strowman in the eyes, as The Monster Amongst Men told him, “Brock… we’re sick of the same old crap!”

Looking to use the fan’s disdain towards the idea of Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns going one on one at SummerSlam to get him cheered, Braun Strowman continued, adding “we’re tired of Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns… we’re tired of you holding the Universal Championship… and we’re tired of waiting for you to ‘Get These Hands’!” Feeling left out, Roman Reigns grabbed Braun Strowman by the shoulder. Braun Strowman would then give it to Roman Reigns both barrels, saying “you’re just as bad as he is, Roman!”

“The WWE Universe don’t want see you get this shot… and neither do I!” Braun Strowman would then grab his “Money In The Bank” Briefcase from ringside, returning to stand between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns. Braun Strowman would then close the show by saying:

“You can have your Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns… but at SummerSlam, I’m cashing in this Case - and you’re both gonna ‘Get These Hands’!” He then turned specifically to Brock Lesnar, adding “...and I, I’m gonna get my hands on the WWE Universal Championship!”

Quick Results
Seth Rollins bt. Drew McIntyre
Sasha Banks bt. Nia Jax (DQ)

Authors of Pain bt. Titus Worldwide
Bobby Roode bt. Sunil Singh
Kevin Owens bt. Chad Gable

Ember Moon bt. Ruby Riott
Finn Balor bt. Dolph Ziggler

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Default Raw #1314

Live from American Airlines Arena, Miami, Florida!

Looking back at the events of last week, an in-depth recap packaged showed the closing segment of the show. During that segment, Braun Strowman interrupted a face-to-face meeting between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns, who were scheduled to go one on one for the Universal Championship at SummerSlam. Allowed in the building by Kurt Angle, against direct instruction from his “superiors”, Braun Strowman joined the “Champion and Challenger” in the ring, declaring his intention to cash in the “Money In The Bank” Briefcase at SummerSlam. Coming into the show, a graphic displayed the updated Main Event of SummerSlam, which will now see Brock Lesnar defend against Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman! The commentators then put over the Main Event of Raw, where Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns will go one on one. Throughout the night, that match was heavily promoted, with interviews from both competitors.

Opening the show, Stephanie McMahon made her way down to the ring - making her first appearance since the night after WrestleMania. As soon as she entered the ring, Stephanie McMahon demanded that Kurt Angle came down to the ring too. Clearly, she was not happy with Kurt Angle.
Once Kurt Angle was in the ring, Stephanie McMahon ranted at him, making it clear that she was not happy with the job he was doing. Making threats to his future throughout, Stephanie McMahon read Kurt Angle his “rap sheet”, particularly focussing on him repeatedly going against direct orders from his bosses. After Stephanie’s long promo, where she essentially told Kurt Angle that he was going to be out of a job soon, Kurt fired back. Angle said that when he was named Raw General Manager, he was brought in by Mr. McMahon, not Stephanie. For that reason, Kurt Angle says that it isn’t Stephanie who can fire him, but her father.

It appeared that Stephanie McMahon was aware of this, as she explained that Kurt Angle was already on thin ice, suggesting that her father wouldn’t look favourably over Kurt’s apparent lack of control on the show. Kurt Angle told Stephanie McMahon that he doesn’t give a damn what anybody thinks of the job he’s doing, other than the WWE Universe. When Kurt Angle took the job, he told Mr. McMahon that he wouldn’t be able to deal with people meddling in his business, saying that if Stephanie McMahon and her husband were going to keep making decisions for him, then he didn’t want to be Raw GM anymore. On this note, Kurt Angle challenged Stephanie McMahon, saying that he had a feeling this moment was coming and he had prepared for it. Kurt Angle then proposed that at SummerSlam, he picks two members of the Raw roster and Stephanie McMahon does the same. Then, after a Tag Team match at the event, one of two things happen. If Stephanie’s representatives win, Kurt Angle steps down as General Manager of Raw. However, if Kurt Angle wins, he is given complete control of the match making on Monday Night Raw, and of the show’s Pay-Per-View matches.

Asking Stephanie McMahon for an answer, Kurt Angle was told that she doesn’t answer to anybody. Saying “how is this for an answer?”, Stephanie McMahon slapped Kurt Angle across the face, before leaving the ring.

After the break, it was time for the Raw Tag Team Champions match between The DELETERS of World and The Authors of Pain, or so we thought. In a bizarre situation, which would cause the already stressed Kurt Angle no end of troubles, The Authors of Pain shockingly no showed the match. Questioning Kurt Angle about this in the back, Stephanie McMahon considered this another black mark against his leadership. Of course, Kurt Angle could do little about this, and when he asked a staff member about them, he was informed that they had been in the building earlier, but left inexplicably shortly after.

Looking forward, Jason Jordan approached Chad Gable in the back. Clearly not getting the message that Chad wants to carve his own path, Jordan persisted in trying to get the team back together.
He did this by telling Gable that if Stephanie McMahon accepts the challenge, then Jason Jordan would chose him as his partner for SummerSlam. Gable questioned what made Jordan so sure he’d be Kurt’s representatives, but Jason’s entitlement made an appearance once again, answering “I’m his son…”

Next up, a replay from last week showed how Elias’ performance was canceled as Heath Slater “borrowed” his Guitar to give a lesson to Rhyno. The performance instead took place this week. Following it, Elias suffered an embarrassing defeat to Slater. When Rhyno grabbed his Guitar from ringside, and began playing it, Elias was distracted, resulting in Heath scoring the roll up win.

Bayley then showed another side to herself, clearly fired up from the events of last week.
Defeating Liv Morgan of The Riott Squad, who had claimed they would put the final nail in the coffin of Bayley, it was suggested that losing to Sasha Banks had changed Bayley irreversibly!

Opening the second hour, it was time for Alexa Bliss to give her answer to Ronda Rousey regarding the challenge made to a match at SummerSlam. Last week, Alexa Bliss refused to give an answer, but was emboldened by Mickie James being by her side this time.
Mickie James still had her arm in a sling, despite the injury taking place almost two months ago. The reason for this quickly became clear, as before Alexa gave her answer, James took Ronda Rousey down with a strike from the “injured” arm. Finally getting the better of Ronda, Mickie James revealed a metal plate that had been placed in the sling, before removing it and showing that her arm was fine. The two women then laid into Ronda Rousey, leaving her down and out for the first time in her WWE career. Taking the metal bar with her, Mickie James left the ring, as Alexa Bliss took a microphone and told Ronda Rousey that she had rejected the challenge.

Cutting to the back, Stephanie McMahon was shown standing over Kurt Angle, asking what he intended to do about the challenge that was still up in the air. Kurt Angle reacted to the pressure, telling Stephanie McMahon that he was making the match for SummerSlam. She then quizzed him on the state of the Tag Team Division, after The Authors Of Pain no showed a match earlier in the night. Kurt Angle said that he was going to find the Number One Contenders next week, due to the fact that some teams already have a match tonight. Stephanie McMahon seemed satisfied by this, but it was clear she was intentionally ramping up the pressure on the Raw General Manager.

Next, it was time for another match between Bobby Roode and Jinder Mahal. Given that he has had the better of Roode each time they have faced off, Jinder Mahal was confident pre-match. This was proved to be well placed confidence, as Jinder Mahal scored another victory over Bobby Roode.
After the match, Bobby Roode was interviewed on the ramp, demotivated and dejected, “The Glorious One” admitted he had been beaten by the better man, and said that his performances recently have been far from “glorious”.

Having been at odds with each other in various combinations recently, it was finally time for the two side to face off. Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler were probably the better drilled team, and did well throughout the match at isolating their opponents and controlling the contest. Eventually, despite Dana Brooke’s attempt to manage the team, Seth Rollins came in and changed the match. This brought the contest back in the favour of the makeshift duo. When Finn Balor dove to the outside and took out Drew McIntyre, Dolph Ziggler was left with Seth Rollins. The Intercontinental Champion was able to get the better of his opponent, scoring a Curb Stomp for the victory.

Finn Balor & Seth Rollins bt. Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre

After the match, Dana Brooke entered the ring. Also returning to the ring, Drew McIntyre was clearly pissed off, having come out on the losing end again.
Dana Brooke did have some good news for the duo however, confirming that she had negotiated them a spot in the Tag Team Championship Number One Contenders match next week.

As well as the Number One Contendership to the Tag Team Titles, the Women’s Championship match at SummerSlam was discussed, as Renee Young interviewed Nia Jax.
Putting over the division, Nia said that there was any number of Superstars that she would like to mix it up with a SummerSlam. As she continued to talk up her rivals, as well as her run with the title, Nia Jax was interrupted by Sasha Banks.
Sasha Banks said that there may be a lot of good competitors in the division, but only one of them beat her last week. Nia Jax replied that she only won because Bayley’s involvement, but Banks said that a win is a win, and she is the rightful Number One Contender. This assertion brought Ember Moon out from the back, and she - like Nia Jax - disagreed with Banks. Ember told Banks that she wanted to face her next week, but the confrontation almost got physical there and then. Nia Jax came between the two, saying that she would talk to Kurt Angle and sort out this situation for SummerSlam.

There was also a singles match between Sami Zayn and Jason Jordan scheduled for the night, but as the third hour opened Jason Jordan claimed to have aggravated a slight niggle. He asked Chad Gable to substitute for him, which he reluctantly agreed to. With little time to prepare for the match, Chad Gable was defeated by Sami Zayn, who was joined by Kevin Owens.
It seemed like the one time that Chad Gable would have actually appreciated the support from Jason Jordan, his former tag team partner was nowhere to be seen.

As the rivalry between Bobby Lashley and Baron Corbin continued, Lashley looked to one up Corbin, defeating Curt Hawkins in convincing fashion. It was a confrontation after the match that drew more attention however.
Commenting on Lashley’s victory in the back, Baron Corbin made it clear he wanted to fight him again. As a result, he decided to confront Bobby as he returned from the ring. This led to an incident in the back, where the two almost became physical. However, the two men were kept apart, meaning that in the end only words were exchanged.

As previously mentioned, the Main Event of SummerSlam (as well as Raw’s Main Event) was promoted heavily. Following up promos from both Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns, viewers were taken back to the events of last week and the “backstage reaction” of Brock Lesnar to the news that he would defend the Universal Championship in a three way at SummerSlam.
“Exclusive Footage” showed Brock Lesnar to be furious, shouting at WWE officials in the back. So angry was Brock Lesnar, he actually threw the WWE Universal Championship at a wall. This caused a huge stir in the back, and was put over on commentary as a “shocking disrespect” of the title he has held for well over a year. Paul Heyman was reached for his reaction to the incident earlier in the week, but refused to comment until “something was done” about the Main Event of SummerSlam. While Paul and Brock worried about that however, Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns had to focus on preparing for the Main Event of Raw.

No stranger to each other, Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns came into the match knowing what to expect. Having seen these two face off before, the WWE Universe also knew what to expect. Getting exactly that, the two competitors put on a physical display, which - as is always the danger with Reigns and Strowman - eventually went beyond the ring. Focussed on one upping their opponent, rather than actually winning the match, the two men went to the outside, brawling up the ramp. The referee allowed some leeway, trying to get the pair back to the ring before starting to count them out, but it became less likely they would return to the ring. Attempting a Spear the top of the ramp, Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman ended up coming together, and it wasn’t quite clear whether the move connected. What was clear was that the force and impact of the collision sent both men backwards, crashing through the LED screen. This resulted in the referee calling for the bell.

Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns went to a No Contest

After the match, the commentators were concerned for the safety of the two men, pointing out that it isn’t the first time something like this has happened involving Strowman and Reigns. Also concerned, as neither man appeared to be moving, was Kurt Angle.
Coming out from the back, the Raw General Manager - who had been under pressure from Stephanie McMahon all night - called for medical personnel to check on the two men. Clearly worried about their wellbeing, Kurt Angle had his head in his hands. This may also have been a reaction to seeing that two thirds of his SummerSlam Main Event appeared to have been seriously hurt, so close to the event. Such was his focus on the two competitors (and the chaos surrounding them), he failed to spot Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn come out behind him. Jumping the Raw General Manager, the two men knocked Angle to the ground with a clubbing blow to the back. Soon they were joined by Stephanie McMahon.
Standing between the two men with a microphone in her hand, Stephanie looked down in disgust at the blindsided GM of Raw. Making it clear that Owens & Zayn were her chosen representatives, Stephanie McMahon closed the show by addressing Kurt Angle, as he struggled on the ground. With two words the match was on, as Raw went off the air to Stephanie declaring “challenge accepted!”

Quick Results
Heath Slater bt. Elias
Bayley bt. Liv Morgan

Jinder Mahal bt. Bobby Roode
Finn Balor & Seth Rollins bt. Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre

Sami Zayn bt. Chad Gable
Bobby Lashley bt. Curt Hawkins
Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns went to a No Contest

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Good diary so far! What mod and pic packs are you using?
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Originally Posted by hurri View Post
Good diary so far! What mod and pic packs are you using?
Thanks I am using Fleisch's RWC, which can be found here:

The mod comes with a good picture pack. The pictures in this thread have been done by myself, using images from
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Default Raw #1315

Live from Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena, Jacksonville, Florida!

After a look back at last week’s show, Stephanie McMahon opened Raw, joined by her representatives for SummerSlam, Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn.
First of all Stephanie explained the stipulation that has been agreed to, which states that if Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn beat Kurt Angle’s team, the Raw GM will be removed from power. However, if Kurt Angle’s team is victorious, Angle is given full match making control for both Raw and the brand’s PPV contests. When Stephanie finished hyping up her two trusted associates (who she says come highly recommended by her husband), Jason Jordan made his way to the ring.
Jason Jordan came to the ring, telling Stephanie McMahon that he was ready for SummerSlam, saying that whoever his partner was, they would kick Kevin & Sami’s asses. Stephanie McMahon laughed off Jason Jordan’s threats, before Kurt Angle came out.
In an awkward moment, Kurt Angle told Jordan that nothing was official yet, and he hadn’t named his representatives for the match at SummerSlam. Jason Jordan was confused, feeling sure that he would be one of the two. Angle reiterated that nothing had been announced yet, before saying that one thing that is official was the fact that he would go one on one with Sami Zayn, in the match that was scheduled for last week.

Sami Zayn was able to defeat Jason Jordan in the show’s opener, but after the match it appeared that the duo were not done with Jordan. Circling their prey, on the orders of Stephanie McMahon, Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn brought Jason Jordan back to his feet. However, before they could issue the post-match attack (designed to ‘send a message’ to Kurt Angle), Seth Rollins ran down to the ring.
The Intercontinental Champion was ready to take the fight to KO & Zayn, but the two members of Team McMahon escaped before he could get his hands on them. Taking a microphone from ringside, Seth Rollins declared his intention to take part in the match, requesting to be a part of Kurt Angle’s team.

This gave Jason Jordan an idea, as he suggested to Kurt Angle that it was fate. Former Raw Tag Team Champions, Jason Jordan was convinced that he and his former partner would be perfect. He tried to convince Seth Rollins of this, but the Intercontinental Champion was more focussed on the match Kurt Angle made between himself and Kevin Owens. He told Jordan this is no uncertain terms, saying “I don’t care what you do, as long as you stay the hell out of my business!”

It would be at the end of that Owens/Rollins match, in the Main Event of the evening, where the identity of Kurt Angle’s two representatives would be confirmed.

Another high stakes match taking place at SummerSlam was confirmed last week, following the sneaky attack from Mickie James and Alexa Bliss.
Worried about the backlash from that, Alexa Bliss stayed in the back as Mickie James defeated Natalya, hoping to avoid her SummerSlam opponent. As a result of Mickie being left alone, Ronda Rousey was able to get ro her, sending a message to Alexa Bliss.
While Ronda could easily have reinjured the arm of Mickie, taking her out of SummerSlam completely, she relented, instead informing Alexa Bliss that if Mickie James was going to get involved in this business - as she did with a metal plate last week - then Rousey would bring her own backup to SummerSlam. Later in the night, Ronda confirmed that she would have someone in her corner at the event, and announced that person would be at Raw next week.

Number One Contendership Match for the Raw Tag Team Championship

An elimination match to find the next challengers to the Raw Tag Team titles, all four teams in the match came into this with a focus. Even the more light-hearted of the duos were shown to be taking this contest extremely seriously, as “selfie” promos were shown from each of the teams prior to the beginning. Before the match, The DELETERS of Worlds cut a promo, putting over the competition in the Tag Team Division. In it, they spoke to all four teams, discussing what a match at SummerSlam would represent in each scenario.

Going into the matches as favourites, the duos of The Revival and McIntyre & Ziggler controlled the early goings, before facing off against each other. Eventually, Axel & Dallas and Titus Worldwide came back into it, but found themselves in trouble. In quick succession, the two teams were eliminated by The Revival, who built the momentum to take the fight to Drew and Ziggler.

The Revival eliminate Axel & Dallas and Titus Worldwide

This momentum helped them, but Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre had been laying low, and took advantage of the fact that they expounded less energy in the match.

Despite The Revival being responsible for the first two team’s eliminations, it wasn’t enough, as McIntyre and Ziggler managed to isolate Dash Wilder. Hitting the Claymore Kick / Zig Zag combo for the victory, Dolph & Drew confirmed their place at SummerSlam..

Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre bt. Axel & Dallas, The Revival & Titus Worldwide

Heading into the break, Elias was seen walking through the back, scheduled to appear “next”. As the camera followed Elias, Rhyno could be seen down on the ground behind him. Looking back, with a smirk on his face, Elias carried on. Returning from the break, Elias had a singles contest with Heath Slater, a chance to avenge an embarrassing defeat from last week. Elias was successful, and took his anger out after the match, hitting Slater with a second “Drift Away”.

Prior to the Women’s Number One Contendership match, a uncharacteristically suited Bobby Roode was interviewed. This followed footage of his defeat to Jinder Mahal last week.
Bobby Roode was honest and frank in his interview, saying that he didn’t have a match tonight and he doesn’t see a place for himself on the SummerSlam card. Putting it simply, he said that he didn’t deserve a spot on the card. Roode promised to be back, and to be better than ever, as he wheeled his suitcase behind him and left the building. Later in the evening, Jinder Mahal continued his good run, defeating Tyler Breeze in just a few minutes.

Number One Contendership Match for the Raw Women’s Championship

Going into the match, the focus of Bayley and Sasha Banks was completely on each other, probably to the detriment of their chances. As Bayley looked for revenge after the defeat at Extreme Rules, Ember Moon and Ruby Riott remained focus on becoming the Number One Contender. Throughout the match, and the eventual exchanges of all four competitors, Ember Moon was the star of the match (as she had been at the Money In The Bank a couple of month’s earlier). However, one such moment from Ember Moon, where she jumped from the apron and hit a Moonsault to a standing Sasha Banks, cost her greatly. Taking advantage of a tweak to the knee of Ember, Ruby Riott threw her into the Steel Steps. Riott then returned to the ring, hoping to take out the last remaining opponent. This backfired for her however, as Bayley hit her with a Bayley-to-Bayley out of nowhere, pinning Riott for the win.

Bayley bt. Ember Moon, Sasha Banks & Ruby Riott

As Bayley celebrated in the ring, it was put over that her more focussed style served her well in the match. Despite showing a more serious side recently, Bayley was overcome with joy, a shot at the Raw Women’s Championship providing her with the light at the end of what has been a long, dark tunnel for her. Unfortunately, the joy of Bayley was short lived, as she was attacked from behind by Sasha Banks as she celebrated. The clearly jealous and bitter Sasha Banks was furious, having lost out to the woman she defeated just a few weeks ago. The assault showed similar brutality to the original attack last month, and Sasha Banks set up again for a Banks Statement. Before she could lock the move in however, the Raw Women’s Champion made the save.
Sasha Banks knew to get out of the way of Nia Jax, as she stormed down to the ring. Well away as Jax entered the ring, Banks backed up the ramp, but made it clear she felt she was the deserving Number One Contender. Checking on Bayley, Nia Jax helped the challenger back to her feet, a sign of respect to her SummerSlam opponent.

The issues for the night didn’t finish there however, as shortly after the match, Sasha Banks approached Kurt Angle. Making the argument that her singles victory over both the Champion and Challenger should count for something, Banks looked to find a way into the SummerSlam match. Kurt Angle remained firm, telling her that the result of the match is final, and Bayley will face Nia Jax at SummerSlam.

It wasn’t until the start of the third hour that there was in-depth talk about the SummerSlam Main Event, as a video package replayed the events of last week. Both Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns were seriously hurt when crashing through the LED screen at the top of the entranceway, and have been forced (against their will) to take a night off from Raw. While Brock Lesnar was also absent, it was put over that all three competitors would be present next week, for a final showdown before the Universal Championship match at SummerSlam.

The chaos didn’t end there for the night, as a scheduled contest between Baron Corbin and Bobby Lashley was never allowed to get going. This was due to Baron Corbin jumping Bobby Lashley during his entrance.
Seemingly not rating his chances in a fair one on one fight, Baron Corbin took complete control of the situation, putting Bobby Lashley in a position that he hadn’t been in since his return to the WWE. Showing Corbin in a different light, the attack had a ruthless focus, with the less experienced Superstar clearly desperate to make a name for himself. The fight never even reached the ring, as Corbin set up the Steel Steps on the outside. Hitting an End of Days to Lashley, Corbin left his rival needing medical assistance.

Following the stretcher in the back, the WWE cameras witnessed Bobby somehow remove himself from the stretcher, willing to keep fighting. Demanding to get his hands on Corbin, Lashley walked straight back into danger, being hit with a sucker punch by “The Lone Wolf”, who was ready for him. Lashley fell to the ground and once again had to be helped by the medics.

Moving forward to the Main Event, it was put over on commentary that after Seth’s declaration of intent to represent Kurt Angle at SummerSlam, the Raw General Manager has confirmed the Intercontinental Champion’s place on his team. On to the match itself, Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens had an expectedly good match, with both men putting in an impressive performance. Despite this, it was not the action in the ring that was decisive, but the involvement from the outside.
As Seth Rollins seemed to be closing in on victory, Sami Zayn ran down the ramp (having been absent throughout the match), jumping in the ring and causing the DQ.

Seth Rollins bt. Kevin Owens (DQ)

Shortly after the bell, as the two men continued to attack Rollins, it became clear that Stephanie McMahon was behind the attack, as she joined Owens & Zayn at ringside.
Shouting instructions at her SummerSlam representatives, Stephanie encouraged Owens & Zayn to take Seth Rollins out. Sami Zayn dragged Seth Rollins to his feet, and Kevin Owens set up to hit him with a Superkick. However, before he could hit the move, the music of Finn Balor hit.
Sprinting down to the ring, Finn Balor ran straight past Stephanie McMahon, giving her only a glance as he slid under the bottom rope. Taking the fight to both Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, Finn Balor was joined by a resurgent Seth Rollins. The two men worked together and eventually sent Owens & Zayn packing. Joining Stephanie at the bottom of the ramp, the team regrouped. As they did this, Kurt Angle made his way out, standing on the stage.
With a microphone in his hand, Kurt Angle gestured towards the ring, introducing Stephanie McMahon to the two men who would represent him at SummerSlam in 13 days. In the ring, Finn Balor and Seth Rollins stood on the second ropes, telling Owens & Zayn that they were more than ready for whatever “Team Stephanie” had planned.

Quick Results
Sami Zayn bt. Jason Jordan
Mickie James bt. Natalya

Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre bt. Axel & Dallas, The Revival & Titus Worldwide [Tag Team N.O.C]
Elias bt. Heath Slater
Bayley bt. Ember Moon, Ruby Riott & Sasha Banks [Women’s N.O.C]

Jinder Mahal bt. Tyler Breeze
Seth Rollins bt. Kevin Owens (DQ)
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Default Raw #1316

Live from T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada!

Kicking off Raw is something of an unexpected manner, Sasha Banks cut off the opening introductions of the show by making her way out from the back.
As Sasha walked down the ramp, the commentators were extremely confused by her unscheduled appearance. Things got stranger from there, as Sasha Banks approached a young girl in the audience, who wore Bayley merchandise and had an “21 Today” badge on her t-shirt. Taking a microphone, Sasha Banks explained that this girl had been at the show earlier, and had the chance to meet Bayley as a birthday treat. Banks feigned interested, asking questions, before suggesting the girl talk about her experience in the ring. Initially she didn’t want to, but Sasha intimidated the girl, who was with her mother, to step over the guardrail. Sasha then led the girl, who looked worried, towards the ring. Once in the ring, Sasha Banks’ demeanor changed completely, and she put her arm around the neck of the young woman.
At this point, Bayley came out, but was warned by Sasha not to take another step. Looking to get the situation under control, the commentators were ordered to send to a video package, showing the events of last week’s Raw. They returned to the ring after the recap, and to to the incident currently unfolding. Sasha Banks still had the woman “hostage”, demanding that she gets added to the Raw Women’s Championship match at SummerSlam. This brought out a concerned Kurt Angle, who tried to talk Sasha down.
He told Sasha that doing something to the fan would be “career suicide”, saying that she doesn’t want to do something now that she will regret for the rest of her life. In the state Sasha was in, she didn’t care, telling Kurt “try me”. The look in Sasha’s eyes convinced Angle that she was serious, and he told her he was going to go and speak to Nia. Sasha demanded he didn’t, saying that other than Bayley and Kurt, this doesn’t need to involve anybody else. With his hands almost completely tied, and not wanting a lawsuit on his hands, Kurt Angle made the call - adding Sasha Banks to the Raw Women’s Championship match at SummerSlam. This drew comment from Stephanie McMahon, who was interviewed during the break.

She suggested that the situation being allowed to happen reflects badly on Kurt Angle and on the Raw brand. Stephanie added that this was yet another example of “weak management… from a weak man”. Of course this played right into her hands, filling her with confidence for this Sunday’s match.
The Raw Women’s Champion Nia Jax also had something to say, questioning Kurt Angle for giving into these tactics from Sasha Banks. While Kurt questioned what he could possibly had done differently, Stephanie tried to stoke the flames, pointing out how much more difficult it would be for Nia to retain her Championship now that it is being defended in a three way.

Later in the evening, a six woman tag team match was contested, scheduled from before Sasha was added to the match. Teaming with Nia Jax and Bayley, Ember Moon was approached by Sasha Banks prior to the match. Banks suggested that Ember “get herself noticed”, seemingly encouraging her to turn her back on her teammates. She didn’t, and as a result the three women defeated The Riott Squad. Following the match, Sasha Banks came out to further her personal rivalry with Bayley, but was cut off by the Champion. Telling Sasha to shut up, Nia Jax said that on Sunday the “soap opera” comes to a screeching halt, when she cracks Bayley and Sasha’s heads together and leaves with her title.

Heading back to the start of the show, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel spoke on behalf of Elias, who would not be performing on the show. This was as a result on an injury to his jaw which he suffered last week, at the hands of Heath Slater. They also confirmed Elias would not be performing at SummerSlam. While they put this over in a grave and serious tone, Slater & Rhyno didn’t take it seriously at all. In the following match between the two, there was no decisive winner, as Ziggler & McIntyre decided to make their mark, attacking both teams.
The duo then called out their SummerSlam opponents, asking where The DELETERS of Worlds have been hiding. When they got a response, via the video screen, they saw that Wyatt & Hardy were at “The Compound”. Despite this, the Raw Tag Team Champions said they would teleport to the arena, in time to go face to face with their SummerSlam challengers.

Later, after Ziggler & McIntyre defeated The Ascension, they called out the Raw Tag Team Champions. Growing inpatient, Dolph and Drew called The DELETERS of Worlds cowards and fakes, saying that their little games are an embarrassment to the Tag Team Championships. Eventually, their words drew The DELETERS of Worlds to the ring.
Appearing from out of nowhere, after the lights went out, Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt caught Dolph & Drew off-guard, sending them out of the ring. They then issued a response to their SummerSlam challengers, vowing to “DELETE” them this Sunday.

As well as the crossed words between Kurt Angle and Stephanie McMahon, the four competitors in that “all or nothing” match at SummerSlam were in action on Raw. This initially wasn’t the case, with only Seth Rollins set to compete. However, Jason Jordan approached Kurt Angle (as he spoke with Chad Gable), seemingly having had a change of heart about the SummerSlam match.
Jason Jordan apologised for his entitlement, but said that he only wanted to help his father. Kurt Angle was happy to hear this, and Jordan added that he would do anything to help the cause. Jordan would go on to suggest a Tag Team match, with American Alpha reuniting - if only for one night - to face Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn. Despite his recent desire to distance himself from Jordan, Chad Gable liked this idea, and agreed that the match should be made. When it was, Stephanie McMahon caught wind of this, suggesting that since the three other men were in action, Finn Balor should be too. McMahon then picked Finn’s opponent herself, selecting Baron Corbin.

First up was Seth Rollins, who set out his open challenge once more. This time he was answered by “The Modern Day Maharaja” Jinder Mahal, who had been on a roll lately. He said that he would use Seth Rollins’ distraction to take the Intercontinental Championship from him.
While Jinder Mahal did come close on a number of occasions, he was unable to fulfil his pre-match claim, losing out to Seth Rollins from a Curb Stomp.

Not long after, Finn Balor went one on one with The Lone Wolf, who last week put Bobby Lashley down for the first time since “The Destroyer” made his WWE return.
Baron Corbin was just as brutal as he had been the previous week, but didn’t seem interested in putting Finn Balor away. Instead, Baron Corbin look to send another message, setting up the Steel Steps on the outside. Hitting Finn Balor with an End of Days to the steps, Corbin was DQ’d. After the match, there was clear concern for Finn Balor, with question marks over his fitness for SummerSlam throughout the night. It was eventually confirmed that Finn Balor would be cleared to compete, as Kurt Angle gave his final pep talk to his team, six days before SummerSlam. This came after a huge final match of the show, as promoted earlier in the night.

Making their first entrance together, since their days on Smackdown, American Alpha came into the match with a clear goal, which was to test their opponent to the limit ahead of this Sunday’s all important match. Things started well for the reunited American Alpha, but eventually an incident soured their chances. Taking a Superkick from Kevin Owens, Jason Jordan landed badly. Rolling out of the ring, Jason Jordan remained on the floor. Chad Gable helped him back to his feet, and tagged himself in. Jordan was clearly hurt, and as he had done before when teaming with Seth Rollins, he took a seat on the Steel Steps. This didn’t sit well, but Chad Gable accepted he had a job to do. Throughout the rest of the match, Jason Jordan claimed he couldn’t return to the ring, and the referee requested he be assessed. Now in a handicap situation, Chad Gable was brutally beaten by Zayn & Owens, but still Jordan couldn’t bring himself to help. Eventually, Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn won the match, having barely had to step out of first gear to defeat the isolated Chad Gable.

Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn bt. American Alpha

Following the match, Stephanie McMahon joined her representatives in the ring, raising their arms high in the air.

Of course, that isn’t the only huge match set for SummerSlam, and earlier in the night Ronda Rousey was set to reveal the person who would be in her corner at the event. Reacting to this, Alexa Bliss and Mickie James had made fun of Ronda Rousey, suggesting that nobody liked her and she was not going to find anybody in the locker room capable of protecting her from finding out how a “Real Raw Superstar” operates.
Continuing down this line, Alexa Bliss and Mickie James came out to the ring when Ronda Rousey was ready to make her announcement, suggesting that there was nobody who had her back. Rousey replied to some of Alexa Bliss’ comments by taking a shot at her boyfriend, saying “doesn’t your boyfriend work here?” before adding “because my husband said if you don’t watch your mouth, he’s going to get his ass kicked!”

This knocked Alexa back, and she had little else to say. Taking pleasure in this, Ronda Rousey took the time to introduce Alexa and Mickie to the woman who would be in her corner at SummerSlam. Coming out from the back, Alexa Bliss and Mickie James’ reaction was pure fear, as they fled the ring…
The NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler then joined Ronda Rousey in the ring, staring down Alexa Bliss and Mickie James who had looked to escape through the crowd.

Throughout the evening, various hype packages and “sit-down” interviewers were played, each leading to a huge “SummerSlam Main Event Weigh-In”, which took place on the stage at the top of the ramp. Earlier in the night, Brock Lesnar’s words towards were shown to have gotten to Roman Reigns, as live reactions from the competitors were played after the interviews with the three Superstars. The whole show had been built to this final showdown, with Paul Heyman serving as de-facto host of proceedings.
Heavily staged managed, it was clear that Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns were feeling tetchy, and didn’t enjoy the waiting around as things were explained. First, Braun Strowman stood on the scales, weighing in. Raising his hands in the air, Strowman was in the best mood of the three. As the segment continued, the jabs that were going back and forth between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns almost became physical, and probably would have had Braun not been stood between them.
When all three men had weighed in, Brock Lesnar went nose to nose with Roman Reigns, with Braun Strowman looking at the two men. Brock Lesnar turned to Braun, telling him that this has nothing to do with him, but Strowman saw it differently. He laughed at Brock, taking the whole thing much less seriously that his two fellow SummerSlam Main Eventers. Braun Strowman then said “I’m just here to save the WWE Universe from watching you two again!” Strowman laughed, but it was obvious that he had ruffled Roman Reigns’ feathers.

It was apparent that Brock wasn’t so offended, instead showing off his Universal Championship to the Money In The Bank holder. Lesnar then turned back to Reigns, saying “even Braun knows you can’t be trusted to get the job done”, before implying that “The Big Dog” turned into a “little puppy” on the big stage. Roman told Brock to shut his mouth, but Lesnar fired back at Reigns, saying “you don’t have the balls to shut me up!”. This resulted in Roman Reigns throwing the first punch, causing mayhem to erupt on the stage. Quickly, hordes of security came from the back, looking to come between the two competitors, as Paul Heyman ran to safety. When this didn’t manage to calm things down, more men flooded out from the back, with over two dozen security guards trying to keep the each man under control. Their attempts to get each other continued, but soon they were buried within a sea of people. Led to separate ends of the stage, Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns continued to throw verbal abuse at each other. Taking a look at both ends of the stage, it was Brock Lesnar on one end surrounded by security guards, with Roman Reigns in the same situation at the other end.

Brock Lesnar’s rage had manifested as it always does, with an extremely red face and a spit soaked string of expletives. Roman Reigns on the other side gritted his teeth, his trademark stoic expression conveying just how ready he was for a “fight” at SummerSlam. Stood in the middle of the stage, at the parting of the sea of men, Braun Strowman stood on the weigh-in platform. Metaphorically and physically remaining above Lesnar and Reigns’ personal issues, Braun Strowman stood alone.

Raw would come to a close with a shot of Brock Lesnar’s face, which looked on the brink of exploding, followed by the face of a coiled Roman Reigns who was ready to blow. Still being held back, the image of the two men contrasted with Braun Strowman, who remained calm. Now with a close-up of Braun, “The Monster Amongst Men” raised his arms, yelling out his famous “BBRRRRAAAAAUUUUNNN!” as the camera panned out. Initially focused on just the face of Braun Strowman, the shot eventually displayed the entire of the stage. Giving a birdseye view of the carnage that had just unfolded, the two groups of security guards were seen to be restraining Lesnar and Reigns, keeping them as far apart as possible.

Between them, with his arms raised about his head, was Braun Strowman, the larger than life “Monster Amongst Men”, for whom many in the WWE Universe are depending on this Sunday. Turned off by the overexposed Roman Reigns, and the part-time Brock Lesnar, Braun Strowman stands in the middle ground between the two, the popular choice to walk out of SummerSlam as the WWE Universal Champion. However, in the WWE, the backing of the audience can only take one so far. This Sunday, Braun Strowman will have to pull out of the biggest performance of his career, as he looks to “save the WWE Universe” from the latest chapter in the Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns saga, and walk out of the Barclays Center as the “Figurehead of Monday Night Raw”.

Quick Results
Axel & Dallas went to a No Contest with Slater & Rhyno
Seth Rollins (c) bt. Jinder Mahal [Intercontinental Championship]

Finn Balor bt. Baron Corbin (DQ)
Drew McIntyre & Dolph Ziggler bt. The Ascension

Bayley, Ember Moon & Nia Jax bt. The Riott Squad
Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn bt. American Alpha
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In Their Own Words

WWE Universal Championship Match

Having its origins at WrestleMania in 2015, the rivalry between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns is one of the most storied in recent years. Seemingly coming full circle, after Roman Reigns became the Number One Contender earlier in the year, WrestleMania appeared to be the final chapter of this rivalry. With Roman Reigns having twice as much experience, many expected the match to be the crowning moment of “The Big Dog”. Of course, things didn’t do to plan, as Roman Reigns was defeated by Brock Lesnar. Despite this convincing win, Brock Lesnar was made to defend his Championship against Reigns once more, with the rematch taking place at The Greatest Royal Rumble. The conclusion of that match led to even more controversy...

”You saw the footage… you’re looking at the real Universal Champion!”
- Roman Reigns, reacting to The Greatest Royal Rumble

”You don’t deserve another shot… because frankly, you can’t get the job done.”
- Paul Heyman, speaking on behalf of Brock Lesnar

Initially, Brock Lesnar had no interest in revisiting the rivalry, but decided that as Roman Reigns continued to run his mouth, he needed to be taught a lesson.

”I beat Brock Lesnar in the Steel Cage!”
- Roman Reigns

As a result of this, Paul Heyman met with WWE officials, and the match was made:

”As revealed earlier this on… Brock Lesnar will defend his Universal Championship at SummerSlam, against ‘The Big Dog’ Roman Reigns”
- Michael Cole reveals the SummerSlam Main Event

What the two men were not counting on was the involvement of Braun Strowman, who had won the Money In The Bank the previous month. Of course, this shouldn’t have been a surprise to Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman, who had forced Braun Strowman to be barred from the building each time the Universal Champion was present. While Braun Strowman took matters into his own hands, as he arrived at Extreme Rules in a helicopter, it would be the assistance of Kurt Angle - going against the ruling of his bosses - that would hold the key to the Triple Threat becoming a reality.

“You can have your Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns… but at SummerSlam, I’m cashing in [the Money In The Bank briefcase]... and you’re both gonna ‘Get These Hands’!”
- Braun Strowman adds himself to the SummerSlam Main Event

Described as the “most powerful weapon” that Braun Strowman has ever had in his possession, the Money In The Bank briefcase resulted in a reaction from Brock Lesnar that nobody had ever seen. Having been in action against Finn Balor, Brock Lesnar had no choice but to get out of the arena, as Braun Strowman made his elaborate entrance at Extreme Rules.

“For the first time in his career… we’ve just seen Brock Lesnar run away from a fight!” - Corey Graves reacts to the events of Extreme Rules

In the aftermath, Paul Heyman threatened to pull Brock Lesnar out of SummerSlam, while also suggesting he could put Kurt Angle out of a job for breaking the agreement. However, when it came down to the face to face between Champion and Challenger, Kurt Angle once again disobeyed the orders of his bosses. Having been told to stay away from the situation, which had been confirmed without his say-so, Kurt Angle was an unwelcome addition to proceedings. Angle didn’t allow the intimidation tactics, and threats to his job and wellbeing affect him however, refusing to back down.

”Paul… you might be ready to ‘Unleash The Beast’... but I’ve just opened the doors to ‘The Monster Amongst Men’!”
- Kurt Angle introduces the ‘wildcard’ to the SummerSlam Main Event!

Braun Strowman wasted no time in speaking his mind, looking to represent the WWE Universe when addressing his decision to interject himself...

”We’re tired of Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns… we’re tired of [Brock Lesnar] holding the Universal title captive… and we’re tired of waiting for them to ‘Get These Hands’!
- Braun Strowman announces his intentions for the Main Event of SummerSlam
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Your writing, and obvious dedication as a writer, is a great example for anyone who is jumping into dynasty writing (or looking to step their game up).

Great work LEgend. You’ve created another great project!
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Default This Month on Smackdown Live!

This Month on…

Week #1
The first episode of Smackdown Live after Extreme Rules was feel good all round, as Samoa Joe and Daniel Bryan opened the show, celebrating their victory over The Bar. AJ Styles added to the good feelings, celebrating as he became a three-time WWE Champion.
Feeling the positive vibes, Paige announced a huge Main Event match. Daniel Bryan would face Samoa Joe later in the evening, in a match that would have huge WWE Championship implications. Unfortunately, as that “dream match” continued, The Miz played spoiler, resulting a non-finish to the match.
Attacking Daniel Bryan after the bell, The Miz laid boots into the chest of his long-term rival, vowing that the formerly retired Superstar would never become WWE Champion ever again.

Another source of The Miz’s frustrations may have fuelled his actions, as he was verbally eviscerated by Rusev earlier in the night. Using Miz TV to try and cash in on Rusev’s popularity, The Miz didn’t get the reaction he expected. When Rusev used to time to rip into the host, he found himself jumped by Big Cass. Seemingly making a play to align himself with The Miz, Big Cass offered his hand to “The A Lister”.

Over in the women’s division, Asuka and Charlotte enjoyed a victory over the IIconics. Following the victory, Charlotte proposed one last match between the two, to take place at SummerSlam!

Week #2
In the aftermath of last week’s indecisive Number One Contendership match, AJ Styles was informed that Shinsuke Nakamura would be taking his rematch for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam. Heading for yet another match against Shinsuke, AJ Styles demanded a match against The Miz, as a result of his involvement in last week’s main event.
Getting his hands on The Miz, AJ Styles scored a victory. After the match, things went from bad to worse for The Miz, as Daniel Bryan got his revenge. This came after Daniel Bryan and Samoa Joe had earlier demanded answers by Paige, regarding last week’s Main Event. After the attack, Daniel Bryan’s solution was revealed, as he announced that he would go one on one with The Miz at SummerSlam.

Another match was soon confirmed for SummerSlam, as Andrade “Cien” Almas beat Kofi Kingston in a Number One Contenders match for the United States Championship. Later in the evening, Kofi’s New Day teammates joined United States Champion Jeff Hardy in facing Sanity, defeating them as they had at Extreme Rules. Following the defeat, Eric Young conceded the war against The New Day.

Following Charlotte’s challenge from last week, Asuka accepted the proposal of Asuka / Charlotte III at SummerSlam, looking to prove who was the better woman once and for all. As the match was confirmed, The IIconics and Carmella attacked the duo. Cutting the attack short, Becky Lynch made the save, the Money In The Bank holder standing tall with the Champion and Challenger for SummerSlam.

Week #3
The following week on Smackdown, Andrade “Cien” Almost continued to build momentum, defeating Sin Cara. The developing story in the build-up to SummerSlam being Zelina Vega’s role as “difference maker”, and how effectively she will play that role in the Championship match. Jeff Hardy had more than Almas to contend with, as he was attacked by Eric Young’s Sanity as he made his way to the ring.
The attack was orchestrated by Eric Young, and was done for a specific reason. Alexander Wolfe, who had been pinned in both of Sanity’s recent losses, was sent in by Eric Young, with the leader of Sanity giving him a very specific instruction: “make it right!”

Continuing the chaos over in the Tag Team division, The Bar appeared to intelligently keep themselves above the various rivalries. When The Bludgeon Brother picked up a win over Smackdown Tag Team Champions The Club, they put themselves in with a shout at becoming Number One Contenders.

Following the announcement that AJ Styles would face Shinsuke Nakamura, the two men came to an agreement this week, looking to an end to their ongoing battle.
Confirming that their match at SummerSlam would be Two out of Three Falls, Shinsuke Nakamura proposed that the match be the final match between the two. Whether AJ Styles retained his title, or Shinsuke Nakamura became a two time WWE Champion, the losing competitor would “never receive another shot at the WWE Championship!” AJ Styles agreed to this, as the two men looked forward to the final battle of their historic war.

Plans for Smackdown Live’s SummerSlam match card had a spanner thrown in the works this week, in the most dramatic of manners. Coming off a victory against The IIconics & Carmella, Asuka, Becky Lynch & Charlotte looked to celebrate. However, with Charlotte’s knee injury being aggravated during the match, Becky Lynch saw the perfect opportunity to cash in. Hitting her partner in the back with the Briefcase, Becky Lynch took the Women’s Champion down. Rolling her injured best friend out of the ring, Lynch cashed in her “Money In The Bank” Briefcase.
Having caught Asuka completely by surprise, Becky Lynch was able to win the Smackdown Women’s Champion. After the match, Charlotte Flair was just as stunned as Asuka, and the Women’s Division had their SummerSlam scheduled completely blown apart.

Ending the week’s show, The Miz spoke about the upcoming match with Daniel Bryan, expressing his delight at opportunity to face him at SummerSlam.
The Miz cut deep on Daniel Bryan, talking about the last few years of Daniel Bryan’s life. He made it clear that he was aware that everybody was expecting the happy ending to Bryan’s “fairytale return”, but promised a very different reality. The Miz vowed that no matter how hard the WWE Universe try to will Daniel Bryan to victory, he is going to prove that their hero simply can’t go anymore.

Week #4
The big conversation going into the second last Smackdown Live before SummerSlam was of course Becky Lynch’s Championship victory the previous week.
With split opinion on the morality of her decision, Charlotte Flair took issue with Becky, particularly in relation to her disregard for her friend’s wellbeing last week. Flair was also forced to re-earn at opportunity at the Women’s Championship at SummerSlam, going one on one with Becky. Despite Lynch’s ruthless focus on the weak knee of her opponent, Charlotte Flair defeated the new Women’s Championship, and was added to the title match at SummerSlam. Later in the evening, Carmella announced her intention to take her rematch at SummerSlam, wanting to capitalise on the potential unpredictability of that match. This was confirmed by General Manager Paige, who announced Becky Lynch (c) vs. Asuka vs. Carmella vs. Charlotte as the official Women’s Championship match at SummerSlam.

Just as complicated as that Fatal 4 Way was the path of Samoa Joe to SummerSlam. Told he must find his own way, Samoa Joe did just that, following a victory over Shelton Benjamin.
Taking a leaf out of the book of the man himself, Samoa Joe took a microphone and called out John Cena. Using the same tactics that resulted in John Cena facing The Undertaker at WrestleMania, Samoa Joe looked to appeal to John Cena’s ego, promising to give him the toughest match of his life if he came back to face him at SummerSlam.

Having been caught in a rivalry with Big Cass over the previous weeks, Rusev scored an impressive victory over him. This after Big Cass had failed in attacking Rusev following a victory two weeks ago. Jeff Hardy also picked up a victory, pinning Alexander Wolfe in singles competition. With the events of recent weeks still raw, The New Day made it clear that they were far from done with Sanity.

Two men who will soon be done with each other is AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura. With little else left to say to one another, having been at odds since WrestleMania, the two men signed to make the match official. More importantly, they confirmed the stipulation which stated that “the loser of the match would never receive another shot at the WWE Championship”.

Giving their feelings on their upcoming match at SummerSlam, Daniel Bryan and The Miz were interviewed.
The Miz gave his clearly prepared answers, going off on what he intended to do to Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam. He said that his star was bigger than Daniel Bryan’s, adding that the recognition The Miz gets wherever he goes is worth so much more than that which Bryan gets from their peers. Daniel Bryan was much more naturalistic in his conversation, relating back to the interviewer what the last three years of his career have been like. Talking about those frustrations, and having to watch The Miz “play at being a wrestler”, he promised to let out every bit of anger he has out, when they share the ring at SummerSlam.

Week #5
The Go-Home show ahead of SummerSlam, Smackdown Live saw things heat up in a number of rivalries. Putting over the “Talking Smack” moment as pivotal in his determination to be cleared by the WWE, Daniel Bryan spoke of his desperation to punch The Miz in the face. Putting over the personal animosity between the two, Daniel Bryan was cut short by an attack from The Miz. Brutally attacking Daniel Bryan, The Miz made it known that he too had been waiting for three years to get his hands on Daniel Bryan. Saying that he had been held back from punching Bryan is his smug face, The Miz was just as ready for SummerSlam as his opponent. Later in the evening, Paige announced that the clash between the two would now be contest in a No Disqualification match.

Another confirmed match for SummerSlam was made, when The Bar left The Bludgeon Brothers to be defeated by The Usos and The Club. This resulted in the announcement of a Four Way Tag Team Championships match at SummerSlam, between the aforementioned teams. The other Fatal 4 Way, which would be for the Smackdown Women’s Championship was also promoted, as Asuka teamed with Charlotte and Becky Lynch teamed with Carmella in separate matches.
Annoyed by Carmella saying that the two Money In The Bank winners were just alike, Becky Lynch made it clear she was nothing like her. While all four competitors were successful in the matches, it was obvious throughout the night that Asuka, Charlotte and Becky Lynch felt that Carmella had no business being in the SummerSlam title match.

While Samoa Joe was left to wait on an answer from John Cena throughout the night, it was confirmed that Randy Orton would return at SummerSlam. Instructed by Paige to “impress” John Cena, with a strong hint that he may be in the building, Samoa Joe destroyed Tye Dillinger.
Continuing to lift the tactics John Cena used on The Undertaker earlier in the year, Samoa Joe demanded that John Cena show his face, calling him a hypocrite if he didn’t. Just as he seemed to be giving up hope, Samoa Joe made one final challenge towards Cena. Closing out Smackdown Live, John Cena made his return to the WWE, uttering two simple words to the challenge of Samoa Joe…

“I Accept!”
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