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Unread 06-10-2018, 07:34 AM
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Default Stampede: Hart & Soul - An Over The Edge: Flashpoint Diary

Best There Is.
Best There Was.
Best There Ever Will Be.

These are the words my brother,
Bret Hart used to describe himself back in his glory days.
And while self proclaimed, no one seemed to object it,
this was just another fact about The Hitman.
I never had a problem being the number 2 guy in the family,
I love my brother and I know very well he's the best wrestler
I ever been in the ring with, that's for sure.
He's better than me, I have no problem admiting that.

When he asked me to join the company back in 2010,
there was no hesitation, of course I joined.

Starting out, we were pretty small,
but the name "Hart" always gets a crowd in Calgary,
so we had nice attendance.
We weren't huge,
we barely made any money if at all,
but it was never about the pay.

In the Hart family, Wrestling is sacred.
It's bigger than a passion, or a legacy.


That's why I was so proud when my son, Oje,
started his pro wrestling career.
It was inevitable, yes,
and it wasn't like I never saw him wrestle,
I trained him after all,
but from that to wrestling around the world,
of course,
that's much different.

Then we started to catch some eye-balls,
and Bret was somehow able to persuade
Vince to give us all the clips from the Network,
then he got us ON the Network.

To this day, I have no clue how it happened.
Maybe Bret gave Vince something in return,
maybe Vince believes this is good business.
Or maybe, maybe this is Vince trying to pay back.
Pay back Bret for... THAT NIGHT.

Anyways, I went on enough, let me just end it like this:
We may not be the biggest name in town
We may not have the flashiest roster
We may not have the best wrestlers



I love this mod to bits, and I wanted to do a diary on it since it was announced, so here it is.
a MASSIVE thank you to Fleisch "The Wizard of Modz", this mod is probably the most hyped I've been since Summer of Punk screenshots were shown to me.
I'm playing as the focal point of this mod, Owen Hart, hopefully this will go for quite some time.
I'll have a preview for the first show very soon

p.s. for those wondering, the terrible Logo I'm using was made by yours truly. It's terrible, I know, but if for some reason you like it you're free to use it.

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