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Unread 10-21-2017, 08:20 AM
TsuMirren TsuMirren is online now
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Week 2 August 1991

UWF Fall Assault Night #1


{Herb and Mark Rocco are backstage.}

Mark: "He won't show, but that's fine as I have this all arranged for him."

Herb: "Well, I'll let you tell him all about that when you see him. Have you seen Lou?"

Mark: "No, now you mention it..."


Mark: "Come to think of it, I've not seen any of Paul Ellering's guys aside from Bundy!"

Herb: "Well, I'm stupid though not that stupid. Anyway, I'd better be going...I've got some contracts to review. Oh, on that, Sid won't be here tonight. He wants to talk about WCW, he can do it when he's telling anyone stupid enough to listen about why they aren't booking him."

Iceman Parsons defeats One Star (D)
King Kong Bundy defeats Mike Durham (D)
UWF Americas Championship
Owen Hart defeats Lizmark (D)
Tito Santana & Tom Brandi defeated The Power Twins (C-)
Nikolai Volkoff defeats Larry Zbyzsko (B-)
Bam Bam Bigelow defeats The Master of Pain (????) (C)
NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Rick Rude defeats Buddy Landel (B)

Additional notes: The various segments of regional coverage showed Cactus Jack failing in an attack on King Kong Bundy. Larry Zbyszko also called Bruno Sammartino to the ring and promised to get revenge for the injuries suffered by David. The final additional incident was Bob Orton Jnr attacking Bam Bam post-match.

Overall: B-

UWF Fury Hour - Week 2 August 1991

{The show starts with footage from the backstage area. Mark Rocco & Herb are both standing waiting on people arriving when Al Perez appears.}

Mark: "Hey Al, you can't hide forever sunshine."

{Mark hands Al an envelope, which Al opens as he begins to respond.}

Al: "Oh, what is it now Rocco? You were no angel yourself you know, you can't j...just..can't...WAIT!"

Mark: "You leave at the end of the month mate, let's see if Japan beats it out of you. Oh and, whilst you're still here, you're going to be a very busy boy."

{Al storms off.}

Herb: "Still no Lou, I'm getting a bit worried Mark." (D)

{We switch to the announce team.}

Tony: "Evening folks and welcome to the Fury Hour. We've just begun the Fall Assault here and, of course, When Foes Collide saw some incidents that could shape the very landscape of our industry for years to come. I'm joined with Bruno as always and, Bruno, incident right from the off."

Bruno: "Yes Tony, err incidents right from the start of the show and deserved results for Al Perez. The Von Erich family, you know Tony they have been through enough and Al really needs to move on."

Tony: "Right, plus your own son is currently in hospital."

Bruno: "Barbed wire is for protecting property Tony, it's certainly not for being used within a err err wrestling ring. David will be fine and I'd just like to tell Larry that I appreciate his kind words. What about Lou Albano though? He hasn't been seen since Sunday, it's a worry."

Tony: "It is indeed and if we find out more we'll bring it to you right here on the Fury Hour. But, right now, let's head to the ring." (C+)

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship
Owen Hart defeats Ben Bassarab (D)

{Post-Match, Owen comes across to the announce area.}

Owen: "You know, I've wrestled around the world and I've been a success everywhere I've gone. I've already heard the whispers backstage Bruno, Tony, and I know I'm a deserving Champion. It's for everyone else, including Dean or eve Joe, to step up." (D+)

{An advert plays for the Beach Brawl video.}

"Yes everyone, it's here. The Beach Brawl video can now be yours, begin your UWF video collection today." (D)

{We return to Herb, this time he's walking through the backstage area. He's stopped by Cactus Jack.}

Herb: "Cactus! You have a match later, should you be with Andre? YOU KNOW how he gets!"

Cactus: "Herb, you have to play this tape on the show. Don't watch it first, just play it."

Herb: "What IS THE DEAL with all these...oh alright, I'll...oh he's gone. UNPREDICTABLE indeed." (C)

{We return to Tony and Bruno.}

Tony: "Okay, well I'm hearing...we', okay. We'll be bringing the video footage after our next match."

Bruno: "That footage could be of absolutely anything, who knows what we could be seeing."

Tony: "Exactly Bruno, you don't know when the next major twist will come on the Fury Hour! For now folks, Bob Orton Jnr is up next." (C+)

Match #2
Bob Orton Jnr defeats Steve Ray (D+)

{Post-match, Bob Orton demands a microphone.}

Bob: "Well, it appears that Herb has been struggling to grasp reality once again. You know, it doesn't matter what he's done and it doesn't matter that he's protecting Orndorff YET AGAIN! What matters around here is that Bob Orton is being overlooked. You know, it feels like I'm in a God damned movie where I just keep visiting the same day over and over and over! So, Herb, ONCE AGAIN, find me some proper competition and put me where I belong...AT THE VERY TOP!"

{As Bob is about to leave, he is interrupted by Bam Bam Bigelow sliding in the ring and tapping him on the shoulder. Bob turns and Bam Bam just backs away. Bob nods to the back and then just leaves the ring.} (B-)

{An advert plays for UWF merchandise.}

"Buy your UWF merchandise now, caps and t-shirts or even the new sweatshirt." (D)

{We return from the advert to what must be the video footage passed on by Cactus Jack. It's obvious we're in a hopsital ward, as we move round the bed itself we see Captain Lou Albano with Andre sat next to the bed.}

Andre: "Lou, I'm sorry...I..."

Lou: "Andre, it's not your fault. Don Muraco, how dare you attack me...

{Lou throws his pillows away.}

Lou: " ungrateful son of a bitch! You know brother, I trusted you and I helped you. I took you under my wing again in the UWF, I MADE YOU RELEVANT. You stinking, no good, cowardly bas..."

Andre: "Lou, Lou, calm down you need your rest."

{Lou climbs out of the bed.}

Lou: "I don't need my rest, I need REVENGE. I want blood, the blood of Don Muraco. I'm out the bed, you see that Don...YOU SEE IT???'s all ready for you. I don't even care about Paul bastard Don, you dirty stinking cowardly fu..." (C)

{We quickly switch to Craig DeGeorge backstage, he is quickly joined by Herb.}

Craig: "Wow, well I think it's safe to say we have found Lou Albano."

Herb: "Don, rest up pal, I'll see you next week on THE FURY HOUR!"

Craig: "I wouldn't want to be Don Muraco, with two of the craziest men in wrestling after me."

Herb: "You mean Cactus Jack and Lou, RIGHT!"

Craig: "Of course, that's who I meant. Phew, right, okay, Fall Assault. Care to tell our viewers more Herb?"

Herb: "LOOOOOOOOVE TO Craig. The UWF fans will be able to see some GREAT ACTION this Friday night as both the NWA Heavyweight and Tag Team Championships will be on the line. That, OF COURSE, means you'll all get to Tito Santana versus Rick Rude. The SportsChannel will cover the action, so CHECK YOUR LISTINGS!" (C-)

Match #3
Larry Zbyzsko defeats Bill Irwin (B-)

{Post-Match, Larry Zbyzsko grabs a microphone.}

Larry: "Short and sweet tonight everyone. No long speeches, no need to explain anything. Ivan Koloff, I'll see you in Charlotte." (C+)

{An advert plays for the SportsChannel hotline.}

"Not just the UWF, all the news for all the sports are dial now!" (D)

{We return to Rick Rude in the middle of the ring.}

Rick: "Boo me all you want, I frankly could not care. The day I am bothered by the views of the inhabitants of this toilet is the day I retire. Now, you will all get the chance to watch me in action later tonight...provided your welfare stretched to the price of two tickets. For now though, I'm going to go over there and watch Tito Santana. Pathetic, each of you are booing your dream!" (B-)

Match #4
Tito Santana defeats Greg Valentine by count out
[Valentine fled the ring after Cactus Jack appeared at ringside.] (C+)

Overall: C+
TV Rating: 0.07

UWF Fall Assault Night #2

2 Cold Scorpio defeated The Viking (F+)
UWF World Tag Team Championship
George South & Nelson Royal defeated Bobby Blaze & Joe Cruz by DQ (D-)
Gran Hamada defeats Dean Malenko (C-)
Ken Patera & Matt Borne defeated Billy Anderson & Louie Spicolli (D+)
Rick Martel defeats Al Perez in a lumberjack match (C+)
Andre The Giant & Cactus Jack go to a double stoppage with The Sheepherders (C)
NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Rick Rude defeats Chris Adams (B-)

Additional Notes: Regional coverage led with footage of Owen Hart watching Dean Malenko's match. There was also footage shown on Patera attacking Spicolli, with Mark Rocco having a heated exchange with Patera. Reports also covered the use of barded wire during the double stoppage tag match, with the only footage shown being the post-match brawl and subsequent break up. Worryingly, reports were also covering two high profile injuries that details were as yet sketchy about.

Overall: C+


{Herb is in the office backstage with an official from the NWA.}

Herb: "Okay, so we're using the NWA belts and I've reviewed some of the contracts. What I can't understand is that a few of them are..."

{Cactus Jack comes crashing in to the room.}

Cactus: "Herb, IT'S ANDRE...he's..."

Herb: "CACTUS, I'm not..."

Cactus: "Oh..."

NWA official: "Herb, you know we need things to be under control."

Herb: "I KNOW, okay. It's difficult, you've no idea. I mean Ben has been bad enough, but..."

NWA Official: "Ben?"

Herb: "SHIT! Damn, yes, erm Ben..."

{The door flies open again, both members of The Sheerherders come in backwards."

Butch: "Bloody hell mate, he's lost it!"

Luke: "Yeah, barbed wire isn't going to save us here."

Butch: "He's out his bloody box mate, drunk as hell!"

{Luke has by now turned to see where they are.}

Luke: "Butch, cousin, we're in Herb's office."


{They both leave and Herb looks at the NWA Official.}

NWA Official: "Back to this Ben in a second. We can't have any worker, no matter who it is, drunkenly fighting his way through the arena."

Herb: "No, no we can't. I'll deal with it."

NWA Official: "Ben, you'll deal with that too? Not that you've told me what that is."

Herb: "He was, well he was...he was on drugs."

NWA Official: "That needs stopped now then, right now! What are you going to do about it?"

Herb: "I'll test him."

NWA Official: "Just him?"

Herb: "Oh come on, YOU CAN'T...oh alright, ALRIGHT...I'll test everyone! Have you any idea how much that will cost me? ****!"

Drug Test Results:

Ben Bassarab - Heavy User - Fired
Brian Adias - Soft User - Stern Warning
Buddy Landel - Soft User - Stern Warning
David Sammartino - Steroid User - Fined
Ken Patera - Steroid User - Fined
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Unread 10-24-2017, 02:03 PM
TsuMirren TsuMirren is online now
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Had an x-ray on my right shoulder earlier and I'll be looking to rest my shoulder as much as possible until I get the results back of that. So I'll be putting the diary on hold until then.
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Unread 11-03-2017, 06:29 PM
TsuMirren TsuMirren is online now
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Right, I've still not had my x-ray results back yet. But, I have managed to squeeze out another night of the Fall Assault Tour.

UWF Fall Assault Night #3


{Mark Rocco is walking along the corridor, the camera crew catch up with him.}

Camera Guy: "Mark, hey! Where are you going?"

Mark: "Herb's office, I've actually got some good news for the guy. Cablevision were on the phone and...know what, come with me and we might get something we can use tonight."

{They walk along and come to Herb's office door, Mark knocks.}

Mark: "Guys, best wait out here eh. I'll bring you in."

{Mark walks in the room and the door shuts.}

Mark: "Herb? What the hell mate? The place is a mess, looks like the old Leeds United team of Don Revie has been through it. Herb? HERB? Come mon man, HERB!!!"

Herb: "Who is it? WHO?"

Mark: "Err, Herb, will I get someone?"

Herb: "WHO IS IT? Who the..."

Mark: "Herb, what the bloody hell are you on about mate?"

Herb: "These, the letters, TWO OF THEM!"

Mark: "Is this more NWA stuff? Herb, listen mate, you did the deal with them and..."

Herb: "NO, NO, it's not the NWA. I ****ing wish it was the NWA. Here, read them."

Mark: "Give them here then. Hang on, that's a WWF logo and a WCW logo. Herb, what's..wait, the camera crew is outside. I'd better tell them to go."

Herb: "WHAT? The camera crew?"

{The door flies open.}

Herb: "Is it you? Huh? You're always around here, backstage, lurking, asking questions."

Camera Guy: "Is what us Herb? You asked us to be around, film in case anything can be used...remember?"

Mark: "NWA affiliation, use of signed talent...Herb?"

Herb: "MARK. They're still ****ing out here! Right, okay, yes yes I remember. I'm sorry, of course you can be filming. Just not outside my office door."

Camera Guy: "Mark said he had good news, so..."

Herb: "Ah, okay. Well, I'll see you later then."

{Herb goes back in the office.}

Herb: "So, tell me about this good news."

{The show itself was shown on delay on SportsChannel America}

{We begin the show with Tony Schiavone and Bruno Sammartino standing alongside Herb.}

Tony: "Welcome folks, to a night of UWF action that could change the face of the UWF as we know it."

Bruno: "I'm certainly looking forward to Rick Rude versus Tito Santana Tony. These two guys have had varying success elsewhere...."

Herb: "Nobody needs to hear about elsewhere folks, just the UWF! Good evening everyone, I'm Herb Abrams and I have some GREAT NEWS. The UWF WILL be on Pay Per View in September, I believe that some of you are probably aware of that."

Tony: "Wow Herb, but how?"

Herb: "Less of the questions Tony, let's just concentrate on the action. We will, OF COURSE, be seeing RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRICK Rude versus the..."

Bruno: "Wait, that's Rick's music..."

{Rick Rude makes his way out to the ring, alongside him are The Power Twins. It's obvious Rick isn't prepared to wrestle tonight. As Rick gets in to ring, Herb is just getting in to join him.}

Herb: "Rick, I err..."

Rick: "Herb, just give me a second would you. Everyone, please give me a second. Right, phew, thanks guys. Okay, I unfortunately have to announce that I have been injured yet again..."

{Herb drops to his knees.}

Rick: "...but, it's not as bad as the previous occasion. So, all you unfit, jobless, worthless, imbeciles out there won't have to wait too long until you see me defend the NWA World Heavyweight Championship again. Herb, get up would you...indeed, when you do get up you can go to the back and fire Chris Adams. He's the man who injured me, he's the man who caused me to go through surgery and he's the man..."

{Tito Santana has by now walked out to the ring and is up on the ring apron.}

Rick: "Oh look, Tito Santana everyone. Tito, I'm sorry my friend and I can only apologise that you won't get your title shot this evening. Look, listen, maybe you can partner up with Rick Martel or something. I'm sure the fans would like to..."

Tito: "Shut up Rude! I'm sure the fans would like to see me beat you down right now, Huh, would you all like to see me beat down Rick Rude?"

{Tito looks round to the crowd and turns to see both Power Twins coming towards him and connecting with a double clothesline.}

Rick: "Tito, Tito, there's only one person getting beaten down tonight."

{Dave Power hits Tito with a powerbomb and then Tito is kicked out of the ring.}

Rick: "Now, Herb, again I can only apologise. I'm going home to recover and I'll see you next week on...come on..."

Herb: "The FURY HOUR?"

Rick: "Yes, the Fury Hour! Okay guys, come on!"

{We returned to the announce team.}

Tony: "Well Bruno, things have taken a turn yet again here in the UWF."

Bruno: "I, ha, I err...I suppose all I can do is agree Tony. All we can do is apologise to our wonderful fans."

Tony: "That's right and, you know, we can also really only get to some in-ring action." (C+)

Match #1
Bob Orton Jnr defeats Ross Greenberg
[This was basically a squash, with Orton not giving anything to the young Greenberg. The finish came with a piledriver, Greenberg having gone for a backbody drop.] (D+)
{Post-match, Orton grabbed the mic for a brief promo.}

Bob: "I know all you boys in the back will be scrambling around. Don't worry though, you can get back to your usual programme. Oh wait, HA, you can't can you. Rick Rude has gotten himself injured again hasn't he. Herb, looks like you need a main event son and there's a main event wrestler right here under your nose. Make the decision and get some gold around this waist!" (C+)

{We're taken backstage, Mark Rocco is speaking to someone just as he closes a car door.}

Mark: "We'll see you Monday, don't worry about it. The deal is still the same, just go have the meeting.}

{The car drives off and Mark turns to see Herb walking up to him.}

Herb: "Who was...know what, nevermind. HAVE YOU HEARD?"

Mark: "No. I've been back here."

Herb: "It was Rick who was injured, HE'S OUT!"

Mark: "Oh that, oh we had a plan in place for that. Tito is going to..."

Herb: "Tito's out too, they're just...WAIT, you knew about Rick?"

Mark: "Yes, Les and myself were on it. He got injured through the week and you were away Herb. Right, I need to go and get this sorted. Are you okay?"

Herb: "Oh yeeeeees, fine, NEVER BETTER"

{Mark walks off.}

Herb: "He knew? HE...what else does he know?" (E-)

Match #2
Gran Hamada defeats Bobby Blaze
[This match was joined in progress by SportsChannel America, which was annoying as there was actually some good action. The match was slightly less lucha, both workers obviously knowing their audience, and saw a few "rest" moments. Blaze would miss with a running back elbow in to the corner and Hamada would quickly hit a Tornado DDT for the finish.] (C-)
{An advert plays for the SportsChannel hotline.}

"Not just the UWF, all the news for all the sports are dial now!" (E+)

Match #3
Furnas & Kroffat defeated Isley & Ligon
[Considering what it was, this match was a very decent affair as Furnas & Kroffat worked a very clean match. It was, though. fairly obvious that the AJPW All Asia Tag Team Champions were pretty much through the motions. Isley & Ligon , on the other hand, showed that there may be something in there that could turn round their one win a month record. The finish itself came after a series of Furnas powerslams to Ligon as Kroffat raced across the ring to cut off Isley.] (C-)
{An advert played for the NHL coverage on SportsChannel America. Not rated}

Match #4
Larry Zbyszko defeats Al Perez by DQ
[Perez didn't look happy from the start, the taped bicep probably pointing to him being the second worker injured on the Fall Assault Tour. Larry obviously used this injury to his advantage, leading to Perez ducking out the ring any chance he got. Perez would attempt a german suplex, but couldn't execute and allowed Zbyszko to again work the arm. This would see the action eventually spill to the outside, though at this point Ivan Koloff would appear and catch Larry. Koloff would then get Perez to grab Larry, which only led to Perez being punched in the face instead. The Referee would reprimand Koloff as Larry slid Perez back in to the ring. Larry would go for the arm again, but suffered a poke to the eye and then a low blow. Unfortunately for Perez, the Referee was back in position and called for the DQ.] (C+)
{Perez would basically just roll out the ring and leave Larry and Ivan to it. Larry grabbed a microphone and gave it to Koloff both barrels.}

Larry: "Ivan, I told you that I would see you in Charlotte and well here we both are. You stand there, some sad overweight symbol of a failing country, and you have two imbeciles who've evidently had too much of the sweeties up North beside you. This ends now, so I'm going to make you a, no...I'm going to tell you what will happen. You and the two imbeciles will each face me in a cage match. If I win all three, I get a team together and get a shot at your NWA Six Man Tag Team titles."

{We couldn't hear any of Ivan's response.} (C-)

{An advert plays for the Beach Brawl video.}

"Yes everyone, it's here. The Beach Brawl video can now be yours, begin your UWF video collection today." (E)

UWF Americas Championship
Bob Bradley defeats Owen Hart
[Owen Hart had almost total control of this match, with Bradley's only real offence being a poor attempt at a backflip elbow into the corner. That all ended when Joel Malenko appeared, which saw Owen distracted somewhat. First time round Owen managed to regain control, but Joel would remain at ringside and a further distraction allowed Bradley to take pin with a quick roll up.] (C-)
{We switch to the announce team.}

Tony: "Wow, Owen Hart won't be happy with that. Joel Malenko getting some revenge for his brother there Bruno."

Bruno: "Yes Tony. You know err, you can see why Joel isn't happy and obviously he's looking for revenge. Bob Bradley with gold though, I wonder if we'll see Bob seize the opportunity."

Tony: "A very good point Bruno, the UWF does offer opportunities to those who want it. Who knows, maybe tonight's main event will also provide just that."

Bruno: "The UWF should just stop announcing main events Tony, someone always seems to get injured or some other crazy thing happens."

Tony: "I'm not sure even Herb could go in to a show with no main event announced. We'll of course bring you news on the main event as we go folks, but let's now get back to the ring with Matt Borne against Jimmy Snuka.} (C-)

UWF SportsChannel America Television Championship
Jimmy Snuka defeats Matt Borne by DQ
[Snuka and Borne gave this match everything, with Snuka looking to continue his good form at When Foes Collide. Borne would fail to seaze a few moment of dominance as he was constantly looking over his shoulder. The match was very back and forward, with a spell of action outside. At one point, both men would grab a chair from the crowd and slide back in to the ring. With the Referee looking for both men to put the chairs away, we would see Cactus Jack appear. Borne would swing and connnect with Snuka then flee the ring, followed by Cactus, as the Referee called for the bell.] (C-)
{The SportsChannel America footage picks up Baby Doll outside Herb's office.}

Baby Doll: "Guys, I was going to try and get a word..."

Herb's Voice: "WHAT? You work for me, your TURD of a promotion was on it's last legs."

Baby Doll: "...erm, a word with Herb. But, as you can hear he's..."

Herb's Voice: "JUNE, you haven't defended it since JUNE. Too busy taking pot shots at UWF talent."

Baby Doll: "...he's, having quite a heated..."

{Something smashes off of the inside of the office door.}

Baby Doll: "...maybe later." (E+)

Match #7
The Sheepherders defeated Masked Confusion in a tornado tag match
[This match was a bloody continuation of the encounter at When Foes Collide. There was no barbed wire this time, but The Sheepherders have obviously found a second wind late in their careers. Blair and Brunzell just looked incapable of going that extra yard with regards brawling. Indeed, it was one silly pose the crowd that saw Brunzell pushed out over the ropes and allowing Blair to be double piledriven for the pinfall.] (C-)
{We're taken to the announce team for one last time.}

Tony: "Well Bruno, it's been a night of great action."

Bruno: "Some disappointment too though Tony. I'm sure the UWF fans would join me in being upset that we aren't seeing Rick Rude out there."

Tony: "That's certainly true Bruno, but wait...I'm hearing that...excuse me folks. The A...oh, okay...yes, yes, I've got it. Bruno, we're going to have a title deciding main event. Next up folks it's a battle royal for the ACW Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title." (C)

ACW Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship
10 Man Battle Royal
[Bob Orton Jnr, Bobby Blaze, George South, Ivan Koloff, Joe Cruz, Larry Zbyszko, Leo Burke, The Emperor of Doom (????), Nelson Royal and Ron Starr.

The early action in this one saw the ring cleared fairly quickly. First out was George South, who was absolutely livid as Nelson Royal had knocked him off balance before Cruz and Blaze tipped him over. Royal clothesline Blaze over, then Cruz attempted to return the favour and found George South helping on the outside as Royal tumbled out. On the outside, George South would get in to an argument with Nelson Royal and push him to the ground, before picking him back up and throwing him in to the ring steps. Watching this was Cruz, who was eliminated by The Emperor of Doom. Cruz & Blaze would in fact help Nelson Royal backstage as the action raged on.

Koloff and Zbyszko had, almost inevitably, found themselves battling it out in the corner. At the same time, Burke and Starr would battle with Orton and The Emperor of Doom. Orton would actually leave the ring at one point and come over to the announce table.

Bob Orton Jnr: "Look at this Tony, does it look like I'm climbing to the very top in there? Looks like I'm scraping the bottom, digging my way under with the maggots and worms. Oh, there go the only two other decent guys in there. It's great, those two guys hate each other don't they."

Bob was of course refering to Zbyszko and Koloff who had just both gone over the top rope whilst locked up. The action didn't stop there, with both men scrapping their way away from the ring.

Bob Orton Jnr: "Haha, what did I tell ya both? HATE each other! Right, watch this..."

Bob gets back in to the ring and pulls Starr then Burke off of The Emperor of Doom. Orton shakes the Emperor's hand and they both go after Starr and Burke. Orton tossed Burke over the top fairly quickly then grabbed Burke and threw him over too. The Emperor of Doom would offer Orton his hand again, which Orton accepted then pulled him in for a short armed clothesline. Orton picked up The Emperor by the head and threw him over, taking the Emperor's mask off as he did. The Emperor would crawl under the ring to hide his identity.]

Winner: Bob Orton Jnr
Rating: C-
Overall: C
TV Rating: 0.04


{The crowd has gone, the ring crew about to start dismantling the ring. Bruno walks past Herb.}

Bruno: "You know Herb, I enjoyed that. But, maybe we could be a bit smarter."

Herb: "Cheaper Bruno, we need to be cheaper!"

Bruno: "Ha ha, you might have a point there Herb. Are you coming for a drink? Tony and I aren't doing Mobile tomorrow."

Herb: "No, well maybe later. I'm going to see what's under the ring."

Bruno: "Oh, yeah, I'd like to know that too."

Herb: "AHERM, it's not Mexico you know it's only a mask. Hey wait, Bruno, it's one of those KOTJ cards! Come on, you can..."

{Herb reels back laughing.}

Bruno: "What is...oh, hahaha. You?"

Herb: "Oh, oh, hahahaha, you...YOU...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Alfred, you crazy old bastard...what did you sign here? You know what, you're fired!"

Bruno: "Herb!"

Herb: "No, he attacked numerous UWF workers, he's been coming out as I don't know what every night and these cards. KOTJ? Well, he's King Of The Jobless now. KICKED OFF THE JOB! Gone, done, finished...WHAT?"

{Ricky Morton has appeared.}

Ricky: "Herb, there's a call for you and it's...well, it's...Jim Herd.

Herb: "Oh for **** sake, this will be about the letter. Right, I'd better go take the call. Bruno, escort our friend to the locker room and then out would you."

Bruno: "Okay. Steve, sorry to have to do this."
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TsuMirren TsuMirren is online now
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Atlantic Coast Wrestling - Week 2 August 1991


{A backstage meeting is held, Mark Rocco and even Larry Hennig are struggling to keep things together.}

Worker A: "Look, first thing...we heard a few guys are gone."

Mark: "All I know is that Herb was on the phone with Jim Herd last night. I don't..."

Worker B: "Bull! We've all seen things changing, we're not getting used."

Worker C: "Yeah and when were we last in Canada eh?"

Larry: "Guys, guys, come on let's all just calm down. We've got two shows tonight, plenty of room for you."

Worker A: "Yeah, plenty of room for UWF guys to..."

Mark: "You work for the UWF, I work for the UWF, we all...know what, there's a phone right here. Will I phone Herb?"

{Bob Orton comes in to the room.}

Bob: "Oh...tension. I'll just take my belt and I'll see you all later."

Larry: "Bob, sit down!"

{By this point Mark is already on the phone.}

Mark: "Herb, Mark, no, I am in Mobile...yes, it certainly was. Look, Herb, a few of the guys are...well, I don't know...there's a few rumours kicking around...oh, you sure...right, I'll put you on speaker."

Herb: "Everyone, glad you're all there...SO GLAD! I've had a hell of a night, NOT IN THE MOOD and so this seems like the perfect time to address any issues."

Worker B: "Herb..."

Herb: "Is someone SPEAKING? I said address, NOT DISCUSS! Yes, we lost a few workers last night and you would think some of you would want to step up. Bottom line here, I run the UWF and it's for me to worry about. Second point, trying to stay calm here, if you are unhappy or you want out...LEAVE! Go on, who is unhappy?"

{Nobody gets up to leave.}

Mark: "Herb, nobody left."

Herb: "Okay, right, well I'll leave you all to it."

UWF Canadian Heavyweight Championship
Bob Bradley defeats Ron Starr (c) (D+)

Footage is shown of Nelson Royal being taken to hospital after the Fall Assault show, Joe Cruz was shown getting in the ambulance. Then the footage continued to show Cruz standing, worried looking, in the hospital. (D)
Bobby Blaze defeated Mark Scarpa (E)
Paul Ellering was in-ring, warning Jimmy Snuka to stay away from things. Snuka told Ellering to get out before he found himself in trouble. (D+)
Jimmy Snuka defeats Gerry Morrow (D+)
Bob Orton Jnr walks through backstage, making some choice comments then comes to the ring and cuts a promo telling the ACW viewers to keep tuning in. (C+)
ACW Junior Heavyweight Championship
Bobby Fulton defeats Adrian Street, Billy Robinson and Les Thornton in a fatal four way match (C-)

Overall: C-
TV Rating: 0.03

UWF Fall Assault Night #4 - Week 2 August 1991

Greg Valentine defeats Chaz Taylor (D+)
Leilani Kai & Misty Blue defeated Debbie Combs & Susan Green (D)
Iceman Parsons defeats Chief Jay Strongbow Jnr (D)
Rick Martel won 10 man battle royal (C+)
Furnas & Kroffat defeated 2 Cold Scorpip & Owen Hart (C-)
NWA National Heavyweight Championship
Steve Williams defeated Leo Burke (C)

Additional notes:
The footage across various sports reports showed Lou Albano getting in the face of Greg Valentine. Action Jackson also attempted to get Iceman Parsons attention, only to be brushed aside.

Overall: C
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Week 3 August 1991

UWF Fall Assault Night #5 - Week 3 August 1991

Sunny Beach & Sonny Rogers defeated The Cuban Commandos (D-)
Tom Brandi defeats Tim Patterson (E+)
Tito Santana defeats Mark Scarpa (C-)
Larry Zbyszko defeats Butch in a steel cage match (D+)
NWA World Women's Championship
Leilani Kai defeats Tina Moretti (c) (D-)
NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship
Owen Hart defeats Norio Honaga (D+)
Paul Orndorff & Bam Bam Bigelow defeated Al Perez & Ken Patera (C+)

Additional notes: Regional coverage would show Larry Zbyszko calling out Ivan Koloff, knowing full well he had friends in the back making sure only Butch would come to the ring. Sadly, the same coverage would also show Butch attacking Larry at the end of the match.

Overall: C


{Mark Rocco has entered Herb's office back stage, hoping to go over the night and prepare for tomorrow. Herb, though, is on the phone.}

Herb: "Well, at least you had the deceny to, no, it's okay...I'm sure Alfred had the best intentions too...HA, yes...oh, I've already started that and it's not looking like...oh, you know, okay...yes, end of the month is fine. Thank you and, wait...Bob has a belt...Bradley...that's no surprise as your promotion hasn't used him since, don't...GREAT...thank you! Good luck with your future plans too...bye!"

Mark: "Who was that?"

Herb: "Vince McMahon, you know THE OWNER OF THE WWF!!! What have I got myself in to...right, anyway. We're going to lose a few more, but he's releasing Bob Bradley. Had NO IDEA who he was apparently."

Mark: "Are we going to tell them? Will we just...what will we...?"

Herb: "We'll do nothing, most of them have TURNED DOWN CONTRACTS!!! Well, I suppose that should be all. Just let them make us some money until September."

UWF Fury Hour - Week 3 August 1991

{We begin the show with Herb, Bruno and Tony.}

Tony: "Good evening everyone and welcome to..."

Herb: "THE FURY HOUR! You know what Tony and Bruno, I'm excited. We have Pay Per View next month, we'll be based in New York through until December and that's NOT EVEN CLOSE to all."

Bruno: "You, of course, err told Don Muraco to be here tonight."

Herb: "Did I? I'd forgotten...OF COURSE I HAVEN'T. Indeed, I'll let you both continue on with the introductions. DON, you'd better be backstage."

Tony: "Well, Herb has left us folks and he's off to have a word or two with Don Muraco."

Bruno: "It might only be two words."

Tony: "Ha ha, very true Bruno. Okay, moving on, we've got some great action lined up and let's get to the first of it." (C-)

Match #1
Chris Adams defeats The Blazer
[The Blazer was a new face for UWF fans to enjoy and gave a good account of himself. Adams and The Blazer took a more martial arts approach for part of the match. Adams seeming to enjoy the switch and managing to get victory via a super kick.] (D+)

{An advert plays for the Beach Brawl video.}

"Yes everyone, it's here. The Beach Brawl video can now be yours, begin your UWF video collection today." (E)

{We return to Baby Doll backstage.}

Baby Doll: "Guys, I'm just trying to find Herb Abrams and see if I can. Oh, there he is...Herb..."

Herb: "Oh, hey Baby Doll. Just give me a second would you, I'm waiting for Don to get here."

Baby Doll: "You mean you're not going, no, of course not. Erm, what do you have planned?"

Herb: "See this door, behind that door Don is going to get what is coming to him."

Baby Doll: "Oh, is that your office for t..."

{Don Muraco appears and gives Herb a stern look.}

Herb: "Don, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? YOU WON, your team won the...know what, let's do this in here. Come on, after you..."

{Don Muraco goes through the door and the camera follows him.}

Bruno: "That's not an office Tony."

Tony: "You're right Bruno, that looks like some sort of boiler room and the door has just closed. Woah, that's Cactus Jack!"

{Cactus Jack comes flying at Don, sending both of them in to a stack of iron rods. Cactus is first to his feet and stomps Don a few times before grabbing a steel rod and choking Don out. Cactus disappears...}

Bruno: "Justice is usually very..."

Cactus: "DON...DON!"

{Muraco opens one eye and looks up with a look of utter fear as the camera pans to show Cactus Jack leaping from a section of shelving and landing on Muraco with a vicious elbow. We cut to the announcers.}

Tony: "Wow, what did I say about action. Let's get back to the ring.} (C-)

NWA World Tag Team Championship
Masked Confusion defeated Ivan Koloff & Nikita Volkoff
[Ivan had evidently roped Volkoff in to team with him, which led to a very simple match. The fan favourites spent most of the time trying to get Koloff & Vokoff back in the ring. When they did get in, there was some brief action and then back out. Eventually we did see some proper action, with Koloff eventually being distracted by David Sammartino. Volkoff would go after Sammartino, allowing a double drop kick from Masked Confusion and a subsequent cover.] (C)

{An advert plays for UWF merchandise.}

"Buy your UWF merchandise now, caps and t-shirts or even the new sweatshirt." (E)

Captain Lou's Corner:

{Lou is standing with Andre The Giant.}

Lou: "Don Muraco, YOU BACK STABBING..."

Andre: "Lou, Lou, calm down boss."

Lou: "This is me calm! Don, Cactus Jack managed to get a piece of you tonight. You think that was tough, just wait until you are in the ring with this man. THIS GIANT!!!"

Andre: "Don, I thought we were friends brother. All I ever wanted to do was help you. All Lou wanted to do..."

Lou: "You ungrateful, treacherous, cowardly, low life, STINKING, son of a..."

Andre: "Lou, relax RELAX. I'm here, like I said. Don, I'll see you in New York at the end of the month."

Lou: "MURACO, when you wake up from that coma Cactus has put you in to. I hope you fluff up your pillow, I hope you switch on your television, turn to SportsChannel America and you see this. I can only apologise to the nurses for what will happen to your sheets next, YOU DIRTY RAT!!!" (C)

Match #3
The Viking defeats One Star
[This match was an absolute squash match, possibly one of the most brutal the UWF has seen to date.] (F+)

{We go to an UWF event centre with Craig DeGeorge.}

Craig: "Evening folks and welcome to what is a very brief Event Centre. We have some major news about the Blackjack Brawl that is coming to Pay Per View in September. We promised fan involvement and now we can deliver as we allow you to vote on what form the main event match will take on. Just write in to the UWF at the usual address and give your selection from the options appearing on screen now.

A singles cage match
A singles 2 out of 3 falls match
A Texas Tornado tag team match
4 man elimination match
4 on 4 elimination tag team match

The option with the most votes wins and we'll make the announcement at the end of the month." (E)

{Tony and Bruno are introducing the next match.}

Tony: "It's main event time folks and...oh Bruno, here comes the NWA World Heavyweight Champion."

Bruno: "You had better hope he's in a good mood."

Tony: "Well, he does have Missy with him so why wouldn't he be. Hey Rick, good to..."

Rick: "What are you saying about Missy? Huh, hmmm...calm down, I'm not going to hit you."

Tony: "Well, that's a relief."

{Missy slaps Tony out of his seat.}

Rick: "Hahahahahaha, you're just as stupid as these idiots in the arena. Do you know, I was sitting on the plane earlier and one of them came up to me and asked what I was reading for? For, not why, but for! Hick, poorly educated imbeciles. Anyway, let's see what sort of main event we have lined up tonight." (B-)

Match #4
Rick Martel defeats Matt Borne by count out
[A decent match, with Borne being a bit pre-occupied. Martel had won the battle royal during the Fall Assault Tour and kept gesturing to Rick Rude that he was coming after him. At one point Rude threw his headset off, which brought a huge reaction from the crowd and saw Matt Borne exit the ring and flee in to the crowd. Evidently worried about Cactus appearing and leaving Martel to take the win.] (C+)

Overall: C
TV Rating: 0.08

UWF Fall Assault Night #6 - Week 3 August 1991

Iceman Parsons defeats One Star (C-)
Gran Hamada, Michinoku & Wakita defeated Honaga & The Malenkos 2 falls to 1 (C-)
Cactus Jack defeats Tim Patterson in a Street Fight (D+)
Paul Orndorff & Chief Jay Strongbow Jnr defeated The Power Twins (D+)
UWF Americas Championship
Bob Bradley defeats David Sammartino (C-)
Larry Zbyszko defeats Luke Williams in a steel cage match (C)
King Kong Bundy defeats Jimmy Snuka (C-)

Additional notes: Footage on various reports showed Action Jackson coming to One Star's aid. There was also footage of Owen Hart shown in the crowd, wearing his NWA Junior Heavyweight title belt, during the six man tag match. Cactus Jack's promo directed at Don Muraco also made some of the main SportsChannel America reports, with Jack promising blood.

Overall: C-
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UWF Fall Assault Night #7

{The show itself was shown on delay on SportsChannel America and, in Canada, on ATV}

{We start off with Bruno, Tony and Herb.}

Tony: "Welcome everyone, including our friends in Canada, to another earth moving night in the UWF. Herb Abrams is with us, it would appear, is Paul Ellering."

{Herb turns round, he maintains eye contact with Paul as Paul grabs a microphone.}

Bruno: "A little bit of tension in the air there."

Paul: "Well noticed Bruno, but it's nothing that the viewers need to worry about. Is it Herb?"

Herb: "Oh, nooooooooooooooooooooooo, let's not bother the viewers."

Paul: "Indeed, well not all of them anyway. There is one viewer I'm looking to bother, hahahaha oh and how. Lou Albano, Captain Lou, oh how I laughed. How will Don Muraco handle a giant? Is he here this Giant? No, he's at home...he's at home because he..."

Herb: "Paul, I have a show to..."

Paul: "...can't be trusted! You know who can be trusted though, I CAN! Now, trust me when I say that I had nothing to do with Don Muraco attacking you. It doesn't need much of a stretch of the imagination to believe anyone can hate you Lou. Trust me though when I say that you had better keep Cactus Jack away from Matt Borne. I have a giant of my own to let loose."


Paul: "For now"

{Paul walks off as Herb watches him.}

Tony: "Well, a stern warning there for Captain Lou. I imagine Lou will have his own plans."

Bruno: "He may well do, you know he is a great men and has led some marvellous wrestlers. Hasn't he Herb...Herb..."

Herb: "For now? What does he mean for now...huh, what, oh YES yes he has...great men...for now?"

{Herb takes off his headset and walks off.}

Tony: "You'll have heard the announcements in the background folks, let's just get ourselves down to the ring." (C)

Match #1
Leo Burke defeats Mark Scarpa
[Joined in progress, Leo Burke gave the Canadian views a good bit of early interest. Scarpa wouldn't offer too much and the veteran Burke finished things off with a sleeper hold.] (E+)
{We go backstage to an interview with Paul Orndorff.}

Baby Doll: "Paul, you face Rick Rude tonight."

Paul: "Is he here? Haha, yeah I face Rick Rude tonight. You know what though, I do feel like I'm taking someone else spot. That's not an issue though, I can step right up and take it to Rick tonight. The folks at home need not worry, they will get a wonderful main event." (D+)

{An advert plays for the Beach Brawl video.}

"Yes everyone, it's here. The Beach Brawl video can now be yours, begin your UWF video collection today." (E)

Match #2
Tom Brandi defeats Iceman Parsons by DQ
[Brandi would have been hoping to continue on the recent good results, but sadly found myself on the end Iceman's foul mood. The match did start fairly evenly, but Iceman would take control and maintain it after a missed dropkick. Brandi founbd himself run from one corner to the next, beaten in each and stomped to the ground. Parsons would throw Brandi in to a ring post, then slide outside. With Brandi barely moving and slumped in to a ringpost, Parsons would take a steel chair and wrap it round Tom Brandi's head and shoulder. The referee immediately called for the bell.] (D)
{We went straight to the announce team, who were soon joined by Parsons.}

Tony: "Wow, what a change in Iceman Parsons in recent times Bruno."

Bruno: "Yes, err, he's certainly not the man who had a lot friends in the locker room."

Tony: "True and, let's touch upon that for a moment. Friends are an important part of being su..."

Iceman: "Friends, FRIENDS Tony!"

Tony: "Yes, we were just...hey, put the chair down."

Iceman: "Let me tell you something Tony, indeed everybody better listen up. I'm straight outta best friends, get in my way and this chair is where your career ends."

Bruno: "Iceman, come on, what happened to you?"

Iceman: "Happened to me? What happened to me? Is your memory going Bruno? Huh? Watch the footage back, hell buuuuuuuuuuuy the videos, you'll all see it. You, Tony and the rest of you watching on. Bitches, you're all gonna pay!" (C-)

{An advert plays for UWF merchandise.}

"Buy your UWF merchandise now, caps and t-shirts or even the new sweatshirt." (E)

Match #3
The Sheepherders defeated Sonny Rogers and Sunny Beach
[The new pairing of Rogers and Beach were probably left wishing they'd debuted at another time and against another pairing. The Sheepherders, meanwhile, obviously used the match to send a message out to Larry Zbyszko. The action itself saw Beach suffer an early injury, leaving Rogers isolated and unable to tag out. The finish came with Butch running Rogers head first in to Luke's knee and then making the cover.] (D)
{Ivan Koloff, who had been at ringside, grabs a microphone.}

Ivan: "Yet more silly Americans, who think they can stop the AAL. Larry, we will meet tomorrow night in a steel cage. Everyone will see on the news reports that I have defeated you, defeated America!" (C)

{We are taken to a brief event centre with Craig DeGeorge, where he goes over the remaining nights of the Fall Assault Tour.} (E)

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship
Owen Hart defeats 2 Cold Scorpio
[Owen and Scorpio served up a classic in this bout, with both men giving their absolute all. Sadly for Scorpio, he went to the aerial well once too often and Owen would take advantage to take the victory by submission.] (D+)
{Post-match Owen would take the microphone.}

Owen: "That, right there, is what this World Junior Heavyweight title is about. Not getting your brother to complain, not taking bookings elsewhere and not jumping to the top of the list. Earn your title shot and I'll gladly take you on." (D+)

{We go backstage to Baby Doll, she's outside Herb's office.}

Baby Doll: "Hi again folks, busy night for me. Herb asked me to pop along, I'm just..."

Herb: "But they aren't even a team!"

Baby Doll: "Oh dear, maybe we should..."

Herb: "YOU SAID A TEAM. A NWA TAG TEAM! I have team's I don't...No! Right, I need to get out and...oh has he? WHAT? You're already costing me money. What about that assessor who came to...THE OTHER NIGHT...we ran the drugs tests...he...NOOOOOOOOOOOO, ****, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!!!"

{Les Thatcher walks past.}

Baby Doll: "Les, you may want to..."

Les: "Oh, I know, I may not want to go in."

Baby Doll: "Right, well, guys back to you." (D-)

UWF SportsChannel America Television Championship
Matt Borne defeats Joe Cruz
[With Paul Ellering at ringside, we saw a slightly more assured Matt Borne and Joe Cruz suffered as a result. Cruz has indeed seemed a little off his game since the injury to Nelson Royal, but Borne's focus made this irrelevant. With his mind free of worry that Cactus Jack would appear, Borne was able to punish Cruz with some brutal work. Cruz though did respond with a few flurries of his own and almost took a flash pin with a running press. Borne though would lift Cruz, rather than kick out, and hit a belly to belly suplex for the finish.] (C-)
{We're taken backstage to Rick Rude's locker room, where Missy Hyatt is waiting.}

Missy: "Can you hear that tap, tap? That'll be Baby Doll trying to get in. No wonder Herb never hears her!"

Rick: "Well, Herb does have a lot on his mind."

Missy: "Hahaha, yeah he does. Aaaaaaaaaaaanyway, I was talking to a few people earlier. They said that Paul Orndorff asked if you were here!"

Rick: "Of course I'm here, who else would be holding this NWA World Heavyweight Title. Paul, my friend, we go back a long way to around 1987 it was. You've never cared about anyone else, so don't start any nonsense about taking someone's spot."

Missy: "Huh?"

Rick: "Oh you know, he means Santana."

Missy: "But Tito won't be..."

Rick: "Shhhhhhhhhhhh!!!"

Missy: "Oh yeah, hahaha, sorry! Can't talk about Tito, ooooooooookay!"

Rick: "You want this match Paul, you want to take this title belt off of me. But, here's the thing, that means that it'll be your fault when you are lying in a puddle of your own sweat wondering what the hell just happened." (C+)

[CENTER]NWA World Tag Team Championship
Masked Confusion defeated Henchman & Jimmy Backlund
[Ths match wasn't too bad considering the lack of chemistry between Henchman and Jimmy Backlund, with the best example being Henchman reaching up to tag Backlund and catching him in the eye. Blair and Brunzell basically finished the match, got the win and walked out.] (C+)[/center]
{An advert plays for the Fury Hour.}

{This advert clips of Bigelow, Williams and Patera.} (C+)

{We return to the announce area.}

Tony: "Okay folks, it's time for our main event Bruno. 1987 these two men first wrestled, Rude of course coming to wrestling a bit late."

Bruno: "He did Tony, he was an arm wrestler before that. But, you know, he's now the NWA World Heavyweight Champion so obviously he's learned his craft."

Tony: "Indeed he has, so let's get down to the pre-match introductions. I see Paul Orndorff has already made his way in to the ring, robe neatly off and passed down."

{Rick Rude makes his way down to the ring, he grabs Orndorff's robe and passes it to him as he gets in the ring. Orndorff just laughs and passes the robe back down. Meanwhile, Missy Hyatt removes Rick's robe and Rick grabs the microphone.}

Rick: "Listen up all you wretched, low-life, Louisville degenerates. It's time for all of you to watch on as..."

{Paul Orndorff attacks Rick from behind and throws him out of the ring, before posing.}

Paul: "I'll put my robe back on after I've put you in your place kid." (B-)

NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Rick Rude defeats Paul Orndorff
[Orndorff took the early part of the match to Rude and looked to be wearing him down well. Rude may well have been suffering a bit of ring rust, with Orton obviously taking advantage. Rude would roll to the outside, with Orndorff follwing and a series of in/out followed until Orndorff caught Rude and caught him would a powerslam. Sensing the match was his, Orndorff would go up top to hit an axe handle. Rude managed to hit a dropkick as Orndorff came off the top and the match immediately turned.

Rude would stomp on the back of Orndorff then apply a rear chinlock and sit on Orndorff's back as he applied the pressure. This would continue on for a while, Rude bumping Orndorff back down any time he tried to get up. Eventually Orndorff would force Rude off and both men would battle in to the corner, the match again spilling to the outside. The match became stop start at this point, with both men even trading blows whilst on their knees in the middle of the ring. Orndorff would attempt a test of strength on the ground, though Rude would break out and then stomp on Orndorff's fingers and hit a clumsy looking yet effective running knee drop on a kneeling Orndorff.

From here on it was all Rude, a DDT saw a kick out though Rude just waited and hit the Rude Awakening as Orndorff got back to his feet.] (B)
Overall: B-
TV Rating: 0.06

Atlantic Coast Wrestling - Week 3 August 1991

Bob Orton Jnr defeats Chief Jay Strongbow Jnr (D+)
Footage is shown of Joe Cruz visiting Nelson Royal in hospital. (D)
Leilani Kai gives a pre-match promo (D-)
NWA World Women's Championship
Leilani Kai defeats Susan Green (D)

Adrian Street and Bobby Fulton are both interviewed pre-match. (D)
ACW Junior Heavyweight Championship
Bobby Fulton defeats Adrian Street (C-)

Paul Ellering cuts a promo on the warning he gave to Jimmy Snuka (C)
Samoan Savage defeats King Kong Bundy (D)

Overall: D+
TV Rating: 0.04

UWF Fall Assault Night #8 - Week 3 August 1991

Tim Patterson defeats Dusty Wolfe (E)
UWF European Championship
Dave Finlay defeats Johnny Saint (E+)
ACW Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Championship
Bobby Blaze & Joe Cruz defeated The Cuban Commandos (D+)
Chris Adams defeats Nikolai Volkoff (D+)
Billy Robinson defeats Brian Adias (D-)
ACW Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship
Tito Santana defeats Bob Orton Jnr by DQ (B-)
NWA National Heavyweight Championship
Steve Williams defeats Rick Martel (B)

Additional Notes: Footage was shown across news reports of Dave Finlay issuing a worldwide open challenge. The most shocking footage was of the Zbyszko and Koloff action, where the scheduled cage match didn't take place. Instead, we saw the starting face to face, followed by the lights going out. When the lights came back on, we saw the three AAL members standing over Zbyszko as Koloff went on a rant. David Sammartino would attempt to get in the cage, but was beaten back by The Sheepherders. Bob Orton Jnr also caused some controversy, with comments towards Tito Santana regarding him "knowing his place" and that he should "go home".

Overall: B-
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Week 4 August 1991

UWF Fall Assault Night #9 - Week 4 August 1991

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship
Owen Hart defeats Steve Wilde (D)
Cactus Jack defeats Tim Patterson in a street fight (D+)
The Simpsons defeated Brian Adias & Mark Scarpa (D+)
Al Perez, Bob Orton Jnr & Iceman Parsons defeated Paul Orndorff & The Simpsons by DQ (C-)
NWA World Tag Team Championship
Masked Confusion defeated Patera & Valentine (C+)
King Kong Bundy defeats Dusty Wolfe (D-)
NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Rick Rude defeats Bam Bam Bigelow (B-)

Additional Notes: Regional footage included an interview with Al Perez, who promised to cause mayhem in Dallas. We also saw Al attack The Simpsons, cutting a promo on Dallas and this led to Paul Orndorff coming out and the six man tag match. Cactus Jack was also shown threatening Don Muraco and everyone else he could think of.

Overall: B-

UWF Fury Hour - Week 4 August 1991

{We begin the show with Bruno and Tony.}

Tony: "Folks, we're sure to have an evening of history making proportions tonight. Indeed, Bruno, we're already starting off without Herb being in the building."

Bruno: "Yes Tony, we errr don't have Herb here and I don't believe anyone knows where he is."

Tony: "As a matter of fact, he hasn't been seen since Louiseville Bruno. For tonight though, let's kick things off with an event centre update from Craig DeGeorge."

(We switch to Craig and he has Missy Hyatt with him.}

Missy: "Ooooh, where can Herb be Craig?"

Craig: "I don't know Missy, but let's get to the UWF's next two big shows. We have the big show on Friday as the Fall Assault Tour has it's penultimate night in New York. Now, Rick Rude will be facing Rick Martel on that show..."

Missy: "Rick will lose that one Craig. Everyone tune in, haha, it's gonna be great!"

Craig: "...okay, erm, well we'll see. But, next month at Blackjack Brawl will see the UWF fans decide the main event."

Missy: "Well, it will obviously involve Rick Rude. I mean, coooooooooooooome on Craig. The fans out there aren't stupid, they can write in and make the right choice. What...errr...what are the choices Craig?"

Craig: "Well, Missy, the fans can just write in to the UWF at the usual address and give your selection from the options appearing on screen now.

A singles cage match
A singles 2 out of 3 falls match
A Texas Tornado tag team match
4 man elimination match
4 on 4 elimination tag team match

The option with the most votes wins and we'll make the announcement on next week's Fury Hour. Plus, if Rick is still the NWA Heavyweight Champion then he will be involved."

Missy: " mean he could be in a cage! Hmmm, how about it the fans vote for a tag match I give them all a treat."

{Craig just stares at the camera and we return to Tony.}

Tony: "Haha, good old Missy. Anyway folks, it's time to get to the ring." (C)

Match #1
Tom Brandi defeats The Blazer (E+)
{We go straight to an Ask The Wrestlers segment, the questioned posed to Tito Santan was "Tito, you can't be happy about the racist comments from Bob Orton Junior"}.

Tito: "Well, first of all I'm not sure they were racist. Bob was refering to the rumours going around about myself and a few others. Know what, I don't even know the truth. But, if I am leaving then I'll see Bob on Friday night in New York. Bring that belt of yours my friend." (C)

Match #2
The Sheepherders defeated Ligon & Isley
[Having beaten down Larry Zbyszko in their last UWF appearance, The Sheepherders were taking no prisoners in this match. Ligon & Isley had little chance as their veteran opponent cut the ring in half, only allowing a tag when they threw one of their opponents across the ring.] (D+)
{The Sheepherders stop by the announce area.}

Butch: "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!"

Tony: "Okay guys, well done..."

Butch: "Did ye see that Bruno? Did ya? Your son will get more of the same if he gets involved again."

Bruno: "I'm sure David can handle himself."

Luke: "We'll bloody murder him Bruno, MUUUUUUUUUUUUUURDER him. That goes for that pal of yours Larry."

Butch: "Yeah, Larry. He wants revenge I'm sure, better watch what he asks for I'm thinking."

Luke: "He'll want our belts cousin, he'll want to take on Ivan. Oh, know what..."

Butch: "What cousin, what's on yer mind?"

Luke: "Why don't we see Larry in the ring on Friday, in New York!"

Butch: "NEW YOOOOOOOOOORK!!! Yeah, let's do that. He can bring two friends and we'll bring our belts and...BARBED WIRE!!!"

Bruno: "You can't bring barbed wire, come on that's not wrestling."

{The Sheepherders get in Bruno's face.}

Butch & Luke: "You gonna stop us? We'll bloody murder ya..."

{David Sammartino appears out of nowhere and a brawl starts.} (C-)

{An advert plays for UWF merchandise.}

"Buy your UWF merchandise now, caps and t-shirts or even the new sweatshirt." (C-)

UWF SportsChannel Television Championship
Matt Borne defeats Chris Adams
[This was a great match, with both men giving their all. Adams is following Perez to Japan, so this match saw him adopt a more puroresu style. That style and Borne's power made for some great in ring work. Borne took the win with a vicious suplex after Adams missed a superkick.] (C)
{Post-Match, Cactus Jack comes down to the ring carrying a section of steel cage.}

Tony: "What did I say about history, he is insane!"

Bruno: "Just look at Matt Borne, he's in shock."

{Cactus just leaves the section against the side of the ring.}

Cactus: "New York...bang bang!" (C)

Captain Lou's Corner:

{Lou is standing with Andre The Giant.}

Lou: "Hello again everyone, Captain Lou here. With me, you know this man, Andre the Giant. How are you Andre?"

Andre: "I'm fine Lou, how are you?"

Lou: "Good, calm, happy."

Andre: "Wow Lou, I'm very glad to hear it boss. Why are you happy?"

Lou: "Well Andre, not since you went toe to toe with a certain someone have I been this happy! I have your name on a contract and do you know who it's with?"

Andre: "Don Muraco?"

Lou: "YES, hahahahahahaha, it's Don Muraco. Blackjack Brawl Andre, you'll get to tear him apart!" (C+)

{We go back to the announce team, Tony has just started to react to the news when Herb appears.}

Tony: "Well Bruno, it appears we'll have...Herb, what are you?"


Tony: "Who what was?"

Herb: "The visitor, the worker we'll never use...I KNOW, I KNOW!!! Shhhhhhh Tony, don't let them...oh, are we live?"

Tony: "Yes, we're filming the Fury Hour and..."

Herb: "He might be watching, he won't know...WE'RE COMING. Coming to get him, to destroy him. THE UWF! Hahahahaha!!!"

{Herb drops his microphone and runs off, Rick Rude passes him.}

Tony: "What"

Bruno: "You expect me to know what that was?"

Rick: "What was that? I've never seen..."

Tony: "Hi Rick..."

{Rick pushes Tony to his seat.}

Rick: "Don't ever interrupt me Tony. I'm here to watch the main event, not engage in pointless discussion. I was asking Bruno, not you. Why would I ask you?"

Tony: "Can...can I speak?"

Rick: "No, shut up!" Hahaha, Bruno let's watch this main event." (C-)

Match #4
Tito Santana & Bam Bam Bigelow defeated Greg Valentine & Ken Patera
[Valentine and Patera seemed distracted, natural enough when Andre could have been in the building. Bigelow controlled most of the match and Tito took a relatively easy pin over the tired Valentine.] (C+)
Overall: C
TV Rating: 0.09

UWF Fall Assault Night #10 - Week 4 August 1991

Brian Adias defeats One Star (D)
The Viking defeats Action Jackson (E+)
The Malenkos defeated Wakita & Michinoku (C)
Debbie Combs defeats Misty Blue (D-)
King Kong Bundy defeated Bobby Blaza & Joe Cruz (D+)
Rick Martel & Bam Bam Bigelow defeated The Power Twins by DQ (C)
Larry Zbyszko defeats Bob Bradley (B-)
NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Rick Rude defeats Jim Brunzell (B-)

Additional Notes: Regional footage showed Owen Hart standing in the aisle as The Malenkos walked past him post-match. Larry Zbyszko called out Ivan Koloff after his match, Koloff came down to the ring and just looked at Larry before walking off again.

Overall: B-
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UWF Rumble in the Apple - Week 4 August 1991

{SportsChannel America Coverage.}

{Bruno and Tony are about to begin the show when Paul Ellering appears.}

Tony: "Evening folks and welcome back to New York."

Bruno: "Yes, New York..."

Paul: "Nobody cares Bruno and if they did...they could buy the book! Shut up Tony! You know, I don't know what is going on around here in the UWF. You give someone a way out, a way to avoid pain and suffering, and they do all they can to ensure it happens. I'm not sure if Herb finally lost his mind or if Captain Lou has been in his know what, it doesn't matter. Matt Borne doesn't fear a cage, he doesn't fear being inside that cage with Cactus Jack. Cactus Jack should fear what's lurking outside and hope the real giant around here doesn't find his way in there."

{Paul leaves the announce area.}

Bruno: "You know Tony, he is right about people being able to buy my book."

Tony: "Indeed he is Bruno. We'll have more build up later folks, maybe even an advert for Bruno's excellent book, but first let's get down to the ring." (C-)

NWA World Six Man Tag Team Championship
Larry Zbyszko, David Sammartino & Sunny Beach defeated the AAL by stoppage in a brawl
[This match very quickly descended in to mayhem, with Larry unable to protect both of his partners and The Sheepherders making good on their promise from the Fury Hour. Both Sammartino and Beach were already a bloody mess by the time The Sheepherders went to the barbed wire and UWF officials began making their way to the ringside area. The stoppage decision came soon after, with Zbyszko tending to David and Sunny.] (D+)
{Post-match, there was even more chaos. The Sheepherders started dismantling the ring, with the ropes removed from three turnbuckles at one corner. Butch picked up Sunny Beach and threw him out the ring and followed him out. Larry quickly moved across, causing The Sheepherders to back off, then grabbed a microphone.}

Larry: "You guys are a disgrace, what the hell is your problem?"

{Butch grabbed the microphone as UWF officials and medical staff tended to Sunny and David.}

Butch: "Our problem, ha, it's not us who have the problem mate! Tell him cousin Luke."

Luke: "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay, we told ya we'd bring barbed wire, we told ya we'd bloody murder ya. Look at the carnage, look at the chaos. But know what, we're gone...out of here!"

Butch: "That's right cousin, we're going back to where we belong...we're going HOME! You can stick these belts and Herb can stick this pathetic promotion."

{Butch spits in to the camera at ringside and both Sheepherders leave the arena performing their Bushwackers walk as they go and knocking various items of thrown garbage out of the air as they do.} (C)

{The footage returns to the announce team.}

Tony: "I...Bruno...I...what on earth have we just witnessed? Back home can only mean one place."

Bruno: "Correct, plus is that the home Bob Orton was referring to?"

Tony: "You mean for Tito Santana? Well, you could be right. Indeed, with the ringside area still being cleared I think we can go to Baby Doll who is with Tito Santana."

{We switch to the backstage area and Baby Doll.}

Baby Doll: "Tito, can I just..."

Tito: "Baby Doll, it's fine. You know, I'd have preferred to have done this differently. Yes, I will be leaving the UWF. Before I do though, I'd like to help two of my friends. So, Bob Orton. Find yourself two partners and we'll have ourselves a good old fashioned six man tag team match."

{Back with the announce team.}

Tony: "So, what does that mean for our main event? We'll hopefully keep you informed as we progress through the evening." (C-)

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship
Owen Hart defeated Norio Honaga
[This was Owen's third win over Honaga in the UWF and it would be his last as Honaga would be returning to NJPW. Both men gave a great account of themselves, with Owen taking the win with a picture perfect moonsault.] (C-)
{We see an advert for the SportsChannel Hotline.}

"When you want to find out about the UWF, why no take the time to find out about the full SportsChannel coverage for the week." (D)

{We come back to Baby Doll walking backstage, she's calling off in to the distance as Greg Valentine is leaving.}

Baby Doll: "Greg, hey, you can't just..."

Greg's voice: "I'm not hanging round to fight a match I don't need to."

{Baby Doll continues on and gets to the babyface locker room just as Paul Orndorff is coming out.}

Baby Doll: "Hey Paul, is Rick Martel in there?"

Paul: "I wouldn't bother him, he has a big match tonight and needs to prepare. Indeed, i've also got a match tonight and..."

Baby Doll: "Erm, Paul...Greg left, you won't have match tonight."

Paul: "Left? What? Okay, I need to go find Herb or Mark or someone who can tell me what the hell is going on!" (C-)

NWA World Tag Team Championship
Kroffat & Furnas defeated Masked Confusion
[Masked Confusion looked shocked to see Kroffat & Furnas, having expected yet another NWA tag team to be their opponents. Brunzell also looked slightly off his game, as if his mind was elsewhere. Kroffat & Furnas though really didn't care and took the match to their opponents from the start and regained the belts they'd lost in early July.] (B-)
{Post-match, Jim Brunzell would shake his partners hand and then wave to the crowd before leaving the arena.}

Tony: "Jim Brunzell too Bruno, how many is that now? You're not leaving us are you?"

Bruno; "Ha, no err I'll not be leaving the UWF any time soon. I'm not a big fan of cartoons Tony, I prefer real wrestling."

Tony: "Amen to that!" (D+)

{An advert plays for the Beach Brawl video.}

"Yes everyone, it's here. The Beach Brawl video can now be yours, begin your UWF video collection today." (D-)

{We come back to Rick Rude and Missy Hyatt in their locker room.}

Rick: "So, the rats are leaving the ship. They're moving on, they've going HOME! Home to occasional matches and no glory, home to become a shell of themselves. You know what Missy, why can't they just be honest and ADMIT that they can't hang with the Ravishing one. ADMIT, that they don't have what it takes to hold aloft the NWA World Heavyweight Championship belt. There's still one left though Missy, one perfect model...hahahahaha...HA...HA...HA...of everything wrong in professional wrestling. You know what, I hear he's not 100% and I'm going to send him home a cripple." (C+)

UWF SportsChannel Television Championship
Matt Borne defeats Cactus Jack
[Both men started the match in intense fashion, each taking and dishing out a fair amount of punishment to or from the other. Borne took the worst of a splash against the cage wall, allowing Cactus to then hit a DDT before climbing to the top of the cage. King Kong Bundy appeared at this point, shaking the cage across the other side before Cactus could get to the top.

Cactus would give Borne another DDT, busting him open, as Bundy pulled the cage door from its hinges. Cactus made a quick charge to the open gap, but was met with the cage door to his head. Bundy came in to the cage and Cactus managed to fire off a few quick punches before being grabbed by the throat and thrown head first in to the cage.

King Kong Bundy would help Borne to leave the ring and take the victory.] (C+)
{We go to the announce team once again}

Tony: "What an evening folks, chaos in the ring once again and...wait...I'm hearing we can go to Herb's office."

{Herb is in his office with Paul Orndorff.}

Paul: "Herb, what is going on here man?"

Herb: "It's because of the NWA link Paul, nothing I can do about it. Why don't you go and get prepared, we'll sort you out a match."

{Paul smiles and leaves the room and we return to the announce team.}

Tony: "Finally, some good news for our viewers."

Bruno: "Yes, Mister err Wonderful always gives our viewers some great action." (B)

Match #5
Tito Santana, Tom Brandi & Chaz Taylor defeated Bob Orton Jnr, Bob Bradley & Iceman Parsons
[Tito used this match to give some exposure to both of his proteges. Brandi gave a good account of himself, though Taylor displayed just how green he still is and indeed this saw him targeted by their opponents. Bob was mostly taunting Santana and waving at him, as if to say goodbye. Bradley gave some good athletic action, with Parsons isolating Taylor and giving him some words of wisdom about trusting others.

Action Jackson would come out, distracting Parsons and allowing Brandi to come in and drag Taylor to their corner for a tag. Parsons would turn straight in to a Brandi dropkick and quick cover for the win.] (C)
{An advert plays for UWF merchandise, with 2 Cold Scorpio making the sales pitch.}

"Buy your UWF merchandise now, caps and t-shirts or even the new sweatshirt. Plus, this cool new UWF headband." (D-)

NWA National Heavyweight Championship
Steve Williams defeats Paul Orndorff by count out
[The match itself initially took Paul Orndorff by surprise, whilst Williams just saw yet another worker to rag doll. No sooner had the bell rung, Williams was on Orndorff and both men brawled to the outside from the corner. This brawling continued over a barrier and in to the crowd, before slowly returning to the ring to beat the count. The remainder of the match was a mixture of stiff work and rest holds until they both splilled to the outside again. This time a tired looking Orndorff was thrown in to the ringside barriers and Williams would just get back in the ring and await the Referee counting to 10.] (B-)
NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Rick Rude defeats Rick Martel
[Pre-match, Rude noticed Martel's heavily strapped knee and gestured as if he was rubbing his eyes and crying. He then waved Martel goodbye and awaited the bell ringing. As soon as the bell rang, Rude just kicked Martel straight in the knee and started stomping on the knee.

Tony: "This will not be pleasant to watch folks, not one bit."

Bruno: "No Tony, it errr certainly won't. You know, everyone knows an injury is a target and...oh no, he's trying to remove the pad and the strapping."

Tony: "This is just vicious Bruno."

Bruno: "Well, it err is a bit of an unwritten rule that you don't go after the strapping. I'm surprised the Referee isn't...oh there we go..."

Rude would back off, wait and immediately kick Martel's leg out from under him. Again, Rude would stomp on the knee before leaving the ring and looking for a microphone.

Tony: "I'm not entirely sure just what HOME is going to receive back after this Bruno."

Bruno: "No, I can't imagine they'll..."

Rude: "SEE THAT! That's what happens when you come after Ravishing Rick Rude. First, the Power Twins take you out and then I absolutely destroy you. Look at your hero, LOOK AT HIM. You worthless New York losers, you can all watch him when he goes home!

Rude gets back in the ring and grabs the left leg of Martel as he begs off and reaches for his knee. One, two, three kicks directly to the back of the knee is followed by a violent pull on the leg. Rude applies a single crab and Martel taps immediately, but Rude holds on until the Referee can drag him off.] (B)
Overall: B-
TV Rating: 0.06
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Atlantic Coast Wrestling - Week 4 August 1991

Pre-match, Bob Bradley and Ron Starr get in to a pushing match. (D-)
Bob Bradley & Scotty Danger defeated Ron Starr & Bobby Fulton (D-)
Jimmy Snuka is backstage, Bob Orton Jnr tells him that he has a match tonight and will keep Snuka in mind. (C+)
Madusa is backstage in a rare UWF appearance, she is trying to get Leilani Kai to agree to make tonights match a title match. Leilani refuses. (D-)
Leilani Kai defeats Madusa Miceli (D)
Snuka and Bundy are standing toe to toe in the ring, neither backing down. (D+)
Jimmy Snuka defeats King Kong Bundy (C-)
ACW Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship
Bob Orton Jnr defeats Sonny Rogers (C)

Overall: C-
TV Rating: 0.05

UWF Fall Assault Night #12 - Week 4 August 1991

NWA World Six Man Tag Team Championship
Tom Brandi, Chaz Taylor & Mike Durham defeated Tommy Lane, Mark Scarpa & Tim Patterson (D-)
B Brian Blair defeats Al Perez (C-)
Ken Patera defeats Leo Burke (D+)
Kroffat & Furnas defeated Joe Cruz & Bobby Blaze (C-)
Larry Zbyszko defeats Adrian Street (B-)
NWA National Heavyweight Championship
Steve Williams defeats The Samoan Savage (C+)

Additional Notes: Regional coverage would show Iceman Parsons coming down to interfere in the Six man tag match, with Action Jackson getting in his way and both men brawling to the back. Footage from the Blair versus Perez match showed Perez taunting the crowd and slapping a fan, who turned out to be Chris Adams. There was also a segment on the fact Patera was supposed to face Cactus Jack. Finally, Larry Zbyszko challenged Ivan Koloff to a spin the wheel match at Blackjack Brawl.

Overall: C+
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UWF September 1991

Week 1 September 1991

UWF Fury Hour - Week 1 September 1991

{The show begins with Herb sitting in the backstage office.}

Herb: "Welcome to another FURY HOUR here on SportsChannel America. We're in to September and this week we ARE BACK on Pay Per view! You'll notice that a number of former UWF stars have gone home, we'll kick that door down in due course. For now, we did offer you the fans the chance to write in and VOTE on the main event. SADLY...look at this mail bag...IT'S EMPTY!!! EMPTY...EMPTY...EMPTY...but, never fear. The UWF will bring you all YET ANOTHER quality main event tonight and at BLACKJACK BRAWL even if you don't appreciate it. With that in mind, let's get across to Rick Rude."

{We are taken to Rick Rude backstage.}

Rick: "Home, HA! I hold the only World Championship worth bothering about, don't anyone forget it. It would seem that not one of you worthless, entitled, pathetic, talentless worms could be bothered writing in to the UWF. That's fine, the Ravishing one doesn't care about what any of you think anyway. Everything I do, every move I make, all designed to make each of you question your own existence. I'll be at ringside tonight to see who will be taking me on at Blackjack Brawl. Then, I'll walk in the arena on Sunday as champion and I'll walk out as champion." (B-)

{An advert plays for the Beach Brawl video.}

"Yes everyone, it's here. The Beach Brawl video can now be yours, begin your UWF video collection today. Also coming soon, three new UWF video releases!" (D)

Match #1
Steve Keirn defeats The Viking by DQ
[Keirn has come in to the UWF full time after the closure of the Florida based PWF. The Viking evidently took offence to yet another "name" coming in and being pushed above him. Sadly, for Keirn, he came in on the wrong night and felt the steel of a chair across his back.] (D+)
{We go to Tony and Bruno.}

Tony: "Evening folks...controversy here already with the words from Herb Abrams and even Rick Rude."

Bruno: "It's obviously changed days from when I wrestled Tony. The fans came to events because of who was on them, maybe the UWF should be bringing people in that way. But, I can't blame Herb for trying to give the great UWF fans more."

Tony: "Well, we're scheduled to have a quality main event and next up we'll have Larry Zbyszko."

Bruno: "Yes we errr will and he'll no doubt have a few words to say too. There's just so much going on in the UWF, Steve Williams also of course gave up or well err..."

Tony: "Yes, he relinquished his UWF Asian Championship. I'm sure we'll have even more on that over the coming days, but let's get to ringside." (B-)

Match #2
Larry Zbyszko defeats Tommy Lane
[Larry was in no mood to mess around and gave Tommy very little during this match. Tag specialist Lane looked slightly blown away by it all.] (C+)
{Post-match, Zbyszko made his way over to the announce area.}

Tony: "A fairly easy win there for Larry, Tommy Lane...oh, here comes Larry now Bruno."

Larry: "Bruno, it's good to see you my friend and I hope David is recovering."

Tony: "It is pretty obvious why you're here."

Larry: "Of course it's obvious Tony, a complete fool could work it out. You know, Ivan Koloff is yet to accept my challenge."

Tony: "I'm hearing that he has some demands of his own."

Larry: "Oh, does he now? Well, IVAN, why don't you come out right now...come on, I'm waiting."

{Ivan appears, but he only gets as far as the entrance way.}

Ivan: "Zbyszko, you stupid American. I'm not going to just accept your challenge without you having something to lose. For all I know you will have the match selection rigged to make Russia look stupid."

Larry: "Okay Ivan, what is it you want? Barbed wire to be legal?"

Ivan: "Ha, no no, nothing so simple as that. If you win fairly, you get what you want...I'll leave you and the boy alone. If I win, you can't have a NWA World title match for twelve months...ONE YEAR!"

Larry: "DONE! You have your..."

Bruno: "Larry, be careful what you're signing up to."

Larry: "No, Bruno, it ends this Sunday. Ivan, you have yourself a deal." (C)

{An advert plays for UWF merchandise, Owen Hart is making the sales pitch.}

"Buy your UWF merchandise now, caps and t-shirts or even the new sweatshirt. No replica belts though, you need to earn them!" (D+)

Match #3 (announced as a NWA World Junior Heavyweight #1 contender match)
Dean Malenko defeats 2 Cold Scorpio, Brian Adias & Bobby Fulton
[Dean injured Fulton early on, which saw Adias concentrate on Fulton and Scorpio was unfortunate enough to be worked over by Malenko. Towards the end of the match Adias would go after Scorpio, allowing Dean to get a sudmission on Fulton.] (C-)
{We go to an UWF event centre with Craig DeGeorge.}

Craig: "The Fall Assault Tour is over and we're only days away from Blackjack Brawl. A number of matches have already been announced, with Andre scheduled to face Don Muraco and Larry Zbyszko going up against Ivan Koloff. Iceman Parsons will step in the ring against Action Jackson and we have just seen Dean Malenko earn his shot at Owen Hart. Steve Keirn will be hoping for better luck as he faces Bob Bradley for the UWF Americas Championship. Our main event this evening will decided who faces Rick Rude and I'm sure we'll see more announced in the coming days." (D+)

Match #4 - Ten Man Battle Royal (announced as a NWA World Heavyweight Title #1 contender match)
Paul Orndorff, Bob Orton Jnr, Dave Power, Larry Power, Bam Bam Bigelow, Ken Patera, Don Muraco, The Masked Demon, B. Brian Blair, Johnny Ace
[Tony: "Okay folks, we have Rick Rude here with us and we'll no doubt be hearing his views over the course of this match."

Rick: "You're an idiot Tony, how about that?"

The initial stages of the match saw the usual working corners and attempts to put someone over. B. Brian Blair was the fist elimination, with both Power Twins eliminating him.

Rick: "That's it guys, brilliant. Did you see that To...NO, NOOOOO!!!"

Bruno: "A fine clothseline there by Paul Orndorff Rick."

Tony: "Yes, taking both Power Twins up, over and out."

Rick: "Oh look, there we go, Bob Orton straight on to Orndorff. POUND HIM BOB! That could be you Tony, any time you want."

Bruno: "You know, watching that masked guy...he looks familiar doesn't he."

Tony: "You think Bruno? I'm not too...oh, there goes Johnny Ace."

Patera and Muraco were teaming up at this point, though The Masked Demon would eliminate Patera unseen by Muraco. Bigelow was the next target, Muraco putting him down and the Demon working on him as Muraco taunted the fans. Strangely, the Demon let Bigelow up and Bigelow would take Muraco off his feet.

Tony: "What the...that was...well, it was unpredictable if you're Don Muraco. You don't think..."

With Demon working on Muraco, Bigelow and Orndorff teamed up and eliminated Bob Orton. Bob would reach up and pull Orndorff down, but Bigelow was trying to keep Paul in.

Rick: "What is he doing? I'll be right back."

Rick raced from the announce area and helped Bob pull Orndorff down and out. In the centre of the ring, the Masked Demon had just stepped back from a dazed Don Muraco, who was lying in the corner. The Demon would remove his mask...

Tony: "That's Cactus Jack!!!"

Don got to his feet and dove out of the ring, quickly followed by Cactus Jack...a brawl kicking off at ringside as Bam Bam Bigelow slowly realised he was the last one left in the ring.

Winner: Bam Bam Bigelow] (C)
Overall: C
TV Rating: 0.09

Atlantic Coast Wrestling - Week 1 September 1991

Baby Doll interviewed Nelson Royal, with Ken Patera interrupting and being told to go prove himself. (D)
Ken Patera defeated Leo Burke (D)
Bob Orton Jnr & Snuka get in to a discussion again, this time Orton agrees to a six man tag match. (C)
UWF Americas Championship
Bob Bradley defeats Gene Ligon (D)

Dick Slater & Adrian Street are chatting backstage, the main topic being the young workers backstage. Dick notices Nishimura and Savage walking past and demands they go to the ring. (D)
Dick Slater & Adrian Street defeated Samoan Savage & Osamu Nishimura (C-)
Jimmy Snuka, Joe Cruz & Bobby Blaze defeated Bob Orton Jnr, Brian Adias & Mark Scarpa (D+)

Overall: D
TV Rating: 0.05
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UWF Blackjack Brawl - Week 1 September 1991

{The night begins with the announce team and they've been joined by Herb.}

Tony: "Good evening folks, strap yourself in for three hours of sport defining action. With me as usual is Bruno Sammartino and we have Herb here also. You're looking unusually happy Herb."

Herb: "It's PAY PER VIEW Tony, what's not to be happy about. Plus, I've been knocking on some interesting doors the past week..."

Tony: "Any names? Clues?"

Herb: "Oh yeah, I'm going to NAME NAMES. Hopefully we'll have more updates on THE FURY HOUR!"

Bruno: "I've no doubt it'll be great Herb, just like we're scheduled to bring our UWF fans some great action."

Herb: "Thank you Bruno and yes we are! You know, isn't this great...just like old days. You, ME, THE ACTION!"

Tony: "On that action folks, as the first match of the night gets underway behind us, we will have Rick Rude, Steve Williams, Owen Hart and the team of Kroffat and Furnas all in NWA title action. First though, let's get to the opening ten man battle royal." (C)

Ten Man Battle Royal

B. Brian Blair, Brian Adias, Dave Finlay, Dick Slater, El Esqueleto, Joe Cruz, Johnny Hotbody, Scotty Danger, The Viking, Tom Brandi

[The elimination order for the first six to go was El Esqueleto, Brian Adias, Scotty Danger, Tom Brandi, The Viking and Dave Finlay. Johnny Hotbody was caught posing after eliminating Finlay, Dick Slater taking the chance to put him over the top. Blair and Cruz were still battling with each other and realised it was now both of them and Slater. Cruz went after Slater first, with Blair becoming distracted by The Viking and Finlay prowling behind him. Slater threw Cruz to the ropes and The Viking grabbed the top rope so Cruz would go over and out. Slater then grabbed Blair and threw him out through the top and middle rope...Finaly and The Viking naturally beat him up a bit and threw him back in. As he stood up, Slater clotheslined him over the top.]

Winner: Dick Slater
Overall: C-

{We go backstage to Baby Doll, she's with Bam Bam Bigelow.}

Baby Doll: "Bam Bam, it's Pay Per View and you have a NWA World Heavyweight Title match."

Bam Bam: "Yeah, big match...tough match. You know, the eyes of the world are on Bam Bam Bigelow. I have people contacting me from Mexico, from Japan and maybe it's time for me to step up Baby Doll. What better way though that to take the NWA World belt round the world with me." (D+)

UWF Americas Championship

Bob Bradley vs Steve Keirn

[Keirn was the final Florida Heavyweight Champion, which earned him this title opportunity. Loss to Zbyszko aside, Bradley has been growing in confidence and getting better in ring since taking this belt from Owen Hart. Both men worked the mat for most of the bout, Keirn though would miss with a dropkick that saw Bradley throw him to the corner then hit a handspring elbow.]

Winner: Bob Bradley
Overall: C-

Tony: "Two matches down folks, plenty more to go. We can see Action Jackson backstage preparing to come to the ring."

Bruno: "You know, I have always wondered why so many wrestlers get caught up trying to help a friend."

Tony: "Your focus was always on other...woah..."

{Action Jackson is attacked by Iceman Parsons and both men begin to brawl back down a corridor. They both slam in to a door and we hear a fair bit of chaos going on behind the door as UWF officials go in.}

Tony: "Evidently we don't have cameras posted everwhere Bruno. We can see officials going in to the room and...well, one has just appears to have been thrown back out. This must surely put this match in doubt, we aren't even entirely sure what is behind that door. More officials coming now, but wait...Paul Orndorff is standing outside now, he's with Les Thatcher."

Paul: You're the damned Road Agent Les, I'm not even on the card tonight. You go in there, it's your job."

Les: "I'll just take a look in..."

Bruno: "He's a brave guy and I don't blame Paul one bit."

{Just as Les is about to open the door, Cactus Jack comes out and he has a couple of officials trying to stop him.}

Tony: "What the?"

Bruno: "Where are Parsons and Jackson? This is getting absolutely crazy Bruno."

Tony: "I don't know Bruno, we of course last saw Cactus Jack under a mask. I...folks...I've absolutely no idea what we are seeing just now."

{Les tries to stop Cactus Jack, but he's brushed off and so Paul Orndorff follows him down the corridor. Cactus goes straight in to one of the locker rooms and comes back out almost immediately..."}

Paul: "Cactus, where are you going?"

Cactus: "It's not where I'm going Paul, it's what I'm bringing."

Paul: "What? Cactus..."

{Les has by now caught up with Paul.}

Les: "It's carnage back there. Where is Cactus?"

Paul: "He just went in the door up there."

Les: "That's catering for the...oh no!"

{As Les looks up the door opens and Cactus comes flying out, followed by Ken Patera and Bob Orton Jnr.}

Bob: "Get the hell out of here Cactus..."

{Cactus goes for Patera, Thatcher tries to get in between them.}

Bob: "Oh look, Mister goody two shoes Orndorff!"

{By now, Larry Hennig and Mark Rocco are helping keep things apart.}

Larry: "RIGHT!!! Paul, Cactus...stay there. Bob, Ken, get yourselves to the ring. We're going to have ourselves a tag match!" (C)

Paul Orndorff & Cactus Jack vs Bob Orton Jnr & Ken Patera

[This match was a standard tag match for about ten seconds at the start and then about a minute at the end. For the rest of the time, once the Referee had left the ring and near enough given up, it was just a brawl. Indeed, the majority of the UWF officals were busy dealing with Iceman Parsons and Action Jackson incident backstage. Orndorff evidently had revenge on his mind with regards Orton, which saw those two laying in the shots at ringside...both men failing to suplex the other on the mats. Cactus and Patera have had issues since their NWA Tag title loss in May, something which Jack evidently hadn't forgotten as he gave Patera a close look at the guardrails on each side of the ring. Patera would get some offence in himself and also managed to avoid a Cactus Elbow from the middle rope to the outside.

The action eventually got back in to the ring. Orndorff would lock up with Patera and the crowd settled down a little. Patera was taken down and Orndorff would apply a chinlock. As he did we heard the voice of Paul Ellering...

Paul: "You were warned Cactus...WARNED..."

Matt Borne started coming down to the walkway and Cactus left the ringside area to meet him. Orndorff left the ring to try and appeal to Cactus to return, but he heard the count and turned back. He would turn straight in to Orton, who would run him in to a guardrail as Cactus went after Borne. The Referee had no choice but to count Orndorff out.]

Winners: Bob Orton Jnr & Ken Patera by count out.
Overall: C

Tony: "We can see Cactus and Borne battling through the curtain..."

{Cactus and Borne tumble through to the backstage area. Cactus picks up Borne, but he gets a tap on his shoulder and turns to see King Kong Bundy. Bundy grabs Cactus by the throat and throws him against the wall then splashes him. Herb appears at this point.}

Herb: "STOP...STOP...get back Bundy. Ellering, take your guys away and I'll see you all on the Fury Hour."

Paul: "You lose again Herb, look at your man! Oh and I don't work Wednesdays remember."

Herb: "Lose? My Man? We'll see who's lost on Wednesday Paul, do remember and tune in to the Fury Hour. You can watch it with Patera, he no longer works Wednesdays either! Now, Cactus...CACTUS...where did he go?" (C-)

{An advert plays for UWF merchandise, with 2 Cold Scorpio making the sales pitch.}

"Buy your UWF merchandise now, caps and t-shirts or even the new sweatshirt. Plus, this cool new UWF headband." (D)

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship

Owen Hart vs Dean Malenko

[It was noticeable that Owen was back to wearing his Japan ring gear for this match. He also kept looking down to Joel Malenko at ringside and making the number one gesture. The match itself was a classic, with both men trading moves and countering each other time and again. Slide outs to the ring would see each man get back in very quickly and the action would continue on.

Tony: "Remarkable action by both men Bruno."

Bruno: "Well, Tony, they can certainly entertain and remind me very much of Tiger Mask who I watched wrestle in Madison Square Garden."

The second half of the match was slower, more match based, with each man working various holds and then managing to counter. This would eventually lead to the finish, Owen getting to his feet then breaking free and missing with an attempted enziguiri. This allowed Dean Malenko to apply a double underhook and execute a powerbomb.]

Winner: Dean Malenko
Overall: C

{We switch backstage to Baby Doll and she is with Jimmy Snuka.}

Baby Doll: "Jimmy, any words for the UWF fans?"

Jimmy: "UWF fans, out there in television wonderland. Stay tuned brother, you might just see me cut down Steve Williams. (D+)

NWA World Tag Team Championship

Kroffat & Furnas vs Lou Perez & Denny Brown

[Perez is the brother of Al, though a very different worker, and along with his tag partner was the last Florida tag team champion prior to PWF's closure. The NWA committee therefore selected them to take on Kroffat & Furnas, which was further justified by them being undefeated as a team during 1991. That undefeated streak came to an end here though, with Kroffat & Furnas showing why they are respected here and in Japan.

Neither Perez nor Brown would get much offence in, as their opponents went through the usual plan of cutting the ring in half and tossing an opponent aside when they tired of absing him. The finisher came via a Dan Kroffat sitout powerbomb.]

Winners: Kroffat & Furnas
Overall: C

{The coverage switches to Rick Rude's locker room, where he is standing with Missy and The Power Twins.}

Rick: "Thank you for holding that for me Missy...the microphone obviously!

Missy: "Jealous Baby Doll? Interviewing Bam Bam Bigelow and Jimmy Snuka...eurgh!"

Rick: "Snuka, who brings the age to GARBAGE! I'm sure Steve Williams will deal with him, but on to more important things. BAM BAM Bigelow...Bam Bam! Did a small child name you? Are you a cartoon character? You expect me to take you seriously? But, none of that matters...I only take a few things seriously. My NWA World Heavyweight Title belt and myself. My title is going nowhere and I'm staying at the top. Bigelow, will just continue to be the UWF's perfect example of a fat, over weight, sweat hog!" (C)

NWA National Heavyweight Championship

Steve Williams vs Jimmy Snuka

[Williams is in his prime here and, going by rumours backstage, is just about to sign up for another tour with All Japan. Snuka on the other hand has been a bit of an extra lately and moved down on to Atlantic Coast Wrestling. As such, Williams and Snuka both looked from the start to have something to prove. Williams was able to get some early strikes in, but an attempt at a clothesline was ducked and Snuka would retaliate with double chops that didn't register much. Both men would then trade chops and other strikes as they worked the corners and along the ropes until Williams connected with a knee to the mid-section then repeated clotheslines in the corner.

Williams went in for an early kill, clubbing the back of Snuka who dropped to one knee then two as Williams laid in a few punches to the head before gesturing to the crowd. Snuka made it to his feet briefly, but Williams would smash his head in to the top turnbuckle and then reel back as Snuka got his second wind. Another flurry of punches, but Snuka didn't move and Williams would throw him to the ropes...Snuka coming back with a flying double chop. This was followed by another run to the ropes and a flying headbutt that sent Williams to the outside. Snuka would connect with a kick to the head from inside the ring then a double axe handle from the ring apron. An attempted slam though saw Williams club Snuka and throw him back in to the ring, before getting back in. Williams would throw Snuka to the ropes again, the resulting powerslam seeing a near fall.

Sensing the finish Williams lifted Snuka, but Snuka slid out and pushed Williams to the ropes before hitting a double chop to the mid-section and then a headbutt to the back of the head. With Williams down, Snuka went up top and hit the splash for what looked like as close a three count as you'll see. Williams kicked out and Snuka would go for a piledriver, though Williams would grab the legs and slingshot Snuka in to the corner and nearly take his head off with a clothesline as he staggered back. Williams would make sure with a powerbomb.]

Winner: Steve Williams
Overall: B

{We're back with Tony and Bruno.}

Tony: "What a match everyone as Steve Williams retains the NWA National Heavyweight title."

Bruno: "Yes, it's almost his title and that brings great err confidence to a wrestler."

Tony: "Indeed it does Bruno, confidence of course bringing better performances and...wait..."

Bruno: "Yes, I'm seeing it too Tony. Lou Albano is running down to the ring. I don't think I've seen that in a long time."

Tony: "He has a microphone, so we'd better get down to ringside."

{Lou is in the middle of the ring.}

Lou: "Look everyone, just feast your eyes upon the greatness that is Andre the Giant. He'll be in the ring with me shortly, but let me just say that nobody believed we would see Andre in a UWF ring. We did see it and Andre would appear at When Foes Collide, getting my team the victory. Then, THEN, Don Muraco would blind side me like the coward he is and attack me. Well, he will get his tonight, mark my words."

{Don has by now made his way past Andre, who is still coming down to the ring. Don grabs Lou and throws him to the ground.}

Don: "Make me relevant...ME! Look at you Lou, look at your legend Giant stumbling down to the ring. I won that match at the Pay Per View, I was the one you should have been concentrating on. Come on Andre, get your ass down to this ring!" (C)

Andre the Giant vs Don Muraco

[Don immediately went after Andre, but he was thrown back and lay stunned against the ropes. Lou, who spent a lot of the match up on the apron, was immediately in Andre's ear demanding him to go after Don. Don came at Andre with a clothesline and was face palmed in to the corner again. This saw Don leave the ring, then circling and getting in to a verbal exchange with Lou. Eventually Don would get back in the ring and start throwing a few punches, Andre would toss him in to the corner and go for a splash of sorts...which Don avoided, though he was caught by Andre's knee. He would slide out again, this time pushing Lou out of the way and we'd see Lou injured.

Andre would notice the injury and go to step over the ropes, Don would grab his standing leg and then Andre's head as he reached down. Don would start to pull Andre over the top rope...

Tony: "He's NOT going to try and suplex Andre out of the ring is he...surely he's not going to..."

Andre would reach down though and pull Don up and on to the ring apron then one single open palmed blow saw Don back on the mat outside. Andre regained his composure and came out to check on Lou, before rolling Muraco back in to the ring. Don would get up as Andre stepped over the top rope and he'd run in to the rope causing Andre to be draped over the top rope. Again, Don grabbed Andre by the head and would pull him over the ropes. Don would go for a DDT, but now Lou had gotten back to his feet and grabbed Andre's leg. Don went down, the Referee pulled Lou away and Andre came crashing down on Don. The Referee ordered Lou away, turning to see Andre on top of Don he slid in the ring to make the three count and Don somehow got a shoulder up. Don would slide out and was remonstrating with Lou, not noticing his hand was just under the ropes. Andre though noticed and would eventually get up and stamp on Don's hand sending Don to his knees. The Referee would begin a count, ordering Lou back, and Don would just get up and make his way to the back as the Referee counted the 10!]

Winner: Andre the Giant by count out
Overall: C-

{Post-match, Herb had already been making his way out to oversea the match selection for Zbyszko versus Koloff. He continued down the entranceway and got in Don's face. There was a lot of pointing and shouting, Don pushed Herb away at one point and was obviously struggling with his hand. Lou would come round, again more pushing and Lou would go down whilst Don would go to one knee and hold his hand close to himself. Herb backed off, Don looked up and gulped then Andre grabbed Don's hand and bounced it off a guardrail then stood on it as Don lay on the ground.}

Tony: "Bruno, can you imagine what that feels like?"

Bruno: "Well Tony, I err really can't. I'll tell you though, it can't be nice."

{Andre would step off Don's hand and assist Lou to the back as Herb made his way over to assist with the match selection.} (C-)

{The camera follows Herb across to Les Thatcher, Larry Zbyszo is already there and Ivan Koloff arrives just after the handshakes.}

Les: "Okay, both of you, we've had more than enough incident this evening. I'd appreciate if we can select the match and then start the match."

Larry: "That's fine by me, I just want to get in that ring and rid the UWF of this piece of garbage!"

Ivan: "Piece of garbage? You typical stupid American and your lack of respect! I don't expect to be worked too much and this towel round my neck will be perfectly dry come the end."

Les: "Okay, okay, let's just get this done. Herb, if you want to make the selection."

{Herb sticks his hand in to the bag on the table, pulls out the piece of paper, reads it and looks a bit disappointed.}

Herb: "Well, this should please Mark Rocco anyway. It's a British style match, over ten rounds of three minutes each. Oh and it's...always wanted to do this...two falls, two submissions or a knockout!"

{We see the Referee making his way out, he is flanked by Johnny Saint who appears to be giving him a refresher course on the rules.}

Tony: "Well, who better Bruno than to get advice from on such a match."

Bruno: "Yes, very true Tony. We're both from different wrestling worlds so to speak, but Johnny was and still could be a great champion." (C-)

Larry Zbyszko vs Ivan Koloff - British Rules

[With Koloff not having his two AAL partners anymore he did look a bit exposed, but certainly didn't appear to care. Johnny Saint was in ring at the start as both men were questioning the Referee.

Round 1: A fairly slow start to the match, both men needing to be reminded of a few rules here and there. That prety much filled up the full three minutes, Saint not having to get involved.

Round 2: Larry was a bit more in to the swing of things now, Koloff still getting in the Referee's face and even giving Saint a few volleys of abuse. Larry would go for a swinging neck breaker at one point then make the cover, but Koloff's feet was on the rope.

Round 3: Koloff came more in to things, poking Larry in the eye and claiming it was an open palm. Larry would struggle to see for most of the round, Koloff circling and taking a few jabs here and there. Koloff would suplex Larry, but instead of going for the cover he would stomp on Larry and was forced back by the Referee before receiving a brief reprimand.

Round 4: Larry was still struggling and was calling the Referee over as the bell went. Ivan obviously didn't care and charged across the ring, sending Larry right in to the turnbuckles and then throwing a flurry of punches on to a downed Zbyszko. Saint was in the ring at this point, ensuring Koloff stayed back. This all resulted in Koloff being given a public warning and the rest of the round saw Koloff arguing with the Referee.

Round 5: At one point, both men came off the ropes and their was a sickening clash of heads. Koloff landed on top of Zbyszko and unfortunately the Referee could only count to three. With Koloff back in his corner, a dazed Zbyszko was having what happened explained to him. He lost the plot a little and went after Koloff, taking him down and punching him repeatedly. The Referee moved in and was pushed away, which led to Zbyzsko receiving a public warning.

Round 6: This round featured two falls, the first when Zbyszko executed a beautiful UK style float over suplex counted. The second, with Kolkoff hitting a piledriver only got to the two count before the bell rang for the end of the round.

Round 7: Koloff was still absolutely seething as he locked up with Zbyszko. Both men struggled over to the ropes and the referee ensured a clean break. Koloff took Zbyszko in a head lock, but Larry lifted Ivan up and sat him on the top turnbuckle. The Referee would move in to break it up again, but Ivan would throw a vicious looking elbow that caught Larry flush across the top of the eyebrow and bust him fully open. As the Referee checked on Larry, Ivan would unravel his towel and we saw a strand of barbed wire that he would wrap round the tape on his right arm. No sooner though had he finished, even before Johnny Saint could attract the Referee's attention, David Sammartino had lept the guardrail and attacked Koloff. The Referee eventually had no other option than to call for the bell.]

Winner: Ivan Koloff 2/1, final fall by DQ
Overall: C

NWA World Heavyweight Championship

Rick Rude vs Bam Bam Bigelow

[Bam Bam came out the blocks all guns blazing, with Rude reeling. An early splash in to the corner led to Bigelow stomping Rude and you could hear Bigelow shouting "does that feel like your in a cartoon". Move after move, over and over, whether a series of clubbing blows, a clothesline, head butt or suplex all featured the same audible shout afterwards. Eventually, Bigelow would lift Rude aloft and throw him down on top of The Power Twins sending all three to the ground.

Bigelow would go up top, sending everyone running for cover then he would pose in the centre of the ring.

Tony: "Bigelow sending Rude to the outside Bruno."

Bruno: "Yes, he'll look to regroup and like any great champion come back and take over."

Tony: "He has the two twins with him though."

Bruno: "Yes, he err...wait..."

Bigelow has by now come out to ringside, Rude is still discussing tactics with the Power Twins. Missy Hyatt is isolated and Bigelow makes his way round, he gets to her and starts laughing, wiping his forehead with a hand and flicking sweat at her. Missy runs past just as Bigelow turns and Dave Power clotheslines him. The Referee notices this and comes out the ring to force both Power Twins to the back. They don't leave before hitting a double suplex on Bigelow. Rude slides back in the ring as both Power Twins make their way up the entrance way. Missy slaps Bigelow as he gets to his feet, then again and Bigelow stops the third slap before moving in for a kiss and Missy breaks free. Rude comes back out and is caught by Bigelow, who doesn't see Missy coming in for the low blow. Bigelow drops to his knees and the Referee now tries to get Missy to leave the ringside area. With the Referee occupied with Missy, Rude takes the opportunity to work on Bigelow and begins by throwing him in to a guardrail. He follows that with a chair shot to the back, before getting back in the ring.

From here the match saw Bigelow attempt to get back in twice, only to be knocked back to the outside. On the third occasion, Rude would let him in and then go for his knee before sitting up on the top turnbuckle whilst Bigelow struggled to get to his feet. When he did Rude would drive him to the corner and hit a series of shoulder blocks to the mid-section, followed by a series of blows to the back as Bigelow staggered out. Rude would attempt a side suplex, but Bigelow would counter and land on Rude for a fall attempt.

Bigelow now had a second wind and would punish Rude with stiff blows and eventually a powerslam. Bigelow would go up top and leap off for a diving headbutt, though Rude avoided it and applied a front face lock until Bigelow was almost out. Rude walked across to the nearest camera..."WATCH THIS"...then grabbed Bigelow, raised him up and hit the Rude Awakening.]

Winner: Rick Rude
Overall: B

PPV Buy Rate: 0.02
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{Herb was sat through the back, talking to Les Thatcher and Mark Rocco.}

Mark: "I enjoyed the British rules match, about time we mixed things up around here."

Les: "Good to see Johnny, he deserves to get his name out there."

Herb: "You know, I could probably go off on one about a few things..."

Mark: "Herb pal, we're all tired and I know I need my bed."

Herb: "Oh, there's no bed Mark. We've got the Showcase taping, you and Les need to round up the group and we've got a flight to catch."

Les & Mark: "WHAT?"

Les: "Herb, you haven't mentioned this until now. Nobody will turn up, we've not been promoting it!"

Herb: "Seriously...I must have men...ohhhhhhh ah! I've been too busy, knocking doors and getting paperwork sorted out. The posters are out though."

Mark: "You keep mentioning these bloody doors Herb. Do you fancy filling either of us in?"

Herb: "After the taping Mark, after the taping."

UWF Showcase Taping - Week 2 September 1991

B. Brian Blair defeats The Nightstalker (D+)
Joe Malenko defeats Johnny Saint (D)
Billy Anderson & Riki Ataki defeated The Power Twins (D)
NWA World Women's Championship
Leilani Kai defeats Susan Green (D)
Steve Keirn defeats Ken Patera (D+)
Matt Borne defeats Joe Cruz (C-)
Samoan Savage defeats Ivan Koloff (D+)
Rick Rude & Jimmy Backlund defeated Larry Zbyszko & Bobby Fulton (B)

Overall: C+


Mark: "That went okay, what's happening with all these tapings anyway?"

Herb: "The last three are about to get a video release. At just the right time too as the UWF is ON THE RISE!"

Les: "How do you mean Herb?"

Herb: "Well..."

Mark: "Is this to do with these doors you've been knocking on?"

Herb: "Shhhhhhhhhhh, someone will hear you. Yes,, look at this piece of paper."

Mark & Les: "WHAT?"

Les: "Are you drunk?"

Mark: "You can't mean that the UWF have signed these five! That's the..."

Herb: "SHHHHHHHHH...quiet, quiet!!! I'm fully aware who they are."

Mark: "Bloody hell, you're serious aren't you."

Herb: "It's exciting times, time to get on the phones, time to get in touch with all your contacts. Mister Electricity is bringing the UWF fully to life with my sparks of genius!"

Les: "I'm...err...Mark, let's go."


{Herb notices they've both gone.}

Herb: "Great stuff...right, time to celebrate."

{Round the corner.}

Mark: "He's ****ing nuts Les, but if this works out and if it's even true!"

Les: "I know, we could be the third power in the United States and possibly even number two."

Mark: "Our flight's in three hours, I've got some calls to make."
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UWF Fury Hour - Week 2 September 1991

{The show kicks off with Tony, Bruno and Herb.}

Herb: "Welcome to another hour of amazing UWF action on THE FURY HOUR!"

Bruno: "Sunday was indeed amazing."

Tony: "Yes it was Bruno. We'll be bringing you all the news on the back of an industry shaking evening of action on Pay Per View. I believe Herb has a lot more to update us on and we may even touch upon some of the rumours..."

Herb: "RUMOURS...WHAT RUMOURS? HUH? Come on Tony, who's talking? NAME NAMES or I'll fi..."

Bruno: "Herb, Herb, calm down my friend. Rumours are bound to start after your err meeting earlier."

Tony: "Correct Bruno, sorry if I had you worried there Herb. Nobody is talking. I believe we may even be able to bring you some of that meeting."

Herb: "Okay, sorry Tony...sorry folks. Exciting times here in the UWF, HUGE discussions and you'll see it ALL unfold right here. But yes, don't go anywhere as we'll bring you footage of todays meeting right after our first match of the evening." (B-)

Match #1
Steve Keirn defeats Tommy Lane
[Keirn's exposure on UWF television continues with a relatively easy win over Tommy Lane.] (D)
{An advert plays for the Beach Brawl video.}

"Yes everyone, it's here. The Beach Brawl video can now be yours, begin your UWF video collection today. Also coming soon, three new UWF video releases! What better way to see more of me, Missy Hyatt! It's the only way I'll ever be in your living room." (C+)

{As promised, we went to footage of the wrestlers meeting held earlier today.}

Herb: "Okay guys, GUYS! What's all the noise about? I'm right here, RIGHT HERE!"

Larry Zbyszko: "I think I speak for most..."

Rick Rude: "You don't speak for me and, know what, it'll be a long time before you even need to think about me! Hahaha!"

Larry Zbyszko: "As I was saying. We have these meetings and usually nothing much happens. I think, even Rick, we can see that there are fewer guys here and fewer who have worked for...well, for the big two!"

Herb: "Okay, well I'm not worried about that and...strange, someone putting their hand up BEFORE I'M FINISHED. Bobby?"

Bobby Blaze: "Herb, it's just about the thing we discussed the other day."

Herb: "The CONFIDENTIAL thing Bobby? THAT THING?"

Bobby Blaze: "Okay, sorry,'s next week though, right?"

{Herb just stands there looking at Bobby.}

Herb: "Right, Larry, sorry...I'm not worried and everyone will soon see why. There's big things happening in the UWF, game changing and era defining as Tony would say. We'll have a press conference in a few weeks, the world will find out at the same time as all of you. Although, Owen...where are you?"

Owen: "Here Herb!"

Herb: "Looking forward to Japan next month?"

Owen: "I...well...yes, but I'm looking to get my belt back and then..."

Herb: "NOPE! You're done after tonight, sayonara Owen!"

Rick Rude: "Herb, before you lose the plot even more. What about me, I'm looking round and not seeing much of a challenge."

Herb: "Well, that's either for the room to prove you wrong on...or you could put out a challenge."

{We return to Tony and Bruno.}

Bruno: "Larry wasn't happy there Tony."

Tony: "No he wasn't or even later on. Main point though folks is that things are about to change around the UWF and naturally rumours are flying. Let's get back to the ring though for another match, after which we'll head backstage to Craig DeGeorge." (C+)

Match #2
The Malenkos & Scotty Danger defeated Bill Anderson, Riki Ataki & Owen Hart
[Scotty Danger was a weird selection as a partner for the Malenkos, but even more weird was Owen Hart appearing. Owen allowed his partners to work most of the match, only tagging in briefly. Joel Malenko would tag the win after a German suplex on Riki Ataki.] (C-)
{Post-match, Scotty Danger would attack Owen Hart who was saying his goodbyes to the UWF crowd.} (D)

{A UWF Powerline advert plays.}

"If you haven't managed to dial-in yet, do so NOW. Don't trust the magazines, don't believe the hype elsewhere. Get the real news direct from the UWF!!!"

"Learn about all the fine fine UWF action, dial now!"

"Do you want a Rude Awakening? No! Well, dial now!" (B-)

{We go to an UWF event centre with Craig DeGeorge, he is joined by Herb Abrams.}

Craig: "Wow, what a night of action at the Blackjack Brawl. Herb, our Canadian fans won't have seen much of this so far."

Herb: "No, they won't, but they may get a nice surprise if they tune in to Atlantic Wrestling on Saturday."

Craig: "Okay, well the obvious talking point was Rick Rude retaining the NWA World Heavyweight title."

{Footage is shown of Rude hitting his finisher on Bigelow.}

Craig: "He of course has his own views on what may or may not be next for him."

Herb: "Well, a lot is going to change around here Craig. More opportunity, more wrestlers, just MORE MORE MORE. We'll also have more Pay Per View, an announcement on that is coming VERY SOON!"

Craig: "Steve Williams also won on Sunday, defeating Jimmy Snuka."

{Williams is shown in a post-match scene from Sunday, he's in the locker room and just holding the belt towards the camera.}

Craig: "Larry Zbyszko...well, I believe we can go to him now. Larry?"

{Larry is backstage with Johnny Saint.}

Herb: "Johnny, you don't need to be there."

Larry: "Herb, with all due respect I think Johnny does need to be here. I need someone to explain to me how Ivan Koloff managed to get a strand of barbed wire in to the ring."

Johnny: "I can''m..."

Herb: "Larry, surely you should be upset at the actions of David Sammartino. The man has cost you any chance of a NWA World Heavy..."

Larry: "HERB, you're focusing on the wrong things here."

Herb: "Larry, Ivan didn't actually use the strand of barbed wire."

Johnny: "That is right, no rules were broken until David..."

Larry: "SERIOUSLY? Sounds like you're on Ivan's side there Johnny."

Johnny: "I'm on no..."

Larry: "Yeah yeah, prove it!"

Herb: "Larry, I don't think Johnny needs to prove anything. Actually, I think we should cut things short right there. Thank you for joining us."

Craig: "Well, Larry Zbyszko obviously not happy there folks. One man who is a lot happier now though is Captain Lou Albano."

{Lou is backstage with Andre.}

Lou: "You're absolutely right I'm happier Craig. Don has been defeated and Andre is about to start a run to glory. The sky is the limit baby!"

Herb: "Lou, Herb Abrams. May I speak to Andre?"

Andre: "What is it boss?"

Herb: "Well, when I spoke to Don after the match he said he would do anything to get you out of the UWF. My question to you is whether you think it's finished."

Lou: "Of course it's finished...sorry Andre for butting in. Of course it's finished, Andre has nothing to prove, he has no need to be involved with Don Muraco ever again. I'm happy, Andre is happy, we can all move on."

Herb: "Okay, okay, I HEAR YOU! But, what do you say to people who say you held Andre's leg and that led to Andre being able to get the win?"

Lou: "ARE YOU SERIOUS? I held Andre's leg? Don Muraco put me in a hospital bed, Don Muraco could have ended my career. Tell you what, IF Don wants to get any sort of revenge...we're HERE. We're right here Herb...oh and you had better watch yourself too Herb. Trying to stir things up, you'll..."

Andre: "Lou, Lou, calm down. Herb, boss, I've no issue giving Don Muraco another match. I'm Andre, I'm here in the UWF to wrestle."

Herb: "Okay Andre, thank you. Lou, thank you also. Let's take things back to the ring." (C+)

Match #3
Dick Slater defeats David Sammartino
[This was supposed to be Dick vs Cacuts Jack, but Cactus didn't appear and David Sammartino came out for the match. Slater was in no mood for messing around and took control right from the start and showed exactly why he has only one singles match defeat since the beginning of January. David on the other hand was full of snot and vinegar early on, but just wasn't up for the fight.] (C+)
{An advert plays for Bruno's book.}

"Thank you to everyone who has bought the book so far, I hope you're enjoying the story of my life." (B-)

{We went straight to a video segment, showing a pair of wrestling boots walking in to an arena and the crowd going crazy.}

"COMING SOON, to THE UWF...the ultimate in sports entertainment...some of the greatest wrestlers around today!"

{Back at the announce team, who have Rick Rude with them.}

Rick: "One wrong word Tony, just one."

Tony: "Erm, exciting times ahead for the UWF. Perhaps you won't have that title...."

{Rick just looks at Tony.}

Rick: "Well, you just make it far too easy Tony. A little like the UWF roster. You know, I've gone through this roster like a brick through ice. Maybe it's about time I had some more competition, bring it on! Plus, HA, bring on whatever we have in store next. Come on UWF, IMPRESS ME!" (B)

Match #4
Larry Zbyszko & Paul Orndorff went to a 15 minute time limit draw with Bob Orton Jnr & Steve Williams
[A very impressive main event, with all four men looking to prove to Herb and others that there was some quality in the roster. Key moments were Larry and Steve trading blows, with Larry's head wound opening up, and Orton and Orndorff having a suplex off for want of a better phrase.] (B-)
Overall: C
TV Rating: 0.10

Show Note: I'm getting production warnings on music and broadcast quality, looks like I'll need to bite the bullet and spend big as that show content certainly wasn't a C!

Atlantic Coast Wrestling - Week 2 September 1991

Baby Doll was backstage with Nelson Royal discussing wrestlers having to up their game, again they were interrupted by Ken Patera. (D+)
Burke, Hotbody and the Samoan Savage give an interview to camera, warning Street, Backlund and Lane that they are ready to step up. (D-)
Samoan Savage, Leo Burke & Johnny Hotbody defeated Adrian Street, Tommy Lane & Jimmy Backlund (D)
Cactus Jack is in a dimly lit area, no real clues as to where, and gives a chilling warning to Ken Patera. (B-)
Ken Patera defeats Chaz Taylor (D)
Nelson Royal is on the phone, it would appear some sort of Canadian show is being discussed as he finishes with "Great, we can get Bradley versus Starr booked in for that". (D-)
UWF Americas Championship
Bob Bradley defeats Steve Keirn (D+)

Bob Orton is discussing Jimmy Snuka, stating that as Champion he has selected Jimmy's tag partner tonight. He then introduced a good friend of the man who'll partner with him against those two...that man was Paul Ellering. (C)
Jimmy Snuka & Osamu Nishimura defeated Bob Orton Jnr & King Kong Bundy by DQ. (C)

Overall: C-
TV Rating: 0.05

End of Week Meeting

{Herb has just entered the hotel room, Les Thatcher and Mark Rocco are sitting watching the ACW footage, and tosses a folder on the bed before going in to the toilet.}

Mark: "What was in the folder Herb?"

Herb: "Hang on, I'm just..."

Les: "Herb, I don't think we need the running water any more. Just come out and talk to us."

Herb: "Okay, okay, but we still need to be CAREFUL. Is this ACW again? How's it coming along?"

Mark: "It could be..."

Les: "Fine, fine, Herb. It is what it is really, these things take time."

Herb: "Mark? It could be?"

Mark: "Better! Quite frankly, sorry Les, it could be better! You've got too many guys wanting to beat up UWF guys, UWF guys getting sick of not being used, ACW guys wondering what's going on and new guys wondering what they've walked in to. I know you wanted to help Nelson and I know Les..."

Les: "We can sort it, it's important to retain it..."

Herb: "KILL IT! Not totally, I only mean as a separate thing. Bring it back in, put Nelson in the road agent pool and speak to Craig. Hang on, I'll be back in a second."

{Herb goes back in to the toilet, Mark goes across to pick up the folder as Les switches off the Atlantic Coast Wrestling footage and goes to leave.}

Les: "Herb, we're just going for a break."

Mark: "Les, wait...**** me, that's a lot of paperwork. Look in the folder..."


{Herb comes racing out the toilet, trousers half unzipped.}

Mark: "What the is this? I thought you'd signed a few guys, this is...bloody hell I can't even guess."

Les: "Herb, we're already carrying a lot of guys as it is. You've seen the new production figures."

{Herb is watching the television and only half listening.}

Herb: "Yes, YES, we'll just need to grow or try something different. We could tour the States, shows in Canada."

Les: "Well, we are going to merge the Americas title with the Canadian one. But, Herb, we can't really afford another tour in America."

Herb: "Europe, we'll Tour Europe...I'll speak to the NWA and get them to fund the venues, they want to..."

Mark: "ARE YOU NUTS? NO! Herb, we're heading down for some food and we can chat when we get back up."

Herb: "It's okay, we can talk after the Fury Hour. But, wait, what is this that's on?"

Mark: "Hmmm, no idea...oh, European league football."

Herb: "League? Not Conferences? The crowds are...League...LEAGUE...World League...WORLD LEAGUE OF WRESTLING!!!"

Mark: "You don't just start a league...Herb, don't do anything silly whilst we're gone."

Herb: "No, it's fine. I'll just grab the contracts and close the door when I leave, you go catch Les."

{Mark looked slightly worried, but left the room anyway. You could hear Mark shouting Les.}

Mark: "Les, LES, he only wants to start a league."

{Back in the room, Herb grabs the folder and notices the phone...he dials...}

Herb: "Craig, yeah...shhhhhh! What do you know about leagues? No, nothing to do with leagues, soccer. You know, that thing Rocco kicks about backstage. Yes, YES, that one! Find out more...oh and phone a few venues, get me one for every Friday for the next...yes, okay, not the last week...anyway, for the next few months. Get it to me on Wednesday and, Craig, TELL NOBODY!"

{Herb puts the phone down.}

Herb: "World League of Wrestling...GENIUS, Electric!"
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TsuMirren TsuMirren is online now
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Week 3 September 1991

Pre-Fury Hour:

{It is only a few hours before the show and there's chaos backstage.}

Paul Orndorff: "Guys, GUYS, QUIET!!! Now, obviously Herb isn't here and there's not much of a plan. Come on, we'll just wait for Les and Mark to arrive."

Bobby Blaze: "Ah, I'm off then."

Scotty Danger: "You really think anyone cares Bobby? Seriously, do you really think any..."

{Mark Rocco and Les appear just as a few wrestlers start getting in each others faces.}

Mark: "Pipe down! Bloody hell, it's like being back at school."

Les: "Now, we've got a show in a couple of hours and no format to speak of. We don't need things breaking down on top of that. Bobby, you're staying and you can put those ACW Mid-Atlantic belts you hold with Joe up in a unification match."

Bobby: "Who against?"

Mark: "What does it matter who against? You wanted to leave a minute or two ago...just the pair of you go and get ready!"

Bob Orton Jnr: "You'd better not be unifying my title with anything!"

Les: "No? Hmmmm...what do you say Mark?"

Mark: "Here Bob, let me see it for a bit...come on, you'll get it right back."

{Bob hands the belt over.}

Mark: "Right, thanks, you want a title then you'd better go and get another one. Anyone else with something smart to say?"

Larry: "Yes, me! What's going on here? One week we're talking about new talent coming in, which is fine, and now you're unifying titles and getting rid of others. It all feels a little bit seat of your pants, a bit like there's nobody in the cockpit."

Les: "I understand Larry, believe me. Can we all just wait until Herb gets here, if he gets here."

Jimmy Snuka: "Les, brother, it's not very professional. I've been trying to face Bob for weeks now, it all feels like it's been for nothing my friend."

Rick: "Les, let me! Jimmy, we can't have you feeling like things are a waste. Can we Missy?"

Missy: "No siree Rick, we certainly can't have Jimmy walking around looking all unhappy."

Rick: "Good point, he does look unhappy. Or, maybe that's age, maybe his skin is so saggy that he can't smile."

{Jimmy gets in Rick's face.}

Jimmy: "Careful brother, I can still take you on my friend. Any match, any stipulation, just name it!"

Rick: "How about I just write it down and pass it to Les later on? You've got your match though."

Mark: "Okay, we're getting there. Anyone else got a problem with anyone here?"

Les: "Well, erm, actually...we never really did get to the bottom of how Matt came to win that Television title."

Mark: "You know what, no we didn't. Matt, I hope you like battle royals mate! Right, everyone, that'll have to do for now."
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UWF Fury Hour - Week 3 September 1991

{The show kicks off with Tony and Bruno.}

Tony: "Evening folks and welcome to another hour of the finest UWF action on the Fury Hour! An hour where anything can happen and it usually does. Isn't that right Bruno."

Bruno: "Yes Tony, it err certainly is usually the case. You know, it's changed days from when I was wrestling. You got in, you made your way through the crowd, entered the ring and then you wrestled. There was sometimes more action and excitement on your way to the ring than in it. Now, well, you don't know where to look!"

Tony: "Well, obviously you'd be looking right here at the UWF."

Bruno: "Yes Tony, you certainly would and it would appear to be interesting times ahead."

Tony: "Interesting times, changing times and industry defining times dare I say coming to the UWF. There's been a lot of talk, we touched on that in previous Fury Hour shows and I believe we can go across to Craig DeGeorge who may know more on these upcoming changes. Craig?"

{We switch to Craig DeGeorge.}

Craig: "Ah, sorry Tony, I'm still making my way through the backstage area. What is a rather tense backstage area. I don't really have much to say on the changes, I..."

Tony: "But, you've been on the phone all week."

Craig: "My mum is ill."

Tony: "No she's not, we all met your mum last week."

Bruno: "She made that fantastic meat loaf."

Craig: "Okay, okay, my mother's fine. I didn't say I don't know much, I just can't say much. Oh, here's Larry Zbyszko."

Larry: "Not now Craig, I obviously have to prove myself around here so I'm going to go to the ring and do just that. If you don't mind."

{We return back to Tony and Bruno.}

Tony: "Well, it appears that we are about to see Larry in action. Before that though, we have some sad news to bring you all."

Bruno: "Tragic news, so so sad."

Tony: "As Bruno says, tragic indeed. For this family it seems like it's been nothing but tragedy recently and the gates of wrestling heaven have welcomed yet another member. Folks, Chris Von Erich took his own life on September 12th and we at the UWF would like to extend our deepest condolences to the Von Erich family." (C)

Match #1
Larry Zbyszko defeats Mark Scarpa
[A rather short match, with Larry not giving much to Mark.] (D)
{Ivan Koloff would appear post-match.}

Ivan: "Ah ha ha, you stupid American. What do you have to impress anyone for? I have defeated you, it doesn't matter how..."

{David Sammartino appears from behind and jumps Ivan, knocking to the floor then grabbing him and throwing him in to a barrier.} (C-)

{An advert plays for UWF merchandise, Paul Orndorff is making the sales pitch.}

"Hats, t-shirts, jackets...we've even got ice lollies! But, the greatest item of merchandise are these UWF inflatable punching bags." (C+)

Tag Team Title Unification Match - UWF World Tag & ACW Mid-Atlantic Tag Titles
The Power Twins defeated Bobby Blaze & Joe Cruz
[Blaze and Cruz were taken slightly by surprise as they were forced to face The Power Twins. The Twins have been Rick Rude's first line of defence in recent weeks, whilst Blaze and Cruz haven't exactly been setting the UWF alight over on the ACW shows. A double powerbomb on Blaze was enough to win this one.] (D)
{Rick Rude came out to the ring to celebrate along with The Power Twins.}

Rick Rude: "Do you all see that? You associated yourself with me and good things come your way. You'd better be praising these two fine specimens Tony! Boo all you want, you jealous pieces of crap! The Power Twins have tag gold and later tonight I will retain the gold around my waist! Snuka, I'm going to keep you waiting until the last second...the VERY LAST second. Hahahahahahahahaha!"

Tony: "Folks, Rick Rude has I believe been allowed to set the stipulation for tonights main event."

Bruno: "Yes and, by the looks of it, he's not telling Jimmy."

Tony: "We'll be back right after this." (C)

{We went straight to a video segment, almost the same as last weeks, showing a pair of wrestling boots walking in to an arena and the crowd going crazy. This time the camera pans back and up slightly to show the wrestlers back, which gives the impression of an impressive physique.}

"COMING SOON, to THE UWF...the ultimate in sports entertainment...some of the greatest wrestlers around today!" (B)

20 man battle royal for the UWF SportsChannel Television Championship
Won by Matt Borne
[Matt managed to take a deserved bow as the Champion by defending his title in this battle royal. Blair, Ace and Hotbody were in the final group of eliminations with Hotbody being pulled to the outside by Scotty Danger. Blair was thrown out by Borne after being distracted by the Hotbody elimination and Ace was eliminated after a bruising minute or two of traded blows and then a clothesline by Borne.] (C-)
{An advert plays for Lou's celebrity hotline.}

"That's right, everyone is calling the hotline. Not to find out who has signed for the UWF, but to find out when Andre next gets his hands on Don Muraco. CALL NOW!" (C-)

NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Rick Rude versus Jimmy Snuka

{Scroll down slowly so as not to spoil the surprise.}

[The start of this match saw Snuka demand that Les Thatcher open the piece of paper handed to him. Rude stopped Thatcher and gestured that Snuka was a chicken, leading to Snuka slapping Rude and taking him down leading to both men falling out of the ring and brawling on the outside, Rude still in his robe.

Neither the Ref or Thatcher knew what to do, not being sure of the stipulation for the match. The Referee followed both men up the entry aisle and Thatcher stopped to open the piece of paper as the Referee looked back for direction. Les had a look of shock on his face and gave a twirling finger gesture to signify the Referee should let them fight.

Tony: "That's it folks, it must be some sort of no count out match or perhaps no disqualification."

Bruno: "Possibly falls count anywhere Tony, although if you look over at Les he's just standing there in disbelief."

Tony: "Is it more, we can't possibly know. Maybe we can attract his attention, no he's sitting down at ringside."

Bruno: "Rick doesn't even have his robe off yet, now Missy is trying to stop Jimmy."

Jimmy Snuka would move Missy to one side only to suffer a low blow then a suplex to the outside. Rude would remove his robe and start choking out Snuka with it. The Referee forced Rude off Snuka, with Rude looking in to the camera..."Do you want to know? DO YOU? You'll just need to keep watching, watching this tired old fool". Rude stomped on Snuka as the Referee ordered him back and then Rick would go get in Thatcher's face before getting in the ring and laying up on the ropes.

Tony: "Folks, Jimmy Snuka does not look in any condition to continue here. He is though pushing the Ref away and trying to get to his feet."

Bruno: "He's a fighter Tony, there's no other word for it. He's been in many batt..."

Tony: "Oh my GOD!"

Rude had just dropped Snuka throat first on the barricade and out of nowhere Thornton is now ordering Rude in to the ring.

Tony: "So, maybe it's not a no count out match Bruno. Who knows, we've as much idea as everyone at home."

Bruno: "But, as ugly as it is to watch, it's excitement Tony."

Tony: "The sort of excitement you only get in the UWF."

Snuka is now back to his feet and pushing various officials away, he even pushes Thatcher away as he makes his way to the ring. Snuka goes to get in the ring and Rude kicks the middle rope, catching Snuka in the groin with the rope. Snuka goes down at the outside and again he is pushing Thatcher away as he gets back up. Thatcher gestures with both hands, so the Ref starts counting and Snuka is desperately trying to get back in to the ring. Viewers could just hear Thatcher shouting "Jimmy, take the count out..." as Rick Rude grabbed Snuka and hit an inverted atomic drop before coming off the ropes with a clothesline. Rude would look out at Thatcher and point at Snuka then gesture as if opening a piece of paper.

Tony: "Have you ever heard a crowd like this Bruno?"

Bruno: "Not for a long time Tony. The err strange thing is, none of them are fully aware of what is actually going on."

Rude turns, picks up Snuka and hits a Rude Awakening...though he steps back, looks at Thatcher and smiles. Rude hits another Rude Awakening and viewers just about hear "cover him or I'll disqualify you" as Rude quickly covers Snuka for the three count.]

Winner: Rick Rude

{Post-match Les Thatcher threw the title belt to Rude and ordered him out of the ring. Garbage reigned down on Rude as he walked out the arena. Eventually, Snuka would stir and look up at Thatcher who could clearly be seen mouthing "I'm sorry" as he handed the piece of paper. Snuka would open the piece of paper, drop it and just limp out of the ring. As Jimmy walked off, a camera man entered the ring and the picture switched to a shot of...

} (B-)

Overall: C+
TV Rating: 0.11
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