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Unread 10-06-2017, 06:51 PM
HRTVAndrew HRTVAndrew is offline
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Originally Posted by merrykieran2 View Post
That's quite disappointing but I knew that I should have waited for a larger budget before going for such an ambitious movie. Luckily my next movie is a smaller cast and it's a bit of a different direction from all of the movies I've made so far, And with that I present my next movie:

› Title: Love is blind
› Genre: Romance/Drama
› Brief Summary Of The Plot: Following a messy break-up with his long-time girlfriend, Lewis Jones is looking to find ‘the one’ for him. However, this is made much more difficult when in an accident at work he is permanently blinded but with the help of newfound friend Emma he will try to come to terms with his new life.
› Rating:15
› Production Cost:
› Marketing Cost:

› Director: Bill Condon, Judd Apatow and Josh Boone
› Lead Role:
Lewis Jones is a hopeless romantic so when he finds himself single following his long-time girlfriend leaving him for another man and then just one week later being blinded in a work accident then he wonders if he’ll ever be able to find love again. We would like to contact Ansel Egort, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and a man that has already excelled at portraying a blind man in Daredevil Charlie Cox
› Major:
Emma Joseph is a nurse who helps Lewis Jones to try and get back to full confidence and learn in his new life. What starts as just a friendship though soon becomes a blossoming love interest. We would like to contact Shailene Woodley, Lily James and Margot Robbie

› Minor Role:
Marilyn Moore is the ex-girlfriend of Lewis Jones who cheated on him for months before eventually leaving him for her co-worker. However, when that doesn’t work out she tries to worm her way back into Jones’ life. We would like to contact Nina Dobrev, Emily VanCamp and Alexandra Daddario
Ed Sheeran as himself-We would also like to include his songs Perfect and Thinking Out Loud
Hoping to have negotiations started for this tonight!
Unread 10-06-2017, 07:09 PM
Rayelek Rayelek is offline
All Star
Join Date: Jan 2009
Location: La Crosse, WI
Posts: 2,201

Drakestooth Studios presents…..Fatekissed!

Directed By: Dan Harmon
Starring: Eddie Redmayne as Raye Ralek (Lead)
Aidan Gillan as Jasper Drake (Major)
Nathan Filliion as Vance Graystone (Major)
Christina Hendricks as Elle (Minor)
Stu Sanders as Hammer (Minor)
Vinnie Jones as Anvil (Minor)
Genre: Fantasy/Comedy
Rating: PG-13
Cast: $7,300,000
Production: $1,700,000
Marketing: $500,000
Total: $9,500,000

The opening scene finds Raye Ralek (Eddie Redmayne), our protagonist, in his favorite bar, The Devil & The Demon (a shout out to an old Dungeons & Dragons campaign of mine). Raye is gambling with a few generic ne'er do wells and seems to be doing well, though the camera is privy to examples of him cheating. In the corner, sits Jasper Drake (Aidan Gillen), who watches the game with a glint in his eye. The shot cuts back to Raye winning a big hand. Back to Jasper who nods at someone off screen. Two large men (Hammer & Anvil (Stu Sanders & Vinnie Jones)) get up from a nearby table and approach Raye, first exposing his cheating, then threatening him. Hammer does all the talking, Anvil stands by looking menacing, nodding, etc. The rest of the tavern soon joins in and Raye is chased out by the mob. Standing on the street, he sighs heavily, then begins to walk down the road. A different tavern catches his eye, and he strides inside. The camera pans up to catch the name, The Lady's Kiss.

Inside the bar, Raye orders an ale from the bartender, but reaches into his pocket and realizes aloud that all of his coin was on the table at The Devil & The Demon, and he rushed out with no money. A smirking, stylish, beautiful woman (Christina Hendricks) offers to cover his drink, and he obliges. She introduces herself as Elle, and the two make small talk while he drinks his drink. During the conversation, it is revealed that she owns the bar. The two flirt and wind up in her office behind the bar where things get steamy. The scene ends with some clarity on what's about to happen, but doesn't go too far.

Raye wakes up in an inn room with little recollection of the night before. It seems his memory cuts out shortly after the scene did, revealed via flashbacks as he visibly tries to remember how he got here. He walks out of the room and down to the front desk where he is informed by the clerk that he's paid in full and there's breakfast waiting for him in the common room. In a haze, Raye wanders over to the common room and finds a table set with his name on it. He sits down, eats a little food, and shrugs at his "fortune."

The shot next picks up with an older man (Vance Graystone (Nathan Fillion)) sitting in a chair, while Raye's voice says, "And then I figured I'd come here and see what you knew." Vance ponders for a moment, and then leads with his first question: "So you're saying you slept with the woman who owns The Lady's Kiss?" Raye answers in the affirmative, and Vance asks if Raye knows who that is, not giving a chance to answer before bursting out that people say she's Lady Luck herself. Raye's face drifts into thought as Vance starts running to shelves and grabbing books and stacking them on the table. He states that he's going to do some research, but Raye needs to find the woman again and make sure that what he recalls happening is what happened because this would be legendary.

Raye leaves Vance's cabin in the middle of the woods, and starts heading down a path, presumably towards town. Along the way he finds a trail of coins, and muses to himself that someone must have a hole in his coin pouch. There are about 10 quick shots of him picking up coins (with the implication that more happen as well) before it cuts to town, where he finds a few more, but the trail is sparser. Still he follows it to an inn, where an angry gentleman is arguing about being able to pay for a room, but his coin purse had a hole and he just needs to get to a friend to get the currency. The innkeeper refuses to hold a room for the gentleman, but Raye offers to pay for it, and the man thanks him and offers to repay him later, which Raye accepts, since he presumably just used the man's own money.

After getting his own room, Raye purchases a meal, and, as he walks into the crowded common room, he finds a man leaving his table just as he passes, giving Raye a perfect opportunity for an open table. His food is brought out, and Raye exclaims that the meal being served everyone is his favorite dish. The barmaid smirks and says, "It must be your lucky day," and a smirk crosses Raye's face.

The scene cuts to Raye entering what appears to be a gambling house. He takes the coins he has left and places them on a roulette board, all on the 00. The gentleman manning the table gives Raye a curious, sideways glance, but the ball lands true and Raye is a winner, his money multiplying. The scene goes to a montage of Raye winning more and more money as he gambles (without cheating), Raye being courted by attractive young women, and Raye enjoying himself with food and drink.

Back at The Devil & The Demon, Jasper Drake sits in his booth in the corner. Hammer & Anvil approach him and Hammer tells Jasper that Raye is back in town and seems to be having himself a good time. Jasper rolls his eyes as if something stupid was said, and tells Hammer to just expose his cheating and chase him out again. Hammer states that they watched, but couldn't find out how he was cheating. Anvil speaks up and says, "He's just getting really, really lucky." Jasper snarls and states that no one gets that lucky around here. He stands from his booth and declares his intention to go see Raye.

Back at the gambling house, Raye is on his way out the door and runs into Vance, who seems to be in a panic. Vance asks Raye what he's doing, and Raye exclaims, "It's my lucky day!" "Day?!" Vance replies, "It's going to be your lucky day every day. They say that Lady Luck's kiss can last for weeks. And you-" "Didn't just kiss her," Raye cuts him off. "So, you're saying I should go back in?" Vance expresses his advice that maybe Raye shouldn't draw too much attention to his newfound fortune.

As if on cue (wordplay intended), Hammer & Anvil approach the pair outside the gambling house. "So, what's your new cheat this time, Raye?" asks Hammer. "No cheat, just my lucky day, boys." Hammer and Anvil continue to menace Raye and Vance, before Raye has a thought and throws a punch at Hammer, who just takes it and chuckles. A fight ensues, but Raye seems to slip, duck and twist in such a way that Hammer and Anvil beat each other up, as Vance stands aside. Occasionally the shot cuts to surprised shots of his face during the fight.

With a glance at Hammer & Anvil on the ground, Raye and Vance dash off into the night. Vance turns to Raye and asks where he learned to fight like that. Raye responds that he didn't, he just lucked into it. In some disbelief, Vance exclaims to Raye, "You could accomplish anything. You have no idea what you've lucked into." Vance starts listing activities that Raye could luck his way through, including politics (running for Mayor), combat (fight anyone), and finally "rule the world." Raye shrugs and offers Vance to share his room at the inn, as it's getting late, which Vance accepts.

Upon entering the inn, Jasper is sitting behind the desk. He tells the pair that he bought the inn and their reservation has been voided. With a smirk, he offers to refund Raye's money, but Raye declines and says he'll take his business elsewhere, shaking a full coin purse to indicate that he can afford it. Jasper laughs and says that he now owns every inn in the city and Raye isn't welcome anywhere. Raye shrugs and says he'll find a place. Infuriated at Raye's nonchalance, Jasper reaches across the front desk of the inn and grabs Raye by the collar. "I don't know what you've done or what has gotten into you but know this. I will find it. I will take it. Everything you have, everything you value, I will have it, and I. Will. Ruin. You." Calmly, Raye brushes Jasper's hands off himself and simply retorts, "Good luck."

Raye awakens in the bed of a cute young woman. Quietly, he ducks out the door and into the street and greets the morning sun. Down the street, he sees a sign for The Lady's Kiss and steps into the building, where he sees Elle cleaning the top of the bar. She smiles and comments, "I wondered when I'd see you again." Raye coyly smiles. She continues, "So, you know who they say I am?” Raye simply nods. She smiles gently. “And what do you think? You’ve met me, we’ve drank, danced…kissed. Do you think I am who they say I am?” Raye smiles. “Well, ever since I woke up, it has been my lucky day. I think that speaks for itself, don’t you?” Elle looks sad as she hears this. “And does that change what we may or may not have had?” Raye shrugs. “I don’t even remember the night past the kiss.”

At this moment, Jasper bursts through the door. “Ah ha! Lady Luck’s kiss?! That’s what you had? And I’ve been following your every move trying to figure it out.” Hammer and Anvil step into the bar through the door that Jasper used. “Boys, I think I could use a little good fortune in my life,” Jasper says, venom in his voice. “Go grab the woman, and let’s make sure I get a nice kiss every morning. And don’t think about trying anything, Ralek,” he snarls, as he gestures to Anvil, who reaches out the door and pulls in a bloody Vance Graystone. “Your friend wouldn’t appreciate it, and I’m sure the beautiful lady’s kiss has worn off by now. Just a day, isn’t that the story, Vance?” Vance sputters out affirmation of the claim, and, after Jasper turns back towards Raye & Elle, winks at Raye.

Raye pauses and turns back toward the bar as he waves his hand, seemingly dejected. Jasper takes this as his victory and moves to grab Elle. Raye’s point of view sees his eyes flash across a deck of cards. In a single motion, he grabs the deck and begins throwing cards, each one flying true. The camera follows the first card curving across Jasper’s cheek, leaving a cut. The second gets the palm of Jasper’s hand, and he cries out in pain. The next two each catch Hammer and Anvil in an eye. Jasper hesitates, then screams for Hammer and Anvil to “Get him!”

The fight scene continues with Raye ducking, diving, dodging with simple instinct and fortune as Hammer and Anvil struggle to get a hand on him. Jasper grabs Elle and attempts to force a kiss on her, but gets a slap instead, and she breaks away and begins to run. He attempts to run after her, but steps in a cleaning bucket, then trips over a tipped-over bar stool, and falls hard. At the door to the office of the bar, Elle smiles and looks back, the camera seeing what she sees, Hammer and Anvil throwing punches that knock each other out as Raye ducks between them.

Raye runs to tend to Vance, who indicates that he’s fine. He asks where Elle went, and Raye turns towards the office door, but she is gone, the door swinging open. Raye runs to the door, but no one is in the office, nor does there seem to be another way out. A piece of paper on the table catches Raye’s eye and he picks it up and skims it over. Vance makes his way to the door. “Where’d she go?” Raye looks over the paper and turns to Vance, who has been scouring the room. “What is it?” Vance asks. Raye simply grins. “This is the deed. It’s got my name on it. I now own the bar.”

Words on the screen indicate that a few weeks have passed as the camera begins with a familiar building, though the sign now says, “The Fox’s Den” rather than “The Lady’s Kiss”. Raye is behind the bar as Vance sits in a corner. The two have clearly been talking for a while. “So, nothing?” asks Vance. “Nothing,” says Raye. “She might as well have never existed.” The two men toast to the story, and the camera fades out.
Unread 10-06-2017, 07:18 PM
jack ryder jack ryder is offline
Join Date: Aug 2016
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I follow the thread regularly, it's just I don't login Everytime and comment as I have said many times previously the forum software gives me headaches. I read all the movies and reviews and comments( I am at the moment in backlog as I have to read movies from "Let's start a riot").
On the progress of my movie " The Journey", I haven't typed a single word nor I have calculated the costs of the stars as things of higher priority we're taking all my time but when I finally got time my PC flatlined and it's nearly 10 days since my PC crashed, got it today but the repair guy overlooked one more error that my harddisk is also blown up and now the PC will go back to repair and I don't know for how much time but the time has helped me in planning my next movies and their sequels(too ambitious of me).
Unread 10-06-2017, 10:38 PM
merrykieran2 merrykieran2 is offline
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I really enjoyed fatekissed. Sounds like a movie I would love to watch and it was well worth the the wait. Well done Rayelek
Unread 10-07-2017, 12:32 PM
Rayelek Rayelek is offline
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Originally Posted by merrykieran2 View Post
I really enjoyed fatekissed. Sounds like a movie I would love to watch and it was well worth the the wait. Well done Rayelek
Thanks. I was honestly really worried that with all the dialogue that snuck in, that it was gonna seem like too short for a feature film.
Unread 10-08-2017, 02:13 AM
HRTVAndrew HRTVAndrew is offline
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OK, negotiation time.

merrykieran2: "Love is Blind"

Director: Bill Condon likes the movie. He asks for $1.75 million. Judd Apatow asks for $5 million. Josh Boone asks for $800k.

Lewis Jones: Ansel Egort asks for $800k. Joseph Gordon-Levitt asks for $5 million. Charlie Cox likes the part and asks for $500k.

Emma Joseph: Shailene Woodley asks for $3.5 million. Lily James asks for $2.25 million. Margot Robbie asks for $3 million.

Marilyn Moore: Nina Dobrev asks for $1 million. Emily VanCamp asks for $1.2 million. Alexandra Daddario asks for $1.5 million.

Ed Sheeran: He asks for $2 million.
Unread 10-09-2017, 06:00 AM
merrykieran2 merrykieran2 is offline
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Love is blind cast:

Director-Josh Boone

Lewis Jones-Charlie Cox

Emma Joseph-Shailene Woodley

Marilyn Moore-Nina Dobrev

Ed Sheeran aso Ed Sheeran

Production: 1.2 million
Marketing: 1 million
Unread 10-09-2017, 06:23 PM
Russelrules44 Russelrules44 is offline
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Working on the review for Man to Man right now: Got a little carried away with other things these last few days, should be done by Thursday at earliest.

As for Backyard Baseball: Oh Jesus. This is the biggest movie I think I will ever write. If I have to make an conservative estimate; it's likely to be around 20,000 to 25,000 words by the time it's finished. Maybe even more.

Forget the sequel man, it's just not worth it!
Unread 10-09-2017, 06:33 PM
merrykieran2 merrykieran2 is offline
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Originally Posted by Russelrules44 View Post
. If I have to make an conservative estimate; it's likely to be around 20,000 to 25,000 words by the time it's finished. Maybe even more.
Jesus! I think my longest so far has been just over 5,000 words. That's going to take a long time to review
Unread 10-10-2017, 09:01 PM
HRTVAndrew HRTVAndrew is offline
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I should have Fatekissed reviewed tonight, so stay tuned!
Unread 10-11-2017, 01:37 AM
HRTVAndrew HRTVAndrew is offline
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REVIEW: “Fatekissed”

Story Quality: 3.5/5 (Solid storytelling the whole way through, and the movie’s fast pace kept everything moving right along.)

Production Quality: 2.5/5 (The film’s production budget wasn’t non-existent, but given the fantasy genre and the fight scene at the end, some of the spending shortfall was noticeable.)

Acting Quality: 3/5 (Pretty solid numbers across the board, with Nathan Fillion in particular delivering a very strong performance. The only letdown came from Aidan Gillan, whose effort left something to be desired.)

Ending Quality: 3.5/5 (Good, but not ideal for those seeking a 100% happy ending. Yes, Raye gets the bar, but given that the movie did a great job of getting viewers to care about the characters, it could’ve been a bit more emotionally satisfying.)


Nathan Fillion was incredible as Vance, and he more than cancelled out a subpar performance from Aidan Gillan. The rest of the case was solid (but unspectacular).


Dan Harmon: 27

Eddie Redmayne: 34

Aidan Gillan: 17
Nathan Fillion: 47

Christina Hendricks: 26
Stu Sanders: 32
Vinnie Jones: 27


TBD (will update in the morning; it’s late and I’m exhausted!)


Movie Rating: 3.1/5 (This was a decent first outing from start to finish. The characters are easy to get emotionally-vested in, the talent involved are respectable, and the studio should be proud of its efforts despite the budget limitations it encountered.)

Box Office: $18 million

Physical copies: $3 million

Drakestooth Studios now has $21.5 million.
Unread 10-11-2017, 02:43 AM
Sco xY2Jx's Avatar
Sco xY2Jx Sco xY2Jx is offline
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I'm loving playing this game right now and seeing everyone's movies come out and being reviewed is fun. Feels like we're developing our own nice little game world.
However, I'll say that 20,000-25,000 words seems extremely excessive for this game that we're playing. Obviously, it's an opportunity to exercise our creative writing skills and you've the freedom to write whatever you desire (That's the fun of the game) but that word count is equal to about a 1/3rd the length of the average novel. I'm not judging your word count for the story, but it seems like quite a big task for HRTV to review that. Depending on how many words he can read per minute, that's going to take anywhere from 45minutes to a couple of hours to read through.
Obviously if HRTV is happy to go along with that, great. More power to you all. Personally, I try to keep mine within about 1,500-2-500 words so it can be read in 10 minutes. It just seems like a big ask of a MOD to dedicate that much time to reading something fun for a game rather than for an education or something.
Unread 10-12-2017, 01:46 PM
HRTVAndrew HRTVAndrew is offline
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OK, everyone, time to huddle up and get real.

The downturn in interest in this game over the past few weeks hasn't gone unnoticed, by me or by some of the players/observers. It's unfortunate, because this is an absolute gas when it gets going, not to mention one heck of a creative outlet. However, this is concerning for a few reasons, and as such, it's prudent to make something I alerted Russell of a few weeks ago public knowledge.

Effective October 27th (two weeks from tomorrow), I officially will not have time to mod the game anymore. That's the start of the busiest week of the year for me at work, and after that, I'll be traveling for large stretches of November and December.

As mentioned, I informed Russell of this privately long before writing this post, and he's offered to take over again when I'm gone. However, the flow of movies simply hasn't been there of late, which is why I'm going to float an idea out there.

We've got an awards section designated in the rules for the end of the game. One of the things I wish MT5 had was a neat wrap-up (which I understand couldn't happen due to a personal situation with that game's moderator), as it would've put a nice bow on everything and capped off a fun game. My idea is to end the game on October 27th, and announce the awards shortly after that.

Floating this now allows for some discussion and, if that's an agreed-upon solution, each studio to have one (maybe two, if you're fast) more shots at producing movies before the awards are announced. If you'd all like to keep going after the 27th, that's fine and dandy, but given the relative lack of activity compared to early in the game, I figured it was worth discussing.

Unread 10-12-2017, 05:49 PM
merrykieran2 merrykieran2 is offline
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Posts: 409

I love this game and I'll be sad with it gone but I can see why you'd want to end it and I'll hopefully be able to get Love Is Blind up by then. I just want to say thank you both yourself and Russell for the work that you have put into this and anyone who made movies. It's really been an enjoyable experience
Unread 10-12-2017, 06:33 PM
Rayelek Rayelek is offline
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Posts: 2,201

21.5 mil is probably enough for the bigger project I came up with. I'm not sure on the entire cast/story yet, but I want to start reaching out to the major players.

I completely understand not having enough time to mod this, as I barely have enough time to participate. Whatever you gotta do.

Project Title: Holmes
Genre: Comedy + Action

Lead: James Holmes

James is a party-boy slacker working at a detective agency as a file clerk. However, he tells all of the girls that he is a real private detective. His last name isn't really Holmes, he changed it because it sounds "detective-y-er".

For the role of James Holmes, we'd like to reach out to James Franco, and also James Roday.

Major: William Dawson

James's boss, a no nonsense private detective who founded his own agency. He's intimidating, determined, and mostly stoic. The kind of guy who'd be the center of an action movie.

We'd like to reach out to Keanu Reeves for this part. If Keanu is prohibitively expensive, we'll consider other options.

Major: [Antagonist, Name TBD]

An out of work actor hired by James to play a custom made villain for him to catch. Unfortunately, the actor is a natural villain and the situation escalates way out of control.

For our antagonist, we're looking at this a couple of ways. We'd like to reach out to Patrick Stewart, who would play himself (or a version of himself). Alternatively, if it's more of a character, we'd like to contact Jared Leto, Jerome Flynn, and Christopher Walken.

Minor: [Girlfriend, name TBD]

A girl James picks up in one of the early scenes of the movie. She sees good in him, but also knows he's full of crap when they first meet. Later she plays damsel in distress as part of the villain's big plan.

Casting is pending for this role as we determine the full requirements.
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