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Unread 09-05-2018, 06:55 PM
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Default WCW 97 - The Road to Global Domination


It is December 1997, a month after the infamous “Montreal Screwjob” that occurred in Vince McMahon’s World Wrestling Federation. After the incidence, World Championship Wrestling acquired WWF Superstar, Bret "The Hitmen" Hart, who now had a ton of momentum after the infamous moment. WCW are riding high off their consecutive weeks of beating the WWF in ratings supremacy and now they stole another one of their established big stars. As far back as one can remember, WCW has always been the #2 promotion in the states, only to be on WWF’s trail in the recent years. That all seemed to change in 1997 and WCW isn't stopping their supremacy going into 1998, as they are now only 4 weeks away from their biggest event of the year, Starcade. If all goes well, it could be a pivotal moment on whether WCW can put the final nail in the coffin for Vince McMahon’s promotion. WCW haven’t yet had Bret Hart debut and yet they have one of the biggest storylines going into Starcade, which is Sting versus “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan, a feud that has been going on for a whole year. Considering WCW has a stacked roster, a huge show on the horizon and haven’t yet had Bret Hart debut, many believe that it is only a matter of time before World Championship Wrestling becomes the new premiere professional wrestling company in the world.

WCW 97' - The Road to Global Domination

Wrestling Newswire

Title Statistics (Coming Soon)

December 1997 (Current)

Show Index

December 1997

WCW Monday Nitro #1 (12/01/1997)
WCW Saturday Night #1 (12/06/1997)
WCW Monday Nitro #2 (12/08/1997)
WCW Saturday Night #2 (12/13/1997)
WCW Monday Nitro #3 (12/15/1997)

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Default Title Statistics

(Reserved, Title Statistics)
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Default WCW December 1997 Roster

World Championship Wrestling

Owner: Ted Turner

Head Booker: Eric Bischoff

Size: National

Ranking: 1st

Money: $25,000,000

Prestige: A

Momentum: A+

Shows: Monday Nitro & Saturday Night

Figurehead: Hollywood Hulk Hogan


WCW / nWo World Heavyweight Champion:

Hollywood Hulk Hogan (3rd Reign)
August 9th, 1997 – Current

WCW United States Heavyweight Champion:

Curt Hennig (1st Reign)
September 15th, 1997 - Current

WCW World Tag Team Champions:

The Steiner Brothers (3rd Reign)
October 13th, 1997 - Current

WCW World Television Champion:

Saturn (1st Reign)
November 3rd, 1997 – Current

WCW Cruiserweight Champion:

Eddie Guerrero (2nd Reign)
November 10th, 1997 - Current

WCW World War 3 Champion:

Scott Hall (1st Reign)
November 23rd, 1997 – Current


Top of the Card:

Booker T, Chris Benoit, Diamond Dallas Page, Lex Luger, Ray Traylor, Ric Flair

Rick Steiner, Roddy Piper, Scott Steiner, Stevie Ray, Sting, The Giant

Buff Bagwell, Curt Hennig, Eddie Guerrero, Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, Konnan

Meng, Randy Savage, Raven, Scott Hall

Middle of the Pack:

Chavo Guerrero Jr., Chris Jericho, Dean Malenko, Disco Inferno, Ernest Miller, Glacier

Goldberg, Hugh Morrus, Johnny Grunge, Rey Mysterio Jr., Rick Martel, Rocco Rock

Steve McMichael, Ultimo Dragon

Alex Wright, Fit Finlay, Hammer, Juventud Guerrera, Kidman, Mortis

Saturn, Scott Norton, Steven Regal, The Barbarian, Wrath

Seeking Opportunity:

Evan Karagias, Lenny Lane, Prince Iaukea

La Parka, Lodi, Louis Spicolli, Psychosis, Riggs, Sick Boy

Occasional Wrestler:

Chris Adams, Jim Duggan, Lanny Poffo

Barry Darsow, Brad Armstrong, Dave Taylor, Ice Train, John Nord


Jaqueline Moore
• Booker T & Stevie Ray

Kimberly Page
• Diamond Dallas Page

Ted DiBiase
• Rick Steiner & Scott Steiner

Debra McMichael
• N/A

• Randy Savage

James Vandenberg
• Mortis & Wrath

Jimmy Hart
• Meng & The Barbarian

Rick Rude
• Curt Hennig

Sonny Onoo
• N/A

• Buff Bagwell, Konnan & Scott Norton

Tag Teams:

Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko

Ernest Miller & Glacier

Harlem Heat
• Booker T & Stevie Ray

Lex Luger & The Giant

The Public Enemy
• Johnny Grunge & Rocco Rock

The Steiner Brothers
• Rick Steiner & Scott Steiner

The Faces of Fear
• Meng & The Barbarian

The Blue Bloods
• Dave Taylor & Steven Regal

The Outsiders
• Kevin Nash & Scott Hall

Vicious & Delicious
• Buff Bagwell & Scott Norton


New World Order:

Buff Bagwell, Curt Hennig, Eric Bischoff, Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, Konnan

Randy Savage, Rick Rude, Scott Hall, Scott Norton, Syxx, Vincent

Raven's Flock:

Hammer, Kidman, Lodi, Raven, Riggs, Saturn

Sick Boy

Injured / Unavailable

Bret Hart (Broken Hand)

Rick Rude (Back Strain)

Syxx (Neck Nerve Damage)

The Booty Man (Uncommon Cold)

Brian Adams (Legal Reasons)

Davey Boy Smith (Legal Reasons)

Jim Neidhart (Legal Reasons)

Creative Team:

Franchise Players:

1) Hollywood Hulk Hogan

2) Sting

3) Randy Savage

4) Scott Hall

5) Diamond Dallas Page

Next Big Things:

1) Buff Bagwell

2) Juventud Guerrera

3) Chris Jericho

4) Kidman

Hot Prospects:

1) Steven Regal

2) Juventud Guerrera

3) Chris Jericho

4) Rey Mysterio Jr.

5) Mortis

Talk the Talk:

1) Hollywood Hulk Hogan

2) Roddy Piper

3) Ric Flair

4) Randy Savage

5) Diamond Dallas Page

Show Stoppers:

1) Chris Jericho

2) Eddie Guerrero

3) Juventud Guerrera

4) Rey Mysterio Jr.

5) Ultimo Dragon

Ring Generals:

1) Chris Benoit

2) Dean Malenko

3) Ric Flair

4) Curt Hennig

5) Eddie Guerrero

Time Decline:

1) Hollywood Hulk Hogan

2) Chris Adams

3) Roddy Piper

4) Rick Martel

5) Lanny Poffo

Hidden Gems:

1) Ron Killings

2) Christian Cage

3) Adam Copeland

4) Nova

5) Homicide

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Default WCW Monday Nitro #1 (12/01/1997)

Pre-Show: The Steiner Brothers Def. Jamie Knoble & James Storm in 5:13. (C+, 67)

WCW Monday Nitro #1

December 1st, 1997

Live from the Civic Coliseum in Knoxville, Tennesse

Attendance: 5,000 (Sold-Out!)

Announce Team: Larry Zbyskzo, Mike Tenay & Tony Schiavone

The show kicks off with the New World Order heading to the ring, once they get inside, Eric Bischoff begins to talk about Larry Zbyskzo getting his match against Scott Hall. Bischoff says that since he makes the decisions around here, Zbyskzo won’t be getting himself a match but that if he is asking to get beaten up, then he can head to this very ring and he’ll get what he wants. Since Bischoff knows Zbyskzo isn’t that stupid, he moves on to a much more serious topic, Sting. Bischoff says that the nWo are getting tired of Sting’s mind games and that they want him to show up to Nitro and face Hogan, face to face. Bischoff spends several minutes calling out Sting but he gets no response. Afterwards, Bischoff says that since Sting doesn’t want to show up, then they’ll be more than happy to continue their assault on the WCW roster and that they won’t stop until Sting shows he face.

WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Hollywood Hulk Hogan then gets on the microphone and talks about the fact that Sting fears Hogan and the nWo. Hogan says that at Starcade, there won’t be no hiding for the man they call Sting and that he’ll be walking into the year of 1998 as the world champion, because the nWo is for life.

Normal, Singles Match

Rey Misterio Jr. Vs. Juventud Guerrera

As the first match of the night kicks off with cruiserweight action, the WCW Cruiserweight Champion, Eddie Guerrero replaces Mike Tenay on commentary. Misterio & Guerrera showcased tremendous agility and in-ring abilities, as Eddie Guerrero evaluated his competition. Former champion, Rey Misterio managed to pull off the win after delivering a strong Springboard Hurracanrana.

Zbyskzo & Schiavone talked to Guerrero about how he could be going up against Misterio once again come Starcade. Guerrero praised Misterio’s abilities but claimed that he’s already beaten Misterio and that he’s looking for a new challenger to step up to the plate.

Winner: Rey Misterio Via Pinfall

Time: 8:01

The announce team hype up tonight’s main event in which Diamond Dallas Page will look to seize the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship, when he faces Curt Hennig. Zbyskzo says that DDP is against all odds tonight, as he can be sure the nWo will be watching Hennig’s back. Schiavone agress but says that it is also possible that Sting could show up tonight, in which he says you never know when he’ll appear.

Normal, Singles Match

Hugh Morrus Vs. Wrath (/w James Vandenberg)

In what was more of a filler match than anything, Wrath demonstrated tremendous strength as he took on the big men, Hugh Morrus. Morrus attempted a late comeback but Wrath stopped him in his tracks and kept this match very one-sided. Wrath finished Morrus off with a Power Bomb, making a big statement.

Winner: Wrath Via Pinfall

Time: 5:37

Eric Bischoff and the WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Hollywood Hulk Hogan, begin to make their way to the ring for the second time tonight. Once inside, Hogan calls out Sting and says that Sting doesn’t have to fear the nWo anymore, it can be just them two, right here, right now. Sting still doesn’t appear, which prompts Hogan to tell the audience that this proves as a fact that Sting is afraid of him. The crowd begins to cheer Sting’s name but Hogan tells them to quit wasting their breath and that he isn’t coming out. Hogan then tells the audience to take off their stupid Sting masks, as it makes them look pathetic.

Out of the blue, a Sting dummy falls from the sky and into the middle of the ring, which shocks both Bischoff and Hogan for a brief minute. Hogan looks at the dummy and notices a note attached. Hogan reads it out loud in which it says “I’m watching you”. Hogan then calls Sting out again but gets no reply. Bischoff, fearing that Sting may come, informs Hogan that they should head back to the locker room, in which Hogan reluctantly agrees.

Normal, Singles Match

La Parka Vs. Ultimo Dragon

The audience witness another cruiserweight match-up that features two talented competitors, whom both look to earn a shot at the WCW Cruiserweight Championship. The offense is as high-flying as you can expect with these two, as they win the crowd over with they’re in-ring abilities. La Parka would come close to victory but Ultimo Dragon sealed the win when he performed a Tiger Suplex, late in the match.

Winner: Ultimo Dragon Via Pinfall

Time: 5:47

Steve McMichael heads out to the ring, as he is still walking without his wife, Debra McMichael, by his side. Once in the ring, McMichael talks about how he attacked Goldberg with the lead pipe at World War 3 and how it actually made him feel pretty good. McMichael begins to talk about how successful he was as a football player, while talking about how Goldberg never made it to the Super Bowl. As McMichael continues to taunt Goldberg, he’s met with an unexpected surprise.

Goldberg makes his way down to the ring and takes the microphone away from McMichael. Goldberg looks as though he’s about to speak but instead he hits McMichael in the head with it and then delivers a vicious Jackhammer. Goldberg gets into the position for a Spear, but McMichael quickly rolls out of the ring and begins heading up the ramp, as Goldberg looks on.

Normal, Tag Team Match

The Blue Bloods Vs. Harlem Heat (/w Jacqueline Moore)

Both of these tag teams looked to prove what they were worth in this contest, as it was a competitive match to say the least. The Blue Bloods tried their best to emerge victorious but, in the end, Harlem Heat came out as the winners once Booker T executed the Harlem Hangover.

Winners: Harlem Heat Via Pinfall

Time: 6:05

Booker T and Stevie Ray celebrated their victory inside the ring but it wouldn’t be long until their longtime rivals made their presence felt.

The Faces of Fear soon made their way into the ring with their manager, Jimmy Hart. The brutes wasted no time in attacking Harlem Heat, as soon as they entered the ring. The Barbarian sent Stevie Ray to the outside, as Meng locked in the vicious submission hold, the Tongan Death Grip, on Booker T. Meng locked it on viciously which soon came to the point where Jimmy Hart had to tell him enough was enough. The Faces of Fear left the ring, as Harlem Heat were laid out in front of the audience.

The Outsiders are inside the ring when the audience watching at home return from commercial break. Nash tells the fans that Hogan was right when he called them pathetic wearing the Sting masks. Nash continued on by saying that fans who cheer WCW, are fans who more than likely cheer for that second rated company, the WWF. Nash says that fans should be aware that the nWo is for life and at Starcade, they’ll ensure that as the nWo rules supreme over all the WCW talent. Scott Hall adds that if they don’t like it, well it doesn’t really matter whether they like it or not. Hall states that they’re going to continue dominating the WCW and nobody is going to stop them.

Normal, Singles Match

Disco Inferno Vs. Kevin Nash (/w Scott Hall)

In what was nothing short of one-sided, Kevin Nash dominated Disco Inferno and finished him rather quickly with a Jacknife Power Bomb.

Winner: Kevin Nash Via Pinfall

Time: 3:31

Kevin Nash and Scott Hall celebrate the win as though they had just celebrated winning the Super Bowl.

They’re celebration soon comes to an end though, once The Giant heads up to the ring. Nash & Hall quickly go after The Giant, attempting to bring him down before he could even enter the ring. They continue their assault on The Giant outside of the ring, Hall runs into a big boot by The Giant. Nash almost becomes a victim of The Giant’s chokeslam until Hall comes for the save. They throw The Giant into the steel steps and then send him back into the ring. They hoist The Giant up together and deliver a power bomb to him. Nash and Hall clearly look like they had to use a lot of energy to emerge victorious from the attack, as they head up the ramp.

We enter the second half of Nitro, as Bobby Heenan replaces Larry Zbyskzo on commentary. The three men inform the audience that they have breaking news regarding WCW’s latest acquisition, Bret “The Hitman” Hart. They say that they have just been informed that Bret Hart will be here on Monday Nitro next week. They add that they are unsure on what Bret will have to say but urges fans to tune in next week to find out.

Chris Benoit comes out and says that he wants Raven to come out from the audience and face him like a man.

Raven, who is in the front row, takes a microphone and says that he fights who wants and when he wants. Raven adds that Benoit hasn’t earned his right to face him and that instead, he’ll face fellow member of Raven’s Flock, Riggs. Benoit taunts him, telling him to bring it as a referee makes his way down to the ring.

Normal, Singles Match

Chris Benoit Vs. Riggs

Chris Benoit and Riggs put on a good, decent match that was both short and sweet. Riggs delivered a nice bit of offense in the early going, while Benoit made a strong comeback mid-way through and ended the match with a Diving Headbutt.

Winner: Chris Benoit Via Pinfall

Time: 7:59

Chris Benoit had no time to celebrate or recover from the match as Raven’s Flock quickly entered the ring.

Saturn placed Benoit into the Rings of Saturn submission hold, until he was told by Raven to release the hold. Raven then delivered a DDT and afterwards, got into Benoit’s face, telling him that he’s destined to join his Flock, sooner or later.

Normal, Singles Match

Buff Bagwell (/w Vincent) Vs. Lex Luger

In the semi-main event of the night, Buff Bagwell looked to pull off an upset over “The Total Package” Lex Luger. Bagwell looked great in this match, while Luger also performed well. Both men had an open match that eventually led to Vincent getting involved and attacking Luger, once Luger had Bagwell in the Torture Rack. Due to the interference, Luger got the win by disqualification.

Winner: Lex Luger Via DQ

Time: 7:31

Once the match is over, Luger tries to get his hands on both Buff Bagwell & Vincent, but they escape the ring before Luger could get his hands on them. Bagwell is walking up the ramp, taunting Luger and claiming himself to be “The Total Package”, while Luger is in the ring and can be heard saying that this isn’t over.

Hollywood Hulk Hogan is shown walking backstage and into the nWo's locker room, where he heads to his locker. Hogan seems to be getting ready to leave Nitro once the main event is over but once he opens up his locker, he finds another note, which reads “I’m coming for you.” Hogan crumbles the note up and throws it into the trash bin, as he decides to leave the locker room.

WCW United States Heavyweight Championship

Normal, Singles Match

Diamond Dallas Page Vs. Curt Hennig © (/w Rick Rude)

The main event was finally upon us, as DDP set his sights on earning his 1st WCW United States Heavyweight Championship. The chants were loud for DDP, as he took the offense to Hennig, he almost executed a Diamond Cutter too until Rick Rude got involved. The battle between DDP and Hennig began to get intense, as neither man was giving up this fight. Late in the match, DDP executed the Diamond Cutter and went for the pinfall, but it didn’t do him no good.

Randy Savage came into the ring and began to throw fists at DDP, which led to a disqualification finish, which meant that DDP won the match but not the title.

Winner: Diamond Dallas Page Via DQ

Time: 12:11

Savage and Hennig continued their 2 on 1 assault on DDP, as he tried his best to fight off the attacks. He was doing pretty good against both men, but the numbers would only get bigger.

Eric Bischoff and Hollywood Hulk Hogan led the nWo into the ring, as all the men began to attack DDP, as he laid helplessly in the ring. Hogan finished DDP off with his finishing Leg Drop and afterwards, smeared his face into the nWo World Heavyweight Championship. Hogan continued to taunt Sting, begging him to come out, as the show came to an end.

TV Rating: 15.42

Overall Show Grade:

This show increased WCW’s popularity in 22 regions.

Backstage Report:

• 20-year-old local talent, Jamie Knoble, sustained broken ribs in the pre-show match against the WCW World Tag Team Champions, The Steiner Brothers. While he isn’t under contract with WCW, he’s reportedly going to be working through the pain in his upcoming independent dates.

• Ultimo Dragon and LA Parka showcased great chemistry in their match against each other.

• Chris Benoit and Riggs didn’t seem to click in their match together.

• Buff Bagwell was really off his game in his match against Lex Luger.

• Word backstage is that Scott Steiner doesn’t believe Hammer, who is involved in Raven’s Flock, can work the WCW style and that he should be kicked to the curb.

• WCW Monday Nitro earned a TV rating of 15.42, which is an estimated, 11,569,770 viewers. Nitro defeated Raw is War in the ratings once again, as Raw received a TV rating of 13.07, which is estimated to be about 9,805,890 viewers. The main event featured Ken Shamrock defeating Kane, which earned a B- (76) rating.

• Rumors are that Executive Producer to Executive Vice President, Eric Bischoff, will be giving the entire locker room a bonus in pay, to relieve a lot of the toxic backstage. Reports state that a conversation between Bischoff and Bret Hart, led to this occurring.

Monday Night War Report:

Nitro: 15.42 (11,569,770 Viewers) - ME: DDP Def. Curt Hennig (B-, 76)

Raw Is War: 13.07 (9,805,890 Viewers) - ME: Ken Shamrock Def. Kane (B-, 76)

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Wow, 1 star?! Smh.
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It’s just that one person who 1 stars every diary. It’s good, keep it up I’m reading!

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Originally Posted by bonnie View Post
It’s just that one person who 1 stars every diary. It’s good, keep it up I’m reasong!
Yup, good first show - I wouldn't worry about star ratings.
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Hey, glad to see you back at things, Kidd! That was a good first show.
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Default WCW Saturday Night #1 (12/06/97)

Pre-Show: Chavo Guerrero Jr. Def. Adam Jacobs in 4:55 (C-, 53)

Pre-Show: Glacier & Ernest Miller Def. Bunkhouse Buck & Dick Slater in (D, 43)

WCW Saturday Night #1

Taped: December 4th, 1997

Shown: December 6th, 1997

From the LJVM Coliseum Annex in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Attendance: 4,000 (Sold-Out!)

Announce Team: Larry Zbyskzo & Mike Tenay

• Zbyskzo & Tenay welcome viewers to the show and begin to recap the events that occurred on this past Monday Nitro. Afterwards, they discuss tonight's tag team main event, which will feature DDP and Curt Hennig going at it once again, with the partners of their choosing. (A, 90)

• WCW Cruiserweight Champion, Eddie Guerrero, joins the announce team, like he did this past Monday Nitro, as he observes the following match between Dean Malenko and Psychosis. After a back and forth contest, Malenko emerges victorious in the match. (B-, 71)

• Backstage, DDP is alongside his wife, Kimberly Page, in which he discusses the attack he suffered by the hands of the now last week. DDP says that both he and Hennig know that if it weren't for Randy Savage getting involved, he would be the WCW United States Champion right now. Never mind that though, because DDP promises that tonight he and his tag team partner will be leaving victorious. (A, 90)

• In what was a squash match, Wrath picked up the victory over Joel Deaton in 3:47. (D+, 51)

• Gene Okerlund greets the audience backstage with his guest tonight, Steve "Mongo" McMichael. Okerlund questions why McMichael attacked Goldberg but before Steve can answer the question, he's interrupted by his wife, Debra McMichael. Debra pleads with Steve to take her back and that without her, he won't come out the winner against Goldberg. McMichael refuses he help and decides to walk off the scene. (C-, 54)

• Ted DiBiase hypes up his clients, The Steiner Brothers, by stating the fact that they are indeed the true WCW World Tag Team Champions. DiBiase adds that The Outsiders can continue to pretend like they are the champs but until they can beat the Steiner Bros, they'll be nothing but a hoax. (B+, 84)

• The Faces of Fear continued their dominance as they took on the Steiner Brothers, looking to make a statement against the tag team champions. The match was back and forth as one would expect but quickly became a no-contest when the referee lost control of the match. (B-, 76)

• The fight between both teams continued on after the bell had rung, as the Faces of Fear began to wear out the tag team champions. The Faces of Fear wouldn't dominate for long though, as Harlem Heat came rushing to the aid of the Steiner Brothers. Looking to redeem themselves from the vicious attack they suffered this past Monday, Harlem Heat delivered a very well amount of offense. The Faces of Fear soon retreated after being instructed by their manager, Jimmy Hart, to do so. (B-, 74)

• In another backstage segment, WCW United States Champion, Curt Hennig, reveals his tag team partner for tonight's main event, who is no other than Randy Savage. Hennig takes shots at DDP, claiming him to be full of excuses and that he's going to need another one ready, because Savage and him are walking out as the true winners. (A, 89)

• Scott Norton picked up a win over Ray Traylor, after Vincent got involved to help Norton seize the opportunity. (C, 65)

• Gene Okerlund reveals that he has just been informed that next week on Nitro, Chris Benoit will take on Kidman. Benoit soon shows up and tells the audience that he'll do whatever it takes to get his hands-on Raven. Benoit finishes by saying that Raven cannot hide behind his men forever. (C-, 58)

• A recap video is played from this past Monday Nitro, in which The Giant returned and attacked The Outsiders. Unfortunately for WCW fans, The Outsiders rebounded from the attack and soon delivered a vicious attack of their own. Zbyskzo and Tenay speculate on what will occur this upcoming Monday Nitro. (B, 79)

• In what was an exciting match, Chris Jericho pulled off the victory against Fit Finlay, after performing the Lion Tamer. (B-, 75)

• A video package is played hyping up Bret "The Hitmen" Hart's WCW debut this upcoming Monday on Nitro. (B-, 75)

• Seconds before the main event begins, DDP introduces his tag team partner...... The "Nature Boy" Ric Flair! (B-, 74)

• The main event proved to be great, as all four men were able to deliver a ton of excitement and drama to the match. Flair was determined to get his revenge against Hennig in this one, while DDP was looking forward to fighting either men. The closing moments of the match witnessed DDP and Savage taking the offense to the outside, while the active competitors of Hennig and Flair battled inside the ring. Flair took the offense from here and ran with it, Hennig made a short comeback to cut Flair off but a quick roll-up from Flair was all that it took to get the pinfall victory. (B, 81)

• DDP soon joined Flair inside the ring, as Savage and Hennig tried to continuing their attack on them. DDP and Flair worked excellent together and with their teamwork, were able to send both Savage and Hennig over the top rope and onto the outside of the ring. Savage and Hennig decided to back off and left the scene, as DDP and Flair celebrated to close out the show. (A, 91)

TV Rating: 0.90 (675,860 Viewers)

Overall Show Grade:

Backstage Report:

• Former WCW World Tag Team Champions, Bunkhouse Buck and Dick Slater made a one-night deal to participate in the pre-show match against Glacier and Ernest Miller. WCW reportedly has no interest in bringing them in long-term.

• Psychosis seemed off his game in his match against Dean Malenko.

• Scott Steiner was made to look strong.

• Steve McMichael hinted at a heel turn.

• Scott Steiner believes that The Barbarian sells like crap and has reportedly suggested that he be fired and replaced with someone who knows how to actually work.

• Rumors backstage are circulating that WWF has placed a bet on bringing Fit Finlay in. Reports claim that WCW made an attempt to sign Finlay to a multi-year written contract but that Finlay is leaning more towards WWF's deal. More on this as the news develops.

Next Week on Monday Nitro...

Dean Malenko Vs. Yuji Nagata


Harlem Heat Vs. The Faces of Fear


Rey Misterio Jr. Vs. Psychosis


Chris Benoit Vs. ??? (A member of Raven’s Flock)


Bret Hart’s widely anticipated debut is next week on Nitro, in which he’ll address the WCW audience. Will he announce his alliance with either the WCW or the nWo? If so, which side will he choose?

Thanks for the comments everyone, appreciate the feedback! I must apologize for the lack of response, as I have been busy with both school and work.

I just wanted to mention really quick that I'll be running a prediction contest after Starcade, which at that time, more details will be announced. Feel free to predict if you want, really like to see what you all think! Also, it is great to be back!

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Dean Malenko

Comments: Dean’s coming for Eddie

Harlem Heat

Comments: maybe by dq

Rey Misterio Jr.

Comments: love me some Rey Rey

Chris Benoit

Comments: pretty obvious he’s gonna get to Raven

Bret Hart’s widely anticipated debut is next week on Nitro, in which he’ll address the WCW audience. Will he announce his alliance with either the WCW or the nWo? If so, which side will he choose? He won’t announce it, but if he does/when he does it’ll be with WCW
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Very smooth set-up here 123. Excited to see what you've got cooking here.

Dean Malenko Vs. Yuji Nagata
Comments: LOS

Harlem Heat Vs. The Faces of Fear

Rey Misterio Jr. Vs. Psychosis

Chris Benoit Vs. ??? (A member of Raven’s Flock)

Bret Hart’s widely anticipated debut is next week on Nitro, in which he’ll address the WCW audience. Will he announce his alliance with either the WCW or the nWo? If so, which side will he choose? I have a feeling you'll wait a bit for this, but I hope he goes to the NWO. Everybody sticks him with WCW.
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Next Week on Monday Nitro...
Dean Malenko Vs. Yuji Nagata
Harlem Heat Vs. The Faces of Fear
Rey Misterio Jr. Vs. Psychosis
Chris Benoit Vs. ??? (A member of Raven’s Flock)

Bret Hart’s widely anticipated debut is next week on Nitro, in which he’ll address the WCW audience. Will he announce his alliance with either the WCW or the nWo? If so, which side will he choose?
-WCW...the faces side in the main event picture is thin since the nWo has buried everyone.

Love the presentation and format Kidd! Excited to see where you bring this. I had some fun with a brief WCW 97 diary...It's a fun time with a great challenge of bring the nWo the good, natural conclusion it never truly had.
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Default WCW Monday Nitro #2 (12/08/1997)

Pre-Show: The Public Enemy Def. J.T. Smith & Mace Mendoza in 6:16. (D, 43)

Pre-Show: Ultimo Dragon Def. Devon Storm in 6:05. (C, 65)

WCW Monday Nitro #2

December 8th, 1997

Live from the UAB Alumni Arena in Buffalo, New York

Attendance: 5,000 (Sold-Out!)

Announce Team: Larry Zbyskzo, Mike Tenay & Tony Schiavone

WCW Monday Nitro kicks off with a camera shot at the announce table, as Zbyskzo, Tenay & Schiavone welcomes the audience to the show. They discuss some of the key events from last week's Nitro, as all three men wonder whether or not Sting will make an appearance tonight.

They then inform the viewers that they are in for an historical show tonight, as Bret “The Hitmen” Hart makes his highly anticipated debut on tonight's episode. They discuss among each other on whether Hart is team WCW or team nWo. They then mention that tonight's main event will feature the "Nature Boy" Ric Flair taking on the WCW United States Champion, Curt Hennig in a non-title match.

Eric Bischoff and the WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Hollywood Hulk Hogan, lead the rest of the nWo to the ring, as Bischoff displays a big smile on his face. Once inside the ring, Bischoff talks about how tonight is a historical night for the nWo, as they'll welcome their newest recruit, Bret "The Hitmen" Hart. Hogan then takes his turn on the microphone and says that any WCW fan holding out hope for Hart to join them instead, are just as pathetic as any fan holding out hope for Sting to leave Starcade as the WCW World Heavyweight Champion. Bischoff and Hogan begin to taunt Sting once again, like they did last week by calling him scared and afraid of the nWo.

Normal, Singles Match

Dean Malenko Vs. Yuji Nagata

WCW Cruiserweight Champion, Eddie Guerrero, joined the commentary team again this week, replacing Mike Tenay. Guerrero talked about how he's had his eye on Malenko, especially after his win this past Saturday Night against Psychosis. Malenko faced off against one of New Japan's top draws in Yuji Nagata. Nagata gave him one hell of a fight but in the end, "The Man of 1000 Holds" was able to seize the victory.

Winner: Dean Malenko Via Submission

Time: 7:44

Once the match was over, Malenko called for a microphone and issued a challenge to Eddie Guerrero for a WCW Cruiserweight Championship match at Starcade. Guerrero looked on from the top of the ramp and after a few seconds of thought, reluctantly accepted Malenko's challenge. Considering that the two have history among each other from earlier in the year, Guerrero would go on to say that at Starcade, he'll prove that he's the better men between them.

The "Nature Boy" Ric Flair makes his way down to the ring, as he does, a video clip is played of this past WCW Saturday Night, in which he appeared to be DDP's surprise tag team partner. Flair ended out the night by picking up the quick roll-up pinfall victory over WCW United States Champion, Curt Hennig. Once the clip had ended, Flair was inside the middle of the ring, ready to address the crowd, who supported him with tremendous amounts of cheers.

Before addressing his on-going rivalry with the United States Champion, Flair talks about the highly anticipated debut of Bret “The Hitmen” Hart. Flair says that he’s heard a lot about Hart’s arrival in the past week or two, in which he says, hasn’t bothered him one bit. Flair says that there is only one man that is the best in the world and that’s the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair!

After addressing the hottest topic of the night, Flair speaks about his on-going rivalry with the WCW United States Champion, Curt Hennig. Flair says that he’s seeking revenge for the minor ankle injury he suffered by the hands of Hennig, at World War 3, last month. Flair states that tonight, he’ll earn yet another victory over Hennig and that afterwards, he’ll be taking the WCW United States Championship at Starcade. Flair begins to talk about how at Starcade, he’ll further prove why there is only one man who can call themselves the best there is, the best there was and the best...

Ric Flair is soon interrupted by DDP’s music, as he makes his way to the ring. DDP says that he has nothing but respect for Flair, who has accomplished a lot in WCW. However, DDP says that he felt he needed to come out and remind Flair that he’s in line for the WCW United States Championship. DDP says that it isn’t personal between them but that Flair needs to take a backseat and accept that he lost to Hennig at World War 3. DDP then shows a clip from last week on Nitro, in which he was screwed out of his WCW United States Championship win due to Randy Savage getting involved. DDP adds that if anybody deserves a shot at Curt Hennig, it's D...D...P! DDP's words generates a nice reaction from the crowd.

Flair wasn’t satisfied with DDP’s comments and promised DDP that he’ll get the job done tonight, something DDP couldn’t do last week, no offense. Flair would leave the ring, as DDP looked on at him.

Normal, Singles Match

Prince Iaukea Vs. Juventud Guerrera

The audience were greeted to another cruiserweight match, this time between Prince Iaukea and Juventud Guerrera. The announce team talked about Iaukea’s recent run in New-Japan Pro Wrestling, as the match went on. Both men executed some great moves that kept the crowd invested throughout. In the end, Guerrera earned the pinfall victory after delivering a 450 Splash.

Winner: Juventud Guerrera Via Pinfall

Time: 7:08

Once the match between Prince Iaukea and Juventud Guerrera came to a conclusion, a video package was shown to the audience, hyping the WCW debut of Bret “The Hitmen” Hart.

As the show came back from commercial break, the audience were brought to a conversation between Eric Bischoff and Hollywood Hulk Hogan. Unaware that a cameraman was backstage, Hogan expressed how he feels Sting is following him around and brings up the note he found in his locker last week. Hogan said that he knows it wasn’t anyone other than Sting, who placed that message in his locker and he wants Bischoff to get to the bottom of this incident.

Bischoff said that Hogan has nothing to worry about, as he ensures Hogan that Sting isn’t in the building tonight and that he was sure Sting wasn’t here last week either. Bischoff reminds Hogan that Sting fears Hogan and that whoever placed the message, was trying to intimidate Hogan. Telling that Hogan was still unease about the situation, Bischoff told Hogan that next week, he’ll double down security to ensure they catch whoever is playing mind games with the champ. Hogan approved with Bischoff words and afterwards, discovered the cameraman, which Bischoff told him to get out.

Normal, Tag Team Match

Harlem Heat (/w Jacqueline) Vs. Faces of Fear (/w Jimmy Hart)

As entrances were being made for both teams, a clip from last week’s Monday Nitro, showcased the Faces of Fear brutally attacking Harlem Heat. The clip ended with Meng viciously locking in the Tongan Death Grip on Booker T. The commentators talked about how this match came about after what went down between both teams, this past Saturday Night.

The match featured a ton of aggressiveness, as both teams were determined to showcased who was the better team. The finish featured The Barbarian and Booker T fighting outside the ring, while legal men, Meng and Stevie Ray fought in the ring. Meng soon locked in his devastating submission hold, the Tongan Death Grip. Ray would soon reach the rope, in which the referee began his count to 5 for Meng to release the hold or face disqualification. Meng continued on despite the referee counting the count and declaring Harlem Heat the winners by disqualification.

Winners: Harlem Heat Via Disqualification

Time: 7:43

Once Booker T took care of The Barbarian from outside of the ring, he hurried into the ring to save his brother, Stevie Ray. Booker and Meng fought on, trading strikes back and forth. Eventually, The Barbarian was back on his feet and attacked Booker T from behind, leading to a 2 on 1 assault. Meng would then lock in his Tongan Death Grip on Booker T, while The Barbarian ensured that Stevie Ray wouldn’t be getting back up.

As the Faces of Fear continued their on-going dominance inside the ring, the WCW World Tag Team Champions, the Steiner Brothers, made their way to the ring. They attacked The Barbarian and Meng, sending them over the top rope. It had seemed as though the Steiner Brothers were repaying Harlem Heat for rescuing them this past Saturday Night from the attack they suffered too by the Faces of Fear. However, Booker T and Stevie Ray were not pleased by the Steiner Brothers rescuing them and began to get into the faces of the tag team champions. It had looked as though another brawl was about to erupt until Ted DiBiase managed to talk the Steiner Brothers into leaving the ring.

The audience returns from commercial break, as we enter the second half of WCW Monday Nitro. Bobby Heenan takes his seat at the announce table, as he replaces Larry Zbyskzo for the second half of Nitro. They continue to hype up the WCW debut of Bret “The Hitmen” Hart, in which they have been all throughout the night. They discuss whether or not Hart will announce his alliance and what exactly his intentions are, coming to WCW. Afterwards, they discuss the events that transpired last week on Nitro between The Giant and The Outsiders.

Upon entering the ring, The Outsiders addressed The Giant’s failed attack attempt on them last week. Kevin Nash starts off by calling The Giant “pathetic” and that he should know better than to attack the nWo, especially Scott Hall and himselfl. Hall calls the attack a “joke” and says that The Giant got what was coming to him last week and that he advises The Giant to stay away, if he knows what is good for him.

Normal, Singles Match

Scott Hall (/w Kevin Nash) Vs. Rick Martel

Similar to the match between Kevin Nash and Disco Inferno, this match was practically the same dominating match as last week. Martel did get a slight chance of offense on Hall but Hall would quickly recover and the turn the match back into his favor. He soon finished Martel off with a fallaway slam, which earned him the pinfall victory.

Winner: Scott Hall Via Pinfall

Match Time: 5:40

Kevin Nash and Scott Hall began to celebrate inside the ring, as they looked to add insult to injury towards Rick Martel.

However, The Giant made his return yet again on tonight’s episode of Nitro and hurried down the ramp, as The Outsiders stuck with the old gameplan last week, by exiting the ring and attacking The Giant head on. Unfortunately for them, luck was nowhere to be found for Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. The Giant steamed his way to the ring with rage. Once meeting Nash and Hall at ringside, The Giant delivered an instant big boot to Hall. Nash and The Giant began to trade fist, trying to showcase who the real big men is. The Giant picked up more momentum, as he began to lead the offense his way, as The Giant grabbed Nash by the throat, getting ready to deliver the chokeslam. Fans in attendance were ready but the hype died down quick, once Scott Hall began to deliver punches to the back of The Giant.

The Outsiders teamed up once more, attempting to send The Giant into the steel steps like last week. Nash and Hall tried hard, but The Giant managed to pull them instead and deliver a clothline to both of them. The Giant then soon delivered a big boot to Nash, who was hurrying up. Hall then found himself recovering in the grip of The Giant, as he was held by the throat. The Giant delivered the vicious chokeslam. Nash was now back on his feet as he tried dishing out fist to The Giant but he too, soon became a victim of the chokeslam. The fans in attendance gave The Giant a big positive reaction, as The Giant stood above The Outsiders.

After a recap video was displayed, showcasing the attack Chris Benoit sustained by the hands of Raven’s Flock, Benoit made his entrance to the ring. Benoit called Raven out, who was seated in the section known as “Raven’s Flock” in the crowd. Benoit claimed that Raven has his men do his bidding because Raven himself cannot get the job done. Benoit says that he’s tired of Raven’s cowardness and demands that Raven meets him face to face, inside this very ring.

Raven stays seated in the crowd but claims that his contract allows him to fight when he wants and whoever he wants. Raven adds that he isn’t afraid of Benoit and that Benoit hasn’t proven himself worthy of a match against him. Raven then says that since Benoit isn’t willing to peacefully join his group, that he’ll have to force him to join them. Raven tells Kidman to get inside the ring and teach Benoit a thing or two about who they really are. Benoit doesn’t seem pleased that he isn’t fighting Raven, but doesn’t back down from the fight.

Normal, Singles Match

Chris Benoit Vs. Kidman

Despite not getting his match against Raven, Chris Benoit stayed aggressive against fellow member of Raven’s Flock, Kidman. Kidman put up quite a good fight against Benoit, but Benoit showcased why he’s one of the best uprising stars in WCW. Benoit finished Kidman off once he delivered the Diving Headbutt, to earn himself a pinfall victory.

Winner: Chris Benoit Via Pinfall

Match Time: 8:55

Chris Benoit proved yet again why he deserves a shot to face Raven and Raven knew it too, as he wasn’t too pleased with Kidman being defeated. Benoit didn’t take any time to celebrate, as he quickly focused his eyes on Raven’s Flock, who were beginning to circle the ring.

They kept their sights on Benoit, until they were given the signal to go on and attack him. Benoit put up yet another fight against Raven’s Flock but yet again, the numbers were too overwhelming for him to overcome. Raven instructed Hammer and Riggs to hold Benoit up, who was no longer able to defend himself.

Raven told Benoit that he would become a great assist to his Flock and that it’s a real shame he has to put Benoit through this type of punishment. Raven then told Benoit that he’s been impressed by Benoit’s wins over Sick Boy, Riggs and Kidman but that he wasn’t granting him a match against himself just yet. Raven added that if Benoit can defeat his WCW World Television Champion, Saturn next week, then he’ll consider giving Benoit a match against him at Starcade. Afterwards, Raven executed a DDT on Benoit, sending him a message that this rivalry has only just begun.

At the top of the ramp, Gene Okerlund welcomed the audience to his guest tonight, a man who has been making a name for himself upon his debut, Goldberg. Okerlund questions Goldberg on his thoughts about Steve McMichael confessing about striking Goldberg with a steel pipe at World War 3, to avoid a match against him that night. Goldberg says that McMichael is intimidated by him and that this isn’t just about McMichael’s Super Bowl ring. Goldberg adds that he’s here to be the men and that McMichael is just standing in his way, waiting to get speared.

Suddenly, from behind, Steve McMichael lashes out on Goldberg with yet another steel pipe attack. However, only this time he goes public with the attack. McMichael attacks Goldberg until he’s sure that he won’t be getting back up. After which, McMichael claims to be better than Goldberg, which is why he has a Super Bowl ring, unlike Goldberg. McMichael says that unlike Goldberg’s NFL career, his actually went a whole lot better. McMichael says that he’s willing to prove that he’s the better men by issuing a challenge to Goldberg for a match at Starcade. McMichael then tells Goldberg, who is still laid out on the ground, that he expects to hear an answer by this Saturday.

Normal, Non-Title, Singles Match

Ric Flair Vs. Curt Hennig /w Rick Rude

The main event was finally upon us, as Ric Flair looked to seize the moment and earn himself an opportunity to become the WCW United States Champion at Starcade. Not only was this match pivotal for Flair to have a shot at being on Starcade, but it also proved to be pivotal for Flair to get some revenge on Curt Hennig after what transpired at World War 3. Hennig on the other hand, came into this match looking confident and having the nWo on his side was a boost.

Both men squared off inside the ring, with neither one getting the advantage throughout. The ending saw a controversial finish, as Flair locked in the Figure Four Leglock, in hopes of getting Hennig to tap out. Rude got involved by distracting the referee, to which led to Flair releasing the hold and getting into Rude’s face.

Randy Savage was then shown entering from the crowd, as he quickly attacked Flair from behind and hurried out of the ring. Rude’s distraction lasted long enough for the referee to not see the hit and run attack but Flair wasn’t out of it just yet, as he broke out of a 2 count. Diamond Dallas Page soon got involved in the mix, as he hurried to even the battlefield. He made Rude flee the arena and then stood on the outside apron of the ring, as he argued with Hennig. DDP then threw a strike at Hennig, but Hennig ducked the strike and it instead connected to Flair, who was attempting to take advantage of DDP’s distraction. Hennig followed the strike up with a Hennig-Plex and soon earned himself the pinfall victory.

Winner: Curt Hennig Via Pinfall.

Time: 11:28

A scene between DDP and Ric Flair is briefly shown arguing, as Flair blames DDP for his loss, while DDP claims he was trying to even the odds. The scene shifts it's focus from the ring to the announce team. Tony Schiavone informs the audience that they can expect developing news on the situation on this upcoming WCW Saturday Night. After which, they inform us that coming up next is the highly anticipated WCW debut of Bret “The Hitmen” Hart. They say that this will be a moment fans around the world will not want to miss, as we approach the final commercial break of the show.

The highly anticipated moment is upon us, as Bret “The Hitmen” Hart makes his way down to the WCW ring for the first time ever. Hart receives a huge pop from the crowd here in Buffalo, New York, as they await to see what exactly Hart may say. Upon entering the ring, Hart waits a minute or two and digests the crowd reaction he receives, before speaking into the microphone.

Hart thanks the fans for the huge ovation and then goes on to thank all of his fans, who have stayed loyal to him. Afterwards, Hart claims that not everyone has been loyal to him and that everyone knows exactly what he means. Hart adds that he still hasn’t forgotten the company that screwed him over after he gave them his blood, sweat and tears. Regarding whether or not he’s apart of either the nWo or WCW, Hart says that he’s not here to pick sides and that loyalty is out of the question for him.

Afterwards, Hart says that he isn’t here to make alliance with anyone, after he’s been screwed over. In fact, Hart says he’s here to prove that he is the true world champion, claiming he never once lost the WWF World Heavyweight Championship. Hart adds that he isn’t going to rest until the WCW World Heavyweight Champion is in his hands. Hart says that it doesn’t matter whether he has to face Hollywood Hulk Hogan or Sting, he will receive his title shot soon enough. Closing out the final segment of the night, Hart reminds everyone that he is the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be.

TV Rating: 15.84^ (11,885,610 Viewers)

Overall Show Grade:

This show increased WCW’s popularity in 29 regions.

Backstage Report:

• Johnny Grunge and Rocco Rock, both members of The Public Enemy, showed up during their pre-show match intoxicated.

• Diamond Dallas Page invented a new catchphrase during his segment with Ric Flair, early in the show.

• Diamond Dallas Page is also showing that he needs a new gimmick, as he hasn’t quite been suited to the “??” gimmick given.

• Scott Hall looked great throughout both his match and featured segments throughout the night.

• Kevin Nash is improving in performance.

• Chris Benoit showcased just how great his in-ring ability is in his match against Kidman, as he carried the match in great fashion.

• It seems weight training and a solid diet have paid off for Chris Jericho as he has stepped up a weight class to Middleweight. Critics are already speculating the effect this will have on Jericho’s wrestling style.

• The highly anticipated WCW debut of Bret Hart lived up to expectations, with many even going as far to say it exceeded expectations. Hart’s promo delivery was by far his best one in his entire career, as his work on the microphone displayed real emotion and added realism along with it.

Monday Night War Report:

Nitro: 15.84^ (11,885,610 Viewers) - ME: Curt Hennig Def. Ric Flair (B, 80)

Raw is War: 13.41^ (10,059,130 Viewers) - ME: D-Generation X Def. Mankind & Vader (A, 89)

Hey everyone, I want to apologize for the lack of update with it being 10 days. I meant to post same day, last week, but got caught up with a lot of life throughout the week. Which unfortunately happened at a wrong time, considering the dynasty has just started.

To everyone who commented, thanks for the feedback and predictions. Also, the Misterio Vs. Psychosis didn't happen because I completely forgot that I sent Rey to NJPW for Yuji Nagata. More on that once I release The Wrestling Observer update. Last but not least, thanks to everyone for reading and checking this out!
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Default WCW Saturday Night #2 (12/13/1997)

Pre-Show: Lodi Def. Lanny Poffo in 6:08.(D+, 51)

Pre-Show: The Faces of Fear Def. Brad & Steve Armstrong in 6:31(C-, 57)

WCW Saturday Night #2

Taped: December 11th 1997

Shown: December 13th, 1997

From the John W. Pope Jr. Center in Buies Creek, North Carolina

Attendance: 3,100 (Sold-Out!)

Announce Team: Larry Zbyskzo & Mike Tenay

• The show opens up with a recap video of Bret Hart’s WCW debut promo from this past Monday Nitro. Afterwards, Larry Zbyskzo and Mike Tenay welcome viewers to the show and discuss Hart’s announcement that he is not on either the nWo's side or WCW’s side. (B, 81)

• The opening match of the night features WCW Cruiserweight Champion, Eddie Guerrero, going up against Ultimo Dragon. Dragon gave the champion a challenge but Guerrero emerged victorious in clean fashion, earning himself some momentum before his anticipated title match against Dean Malenko at Starcade. (B-, 72)

• Viewers are brought back to Zbyskzo and Tenay at the announce table, in which they hype this week’s Monday Nitro, where it will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina. Zbyskzo and Tenay add that considering the show will be in Flair Country, viewers should expect something big from the “Nature Boy” himself, Ric Flair. (B-, 75)

• Wrath continued his trend of dominance as of late, by picking up an easy victory over local jobber, Adam Jacobs. (D-, 40)

• Gene Okerlund welcomes viewers to his first guest of the night, Chris Benoit. Benoit talks about his upcoming WCW World Television Championship match against Saturn. Benoit says that he’s going to teach Raven’s Flock another lesson, once he takes the championship away from Saturn. Afterwards, Benoit promises to earn his match against Raven and settle the score once and for all at Starcade. (C-, 58)

• Buff Bagwell and Scott Norton displayed a dominance performance against Ernest Miller and Glacier, in which Bagwell earned the pin over Glacier. (C, 62)

• After the match, Bagwell began a promo, where he taunted WCW’s own, Lex Luger. Bagwell says that Luger is a relic of the past and that everybody now has their eyes on him. Bagwell continues by claiming himself to be in better shape and that he could defeat Luger any day of the week. (B, 80)

• A backstage promo is shown to the viewers, where The Faces of Fear are shown alongside their manager, Jimmy Hart, who hypes up this Monday’s match-up between Booker T and Meng. Hart proclaims that his tag team is unstoppable and that Booker T will have nowhere to go, once Meng locks in his grueling Tongan Death Grip. (C+, 69)

• Harlem Heat didn’t let Jimmy Hart’s words bother them, as they took care of business against The Nasty Boys, who were making a one-time appearance. Harlem Heat took control of the match half-way through and ended with Booker T picking up the pin over Jerry Sags. (B-, 73)

• Gene Okerlund is backstage with his second guest of the night, Diamond Dallas Page, who has his wife, Kimberly Page standing by his side. Okerlund wonders what is next for DDP and whether he or Ric Flair will face Curt Hennig at Starcade. DDP says he’s unsure who will go on to face Hennig but assures Okerlund that he’s still owed his rematch. DDP says that one thing is for certain, which is that he’s tired of the nWo's run-in games. Afterwards, DDP says that he’ll be confronting Savage this Monday. (B-, 76)

• Before having to defend against Chris Benoit this Monday, Saturn faced off against Rick Martel in a non-title contest. Martel gave the champ a run for his money but Saturn wasn’t the champion for nothing. Eventually, Saturn prevailed over the seasoned veteran and picked up the victory. (B-, 73)

• Goldberg made his way to the ring with rage, after being attacked by Steve McMichael this past Monday Nitro, with yet again another steel pipe. Goldberg made easy work of his competitor, Paul Diamond and disposed of him before the match could even reach 5 minutes. (C-, 56)

• After the dominant display, Goldberg took to the microphone to address Steve McMichael and his cowardness attacks. Goldberg says that McMichael made a real bad move attacking him for a second time now and that he’s going to pay for his actions. Goldberg then makes it clear that he’s out for revenge against McMichael before promising to get his hands on him. (C, 63)

• Gene Okerlund introduces the viewers from backstage, to his last guest of the night, Ted DiBiase, who has the WCW World Tag Team Champions, The Steiner Brothers, by his side. Okerlund informs the viewers and the tag champs that he has just received word that at Starcade, The Steiner Brothers will be defending the WCW World Tag Team Championships against both the Faces of Fear and Harlem Heat. DiBiase acknowledges that both teams have been to a hot start but suggests that neither of them, have proven themselves to earn a shot at his clients. Okerlund tells DiBiase that he doesn’t make the matches, he just announces them. DiBiase says he’ll address this issue on this upcoming Monday Nitro. (C, 64)

• In what was an exciting match between two very talented in-ring performers, Chris Jericho and Fit Finlay brought it all on the table for this rematch from last week. The match featured a lot of offense on both sides, which had both men coming out of this match looking strong. Jericho came back late in the match after reversing a move by Finlay and soon caught Finlay in the Lion Tamer, which soon gave him the submission victory. (C+, 69)

• Backstage, Randy Savage cuts a promo on Diamond Dallas Page and says that he wants to end the feud between them. Savage adds that WCW is a sinking ship and that it will all be gone once Starcade is in the books. Savage then says that unlike the WCW, the nWo is for life and that DDP and Ric Flair should just realize that and move on with the fight. (B+, 83)

• The main event featured WCW’s own Diamond Dallas Page taking on nWo's Konnan, DDP showcased that he wasn’t giving up on his fight against the nWo, like Savage had suggested moments ago. Konnan tried to be the better man in this one, but DDP’s offense was on fire straight from the opening bell. Vincent tried to intervene but DDP sent him flying into the steel barricade, Konnan tried to capitalize on Vincent’s distraction but ended up receiving a Diamond Cutter. DDP hurried to make the pinfall and received the win. (B, 81)

• DDP’s night wasn’t over just yet though, as Randy Savage came rushing from down the ramp and into the ring. He attacked DDP and looked as though he was about to deliver the Flying Elbow, however, DDP hurried out of the way in time and seconds later, delivered a Diamond Cutter onto Savage. The crowd erupted in cheers, as DDP celebrated inside the ring. Zbyskzo and Tenay encouraged viewers to tune into this upcoming Monday Nitro, as they’ll be live from Charlotte, North Carolina. (B, 82)

TV Rating: 0.90

Overall Show Rating:

Backstage Report:

• Reports have indicated that during the match against Harlem Heat, Jerry Sags sustained a damaged eye after being kicked in the face by Booker T. The injury will sideline Sags for a month. It can be confirmed that The Nasty Boy’s appearance was in fact a one-night deal and that nothing beyond this episode was discussed.

• Konnan shared his opinion to management about Ultimo Dragon, giving the cruiserweight praise by calling him charismatic and that he sees Dragon doing well in the future.

• Yuji Nagata could be headed back to WCW in very near future, after being praised by the “Nature Boy” himself, Ric Flair. Word has it that Flair told management about how big of a star Nagata could be in the USA, just like he is in Japan. Flair also believes that Nagata could make WCW a lot of cash in the future. WCW have tried reaching out to Nagata about a written contract but negotiations fell through when it was discovered Nagata was signed long-term with New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

Next Week on Monday Nitro...

WCW World Television Championship: Chris Benoit Vs. Saturn ©


Booker T Vs. Meng


Dean Malenko Vs. Juventud Guerrera


Alex Wright Vs. Disco Inferno


Thanks for the tremendous support everyone! The pace should certainly start picking up now, as we head closer to Starcade. I was really happy to see the Newswire post receive 100 views in 24hours and I have big updates for that going forward as well. Nitro will be up in the next couple of days, along with a few news updates on Newswire. Thank you for the patience and on-going support.
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WCW World Television Championship: Chris Benoit Vs. Saturn ©
Comments: DQ

Booker T
Vs. Meng
Comments: Stevie does the jobs

Dean Malenko Vs. Juventud Guerrera

Alex Wright Vs. Disco Inferno
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