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Unread 12-20-2018, 09:01 PM
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So just a little progress update... War of the Immortals 6 V2.0 will be released when every HUSTLE worker is done, but unfortunately i got sidelined a little.

With Defiant having their own youtube show now and a good website with a bunch of png´s and bios, i added them to WotI.
Here is a preview of the signed Defiant workers, belts and events. +All Defiant alumni that hasn´t been already added are now available in game as well.

Also, the first batch of Women of Wrestling workers from 2000-2001 is done. For Example:

Heather Steele
The construction worker has all the tools to nail her opponents to the mat. This blue collar woman from Woodbury, New Jersey, in a sleeveless T-Shirt and cut off jeans, can make her fans raise the roof.

Bronco Billie
The rope swinging cowgirl from a ranch in Dallas, Texas. Also active in some lingerie wrestling.

Jacklyn Hyde
She escaped from a mental health unit after being committed due to a split personality. The battle between good and evil is etched on her face. She can be nice one minute, but when the split in her personality occurs, she turns in a total manic!

Dr. Sarah Bellum
She escorts Jacklyn to the ring and as her psychiatrist, she makes sure Jacklyn is always sedated enough so she won´t harm herself or other people.

Exotic and enchanting, this Persian import hailing from Tehran, Iran is a genie in a bottle. With a signature look of harem pants and gold, lace-up wrestling boots, no one knows what mystic wonders lie behind her entrancing eyes.

Randi Rah Rah
A sparkplug in the ring, the fans really flip for her. In WOW she formed a tag team named Team Spirit along with fellow cheerleader Patti Pep.

Patti Pep or Patti Pizzazz
Patti began her WOW journey as the fun-loving cheerleader, Patti Pep. She sported classic blue and gold, a positive attitude, and a catchy cheer to match. Lana Star propositioned Patti with promises of a Hollywood career and coveted L.A. lifestyle. So Patti Pep was gone and the bad Patti Pizzazz was here to stay.

Some newer WOW 2018 workers have been added as well.

The Beast
The Beast is a brutal, hard-hitting force of nature. From the darkest shadows of your nightmares, The Beast rises.

Samantha Smart
The intellectually superior and geek favorite Samantha Smart has defied all stereotypes to make it to the top of WOW! Perfection was the only option for this straight-A student who was raised by her studious father, the dean of a college, and her esteemed scientist mother.

Chantilly Chella
Get ready, because the beat is about to drop! Chantilly Chella brings the world of Electronic Dance Music to the ring. Her in-ring style mirrors the fluidity and energy that EDM brings to its legions of listeners.

Some eyecandy alts

Also bulking up bios and alters, so the player can choose between different eras for a mainstream worker. Example on Jericho:

Made a whole bunch of Synthwave style loading screens, example:

I can´t possibly list all changes, so this is just a small insight. Oh yeah, DDT Ironman Heavymetalweight title history has been added

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Unread 12-20-2018, 09:07 PM
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This looks so god damn good! Definitely imo gonna end up being the best mod on TEW 2016 and I will fight for that title. Love the addition of Defiant and the alter ego changes.
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Unread 01-30-2019, 08:07 PM
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Is this mod still being updated? I downloaded it a few days ago and have really been enjoying it. I hope to see it continue. Thanks to janS for all the hard work regardless.
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Unread 03-04-2019, 08:28 PM
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So it´s been almost a year since the last update. Even though i didn´t get HUSTLE quite finished due to motivation, there has been a lot of changes worthy of an update. So, the download links in the first post have been updated for the database, picture set and skin!

Overview of what is new in the Database Update:
  • Added Companies Defiant, KCXW, HUSTLE (WiP) and Catch Wrestling Association
  • 40 New Events
  • 8 New Tribute Shows
  • 300 New Workers
  • 450 Generic Female Pics Added *Credits to Valkyria for making them
  • 500 New Worker Realationships
  • 350 New Move Sets
  • 480 New Alter Egos
  • 380 New Tag Teams
  • 370 New Stables
  • 27 New Dojos
  • 220 New Dojo Graduates
  • 64 New Titles
  • 2330 New Title Lineages
  • 32 New Gimmicks
  • 230 New Narratives
  • Overhauled hundreds of Worker Bios and Profiles
  • Deleted 60 Broadcasters

Overview on Picture Additions
  • 2350 New Worker Pics
  • 100 New Company Logos
  • 120 New Title Pics
  • 160 New Event Pics
  • 30 New TV Show Pics
  • 5 New Broadcaster Pics
  • 175 New Random Pics
  • 10 New Banners
  • Overhauled many bad quality Worker Pics

All together probably over 10000 changes.

WotI VI will receive another two updates for the TEW2016 Version. One Update will follow in the next couple months, when HUSTLE is finally done and i have done some further pop balancing for newer workers.
The second and last update will be released before i convert the mod to the TEW2020 version. After this i will focus only on the TEW2020 version.

Also the Collaborate Cutout PNG Collection and HQ Pic will get their own thread soon, as this has nothing to do with my mod and other people contributed to it by now. CCC currently has over 10000 png´s.

Here is a sneak peak at the update in form of some information on the newly added CWA and the associated catchers!

Catch Wrestling Association

The Catch Wrestling Association (CWA) was a professional wrestling organization based in Austria and Germany that was founded in 1973. It was run by Otto Wanz. The CWA featured a traditional brand of mat wrestling mixed with various “Strong Man” competitions. The company was engaged in talent-share agreements with other wrestling promotions, including New Japan Pro-Wrestling and the American Wrestling Association. These agreements expanded the opportunities given to many European wrestlers. CWA's biggest card was the Euro Catch Festival. Matches were fought using European rules, including dividing the match into rounds and having the possibility of a victory by knockout. CWA struggled to make the transition from carnival wrestling to a more modern approach, when wrestling was hot, and went out of business in 1999.

CWA Titles
CWA World Heavyweight Title

CWA World Middleweight Title

CWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title

CWA British Commonwealth Title

CWA Submission Shootfighting Title

CWA World Tag Team Titles

CWA Events

International Catch Cup, Teamkampf EM and Euro Catch Festival... more will follow

CWA Workers
Otto Wanz

Otto Wanz (June 13, 1943 – September 14, 2017) is an Austrian professional wrestler. Born in Nestelbach, Austria on June 13, 1943, Wanz started his career as a boxeramd made his professional wrestling debut in 1968 in his native Austria. Later on he would work as "Bulldog" Otto in Japan, primarily working for NJPW. In the early 1970s he created the Catch Wrestling Association based in Austria but promoting shows in the surrounding countries as well. The CWA was focused heavily on mat-work. By the early 80s 'Big Otto' was a big name wrestler in the United States. In 1982, Otto defeated Nick Bockwinkel for the AWA World Title. Returning to the CWA, Wanz spent several years as the champion until March 22, 1987 where an American power house wrestler known as Bull Power defeated him for the championship. 1990 Wanz retired from active competition to focus on promoting the CWA.

Rene Lasartesse

Rene Lasartesse (January 21,1918 - December 12, 2018) is a Swiss professional wrestler from Basel. Lasartesse is also a trained mechanic and has a background in amateur boxing. Situated in-between France and Germany, Eduard Probst became one of the great cultural adapters of all-time. He started in 1953 and established himself in Germany as a French villain, using the handle “L’Aristocrate du Catch.” In the late 1950s, he headed to North America, where he found success as, Ludwig Von Krupp, a German heel, often teaming with Karl Von Hess. By the 1960s, he was back in Europe and establishing himself as a top heel. In Britain, he worked primarily as a menacing American called “Stamping” Jack Lasar and battled the top heavyweights of that era. He became known for his long black Dracula cape, his willingness to throw up a Fascist salute and general nastiness as a bad guy. "König der Catcher" Lasartesse managed to wrestle into his late 60s and after retiring managed to live into his 90s.

Steve Wright

"British Magician" Steve Wright (December 24, 1953) is an English professional wrestler from Warrington, Cheshire. He was trained by the legendary Ted Betley, who also trained Tom Billington, Davey Boy Smith, and Marty Jones. Ted Betley was also his foster father. Steve “Wonderboy” Wright was revolutionary in his wrestling and was one of the pioneers in the beginning of the “new era” of british pro-wrestling. Steve spent most of his adult life living in Germany, where he competed for Otto Wanz´s Catch Wrestling Association. In All-Star Wrestling he became known as Bull Blitzer, a fearsome German. His son Alex Wright gained fame while working for WCW and later opened his own wrestling school in Germany. Steve Wright ended his active career on September 25, 1999, after wrestling his long time rival Mile Zrno.

Monsieur Rambo

Luc Poirier (January 9, 1961) is a Canadian retired professional wrestler from Montreal, Quebec. Poirier was trained by Edouard Carpentier and Louis Laurence. He debuted in 1982. In the early 1980s, he joined the Montreal-based International Wrestling Association as a masked hooded wrestler and was known as " The Masked Marvel". He is best known for his appearances with NJPW and Catch Wrestling Association under the ring name Rambo and with the World Wrestling Federation under the ring name Sniper. Rambo was pushed as the top star of CWA after the departure of the promotion's owner Otto Wanz and became a major main event star. He headlined the company's flagship event Euro Catch Festival twelve times between 1991 and 1999, with his each match for the CWA World Heavyweight Championship. He now lives in Tarpon Springs, Florida, retired from wrestling and works as a registered nurse at Mease Dunedin Hospital.

Baby Bull Power

In May 1986, White went to Europe to compete for Otto Wanz and his promotion, Catch Wrestling Association, touring Austria and Germany, using the name Bull Power. That summer, he took part in the three-day tournament for the Vienna Catch Cup, in Austria. He made it to the finals, before losing to Klaus Wallas. On March 22, 1987, he won his first championship, the CWA World Heavyweight Championship, defeating Otto Wanz in Denver, Colorado, ending Wanz's reign of nearly nine years in its only title change in the United States. In December 1987, he participated in his second tournament, the Bremen Catch Cup, in Germany. He defeated Rambo in the finals, to win his first tournament. In 1989, Bull Power returned to the CWA, to challenge Otto Wanz for the CWA World Heavyweight Title winning the match on August 21 in Vienna, Austria. Later, he defeated Tatsumi Fujinami to become the inaugural CWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion. He vacated the title in 1992 after signing with WCW.

Mile Zrno

Mile Zrno (September 29, 1955), the greatest Croatian pro wrestler ever, was a famous middleweight technician. He also is a former Yugoslavian amateur wrestling champion. Trained by European catch legend Rene Lasartesse and Charly Verhulst, he made his debut in 1973. He competed mainly in the German and Austrian Catch Wrestling Association. Was probably the best mat technician in CWA´s catch heavy roster. In CWA he mainly wrestled as a typecast good looking babyface. Overseas he was a rival of Ashura Hara when Hara was the junior ace of IWE in 1979. He also fought in the NJPW junior scene, sometimes even wearing a mask and under the ring name Silver Hurricane due to visa problems. He was said to be the last classical middle European professional wrestler. Today, he is still fit, not drinking or smoking, and operating a metal company together with his brother in Germany.

David Finlay

In 1990 he became a champion at the top of the weight range when he won All-Star's British Heavyweight Championship. During this time, Finlay also began to wrestle in Japan, then in Germany and Austria for the European promotion Catch Wrestling Association. While holding the All-Star championship, he teamed with Jones to win the CWA tag title from Tony St. Clair and Miles Zrno. After losing the All-Star championship to Dave Taylor, Finlay began to focus more on the CWA, winning many of their championships. Finlay credits his time in CWA, as going to wrestling unisersity. His long lasting feud with Tony St. Clair always got the best or worse out of him. While in Germany he met his wife Manuela in Bremen and learned to appreaciate the german culture. His son David was also born in Germany, so it was bitter sweet for Finlay when he left CWA to join WCW.

Franz Schuhmann

"Franzl" Franz Schuhmann (December 27, 1960) is an Austrian professional wrestler from Linz. He had been a natural athlete, as he had won several national amateur wrestling championships in Austria. He decided to become a professional wrestler and was trained by a legendary wrestler from Switzerland named Rene Lasartesse. He made his wrestling debut in 1985 for Otto Wanz' CWA, where he would spend much of his career. He would be solely a singles wrestler, until 1989, when he started getting in tag team matches with Wanz, Dave Taylor, and Steve Wright, among others, as his partners. In February 1991, Schumann wrestled a tour with NJPW, his first time outside of Europe. In July 1996, he won his fourth and final CWA Middleweight title, defeating Fit Finlay. In February 1998, he wrestled in the United States, to challenge Dan Severn. Injuries from his amateur and pro careers were catching up to him, he wrestled his retirement match on October 18, 2000. Promoted NWA Germany afterwards.

Karsten Kretschmer

"Original Northcoast" Karsten Kretschmer (February 24, 1975) is a German actor, promoter, professional wrestler and trainer from Hamburg. He currently works at his own gym Nordisch Fight Club and promotes Nordic Championship Wrestling. "Hamburger Jung" Kretschmer was trained by Dave Morgan, Franz Schuhmann and Rene Lasartesse. He made his debut on April 04, 1993 working for Catch Wrestling Association. Kretschmer soon became a household name in Germany and held titles in nearly every company he worked for. He also worked under the ring name Mr. Natural Wonder for NWA Germany. In 2014 he settled down from active competition, focusing on promoting NCW and training the next generation of german wrestling stars like Bad Bones and Marcel Barthel.

Larry Cameron

After the AWA shut down and a tryout with the World Wrestling Federation, he went on a tour of Australia, where he caught the eye of Otto Wanz. Wanz offered Cameron to work for his promotion, Catch Wrestling Association. And in September 1991, Cameron began touring with the CWA. He would return to NJPW for a month in April 1992. In July 1992, he won the CWA World Tag Team Championship with his partner Mad Bull Buster. The tw would hold the titles for 53 weeks, before losing them to Dave Taylor and Mile Zrno. In April 1993, he wrestled one show in the United States for an NWA territory in Minnesota. That October, he and Mad Bull Buster regained the CWA Tag Team titles and held them, until the unfortunate accident. On December 13, 1993, during his match with Tony St. Clair in Bremen, Germany, Cameron suffered a heart attack. He was 41 years old. As a result of Cameron's death, Mad Bull Buster had to vacate the CWA World Tag Team Championship, on behalf of himself and his late partner.

Mad Bull Buster

itbulls would separate as Durante joined the Austrian promotion CWA, where he debuted at the 1992 Euro Catch Festival in Graz under the ring name Mad Bull Buster. In his debut match, Durante teamed with Larry Cameron to defeat the team of Mile Zrno and Steve Regal in a two out of three falls match to win the Tag Titles. The foreign heels gained heat pretty fast, after beating up CWA´s local faces. They lost the titles to Taylor and Zrno in their fourth title defense on July 18, thus ending their year-long title reign at 372 days. Cameron and Buster defeated Mile Zrno and David Taylor on October 24 to win their second CWA World Tag Team Championship. The title reign of Cameron and Buster tragically ended on December 13 when Cameron died during a match against Tony St. Clair due to a heart attack. As a result, the titles were vacated. Durante wrestled his last match in CWA competing against Ulf Herman in a street fight.

Colonel Brody

In the 1980s, the British version of Magnificent Maurice was an impressive figure as he stood shaven headed, mustachioed and totooed centre ring. This extravagant Macho Man knew how to upset the punters, not just by disregarding the rules but by his ring presence and camp gimmick. Strutting around the ring, taunting his opponent and jeering at the audience, let alone his rule bending tendencies, led to him being hated by fans throughout the world. Shaun Arnott, a bricklayer by trade, went on to his new gimmick Colonel Brody, a South African militant for hire. Whilst the shaven head and the handlebar moustache remained the same the distinguished military figure of Colonel Brody was a stark contrast with the camp Magnificent Maurice, but none the more popular. Even though he was married to a women of color, he sticked with his Colonel gimmick.

Eddy Steinblock

Edwin "Eddy" Steinblock (December 16, 1955 - November 9, 2017) is a German professional wrestler and actor from Bremen. He has a background in Judo and has several National champion wins under his belt. After being trained by Rene Lasartesse, Steinblock began his career as a catcher in 1982 under the name "The Big German", in the now-defunct German wrestling league Catch Wrestling Association. Until recently he worked under this name in various wrestling companies such as NWA and EPF. On 2004 he founded his own company named European Professional Wrestling. He also owend a Fitness-Studio in Lilienthal near Bremen. But most people know him from the comedy movie Full Normaaal as Pimp Jupp. He was also a guest on various talk shows. On September 10, 2017 his retirement match against Gangrel was planed, but unfortunately he died 1 day prior to the match.

Tony St. Clair

St. Clair made his debut in Germany in 1974. He spent a decade wrestling for various promotions in Germany, until he met Otto Wanz, who offered him a chance to join his promotion Catch Wrestling Association. St. Clair debuted for Catch Wrestling Association in June 1984, and toured Germany and Austria with the promotion. In December 1984, he became the first CWA Middleweight Champion, but vacated the title the following year. In November 1988, he and Croatian Mile Zrno defeated Fit Finlay and Mark Rocco to become the first CWA World Tag Team Champions. They reigned for nearly a year and a half, before losing the titles to Finlay and Marty Jones. In July 1997, he teamed with Ulf Hermann to win his fourth and final CWA World Tag Team Championship, defeating Robbie Brookside and Mark The Hunter. The CWA would fold in December 1999 with St. Clair holding three championship at once.

Klaus Kauroff

Klaus Kauroff (January 24, 1941) is an German professional wrestler, promoter and Manager from Hannover, Niedersachsen. Without a doubt, Kauroff is a Catch Wrestling Association legend. He participated in the biggest Catch-Tournament in the world in Hannover and fought epic battles at the Wiener Heumarkt. Nicknamed the "Garbsener Dampfhammer" and "Der Staatenlose/the stateless", fans loved to boo the manager of mostly heelish foreign US stars. Kauroff was trained by Umeyuki Kiyomigawa and was the middleweight boxing champion in Niedersachsen during the 60s. Recently he released his own audio book biography named "Immer 101%". Udo Lindenberg, a famous German singer, was a big fan of Kauroff, so he catched with Otto Wanz at Lindenbergs live tour called "Dröhnland-Symphonie. He also functioned as his bodyguard at partys during the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Lord Steve Casey

Lord Steve Casey (April 23) is an English professional wrestler from Manchester and the son of wrestling legend Rasputin. Lord Casey has been a mainstay for Catch Wrestling Association. Hailing from Kensington, this arrogant gentleman got over with the ladies fast. Once his noble family was almost poverty stricken, but Lord Casey changed their fate by stepping inside the ring, bringing his families name back to the value it once held. Lord Casey also gained experience working in Japan with NJPW and wrestling in his home country. In 1994/5 he competed as for Paul Alperstein´s American Wrestling Federation as "The Ambassador". While shooting for the TV series Heartbeat in 1996, he got injured and was forced to retire from wrestling. Worked as a fitness instructer in Manchester afterwards.

August Smisl

"Gustl" August Smisl (February 19) is an Austrian professional Wrestler with Judoka background from Kapfenberg, Steiermark. After winning the National Austrian Judo Championship in 1988 he was drafted to the Austrian 1992 judo olympic team but couldn´t participate do to injury. Gustl participating in a contest named "Austrian Gaints", to find Austrias strongest men. Gustl placed third place competing against a bucnh of renowned weightlifters. One of the challanges was Sumo Ctachen. After winning Gustl was convinced he would even do better as a wrestler than Judoka. He primiarly became know for working in Otto Wanz´s Catch Wrestling Association, making up for his weak wrestling abilities with his impressive physique and strength. In 1996 he tryed out MMA by joining Pancrase, but lost his first and only fight to Masakatsu Funaki. He also is a one time German and two time world arm wrestling champion. After retiring in 1998 he opened a fitness studio in Germany, Bremen.

Viktor Krueger

Viktor Krueger (1970) is a an Austrian actor, professional wrestler and bodyguard. After his high school graduation in his hometown Graz, Krueger absolved the mandatory Austrian military service. Then he moved to the States to play College and American Football, before being recruited by at that time biggest professional wrestling company WCW in Atlanta, Georgia. To this date Viktor Krueger remains the only Austrian worker for this company. After fulfilling his 3-year contract, Viktor returned home and competed for Otto Wanz´s Catch Wrestling Association. Also he started working for the fight organization Battlarts in Tokyo, here he did 19 tours to participating in over 73 shootfights able to secure 2 championships amongst other numerous achievements. During his tours to the land of the rising sun he was movie casted for the first time. Today Viktor Krüger is a regular lead cast especially for German and Austrian productions and runs his own wrestling school in Graz.

Klaus Wallas

Klaus Wallas (March 31, 1953) is an Austrian judoka and wrestler from Salzburg. He is a multiple state and national champion in Austria. He also competed in the men's heavyweight event at the 1976 Summer Olympics. Wallas was trained and convinced to join the wrestling circuit by Eugen Wiesberger, a fellow olympian, and made his debut in 1978. As a heel, he was called "Susi" by the audience, as most arrogant beautys at the time were. Was one of the founders of the Wrestling Warriors Austria, which specialized in holding events at folk festivals. Wallas also worked for Otto Wanz Catch Wrestling Association. The catchers traveled arround the country in travel trailers. On the road Wallas was often accompanied by legends like Fit Finlay and Klaus Kauroff. In 1985 he toured with AJPW in Japan and in 1986 with NJPW. At one time, Wallas was suspected to have killed his friend "Kopfnuss Oskar", a gambling man. Nowadays, Wallas owns a villa in Linz and is married.

Robert Fasser

"Wild Thing" Robert Fasser is an Austrian professional wrestler and actor from Vienna. After being trained by Fit Finlay, this powerhouse made his debut in 1992, working for Otto Wanz´s Catch Wrestling Association. While his main occupation remained working at the Austrian post office, every time CWA would hold shows Linz or Graz, he would take an unpaid vacation to get his hands dirty in ring. Only working as a part time wrestler and his limited wrestling skills led to Fasser usually being booked as a jobber. After playing a robot in one of Goetz George´s movies, Fasser didn´t come back to reality and wrestled as Warrior Drago. Fasser retired from active competition in 2002. Nowadays, thanks to his impressive physique, Fasser works as head of security in a club in Vienna and offers personal security sevices with his own company. One of his biggest hobbies, is flying model aircrafts.

Christian Eckstein

Born on January 28, 1972 in Nürnberg, Bayern, Germany, "Die deutsche Rakete" Christian Eckstein made his professional wrestling debut in 1992 after training under legendary British wrestler, Tony St. Clair. Predominantly wrestling in England for a few years, Eckstein moved back to Germany and began competing for the Catch Wrestling Association in 1996. Making a name for himself in the promotion, Christian won the CWA World Tag Titles with Ulf Herman before also winning the CWA German Championship as a singles wrestler. Forming the European Wrestling Promotion alongside his trainer and Jörg Vespermann in 1998, Eckstein found further success by winning the EWP Intercontinental Title, and holding it for almost two years while also proving himself as a strong and reliable promoter and booker. Arguably passed his best, Christian Eckstein will still have a long future in the sport due to his ability to perform in a variety of roles, while remaining a really talented and solid wrestler.

Ulf Herman

Born in Hildesheim, Germany, Ulf Nadrowski was a local swimming champion in his native country and also did some Judo. Herman travelled to Dortmund, Linz, Graz and Vienna, in order to train there. Herman then travelled to the United Kingdom, where he gained experience so he could wrestle for the CWA in Vienna. In the last tournament of the year in 1993 in Bremen he was selected as 'Rookie Of The Year' and wrestled but lost a match against Papa Shango, which took place at the Euro Catch Festival. On August 16, 1994, Herman and August Smisl won the CWA Tag Titles from Fury and John Hawk in Vienna, Austria. They held the belts for almost three months before dropping them to John Hawk and Cannonball Grizzly. In 1995 he wrestled The Ultimate Warrior who made a guest-appearance in the CWA for one match. Herman lost the match. On August 16, 1997, Herman was defeated by Marshall Duke in Vienna for the then vacant CWA World Title. The title was later vacated.

Peter William Koch

Peter William Koch (September 13, 1935) is a German wrestler and ring commentator from Berlin. He is best known under his ring name Peter William. Peter Koch was the co-owner of CWA together with Otto Wanz. In addition to his work as promoter of the German section of CWA, Peter Koch also actively participated as a wrestler, as he confirmed in several interviews. In his role as a commentator for various wrestling events Koch always pointed out that he was also actively in the ring. He also worked for WCW as a commentator on the german channel DSF for years. William is the brother of the late CWA ring announcer Manfred Koch and played a small role in the movie The Dog of Blackwood Castle. He also worked as a stuntman. Furthermore, he led some of the catch events at the Viennese Heumarkt. Today, Peter Koch lives with his family in Lienz in East Tyrol.

Didier Gapp

Monsieur Didier Gapp was born in Switzerland but is as French as you can get. Living in Marchenoir Centre, France, Gapp is known as a cult referee through Europe. His heelish behaviour, his French accent, his appearance and his gesture earns him justified heat till this day. Gapp previously worked for Catch Wrestling Association and was part off several controversies. Hated by CWA`s faces and fans alike, Gapps questionable decisions often ended with him getting slapped in the face. Gapp also feuded against CWA´s Scottish face referee Mick McMichael, even fighting in several matches against him. Playing the innocent lamb and claiming discrimination because he is a Frechman, Monsieur Gapp would say "all correcté, deregelemont *french gibberish*". After CWA´s closure he kept on working in Europe and in 1994 Gapp worked as a replacement referee for WCW on their WCW Battle Stars-Europa Tour.

Mick McMichael

Mick McMichael is an English professional wrestler and referee. Known at Wheatley High School in Doncaster for rugby rather than wrestling, he learned the trumpet, but upon leaving at 15 took an electrician’s apprenticeship at Markham Main Colliery in Armthorpe. After seeing wresting at Doncaster Corn Exchange he started training to become a pro. A regular on World of Sport alongside his near namesake Mick McManus, McMichael, whose real surname was Gale, was able to work across Europe and was considered among the top five in the professional game, ranked by screen time. He estimated that he covered around 100,000 miles a year in his Volkswagen Beetle as he honoured bookings at theatres and halls across Britain and beyond. At one stage he was tag-team partner to the larger-than-life Big Daddy, otherwise Shirley Crabtree from Halifax. When his fighting days were over, he turned to refereeing in CWA, always in a distinctive kilt, and to background acting on shows like Emmerdale.

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Hiya JanS

The above attached file has the angles corrected that I tried to send to you but you have it now... finally lol. See instructions below to update your working database. Thank you for your hard work on this sir

For all of you fellow users the new update still have for example 1 chall 2 for example. Just rename the above file to the usual TEW2016, create a database, name it what ever and just import the angles to the new updated database.

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Unread 03-12-2019, 05:19 PM
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Originally Posted by yankeeinky728 View Post
Thx! Updated the database download link with your fixed angles!
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Unread 05-21-2019, 10:38 AM
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This is remarkable. Hope it is coming to the new game.
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Unread 05-22-2019, 02:36 PM
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This is insane work! Thanks for updating it
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Unread 05-24-2019, 02:35 PM
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Just wondering, can I get a PNG pack of just the belts?
It would be quite annoying on my hard drive space to get an entire 3.4gb pack just for one set of cuts.
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Unread 05-24-2019, 02:56 PM
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I wanted to know if they can work on a set of the current MLW wrestlers, along the MLW logo, events pics and the updated belts. That would be cool.
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Unread 05-25-2019, 12:09 AM
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Actually MLW doesn't exist yet since they didn't start operations again until 2017.
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Unread 05-26-2019, 11:55 AM
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Thank you so much for this. I haven’t played WOTI in a long time and this is great fun to have it.

Small change to note, ROH and WCW/NWO have match intensities that automatically get dinged because of the product. Those need to be lowered for anybody playing as one of the two.

Thanks again!
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Unread 05-26-2019, 05:33 PM
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Originally Posted by fullMETAL View Post
Just wondering, can I get a PNG pack of just the belts?
Here you go...

Originally Posted by SuperstarJimiC View Post
I wanted to know if they can work on a set of the current MLW wrestlers, along the MLW logo, events pics and the updated belts.
I will include MLW as an inactive company and add the workers in the next update.
If you can´t wait, here are the base pics to set everything up yourself.
MLW Logo


MLW Belts

Events and Tv Show

Originally Posted by yankeeinky728 View Post
Actually MLW doesn't exist yet since they didn't start operations again until 2017.
In WOTI dates are just a number, as it is impossible to keep everything chronologically with the different eras present in the mod. WOTI could be set in any year and it wouldn´t make a difference. That´s why i didn´t even bother keeping everything set to a current date and stuck with 2010. Would be too much of a hustle setting all dates for each new release. Imagine it as the present, past and future being melted together in a universe set at 2010 (Used a Tew2010 base mod(WotI 2)). That being said, MLW could be added to the mod as a pre 2010 company But currently i don´t plan to add MLW as a active company, as they use too many talents that are already active in other woti companies and don´t know much about them.

Originally Posted by Joshdb View Post
Small change to note, ROH and WCW/NWO have match intensities that automatically get dinged because of the product.
Thanks again!
Thx, will be fixed in the next update

Originally Posted by D16NJD16 View Post
This is remarkable. Hope it is coming to the new game.
Will try to get an TEW2020 version out as soon as possible.

Originally Posted by tsdm1996 View Post
This is insane work! Thanks for updating it
NP, glad you like it
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Unread 05-26-2019, 06:28 PM
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Originally Posted by yankeeinky728 View Post
Actually MLW doesn't exist yet since they didn't start operations again until 2017.
But remember MLW was around in 2002
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Unread 05-27-2019, 02:03 AM
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This is some next level modding! Absolutely mind boggling how many hours you must have spent on this. Definitely one of the best mods on the site.
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