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Unread 08-20-2018, 09:42 AM
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Default NEO: It's a long way to the top (RtG) [T-Verse]

RtG? What's that?
RtG is an abbreviation for the Road to Glory Challenge. The link has all of the details, but, in short, the challenge is to create a user character that has limited ability, but unlimited potential and take them to the top of the wrestling world by earning an A* match rating in the main event of a PPV for a National (or better) promotion. You start as the booker for a promotion with 0 overness, 0 prestige, 0 momentum, and $1,000 in the bank and while I will be planning on taking NEO to the promised-land, you also have the ability to move to a different company, provided that they are, at best, one size higher than your current promotion.

Ok, then what's next?
First, I'll be going over how I built my user character for this diary, Jim Heatly. Then we'll see who ends up as our owner (as well as the goals they will give me), before going over a bit more about the promotion and my initial strategy going into this run. Finally, we'll start getting into the meat of the games, the shows.

For those of you that are new to my writing style (especially for a 0/0/0 promotion), I tend to be extremely light in match write-ups, only giving a high level of what happened. I tend to focus more on the "game" of TEW by explaining my thought process throughout the diary. That's not to say that there won't be in-game storylines or a kayfabe reason for doing what I am doing. I'm just saying if you are looking for fully detailed matches and promos, this isn't going to be the diary for you.

I plan on updating the diary every two or three days, however the first couple of posts might come a bit sooner than that, so I can get to reporting on the shows and progressing through the game.

Important Links
Official Thunderverse 2016 Diamond Edition
Thunderverse Alt Thread 2016
Official Thunderverse Discussion Thread
Road to Glory Challenge Thread

Table of Contents

Crowning a Champion
Building Jim Heatly
Our Owner, Adam Sullivan
Looking at the Competition and Ourselves
The Early Plan
Show #01: CCG One More Time
Show #02: HORSESHOE Last Call
Show #03: SW Finale
Show #04: WFC Community Cup 2016
Overview: January 2016
Overview: Generational Title Tournament
Show #05: NEO GTT, Night One
Show #06: NEO GTT, Night Two
Show #07: NEO GTT, Night Three
Show #08: NEO GTT, Night Four
How I Produce a Diary, Part One
Overview: February 2016
Show #09: NEO GTT, Night Five
Show #10: NEO GTT, Night Six
Show #11: NEO GTT, Night Seven
Show #12: NEO GTT, Final Night
Overview: March 2016
Stats Overview: Monday, Week 1, April 2016

The Road to Small
The Plan for the rest of the year
Show #13: NEO Live! #1
Overview: April 2016
Show #14: NEO Live! #2
Overview: May 2016
Show #15: NEO Live! #3
Overview: June 2016
Show #16: NEO Live! #4
Overview: July 2016
Show #17: NEO Live! #5
Overview: August 2016
Show #18: NEO Live! #6
Overview: September 2016
Show #19: NEO Live! #7
Show #20: NEO Proelio Ultimo
Overview: October 2016

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Unread 08-21-2018, 08:09 AM
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Default Building Jim Heatly

As I stated in the opening post, I tend to focus more on the game, so I thought it might be a good idea to go through my process as I created the most important part of a Road to Glory challenge, the user character. Throughout this post you will see quotes. These quotes are from the instructions in the official thread. For those of you who aren't interested in the process just want to see the stats, I've added a summary at the bottom.

Originally Posted by Bad Collin View Post

Age: 18 (If playing the default Cornellverse your birthday should fall between January 1997 and December 1997)
Reputation: Lowest
Potential: Excellent (you can set this to random if you wish)
Popularity: 0 Everywhere
Fluent: Home area language ONLY
This is part is really straight forward. Your birth month really shouldn't matter all that much, but if you want to get the most of your character, just pick the latest month you can (e.g. if the mod starts on January 2016, then you'd set your birthday for December 1997). For Jim, I just used my own birthday month of July. Gaining a couple of more months of youth just isn't that important to me.

What was important to me was setting the potential to excellent. While I could see others enjoying the challenge of not knowing just how good the character will become, that's just not the game I want to play right now.

Note: The reputation stat that is being mentioned here is booking reputation and is a dropdown on the character select screen.

Originally Posted by Bad Collin View Post
Skills: Your character starts with Resilience 100, Reputation 50 and Respect 0.

You have 750 Points to spend on other skills. (No skill may exceed 75 to begin with)
Ok, so this step is a big one and probably is the reason that some people decided not to try this challenge at all. The most important things to remember going into this are that not all stats increase at the same rate and that the stats increase due to a combination of use, a character's rating in certain other stats, and the character's max potential and. So, ideally you want to put the most stats into the ones that help govern other stats and/or increase slowly (or not at all).

Due to their importance and their relatively slow growth, I would stick 75 points in athleticism, star quality, and charisma for any character. Athleticism is important because, as far as I know, it helps govern either the stat cap and/or stat growth of all of the other stats that are physical in nature (top two rows). Star Quality is important because one of these days your character is going to be in the main event of a national promotion and SQ plays a key part in formula that the game uses in national battles. I also think it might govern the cap for overness and merchandise sales, but don't quote me on that. Finally, charisma is just a fantastic stat all around. While being used in both in and out of the ring, one of the more immediate benefits of a super high charisma score is being able to "unlock" the domination road agent note for your matches.

Moving on from what I consider the key stats, let's take a look at the stats that have slow to no movement, starting with consistency, toughness, and selling. All are decently important in getting that A* match rating (or in the case of toughness, keeps you healthy enough to have that match), so for right now, let's drop 75 points into these as well.

The final three slow/no-grow stats left to assign points to are menace, sex appeal, and power. Sex appeal was traditionally a female stat in the past, but is now a helpful stat for male workers as well, counting towards entertainment based angles. For the moment I'm going to drop 75 points into this stat (stupid sexy Heatly) with the understanding that it's going to one of the first stats that I will re-adjust when I run out of points to spend. As far as menace and power, I'm still not really sure how much it helps during matches, but just in case let's add 35 points to each.

Why 35? It's probably not the best reason, but 35 is the rating an owner will demand in their goals for a local promotion. As the user character, you will never get in trouble for your stats not being up to the owner's expectations, but at the same time 35 seems like a decent floor for a future superstarís stats.

With all of the slow-to-no moving stats out of the way, we are at almost at 600 points with a bunch of stats to go. Let's go and look at stats that are left group by group, starting with the in-ring stats.

Point allocation with the in-ring stats is really a choice of personal preference since these are the stats that dictate the type of wrestler your user character will be. That said, I would recommend focusing on one to three stats total as these stats tend to level up slow, even with the growth bonuses coming from your potential (and potentially high athleticism). For me, I decided to give Jim 75 points in brawling, leaving the rest at 0.

This is clearly a situational decision, but my logic is as follows: brawling is a single stat as opposed to the three mat skills and two flying skills. Because of this, I can get the best bang for my buck as max it out at 75. Not only will Jim be putting on better matches with brawlers in both the short and long term, but he will also be able to be an in-ring trainer of sorts for the brawling stat (wrestlers tend to improve the stats of the people they wrestle, especially when their opponent's stat is higher).

Next up are the leftover performance skills: basics, psychology, safety, and stamina, all of which rise at a good clip. I'll drop 35 points into each one to keep Jim from being truly awful in any of those areas at the start of the game. The same thing goes for the leftover out-of-the-ring skills, microphone and acting. Totaling up everything and we get to 880 points. Honestly, that's better than what I thought was going to happen.

Let's make some cuts.

The first cut is sex appeal. I'll drop it to 50, saving me 25 points (so, kind of sort of sexy Heatly?). Next, I'll drop microphone and acting to 20 since Jimís high charisma should be enough to carry his angles in the short term (and those angles will train up his microphone and acting skills). Finally, looking at the workers in the T-Verse database, I am pretty comfortable dropping toughness down from 75 to 50. This brings Jim down to 800 points, just 50 points left.

I don't want to really drop the brawling stat, so the rest has to come from the performance skills. I guess I'll nudge basics and psychology to 20 as they will rise at a quick pace. I'd lower safety too, however I'm kind of concerned about injuring another worker before Jim's safety stat gets to a more acceptable rating. Since I donít want to cut safety, the final cuts will be bringing consistency down to 60, and selling down to 70.

And there you have it. Short term, Jim Heatly is going to be a bit of a liability, however thanks to his high brawling stat, his matches won't be a complete waste of time (nor will his promos thanks to his charisma). However, in the long term I think that he'll become a fantastic brawler/entertainer type of worker who should be able to net me that A* match without too much trouble. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Originally Posted by Bad Collin View Post

Performance Skills
Babyface/Heel - 100 Points to spend
Cool/Cocky/etc - 300 Points to spend
This is the final step in the creation process. The biggest thing to know going into this part of the process is that while the babyface and heel skills can increase, the gimmick ratings do not. For Jim, I wanted to make sure that he could play a variety of different roles since I'll be stuck with him for the entire game.

To that end, I ended up giving Jim 50 points in each of the alignment roles and hope that he will be able to grow into mastering at least one of the alignments. As far the gimmicks skills go, I decided split my 300 points evenly across four types (75 each). With Jim's high levels of charisma and athleticism, the legitimate gimmick type is an easy choice to make as he should get a big bonus when using the domination road agent note. I also picked cocky and wholesome as they cover a lot of different heel and babyface gimmicks respectively. The final choice came down to weasel and cool. In the end, I don't think Jim is cool enough to be cool. Plus I somehow weaseled James Heatly into the T-Verse as a user character, so it fits from that perspective too.

Note: I don't know why the image that the game uses doesn't always match the actual stats of the character.
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Unread 08-21-2018, 08:57 AM
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Looking good! Excited to see how you get on.

(Re: note - are you playing with starting variance on? That would possibly explain it?)
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Unread 08-24-2018, 07:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Jaded View Post
Looking good! Excited to see how you get on.

(Re: note - are you playing with starting variance on? That would possibly explain it?)
I didn't know that was an option, so that's probably what's happening here. Kind of seems like a silly system if the variance is so small, but I'm not going to complain.
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Unread 08-24-2018, 08:12 AM
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Default Our owner, Adam Sullivan

It took couple of more days than I thought, but the game finally gave me an owner in Adam Sullivan. This is what the game has to say about Adam:


Heavyweight brawler Adam Sullivan has been one of wrestling's hardest hitters since the early 1990s, having initially made a name for himself in RAWA just before the company's closure. After being told that he was too stiff to work in the WWWE, Sullivan opened up his own promotion, the Florida Championship Wrestling Alliance, in his home town of Tallahassee. The company did well for four and a half years before being bought out by the WWWE in late 1999. It turned out that Paige didn't actually want the company at all, but the buy-out was merely punishment for a number of anti-WWWE angles that the company was running (quite frequently) on local TV.

Following the closure of the FCWA Sullivan worked for the AWC across their territories, holding the AWC American Heavyweight Title for over two years between 2000 and 2002. After the AWC closed he worked for a number of indy companies across the US until he was hired to act as booker for nostalgia promotion GAW between 2013 and 2015.

My initial reaction?

I mean from a kayfabe standpoint, Adam is a very appropriate. He has a lot of experience in a couple of business roles in the past and seems to be someone that would potentially be an owner at this stage in their lives. He's just not that exciting of a choice.

Take for example his wrestling skill. While he's more than passable in the in-ring, nothing he does, sans his basics skill of 77, truly stands out. At the age of 43, he's appeared on the "time's decline" list, so it looks like he's not going to get better anytime soon. This wouldn't be too bad if he also wasn't really the best choice to be a back stage employee. He's a good enough road agent at this point in time, but will most likely be outclassed by some of the wrestlers we bring in during the first year, much less the potential road agent and wrestlers we could sign once we are larger. His D range mic skills aren't doing him any favors either. It's good enough not to tank an entertainment base angle, but once again isn't good enough to be the reason I would want to use him.

The biggest disappointment for me right now has to be his overall popularity, or lack there of. T-Verse veterans, might be wondering what my complaint is as this is usually one of Sullivan's positives. And that's true, in the United States. Adam Sullivan is fairly over in his home country with his popularity ranging in the 30s. However, this time around I'm not playing in the Great Lakes region. NEO Championship Wrestling will be coming from the cozy province of Saskatchewan, where Adam Sullivan starts with a popularity of 6.

I guess it could be worse. For all of Adam's limitations, at least he's not a negative locker-room influence. I try to avoid dealing with potential d-bags on my roster, much less being forced to work for one.

Speaking of forced to work for, I guess it's a good as time as any to go over the rules he's set in place for me:
  • At the end of two years, NEO must have a balance of at least $10,000
  • At the end of two years, NEO must not fall below 55th in overall importance
  • No luchadors may be hired for one year and six months
  • No MMA crossovers may be hired for two years and four months
  • We can't sign or extend people with less than 35 stamina for two years and four months

The rules are pretty tame. As far as I know, the importance goal is impossible to fail (the number will fall if a new promotion debuts). The financial goal, while not a complete cakewalk, should also be something that I can easily overcome. As far as the hiring rules go, the stamina and no luchador rules mean pretty much nothing to me as I don't know many workers in the T-Verse with less than 35 stamina that I would want to hire and, with Adam Sullivan leading the promotion, luchadors weren't going to be on my radar anyway. However, the MMA crossover ban is a bit baffling. I might get frustrated every time a MMA guy starts training for an MMA fight, but at the end of the day, most of the MMA guys are talented mat workers that would do well in NEO.

I guess I should just be happy that Adam didn't put a ban on psychology. While I mentioned earlier that there are guys that I can hire with better psychology than Adam starts with (58), the truth of the matter is that a promotion like NEO is going to want to bring in the cheapest talent possible. And a lot of that talent base consists of inexperienced rookies, may of which have low scores in psychology.

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Unread 08-27-2018, 08:43 AM
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Default Looking at the competition and ourselves

Last update, I mentioned that NEO would be starting in Saskatchewan, Canada for a change. Since your surroundings will affect how you should manage your own promotion, itís a good idea to take a look at the country you are in to see who you are competing against.

My initial thought about the Canadian T-Verse? With companies like PWI and AWF reaching National status and companies across the US, Japan, and Mexico being big enough to garner PPV deals and written contracts, it's clear that the dark days of wrestling in the T-Verse are over. Too bad no one told anyone in Canada.

The biggest promotion in Canada at the start of the game is Great North Wrestling. Centered in Ontario, GNW has been in operation since 1996 and is on the verge of being considered a regional promotion. That's right, the biggest company in the entire company is small (as are all the other companies in Canada). That said, GNW is in a pretty decent spot all things considered. Like I said, they are close to becoming a regional promotion within their home region of Ontario and have around 20 popularity points in each of the other six Canadian regions. That kind of general overness, plus their investor friendly Traditional and Mainstream product, puts GNW in a good place financially.

The biggest threat to GNW is the oldest promotion in Canada, Calgary Championship Wrestling. Opened in 1986, CCW might also be the biggest threat to NEO as well as they are our next-door neighbor. The also tend to have the best shows in Canada. Not only do they get a small boost from only having Mainstream set to heavy, but more importantly they are able to grab additional talent thanks to being a part of the American Wrestling Council. Iím guessing the extra money doesnít hurt either.

Rounding out Canada are All Action Wrestling in Manitoba, Montreal Hardcore Revolution in Quebec, and Western Canada Championship Wrestling in British Columbia. All three promotions are relatively young to the wrestling world, with MHR being the oldest, opening in 2007. In contrast to the traditional minded GNW and CCW, the other three promotions choose to be an alternative in their own way. AAW caters to fans of high flyers, MHR hosts bloody hardcore matches, and WCCW offers AWF style sports entertainment as well as women's wrestling. Out of the three, I'd say that AAW will probably be the largest thorn in our side. Their proximity to ours could be a problem, most likely forcing us into a four company regional battle. Itís not as bad as the seven promotion battle in the Great Lakes, but potentially losing popularity is still potentially losing popularity.

Now that we've taken a quick look at the other promotions in the country, let's take a look at NEO.


Promotion Name: NEO Championship Wrestling
Home Region: Saskatchewan, Canada
Product Name: Traditional Grab Bag 2.0
Match Ratio (Event/TV): 80%/80%

Key Feature: Traditional
Heavy: Mainstream
Medium: Realism
Low: Comedy, Hardcore, Modern
Very Low: Cult, Lucha Libre, Pure

Match Intensity: 40%
Danger: 40%
Women's Wrestling: None
T&A Levels: None
Face / Heel Divide: Yes

Product Definition
... will mean that the wrestlers are rated equally on popularity and performance.
... will make the Hardcore skill less effective.
... will make the Aerial skill less effective.
... will mean that fans will expect all wrestlers to have a proper gimmick.
... will attract fans who will not respond well to subtle gimmicks
... will mean that fans will expect to have storylines to follow.
... will mean each show will need at least one match aimed as Story Telling.
... will attract fans who won't be keen on highly risky matches.
... will attract fans who will be put off by highly risky angles.
... is quite favorable towards getting sponsorships.
... will allow NEO to not be rocked by wrestling industry changes.
For NEO vets, you'll probably notice that I've swapped Realism and Modern this time around. This was due to me guessing that I would get Adam Sullivan as an owner. I've dabbled with RtGs in the past and noticed he would alter the product in a similar manner (realism up and modern down among other things). I thought I'd get an early start and just give him a product that he would have been more likely to approve. In any case, this product is relatively safe to run in the T-Verse as there are good amount of workers that fit this type of promotion and the swap doesn't hurt our ability to gain sponsorships.

Speaking of sponsorships, the last thing left to do is check what the wrestling industry and economy stats are at the start of the game. A lot of people ignore or forget about these stats, however they are extremely important to the wellbeing of your promotion as they govern the amount your popularity can increase with each show as well as how much money your company is going to receive each and every month.

For this game it looks like both of these scores are at an E+ and are both rising. Much like Adam Sullivan, this gets a big giant meh from me. It could be a lot worse, but at the same time it could be so much better. Then again both stats are rising, which means that I can be relatively sure that all of my events have the potential to gain 0.5% popularity and that I've not going to have to get too creative to ensure my balance is in the black by the time bankruptcy comes calling. All in all, not a bad start.
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Unread 09-03-2018, 08:00 AM
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Sunday, Week 2, January 2016
7 people in Saskatchewan


Backstage Segment

Ryan Strong had an interview with Adam Sullivan hyping his upcoming singles match with Colt Kirchart. Ryan says he doesn't care about the legacy of HORSESHOE PRO or that excuse of a championship title that is the Golden Lasso. The only thing that Ryan Strong cares about is that tonight is his first time wrestling in North America in almost a decade and by winning this match he will guarantee himself a spot in NEO Championship Wrestling.

Rating: E

Jon Diamani vs. Richie Spit
Wildcard Qualifier #2 Semi-Final

In a bout that had terrible wrestling and non-existent crowd heat, Jon Diamani defeated Richie Spit in 7:42 by pinfall with a Knee To The Temple.

Rating: E-

Backstage Segment

Colt Kirchart had an interview with Adam Sullivan hyping his upcoming singles match with Ryan Strong. He says his time in Saskatoon has been a blast and that he didn't know just how many cowboys there were in the great white north. He knows that he has a big time opponent with a giant chip on his shoulder, but is going to pull through due to all of the support from the chicks and dudes in Saskatoon.

Rating: E

Blue Man vs. Khrome
Wildcard Qualifier #2 Semi-Final

In a bout that had terrible wrestling and non-existent crowd heat, Khrome defeated Blue Man in 4:17 by pinfall with a Khrome Dome.

Rating: E-

In-Ring Segment

After the match, Blue Man is out cold in the middle of the ring. Pushing referee Lee Harden aside, Khrome picks Blue Man up to continue his attack. The assault is quick and brutal, and leaves Blue Man completely destroyed.

Rating: D+

Colt Kirchart © vs. Ryan Strong
HORSESHOE Golden Lasso

In a bout that had sub-par wrestling and non-existent crowd heat, Ryan Strong defeated Colt Kirchart in 18:16 by pinfall with a Strong Style Collision.

Rating: E
Overall Rating: E+

Promotional Progress
Backstage: 66%
Overness (SK): +0.5% (1.0%)
Prestige: +0.2% (0.4%)
Prestige: +1.0% (2.0%)

Gimmick Ratings
Great: Ryan Strong (Bitter Veteran), Colt Kirchart (Cowboy); Khrome (Man Beast)
Above Average: Richie Spit (Biker)
Average: Jon Diamani (Fan's Own), Blue Man (Comedy Incarnate)

Foolish Commentary: I saw it happen and I still don't really know how I got an E+. Yes, Khrome doing monster things to Blue Man got a huge rating, but even so the main event was just an E. E or E+, the result is the same as we net 0.5% more popularity in Saskatchewan.

Since there isn't a ton to talk about, I might as well go into the angles. I can't remember when I started doing it, but each and everyone one of my angles are six minutes long unless I think it should be longer. It's not the most realistic thing ever, but setting them all to six minutes does a couple of things. First, it makes booking shows a whole lot more simple when you don't have to think about how long each of the angles are. Secondly, it allows your wrestlers and non-in-ring talent to train up their entertainment stats as I believe there is a still a minimum amount of time needed to improve stats via angles. In that same vein, I also think that the game has a time threshold for angles to count towards the show's overall rating (that one I'm not too sure about).

In addition to making them six minutes, I also try and use a small number of generalized angles to save me some time. Whether or not I'm planning on making a diary, I always copy and paste the results into OneNote and can edit the angle description after the fact. For the past two shows I've used only two angles. One interview angle with one wrestler (entertainment) talking about another wrestler (not rated) and being interviewed by Adam Sullivan (microphone) and a monster unleashed angle featuring the monster (menace) attacking the victim (selling). Both of these angles were clones from angles already created in the database. I just found one that was close enough to what I wanted and then tweaked a couple of the drop downs. Finally, I then set them (and a couple of other angles that I often use) to default and got rid of the rest.

Saskatchewan Wrestling Finale

SW Heavyweight
Drew Martinez vs. Lobo ©

Tag Team Match
George Trent & Jon Diamani vs. Jim Heatly & Khrome

Singles Match
Adam Sullivan vs. Emir Tanovic
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