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Unread 07-09-2017, 02:15 AM
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Of course it's all still enjoyable, this show rocks! Explosive ending with Flair and Sid rushing the ambulance match, but I wonder what's going on with Hall and Nash? Are they really sitting out, or is this an nWo plot? TUNE INTO NITRO TO FIND OUT~
Exactly my friend

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You guys know there is a prize for winning this contest right? This time it will be super simple, YOU will give me owner goals. You know how that thing works right? You can suggest anything you want if that's adequate enough. 1st places objective is critical, 2nd place is high and 3rd is average importance. Get creative boys, all three of you

Also some in-game news. Jim Duggan is leaving our company for WWF! His popularity is in mid 30's and he's on time decline. I didn't use Jim much as I think I could invest TV time in a lot of other, younger and better guys. He is an ok-ish road agent, but when we have Arn Anderson, Bobby Eaton, Jerry Jarrett, Larry Zbyzsko, Paul Orndorff and Terry Funk it's not a big loss.
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Unread 07-20-2017, 04:25 PM
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Default Predictions?

Wine and dine, King of Kings is paying!!

Last Nitro before Fall Brawl. The card is almost completed, this promises to be a spectacular showdown. I think we have everything to smash the record ratings and buyrates. Three biggest WCW stars will face each other for the world heavyweight title, that's pretty special. Goldberg, Bret Hart and Triple H are all established main event stars, top three franchise players too. Rey will finally get a chance to fight for the title that eluded him for a good half of the year, Benoit & Guerrero will challenge Buffy T, Jarrett shall have a rematch with DDP for the TV title, Psicosis and Jushin Liger will end their beef in a high stakes match. Luger will put his hands on Raven for the FOF world title match briefcase, IWGP Jr tag team titles will be on the line too. But for now, here's matches for Nitro...
  1. Chavo Guerrero and Dean Malenko vs. Crowbar and David Flair
  2. Lita vs. Billy Kidman
  3. Rey Mysterio Jr vs. Big T
  4. LAX (Homicide & Hernandez) vs. Disco Cats (Disco Inferno & Ernest Miller)
  5. Lance Storm vs. Konnan
  6. Sting vs. Dustin Rhodes
  7. Triple H and Ric Flair vs. Goldberg and Sid Vicious
Huge spot for ex-Black Reign in the semi main event. Lots of angles booked, it will be a storyline heavy show. Wrestling should be fairly decent aswell. We are heading to the unfriendly terrirory of New England also saving lots of stars for Thunder. Well, that's it for now.
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Unread 07-21-2017, 02:03 PM
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Chavo and Dean
Rey Jr
3H and Flair
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Unread 07-21-2017, 06:24 PM
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Chavo Guerrero and Dean Malenko vs. Crowbar and David Flair
Lita vs. Billy Kidman
Rey Mysterio Jr vs. Big T He got stabbed!
LAX (Homicide & Hernandez) vs. Disco Cats (Disco Inferno & Ernest Miller)
Lance Storm vs. Konnan HE'S THE ONE WHO STABBED HIM
Sting vs. Dustin Rhodes
Triple H and Ric Flair vs. Goldberg and Sid Vicious
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Unread 07-23-2017, 06:35 PM
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Default WCW Monday Nitro on TNT (Show #77)

Week 3, September 2000
New Haven Coliseum, New England (11,000)

We start this go home Nitro from a sold out New Haven Coliseum with an entrance of Hulk Hogan! Hulkster is wearing his United States title and has blue, red and white feather boas around his neck. His outfit is all black though, no yellow in there. The champion gets a microphone and takes a second for crowd to calm down. Hogan says that this title needs him, same as USA and all the people in the audience and watching at home. Hogan claims that he was thinking about retirement when he got thrown out of the world title picture by a stupid stipulation. Hogan says he would leave, but this business needs him! Hogan adds that having a maniac like Scott Steiner as your champion is a guaranteed ticket into abyss, but with Hulkster all will be good in here, brother. Hulk rubs his moustache while people chant various things at him. "Let me tell you something, hulkamaniacs! This Sunday we will have a very special match! I will defend my title for the first time! However I'm not so sure about my opponent. To be fair with you people, I don't think anyone earned the opportunity of such proportions. But I'm a very generous man, so I will give boys in the locker room a chance to prove themselves! We are going to have a 20 man Battle Royal on Thunder to determine the new number one contender! I wish you luck brothers, one of you will lock up with me at Fall Brawl. And it doesn't get any bigger than that, dudes! Much love to my fans, Hulkster still rules!" An interesting statement from the champ. Hogan said that he didn't see anyone big enough to face him, despite Vader returning to brawl with the man, Konnan calling him out for a title match and Scott Steiner himself going after the american hero for quite some time now. Whether Hulk is ducking the threat of losing the title or just playing mind games, we will have a new contender soon. Twenty guys will step into the ring on Thursday and there will be only one left!

We get a short message from the reigning tag team champions in the face of Buff Bagwell and Booker T. They said that DDP didn't allow them to show up on Nitro tonight because he has a big match for them on Thursday! Booker T talks about conspiracy against them and goes on to ramble about being the worst treated champion in the history of this company! Booker hopes that Jeff Jarrett will kick DDP's ass this Sunday so he wouldn't need to give "People's Champ" a rub in a singles match. Buff asks if he can get a rub, but gets a funny look from Booker. Bagwell tells his friend to relax, they're huge stars that shine so bright that people have to look away not to be blinded!

- Bro, delicious things go in small portions too!
- My delicious part is not small, dawg.
- Oh, my bad. But you don't want to measure, so how do I know!? I don't want stereotypes to interfere in our business!
- Book, you're so stiff, what's Trish doing with you? And hey, I think we need a new tag team name! I have a list right here...

Eddie Guerrero is thanked by The Nitro Girls for putting Stratus in her place. The dancers never liked Trish, and to see her being schooled like that was great. Eddie smiles back and gets a little red, he surely likes that kind of attention. "Latino Heat" said he really would never go down that route, calling women names and shaming them for his own amusement, he did it just to put everyone on notice that his name will not be smeared and downgraded, and he will rather die than be insulted in such ways! He also didn't mean to hurt her, but if she can't handle a little bruise than this business is not for her, simon! Girls say that they need more guys like Eddie, oh those women. Even when they compliment one man they just have to put odwn everyone else! Nitro Girls kick off the programm with the dance as always. Announcers recap the actions that took place for the past couple of weeks, usual stuff. Rey Mysterio is standing with "Mean Gene" backstage, ready to give an interview, when Trish gets into the camera shot, shouting at Rey Mysterio and ordering Big T to beat down the little man. The bodyguard missed his shot and almost took out Okerlund, who dropped an f bomb out of surprise and anger. Mysterio jumped right at the attacker and put his fists to the face of a big guy, who didn't feel it and shoved Mysterio a good three meters away. Road agents stopped the unfair brawl and tried to calm down Trish Stratus. She was verbally burned by "Latino Heat" last Monday and Rey Rey couldn't hold his chuckle in. Now Trish wants Guerrero's freinds to pay for the disrespect they showed to her, but it's unlikely that WCW backstage workers would let that happen again. Onto the opener!

In a bout that had solid in-ring action but non-existent crowd heat, Dean Malenko and Chavo Guerrero Jr. defeated Crowbar and David Flair in 6:20 when Dean Malenko defeated David Flair by submission with a Texas Cloverleaf. 61/100
The first match of the night is a warm up for the IWGP Jr tag team champions. Since winning the title Chavo and Dean had no luck and failed to score big wins, but they will have another opportunity at the pay-per-view. A great showcase for Chavito and Malenko, they got through the oddball dudes with ease. David Flair tapped out to the Cloverleaf, with Shane Douglas clapping on the outside. After the bell "Franchise" got the mic and threw Crowbar and David out of the ring. "Now that we are done with this trash, time to talk about some serious business. DDP, you know damn sure that I was seconds away from winning the TV title from you last week, and if it wasn't for your buddy Kanyon, we would have a new champion! I had to know better that you're such a cheater, but maybe it's not as bad as it seems. This Sunday Jeff Jarrett will cash in his briefcase and we will celebrate that win with "The Chosen One" over your senseless body! Mark my words Page, that gold is coming to the camp of Revolution and you won't be able to do anything about it! You will be overwhelmed with the numbers, I can promise you that! And by the way, tell Kanyon to watch over his back because his ass will be FRANCHISED sooner than later bwahahah!" Jeff Jarrett is in no position to choose the time of cashing in, he lost that privilege not so long ago. Does Revolution has an ace in a sleeve, or is that just bluff?

Commissioner Page is interviewed by Mean Gene, who's still mad. Okerlund wants to know what DDP has to say to Shane Douglas and The Revolution? Dallas laughs and polishes his title, then counts on fingers how many times he retained his title already. "Mean Gene, I beat Regal, Saturn, Rhodes, Douglas... Jarrett too, but he will get his chance again this Sunday. Result will be the same, me dropping them with a Diamond Cutter for the three! BANG and you're done! Double J thinks he's the Chosen One, but I'm the People's Champion! No matter how many guys you have on your side, I have my fans behind me, and that's all I need! Now about Kanyon, believe it or not I talked him off about that situation that occured on the last Nitro. He played the game that Revolution mastered, and he made them lose. I can admire that and I can understand why he did what he did. Kanyon is the most passionate guy in this industry, he is hungry and is always up for a challenge. He told me already that he's going to enter the Battle Royal, so if you guys are not afraid of the Flatliner, step up and try to get him! I wish you luck gentlemen, may the best man win! And one last thing... this Thursday we are going to have a clash of champions! Myself, Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart will take on Buffy T and Lex Luger in a six man tag! Six of the best in WCW all together in one ring! You don't wanna miss that!" Okerlund nods and says that promises to be a great bout! We're not comin back to ringside though...

The only woman wrestler in the company is here! DDP congratulates Lita on her huge victory from last week! Page was sceptical when he first heard about her plans to wrestle, but she showed a lot of heart. Lita says she will always work hard to achieve her goals, and scepticism from people won't stop her. "I went to Mexico without knowing the language to learn lucha libre and become a wrestler. I want to be inspirational, in the same way Rey Mysterio was to me. It's only the beginning commissioner, you give me chances and I will make 200% out of them!" DDP also says he sees a lot of fire in Lita and asks her what is her ultimate goal? Redhead asks for a chance to stand up to Billy Kidman and put his words where his mouth is! Lita wants a regular match with the cruiserweight champion so she can prove to the locker room she's no pushover. Page says that although he doesn't think it's a great idea, he will grant a match. Tonight! Lita thanks the boss, she will make him proud! Rey enters the room as Lita is about to leave, he wishes her luck and then demands a match with Big T, who tried to beat him up earlier! Okerlund says that he witnessed the brawl and would like to see Big T punished! Page exhales and says Stratus requested that match already, so it's official. Rey nods and tells Lita that Jimmy Hart would look over her and scout Kidman for the Sunday match.

In an extremely short match, Kidman defeated Lita in 5:26 by pinfall with a Kid Crusher. 43/100
The expression on Billy's face when he found out about his opponent for tonight was undescribable. Accompanied by Jimmy Hart, Lita played up to the crowd and jumped right in. Champion felt disrespected by such a match, but still did his part and stiffed Lita. Billy gets the victory with a Kid Crusher, he didn't give Lita any chance at all. Tough watch for the fans, but Lita asked for it herself. Kidman did what Juventud couldn't, but his focus is on other things. "A match up with a girl, really? You are not suited to your position DDP. Earlier today I heard that you are throwing a six man tag with all the champions, and I'm not invited! I know you're jealous of my talent, but that's just unheard of! I am twice the talent that you are, and we both know it's true! I will outshine everyone in that ring if you give me that opportunity, but obviously you are in this business all for yourself! You're no different than Luger or Hogan, protective of your place under the spotlight..." Kidman wipes his nose and leaves with the title, not even looking at Lita who's nursed by "The Mouth of the South". Jimmy calls Billy over, but Kimdan's mind is not here. The hip manager walks right after the title holder and tells him to be half a man he once was. Kidman does turn after those words and spits right in the face of the manager!! Satisfied with his job Kidman poses with the title while Mr. Hart wipes his face. Billy is a very bad boy! Rey must be furious, he will get a chance to channel his anger after the break.

Trish Stratus comes out and gets a lot of deragotary chants in her adress. She tells everyone to shut up!! People only heckle her more, and then she threatens to leave. One particular citizen has a provocative sign, and it gets into the sight of a canadian woman. Stratus calls Big T over, the bodyguard of Buffy T slowly marches to the fan in the first row. The scary black beast puts his hand on the neck of a fan and throws him over the barricade!! Scared for his life he crawls backwards, but gets a help from the one of the fan favorites - Rey Misterio Jr. Rey Rey helps the guy to his feet and tells Big T to get in the ring, they have a fight! Big T laughs Rey off, says he takes dumps of Rey's size every morning. Misterio lunges and hits Big T again, but his shots have no effect. Powerhouse throws the cruiserwight in the squared circle and we start this David vs. Goliath bout!

This was a textbook comeback for the smaller guy. Big T dominated the majority of the match and got all blown up by the end. Rey's heart kept him in the fight and his fast legs eventually confused the burly man. Trish tried to interfere, but was stopped by Eddie! Big T was distracted by the argument and went outside, only to be flattened out with a spingboard summersault to the outside! Upon his return Big T missed with his deadly lariat and ended up on the second rope! Rey did a strange move, a feint kick right in the face of his opponent. Rey knew he couldn't successfully pull off the Hurricanrana, so he just splashed on Big T's belly. That was enough to get a big win over an even bigger man! Rey just showed that size doesn't matter in the ring. Maybe it does matter for Trish, but not for the real wrestling fans. Eddie rolls in and raises Rey's hand, mocking Trish and flashing his signature smirk to her.

In a bout that had solid in-ring action but not much in the way of heat, Rey Misterio Jr. defeated Big T in 7:48 by pinfall with a Spingboard Splash. 61/100
Lance Storm politely enters DDP's office and stares the TV champion down.

- What do you want, Storm? Want a place in the Battle Royal?
- No commissioner, I don't think that match type suits me. There's no skill involved, best wrestler is not guaranteed to win the match. Size matters more, and there's too much politicking in the ring.
- Sounds like you are afraid to be dumped out...
- Oh no, I'm not afraid. I'm just not stupid.
- So you're telling me that you're smarter than anyone else?
- I have faith in my ability and I'm not following of american model of heroism, so yes. I'm smarter than most of the guys entering that match. I pick my shots and I rarely miss!
- Oh really? You lost to Konnan recently, surely you can't be very smart if you got tricked by him?
- He cheated and I would gladly face him one on one again, just when the time is right. I can assure you that in a rematch I am coming out on top.
- Ok... so what you want then? If you're the one picking shots?
- I want a match with YOU!
- Oh really? That surprises me... why do you think you can beat me?
- I'm not sure if you heard what Kidman said, but I agree with his words 100%. You're afraid of losing your spot and you don't have the ability many of us young guys possess.
- I heard what he said, and when I called him out last time he decided to stick a tail between his legs.
- Although I agree with his words, I have nothing else in common with that person. I'm a man of great discipline, I'm clean cut and I am ready to take you on. You said that you beat all of us in Revolution, which is not true. You never beat me!
- That's right, we didn't have our time yet Lance. Obviously you are a very talented guy, but you need to learn a lesson about respect.
- Respect is earned, commisionner. Give me a chance and I'll shake your hand. Word of a man.

DDP doesn't blink at all and extends his arm to Storm. They shake hands, Page says they will fight on Thursday for the title. "And yeah Storm, since you're such a stand up fellow, why don't you take on Konnan tonight? I'll be watching!" Triple H is looking for Ric Flair and asks Arn Anderson where "Naitch" could be? Arn says he and Ric didn't talk since Flair joined the NWO. That suprises HHH a lot, he did not know that it all went bad between them. Anderson has that blaming look in his eyes and then recommends "The Game" to think about the main event. Hunter parries, drops that when every match you're in is the main event you stop giving that too much thought. "Oh, you wouldn't understand Arn... I will tell Ric that you miss him!"

Kidman finds out that DDP decided to give his spot in the 6 man tag and can't believe it. He asks a couple of road agents if that's true and they confirm it. DDP proved Billy wrong, he's not desperate to hold on to his place. He gives young guns the opportunities they ask instead! So it is Kidman, Hogan and Hart against Buffy T and Lex Luger, with Lance Storm taking on commissioner in the title match! DDP listens to his colleagues as much as he listens to the fans! Thunder is a must watch now! Konnan cuts a brief pre-match promo on Storm. "Hey Lance, you think that you're cool, but you're just boring my amigo, spice it up!! Your manners won't get you anywhere, it's a gangsta land and I'm running it! Me and my familia don't back from the challenges, so bring your trasero to the ring and let's get rowdy! LAX hasta la muerte y despues, 5150, Arriba La Raza!"

In a match that had some good action but not much in the way of heat, Lance Storm defeated Konnan in 7:07 by DQ after LAX interfered. 56/100
A good chain wrestling sequence sees Lance come out on top, then it gets kicky and punchy and even dirty. Konnan low blows Storm after Homicide and Hernandez appear on stage and tries a roll up, but ir's only for two. Rolling lariat is blocked by a superkick from the canadian! He locks in a Candian Maple Leaf on Konnan, latin dawgs jump in the ring and throw the match out attacking "The ice Man"! Unexpectedly DDP's face pops up on the TurnerTron and he orders thugs to stop, as he needs Storm to be 100%! "If you two don't back from any challenges and wanna fight, why don't we arrange a fight for you right now?" The team Page has in mind surprises everyone... it's Disco Cats!

Right before the bell we have a short cut back to the locker room of Goldberg. Sid goes in and gives Bill a cold eyed look, then says he will be his partner for tonight! After Fall Brawl though, they will have a rematch and Sid hopes that the fight will be with a title for grabs! After that two men have a masculine handslap, they have that mutual respect for each other.

In an extremely short match, LAX defeated The Disco Cats in 5:12 when Homicide defeated The Cat by pinfall with a Gringo Killer. 38/100
LAX makes a statement! Homicide took out The Cat with a Gringo Killa, a move that looks deadly indeed. The vet in Disco Inferno and the two time world karate champion in Ernest Miller fall victims of Homicide and Hernandez! Konnan is proud, he forgot about his DQ loss already! K-Dawg states LAX are violent and unforgiving, they take no prisoners! After those words latin gangsters stomp on the dancing fools, until Norman Smiley reluctantly gets on the stage and begs for them to stop! Hernandez then picks up Disco and Border Tosses the guy out of the ring on "The Screaming Man"!! That could have ended his career right there! "The Lords of the Dance" picked the wrong dancing partners, they will be more careful next time. LAX pose in the ring and then we go on a comercial break.

Jeff Jarrett runs his mouth in the locker room, bragging about putting Sting away twice! He's the Chosen One, so everybody can choke on that! "I put the Stinger down, I'll put that slapnut commissioner Page out too, mark my words boys! Lance, you stretch that old man for me, and we will have that gold on our hands by the next Nitro!" Shane Douglas also gives praise to Malenko and Chavo, who won their match earlier. "Keep that good work up comrades, we need to retain those fancy belts on Sunday to leave this joint for some time and take a tour to Japan! We will walk out with so much gold the company will fall apart and they will beg for us to return!" The whole crew likes the idea, they are looking for ways to get in the winning positions and maybe this is the time for them. With a sand dropping out of NWO they can become the number one faction in all of WCW! "Last but not least, Dustin is set to face Sting in the semi-main event. May I repeat myself, we are not helping Raven in his quest to run off that guy, but we can benefit from his state for sure. Jeff did a wonderful job last time, so we can all learn from him and crash the so-called Icon in a million of shards, ahahah!! Aaand... Battle Royal is a great opportunity for us to get what we deserve! It's our time now!"

Sting is lacing his boots and putting the last touches to his war paint, the man is ready. Vampiro creeps from behind and can be seen in a mirror reflection. He gives "The Icon" that sick smile, but it doesn't affect Stinger at all. Veteran acts like Vamp is not a threat, not even reaching for his bat. Vamp says he really wanted to be on good terms with Sting, but he left him no choice. When Vampiro offers you help, you accept it and thank him! Sting cracks a smile, adjusting his trenchcoat. "Look at me when I'm talking to you!" Vampiro doesn't like being ignored like that so he puts his hand on the shoulder of Sting and gets a right hand right in the jaw as an answer! Sting throws him in the sink and repeatedly beats the dreaded guy with a bat! Vicious attack by Stinger leaves Vampiro out cold! Sting gets out of the bathroom, closes the door and turns the lights off there. IT'S SHOWTIME, FOLKS!! The phrase that was exclaimed so often had a different ring to it now. It wasn't a line to fire up the crowd anymore. It was a warning to all of those who crossed the man himself! The echo of the yelp was disturbing, Stinger right now is someone you would see in your nightmares and not ask for a photo. Something scary woke up in him, we will see how far it will go. What have Raven done to our hero?

In a match that had some good action and average heat, Sting defeated Dustin Rhodes in 9:26 by submission with a Scorpion Deathlock. 71/100
This was a piece of cake for angry Stinger. Fans were taken aback with "Icon's" intensity in this match a bit, and the reaction wasn't as loud as it usually is. Sting put Dustin down with a Scorpion Death Drop and decided to make the guy scream, putting him in a signature submission of his. No mercy from the fan favorite, he has that edge to him now. After finishing the match Sting picks up his bat and calls over for anyone else to "try him", but there's no line for the beat down. Maybe this Sunday? Sting will probably be there, watching, lurking, hunting. "Revolution" member did lose tonight, it's not a clean slate for the men of Shane Douglas. Sting gets the mic and demands Raven and Meng to come down and slay him, or at least die trying! Sting is racing from corner to corner but the villains just ignore him.

Ric Flair tries to call Bret Hart, but "Hitman" doesn't pick up. World champion did not travel to participate in this weeks Nitro, he doesn't miss many of those. "Nature Boy" is sweating and looking around, then calls Bret again just to find out that he was blacklisted! Flair swears, throws the expensive phone on the ground and stomps it with his custom made shoes. Triple H asks what's the big deal, tries to calm the legend down, but can't get the desired result. Flair rants about Sid tearing his suits and smashing his limo, destroying his hotel room and calling his wife, then says that Bret is acting like a primadonna over the fact they couldn't talk! "The Game" looks in Flair's wild eyes and whispers that it's just one of those crazy nights. Ric's been through worse, and hell, there will be a lot of sh!t days in the future, but they must stay focused to stay on top. "Kev and Scott walked out, we only have each other right now. I will talk to them later and try to bring them back, but as of now it's only me and you. The Dirtiest Player In The Game... The Cerebral Assassin..." Flair nods, slaps his own biceps and woooooooooo's! At least they are on the same page, unlike anyone else in NWO. They have a huge tag team match in the main event, next!

A replay of Mike Awesome and Scott Steiner brawling on the parking lot. Alex Shelley as a cameraman, Flair and Sid as the reason for an open ending. Who won? Looks like both sides lost there and with Fall Brawl fast approaching we can have a crazy match to end it once and for all. Bobby Heenan said he heard that the girlfriend of Mike Awesome quit her job after Steiner stole the vehicle from the medical facility she used to work for. Rumors point out that the woman who dates the "Career Killer" did not show up for work and didn't put anyone on notice about being absent. Reports state that Ms. Stevens threatend to beat the snot out of her boss, but later cooled off and said that "her man has a big future in the wrestling company Hulk Hogan makes his millions in"! Nobody can argue with that point. She also has the look that could propell her to stardom! She looks scary, has a unique look and by the looks of things interest for business. Chyna made a great career in short period of time, why not try same here?

The man that introduced Chyna to the masses is making his entrance! Motorhead is a great choice for entrance music, it fits Hunter so well. One of the things Triple H likes about WCW is that he can ask for big money artists to play for him, something his father in law didn't want to do often. Triple H has more freedom in this land, and as a true rebel he enjoys free reigns. Ric Flair is the king of the country, he always will be. Whether you like him or not, you gotta respect the legend this sport will never see again! Flair and Trips have a positive statistic when tagging, what can stop them from notching up another big victory? Maybe a crazy big man like Sid!? His eyes are set on Flair, with Goldberg taking on "The Cerebral Assassin"! Huge brawl between the two units breaks out, good guys take the upper hand. NWO leaders swing the momentum in their favor with some dirty tricks, it's a classical tag team match. Triple H works over Sid's leg that apparently was severly damaged in a car crash... Sid whales in pain but gets a chance to put some heat back on the offenders. His tag to Goldberg was like a hand slapping the big red button! Not a self-destruction one, the one that shoots missiles...

In a bout that featured great action and a good crowd, Goldberg and Sid Vicious defeated Ric Flair and Triple H in 15:58 when Goldberg defeated Ric Flair by pinfall with The Spear. 81/100
"The Man" speared "The Nature Boy" out of his boots! Devastating tackle knocked Ric out for good, how can his body handle that? Ric is made out of something else! Bret Hart's face appears on the screen while Triple H helps Flair to stand up. Sid asks the fans "who's the man?", Goldberg is marching around the ring, clapping hands with those who answer "Gooooooldberg" to Sid. Bill rides a gigantic momentum wave, he can do no wrong. "Hitman" calls over both his opponents and demands attention! The champion is sitting in some dark room, but the big gold belt shines through as Bret speaks. Hart said that karma got to Ric Flair, as he chose the wrong guy to support. "Triple H, you think you can fool me? You can call yourself a Cerebral Assassin, but your mind games have no effect on me, unlike Flair or anyone else from your little kliq. I know that the whole deal with Hall and Nash is just a farce, it's a set up to screw me over! I see things like that from a mile away, you have to try better. Of course you are no "Excellence of Execution", so I shouldn't be surprised that you failed. Just like tonight! Time and time again, you come up short, and for some reason you still think you're the next world champion? You can't lace my boots Hunter, if anything, you are as overrated as one can be. Just like your friends, every single one of them! From Kevin Nash and Scott Hall all the way to Ric Flair and to your pillhead bestie! I have no respect for you, and this company has no respect for my title if the three-way is still on! This is a disgrace! Don't be too happy with yourself Goldberg, I didn't forget about you! Your fluke victory doesn't mean anything yet and I am all but sure that on Sunday you're coming home with a broken back and serious doubts about your future. I am the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be! And at Fall Brawl I will prove that once again!"

Final Rating: 85/100 (6.90 on TNT)

I probably should have waited for Destiny, but I wasn't sure if I would have a chance to post in the next couple of days. Thanks for reading boys, hope you enjoyed. Big Thunder coming up, with a clash of champions for a main event! See you there!
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