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Unread 06-10-2017, 07:08 AM
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Craziness! Chaos! Insanity! Sheepherders! People need to get all of this!
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Unread 06-10-2017, 08:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Beejus View Post
Craziness! Chaos! Insanity! Sheepherders! People need to get all of this!
It's coming to an interesting time for anyone to play catch up then follow. The Japan PPV, Legends show and of course the first US PPV for UWF also. I even looks like Herb may not be around short term after the attack.

I keep waiting for guys to get plucked from my roster as SWS, UWA, WWF and WCW are all flexing their written contract muscle. AJPW & NJPW have even signed a few written alongside the usual tour contracts.

From a personal side, I like to think anyone viewing will be learning snippets about the workers and take time to go youtube a few Fury Hour shows.
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Unread 06-14-2017, 01:16 PM
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UWF May 1991

UWF Fury Hour - Week 1 May 1991

{An advert plays for Beach Brawl.}

"Beach Brawl, the UWFs first American Pay Per View. See all the UWF stars, watch the ultimate in sports entertainment!" (D+)

{Cut to the announce team.}

"Hello folks, Craig DeGeorge here with Lord Alfred Hayes for the Fury Hour. Bruno is in the building and will be with us a little later on, as you'll have noticed we're starting a bit early."

"Yes Craig, a little earlier indeed. Herb has sent some sort of video update through for us."

"Maybe he's firing you for bringing in The Bushwackers."

"Ha Craig...err...actually, it wouldn't surprise me."

"Well, as Alfred sits there with a worried look on his face, let's get to the update from Herb Abrams."

{We cut to a hotel room, Herb is propped up on the bed.}

"HEY, I'm still not comfortable he...HELLO..."

{A nurse comes in and quickly stretches across Herb to fix his pillows.}

"Okay now My Abrams?"


{Herb watches her leave, then turns to camera.}

"It's not all bad for me!

You'll all have guessed that I won't be there this evening. I injured my shoulder, well THE BUSHWACKERS injured my shoulder. It also looks like I'll be missing Japan. But, HEY, I'll just watch it on Pay Per View with everybody else."

{Herb smiles briefly.}

"You know who else will be missing Japan...YEAH, THE BUSHWACKERS or The Sheepworriers, WHATEVER they're called now. You two lunatics, how dare you put your hands ON ME! Not only that, to spit all over the trust of a man like Lord Alfred Hayes. I'm sure he has a thing or two to say on the subject.

A couple of other people won't be in Japan either. Corporal Kirchner, you're suspended for A MONTH pal! The other one, Colonel DeBeers...pan right in, come on ZOOM IN!"

{The shot zooms right in to Herb.}

" you have ANY idea how much I've had to deal with? Sponsors, Television companies, PAY PER almost cost me Pay Per View! You're missing Japan, you're missing the next month. HELL, I don't want to see you or hear from you until BEACH BRAWL!!!"

{Herb uses his good hand to mess up the pillows again.}

"See you all soon...NURSE!!!"

{We return to the announce team.}

"So, Alfred..."


"Words, for The Bushwackers."

"Oh no, no, I'm not getting involved in all of that."

"You sure? You could end up with the same nurse as Herb."

"Well, that certainly is food for thought Craig."

"Okay folks, we'll leave Alfred with that thought. Let's get to our first match." (D+)

Match #1
Billy Black defeats Steve Ray (E+)

{An advert for the upcoming Japan Pay Per View plays.}

"A title defence of that belt in Japan Rick. You must be excited!"

"Not as excited as those Japanese girls Bruno. I'll tell you what though, it doesn't matter who I face in Tokyo. There's only one way this will go...Rude Awakening!" (B-)

"Rick Rude there, backstage with Br..."

"No, no, Craig, that was err pre-taped. I believe we'll see Rick in person later though."

"Always a pleasure Bruno. Another man who it's always a pleasure to talk to is Mark Rocco."

{Mark Rocco comes in to shot, he's holding two title belts over his shoulders.}

"Well, Mark, it does look like you have been most most busy."

"Yes Alfred, I have! I've been in Japan the best part of last month and it's been amazing. You know, they don't forget about you in Japan. Everywhere I went I heard my name, I was treated correctly and that's allowed me to have a few announcements to make. Firstly, the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship title will be coming back. Secondly, the UWF will debut the UWF Asian Championship and I'll be making the draw for that later tonight."

"Wow, the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship. Who will we be seeing in that tournament?"

"I can't give all the names, but one name will excite Alfred. That name is Johnny Saint!"

"Oh my word, excited indeed Mark. Johnny is a fantastic wrestler, wealth of experience, vast knowledge and just a great great athlete."

"So, Mark, what's the plan for the night of the Pay Per View?"

"I don't want to give too much away."

"Has Herb given you orders?"

"Bruno, you know Herb wouldn't dare. No, it's just that I'm still finalising a few things. What I can say though, Herb doesn't know this, is that the UWF will be running a small show on the Saturday night in Tokyo. It'll allow some of the guys to experience the Japanese crowd."

"You know, Mark, that is an amazing idea you've had there. The Japanese crowd is different, so respectful and it takes a different err mindset."

"Anything else Mark?"

"Just one last thing Craig. The next match tonight, I've brought three guys back with me and they're going to give us an exhibition of what we can expect in Tokyo. Let's see how three of our guys get on against three guests." (D+)

Match #2
Dan Kroffat, Doug Furnas & Gary Albright defeated Cactus Jack, Adrian Street & Joe Cruz
[Unfortunately, it looked as if Adrian Street had been seriously injured during the match.] (D+)

{Post-Match, Paul Orndorff was about to walk away after watching Cruz when Sid Vicious attacked him. The attack didn't last long as Tito Santana came racing down to the ring and broke up the brawl. Mark Rocco was still at ringside and took control, as he ordered Sid away he made a one fingered gesture though we couldn't hear if anything was said.} (D+)

{An advert plays for Lou's Celebrity Hotline.}

"Wooh, they're all calling the wrestling celebrity hotline baby! You'd be crazy to miss it." (C)

{We return to the scene backstage, Mark Rocco is stood with a tombola.}

"Okay everyone, all of your names are in here and I'm going to ask Buddy to come up and pick four balls from the tombola."

"You know Mark, that should be three names."

"Just pick the four names Buddy!"

"Okay...Ivan Koloff!"

"YES, you stupid Americans...Russia will conquer Asia once again!"

"Second...Jim Brunzell."

"Another stupid American, I will..."

{Jim Brunzell just gazes across as Rocco cuts Ivan off.}


"Third...Gary Albright! What the..."

{Albright just gets out of his chair and walks off.}

"Fourth...Don are absolutely kidding me on!"

"You look frustrated Buddy."

"Damn right Mark, let me tell you something. The UWF are missing one hell of a trick here, I could carry this entire company."

"Okay, well go out there and prove it in the ring." (D+)

Match #3
Gran Hamada defeats Buddy Landel (C-)

{A UWF Powerline advert plays.}

"If you haven't managed to dial-in yet, do so NOW. Don't trust the magazines, don't believe the hype elsewhere. Get the real news direct from the UWF!!!"

"Learn about all the fine fine UWF action, dial now!"

"The Giant dials the Powerline, hahaha so should you!" (C+)

{We cut to a promo by Greg Valentine.}

"I won't be in Tokyo, but that's fine. My focus is on Paul Orndorf and our TV Title Tournament match. Orndorff, enjoy Tokyo. I'll be resting up and waiting on you coming back!" (C+)

{We return to the ring and Buddy Landel is still pacing around. After a few seconds, Rick Rude walks down and gets in to the ring.}

"What do you..."

"Quiet! I asked you if you were prepared for what happens next. Now, let me tell you what happens next seeing as you've had the Rude Awakening. You're going to go to the back of the queue, you're not even going to even think about this belt. You'll work your way back up slowly, lose a match and you start again. Meanwhile, I'll be watching and should you manage to get another shot at this belt...I'll beat you again! Now, get out of this ring and let me do what I do best."

{Landel leaves the ring.}

"Now, whoever is back there...I need a tag team partner to make this exhibition appear challenging." (B-)

Match #4
Rick Rude & Matt Borne go to a time limit draw versus Jimmy Snuka & David Sammartino
[Rude looked shocked when Snuka came out, having initially told Borne just to hold the rope and not get involved.] (C+)

Overall: C+
Rating: 0.04

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UWF In Japan - Week 1 May 1991

{Early afternoon on the day of the UWF mini-show in Tokyo.}

{Mark Rocco is standing backstage flipping through some notes, Craig DeGeorge and Les Thornton wander past.}

"Alright guys, everything okay?"

"We were just looking for you actually, Les has a few concerns."

"Concerns? Everyone's here, right, they've all..."

"Well, that's the thing. My concerns are around who is or isn't here."

"Who's missing?"

"Ah, well, that's the easy part Mark. Cactus hasn't made it to Tokyo, he's stayed home with Adrian so looks like the discussions on Thursday mean that..."

"Yes, unfortunate and the NWA left us with very little choice. Okay, I'll make the changes and talk with Ricky. I'm just glad I don't need to deal with..."

{Mark notices Craig and Les starting to look a bit concerned.}


"Well, Mark, Les was talking to Kevin Von Erich. Herb's here, well the reports we've received are that he's here."

"What? Where? He's injured, he's supposed...go get Kevin."

{Craig walks off.}

"Why can't we just go one week Mark?"

"Oh I know, makes you wish Max was here."

"Eh? He'd have Don Muraco put on 6 stone and wear a sparkly hat!"

"Hahaha, you're right Les. He'd definitely have some fat, out of shape...oh, here's Craig coming back."

"Kevin, how are you?"

"Good, Mark, just fine. Now, I know exactly why you've gotten me round here. This information I have came from one of the boys I've known a good while. Herb's here, in Tokyo, has been since yesterday. He's in one of those all night bars that tourists find their way to."

"Bloody hell!"

"That's not all Mark, he's been phoning round a few of the boys and asking for favours, making promises."

"Right, you're coming with me. Les, we'll not be too..."

{Ricky Morton arrives on the scene and hands Mark a piece of paper.}


"Herb just phoned, man he sounds rough, gave me that instruction."

"I'll instruction him, Kevin come on!"

{Mark and Kevin leave the venue, we rejoin the story of the early events at the bar in Tokyo. Herb is sat in the corner of a booth, looks like he's been there all night, morning and now in to early afternoon.}


"Shut it!"

"That's nice that is, aren't you even a wee bit pleased to see me?"

"Not really Herb, but don't take that the wrong way...I'll never be pleased to see you! Now, enough of this nonsense. You're injured Herb, you're meant to be back in the States. How did you get here?"

"I can't feel a thing Mark, NOTHING! I might be injured, but right now my body is telling me I'm great. I'm like that footballer, what's the guy called...he never had enough fun. Long hair...oh I forget! ANYWAY, Marky boy, my pal, did you get my note?"

"Marky boy? Herb, didn't I point out the numerous ways I could beat you up? I don't think standing, whilst you lay there...argh nevermind. Yes, I got the note! I'm not having that match, Bob has his..."

"What if I've already phoned him?"


"No, silly Mark..."


"I've already phoned him, he'll be at the show and has no idea what I have planned."

"Planned, PLANNED? Herb..."

{A voice bellows across from the other side of the room.}

"HEY, leave the guy the **** alone!"

"Who is that? Kevin, who is..."

{Kevin Von Erich turns just as an obviously drunk Gary Albright bundles past him, heading directly for Mark and Herb. Albright pushes Mark and waits.}

"Well, come on then!"

"Come on then what?"

"I know you've got something to say to me. About Wednesday night, people have been..."

"Yes, they have and from what I see just now they're right. You ever thought of shaving your hair and wearing sparkly ring gear? You're a dis..."

{Albright goes to swing a punch, misses and Mark pushes him in to the other side of the booth.}

"You're fired pal. Herb, you can deal with him. Back to this phone call though, you've been phoning others too. There's no plan Herb, nothing is going to happen tonight and we'll chat again next week. Go get a shower or something?"

"Fair enough, sorry Mark...sorry...I'm sorry. Oh, oh, oh, wait...there's a kid coming, sent me a letter, looks good, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR he's called. Give him a match tonight, a wee favour for me!"

"Okay and we won't see you tonight?"

"No, no and I'll watch tomorrow on Pay Per View in my room!"

"Good, see you on Wednesday or maybe even in Dallas?"

"Wednesday, I'll see you Wednesday. Oh Kevin, say hi to your dad...VON ERICHS BABY!!!!"


Masashi Aoyagi defeats One Star
[This match was a one sided mauling.] (F+)
NWA Women's Championship
Debbie Combs and Dynamite Kansai go to a time limit draw (D-)
Billy Robinson defeats Johnny Saint in a British style 2 out of 3 falls (D+)
NWA National Heavyweight Championship
Steve Williams defeats Joe Cruz
[Joe looked stunned as Steve made his way out. He's came on in performance recently and this wasn't the one sided squash you'd imagine it'd have become.] (C+)

Overall: C-
{The Championship Mayhem is still to follow.}
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UWF Championship Mayhem - Week 1 May 1991

{The show starts with an external shot, then a walk through from the ringside area to announcers.}

"Hello folks and welcome Championship Mayhem, coming to you from the Korakuen Hall in Tokyo. A rather empty Korakuen Hall it has to be said Bruno."

"A rather empty Hall Craig, but I'll tell you it doesn't really matter."

"How very true Bruno. What does matter is that the UWF are in Japan and bringing the fans some fine fine wrestling."

"Okay, well we've already had some drama here tonight and not to mention last night also."

"Yes Craig, last night was a shock and surprise to all of us."

"Certainly was Bruno, I still can't quite believe that Steve Williams had a title match and won. What a very very unfortunate turn of events for Joe Cruz."

"We will, of course, bring you highlights of that later. But, now, here's what happened when Bob Orton Jnr made his way in to the arena earlier today." (D+)

{Bob Orton has just entered the backstage area when he's caught by Baby Doll.}

"Bob, looking forward to tonight?"

"I...hey...when did you join the UWF?"

"That's not important Bob, what's important is your thoughts on tonight?"

"Damn right that's important! My thoughts are that Joe Cruz..."


"Don't interrupt me..."

"No, it' don't know!"

"Don't know? Don't know what?"

"Don't know about Joe Cruz and the belt, he's not the Champion any..."

"What the hell do you mean he's not the Champion? You've God darned lost it woman, get out my way!"

{Orton storms down through the backstage area.}

"Mark, Les...anyone...HEY...ah, Mark, the Rollerball."

{Mark just turns and looks at Bob.}

"Hey man, I know I can trust you. We go back, we wrestled on cards in the Garden etc and I just need to hear it straight. Baby Doll says Cruz isn't the Champion."

"That's right. Steve Williams is the Champion, you can still have your title match."

"Williams? What in the name of blue hell happened Mark? No, no, I don't want my title match tonight. I'm not ready for a match versus Steve tonight."

"Well, what do you want to do? The show is locked down, we've had the..."

{Bam Bam Bigelow walks past.}

"Hey Bob, big night to...oh...awkward. Oh, hang on, I've got an idea and I think you'll like it." (D+)

{We return to the announce area.}

"What do you think the idea will involve Alfred?"

"I'm not sure Craig, but it's bound to involve somebody no longer being upright. Bam Bam Bigelow is an impressive athlete and a dominating character in that ring."

"He certainly is! As is the opponent of Kevin Von Erich in this first, historic, match on Championship Mayhem." (E)

Match #1
Kevin Von Erich vs Scott Norton

[This was a decent enough match to start things off with. Von Erich was being worked over early, but would come back and managed to apply the body scissors to take Norton down. The submission didn't come and Norton would soon regain control, working Von Erich from corner to corner. Kevin briefly came back in to things and would go for his head scissors, which Norton managed to counter with a rather makeshift powerbomb. Some brief posing and shouting at the crowd later, Norton would come back to Von Erich and ws surprised by a quick roll up that allowed Von Erich the win.]

Winner: Kevin Von Erich
Rating: D
{Post-match, Scott Norton would clothesline Von Erich near out of his boots then leave the ring.} (D+)

{We cut immediately to highlights of Steve Williams defeating Joe Cruz for the NWA National Heavyweight Championship.} (B-)

{We return to the ring and see Debbie Combs and two Japanese wrestlers in the ring.}

"Looks like we already have the three opponents in the ring, with Debbie Combs defending her..."

{Music plays and the picture switches to the entrance area, Madusa Miceli appears and walks down to the ring.}

"Debbie, you're not just facing these two here're facing me too."

{Debbie looks puzzled, but hands the belt to the Referee and gets ready to start anyway.} (D)

NWA Women's Championship
Debbie Combs vs Malia Hosaka vs Dynamite Kansai vs Madusa Miceli

[Right from the off, Dynamitev Kansai would go straight after Debbie Combs and they tumbled out to the floor. From here, they spent the rest of the match brawling through the crowd and wouldn't be seen in ring. Malia and Madusa on the other hand put on a technical masterclass, which was a mixture of strikes, suplexes and submissions. Madusa would take the win with a bridging German Suplex, just managing to get her shoulder up before the three.]

Winner: Madusa Miceli
Rating: D
{We go backstage with Mark Rocco, he's talking to Ricky Morton.}

"So, there's still no sign of Cactus and we really have no other option."

"He did know Ricky, you don't miss a Pay Per View." (C-)

{We're back to ringside and Jimmy Snuka makes his way down.}

"Thank you, thank you, it's good to be in Tokyo brother. I don't have a match tonight, but I have a message to put out. A message to Rick Rude, to Corporal Kirchner and to anybody else. The Superfly has plenty left brother, everybody in television wonderland can expect plenty of excitement. But not only that, The Superfly has no fear and I'll show Corporal Kirchner all about that soon. Hell, brother, if there's anyone who wants some of Jimmy Snuka tonight then..."

{Someone in a mask appears in ring behind Jimmy and cracks him across the back with a steel chair. A second chair shot connects and we see a couple of Referees appear, followed by Joe Cruz who is evidently looking to repay the favour from Rumble in the Apple. Snuka recovers slightly and you can see him talking to one of the Referees.} (D)

Match #3
Jimmy Snuka vs Mystery Worker

[The Referee nods towards Snuka and calls for the bell as Cruz leaves the ring and the masked man gets back in. Jimmy Snuka starts the match on fire, but it only lasts a few minutes before the masked man slides out of the ring.

"He's out there and pacing Bruno, I don't think he expected a match."

"Well, Craig, he obviously didn't expect the match and is eh pacing."

"Pacing like a coward outside the headmasters office. He does look slightly familiar though, let's hope we find out just who this dastardly fellow is."

The action picks up again eventually, with Snuka again controlling things until he took a thumb to the eye. This was quickly followed by a low blow and a DDT. The masked man looks down and starts trash talking Snuka, Snuka reaches up and by some fluke pulls off the mask.

"That's Buzz Sawyer Alfred."

"I've not seen him for a long time Craig, I wonder what he's doing in the UWF. A very very mean fellow of course."

Sawyer immediately leaves the ring and is chased to the back by Joe Cruz, giving Snuka the count out win.]

Winner: Jimmy Snuka
Rating: D+
{An advert plays for Beach Brawl.}

"Beach Brawl, the UWFs first American Pay Per View. See all the UWF stars, watch the ultimate in sports entertainment!" (E-)

{We come back from the advert and are in a locker room, Bam Bam and Orton are in discussion.}

"I'm telling you Bob, it's perfect. We were supposed to have been in a tag team match against Paul Orndorff and Tito Santana."

"You've been saying we all the way back here son, I'm only seeing you."

{Bam Bam coughs and Sid Vicious walks in to shot.}

"This any better?"

"Oh, hahahaha, you know this could be perfect." (C)

NWA World Tag Team Championship
Doug Furnas & Dan Kroffat vs Masa Michinoku & Monkey Magic Wakita

[This was an interesting match, with the UWF Intercontinental Tag Team Champions (different UWF) not getting much offence against their much more experienced opponents. The initial stages saw Furnas & Kroffat isolate Wakita and work him over, with Michinoku eventually being dragged in also. With order restored, Michinoku would find himself able to connect with some brief offence. He was also isolated and Furnas would stand face to face with Wakita as Kroffat hit a piledriver from the ring apron to the floor. Wakita was cut off and thrown in to the barriers, as Michinoku was slid back in and pinned.]

Winners: Furnas & Kroffat
Rating: B-
{We go backstage, Rick Rude is lacing up his boots as Baby Doll interrupts him.}

"Rick, we're moments away from the NWA World Junior Heavyweight matches and of course you have a big match tonight."

"I do have, as you put it, a big match. You know, first of all there's only one NWA Title that anyone needs to worry about. Secondly, I still don't know who my opponent will be tonight. It makes no difference though, because I'm leaving with the belt tonight, I'll have it on Wednesday and I'll go on to Dallas with it too."

"Jimmy Snuka..."

"That fossil? I beat him at Wrestlemania six, he's already had the Rude Awakening. But, if he wants slapped around and revived just long enough to receive it again then I've no problem with that." (B)

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Semi-Final
Dean Malenko vs Johnny Saint

[This was a technical masterclass, with both men spending very little time on their feet. Lord Alfred's quote of the match was "I feel like my old friend Kent should be announcing this" as Malenko and Saint traded submission moves and rolled out the ring, landed on the floor and were still locked together. The end came when Malenko managed to get to his feet and hit a quick scoop slam then applying a head scissors submission.]

Winner: Dean Malenko
Rating: C+
{We quickly went backstage, where Scott Norton was still sitting in the locker room after getting changed.}

"A tough match?"

{No reaction to Baby Doll's question.}

"You looked like you almost..."

{Norton puts his hand up to stop her.}

"You're still NWA Pacific Northwest Tag..."

{Norton grunts, grabs his bags and leaves.} (E)

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Semi-Final
2 Cold Scorpio vs Owen Hart

[This match was really only getting started, after the initial feeling out phase, when Owen hit a plancha to the outside and Scorpio's head connected with the barriers. The Referee would ask Scorpio if he was okay and was waved off. Continuing on, Scorpio obviously wasn't right and it only took an enziguiri then moonsault for Owen to take the win.]

Winner: Owen Hart
Rating: D+
{We go to the locker room again, Kroffat & Furnas have the NWA Tag Team belts and they're still laughing.}

"You guys look happy."

"You think so, hey Doug we look happy. Of course we look happy, we have these belts and we're going to come across to the States to show why we're one of the most feared teams in Japan. Happy! Of course we're happy!" (D)

{We get back to the ring and Andre the Giant is just getting in, he has the UWF Asian Championship belt over his shoulder.}

"Hello everybody, I'm always happy to be in Japan."

"What a legend Bruno."

"Legend doesn't really errr errr, you know he's much more than a legend."

"He certainly is Bruno, Andre is an icon, he's someone who everyone respects. I first met him in the UK of course, debuted over there in Scotland remarkably enough, and he's always been impressive."

"Tonight, the UWF brings you all the new Asian title. So, enjoy the rest of your night and thank you!"

"Wow, listen to that reception."

"Maybe it's err for your new physique Craig. I mean, wow, have you been working out?"

"Ha Bruno, it is quite quite impressive though I do think the reception is for Andre. That's if you can even hear me. One thing Craig, we don't know who has replaced Gary Albright."

"For fans at home, Gary Albright was fired last night after an altercation with Mark Rocco. I suppose we're all about to find out who is his replacement." (C+)

UWF Asian Championship
Jim Brunzell vs Ivan Koloff vs Don Muraco vs Johnny Ace

[With Andre at ringside, this match had a strange feel to it for most of the time. Initially Koloff would find himself triple teamed and this went on until he escaped to the outside only for Andre to get in his face. From here, Brunzell and Muraco would start really laying the shots in on each other and Ace would occasionally pick up the scraps. Eventually Ace would head outside and go after Koloff. Muraco and Brunzell would find themselves in and out of the ring, suplexes and drop kicks being traded back and forward. Eventually Ace would slide in and hit a double clothesline on Brunzell and Muraco, knocking both to the outside. From here, Koloff rolled back in the ring to escape and found Ace waiting with a dropkick. Ace would look to Andre, who was now slowly getting up on the ring apron. Ace would go to pick up Koloff, but he was pushed backwards in to Andre and rolled up for the pin as he staggered back.]

Winner: Ivan Koloff
Rating: C
{Backstage and Buddy Landell is stopping staff as he walks along a corridor.}

"Have you seen Mark? You, what about you? No...none of you have seen...oh, there he..."

{Mark is standing talking to Les Thatcher.}

"So, yeah, all appears..."

"Hey Mark, is this the Rude match your discussing? I know he doesn't know his opponent. Look, hey, is it me?"

"No Buddy, it's not you! I'll tell you what though..."

"Come on man, Mark, I..."

"WILL YOU SHUT UP! Sorry, it's...well, it was a long day yesterday. I can't give you Rude, but you can have Steve."

{Mark walks off as Buddy clearly mouths the F word.} (D-)

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Final
Owen Hart vs Dean Malenko

[The earlier semi-final matches had clearly taken some toll, but both men still put on a fine match. Owen adapted well to Dean's more submission based style and the crowd sat watching in respectful silence. Dean would roll to the outside at one stage, trying his best not to oversell an injured right shoulder...or so it would seem. Owen would slide out after and push Dean in to the ringpost, before Dean managed to stop himself and came back at Owen with a clothesline. A slingshot in to the barrier later and Owen was ready to be slid back in the ring for application of the submission finish.]

Winner: Dean Malenko
Rating: B-
{Paul Orndorff and Tito Santana are in their locker room.}

"Hey Tito, you ready brother?"

"Two on two, three on three, I'm always ready Paul. Going by earlier on, it looks like Joe is ready too."

"Joe, you ready son? Come on, let's get out there."

{Joe Cruz comes in to shot, shakes hands with the pair and they leave together.} (E+)

Match #9
Paul Orndorff, Tito Santana & Joe Cruz vs Bam Bam Bigelow, Bob Orton Jnr & Sid Vicious

[The match would start off with Orndorff and Vicious jaw jacking for a good minute or two. This was followed up by both men trading shoulder blocks until Bob Orton Jnr tagged himself in. Bob would stride across, slap Orndorff, push him in to Joe Cruz and then drag Cruz in to the ring. The next three minutes or so was probably the most painful of Joe's career, only ending when Orton tagged Bigelow in and pointed up top. Bigelow would go up top, but Cruz would struggle to his feet and fall backwards allowing Tito to tag in. Tito and Bigelow would start trading punches and eventually Tito was thrown to the ropes. Missing a swinging arm on the way back, Tito would hit the other side and come back with a flying forearm. This would see all six men come in to the ring...more five really as Cruz was barely fit to continue.

Vicious and Orndorff would brawl to the outside, still almost throwing punches in mid air as they went through the ropes. Tito was taken down by Orton and Bigelow, with Bigelow hitting a moonsault on to Tito's left leg before rolling him out the ring. Cruz was the next target, Orton and Bigelow working him over and Bigelow also stopping Tito from entering the ring again. The finish came when Orton hit a superplex and Bigelow slid him over Cruz for the win.]

Winners: Orton, Bigelow & Vicious
Rating: C
{Orton is standing over Cruz, arm aloft. Bigelow pats his back and moves behind.}

"A win there for Orton's team, but...wait..."

{Bam Bam Bigelow runs off the ropes and goes right through Orton, sending Orton out of the ring.}

"What the..."

"Wow, that was impressive."

"Impressive or not Bruno, nobody saw that coming. Did they Alfred?"

"No Craig, though you may well remember that Orton did cost Bigelow his place in the Television Title Tournament."

"That's a great point Al...oh..."

{Bigelow at this point has thrown Orton in to the ringpost and left the ringside area.} (C)

{An advert plays for Lou's Celebrity Hotline.}

"Wooh, they're all calling the wrestling celebrity hotline baby! You'd be crazy to miss it." (E+)

{Steve Williams makes his way down to the ring. He holds the NWA National Heavyweight belt aloft and the crowd erupt.}

"Fantastic Bruno, what an absolutely fantastic show of respect from the fans here." (B)

NWA National Heavyweight Championship
Steve Williams vs Buddy Landel

[This match was very stop and start, with Landel escaping to the outside any chance that he got. Landel would land a few volleys of punches, but Williams would come back each time. At one point Williams would sit up Landel up on the top turnbuckle, Landel would slap Williams and flee from the ring to the announce area.

"Buddy, I think the match is over there."

"You go in there, you've been working out."

"Oh no, not me. I don't even know why my physique is suddenly noteworthy, I'm an announcer!"

"Exactly. Let me tell you something, there's been more talk about your physique than mine lately. These two know what I mean, just look at me."

Buddy poses briefly.

"Well, you certainly have a most impressive phys..."

Alfred is stopped in his verbal tracks as Williams grabs Landel and fireman carries him to the ring. The match carries on pretty much as before until Steve Williams attention is grabbed by someone in the crowd.

"Who is that guys, can you see?"

"I'm not sure Craig, it looks...Alfred, is that?"

"Yes, it's Herb!"

Buddy takes the opportunity to run at Williams and basically bundle him towards the corner. He steps back and begins another run, but you can almost smell the worry coming off of him as he launches himself and is caught. A run into the corner and then Oklahoma Stampede later and it's all over.]

Winner: Steve Williams
Rating: B-
{Things didn't finish there. Steve grabbed his belt and went straight out the ring, heading for where Herb was sitting. Herb would come right to the barrier and offer Steve his chin. Steve patted Herb's head and then walked off. Herb would watch him before jumping the barrier and making his way round to the announce area.}

"Guys, YOU ENJOYING JAPAN? I tell you, Steve has enjoyed his last UWF show. I'll see him Wednesday, or even Saturday...WE HAVE TV ON SATURDAY NOW!"

"Do we? Oh, erm..."

"Yes, Atlantic Coast...JUST BOUGHT IT!"


"YES BRUNO...sorry...yes Bruno?"

"Go home or go to the back. Come on, we've got a main event coming up!"

{Herb smiles, shakes Bruno's hand and heads to the back.} (D+)

NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Rick Rude vs Billy Robinson

(Rick Rude would shake Billy's hand then immediately leave the ring.

"Wow Alfred, an immediate retreat from Rick Rude."

"I'm not surprise, wow what an opponent. Mark Rocco has really outdone himself with this one. I've faced Billy numerous times, wily character in the ring and a fantastic human being out of it. I've faced him numerous times, usually on the losing side it has to be said."

The first half of the match was a constant shift of short spells of dominance, countering moves and rest holds. After gaining a decent advantage, Rude would hit a scoop slam on the outside. Rude would get back in the ring, expecting a count out victory that never came. Robinson would feign to get back in, pull Rude under the ropes, then execute double underhook suplex on the outside. Both men were now struggling and we saw a kneeling slugfest, before Rude took Robinson's arm and worked his way back to his feet. Rude would apply a hammerlock and run Robinson in to the corner before getting back in the ring.

The crowd were on the edge of their seats as the action came back inside. Rude would run to the ropes and both men collided in the centre of the ring as he came back. The count from the Ref began...8, 9...both men go to one knee. Robinson was thrown to the ropes again, Rude ducked for a back body drop and Robinson stopped and executed another double underhook suplex and made a tired cover. 1...2...THREE...the crowd went crazy. But NO, Rude's feet were on the ropes. Rude struggled to his feet, turned and grabbed a struggling Robinson...Rude Awakening, 1...2...3!]

Winner: Rick Rude
Rating: B-
Overall: C+
Rating: 0.01
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UWF Fury Hour - Week 2 May 1991

{An advert plays for Beach Brawl.}

"Beach Brawl, the UWFs first American Pay Per View. See all the UWF stars, watch the ultimate in sports entertainment!" (C-)

{We start the show off properly with Herb Abrams, Mark Rocco, Lord Alfred Hayes and Kevin Von Erich all at ringside.}

"Hello folks, welcome to another FURY HOUR! As the advert shows, the UWF are WEEKS AWAY from Pay Per View in the USA."

"Yes Herb, it really really is exciting times coming up."

"We also had CHAMPIONSHIP MAYHEM and Mark here, I'd just like to say thank you!"

"Not a problem Herb, you know the U..."

{Kevin Von Erich is knocked aside as Sid Vicious and Paul Orndorff fight their way out to ringside.}

"WHAT THE? Have these two been fighting since Tokyo? We need..."

{Herb gets knocked aside next and Alfred and Mark go to help him as the brawl continues. Blow after blow is struck by both men as they make a lap round the ring.}

"You've been working out Craig, get down there and help."

"That'll be the last thing I'm doing Bruno, the very last thing!"

{Kevin Von Erich manages to get between Orndorff and Sid. Rocco starts ordering Vicious to the back as Herb gets to his feet. Back on his feet, Herb starts bawling at both men.}


{A few pushes take place, Herb even gives Sid a quick push and immediately backs off.}

"Wow Bruno, this obviously isn't the start Herb had planned."

"No err Craig, it's not the start Herb had planned. I'm sure the fans love it and, you know, sometimes that's the main thing."

{Herb and Mark are now both ordering both men to the back.} (C-)

{A UWF Powerline advert plays.}

"If you haven't managed to dial-in yet, do so NOW. Don't trust the magazines, don't believe the hype elsewhere. Get the real news direct from the UWF!!!"

"Learn about all the fine fine UWF action, dial now!"

"Do you want a Rude Awakening? No! Well, dial now!" (C+)

Match #1
Bob Orton Jnr defeats One Star (D+)

{We go backstage after the match, Rocco and Herb are standing watching a monitor.}

"WHO IS that guy?"

"Don't look at me. The lad looks like he couldn't fight his way out of a wet paper bag."

"I don't get it! His letter said he was the next big thing, everyone should be..."

{Bob Orton Jnr appears.}

"I don't know what that was! Is that lad even trained? It's not important though. HERB, I want Bigelow. You either give me..."

"You'll get..."

"...a match against him or I'll..."

"...I JUST SAID..."

"...tear every arena apart until..."

"...WHAT IS..."

{Herb looks down the corridor, the camera pans round and we see Orndorff & Vicious face to face and arguing again.}

"I don't care about anyone! I'm here for me!"

{They start brawling again and go through in to a nearby room.} (D+)

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship
Dean Malenko and Lizmark go to a time limit draw (E-)

"A first look for us on Sports Channel America at Dean Malenko."

"Yes Craig, first look and what a great great display by both men. Malenko really does remind me of so many of the UK workers I worked around."

"You know Craig, it's good to see these lighter workers. Back in the Garden we used to see guys like Tiger Mask and it's just great to see the UWF attracting talent like this."

"It certainly is Bruno. One other man who claimed championship gold in Japan was Steve Williams."

"Yes, ha, I don't understand how he came to get a title shot Craig. Very happy he did and what a totally dominant display by a man who is a fantastic worker."

"We'll be seeing more of Steve later, as he's in Captain Lou Corner. We'll also be seeing more UWF later in the week, as Herb announced the purchase of televsion time on the Atlantic Coast. I believe we'll be seeing an exhibiton match relating to that announcement later on. Up next though, David Sammartino is back and he'll be up against Cactus Jack."

"Yes Craig, David is back and he will be up against Cactus. Jack is a crazy individual, I like him, so David could have his work cut out. The UWF expansion is also an exciting announcement, which should err be very interesting." (D)

Match #3
David Sammartino defeats Cactus Jack
[Jack's attention didn't appear to be on the match.] (C)

{Post-match, Cactus immediately exits the ring and grabs a camerman. The shot changes to the shot from that camera as Cactus drags the cameraman backstage. We see Herb standing scratching his head, he turns...}

"Cactus, err, HI...what,"

"I got your note!"

"Ah, THE NOTE...he needs to impress. HE'LL BE GREAT FOR YOU!"

{Cactus just storms past, Herb waits until he's out of ear shot.}

"Not my fault you stayed home." (C-)

Captain Lou's Corner:

"Welcome back to Captain Lou's Corner! I have my good friend Andre with me again..."

"Hello Lou, always good to say hello."

"...and this man..."

{Steve Williams walks in to shot and sits down.}

"Bit tight on the couch this week."

"Get up then!"

"Hahaha, oh, haha...he got you there Lou!"

"Yes, that won't be happening my friend. Now Steve, congratulations on the win and congratulations on claiming some gold here in the UWF."

"Thank you Lou. We've never uh had much interaction before, but you know I like your attitude."

"So, what's your plan now?"

"Well, I don't think it's all about what I want to do. Herb is obviously..."

"Steve, Steve, let me stop you quickly. I'm sure Herb was just confused, he'll realise things got out of hand."

"Well then, if that turns out to be the case..."

"You know what Steve, you're a big guy...not a Giant, not like Andre, the Giant, the phenomenal Giant, the..."

"Haha, Lou, this interview it's not about me. Calm down Lou!"

"Sorry, sorry, you're right. Steve, it's good to have you in the UWF. Whatever you do, I'm sure all the UWF fans will enjoy watching." (C)

UWF SportsChannel TV Title Tournament Semi-Final
Paul Orndorff defeats Greg Valentine
[Don Muraco would distract Valentine by walking round the ring, allowing Orndorff to take the win.] (C)

{We cut to Kevin Von Erich backstage.}

"Hey folks, just wanted to take some time to remind you all of the UWF Legends night. Sunday night, some of wrestling's greatest will come to the Dallas Sportatorium. I'm looking forward to it and you can watch it live on Sports Channel America." (D)

Match #5
Rick Rude & Nelson Royal defeated Tito Santana & Tim Horner
[An exhibition match to basically promote the Atlantic Coast Wrestling TV show. Nelson Royal took the pin as Rick Rude held Tito's leg as he stood on the ring apron.] (B-)

Overall: C+
Rating: 0.04

Atlantic Coast Wrestling - Week 2 May 1991

Rambo and Nikolai Volkoff are involved in a backstage brawl (E)
Nelson Royal & George South defeat Tim Horner & David Isley
[Royal & South were announced as the UWF World Tag Team Champions] (D)
Les Thornton & Joshua Ben-Gurion get in to a heated exchange (E-)
Joshua Ben-Gurion defeats Les Thornton
[Joshua is announced as UWF Americas Champion] (D-)
Nikolai Volkoff, Chris Adams, Buzz Sawyer and B. Brian Blair are involved in a confrontation (D)
B. Brian Blair & Chris Adams defeated Nikolai Volkoff & Buzz Sawyer (C-)

Overall: D-
Rating: 0.01
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UWF Legends Night - Week 2 May 1991

{The show wasn't televised, so this is just the raw footage so to speak.}

{The show starts with Kevin Von Erich in the ring, the crowd obviously going wild.}

"Thank you folks, it's good to be back in The Sportatorium. I...well, we...have had some good times here. We've had some bad times too, shared some loss. We've grieved together, we've cheered together and hopefully tonight we'll see some fine wrestling. I'm not wrestling tonight, but I do have..."

"Hold on..."

{Kevin stops, waiting to see who the interruption is coming from. Al Perez walks out and gets in to the ring.}

"Hold on...did you just say you're not wrestling tonight?"

"No, I'm going to run things in the back and let everyone else do some work for a change."

"Hmmmm, but what if these people want to see you wrestle? Huh? A Von Erich, one of a dying breed..."

"Hey now, you don't need to..."

"Oh, okay, okay, I'm sorry. I can see the crowd are going crazy, a few trying to get to the ring, others are losing the plot competely. You know, they'd better watch someone doesn't have a heart attack! Is your dad here Kev?"

"I mean it Al, don't bring the rest of my family in to this."

"Or what Von Erich, huh? Or what?"

"Well, how about I take that belt of yours tonight?"

"This belt?"

{Al taps his IWCCW Heavyweight belt.}

"That's the..."

{Al pulls the belt off and smashes Kevin Von Erich in the face with it.}

"Like that Kevin?"

{Iceman Parsons and Chris Adams come racing in to the ring to protect Kevin Von Erich as Al Perez slides out and ducks for cover as he leaves the ring. Kevin gets to his feet, looking across you can just see Perez holding the belt aloft.}

"Hey...HEY...Al. Get yourself two partners, we'll have ourselves a six man tag match in a steel cage!" (C+)

{As the three are leaving the ring, Bob Orton Jnr makes his way out. He has words with Kevin, gets in the ring and picks the mic off the floor.}

"It's legends night Kevin and you just thought you'd let me come out and, what, say hi. No way pal. Let's bring out a kid who is a legend. A legend in his own mind albeit, but still a legend. Dallas wrestling fans, welcome the leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeegend ONE STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!!!!!!" (C+)

Match #1
Bob Orton Jnr vs One Star

[This may well have been the UWF's shortest match of all time, beating Koloff's one minute 30 seconds victory over Ataki in 1990. One Star entered the ring, went up top, came back down and found himself face first in Orton's fist. The Referee checked if he was okay, he waved the Referee off and the Referee rang the bell. Orton ran One Star to the ropes, clotheslined him, picked him up, slapped him around for a bit, threw him to the ropes again, clotheslined him a second time and them covered him.]

Winner: Bob Orton Jnr
Rating: D+
"Ladies and gentlemen, One..."

{The crowd erupt, Orton had no idea what was going on until he saw Paul Orndorff on crutches at ringside.}

"Oh, hahahahahaha, what happened to you boy? Are you wanting to come in the ring and wave to everyone Paul? Here, let me get the ropes for you."

{Bob sits on the rope, Orndorff smacks the ropes and Bob drops the mic.}

"No Bob, I'm not here to wave to anybody. I'm here to bring out your real opponent for tonight."

"Real...I just beat..."

{Orndorff trips Bob with the crutches.} (C)

Match #2
Bob Orton Jnr vs Buddy Landel
[Buddy Landel ran down to the ring as Orndorff hobbled round and rang the bell himself. Landel would pounce straight on Orton and pound him for a good while. Orton would eventually get back to his feet and started complaining to the Ref, with Orndorff laughing at him. Landel moved in to lock up again and received a thumb to the eye. The Referee admonished Orton, with Orton getting more and more upset over Orndorff having rung the bell. With the Referee checking on Landel, Orton would remove a turnbuckle cover and then he grabbed Landel and threw him in to the exposed steel. This brought Orndorff on to the ring apron, where he would swipe at Orton and miss. With Orton laughing, Orndorff would swipe again and Orton grabbed the crutch. A short tug of war would start, ending with Orton taking the crutch but staggering backwards where he was school boyed By Landel for the win.]

Winner: Buddy Landel
Rating: C+
NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship
Dean Malenko vs Johnny Saint

[This was most definitely one for the purists, with Saint and Malenko working the centre of the ring for a good seven to eight minutes before either man was fully back on his feet. Saint would offer a hand, which Malenko attempted to turn in to a test of strength only for Saint to come out of it with a high hammerlock that led to Malenko being slowly taken down and then bridging. Saint saw an opportunity go for a stamp to the shoulder, but missed and Malenko would take a leg and quickly apply a single leg crab. The crab was quickly switched to a figure four and Saint would tap.]

Winner: Dean Malenko
Rating: D
{Lou Albano and Andre the Giant have made their way down to the ring.}

"Hello folks, you know me and you know my friend here."

"Ha ha Lou, of course they know me...I'm a Giant. You, you're Lou Albano so of course they know you too."

"We're going to have more great action tonight, but Andre as a legend I'd like to give you the chance to select your dream match."

"Wow Lou...the Giant's dream match. You know, I like tag team wrestling. I used to like it because it meant I was beating up two guys instead of one. Ha ha ha, oh Lou let's get the UWF's best tag team out here."

{Masked Confusion make their way down to the ring.}

"Masked Confusion, well they are a great team Andre...who will the opponents be?"


"Wait, I know that voice..."

"Yes Lou, you absolute fool. It's Paul Ellering and I don't need a Giant standing beside me to get a reaction. It's legends night, featuring people for whom the sands of time have run a good while. But time, time is a funny thing Lou...funny, but NOT a liar. Nobody here thinks Masked Confusion are a great team, they don't even have gold around their stinking waists. Just like they weren't great when they were buzzing around. But, thankfully, I have my own swat team here with me tonight."

{Matt Borne & Buzz Sawyer run down to the ring.} (D+)

Match #4
Matt Borne & Buzz Sawyer vs Masked Confusion

[The match started as an all out brawl, with all four men battling around the Sportatorium. Key incidents were Borne and Blair disappearing for a good few minutes, only to return covered in what looked like food and sauce. Whilst Sawyer and Brunzell would brawl up the bleachers as fans made way, with Sawyer being launched back down them. The match would briefly turn in to a regular tag match, but soon broke down again. Towards the end, Ellering would pass handcuffs to Sawyer. This saw Albano appear and a pushing match began. Borne and Blair would come across and all four would head towards Section D. Meanwhile Sawyer had managed to put the handcuffs on Brunzell, only for Joe Cruz to take Sawyer down with a chair allowing Brunzell to make the cover whilst handcuffed.]

Winners: Masked Confusion
Rating: C+
NWA World Tag Team Championship
Dan Kroffat & Doug Furnas vs Cactus Jack & Ken Patera

[As wrestling matches go, this was just ridiculous. Cactus & Patera were having words and were in each others face the entire walk to the ring. The walk to the ring may even have taken longer than the match as both men were refusing to get in and start the match. Kroffat & Furnas just watched on, totally unimpressed by what was happening outside the ring. Eventually, Cactus Jack would start and we had three or four minutes of Cactus being worked over before he managed to knock Kroffat off the ring apron and low blowed Furnas. Cactus would hit an elbow off the apron to Kroffat, before rolling back in and grabbing Furnas. He would bring Furnas across, but Patera stepped down and walked off as Doug Furnas hit a bridging German suplex on Cactus for the win.]

Winners: Kroffat & Furnas
Rating: C-
Legends Battle Royal
Steve Williams, Ivan Koloff, Billy Robinson, Black Bart, Dick Slater, Don Muraco, Greg Valentine, Les Thornton, Tito Santana, Tony Atlas

[Cactus Jack was still at ringside for a large portion of this match. He would circle the ring and was responsible for dragging Black Bart and Les Thornton both out of the ring. Billy Robinson would be eliminated whilst watching Thornton go out, he would then lead Cactus to the back. Koloff would be next to go, eliminated by Tito Santana before Muraco and Valentine eliminated each other and were still battling it out when Tony Atlas was eliminated by Dick Slater. This would leave Tito Santana basically one against two, he'd go for Slater and then would receive a football tackle from Williams before being tossed over the rope. So, it was, Williams and Slater as the final two. Both men would brawl from one corner to the next in what looked more like a bar brawl than anything else. Eventually Slater slide free and would get off three left hand jabs, sadly for Slater the next offensive move of the night was a vicious clothesline that nearly took his head off. Williams then simply picked Slater up and dropped him to the floor.]

Winner: Steve Williams
Rating: C+
Match #7
Kevin Von Erich, Chris Adams & Iceman Parsons vs Al Perez & The Sheepherders (Cage Match)

[This match was absolutely brutal, with neither man coming out of it unscathed. Needless to say, there was no referee in the ring and any "count" didn't last long anyway. Perez was bounced around each of the three fan favourites at the start, with The Sheepherders hilariously following him around as if it was piggy in the middle. Eventually things settled down, so far as the numbers, with The Sheepherders managing to get some shots in on Parsons & Adams. Perez would slowly get on top of Von Erich, with fans at this point trying to get to the ring. With each man on their last legs, the last five minutes of the match become an all out brawl. Two on ones were common place, most times breaking off to save their partner from another two on one. The finish was a strange one as Perez's IWCCW belt found itself tossed in to the ring. Perez dove on top of it, then crawled to a corner to protect it as both Sheepherders were taken out. Perez would come flying out of the corner with the belt, only to be cut off with a Chris Adams superkick. Von Erich made the cover for the win.]

Winner: Kevin Von Erich, Chris Adams & Iceman Parsons
Rating: C
{Post-match, the three fan favourites stood over Al Perez. The Sheepherders would leave very quickly, being heard to say "it's not our fight mate". Von Erich had Perez in the corner as Adams shook his hand then left the ring. Parsons too would smile and go to leave. As Adams got out, he was attacked with a chair, Parsons then had the cage door closed on him and a hood was put over his head before he was dragged out of the ring and away by Colonel De Beers. Perez would take this opportunity to run for the door, exiting and fleeing through the crowd. Adams would tell Von Erich what had just happened to Parsons and they set off after De Beers.} (D)

{As the crowd got back to normal a little bit, we heard Rick Rude's music play and he came down to the ring. He waits as the cage is dismantled.}

"Cut the music! Now, Dallas, let me bring to each and every one of you fat, know what, you don't even deserve the effort. Hey SNUKA, you fossil, get your ass out here...brrrrrrrrrrrrrother!"

{Snuka makes his way out to the ring.}

"Brother, you want to disrespect me and call me a fossil. How about I knock you from pillar to post."

{Rude smiles and Snuka slaps the taste out of his mouth.} (B-)

NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Rick Rude vs Jimmy Snuka

[Rude came straight after Snuka and was caught with a chop, flooring him briefly. Fans at ringside swore afterwards that they saw Rude wink at them as he got back to his feet. He ran again, another chop, again and another chop. Smiling, he got back to his feet and applauded Snuka. They locked up, Snuka threw Rude to the ropes and hit a back body drop. Again and again, Snuka would send Rude sky high. Indeed, for the next few minutes Rude would take everything that Snuka could throw at him until it came time for a splash from the top. At this point, everyone could see the smile and everyone heard the laughter as Snuka took flight and Rude rolled out of the way. Grabbing Snuka, he hit a vicious spike piledriver then a diving knee drop. He kicked at Snuka, watched, waited, helped him up...RUDE AWAKENING!]

Winner: Rick Rude
Rating: B
Overall: B-
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UWF Fury Hour - Week 3 May 1991

"Hello folks, Herb Abrams here for what is going to be a very busy and action packed Fury Hour. We've got A LOT to cover. We'll bring you the latest on the Iceman Parsons situation, I'll be CATCHING UP with Buzz Sawyer before his match and..."

{Herb is spun around and we see him being slapped by Cactus Jack. Cactus then gets right in Herb's face.}

"What did you think would happen Herb? You put me in a tag match with a man who've you've been publicly berating. He'll be great for me!!! Was he, WELL...WAS HE???

{Herb is looking very apologetic as he gets his bearings.}

"I'm, I'm..."

"You're what Herb, sorry? You can STICK your so..."

{Ken Patera appears and lays Cactus out, before proceeding to lay the boots to him.}

"Ken, Ken, what are you..."

"Is that impressing you Herb? Is that what you meant by impress you?"

"NO, NO it's not what I..."

{Patera grabs Herb.}

"Look Herb, come on LOOK impressed!"

"Get your hands off me! Go to commercial guys..." (D)

{An advert plays for Beach Brawl.}

"Beach Brawl, the UWFs first American Pay Per View. See all the UWF stars, watch the ultimate in sports entertainment!" (D+)

Match #1
Louie Spicolli defeats One Star (F)

{We return to the announce area.}

"One Star taking yet another defeat there Bruno, the kid really has no luck whatsoever."

"No Craig, the lad does have no luck and it is yet another eh defeat. I do wonder if Alfred here still has some admitting to do."

"Ha, Bruno, well I can categorically say I have nothing to do with One Star. He does seem though a very very plucky individual, if lacking in talent."

"What a start before that match though, wow."

"Yes Craig, an absolutely shocking start to what is going to very very unfortunately by my final Fury Hour."

"A shocking...wait...Alfred, your last show? Did you know about this Craig?"

"No Bruno and...oh Lord..."

{Herb Abrams appears, face a picture of rage.}

"FINAL FURY HOUR? What are you talking about? I HAD YOU UNDER CONTRACT!"

"Herb, Herb, I can only apologise my good fellow. I was made an offer I couldn't refuse by the WWF."

"Oh, WERE YOU now!"

"The UWF will still be..."

"Fine, we'll be ABSOLUTELY fine. Okay, I'm not going to lose the plot here. We HAVE VIEWERS, they want a show. I'll see you in the back after this match."

{Herb walks away again.}

"Well, I thought he took that well Alfred. We'll be sad to see you go of course, as will the fans. But, the show must go on so let's get back to the ring." (C-)

Match #2
Lizmark, Owen Hart & 2 Cold Scorpio defeat Gran Hamada, Masa Michinoku & Monkey Magic Wakita (D)

{An advert plays for Lou's Celebrity Hotline.}

"Wooh, they're all calling the wrestling celebrity hotline baby! You'd be crazy to miss it." (C)

{Lord Alfred is walking through the backstage area.}

"Now, where is this room? I do hope Herb isn't too upset, he can get a little..."

{The Sheepherders walk across to Alfred.}

"Hey Laaaaaaaaaaaawd, we just heard. Sad to see you go Laaaaaaaaaawd."

"Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, all joking aside you'll be missed."

"Well, thank you."

"But, why are you back here? Are you lost?"

"YEAH, the show's still on. We're just heading out to have our match."

"Well Butch, Luke, I'm looking for the media room."

"Ahhhhhhhh the media room. He's looking for the media room Luke."

"Well Butch, it's through that door over there isn't it cousin."

"Yeeeeeeeeeeeah you're right Luke, it's through that door then on a bit."

"Ah, well thanks for that and maybe we'll meet again."

{Alfred makes his way over to the door.}

"Hey fellas, Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!"

"Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Alfred!"

{Alfred exits through the door and as it shuts behind him you can just hear him.}

"Ah, Butch, Luke, this is an exit. Hello, Butch, Luke!"

"Hahahahahahaha, Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawd!" (D)

Match #3
The Sheepherders defeat Billy Anderson & Riki Ataki (D)

Captain Lou's Corner:

"Welcome again folks, I'm Lou Albano and this of course is Action Jackson."

"Thank you for having me Lou."

"No problem, no problem at all. Now, we don't know where your tag part..."

{Action Jackson gets attacked from behind and is laid out. Colonel DeBeers comes in to shot and Lou goes crazy.}

"How dare you DeB..."

"SHUT UP Lou, just stay there and shut up! HERB, UWF, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANYONE out there. You can't shut up Colonel DeBeers, you can't keep a proud South African white man down. You know Lou, everyone talks about that terrorist Nelson Mandela and his treatment. But, what about the treatment of Colonel De Beers? WHAT ABOUT THAT?"

"You're insane! I'm not having any more of this, this is over!" (C-)

{Paul Orndorff and Buddy Landel are in the interview area.}

"As you'll see, I'm not in fighting condition at the moment. I've injured my leg and I'll be out for a number of weeks. So, at Beach Brawl it won't be Paul Orndorff versus Sid Vicious. Don't worry though, I've found a replacement and it will be Sid Vicious versus Buddy Landel."

{Buddy looks terrified.}

"HUH, what?" (D+)

{Buzz Sawyer is coming out for his match, but is stopped by Herb.}

"Before you get in there BUZZ. Any sign, ANY, that you're not right. This could be your last match here."

"Ha...last match. Hey Bruno, your son might be my last opponent here. I'd better go in there and...enjoy myself!" (D+)

Match #4
Buzz Sawyer defeats David Sammartino (D+)

Ask The Wrestlers:

{The question was, "Al Perez, I'd like to know just what your issue is with the Von Erichs", from Dennis Stain of Dallas, Texas.}

{Al Perez looks like he's been battered black and blue.}

"Are you kidding me Dennis? Look at me, look at what the crowd did to me in Dallas? TWENTY MILES they chased me out of town, they stole...THEY STOLE THE BELT! My issue with the Von Erichs??? I'm going to destroy the Von Erichs. You hear me? DESTROY THEM!!! But first, I'll need to get the belt back. So, whichever of you toothless low lifes took it. Drop the belt off at the Sportatorium, Kevin can pick it up and at the Beach Brawl Pay Per View I will defeat...haha...I'll defeat a Von Erich other than Kevin for the belt!" (C)

Match #5
Rick Rude & Greg Valentine defeat Tito Santana & Don Muraco (C+)

{Post-match, Rick Rude makes an announcement.}

"Hey, hey, don't boo me! I know that I've got my robe back on, you've all seen enough of me for now. But, Herb, I see you're still over there, the UWF will have plenty of opportunity to look upon Ravishing Rick Rude. Next month, after the Pay Per View, I will embark on Rick Rude's Ravishing World Tour!" (B-)

Overall: C
Rating: 0.04

Atlantic Coast Wrestling - Week 3 May 1991

{Viewers of ATV in Canada would have been surprised to find this show on their screens. The first evidence of the UWF's purchase of Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling and the expansion in to Canada.}

Tim Horner and George South confront each other backstage. (D-)
George South defeated Tim Horner (D)
Leo Burke & Adrian Street exchange words backstage "Oooh, hard man are you?" (D-)
Adrian Street defeated Leo Burke (D)
Nikolai Volkoff and Agent Storm give a pre-match promo (E+)
Nikolai Volkoff & Agent Storm defeated B. Brian Blair & Ron Starr (C-)

Overall: D+
Rating: 0.01
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In a way, I'm not sad to see Lawd Alfred go. His voice is clearly unmistakable, but with the three commentators and nothing to tell them apart it does occasionally get difficult reading who is talking every time. If we are down to Craig and Bruno, it solves that issue.

That the Sheepwhackers saw him off is nice continuity from how often they were around him in the WWF, also.
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UWF Fury Hour - Week 4 May 1991

{The show starts with Herb standing in the ring.}

"Hello folks, WELCOME to another Fury Hour. We'll get to things shortly, but first I'd like to welcome our new friends watching us on ATS in Canada. YES, the Maritimes are getting their taste of..."

{Rick Rude's music plays and Rick walks out to the ring dressed in his street clothes. He drops a bag at Herb's feet.}

"Guess what's in there Herb, go on...GUESS!!!"

"Erm, your NWA World H..."

"Ha, MY NWA World Heavyweight Title. No, as you well know, I'm no longer the NWA World Heavyweight Champion after a fast count robbed me. Who did you call Herb? Who did you contact? Who did you tip off? Who is in your pocket? I announce Rick Rude's Ravishing World Tour and then suddenly I'm told to go and defend my title in Canton."

"What? HANG're no longer the CHAMPION?"

"Stop Herb, just stop. You're going to fix this, you're going to give me a rematch and you're going to do it tonight."

"How can I do it tonight Rick, I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHO THE NEW CHAMPION IS!!! Tell you what though, you can enter THE RUMBLE in the Apple."

"Rumble in the Apple? New York...Friday..."

"Yes, win that and you'll get your rematch at Beach Brawl. Now, can I get on with the show?"

{Rick picks up his bag and heads to the back.} (C)

Match #1
Owen Hart defeats One Star (D+)

{Our first visit to the announce team and we see a new member, Ed Whalen.}

Craig: "Well, we've lost Alfred. Our Canadian viewers will recognise this man though."

Bruno: "They certainly will recognise him Craig and I err believe more changes are to come."

Craig: "Are they? Well, I suppose we'll learn of them as the viewers do. Welcome to you though Ed."

Ed: "Thank you Craig. Hello Bruno and hello wrestling fans. Always good to see Owen Hart of course, member of the Hart family. I'm confused though, just who is this One Star? He won't be at the upcoming Pay Per View will he?"

Craig: "Highly unlikely Ed." (D-)

{An advert plays for Beach Brawl.}

"Beach Brawl, the UWFs first American Pay Per View. See all the UWF stars, watch the ultimate in sports entertainment!" (D+)

{Kroffat and Furnas are giving a promo, only Kroffat speaks.}

"This belt proves that we are the best in the world. We've spoken to Herb and we'll be at Beach Brawl." (D-)

Match #2
Masked Confusion & The Blackbirds defeated The Sheepherders & The Cuban Commandos
[Jim Brunzell made the cover, gaining the NWA World Tag Team shot at Beach Brawl.] (C-)

{Post-match, Ivan Koloff comes out towards the ring. A number of UWF officials look to stop him though, with Chris Adams running past to help Parsons in the ring. We can just about hear Koloff.}

"PARSONS...your time is coming you stupid American!"

{Iceman Parsons is handed a microphone as he looks over his shoulder.}

"Koloff, let's put an end to this now. At Beach Brawl baby, I'll defeat the Colonel and here's how. There won't be a steel cage, it's not safe at your age. I'll enter the ring by myself, Colonel should stay away for the good of his health. But if he doesn't there will be many watching my back, because the match we're having is a lumberjack!" (D+)

Captain Lou's Corner:

"I'm here with some great news folks, indeed you'll already know the news just by looking at Kevin Von Erichs waist."

"They sure will Lou! Doesn't the IWCCW Heavyweight title look good around my waist."

"But, Kevin, I don't understand brother."

"Well, Lou, Al Perez tried to trick me you see. He came down to the Sportatorium to ambush whomever was dropping off the belt I suppose. But, we got the better of him and we forced him to have a match on our next show."

"Amazing Kevin, just absolutely amazing. I can't believe it, you must be so happy."

"I am Lou, but I'm sure it won't stop here. Al, I don't know what your were planning for Beach Brawl. A Von Erich other than me, boy you're crazy. You're crazier than Lou, whom no offence intended Lou, is pretty damned crazy. You'll never get another shot at this belt and this, whatever it was, is over." (D+)

Match #3
Ken Patera defeats Steve Ray (D-)

{Post-match, Herb pulls Patera aside.}

"Get your hands off me Herb."

"I'm SORRY KEN, I just...wait, what are you..."

{Herb turns and Cactus Jack has appeared.}

"Now, Cactus, I've had..."

"WHAT HERB? WHAT? A hell of a time? A tough week? A tough Just be glad you're not Ken here!"

"What you mean by that Cactus? You're a nut, crazy!"

"Oh, I'm crazy alright Ken. You know what, you're going to spend the rest of that contract wondering just when the crazy will appear. I won't face you at Beach Brawl, I may not even face you in 1991. But, when I afraid Ken, VERY AFRAID. BANG BANG!" (D+)

{We go to a new UWF wrap up segment, with Craig DeGeorge.}

"We've got a lot to cover today folks. First of all, as you'll have heard, there's to be a number one contender Rumble in New York on Friday. The SportsChannel America Television Title has also been the subject of debate, with UWF fans almost forgetting about it. With injuries and departures, we'll now see a Battle Royal for the belt at Beach Brawl. As usual the UWF will not give out too many details on the matches for Rumble in the Apple or even Beach Brawl. What's for sure though is that the Ultimate in Sports Entertainment will bring you some of the best wrestling action." (E+)

Ask The Wrestlers:

{The question was, "Buddy, How are you going to go about defeating Sid Vicious?", from Lucas Brown of Philadelphia.}

"That's a very good question Lucas, a very very good question. You know, it took me a bit by surprise when Paul Orndorff named me. But, it's these sorts of matches that champions need to win and Buddy Landel is going to be a champion." (D+)

Match #4
Rick Rude & Matt Borne defeated Don Muraco & Ron Starr
[Point of note being Ron Starr wearing a belt to the ring, which Rude ripped off, laughed and tossed aside.] (C)

Overall: C
Rating: 0.04
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UWF Rumble in the Apple - Week 4 May 1991

{This is the SportsChannel Bay Area version, hence the announcer segments etc.}

{An advert plays for Beach Brawl.}

"Beach Brawl, the UWFs first American Pay Per View. See all the UWF stars, watch the ultimate in sports entertainment!" (E+)

{We go through a series of pre-show promos.}

{Koloff & The Sheepherders.}

"All you stupid Americans tuning in tonight, you'll see the destruction of your heroes."

"YEAH, we're going to have fun mate...bloody fun!!!" (D)

{Jimmy Snuka.}

"It's time brother, time for the Superfly to earn a shot at the gold. All you people out in television wonderland better stay tuned now!" (C+)

{Al Perez.}

"Championship gold? NWA gold? Sure, I'm interested...I have other things on my mind too. Maybe tonight I'll get a few of them sorted out." (D)

{Colonel DeBeers was giving his promo, but the volume was down. Halfway through, Andre the Giant would walk on to shot and grab DeBeers finger before pushing him aside.} (C-)

{We come to the announce area.}

"Good evening folks and welcome to our latest Rumble in the Apple. We've just had a taster of what we'll see tonight, though Bruno I don't think we'll be seeing Colonel DeBeers."

"Yes Craig, certainly a taster of what's to come and no I don't think DeBeers will be seen. Certainly, I wouldn't want to annoy Andre any further."

"One man who might not care who he's annoying is of course Rick Rude."

"I'll tell you something Craig, I can understand where Rick is coming from. He's lost the title, he's annoyed and lashing out. But, all he needs to do is get back in that ring and perform."

"Just as the wrestlers in the ring now are about to do. So, let's get down to the action." (C)

Match #1
2 Cold Scorpio, Cactus Jack, Billy Anderson and Riki Ataki defeated The Sheepherders & The Power Twins
[The Sheepherders did indeed get some bloody fun as they went straight after Anderson & Ataki, all four men brawling around ringside for most of the match. The Power Twins looked absolutely lost, as 2 Cold Scorpio bounced both of them around. At one stage they would get the better of Scorpio on the outside until Cactus hit a double clothesline from the ring apron. Cactus would roll Dave Power back in to the ring, take a tag and take the victory with a DDT.] (D)
{Herb would take Cactus aside.}

"Cactus, just a quick question. Now obviously Patera is BUSY SOMEWHERE ELSE TONIGHT. But, what did you mean by your comments on Fury Hour?"

"Well Herb, it's very simple really. I'm going to get inside Ken's head. I'm sure that even now he's talking to friends, making promises. I'll tell everyone right now though Herb...{very quietly} don't listen to him!" (C)

{An advert plays for Lou's Celebrity Hotline.}

"Wooh, they're all calling the wrestling celebrity hotline baby!" (C-)

NWA World Women's Championship
Madusa Miceli defeats Misty Blue (D)
{We move straight to Baby Doll in one of the locker rooms. She walks across to Rick Rude, who is sitting on a bench alone.}

"Rick, do you have time for a..."

"Chat! Time for a chat? Doll, did Herb send you in here?"

"No, no, well...not exactly."

"Not exactly? Listen, I'll give you and Herb his sound bite. Herb, I don't believe you! I don't believe you had nothing to do with my loss in Canton. I'm going to win the Rumble tonight, I'm going to win the NWA World Heavyweight Title at Beach Brawl and because I am the only man in this locker room worthy of..."

{Rick looks angry and shouts off camera.}


{A Giant of a man walks past, Rick just eyeballs him.}

"You see Baby Doll, this is what I have to put up with here. I can't even speak in my own locker room without challenge or some new guy wanting to step up. As I was saying though, I will win the title and I will embark upon the Ravishing World Tour!" (C+)

UWF World Tag Team Championship
Nelson Royal & George South defeated David Isley & Gene Ligon (D-)
{Tito Santana cuts a promo.}

"You know, I've only been a NWA champion one time. The NWA World Heavyweight title is one of great honour. As a proud man, I would wear that belt and honour it's tradition. (C)

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship
Dean Malenko defeats Tim Horner (D)
{We are taken back to the announce area.}

"What a night so far Bruno, I can feel the tension building as I speak."

"Yes Craig, the tension is building. You know, I still get the hairs standing up on the back of my neck."

"The most talked about neck in professional wrestling of course. We've had some interesting matches so far."

"On a card like this, I'm sure the fans watching at home will agree, the early bouts are about opportunity and seeing wrestlers you may not normally see. George South, for example, is a good looking guy with every chance of making it in the UWF."

"Well, nothing like a recommendation from Bruno Sammartino. For now though, it's time to Rumble in the UWF. Let's see who are our first two competitors."

"Both feet on the outside right!"

"Yes, both feet." (C-)

{Sid Vicious is seen at ringside.}

"Wait, Bruno, that's Sid."

"Yes it is Craig, I wonder what he's doing here."

{Mark Rocco and Herb are across talking to Sid. He just thrusts a ticket at them and you overhear...}

"I'm just here to watch, here to watch. Nothing to see here, hahaha, nothing to see!" (C-)

#1 Contender Rumble
Agent Storm, Al Perez, B.Brian Blair, Billy Robinson, Bob Orton Jr, Buddy Landel, Canadian Giant, Chaz Taylor, Chief Jay Strongbow, Chris Adams, Corporal Kirchner, Don Muraco, Dusty Wolfe, Greg Valentine, Iceman King Parsons, Ivan Koloff, Jimmy Snuka, Joe Cruz, Johnny Ace, Leo Burke, Matt Borne, Nikolai Volkoff, One Star, Rambo, Rick Rude, Ron Starr, The Viking, Tito Santana, Tom Brandi, Tony Atlas

[One Star started up against Agent Storm, with his elimination coming very swiftly and before the thirty second buzzer sounded for entrant number 3.

Elimination #1 - One Star

Chaz Taylor and Chief Jay Strongbow would both enter prior to the next elimination. Canadian Giant would enter the ring and pretty swiftly eliminate Chaz and Strongbow

Elimination #2 & #3 - Chaz Taylor & Chief Jay Strongbow

Giant & Storm would play with Dusty Wolfe and then Tom Brandi, not bothering to eliminate either man. The first real name entered in the name of Don Muraco, who went straight after Storm. Rambo would soon follow, helping Wolfe and Brandi to work over the Canadian Giant. The Giant though would manage to eliminate Wolfe and Brandi as soon as Rambo moved to Storm.

Elimination #4 & #5 - Dusty Wolfe & Tom Brandi

Canadian Giant would go after Rambo, with Storm making the mistake of muscle posing as Don Muraco got back to his feet and threw Storm out.

Elimination #6 - Agent Storm

The Viking had entered by the point and would straight after Rambo, both men wailing on each other until both were on their knees. Rambo would mock Viking by gesturing about having the belt, Viking took his head off with a kneeling clothesline. This saw Blair come in and he would help Muraco against Canadian Giant. This worked until Muraco heard Valentine's music and slid out to cut him off. This allowed Canadian Giant to send Blair out.

Elimination #7 - B. Brian Blair

Canadian Giant and Viking would now work over Rambo, until Tito Santana entered and took Canadian Giant to one knee with a knee block. Viking and Rambo would continue fighting on as Santana worked on Canadian Giant. Billy Robinson would enter and work on Giant with Santana, followed by Johnny Ace thirty seconds later. Giant would get to both feet again, but was knocked back down. Matt Borne would enter, immediately going after Johnny Ace and those two men would try to eliminate each other in the far corner. Muraco came back in the ring and assisted Santana and Robinson to lift up Canadian Giant, they would all manage to get the big man out.

Elimination #8 - Canadian Giant

Turning round, Robinson and Ace were both eliminated by Borne with a double clothesline.

Elimination #9 & #10 - Billy Robinson & Johnny Ace

Muraco would attempt to eliminate Borne, but Valentine would jump up on the ring apron and force him away before getting back in. Viking and Rambo were still going at it here, just an old style European brawl, and were joined by Chris Adams and then Corporal Kirchner. There wasn't much wrestling going on now, with each new joinee just joining one of the groups This saw Muraco, Borne, Santana and Valentine joined by Nikolai Volkoff and Adams, Kirchner, Viking and Rambo joined by Leo Burke. Burke and Kichner would soon battle each other, they would tumble over the top rope and wrestle in to the crowd who scattered at ringside as chairs flew threw the air.

Elimination #11 & #12 - Leo Burke & Corporal Kirchner

Jimmy Snuka's music would play, but he would make straight for the Kirchner and Burke battle to get a few licks back on Kirchner. Rambo and Adams appeared to be getting the better of Viking until Al Perez's music hit, this distraction allowed Viking to eliminate Rambo and knock Adams to the canvas.

Elimination #13 - Rambo

Valentine etc were still in a big group, by this point attempting to eliminate Santana with Muraco stopping them alone until Buddy Landel entered and joined in. Perez was now laying the boots to Adams, stopping to stick his head out the ropes and abuse Kevin Von Erich before returning to Adams. He would get Viking to lift Adams up, still laying punches and kicks in before ordering Viking to just throw him out.

Elimination #14 - Chris Adams

Koloff and Starr would be next in, followed by Atlas and then Parsons. The ring was filling up, Koloff and Volkoff would cut off Parsons and Atlas though that didn't last long and Koloff was eliminated along with Volkoff.

Elimination #15 & #16 - Nikolai Volkoff & Ivan Koloff

Rick Rude would enter and eliminate Ron Starr.

Elimination #17 - Ron Starr

Rude would then turn his attentions to a battered Jimmy Snuka, who had been rolled back in by Kirchner and was tiredly fighting The Viking. Perez was also in another corner being lifted up by Parsons and Atlas, around this time Landel noticed Sid at ringside and was eliminated by Borne as he looked down.

Elimination #18 - Buddy Landel

Borne was eliminated straight after by Muraco and Santana, almost wiping out Joe Cruz as he entered the ring.

Elimination #19 - Matt Borne

Bob Orton Jr would be the final entrant, going after Cruz and kicking him in to a corner and shouting at him to "get up you son of a bitch". A hooded figure would apppear and pull Al Perez out, before racing off leaping and raising his arms as he did.

Elimination #20 - Al Perez

At the same time, Rude & The Viking would eliminate Jimmy Snuka.

Elimination #21 - Jimmy Snuka

Rude would sit on the middle rope, pulling down the top rope and invite Jimmy to "come on, come back in for more." At this point Cruz would push Orton backwards, with Santana whipping him towards the rope and out.

Elimination #22 - Bob Orton Jr

Rude stood away from the ropes as Orton went over, giving Cruz the perfect opportunity. One dropkick and Rude was over and out, but was he as he looked down then slid back in under the bottom rope. With Cruz celebrating, Rude would grip his tights and launch him out of the ring.

Elimination #23 - Joe Cruz

The Viking would then race at Atlas & Parsons, knocking both out as they watched Perez chasing the hooded man.

Elimination #24 & #25 - Tony Atlas & Iceman King Parsons

Greg Valentine was still battling Don Muraco and Tito Santana. Rude would take a rest as he pointed for The Viking to go after Tito Santana. The four would battle on until it broke in to two groups, Rude would take the chance to eliminate Muraco and Valentine.

Elimination #26 & #27 - Don Muraco & Greg Valentine

Rude backed off again, watching The Viking and Santana wrestle for control in the corner. A few times Rude would inch forward, but back off, until eventually The Viking had Santana's back on the middle of the ropes. Rude would swoop in and take a leg, but instead of taking out Santana the leverage would be enough for Santana's left leg to flip a weakened Viking over and out on to the ring apron. Santana would flail an elbow back and knock The Viking off.

Elimination #28 - The Viking

Santana would manage to hammer blow Rude off of his leg, then ran to the ropes and came back with a flying elbow that sent Rude out of the ring. "Not for the first time tonight" as noted by Craig DeGeorge. Santana waited as Rude circled the ring, waiting to get back in. Andre the Giant would suddenly appear and engage in a war of words with Rick Rude as Tito sat and held the ropes open. Rude would get back in and Tito hit a pair of dropkicks before signalling for a figure four. Andre would be hammering on the apron and shouting "no, no". He'd grab the top rope as if to guide Tito, but Rude would kick Santana's backside to get out of the figure four and Tito would go out over the top rope.

Elimination #29 - Tito Santana

Winner: Rick Rude] (C-)
Overall: C-
Rating: 0.01

Atlantic Coast Wrestling - Week 4 May 1991

Adrian Street defeats Ron Starr (C-)
Riki Ataki and Les Thornton get in to a confrontation (E-)
Les Thornton defeats Riki Ataki (D-)
The Cuban Commandos tell the world just how bad they are (E)
Ligon & Isley defeated The Cuban Commandos (D)
Volkoff and Adams get in to a brawl backstage (C-)
Nikolai Volkoff defeats Chris Adams (C-)

Overall: D
Rating: 0.01
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Rude was definitely the best option, but Chico wouldn't have been a bad winner either. Those two along with Snuka I would imagine are your biggest actively wrestling stars right now, along with Andre.
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Just a note to say this isn't dead, I'm working on the 1980 Mod for The Mod Squad.
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UWF June 1991

UWF Fury Hour - Week 1 June 1991

{An advert plays for Beach Brawl.}

"Beach Brawl, the UWFs first American Pay Per View. See all the UWF stars, watch the ultimate in sports entertainment!" (C-)

{The show begins with a cut to the announce team.}

Craig: "Well, the time has come Bruno, Beach Brawl is just around the corner."

Bruno: "Yes Craig err the time has come and it's exciting times around the corner. Beach Brawl, the first Pay Per View for the UWF held in America. You know, it's an amazing thing just amazing. It's a long long time since I've been this excited."

Craig: "Okay, well our first match sees Tito..."

Ed: "A man who must be utterly frustrated, as he surely won the Rumble last Friday."

Craig: "Rick Rude's feet didn't touch the ground Ed."

Ed: "Well, woweee, you know. He went over the top rope, he landed on his feet."

Bruno: "Yes Ed, but the rules stated his feet had to touch the ground."

Ed: "I'm aware of that, maybe I'll get his views later."

Craig: "What? No, erm..." (D)

Match #1
Tito Santana & Chaz Taylor defeated Billy Black & Agent Storm (C-)

{Ed Whalen appears at ringside, then gets in to the ring.}

Craig: "Oh no, what is he doing?"

Ed: "Tito, if I can just get a moment of your time. A fine win there, but you can't be happy with the injustice of last Friday night!"

Tito: "Well, Ed, I've not had a ch..."

{Ed's microphone appears to have gone dead. Ed looks over towards Craig and Bruno.}

Craig: "I think we all know what's about to happen now folks!"

{Herb Abrams makes his way down to the ring, he gets in and takes the microphone from Ed then taps his ear.}

Herb: "WHAT are you doing? I heard about your antics in Stampede, WE DON'T NEED you in MY RING! Stirring things up, getting the wrestlers thinking, I've got enough going on BACK THERE! Get out, indeed, go and get packed for the Atlantic Coast!"

{Ed Whalen gets out the ring.}

Herb: "Now, Tito, I know you have some concerns about last Friday. I mean, I'VE GOT PLENTY. Look at me, just LOOK AT ME! I've hardly slept, I'm making bad choices, I'm NOT in a great mind set right now. But, HA, you can relax...I'VE WORKED IT OUT. I'm going to bring out the guy you should really have a problem with."

Craig: "Well, this should be good to see what Ri...Andre?"

{Andre the Giant starts to make his way down to the ring.}

Herb: "Come on, COME ON, you've hogged enough time in the UWF already! Sorry about this Tito, he won't be long!"

{Tito just looks absolutely confused, he taps Herb on the shoulder and Herb doesn't respond.}

Herb: "Right, glad you could join us ANDRE! I think it's time you apologise to Tito, don't you."

Andre: "Tito, my friend, I am very very sorry. I was trying to get you to win the match, I was..."

Herb: "You were doing what you always do Andre, you were making things ABOUT YOU! You've been here since JANUARY and you haven't thrown one pu..."

{Andre knocks Herb on his backside, turns and gets out of the ring.} (D+)

{A UWF Powerline advert plays.}

"If you haven't managed to dial-in yet, do so NOW. Don't trust the magazines, don't believe the hype elsewhere. Get the real news direct from the UWF!!!"

"News so ravishing, you just must have it!"

"What's Cactus doing next? Dial and find out, bang, bang!!" (C)

{Back at the announce area.}

Craig: "Well, it's just Bruno and myself again. Where do we start about the last few minutes in the ring?"

Bruno: "I don't know Craig, it was err unusual to say the least. But, you know, the UWF can be unusual and that's what makes it great. Maybe Herb will see the funny side when he wakes up."

Craig: "Perhaps Bruno, but I doubt it. Although, he may at least have someone to talk to next to him as One Star is up next versus Sid." (D)

Match #2
Sid Vicious defeats One Star (D)

{Post-match, Sid tosses One Star to the outside then proceeds to throw him in to the ring steps a few times. Sid turns to camera.}

"Buddy! How are you going to become a champion after I snap your spine?" (D+)

{An advert plays for Beach Brawl, which includes some wrestler interaction.}

{Bam Bam Bigelow just stares straight in to the camera.}

Orton: "The Television title belt is going round this waist."

Snuka: "Brother, it's time for the Supefly to wear some gold in the UWF." (C+)

Captain Lou's Corner:

Lou: "Hello again everyone, Captain Lou with a pre-Beach Brawl Corner. You'll all recognise Steve Williams to my left. Hello Steve!"

{They shake hands, but Steve doesn't reply.}

Lou: "Okay, well you're obviously remaining focused on that belt and the pay per view. We don't know your opponent, have you been told who? Erm, hmmmm, no I don't suppose you have. You know Steve, it's going to be a really boring corner if you don't..."

Familiar Voice: "I can change all that for you stupid Americans."

{Ivan Koloff steps in to shot.}

Ivan: "I am the UWF Asian Champion, a Soviet ruling over Asia just as it should be! YET, I do not have a match at the upcoming Beach Brawl. If the great minds of the UWF can't make a match for me, then I will just have to put out my own challenge."

{Ivan goes to punch Steve, but Steve bats Ivan's arm away and walks off. Lou starts laughing.}

Ivan: "You laugh, you stupid American. But, I know something you don't know!"

Lou: "Hey, don't just...Ivan...

{Lou walks off shot.}

Lou: "...IVAN..what do you know?" (C)

Match #3
Al Perez defeats Owen Hart (C-)

{Post-match, Al Perez goes to the hooded figure who has been sitting at ringside. He places a contract on his lap and a pen in his hand.}

"SIGN IT! Si...oh, you already have! Did you see how keen he was there Kevin? Huh? I know you're not here, I know none of your friends are here. Indeed, I know that none of you will be around before our match at Beach Brawl. Hahahahahahaha!!! See you there!"

{Al throws the hooded figure over his shoulder and carries him off.} (C)

{We go to an UWF wrap up segment, with Craig DeGeorge.}

"Yes folks, it's Beach Brawl coming up soon and there's a lot going on. Indeed, I've no doubt you've seen a lot of action already tonight. The card is coming together and we can show you that, as we have it, right now."

{A graphic shows the follwing matches:

NWA World Heavyweight Title
Steve Keirn (c) vs Rick Rude

NWA World Tag Team Title
Doug Furnas & Dan Kroffat vs Masked Confusion

Lumberjack Match
Iceman Parsons vs Colonel DeBeers

Sid Vicious vs Buddy Landell}

"We also know that Steve Williams will defend his NWA National Heavyweight, Al Perez will face whomever the hooded figure is and the UWF SportsChannel Television Champion will finally be crowned. Let's go to some thoughts from the UWF roster."

{Colonel DeBeers is ranting to the camera, eventually the sound comes on.}

"...that's right, you aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall want to hear this. Parsons, Beach Brawl is going to see Colonel DeBeers put an end to you and get exactly what he wants! All your friends, all the ******s in professional wrestling will be..."

{The sound cuts again and DeBeers finishes by tearing up a picture of Iceman Parsons.}

{Rick Rude is looking straight in to the camera.}

"Herb, if anything out of the ordinary happens at Beach Brawl I will single handedly bring down the UWF! All I want is a fair match with Steve Keirn and then, after my victory, we will embark upon the Ravishing world tour."

{The picture briefly returns to Craig.}

"A clear statement there by Rick Rude and we at the UWF can only apologise for the words used by Colonel DeBeers. Let's get back to the ring and I'll see you all at Beach Brawl!" (D+)

Match #4
Rick Rude, Doug Furnas & Dan Kroffat defeated B. Brian Blair, Iceman Parsons & David Sammartino (C+)

Overall: C
TV Rating: 0.05

Atlantic Coast Wrestling - Week 1 June 1991

Adrian Street defeats Joe Cruz (C-)
Joe Cruz and Nikolai Volkoff get in to a heated exchange over Cruz coming from the "big league" (D-)
Rambo gives a promo to a very indifferent crowd (E+)
Nelson Royal defeats Rambo (D)
It's breaking down backstage as Nikolai Volkoff and Chris Adams clash in the corridor, each agreeing to bring a partner to the ring. (D)
Chris Adams & Bobby Blaze defeated Nikolai Volkoff & Rob Storm (D+)

Overall: D
TV Rating: 0.01
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UWF Beach Brawl Pay Per View - Week 1 June 1991

{We start the night off with Herb Abrams at ringside.}

"Hello everyone and WELCOME TO BEACH BRAWL. As the ULTIMATE in sports entertainment brings you all a TIDAL WAVE of wrestling action. I, of course, feel like I've survived a TSUNAMI in recent weeks and here's hoping that...WAIT FOR IT...this pay per view isn't BUILT ON SAND. Enough beach related references? Okay, let's get to the action. Tonight, we'll see Rick Rude, SID VICIOUS and the likes of Tito Santana, Bob Orton Junior and Jimmy Snuka. First up though, Madusa Micelli will defend her NWA Women's Championship against THE LUNATIC Luna Vachon. ENJOY THE ACTION!" (C-)

NWA World Women's Championship
Madusa Micelli vs Luna Vachon
[This was possibly the best women's match seen in the UWF to date. Madusa and Luna went toe to toe both in and out of the ring. Luna would take the upper hand on the outside and a drained Madusa would eventually get back in to the ring. Thinking the cover was easy, Luna would lazily reachy down only to be captured in a headscissors submission. Maudas would turn this in to a pin as Luna flicked a leg back and would take the win.]

Winner: Madusa Micelli
Rating: D+
{An advert plays for Lou's Celebrity Hotline.}

"Wooh, they're all calling the wrestling celebrity hotline baby! You'd be crazy to miss it." (C-)

{We return to the ring, Al Perez has already made his way down and the hooded figure is stood beside him.}

Al: "So, it's time, time for you all to find out who I have under here."

{The PPV feed goes to the locker room, Baby Doll is sat with Kevin Von Erich.}

Kevin: "You know, he's bluffing. There's no way there's anyone who matters under that hood Baby Doll. There's just now way!"

{We return back to the ring.}

Al: "Are you all ready? Kevin, I hope you're watching in the back or wherever you are."

{Al rips the hood off the head of the hooded figure.}

Craig: "Bruno, that's Chris Von Erich!!!"

Bruno: "It is Craig, Al has really outdone himself this time."

Al: "I'll just give it a min...oh, wait, here he comes."

{Kevin has by now raced down to ringside.}

Kevin: "Chris, CHRIS, get out the ring! Al, Al, you don't need to..."

Chris: "It's okay Kevin, I got it!"

{Al laughs, Chris slaps him and the Referee rings the bell.} (D+)

Match #2
Al Perez vs Chris Von Erich
[Al recovered as Chris goes for another slap, but strikes him square on the jaw and spins Chris round. Al hits a perfect German suplex on Chris and there's a sickening crack as Chris lands. Kevin races in to the ring as the Referee backs off Al and gives a stoppage decision in Al's favour.]

Winner: Al Perez
Rating: D+
{There's chaos at ringside as Kevin is calling for paramedics. Herb appears at ringside, then gets in the ring and man handles Al Perez.}

Herb: "GET OUT, JESUS...what have you done? OUT!!!" (D)

{The PPV feed goes to a package on Rick Rude, then returns to him being interviewed backstage.}

Rude: "Steve Keirn, the UWF has come to your backyard. It's time for you to give back what is rightfully mine and for everyone in the Knight Center to watch the NWA World Heavyweight title to...go...b...hang on..."

{Rick looks past the camera and down what must be a corridor.}

"...that was..."

{We return to the announce team.}

Craig: "We're just as confused as you folks. Rick Rude's attention and focus interrupted during an interview Bruno."

Bruno: "Rare Craig, makes the main event that bit more interesting." (B-)

Match #3
The Malenkos & Dave Finlay vs 2 Cold Scorpio, Owen Hart & Johnny Saint

[The early phase of this match was a tag team and mat clinic, with only Scorpio not getting in early. When Scorpio did eventually get in he would fall foul of some very stiff work from Dave Finlay. Finlay and Saint would eventually find themselves on the outside, Saint refusing to back down and giving as good as he got. Back in the ring, the Malenkos would corner Scorpio and make quick fire tags whilst keeping him cornered. Owen would lose his patience and the Referee would force him back out. Refusing, Owen would instead hit a plancha on Finlay and pulled Joe from the ring apron. Joe Malenko was grabbed by Johnny Saint, as Dean Maleno looked out to remonstrate. Owen took the chance to drag Scorpio across and tag him, with the Ref only seeing the tag. Dean hadn't seen the tag and grabbed Scorpio only for Owen to move in and execute a drop kick to the back of Dean's head before making the cover.]

Winners: 2 Cold Scorpio, Owen Hart & Johnny Saint
Rating: D+
{We go to the announce team, Herb is with them.}

Craig: "Ladies and gentlemen, we have an update on Chris Von Erich and it''s not good."

Bruno: "No Craig, it's not. For a family who have been through so much, this is yet another huge blow."

Herb: "We all wish Chris a speedy recovery. Of course, we'll have an update for you all on the next FURY HOUR! Next up though, ICEMAN PARSONS gets his hands on that RACIST LOW LIFE SACK OF...actually, I'm not saying his name!" (D)

{The lumberjacks are around the ring and Colonel DeBeers has the microphone.}

DeBeers: "What we have here, Iceman Parsons, is a show of respect. You think they're all here for you, but most of them are white so how can they b..."

Parsons: "Shut your damned mouth. I know I'm alone in here, but I can also smell fear. Fear of a man who is a disgrace, fear of a man who I've just punched in the..."

{Parsons smacks DeBeers square on the jaw.} (D)

Match #4
Colonel DeBeers vs Iceman Parsons - Lumberjack match

[DeBeers immediately slid out the ring and used his stick to keep a few lumberjacks at bay. One Star though didn't seem to realise what was going on and ended up feeling the wrath of a stick shot. DeBeers would slide back in and be clotheslined out again, landing on One Star as he tried to get back to his feet. DeBeers would wipe his feet on One Star and get back in the ring. The next five minutes or so would see both men working the corners and hanging each other out as if trying to launch out to the waiting lumberjacks. At one point Butch Miller would reach up and bite Parsons on the forehead, before spitting the taste out and getting his cousin Luke to check his tongue. Ataki wouldn't find this funny and the battling at the outside began. Shortly after, DeBeers would be tossed out and the lumberjacks were still battling so DeBeers stayed outside. Parsons would slide out and get S.D. Jones' attention, which then saw DeBeers knock Jones out and Parsons would go after him.

With both men battling at ringside, it was Bobby Blaze who noticed nobody was in the ring and tried getting the lumberjacks back in the game. This saw a very random amount of battling at ringside as we had USA vs Canada, UWF vs ACW and of course the a few lumberjacks battling with the two people actually in the match. The Referee even came out to try and calm things down, with there being very little going on other than utter chaos. It was tought to keep track, but somehow DeBeers found himself in the ring and even more worryingly he found himself in there and holding a steel chair. A group of wrestlers, thinking they were helping, rolled Parsons back in only for him to stand up and walk straight in to a chair shot from DeBeers. DeBeers made an immediate cover to take the win.]

Winner: Colonel DeBeers
Rating: D
{An advert plays for Fury Hour.}

"The ULTIMATE in sports entertainment ON the FURY HOUR!!!" (E-)

UWF SportsChannel Television Title - Battle Royal
Jimmy Snuka, Tito Santana, Bam Bam Bigelow, Bob Orton Jnr, Don Muraco (w/Lou Albano), Greg Valentine, Ken Patera, Ron Starr, The Viking and Joel Deaton

[The first elimination of the match was a bit of a surprise with The Viking being launched out of the ring by Bam Bam Bigelow. Orton Jnr would see this and immediately respond by elimiating Ron Starr. From here, all eight remaining men would break in to two gangs of four. Patera would be elimnated after getting in Albano's face, Santana taking the chance to dump him over. Over the other side of the ring, Joel Deaton would be clotheslined over the top rope by Bam Bam Bigelow.

With the six remaining men in the ring, The Viking would make his way back down and pull Snuka out and over. As The Viking launched Snuka in to the ring barriers, Santana would swipe at clean air to miss him then turn in to a Greg Valentine clothesline. Four remained and the crowd rose to their feet as Bigelow pointed at Orton and Albano encouraged Muraco to go after Valentine. All four men battled away, perhaps giving the fans a glimpse of what lies ahead down the road. Bigelow overpowered Orton and had him down on the mat. Going up top, Bigelow wasn't to know what would happen next as Valentine threw Muraco to the ropes and Bigelow would lose his balance. Valentine stood holding his head in his hands, Bigelow would slide back in and go after Valentine.

Muraco looked down and saw Orton stirring, so he waited...waited...and grabbed a groggy Orton before throwing him over the ropes. Bigelow had Valentine in the corner and would hit a splash before leaving the ring, allowing Muraco to press slam Valentine out of the ring for the win.]

Winner: Don Muraco
Rating: C
{The celebrations commence...}

Bruno: "He's done it Craig, Lou Albano has himself another Champion. What a manager, one of the all time greats!"

Lou: "Don,'ve done it. See Herb, you see, Andre's advice worked."

Don: "YES, thank you Lou and thank you Andre. I knew I could do it, I just needed that push and a great manager beside me!"

{A loud cough rings out around the building, then again. The camera pans to show Paul Ellering.}

Paul: "Just let me clear my throat here once more...DID I hear Don Muraco call you a great manager? The only thing you've ever done Lou was to get on the right plane and sit next to the right person in 1984! But, that's the past and it's behind you...just like Don Muraco should be in the past. But Lou, Don's's what's behind him."

{Matt Borne races in to the ring and attacks Don Muraco. The ring bell sounds and a confused Referee enters the ring as Lou Albano exits to go after Ellering.} (C-)

UWF SportsChannel Television Title
Don Muraco vs Matt Borne

[To the surprise of nobody, this match didn't last very long. Muraco was taken totally by surprise and Borne's initial attack took anything Muraco had left out of him. A brief comeback from Muraco was cut short and Borne would take the win after a belly to belly suplex.]

Winner: Matt Borne
Rating: D+
{The drama continues over at the announce area, where Lou Albano and Paul Ellering are with Herb Abrams.}

Paul: "Your winner...and neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew..."

Herb: "SHUT UP Paul!'"

Lou: "HOW is that allowed Herb? You're lucky Andre isn't here Paul, so..."

Paul: "Am I? Maybe Andre is lucky he's not here!"

Herb: "PAUL! I told you to be quiet, now I'll ask you to be quiet. Lou, I have three men in my ear telling me that it's all fine. There's some sort of clause..."

Paul: "HA, that's right...there's a clause and we've done nothing wrong!"

Matt: "YEAH BABY, Champion. Come on Paul let's get out of here!"

Paul: "Champion Lou...CHAMPION. See ya!"

Herb: "I'm, I've...I need to go to the back and sort this out..."

{Herb leaves, Lou following him and chirping away in his ear.} (C-)

NWA World Tag Team Championship
Dan Kroffat & Doug Furnas vs Masked Confusion

[This match was looking like a cracker for UWF fans, with all four men combining to give the fans some great action. Sadly, The Sheerherders took the opportunity to attack Masked Confusion when they were outside the ring and that attack led to a battle all the way out of the arena. The only thing the Referee could do was to give Kroffat and Furnas the victory via count out.]

Winners: Dan Kroffat & Doug Furnas by count out
Rating: C+
{We return to the announce team.}

Craig: "Well Bruno, we're getting closer to the main event and still there's more action to come."

Bruno: "Yes, plenty more action to come. You know, I'm really looking forward to watching Steve Williams. He is an amazing athlete who just gets in the ring and goes about his business. You have to respect that Craig."

Craig: "One match that we haven't mentioned tonight is our next match."

Bruno: "Of course Craig, we've forgotten about Sid versus Buddy Landel. I'll tell you, I bet Buddy wishes he could forget about it as he waits backstage."

Craig: "Well, let's go backstage right now as Paul Ondorff gives Buddy Landel a few final words of encouragement."

{We go backstage.}

Paul: "Look at it this way, I'm out for another month and this could see you propel yourself up the rankings. I'd love to be out there, LOVE TO, but it just wasn't to be. It's your chance, Buddy, go out and take it."

Buddy: "You're right, it's pay per view and the people want to see Buddy Landel. They want to see me go out there and defeat Sid. It's time for the Nature Boy to prove himself around here."

{Buddy gets up and walks out of the locker room.} (D+)

Match #8
Sid Vicious vs Buddy Landel

[Buddy Landel had a surprising amount of the early pressure, as he made Sid look a bit of a fool with some chain wrestling and even a drop toe hold and chin lock. The look on Buddy's face was priceless as Sid piggy backed him up and out of a chin lock before reversing in to the corner. From there it just wasn't to be Buddy's night as Sid dropped him face first on each top turnbuckle then hit the first powerbomb of the night. That was followed by a second, with the third only being held off whilst Sid ripped up a few fan signs on the outside. Back in the ring, Sid would hit the third powerbomb and make the cover.)

Winner: Sid Vicious
Rating: C-
{Ivan Koloff walks down to the ring, passing the stretcher wheeling Landel away as he does.}

Ivan: "See folks, another foolish and stupid American paying the price for their own...well, their own stupidity."

{Steve Williams walks down to the ring and gets in, standing toe to toe with Ivan.}

Ivan: "Ha ha ha...another! But wait, big man, before you react I have an offer for you. Now, just step back, okay. Both titles up for grabs tonight, yours and mine."

{Williams just smiles and gives a thumbs up.}

Ivan: "HAHAHA you American fool! NOW!"

{Ivan looks up towards the entrance, Steve turns to see what the fuss is about and smiles again as...Andre the Giant comes out and just shakes his finger at Ivan.} (B-)

NWA National Heavyweight Championship and UWF Asian Championship
Steve Williams vs Ivan Koloff

[Ivan gave a quick flurry of offence, but Steve barely registered any of it and Koloff turned tail and ran. The running in to the crowd didn't last long as Johnny Ace and Cactus Jack were sitting in the crowd and caught Koloff's attention. This was enough to let Williams catch up and drag Koloff back to the ring, via a few throws to the floor. Once back in the ring, Koloff did connect with a low blow and would take Williams down briefly. Koloff would even manage to connect with a few elbow drops, before Williams rolled out the way and out to the outside. Frustration would kick in briefly as Koloff would kick the ropes each time Williams tried to get back in, with Williams grabbing a chair.

Koloff made the mistake of taunting Williams, with the Referee taking offence and allowing Williams in the ring with the chair. Furious, Koloff demanded his own chair and one was passed on to him. This saw a brief session of duelling chairs as both men jousted a bit then connected chair to chair. Williams dropped his chair, then swatted the chair out of Koloffs hands before clotheslining him out of his boots...literally as one boot did fly off. The remainder of the match saw Koloff thrown from corner to corner and rag dolled like a day one trainee. The finish came when Koloff was pressed as Williams walked round the ring, before being driven to the mat.]

Winner: Steve Williams
Rating: C
{We return to the announcers for the final time of the evening.}

Craig: "Main event time Bruno, it must still get you pumped."

Bruno: "It does Craig, it still gets me err pumped. You know, commentating on these matches is one of the highlights of my career. Seriously, I really mean it Craig. The action we've had tonight, the variety, it's really outstanding."

Craig: "You heard it folks, Bruno says it's outstanding. Of course, I can't do Herb's voice, you'll see more on the Fury Hour!"

Bruno: "Ha ha, yes. The Fury, I can't do the voice either."

Craig: "It's been a pleasure to bring you Beach Brawl, let's get to the main event." (D+)

NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Steve Keirn vs Rick Rude

[Another great match here, although the circumstances around Rude's title loss perhaps hurt the initial exchanges. Both men were on their game though as they worked a very classic match for the fans in attendance. Keirn had a brief spell of overall control around the twelve minute mark and almost managed to connect with a swinging neckbreaker. This saw Rude step things up a notch, with a couple of vicious clotheslines and a bear hug taking most of the life out of Keirn. Rude wouldn't follow up immediately though, indeed he stopped to scan the audience and held the ropes open as a sign to somebody.

Back on things, Rude would step in to a brief flurry of Keirn offence. This flurry ended with Rude avoiding a drop kick and connecting with a double chop to to the chest. This was very quickly followed up with a Rude Awakening and the cover.]

Winner: Rick Rude
Rating: B
{Rick Rude waits as the Referee places the title around his waist, then takes the microphone.}

Rick: "Normally, I would tell each and every one of you exactly what I think of you. But, tonight, I only have a message for one know who you are! Show your face now, we've got time, or I will come and find you!

{Rick looks up to the entrance, the crowd look to the entrance and it's evident the announcers are looking to the entrance as the camera pans and we hear...}


Overall: B-
PPV Buy Rate: 0.01

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