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Unread 01-06-2018, 07:55 PM
mrwright86 mrwright86 is offline
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Total Nonstop Action Wrestling Presents

Soundstage 21, Universal Studios - Orlando, Florida: 1,400
Show Rating: C+

The three members of the 3 Live Kru came out to hype up an already overexcited crowd with BG James, Konnan and Ron "The Truth" Killings aiming some words at their three opponents tonight as well as at Scott Hall and Kevin Nash before wishing Roddy Piper the best of luck and promising that they will watch his back C+

3 Live Kru defeated Chris Candido, Kazarian and Michael Shane (9:19) via pinfall when BG James pinned Michael Shane after a pumphandle drop following miscommunication between Shane and Traci Brooks C-

Michael Shane was not happy about losing again and began verbally berating Traci, but then Traci fired back with some harsh words of her own! Kazarian stepped in to try and calm to the "issues" between the two, only for them both to turn their words on him as well! Chris Candido then attempted to play peace-maker but this just pissed all three off as they Shane and Kazarian dropped Candido with a double-superkick before added a bit of gloss with a diving splash. The three seemed to have patched up their issues (at least temporarily) and all left together D-

Dustin Rhodes defeated Kid Kash (9:40) via pinfall after a running bulldog C-

Suddenly out of nowhere came the returning Dallas who viciously attacked Dustin Rhodes and drilled him with a huge chokeslam. Dallas (who had the name "Hoyt" on his tights referring to his real name Lance Hoyt) then picked up his former buddy Kid Kash and helped him to the back C-

Elix Skipper came to the ring and wondered out loud where his opponent was. He claimed that all of his calls to Dusty Rhodes were being ignored and that wasn't acceptable, "reminding" everyone about how he "put TNA on the map" at Turning Point. The Director of Authority himself walked out and told Skipper that he wasn't ignoring his calls, he's been pretty busy these last few days and one of his jobs was to find Skipper a suitable calibre of opponent, someone who would know exactly how Skipper felt that night at the top of the cage and thus introduced "The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy to a huge ovation! [b]C-[B/]

Jeff Hardy defeated Elix Skipper (12:53) via pinfall after a Swanton Bomb C-

After a fantastic match, Jeff Hardy waited for Elix Skipper to get to his feet and offered him his hand in a sign of respect and could be heard to praise him for the risk he took. Skipper considered for a moment before accepting Hardy's hand, only to try and pull him in and attack him, but Jeff was obviously half-expecting this as he countered the attack and laid him out with the Twist of Fate. Hardy got in Skipper's face and told him he's still got a long way to go D+

Backstage the Kings of Wrestling were having a meeting of the minds and Jeff Jarrett appeared to be telling both Scott Hall and Kevin Nash to stay in the back during his match because he wanted to win the right way. Nash and Hall both smirked, nodded and winked "understanding" the champion, who got irritated by this, apparently he was being genuine. Jarrett then asked about their match with Roddy Piper and his mystery partner but Hall told Jarrett that it was ok, they've got it all sorted. Jarrett asked if they knew who it was and Nash replied with "well no, but man, what's the worst that can happen?" C

Diamond Dallas Page defeated Erik Watts (6:13) by disqualification when Raven interfered and attacked DDP D+

Raven viciously went after DDP before collapsing down into the corner, giving Erik Watts the opening to do whatever he wanted to do to the prone DDP, his apparent friend. Watts looks concerned by what had happened and instead of further the attack on DDP, he walked away, leaving Raven to call after him and remind him of "what he did to you". Raven turned around and walked right into a Diamond Cutter from DDP, who immediately collapsed to the mat in exhaustion D+

Team Canada defeated America's Most Wanted (18:23) via pinfall when Eric Young pinned James Storm after a wheelbarrow neckbreaker, following interference from Scott D'Amore to retain the NWA World Tag Team championships. D'Amore was his usual irritating self but AMW were able to work in spite of his constant yells and attempts at distraction and came within milliseconds of winning the titles on several occasions D

The big tag team match pitting the Kings of Wrestling, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash against "Rowdy" Roddy Piper and his mystery partner was coming up shortly and the later duo was with Shane Douglas, who was pretty blunt and forthcoming with his opinions about Roddy Piper at the age of 50 stepping in the ring again. Piper told Douglas that he might not be able to wrestle like an AJ Styles or a Jeff Hardy but he "can fight like a Roddy Piper and ain't nobody better at fighting than ol' Hot Rod!", saying this isn't a comeback, this is an ass kicking and when he's beaten both Hall and Nash "up and down and I'm about to pass out due to lack of oxygen", he claimed his mystery partner can pick up the slack. Douglas then looked shocked and the camera panned out to reveal the former New Age Outlaw; Billy Gunn! Now going by "Kip Gunn", it looks as though Piper has found himself a thoroughbred of a partner C

Kevin Nash and Scott Hall defeated Roddy Piper and Kip Gunn (8:50) via pinfall Kevin Nash pinned Roddy Piper after Gunn turned on Piper, blasting him from behind and tossing him to Nash C

The shocking turn of events in the last match didn't conclude at the sound of the bell as Kevin Nash and Scott Hall embraced Kip Gunn before launching a three-on-one attack. Suddenly from the back came Ron Killings, Konnan and BG James who sent Hall, Nash and Gunn running from the ring, but the damage had already been done as Roddy Piper was coughing up blood as BG James stared down at his former World Tag Team champion partner D+

Ultimate X Match: Christopher Daniels defeated AJ Styles and Petey Williams (17:56) via retrieval to become the new TNA X Division champion. Petey Williams took AJ Styles out with the Canadian Destroyer and Christopher Daniels followed up quickly with the Angel's Wings to allow him plenty of time to retrieve the title C+

For the first time in his career, Christopher Daniels became the TNA X Division champion and the joy was clear on his face as he celebrated with the hint of a tear in his eyes. As Daniels was celebrating in the ring, AJ Styles was using the apron to pull himself up to his knees and at this point the two locked eyes. AJ gave a small nod of acknowledgement, signifying that perhaps the three-time champions wants another shot at the title that arguably he brought prominence to D-

There was just a few moments to go before the NWA World Heavyweight championship match and the challenger Monty Brown was with Shane Douglas who asked him about nerves and reminded him about losing to Jeff Jarrett last time they faced. "The Alpha Male" told Douglas that he has never been more ready for anything in his entire career, he is ready face Jeff Jarrett and called the match the biggest of his entire career because even though he lost the last time, this time will be different because this time Jeff Jarrett "will feel the Pounce! Welcome to the Serengeti!" C-

Jeff Jarrett defeated Monty Brown (15:45) via pinfall after a guitar shot following interference from Kip Gunn, Konnan, Ron Killings, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall to retain the NWA World Heavyweight championship. Gunn was the first man out, capitalising on Jarrett pulling the referee in the way of a Pounce, but shortly after Gunn came out, Ron Killings and Konnan ran out to try and neutralize the presence of Gunn. Conspicuous by his absense was BG James, noted by the announcers but very soon things turned sour again as Kevin Nash and Scott Hall came out and delivered a beating to Konnan and Killings, which finally drew out BG James. But in all of the chaos, Jeff Jarrett was able to low blow Monty Brown and blast him with a guitar behind the referee's back to steal the victory C+

Jeff Jarrett made a quick escape with the NWA World Heavyweight title held tightly in his arms, followed closely by both Kevin Nash and Kip James. Unfortunately, Scott Hall somehow found himself left behind in the ring with the 3 Live Kru and Monty Brown and he fell victim to a shake, rattle and roll from BG James followed by the Pounce from Monty Brown, who was clearly absolutely furious about being screwed out of the title yet again D+

Thanks to everyone who posted predictions for this show, I really appreciate it.
This show was written a few weeks ago before I decided to make it into a diary but I'm happy with how it's going at the moment. When I catch up a bit more I might do some type of prize for predictions but for now it's just for fun
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Unread 01-08-2018, 02:34 AM
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Thumbs up

I may not have picked in the first show, but I have just caught up. I must say this is a very well written diary. Keep up the great work!
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Unread 01-08-2018, 09:13 PM
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Nice format and great choice of a timeline. Hopefully you will continue and handle youth with great care
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Unread 01-10-2018, 06:57 PM
mrwright86 mrwright86 is offline
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TNA Impact! - 21/1/2005
Soundstage 21, Universal Studios - Orlando, Florida: 1,400
Show Rating: C+

  • After highlights of Final Resolution concluded, another exciting edition on Impact kicked off with the man who stole the victory in the main event, the NWA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Jarrett making his way to the ring accompanied by Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and their new ally Kip Gunn. Jarrett reminded everyone that he guaranteed victory and said he delivers on his guarantees before handing over to Gunn, who he introduced as the greatest tag team wrestler of all time. Gunn mocked the fans for booing him and said he came to TNA to be a winner and the only way to be a winner is to stand alongside these men, not Roddy Piper, asking what he had accomplished in his career, citing the lack of gold down the years. Gunn said he used Piper to get a contract in TNA and now he's here there is nothing anyone can do about it. This brought out Dusty Rhodes who said Gunn wasn't quite right because now he's under contract with TNA, he can be booked in matches, which is what he's doing now as Gunn will face "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown in the main event! B-

  • Mike Tenay and Don West gave a medical update on Roddy Piper, who had suffered internal injuries at the hands of the Kings of Wrestling and his return date (if he does return) is unknown B-

  • Dustin Rhodes defeated Lance Hoyt (5:05) via disqualification after Abyss attacked Dustin. Kid Kash attempted to distract Dustin during the match but ultimately it was the arrival of Abyss that turned the tide D+

  • The arrival of Abyss came completely out of the blue as he completely ignored the sound of the bell ringing and calls from the referee to stop while he decimated Dustin Rhodes, culminating with a Black Hole Slam in the middle of the six sided ring C+

  • After what amounted to be less than a match at Final Resolution, Diamond Dallas Page was back in the Impact Zone with Jeremy Borash and had some words for Erik Watts and Raven. He called Raven a sadistic, psychotic individual but said everybody knew that so that isn't an issue but he then called Erik Watts a coward. He said Watts is making all of these claims but hasn't had the guts to say anything to DDP himself and so next week he's going to be in the ring, he's going to call Watts out and he wants answers "and I ain't taking no for an answer" D+

  • Christopher Daniels defeated Sonjay Dutt (6:23) via pinfall after Angel's Wings C-

  • The new TNA X Division champion Christopher Daniels had a successful first outing as champion and took the time to hype himself up as being the man of the future "who will take the X Division to new heights". This brought out AJ Styles who commended Daniels on his win but said he helped built the X Division and he wants to get back to the top again. Daniels mocked him, saying he blew his chance at Final Resolution when he got knocked out with the Canadian Destroyer before telling him that he'd have to earn a match because his history means nothing to him. Styles took him up on the challenge and said he's a fighter, he's never been handed anything in his whole career so Daniels told him to beat the former champion Petey Williams next week, a challenge AJ accepted D

  • Traci gave a pep talk to both Michael Shane and Kazarian, telling them they all needed to get on the same page because she wants to make sure whoever she manages is a success and so far they've lost too much. Shane said Final Resolution was a turning point for them though, they had their moment of confusion but now they are all on the same page again. Kazarian wanted to know what "the grand plan was", so Traci waved them in with her finger and whispered something in their ears D

  • Jeff Hardy defeated Mikey Batts (4:33) via pinfall after a Swanton Bomb C

  • America's Most Wanted came to the ring and they were not happy. Chris Harris said they were seconds away from winning the NWA World Tag Team titles at Final Resolution when Scott D'Amore had to stick his nose into the match and screwed them out of the titles. James Storm said they've got a couple of things they want to say and called out Team Canada, only for Kid Kash and Lance Hoyt to walk out instead with Kash telling AMW to step aside, saying they are the top tag team in TNA and they are back now to reclaim their throne. The four bickered for a minute until the anthem of Team Canada played, bringing out the champions and their coach, but this just served as a distraction for AMW who turned to face the ramp, giving Kash and Hoyt an opening to attack them from behind and leave them laying D

  • Monty Brown defeated Kip Gunn (3:27) via disqualification the Kings of Wrestling interfered and attacked Brown C-

  • Chaos broke out as Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Kip Gunn assaulted Monty Brown for a few seconds until the 3 Live Kru ran out to even the odds, continuing the chaos as an eight-man brawl. Eventually the Kings of Wrestling decided to back off and exit the ring, at which point Director of Authority Dusty Rhodes walked out and said that if they wanted to fight so much then they can do it four-on-four, February 13th at the next TNA PPV called Against All Odds! C

Last edited by mrwright86 : 01-12-2018 at 08:32 PM. Reason: Removed the Scott Hall release news and moved to next week
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Unread 01-10-2018, 07:18 PM
James The Animator James The Animator is offline
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Wow, Scott Hall is gone. That is a major loss for you in terms of star power. But thankfully, you can probably use the money he was making to pay about three hungry young talents that can really help legitimize TNA as an alternative to WWE. I'm also looking forward to seeing what you do with the main event.
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Unread 01-11-2018, 04:48 PM
Nobby_McDonald Nobby_McDonald is offline
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Hall is a backstage nightmare. Good to be rid.
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Unread 01-12-2018, 08:33 PM
mrwright86 mrwright86 is offline
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TNA Impact! - 28/1/2005
Soundstage 21, Universal Studios - Orlando, Florida: 1,400
Show Rating: C+

  • 3 Live Kru kicked off Impact and had some words for the Kings of Wrestling, specifically Kip Gunn with BG James talking about his former partner in such a way that made it clear he had no idea Gunn was coming to TNA, let alone planning to ally with Jeff Jarrett, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. James talked about his friendship with Gunn and how they were two nobodies in WWE until they came together and became the best tag team in the world and that made them more than partners, it made them brothers and so he called Gunn out to explain himself. It wasn't Gunn however who answered the call, it was Kevin Nash and Scott Hall and Nash took exception to James calling him and Gunn the best tag team ever, saying the Outsiders were six-time champions while the Outlaws were only five-time champions. Konnan interrupted and told them that they wanted an answer from Gunn, but Nash pointed out that unfortunately Gunn wasn't here tonight, which made Killings reply that if that is the case there ain't anything left to say before dropping the mic and beginning to head up the ramp. Fortunately this brought out Dusty Rhodes who reminded everyone that they would get their hands on one-another at Against All Odds but he didn't want another wild brawl so for next week he made Kevin Nash and Scott Hall vs. 3 Live Kru but for tonight he told Hall that he looked ready to go and made Hall vs. Killings next! C+

  • Scott Hall defeated Ron Killings (4:38) via pinfall after Kip Gunn snuck in through the crowd and attacked Konnan, drawing everyone's attention, allowing Kevin Nash to toss Hall a lead pipe that he used to blast Killings with C

  • Elix Skipper spoke to Shane Douglas about being overlooked yet again with his supposed friend Christopher Daniels overlooking him for an X Division title match, instead offering one up to AJ Styles. Douglas reminded Skipper that he lost to Jeff Jardy at Final Resolution and questioned why he thinks he should get a title opportunity, but Skipper didn't really acknowledge him, saying next week he's facing Amazing Red and will show why he deserves a title opportunity and deserves to be respected E+

  • Chris Sabin defeated Sonny Siaki (4:32) via pinfall after the Cradle Shock D+

  • "As promised, Diamond Dallas Page came to the ring and after talking up his positivity and the fact he still hasn't given up on becoming NWA World Heavyweight champion before he retires, he called out Erik Watts. To his credit, Watts did answer the call and joined his former (?) friend in the ring, where DDP talked about how they go ""way back"", he asked Watts what he had done do deserve his wrath. Watts explained that when DDP rose through the ranks in WCW he left him behind and his career went down the toilet and his life spiralled out of control. Watts said he got himself back on track and came to TNA and then DDP turned up, acted like nothing had happened and tried to be friends again and that pissed him off. Watts said that Raven showed him the way, showed him that all of his problems were caused by DDP and that is why he did what he did. DDP apologised and said he didn't know but told Watts that he can't blame him for everything, he has to own his problems and offered to help him on his way.
    Watts was considering the proposition for a moment when Raven attacked DDP from behind! Page tried to cover up as Raven delivered the Evenflow DDT while Watts just stood by watching. Raven then yelled at Watts that DDP wasn't his friend, reminding him of ""everything he cost him"" before encouraging him to attack with him. Watts just walked away as Raven watched before standing over DDP" C+

  • Abyss defeated Johnny B. Badd (1:04) via pinfall after the Black Hole Slam in a match he completely dominated D

  • Abyss paused as the bell rang, still laying over the prone Johnny B. Badd before the got to his feet, brought Badd with him and set him up for Shock Treatment. However from the back came Dustin Rhodes who definitely saved Badd from devastating manoeuvre and went toe-to-toe with Abyss, having the advantage this time of not being taken from behind, but Abyss was far more powerful and nearly turned Dustin inside out with a running clothesline. Abyss then went under the ring and returned with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, but fortunately Dustin Rhodes was able to roll out the ring and make an hasty escape up the ramp C

  • Monty Brown was not in a good mood when he came to the ring to speak to Mike Tenay. When asked about his thoughts on the Against All Odds main event, Brown was not impressed simply because the NWA World Heavyweight title wasn't on the line. He said he has no issued with any of 3 Live Kru but he has no interest in teaming with them because he wants Jeff Jarrett one-on-one and wants to bring the title back to the Serengeti. Tenay posited that a victory at the pay-per-view might put him in good sted for a future title match, but Brown said he's earned his shot and been screwed twice, he doesn't have to earn it again but make no mistake about it, when he gets in the ring at Against All Odds, the gloves are coming off and he will take Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Kip Gunn down "and Jeff Jarrett, get ready to feel the pounce!" C

  • Kid Kash and Lance Hoyt defeated America's Most Wanted (4:39) via pinfall when Lance Hoyt pinned Chris Harris after a Texas Tower Bomb following interference from Michael Shane and Kazarian, who attacked James Storm and Kid Kash on the outside C-

  • Michael Shane and Kazarian made a quick getaway and met Traci at the top of the ramp before all three disappeared backstage, where Shane Douglas was able to catch up with them and asked what they were playing it! Kazarian said they are the best tag team in TNA, not AMW, not Team Canada and not Hoyt and Kash so they deserve a shot at the NWA World Tag Team titles. Traci asked Douglas to look at her two men and told him to be honest about whether the titles look better on Eric Young and Bobby Roode or on Kazarian and Shane E+

  • AJ Styles defeated Petey Williams (9:56) via pinfall with a roll-up despite Christopher Daniels' attempts to cost AJ the match C+

  • Christopher Daniels hit the ring and laid AJ Styles out with the X Division title. He got in AJ's face and told him that he wasn't getting a title shot against him, no matter who he beats! D+

Scott Hall Released by TNA

In a move that is unlikely to surprise many, Scott Hall was released earlier this week by TNA. It is believed that Hall turned up drunk to this weeks TV tapings and despite assuring management he would "sober up before the show", it was clear during the show that he was in no fit state to work. Hall worked the first show of the tapings but was sent home before the second show (due to air 28th January).

This isn't the first time Hall has turned up drunk, in fact just two weeks before Final Resolution he did the same thing. He was fined at the time and warned about his actions with Hall apparently offering assurances that it wouldn't happen again. Management decided to give Hall a chance as they believed he was trying to turn his life around, not to mention being so close to the first pay-per-view of the year and having no easy replacement for him, they didn't want to ruin the angle they had been building for over a month.

With the main event for the just announced Against All Odds event being revealed as an eight-man tag pitting the Kings of Wrestling (Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash, Kip Gunn and Scott Hall) against Monty Brown and the 3 Live Kru, TNA will have to make a change to the match, either by completely changing the main event or replacing Hall in the main event. Several names were backstage at the taping so it's possible one of them could step in (yes we're keeping this completely spoiler free by pretending we don't know what went down).
Ooopsy, made a boo boo. The Scott Hall release actually came after this show, not the previous weeks one so I've moved the news here just so it fits properly
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