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Unread 05-19-2017, 08:33 AM
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UWF Rumble in the Apple - Week 4 March 1991

{This is the SportsChannel Bay Area version, hence the announcer segments etc.}

"Good evening folks and welcome to our coverage of Rumble in the Apple, coming to you on the SportsChannel Bay Area channel. Be lucky you weren't in New York tonight folks, because we have SHUT THE PLACE DOWN!"

"Certainly have Herb, the UWF have eh shut down New York. I've never seen anything like it."

"Two thousand fans, all pre-sales and all transported from our original venue to here. We couldn't have had the others standing outside, I'm not that type of guy folks! We're still bringing people in now, obviously not now where you viewers are."

"Just an amazing thing Herb, but we're here and we are going to have a Rumble in the Apple."

"Yes we are Bruno, we'll be seeing Rick Rude in NWA World Heavyweight Championship action. We'll also see Bob Orton Jr and Paul Orndorff. Sadly, for reasons outwith our control, we won't be seeing the Mark Rocco versus Lizmark match and will bring you that at another time. But for now, let's get down to the ring and join our first match in action." (C+)

Match #1

CW Bergstrom defeats Corporal Kirchner by DQ
[Bergstrom wore his NWA Pacific Northwest Television title belt, but this was a non-title match. Fairly standard match, Bergstrom looked the stronger until Kirchner took the fight to the outside and ended up with Bergstrom over at the Players Bench of the arena.] (D-)

{An advert plays for Lou's Celebrity Hotline as SportsChannel Bay Area cut from the action.}

"Wooh, they're all calling the wrestling celebrity hotline baby!" (C)

"Disappointed that we're not going to see Mark Rocco then Lord Alfred?"

"Well, yes and no. I have a great deal of time for Mark, knew his father of course, but sometimes he's his own worst enemy. I do believe we're about to see Bruno's son in action though."

"Indeed we are, whilst you'll also get your fix of World of Sport style action when we see Adrian Street later on."

"Ha, yes, Adrian. At least what you see is what you get or, ha ha, what you think you see anyway. He'll be in confident mood no doubt and I'm sure our UWF viewers will see a fine fine match." (C-)

Match #2
David Sammartino & Dusty Wolfe defeat The Power Twins
[A poor match by anyone's standards, though Sammartino and Wolfe did managed to save the match. The finish came with a figure four leglock to Larry Power.] (D-)

{An advert plays for the SportsChannel Hotline.}

"Keep up to date with all the latest sports action, dial now!" (E+)

Match #3
Ivan Koloff versus Jim Brunzell went to a double stoppage finish
[Koloff started well, but Brunzell very quickly got on top and had Koloff reeling. A low blow saw Koloff get back in the match, but that was short lived. Brunzell eventually wore down Koloff and hit a clothesline in the corner, just as Referee Larry Sanders appeared to be distracted. Brunzell left the ring, came back in with a chair and by this point Colonel De Beers had appeared at ringside. As De Beers remonstrated with everyone within ear shot, the bell sounded and Herb Abrams even appeared.] (C-)

"Sorry about that folks, but we need to bring it back here. You'll notice Bruno isn't here..."

"Ha, yes Craig, he's on his way to join Herb at ringside. What a downright despicable fellow that Colonel De Beers is."

"We thought we'd seen the last of him Alfred, obviously not. But now, for our SportsChannel viewers, let's bring you some footage of events that actually took place after Fury Hour on Wednesday."

{Herb is shown standing in the backstage area, Al Perez comes in to his view.}

"PEREZ, hey, now!"


"Don't what me? I'll do the whats around here pal! What the hell was that in the ring?"

"Hey Herb, don't go having a heart attack man. Don't go dying on us! You know exactly what that was. That was history, that was Al Perez showing that once again the Von Erich family can't just walk around..."

"SHUT UP, I've heard enough. You know what, don't bother turning up to New York. GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!"

"You can't...argh..."

{Al walks off, as Herb turns he has Buddy Landel next to him.}

"Great decision."

"Who are you?"

"Buddy...Buddy Landel, the nature boy."


{Herb walks off, leaving Buddy looking confused.}

"Ha, I shouldn't laugh Craig..."

"No Alfred, Buddy Landel won't appreciate it. I'm sure Herb knows exactly who Buddy is."

"Yes, he was no doubt just giving Buddy a little push."

"With that in mind, Buddy is actually in the ring right now. So, let's get down to the battle royal." (D)

Match #4
A Battle royal featuring Buddy Landel, Chaz Taylor, Greg Valentine, Iceman Parsons, Louie Spicolli, Matt Borne, S.D.Jones, Steve Keirn, Sunny Beach and The Viking was won by Buddy Landel.
[Jones, Beach and Spicolli had already been eliminated by the time we went to the action. Chaz Taylor became a bit of a bouncing ball, with Keirn being eliminated with him as he tried to eliminate Borne and The Viking. Parsons in turn eliminated those two, then was subsequently put over the top by Greg Valentine. Landel would take the victory after both men had traded figure fours. Valentine would attempt to suplex Landel out, his leg couldn't take the strain and Landel would recover and clothesline Valentine out of the ring.] (C)

{A UWF Powerline advert plays.}

"If you haven't managed to dial-in yet, do so NOW. Don't trust the magazines, don't believe the hype elsewhere. Get the real news direct from the UWF!!!"

"Give yourself Wonderful knowledge, dial now!"

"Dial now, bang bang!"

"The Don is waiting, DIAL!" (D)

NWA World Tag Team Championship
Adrian Street & Cactus Jack defeat Billy Anderson and Riki Ataki
[Anderson took off his Black Knight mask pre-match, which had Adrian Street reeling a little. As with all Cactus Jack matches, the action moved to ringside and Ataki was dropped on to the ring steps. Anderson, fearing the count out loss, went to enter the ring but was caught out as Cactus kicked the rope then covered Anderson as he fell inside.] (D+)

{We get taken to Lou Albano back stage, or was he in front of a green screen...we may never know.}

"Everyone is asking about Lou's opponent for tonight against Rick Rude. Have I scoured the wrestling scene, have I made phone calls, have I met anyone in the bar, at a gym or even just out in the street late at night? Is it a giant, is it a former NWA Champion? You'll all see later, but I can say I've led this man to a title victory in the past." (C+)

"A title victory in the past. Who do you think that could be Bruno?"

"Who do I think that could be? It could be anybody, Lou has had one hundred title eh eh..."

"Ha, not quite one hundred Bruno although you won't be too far off. One thing's for sure Craig, Rick Rude is not in for an easy night."

"Indeed he's not Alfred, much as I don't imagine Bob Orton won't be."

"No, Bob Orton won't be in for an easy night. Though, in my head, I can't see why anyone would...well, no actually..."

"Uhu actually?"

"Well Craig, unless they had some sort of plan."

"Subterfuge you mean Bruno."

"You could be right Alfred and Bruno, good point. Let's get down to ringside." (C+)

Match #6
Bob Orton Jr. defeats Joe Cruz & Paul Orndorff in a Handicap Cage Match
[There was plenty of posturing pre-match, Orton appeared to be telling Orndorff that he could watch his own back.

The match began with Orton singling out Cruz with a quick attack and throw in to the cage. This in turn saw Orndorff attack Orton from behind and both men would trade offense for the next few minutes. It soon became obvious that Cruz had been cut open by the throw in to the cage, which saw him take little part for the early stages. Indeed, the crowd would erupt as a white towel was seen, but it was only the medical crew passing one through. This was enough to distract Orndorff, which allowed Orton to take control and work away on Orndorff in the corner. Cruz would come back in to it with a low block to Orton's knee. This allowed both men to again have control, with Orton now being worked on in the far left corner. Orton would catch Cruz with a thumb to the eye as he scrambled to get back in to the match.

Around this time, a commotion would break out down at the front of the ring with the crowd erupting. Ringside cameras showed the back of a large man as he threw a Referee in to the cage and took a key from his pocket. The camera view switch back to the hard camera, but we only see someone walking through the door. Cruz notices, runs to the ropes and throws himself at SID VICIOUS.

"That's Sid Vicious in there Bruno, what the..."

"Cruz is in trouble here Alfred."

"Indeed he is Bruno, he's...oh Lord!"

At that point, Cruz is literally thrown like a javelin out through the cage door. Orndorff realises that something is going on and turns, only to be met with a boot to the mid section. This is followed up with a powerbomb, which leaves Orndorff down. Sid slaps some life in to Orton, who slowly makes his way out of the cage. The bell rings and, as it does, Sid lifts Orndorff and carries him to the far right corner.

"What is he going to do next? Why is he even here, how is he even here? Alfred, Bruno...any thoughts?"

"Just the same as you Craig, I didn't eh..."

"I think our thoughts don't matter. But, what a fine fine specimen Sid Vicious is. He's...oh, wait..."

"Yes Alfred, oh indeed. Cruz has just been thrown in the ring by Orton, Sid is forcing the Referee to move away from Orndorff. No, no..."

"This can't be official Craig, it's...there's been no bell..."

"Bell or not Bruno, Bob Orton is leaving with the NWA National Heavyweight Title belt."] (D-)

"We have absolute carnage at ringside folks. Just, sheer carnage...Joe Cruz is lucky to be alive."

"Yes Craig, carnage at ringside is exactly what we have. The cage is being removed, Cruz is being placed on a stretcher and Orndorff is being led away."

"We still have Rick Rude versus...oh here's Herb."

"Herb, this can't be right. This might be the most controversial thing to happen in the history of New York wrestling."

"Bruno, I don't know. Contracts get signed, wrestlers make verbal agreements. All I know is that Orndorff agreed that if Orton won he would get a NWA National Heavyweight title match."

"You mean Bob Orton Jr. might be the new Champion?"

"Craig, like I say, I don't know. There was no bell, I've got a lot of things to sort out right now. Man, phew, what a night. I need to go, I need to see how Joe Cruz is. DID YOU SEE HIM...a dart, a human DART!" (C-)

{An advert plays for Beach Brawl.}

"Beach Brawl baby, come join the Iceman!" (D)

NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Rick Rudes defeats Don Muraco w/Captain Lou Albano
[Rick and Don both traded control through the early stages. As soon as Rick took full control, Lou was up on the apron or reaching under the ropes. Don would come back in to the match briefly, with Lou calling up for him to finish it. Don, inexplicably, would talk to Lou through the ropes and this gave Rude a chance to recover. He would hit Don with a DDT then pulled out of the cover, taunting Lou as he did. Rude would go through his full repertoire, tauting Lou with fake covers over and over until eventually hitting a Rude Awakening for the finish.] (B)

Overall: C+
Rating: 0.01
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Unread 05-19-2017, 04:04 PM
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The apple was definitely rumbled with that show.
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Unread 05-21-2017, 02:55 PM
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Just checking this out for the first time, and it's a fun roster for the UWF in '91. I like the inclusion of them into the NWA!
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Unread 05-24-2017, 11:32 AM
TsuMirren TsuMirren is offline
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UWF April 1991

UWF Fury Hour - Week 1 April 1991

{The show starts with Herb Abrams standing in the ring.}

"I hope Herb knows what he's doing being up there alone Lord Alfred."

"Yes indeed Craig, he must be worried. Though I'm absolutely certain our fine fine wrestlers wouldn't dare injure him."

"Hello folks, once again I'm Herb Abrams and this is the Fury Hour. I still have some major announcements to make, didn't have the chance last week...but first..."

{Bob Orton walks out to the ring with John Tolos, NWA National Heavyweight belt around his waist.}

"...but...erm...okay, looks like we're..."

"All you need to do now Herb is announce me as the new NWA National He..."

"Bob, BOB, if you'll just calm down."

"Okay, I'm calm. It's finally happening John, can you feel it."

"Actually Bob, it may not be that simple. I've looked through the contract for the match and..."

{Paul Orndorff and Joe Cruz have made their way down to the ring.}

"DAMN! Paul, Joe, can't you..."

"Sorry Herb, but we're just here to get back what is rightfully Joe's."

"Rightfully Joes, rightfully Joe's. You know what Orndorff, I'd have thought you'd have more on your mind. That aside, you interrupted Herb here and got him all flustered."

{Bob fixes Herb's jacket and straightens his hair.}

"Go on, you were about to tell me I'm the champion. Weren't you Herb!"

"Well, actually, no. You see, the contract..."

"I don't sign the contracts...John, what's he talking about here?"

"...the contract, that as you rightly point out was signed by John, didn't specify that you'd get your match last night."

{Orton turns to John Tolos and lays him out. At the same time, Joe Cruz reaches for the title belt...}

"Woah there kid, you'll be next if you don't get your hands off that belt."

{A brawl starts between Orton and Orndorff, Herb runs out of the ring and we cut to an advert.} (C-)

"Beach Brawl, you just never know who'll be there folks!" (D)

"Welcome back folks, we appear to have gotten some sort of order restored. With that, it's time for our first match and one you'll be interested in Lord Alfred."

"Very much so Craig. Mark Rocco is going to bring his own brand of fairness to the UWF. You know, I actually bumped in to him earlier and I'm slightly worried."

"Worried Lord what way?"

"Well Craig, he appeared a little too intense to me. He was shadow boxing the wall and giving it a frightful battering. Didn't say much, but did promsie to destroy Lizmark." (D+)

Match #1
Mark Rocco defeats Lizmark in a two out of three falls match.
[Fall one went to Rocco, after seven minutes of fantastic technical wrestling. Lizmark would come back with fall two, rolling up Rocco and taking him by surprise. That was it for Rocco as he launched Lizmark out of the ring and bounced him around the ringside area. All the while hollering at him, getting more and more angry. Eventually he would throw Lizmark in to the ringpost and took the third fall via a count out.] (F+)

"Someone get out here and take that nancy boy away! Lord Alfred, get in here and raise my hand."

{Lord Alfred gets in to the ring.}

"See that, THAT, that was fair. That's what happens when..."

{Rocco pauses briefly.}

"...when you get in the ring with the Rollerball. Nancy boy Alfred, an absolute nancy..."

{Rocco pauses again and reaches for Alfred.}

"Mark...are you okay?"

"Fine Alfred, fine. It's just taken a lot out of me that match, but that's what I put in to every..."

{Rocco stops again and at this point drops to one knee and whispers up to Alfred. Alfred looks across to the announce area, shaking his head.} (D+)

{An advert plays for Lou's Celebrity Hotline.}

"Wooh, they're all calling the wrestling celebrity hotline baby!" (C-)

{Highlights of the Rick Rude versus Don Muraco match from Rumble in the Apple are shown.} (B)

Match #2
Adrian Street, Cactus Jack & Matt Borne defeat Billy Anderson, Riki Ataki & Don Muraco (C-)

"Well Bruno, next up is an interesting match."

"Yes Craig, it is indeed an inter...oh, here's Alfred back."

"Thank you Bruno, a little worried about my friend Mark but I am back."

"How is he Alfred?"

"I'd rather not discuss it Bruno, sorry to be out of character a little and sorry to everyone at home."

"Okay guys, well let's get to the ring then and our next match. Which, Bruno, I'll let you explain."

"Thank you Craig. I eh think this is a wonderful thing for the UWF. We have a championship match from the IWCCW, which we hope the fans at home will really enjoy." (C-)

IWCCW Heavyweight Championship
Tony Atlas defeats Ivan Koloff (D+)

{Herb is backstage with Kevin Von Erich.}

"Well Kevin, an IWCCW Heavyweight championship match RIGHT HERE in the UWF!"

"Wow Herb, just amazing. I sure hope the folks enjoyed it."

"I'd also like to apologise for the actions of Al Perez."

"Ah, that's okay. He's scheduled to work for the IWCCW over the next while and I'm sure he'll receive a warm welcome."

"Okay, so, on to my next major announcement. But first, did you watch Wrestlemania Seven that aired the other night?"

"I erm, I don't..."

"I DID and I thought it was absolutely abysmal! Not one Championship match, NOT ONE!!! {for clarity, I'm refering to the WM VII in this game world} We've just watched the UWF host a Championship match for ANOTHER PROMOTION! Oh, almost forgot...check these letters Kevin, LOOK at the post marks on them."

"Wow, gosh darn it they're from all over the world. We've got Japan, England, France, Mexico..."

"Amazing isn't it and it got me thinking. That and the rubbish that was Wrestlemania Seven. So, I got on the phone and I did some networking. The UWF, in May, will have their first pay per view and it'll be Championship Mayhem...a night of Champions. What's even better is that we are going to allow the UWF viewers the chance to decide where we run the show."

{The below graphic appears on screen.}

"So, it could be in the legendary Dallas Sportatorium or one of the other fine venues shown on screen. But, for now, back to the ring. Just write in, giving your views and we'll announce the answer on next weeks FURY HOUR." {Get voting folks} (D)

NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Rick Rude defeats Steve Keirn
[Major point of note was Buddy Landel distracting Steve Keirn, allowing Rude to take a cheap victory.] (B-)

Overall: C+
Rating: 0.03
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Unread 05-24-2017, 09:05 PM
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Herbie Does Dallas!
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Unread 05-25-2017, 08:40 AM
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Korakuen Hall would be cool, but can't beat the Sportatorium. Dallas gets my vote too
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Unread 05-25-2017, 08:43 AM
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Okay, my blatant bias is going to show here, but I vote for Dallas as well!
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Unread 05-25-2017, 08:52 AM
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Korakuen Hall gets my vote. The Sportatorium is the obvious choice, but I love the idea of Herb packing up and heading the land of the rising sun for shenanigans and sushi.
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Unread 06-02-2017, 04:52 PM
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UWF April 1991

UWF Fury Hour - Week 2 April 1991

"Hello folks, Herb Abrams here again for another Fury Hour. You'll all recognise this man, THIS GIANT...Andre, it really is good to see you."

"Thank you Herb! You know, it's good to be back in here in the Universal Wrestling Federation. I keep up with everything on the hotline. I even dial in..."


"...oh I do. But, I have to apologise. I've been busy, I told my old friend Lou that I was here to wrestle and I haven't."

"Well, how about you tell everyone what you have been doing."

"Okay, thank you Herb. I've been wrestling in Japan..."

"JAPAN, have you kicked the life out of Steve Williams?"

", no, I haven't..."


"...I err, I am a Tag Team Champion. I'm very proud of that, fans...ha ha, they love it when I come in and destroy everyone. I had the chance to face Stan H..."

{At that point Al Perez comes racing in to the ring and cracks Andre across the back with a steel chair. Andre reels, Perez winds up again and cracks Andre across the back of his left knee and he goes down. Perez turns to Herb, who is backing towards the corner. Perez picks up the microphone.}

"Do you think last week was funny Herb? You think sending me away makes you powerful, makes you clever? HEY BRUNO, yeah I'm talking to's your son?"

"What does he mean by that Bruno?"

"He knows Craig, he er just he knows."

"HA, don't look too happy down there."

{Perez drops the microphone, leaves the ring and exits. Meanwhile, support staff are helping Andre to the back as Herb gestures to cut.} (D+)

{A UWF Powerline advert plays.}

"If you haven't managed to dial-in yet, do so NOW. Don't trust the magazines, don't believe the hype elsewhere. Get the real news direct from the UWF!!!"

"Learn about all the fine fine UWF action, dial now!"

"Dial now, baby...yeah!" (C)

Match #1
Bobby Blaze defeats Louie Spicolli (F+)

{An advert plays for Bruno's book.}

"Thank you to everyone who has bought the book so far, I hope you're enjoying the story of my life." (C)

{We come back to the announce area, Herb is there alongside the others.}

"I'm sure everyone is enjoying your book Bruno. Do you think David will ever have one?"

"Thank Craig, I err...will David...I would prefer not to discuss David right now. What we can discuss is Andre. Herb?"

"Let's move along, I'll know more later."

"Okay, well my good friend and former rival Lord Alfred. You were a bit upset last week because of Rollerball, that maniac, Mark Rocco."

"Indeed I was Bruno, very upset indeed. As a matter of fact, hopefully nobody minds, I'd like to ask Mark to come out and tell us his news by himself."

{Mark Rocco appears, Herb inches himself along behind Alfred.}

"Mark, good to see you although the circumstances..."

"Yes Alfred, Al, I erm am back and it's not with my usual fire I do have to say. I'm not going to destroy Jamaica George, Kendo Nagasaki won't be receiving a thick ear from the maniac, Kung Fu won't be chased across the arena and Marty Jones won't be looking out the corner of one eye during his matches any more. It's time for me to retire, I'm no longer the World Heavy-Middleweight Champion..."


"Yes Herb, retired..."

"Come on now Herb, let him finish."

"Sorry, I was just..."

"...interrupting greatness! You know, I could still destroy you. Nancy boy!"

"I'm sure you..."

"With one arm behind my back!"

"...I've no..."


"...I'm sure..."

"Blind folded!"

"...I'd be mad to..."

"With the other arm behind my back!"

"Ha, Mark, come on. Herb was..."

"Acting the arse. I'd kick his arse too, gladly. Kneeling, Sitting, Crawling, bloody..."

{Mark stops, obviously conscious of getting too upset.}

"Okay Mark, is there anything else? What's next for you? It'd be sad to see such a fine fine wrestling mind just disappear."

"It certainly would Alfred, I'm sure I could offer Mark something."

"Oh you are Herb, well tell you know what...nobody offers me anything, I usually take what I want. But, I realise things have changed so let's work together. This Pay Per View you spoke about, take it to Japan and we'll have a Tournament for a new UWF title."

"Japan! But, the viewers voted for..."

"JAPAN! It's the only place to do it."

"Okay, okay, the May Pay Per View is in Japan. Anything else?"

"No, you can go to another match or whatever you want now. I'll see you in Japan." (D+)

Match #2
Billy Anderson defeats Adrian Street (D+)

{Post-match, Cactus Jack comes down to ringside and attacks Billy Anderson.} (C+)

Captain Lou's Corner:

"You know folks, there are weeks when I really question my own sanity. I stand here really wondering what I'm doing and what is going..."


"Don't you tell me to shut up Koloff! I'll..."

"Oh no, will you get Don Muraco on to me?"

"Well, no, he's busy later tonight..."

"HA, cowardly American supported by a stupid American. How typical of you people, how ty..."

"Us people, US pe..."

"YES, you people Lou. Let's look at the last few months. Jim Brunzell, that nobody from the WWF, comes here and tries to save his other nobody friend. Stupid, stupid, STUPID American and his..."

"I could manage them to victory over..."

"Did I not tell you, shut up? You're as stupid as that kid who wrote in, Adam or whatever his name was. Now, coward..."

"Who's the coward?"

"You know well who the coward is my friend, you know very well. Iceman Parsons, whom you tried to help. You got that big idiot, the Giant fool, to try and help. He came out and attacked this man..."

"Don't you dare...don't you bring that rac..."

{Colonel De Beers walks in to shot.}

"PARSONS, you..."

{The sound goes and we leave the scene as Koloff gets in to Lou's face.} (C-)

Match #3
Kevin Von Erich & Tony Atlas defeat The Power Twins (D)

{Herb Abrams grabs a hold of Kevin after the match.}

"Good to hear that the Pay Per View is in Japan. Shame it couldn't be in Dallas."

"Well, the UWF viewers did vote for Dallas."

"DAMN, seriously...that's just some gosh darned bad luck right there."

"But, YOU KNOW WHAT. Hey Alfred, you remember that Legends night. Fancy having it in DALLAS?"

"Do I fancy having it in Dallas? I don't see any reason why not Herb, Dallas it is."

"There you have it folks, JAPAN and DALLAS in May. The UWF, bringing you the action you want...unlike the WWF!" (D)

{We cut to a promo from Bob Orton Jnr.}

"It would seem that Herb is too scared to make a decision on the NWA National Heavyweight Title. So, I'll make the decision for him. Joe Cruz, son, you're going to wish they never invented Pay Per View. I am going to beat you from one side of Tokyo to the other." (C-)

"Tough words from Bob Orton Jnr there Bruno."

"Tough words Craig, but eh you know what...I believe him. Tokyo may be about to see the most one sided battle since Godzilla versus a car"

"Wow, a cultural reference from Bruno Sammartino. Time to get back to the action and another tough guy, Don Muraco, in TV Title Tournament action." (D)

UWF SportsChannel TV Title Tournament Second Round Match
Al Perez defeats Don Muraco (D+)

{An advert plays for Beach Brawl.}

"It's going to be a Wonderful brawl, be there or buy the show!" (C-)

{Rick Rude makes his way over to the announce area.}

"Alfred, Bruno, Craig...I hope you don't mind me coming over. I just wanted to come over and get a look at the man who claims to be the number one contender to this title." (B)

Match #5
Greg Valentine defeats Buddy Landel
[The submission finish came after Landel took his eye off Valentine and started shouting down towards Rude.] (C-)

Overall: C
Rating: 0.03
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I love the UWF diary man. I'm so glad some tackled Herb!

Andre is back!
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Unread 06-03-2017, 10:28 AM
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Week 3 April 1991

The Phone Call

{It's the Wednesday of Fury Hour, early afternoon and Herb is nowhere to be seen. Craig is called to take a phone call in the back office at the Santa Monica Auditorium.}


"Hi Craig."

"Herb? Herb, where are you?"

"I'm in Portland."

"Portland!!! That's a...well, it's a heck of a long drive. What are you doing there?"

"I was attending an NWA gathering."

"When was that?"

"Friday, watched a wrestling show on Saturday and we continued on Sunday."

"But, it's Wednesdey and you're obviously not going to get back for the show."

"No, there wasn't much point. Anyway, how are things going there?"

"Not much...oh, erm, fine I suppose. Bruno isn't here yet, he's visiting David in hospital. Alfred is walking around keeping everyone in good form. There's a few new faces, erm Les and Ricky are here."

"Yes, Les replaced Howard Brody when he left."

"Howard left?"

"NWA thing, plus I had a few suspicions around the whole Judy Martin thing. Ricky was supposed..."

"Suspicions? That' were about to tell me about Ricky."

"YES, I WAS...if you would stop interrupting me. Ricky Morton came in, but had to retire through injury before he debuted."

"So, I imagine he'll work with the tag teams then. Oh, Mark's back from Japan..."

"What was he doing in Japan? Actually, nevermind."

"Yes, he'll just beat you up for asking. Whilst kneeling, hopping..."

"QUIET...he can say that, you can't! So, what was he doing in Japan?"

"Oh he signed some sort of agreement with a promotion over there."

"WOW...All Japan or New Japan?"

"Neither, you've probably never heard of them although he promises we'll see some great action in Japan."

"I look forward to it. I'm sure you, Bruno and the others will also bring the UWF fans some great action tonight. YOU WILL WON'T YOU, I don't want to think of you not. I'm suffering enough as it is."

"Yes, I'm sure we'll get on fine. Just one thing though, there's a name on the board that I..."

"SHHHHHHHHHHHHH, Craig, never know who's listening."

"What? It's written up on the board, anyone could..."

"YES and if you see anyone you don't know YOU ASK THEM WHO THE HELL THEY ARE!"

"Right, okay. So, on to why you won't be here tonight."

"Oh ah, yes, well I've bought Pacific Northwest Wrestling. I met with Don..."

"From the Mafia?"

"OWENS...Don Owens! Jesus Craig, should I get a helicopter back?"

"No, ha, that makes sense now."

"Yes, anyway, Don is one of the founding members of the NWA and his promotion were struggling a little so you know me...CRAZY HERB...I just heard myself blurting out I'LL BUY IT. Don's running it, I've asked the lad with the tennis racket to help him and the UWF will put on a show up there on Friday."


"Calm down Craig...what are you on? Yes, this Friday, at the Portland Sports Arena. Oh and you'll notice you're missing a few names for tonight."

"Am I? Hang on..."

{Craig puts the phone down and goes to check outside on the board.}

" I am. We'll just have to work with what we have."

"No problem, use the girls, there's a couple of pre-tapes in there for you to use also. SEE YOU FRIDAY!"

{Herb hangs up.}
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So pumped that the UWF is going to Japan! That's going to be amazing.
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UWF Fury Hour - Week 3 April 1991

"Hello folks, Craig DeGeorge here alongside Bruno Sammartino and Lord Alfred Hayes. There's no Herb Abrams with us this week, he's been busy this week up in Portland."

"He certainly has Craig, err been busy that is. You know Craig, Don Owens is a fantastic human being. I've had opportunity to work around him in the past and it's just so fantastic that Portland Wrestling appears safe."

"One of the oldest wrestling shows on television of course Craig and I believe we'll be heading to Portland this week in fact for what promises to be some quite brilliant UWF action."

"Yes we are Alfred and of course the fans watching on Sports Channel America will be hearing this for the first time. This Friday, the UWF will be working alongside the Pacific Northwest Wrestling group on a...well I suppose it'll be a Supercard. Herb hasn't exactly been forthcoming with details. But, for now across to the ring and a returning UWF superstar in action." (C-)

Match #1
Bam Bam Bigelow defeats Chaz Taylor (D)

{Post-match, Bam Bam comes over to the announce area.}

"You know, I hear people talking about all sorts of things in the UWF. But, they're not talking about Bam Bam Bigelow. Everyone has forgotten about Bam Bam Bigelow."

"Not us, you just haven't been around a while."

"You know Bam Bam, Lord Alfred here is looking after the legend event in Dallas. Or, you..."

"Japan, that's where I'll make my mark. It doesn't matter who it's against, anybody, let's see how many are talking about Bam Bam Bigelow after that. But, hey, I'll be around here and there until then...ha ha!"

{Bigelow walks off.} (C)

{An advert for the upcoming Japan Pay Per View plays, then we cut to Herb and Bruno pre-taped.}

"Pay Per View, Japan...did you ever think you'd see the UWF doing that Bruno?"

"No, I didn't think I'd err see the UWF running a Pay Per View in Japan. Maybe a show, something simple."

"I DON'T DO SIMPLE BRUNO. But, I know you're excited to go back to Japan."

"Oh, I most definitely am excited. It's been around a decade since my last time, I first went there in the sixties don't you know and then in 1981 I tagged with Giant Baba."

"Woooooooow, GIANT BABA! That'll be in your book right. Anyway, folks, the UWF on Pay Per View from Japan. The first Sunday in May, it'll be Championship Mayhem." (C)

Match #2
Debbie Combs & Joe Cruz defeat Misty Blue & Louie Spicolli (F+)

{Post-match, Joe Cruz is celebrating when Sid Vicious appears and knocks him to the ground. Sid glares at Debbie, she backs right off in to the corner, then proceeds to pick up Cruz and throw him out of the ring.}

"Where are you Orndorff? I came looking, I'll come looking again!" (D)

Captain Lou's Corner:

"Lou here again folks, hopefully with a much calmer segment than last week. This week we have an old friend with me in Greg Valentine."

"Thank you Lou, although careful when you throw the word friend around. Things tend to happen around here when you say that. Usually injury or defeat, hahaha!"

"HEY, don't go there Greg. Come on, let's talk about your recent run in the UWF. You recently defeated the number one con..."

"Woah, stop right there. Buddy Landel is not and never has been the number one contender. He won a battle royal and..."

"Eliminated you last didn't he. But, that..."

"Uhu, but that...but that WHAT? I beat him last week. That's a sentence your friend Don Muraco couldn't even spell."

"You leave Muraco out of this Valentine, he'll be in Portland on Friday and I'm sure he won't embarrass himself or the UWF."

"I may have to go along and see that, you know get myself a good front row seat."

"You do that!"

"I will!" (D+)

{We return to see Tito Santana standing in the ring with a microphone.}

"I've been watching the UWF from afar, but I've now signed on. There's a lot of madness going on, I may get pulled in to that soon enough. For tonight though, I'd like to make an open challenge to anyone in the back." (C-)

Match #3
Tito Santana defeats Jim Brunzell (C)

{An advert plays for the Sports Channel Hotline.}

"Find out all the latest from the sporting world and the UWF. Listings news on Fury Hour, the show in Portland, Rumble in the Apple AND THE LEGENDS SHOW from Dallas, dial now!!!" (D+)

{Rick Rude cuts a promo.}

"It's exciting times for Ravishing Rick Rude. I'm NWA World Heavyweight Champion, I'm wrestling across America and soon across the world with this belt around my waist. New York, Dallas, Tokyo, Portland, it doesn't matter and the opponent will live the same reality. Buddy Landel, you seem to think you are the number one contender for that reality. But, you need to understand what that means. You need to prove yourself. Not to me, but to yourself. You need to ask yourself if you're prepared for what happens afterwards. Because, afterwards, I won't even recognise you as anything apart from over, done, finished! You get the Rude Awakening, you go to the rear of the line." (B)

{An advert plays for Beach Brawl.}

"Beach Brawl, the UWFs first American Pay Per View. See all the UWF stars, watch the ultimate in sports entertainment!" (D)

{We return to the action, with Colonel DeBeers standing in the ring.}

"I was silenced last week, censored by America. I come from a strong country, a country where the white man..."

{The sound is cut on the Sports Channel America coverage and we switch to the announce area.}

"You know Craig, I've got a mind to go up there and drag him out myself."

"Luckily Bruno, I don't think that will be necessary. I believe he's worked out what's going on. Oh, here he comes across now...Bruno, Bruno..."

{Bruno moves towards DeBeers and just gestures for DeBeers to leave. DeBeers moves away, mouthing off as he does.} (D+)

Match #4
Tony Atlas & Buddy Landel defeat Greg Valentine & Al Perez (D+)

{Post-match, Buddy Landel is celebrating and posing for the crowd. Behind him, we see Tony Atlas being attacked by Al Perez. Landel is oblivious to this, still celebrating and indeed looks to believe the huge pop from the UWF crowd is for him. As As Atlas pushes Perez off, we see Andre the Giant limping down to the ring. Atlas sees this and clotheslines Perez over the top rope. Andre stands over Perez, the crowd at fever pitch, Landel by now realising the pop has nothing to do with him. Perez looks up, sees Andre and runs for safety as Andre laughs.} (C)

Overall: C-
Rating: 0.03

UWF in Portland - Week 3 April 1991

{Filmed for and shown on Sports Channel America, I'm only going to give results.}

NWA Women's Championship
Debbie Combs defeats Misty Blue (E+)
UWF European Championship [A new title, even Herb looked confused]
Rambo defeats Joshua Ben-Gurion & The Viking (D-)
NWA Pacific Northwest Television Championship
CW Bergstrom defeats Corporal Kirchner (D+)
NWA National Heavyweight Championship
Joe Cruz defeats Rex King (D)
NWA Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Championship
Steve Doll defeats Don Muraco (D+)
NWA World Tag Team Championship
Cactus Jack & Adrian Street defeat The Blackbirds (C-)
Bob Orton Jnr defeats Steve Ray (D-)
NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Rick Rude defeats Bart Sawyer (B)
Overall: C+
Rating: 0.01
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UWF Fury Hour - Week 4 April 1991

"Hello folks, Herb Abrams BACK IN THE UWF. We've got a great Fury Hour for you tonight. I look at the announce team and...and...AND REALISE ALFRED IS MISSING!!! Craig...where's his Lordship? Hmm, what...SAY SOMETHING..."

"I uhh err...I thought you knew."

"Obviously NOT!"

"He's in the United Kingdom with the WWF!"

"He's in...HE'S...sorry folks, I'll be back in a second."

{Herb walks across to the announce team. We can barely hear what's being said.}

"...WWF...I only hear now...oh, I'D LOVE TO BE IN THE UK..."

{Herb makes his way back over.}

"As I was saying, we have a great..."

{Al Perez appears.}

"...oh WHAT NOW?"

"I want a match against Tony Atlas for his IWCCW Heavyweight title."

"Okay, you can have your match and it'll have a stipulation."

"Which will be?"


"I don't know, just tell me."

"NOPE...HAHAHAHAHA. I will tell you this though, you're in a match tonight versus Paul Orndorff."


", I'm going to let you sweat in the back for a bit." (D-)

{An advert is shown for Rumble in the Apple, followed by Herb and Bruno chatting to camera.}

"Another month Bruno and another trip to the Apple for the UWF."

"Yes Herb, another month and err another trip. You know, the New York fans really have seen some great wrestling lately."

"There was controversy last month, you called it the most controversial ever in the history of New York wrestling."

"I did Herb and I stand by that. You had Joe Cruz, young wrestler and fine Champion, pinned in an err questionable way."

"Well, I can't give too much away. But you know, the ultimate in sports entertainment rarely fails to deliver." (C)

Match #1
The Blackbirds defeat The Power Twins (D)

{Post-match Koloff and DeBeers are coming down to the ring, B. Brian Blair attempts to cut them off and is thrown in to the ringside audience...where he lands in the lap of Kevin Von Erich, who this week is just in the audience. Koloff and DeBeers get in to the ring as Parsons and Action Jackson turn to face them.}

"I see you found another one Parsons. If it's not a Referee then it's a partner. Have these people not learned? They're either the problem, like you two ******s, or they're collateral damage due to supporting..."

{We hear Herb's voice.}

"NO NO NO NO! I will not...hold on..."

{Herb is seen actually getting in to the ring.}

"...I will not sit and watch this any longer. Parsons, Jackson, you two can leave the ring. Go on, no it's okay...I'll be fine."

"You think you'll be..."

"SHUT UP! Shut your damned racist mouth DeBeers. You know, I get Koloff in a way. But you, why aren't you just wrestling in a tent in Germany? I'll tell you why shall I? SHALL I TELL YOU? You're a fake, a bloody phoney! You love American money..."

"I love nothing about this stinking..."

"FINE, leave then! LEAVE! You know what, Rumble in the Apple...we're going to have an eight man tag. You find two people stupid enough to support you and if you lose then you're gone, OUT OF HERE!"

"If I win?"

"Don't be fu...erm, if you win...the UWF will adopt a whites only policy!" (C)

{An advert plays for the SportsChannel Hotline.}

"Find out all the latest from the sporting world and the UWF. Listing news on Fury Hour, Rumble in the Apple AND THE LEGENDS SHOW from Dallas, dial now!!!" (D+)

{We come back to Bruno and Craig at the announce area.}

"Bruno, Herb can't possibly have just said what he did there."

"I can't believe it Craig. It won't happen, can't happen."

"No, I can't imagine it...actually, let's not. We'll move on and get back to the ring." (D+)

UWF SportsChannel TV Title Tournament Second Round Match
B. Brian Blair defeats Ivan Koloff by DQ (C-)

{Post-match, Kevin Von Erich comes makes the save.} (C)

Captain Lou's Corner:

"I'll get straight on to matters at hand this week, because I know you all want the answers too. Don, brother, what has been happening with you? You've not been having the greatest of times in the UWF."

"No, I haven't. I've been letting myself down, the fans, you..."

"Everyone brother, you've been letting everyone down brother."


{Andre the Giant walks in to shot.}

" friend. The UWF fans, they deserve the best. Ask yourself if you can give the best. Don't worry about anything else."

"Exactly Don, listen to Andre. Forget anything else, forget your win loss record, forget Valentine..."

"Valentine, I'm coming for you Valentine. Beach Brawl, you and me!"

"That's it Don, focus on Valentine, put all your thoughts on to him! Forget I told you to forget him, focus, focus, focus!"

"Ha ha ha, you are crazy Lou." (C)

{An advert plays for Beach Brawl.}

"Beach Brawl, the UWFs first American Pay Per View. See all the UWF stars, watch the ultimate in sports entertainment!" (E+)

{An advert for the upcoming Japan Pay Per View plays, then we cut to Herb and Bob Orton Jnr.}

"Yes, Tokyo Japan and an UWF Pay Per View."

"I'm going to take that title from Joe Cruz and leave him looking like he's been on a kamikaze suicide run." (D-)

Match #3
Buddy Landel & Paul Orndorff vs Al Perez & Sid Vicious went to a double stoppage.
[Orndorff and Vicious eventually just refused to get back in the ring and both push the Referee before brawling to the back. Al Peres just shrugged his shoulders and walked off, leaving Landel in the ring.] (C)

{Post-match, Landel is stopped by Herb.}

"Buddy, what are you even doing in that match?"

"Paul just grabbed me, said he needed a partner. But Herb, I'm not here to talk about that. Rick Rude, Buddy Landel needs to prove himself to nobody. The Nature Boy will see you in New York." (D-)

{An advert plays for Bruno's book.}

"Thank you to everyone who has bought the book so far, I hope you're enjoying the story of my life." (C+)

Match #4
Rick Rude defeats Riki Ataki in a non-title match. (C+)

{Post-match, Rick Rude looks down at Buddy Landel who had stayed at ringside. Rude smiled and then just started laughing.} (B)

Overall: C+
Rating: 0.04 <<<<<< up a full, YES FULL, 0.01
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UWF Rumble in the Apple - Week 4 April 1991

{This is the SportsChannel Bay Area version, hence the announcer segments etc.}

"Good evening folks and welcome to another RUMBLE IN THE APPLE. I'm here with Craig DeGeorge, Bruno Sammartino aaaaaaaaaand LORD ALFRED. HI ALFRED!"

"Err, ha, hello Herb. It's good to be..."

"Here, right, you were about to say the UWF. How, erm, how was THE UK?"

"Ah, yes! I'm sorry about that, but I think you'll be most most pleased with the friends I persuaded to come to the UWF."

"Oh, okay...WELL, we'll see."

"I'm sure that err Alfred is correct and that we will be pleased. But, more importantly Herb..."

"Yes Bruno, there's something that we're both...Alfred may not be aware...concerned about. Herb, you aren't really having the stipulation with..."


{Herb runs off from the announce area.}

"Wow, Craig, just what have I missed in my absence?"

"Let's move on Alfred. Bruno, before we go to our first match. Rick Rude versus Buddy Landel should be an entertaining match."

"Yes errr it will be an entertaining match. Possibly one of the most entertaining New York has seen in a good while."

"That's some statement Bruno. For now though, let's get over to the first match of the evening." (C-)

Match #1
Bob Orton Jnr. defeats Bobby Blaze
[This match joined in action, having missed the first minute. Blaze was never really given any chance to get in to the match, with Orton taking every opportunity to put Blaze on his back. The finish saw Orton hit a piledriver, wait for Blaze to get on one knee and then grab him and hit another.] (D)

{Post-match, Orton would gesture that the match was easy then make the belt gesture around his waist.} (C-)

{An advert for the upcoming Japan Pay Per View plays.}

"The UWF goes INTERNATIONAL as we invade Japan. Watch the ultimate in sports entertainment exclusivey on Pay Per View. (F+)

"Tag team action next up Alfred, featuring Adrian Street."

"Yes, featuring Adrian Street indeed. I think young Riki Ataki will struggle again, though Billy Anderson is a fine fine wrestler to learn from." (C)

NWA World Tag Team Championship
Adrian Street & Cactus Jack defeat Billy Anderson & Riki Ataki
[The work Billy Anderson has been doing with Riki was plain to see here. Anderson absorbed a lot of early punishment before tagging Ataki in. Ataki would manage to get the better of Street and would have Cactus Jack screaming for a tag. The finish came when Ataki went up top instead of tagging Anderson, with Jack knocking him from the top rope and allowing Street to gain a submission victory.] (C-)

{An advert plays for Beach Brawl.}

"Beach Brawl, the UWFs first American Pay Per View. See all the UWF stars, watch the ultimate in sports entertainment!" (E)

"We have a minute or two whilst the cage is put in position. Bruno, why did Joe Cruz ask for this match do you think?"

"Why did Joe Cruz ask for this match, well it's obvious he's a fighting champion."

"He wants the respect Bruno, that comes with most definitely being the better man."

"A good point Alfred, but is it a reason to put yourself at such risk Bruno?"

"You know, you put yourself at risk all the time. I've had a broken neck, other injuries too, whilst I'm sure Alfred has had his own."

"Certainly have Bruno, in the UK you were at risk night in and night out. Whether it was Mick McManus, Jackie Pallo, Steve Veidor, Mike Marino...not names our fans will recognise of course. I fought Terry Funk and Dory Funk Junior, not easy."

"True Alfred, very true. You even fought for the NWA Heavyweight err Championship."

"Someone should sit down with you two and relive all this history. But, for now, let's get to the ring and our next title match of the evening. Indeed, Kirchner is already down there pacing away." (C+)

NWA National Heavyweight Championship - Cage Match
Joe Cruz defeats Corporal Kirchner
[This match was fairly evenly contested until around halfway . Cruz growing in confidence and Kirchner displaying more of the tougher side that has been seen recently. Kirchner eventually took control, with Cruz struggling to get back in to things and a fallaway slam would lead to a strange finish. With Cruz down, Kirchner would push the far side of the cage out just far enough to reach down and pull in a steel chair. Before Kirchner could use the chair though, Paul Orndorff would come racing down and shake the cage. The distraction was enough to allow Joe Cruz to roll up Kirchner for a pin.] (D)

{Post-match, Kirchner would immediately attack Joe Cruz. Orndorff would start to make his way round to the door only for Sid Vicious to appear from the crowd and attack him. With Orndorff and Vicious brawling at ringside then to the back, there was absolutely no protection for Joe Cruz and Kirchner took full advantage. Two chair shots took Cruz to his knees and Kirchner stood over him. The third shot never came though as Jimmy Snuka appeared in the cage and got in front of Cruz. Kirchner would appear to back off, allowing Snuka to tend to Cruz and then Kirchner to subsequently attack Snuka!}


{Herb is now at ringside, but the Sport Channel America coverage cuts to an advert.} (C+)

{An advert plays for the SportsChannel Hotline.}

"Find out all the latest from the sporting world and the UWF. Listing news on Fury Hour, the monthly Rumble in the Apple events AND THE LEGENDS SHOW from Dallas, dial now!!!" (E)

"Welcome back to those watching on Sport Channel America. We're about to get started with our next match, just some ring crew work ongoing. But, before the advert Bruno, we saw Herb down at ringside."

"Yes, Herb down at ringside Craig and not only that we saw Kirchner get physical..."


"Briefly is long enough Craig."

"Wow, it certainly is Bruno and it was certainly a very very heated exchange."

"Heated indeed Lord Alfred. You'll no doubt be happy to see Jimmy Snuka in the UWF.

"What can you say Craig? The name is known worldwide, only the man next to us and a few very very talented others are in the same league."

"Thank you Alfred, I appreciate that." (C+)

{We move to the ringside area, Herb is still there as Masked Confusion and The Blackbirds come down to the ring. Parsons and Brunzell check under the caps of the ring crew as they go past.}

"It's okay guys, I've checked them all. Let's all get in the ring."

{Herb can be seen talking to Iceman Parsons, he appears to be calming him down. Koloff and DeBeers come down to ringside and get in the ring. DeBeers immediately grabs the microphone from Herb.}

"You'd better move out the way and let us at those two ******s. Come on, it's time for the UWF to have a whites on..."

{Herb grabs the microphone back.}

"THAT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! Indeed, that's not the stipulation any..."

{DeBeers goes to punch Herb, but Koloff stops him.}

"Now, listen here you stupid American. We don't care what the stipulation is. My friend and I dont even need anyone else to team with us. They could have two more if they want."

"Well, now you mention it..."

{A reworked version of some very familiar WWF music plays and we see The Bushwackers come down to the ring.}

"Wow Lord Alfred!"

"Yes Craig, I've had some fun with those two fellows in the past. Fantastic workers, great people to be around and real real fan favourites."

{The Bushwackwers get in to the ring and get in the face of Koloff & DeBeers. They both smile and turn to greet a smiling Herb, who shakes their hands. They smile, ruffle his hair, grab him and throw him out over the top rope.} (D)

Eight Man Tag, Match #4
Masked Confusion & The Blackbirds versus Ivan Koloff, Col DeBeers & Mystery Partners
[We of course know who the partners are after the previous segment. With Herb being tended to at ringside, this match started in a state of absolute chaos. There was no way Larry Sanders would gain any control so it almost became a Tornado Rules match. Masked Confusion were evidently taken aback and by the earlier actions and were taken out early. This left a four on two scenario, which saw the mystery partners break off to make their way to the announce area.

"Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay Alfred, eh eh, Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawd are you Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaawd?"

"I'm thoroughly dis..."

"SHUT UP Alfred. You cartoon, you make me and my cousin sick. We're The Sheepherders, toughest tag team to come out of Down Under."

"Yeeeeeeeeeah Alfred, the SHEEPHERDERS. We won't lick ya, we'll bloody kill ya Alfred!"

"Hahaha, YEAH, we'll split heads instead of lick them!"

Meanwhile, in the ring The Blackbirds were being destroyed. Koloff had Action Jackson pinned by the throat with a steel chair and DeBeers was lashing Parsons with his belt. Larry Sanders would start a count on DeBeers, only to be pushed to the side. At this point Sanders would call for the bell and the TV coverage went to commercial.] (D+)

{An advert plays for Lou's Celebrity Hotline.}

"Wooh, they're all calling the wrestling celebrity hotline baby! You'd be crazy to miss it." (C)

Match #5
Greg Valentine defeats Sunny Beach
[A very short and sweet bout, the crowd still coming to terms with the last match. Valentine basically slapped the taste out of Sunny Beach from one corner to the other. A brief comeback, followed by a ridiculous pose on the middle rope, was quickly put to bed and Valentine would soon take the submission victory before setting up a table and chair to watch the next match from ringside.] (C-)

"Well, guys, where to start? We still have Rick Rude to come up."

"You know Craig, I'd almost forgotten all about that. It's been such a controversial evening, so much going on. Wow!"

"Jimmy Snuka too Craig, let's not forget what a cowardly and lowly act it was by Corporal Kirchner that turned Jimmy's debut night sour."

"Sour like milk Alfred, which of course is the colour preferred by Colonel DeBeers."

"You know Craig, if it takes me training David on the finer points and then managing him to get rid of..."

"Calm down Bruno, we don't want you meeting the same fate as Herb."

"Shocking Craig, a very friendly exchange, warm greetings, handshakes that turned to something that saddens me. To see The Bushwackers, uh it just..."

"I know Alfred, I know. Well, we have to continue on." (C+)

Match #6
Don Muraco defeats Matt Borne
[Two well match wokers gave their all during this match. Borne's offence was more suplex based, whilst Muraco was about power. At one stage, Borne noticed Valentine at ringside and gave him a brief thumbs up. This was enough of a window for Muraco to get Borne up in a press position. Muraco would threaten to press him out to the table at ringside, but instead turned the press in to a samoan slam and took the win.] (C)

{A UWF Powerline advert plays.}

"If you haven't managed to dial-in yet, do so NOW. Don't trust the magazines, don't believe the hype elsewhere. Get the real news direct from the UWF!!!"

"Learn about all the fine fine UWF action, dial now!"

"Dial now, baby...yeah!" (D)

IWCCW Heavyweight Championship
Al Perez defeats Tony Atlas
[Al Perez took some initial damage, but was quick to get on top and show up Tony Atlas. A German suplex around the 5 minute mark was especially impressive and took Atlas a while to recover from. Perez would pick up on this and would slap Atlas continually. Atlas had a brief second wind, but a dropkick to the legs soon put that to an end. The finish came via a sleeper, Perez sitting on the top tope to apply it.] (C-)

"It's main event time after nearly two hours, we've finally made it."

{Buddy Landel has made his way to the ring.}

"Rick Rude, let me explain something to you pal. I'm the Nature Boy, I didn't have to earn myself the right to be the number one contender...I walked in here the number one contender baby!"

{Rick Rude comes out the second Landel has finished. He gets in the ring, walks up to Landel and circles him...pausing occasionally and continuiing him as he looks him up and down.}

"The Nature Boy! Is that like Mr Wrestling? There's been multiple people claiming that name too. I look up and down you, I've walked round you and I don't see anything special. There's certainly nothing to fear from you...Buddy! Let me tell you what's going to..."

"No, Rude, let me tell you what's going to happen..."

{Rude slaps Landel...} (B)

NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Rick Rude defeats Buddy Landel
[After things had died down following the slap, Rick Rude went straight to work on Landel. He threw him to a corner and charged in with a leg across the waist before throwing Landel outside. Rolling straight to the outside, Rude threw Landel in to the crowd and made his way in as the spectators dispersed. Landel turned and received a vicious chop to the chest followed by a boot to the stomach. One DDT later and Landel was out for the count. Rude kicked some seats aside and performed a few push ups before walking to the ring and sitting up on the turnbuckle.

The remainder of the match wasn't much better for Landel, he would be thrown from the ring twice more and on each occasion Rude would do a few push ups. Eventually, Rude would stop playing and hit the Rude Awakening for the win.] (B)

Overall: B-
TV Rating: 0.01
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