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Unread 07-25-2018, 04:24 PM
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Default Real World Chronicles Continued [Modern Day Real World Mod]

July 2019 Official Release (v1.0)

JULY 2019 DATA (v1.0) *Updated 02/07/2019*
PEOPLE PACK *Updated 30/06/2019*
LOGO'S BELTS ETC *Updated 30/06/2019*

Next Release
TEW 2020

Previous Releases:
April 2019
February 2019
November 2018


- Updated the top ~350 or so USA popularity for workers
- Updated Match Type ratios for every company to reflect real-life match types
- Updated Popularity settings for every company based on attendance/viewership
- Rescaling of ratings for all workers so they fit expected distribution similar to CVerse16x to enhance playability based on community feedback
- Updated titles and lineages for all companies through June 30, 2019
- Fleisch has gone and added about 350 tag team names that make a ton of sense by region and such so that you/the AI should have some better naming as teams are created once starting your save
- I went through and added moves and updated movesets for every G1 competitor (plus gave NJPW a once over in general) so if you want to give NJPW a proper run during G1 time, this release will be your jam.
- Added in some match types to fill some gaps in the defaults, will probably do more here for the full release on Tuesday
- ~300+ additional edits not listed below

This is the official continuation of Fleisch's excellent "Real World Chronicles" current day mod. Fleisch will be releasing his final data update in August 2018, at which point I will be taking over the updating of his Real World Chronicles mod.

I would be remiss if I didn't give a gigantic thank you to Fleisch for the work he has put into this mod over the last 5 years. This game would not move near as many copies and give us all the hours of enjoyment it does without his work. I am happy that Dr_Avalanche and I were able to assist when we could in the later stages, but the basis of this mod is and always will be a testament to the effort Fleisch put in. I hope I speak on behalf of the community when I say THANK YOU!

Thank you for entrusting me with continuing your efforts and I hope to do you proud!

(Hopefully I don't screw it up too bad)

This is not a monthly release mod - This mod will continue in the Fleisch tradition of releasing every three months so that I can take some "bigger" swings on global updates to the mod.
This mod will not have every worker/company in existence - This mod will stick to ~2500 workers and ~60 companies so it stays performant and limits the amount of data to update each release.

For those looking for a monthly-release + every company mod, TheWho87 has a great monthly released mod here.

Two words: Data Driven

Going forward, this mod will be heavily modeled after DerekB's CVerse16x data in terms of worker stats and (to a lesser degree) popularity. This is done to ensure long-term playability of the mod and strike a fine line between overrating/underrating workers.

The idea here is to have a mod that "self-adjusts" based on what happens in real life as much as possible. There are ~2500 workers and ~60 promotions to update each release so I am looking to automate as much of the work as I can. I'm a web developer/data analyst by trade, so anything that I can automate or give me a sanity check on when ratings get out of whack should help keep the mod fresh for each update.

Worker stats will be modeled after how the game generates ratings and improvements for workers. You should see veterans with (in general) higher performance stats, rookies with lower respect ratings, etc... Again, the idea here is to give the game long-term playability.

I will post more specifically on this topic as we get closer to a first release.

You will likely see a little more Japanese/Joshi focus as well, as I'm a puro/joshi fan at heart (+ WWE).

Polite, constructive feedback is welcome and appreciated. We have a great community on here and I am by no means the be-all-end-all expert on all-things wrestling. I'm happy to explain anything I can and will heavily incorporate community feedback into each release.

Feedback that is rude or not specific will be ignored. Saying "why is worker x so low? Drrrrrrrrrrrr" is not helpful in any way. Please be as specific as possible when reporting things you see as amiss in the mod.
* Card subject to change *

AAW: Professional Wrestling Redefined
Absolute Intense Wrestling
* All Elite Wrestling [New]
All Japan Pro-Wrestling
Alpha-1 Wrestling
ATTACK! Pro Wrestling
Big Japan Pro-Wrestling
Championship Wrestling from Hollywood
Combat Zone Wrestling
Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre
Desastre Total Ultraviolento
DDT Pro-Wrestling
Dragon Gate
EVOLVE Wrestling
Extreme Championship Wrestling (Historical purposes)
Fight Club: Pro
* Game Changer Wrestling [New]
German Wrestling Federation
House of Hardcore
Impact Wrestling
Innovate Pro Wrestling
Insane Championship Wrestling
Internacional Wrestling Revolucion Grupo
International Pro Wrestling United Kingdom
IWA: Mid-South
Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide
Lucha Underground
Major League Wrestling
* Marvelous [New]
Melbourne City Wrestling
New Japan Pro-Wrestling
Northern Championship Wrestling
Over The Top Wrestling
OZ Academy
Pro Wrestling Guerrilla
Pro Wrestling ZERO1
Pro-Wrestling: EVE
Pro-Wrestling NOAH
PROGRESS Wrestling
Revolution Pro Wrestling
Ring of Honor
Sendai Girls' Pro Wrestling
SHIMMER Women Athletes
SHINE Wrestling
Smash Wrestling
The Crash Lucha Libre
* Tokyo Joshi Pro [New]
westside Xtreme wrestling
World Championship Wrestling (Historical purposes)
World Wonder Ring Stardom
World Wrestling Entertainment

Maybe Inclusions (carry over from previous data):
World of Sport Wrestling
Fight Club Finland
GBG Wrestling

Fleisch - Obviously
Dr_Avalanche - For keeping my Joshi game on point
Derek_B - For his excellent mod making guide and feedback
joemurphy - For allowing his excellent SAMPP picture pack to be included
The TEW Community - For your feedback and support

If you enjoy the mod, feel free to take a look at some of the other items I partake in throughout the TEW universe

southside_hitmen's CVerse Logos/Belts/Events - A rebranding of the CVerse companies that come with the game

WIRE: Kings of Wrestling [CVerse - Multiplayer] - A multiplayer dynasty by @Uncrewed, @willr0ck, @HRTVAndrew and myself using CVerse companies

Black Canvas Grappling: Dead Lions Do Not Roar [CVerse] - A trip into Cverse Puro

MotR: Mothers of the Revolution [RW Multiplayer] - A multiplayer dynasty by @Uncrewed, @Dr_Avalanche, @MrWolf101 and myself using Joshi/women's companies

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