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Unread 11-16-2019, 07:21 PM
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Default The Start of A Dynasty?

I have done these before and have always ended up stopping after a few years due to a lack of success. I will be continuing on this time but perhaps at a slower pace than before. I will try to be learning from the game and figuring out why things are happening and try to fix them. In the past I have had heavily superior teams lose to inferior ones on a consistent basis and fixing that will be the key to success.

I will be taking over as the head coach of the Abilene Christian Wildcats. Abilene Christian is located in Abilene, Texas and is a member of the Southland Conference. We have a prestige of 0 so it will be all uphill from here! I am anticipating that this will be a long and arduous journeys with many ups and downs.

We will be utilizing everything that is standard in modern day college basketball as far as rules and setup. We also have real coaches in the file (although the coach file is a few years old and will not be up to date).

This league will be starting in the year 2000. All of the history of college basketball does not exist and we will be starting this league in year one. There is no history and we will be rebuilding through history.
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Unread 11-16-2019, 07:33 PM
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Default Preseason Actions

Our first order of business is to hire assistant coaches. We have a budget of $150,000 so we will only be able to hire coaches at the bare minimum of $30,000.

Here is our entire staff:

Recruiting Director: Claude Broderick (Niagara)
Lead Scout: Devin Esquivel (UT-San Antonio)
Coaching Assistant: Walton Eldred (Niagara)

Due to not having much money we were not able to sign anybody for a long time. Everyone declined our offers but these coaches had to keep dropping their demands and ultimately are much better than what we deserve. We will certainly take advantage of them though while they are here! It also is pretty crazy that we filled two positions with alums of Niagara University.
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Unread 11-16-2019, 08:46 PM
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Default 2000-2001 Season Preview

Here is our roster for the 2000 season. This is a roster completely devoid of talent and I would expect it to be a very bad season for us. Recruiting will be very important as I would guess that in 2 years from now our entire starting lineup will be made up of freshmen and sophomores. We have 4 seniors, 3 juniors, 4 sophomores, and 2 freshmen. As you can see we have 11 local players from Texas and two international players from Germany and Canada.


 Player                  #  Pos   Yr   Ht   Wt  Sch  Acd  Status                 Hometown
 Napoleon Ellingson     44   SG  Sr*  6-3  234  Yes   64      OK               Celina, TX
 Andrew Springer        54   SG  Sr*  6-4  206  Yes   13      OK           Falfurrias, TX
 Rich Eldridge          41   SF   Sr  6-4  208  Yes   24      OK              Joaquin, TX
 James Lindeman         45   SG   Sr  6-6  214  Yes   23      OK            Pottsboro, TX
 Emil Haptonstall        4   PF  Jr*  6-6  228  Yes   60      OK    Braunschweig, Germany
 Rickie Fullerton       55   PG  Jr*  6-0  195  Yes   43      OK               Weimar, TX
 Romeo Rinehart         30   PG  Jr*  6-2  186  Yes   71      OK              Joaquin, TX
 Chris Vasques          20    C  So*  6-8  248  Yes   43      OK              Houston, TX
 Erwin Burnside         32   SF  So*  6-7  226  Yes   29      OK            Woodsboro, TX
 Merlin Jarrell         31    C   So  6-9  229  Yes   69      OK               Borger, TX
 Kevin Buckingham       43   PF   So  6-6  221  Yes    6      OK               Fabens, TX
 Amos Boone             53   SF  Fr*  6-4  206  Yes   11      OK             Corrigan, TX
 Mark Bautista          12   PG   Fr  5-8  187  Yes   89      OK   Sturgeon Falls, Canada
Next up is our call list! Recruiting will be huge this season as we have 4 scholarships available and there is probably a 90% chance that we will be thrusting 4 freshmen into starting roles next season.


 Name                Pos    Ht   Wt  Rating   Interest      State
 Preston Yap           C  6-11  259     ***  Very High      Texas
 Joe Webb             PF  6-10  252     ***  Very High      Texas
 Wayne Bottoms        SF   6-8  215     ***  Very High      Texas
 Brooks Colin         SF   6-6  246     ***       High      Texas
 Earnest Dallas       SG   6-6  189     ***       High  Louisiana
 Frank Landa          SG   6-3  188     ***       High      Texas
 Efren Pritchard       C  6-10  243      **       High      Texas
 Marquis Triplett      C   6-8  244      **       High      Texas
 Sam Molloy           PF   6-7  250      **       High     Kansas
 Kenneth Compton      SF   6-5  221      **       High   Colorado
 Dudley O'Neil        SF   6-4  209      **       High  Australia
 Rolland Smith        SF   6-6  212      **       High   Missouri
 Winfred Snowden      PG   6-1  176      **       High      Texas
 Frank Baskin          C  6-10  246       *       High      Texas
 David Ketron          C   6-8  257       *  Very High     Canada
 Blair Kimball        PF   6-7  204       *       High      Texas
 Marin Mouton         SG  5-10  173       *       High     Canada
 Caron Hernandez      PG   6-4  186       *       High  Louisiana
 Sonny Montoya        PG   6-1  177       *       High      Texas
 Robert Hutchins      PG   6-1  177       *       High      Texas
As you can see we have a few multi-star players who are interested in us. Being in Texas definitely has its advantages as there is a huge amount of local talent. We have 3 international players on our call list but I doubt we do much to pursue any of them given how expensive it is to scout them and how small of a budget we have. Right now we are going to scout as many players as possible and do whatever we can to try and get one or two of these 2-3 star recruits. We are trying to build this program from the ground up and hopefully some of these guys will buy in to being on the ground floor.
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Unread 11-16-2019, 08:52 PM
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Default 2000-2001 Schedule

Here is the schedule for the upcoming season. All of our non-conference games are against low prestige teams and this is solely in hopes that we can win some games and up our prestige (as well as up our attractiveness to recruits). We will most likely end the season bottom 5 in RPI due to this but that is something I can definitely live with for this season.


  Date        Opponent                     Record  RPI  Result  Score  Record
  11/10/00    at Grand Canyon                 0-0    0                       
  11/14/00    North Dakota                    0-0    0                       
  11/17/00    UMass Lowell                    0-0    0                       
  11/20/00    at Omaha                        0-0    0                       
  11/25/00    Northern Kentucky               0-0    0                       
  11/28/00    Bryant                          0-0    0                       
  12/02/00    at NJIT                         0-0    0                       
  12/06/00    at Maryland-Eastern Shore       0-0    0                       
  12/10/00    at Cal State Bakersfield        0-0    0                       
  12/12/00    at Grambling State              0-0    0                       
  12/16/00    at Longwood                     0-0    0                       
  12/20/00    at Stephen F. Austin            0-0    0                       
  12/27/00    at Northwestern State           0-0    0                       
  12/30/00    McNeese                         0-0    0                       
  01/03/01    Central Arkansas                0-0    0                       
  01/06/01    at New Orleans                  0-0    0                       
  01/10/01    Southeastern Louisiana          0-0    0                       
  01/13/01    at Nicholls                     0-0    0                       
  01/24/01    Stephen F. Austin               0-0    0                       
  01/27/01    Lamar                           0-0    0                       
  01/31/01    at Houston Baptist              0-0    0                       
  02/03/01    New Orleans                     0-0    0                       
  02/07/01    at Central Arkansas             0-0    0                       
  02/14/01    at Sam Houston State            0-0    0                       
  02/17/01    Northwestern State              0-0    0                       
  02/21/01    Nicholls                        0-0    0                       
  02/24/01    at McNeese                      0-0    0                       
  02/28/01    TAMU-Corpus Christi             0-0    0                       
  03/03/01    at Incarnate Word               0-0    0
Here is our starting lineup going into the season:

PG: Romeo Rinehart (JR*)
SG: Napoleon Ellington (SR*)
SF: James Lindeman (SR)
PF: Amos Boone (FR*)
C: Chris Vasques (SO*)


6th: PG Rickie Fullerton (JR*)
7th: SF Rich Eldridge (SR)
8th: PF Emil Haptonstall (JR*)
9th: PF Kevin Buckingham (SO)
10th: SF Erwin Burnside (SO*)
11th: SG Andrew Springer (SR*)
12th: PG Mark Bautista (FR)
13th: C Merlin Jarrell (SO)

We will see how the season goes and may shake things up depending on performances.
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Unread Yesterday, 08:45 PM
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Default November 2000

November 2000

Breaking News

Before the season started SF Rich Eldridge was suspended due to academics. He was projected to play some serious minutes off the bench but will now be out until next semester when he will be eligible for reinstatement.

  Date        Opponent                     Record  RPI  Result  Score  Record
  11/10/00    at Grand Canyon                 0-7  334       W  66-58     1-0
  11/14/00    North Dakota                    0-3  154       W  57-49     2-0
  11/17/00    UMass Lowell                    0-4   58       W  52-51     3-0
  11/20/00    at Omaha                        1-5   56       W  56-44     4-0
  11/25/00    Northern Kentucky               2-4   47       L  57-42     4-1
  11/28/00    Bryant                          0-6  104       W  47-39     5-1
November 10, 2000

Abilene Christian (0-0) vs. Grand Canyon (0-0)

Final Score: Abilene Christian - 66, Grand Canyon - 58. We led pretty much throughout this whole game and never let Grand Canyon get close. James Lindeman and Napoleon Ellingson both had 15 points with Lindemaan adding on 8 rebounds. Kevin Buckingham tied him with 8 rebounds as well and had 2 assists. This was a great start to the season but I don't want to get my hopes up as this was ultimately a terrible Grand Canyon team we played.

November 14, 2000

North Dakota (0-0) vs. Abilene Christian (1-0)

Final Score: North Dakota - 49, Abilene Christian - 57. Napoleon Ellingson led the team with 14 points including going 9 of 10 from the free throw line. We were able to overcome 17 turnovers to their 9 and we really need to tighten up the offense and force more turnovers on defense. Romeo Rinehart was the only other player in double digits with 10 points. Kevin Buckingham had 8 points and had 10 rebounds which was close to the first double-double in program history. This was a back and forth game and one I thought we would lose but we were able to pull out the win to go to a very surprising but welcome 2-0.

November 17, 2000

UMass Lowell (0-0) vs. Abilene Christian (2-0)

Final Score: UMass Lowell - 51, Abilene Christian - 52. This one was almost catastrophic as with one minute left we were up 4 but committed a foul on a made basket and then had a technical foul from arguing the call. That turned into a 5 point play for UMass Lowell that gave them a one point lead. Thankfully Romeo Rinehart made a bucket to give us the game-winning score! Napoleon Ellingson had 16 points and Kevin Buckingham had 11. Buckingham went 9-10 from the line but the rest of the team went 11-19 and missed free throws nearly cost us dearly in this one. Chris Vasquez narrowly missed a double-double with 9 points and 10 rebounds. We only committed 11 turnovers in this one but also only had 5 assists. Bringing in playmakers will be key for the future. I did not expect we would begin the year 3-0 and this is an absolute dream come true for helping our prestige moving forward. Winning games is always better than losing, even if it is against bottom tier teams.

Breaking News

We received one vote in the Mid-Major Top 25! We are literally at the very bottom of the list, if you were to count down we would be #72. But we made it and that is so cool to see. There is a team with one vote as well (Sacramento State) who is yet to play a game so this obviously doesn't mean much but is still something we will take as a win.

November 20, 2000

Abilene Christian (3-0) vs. Omaha (1-2)

Final Score: Abilene Christian - 56, Omaha - 44. Napoleon Ellingson had 19 points and went a perfect 14-14 from the free throw line. As a team we went 28-37 from the line ans Omaha got in foul trouble early. The next highest scorer was James Lindeman with 7. Kevin Buckingham led the team with 6 rebounds. We were crushed pretty hard on the boards as Omaha had 10 offensive rebounds to our two. Another very good win and we are an improbable 4-0!

November 25, 2020

Northern Kentucky (1-3) vs. Abilene Christian (4-0)

Final Score: Northern Kentucky - 57, Abilene Christian - 42. We were outclassed in this one as we only made 15 shots but committed 16 turnovers. Northern Kentucky was able to run their offense easily against us as they shot 52.5% against our 41.7%. This was a sloppy game for us but I can't be mad at all given that we've already picked up 4 unexpected wins and sometimes teams have bad games, especially with inferior players. Napoleon Ellingson topped the team with 9 points and Kevin Buckingham picked up 8 rebounds. We will certainly have to be better moving forward but I'm proud of the fight in our guys.

Team News

After this loss we dropped out of the Mid-Major top 25 poll as we no longer received a vote. No surprise here but since I had mentioned it the first time I figured I should mention us dropping out here.

November 28, 2000

Bryant (0-5) vs. Abilene Christian (4-1)

Final Score: Bryant - 39, Abilene Christian - 47.This one was a rough game as the halftime score was 19-14 with us in the lead and Bryant didn't reach double digits until two minutes left in the first half. The amazing thing is that despite only a 5 point difference we shot 47% from the field in the first half while they shot a whopping 12.5%!! They were able to get to the line and score otherwise they may have ended up with only 4-6 points in the first half. I don't believe this had much to do with our defense although I suppose if you bend my arm we will take credit. This is about what you would expect a game between these two teams to look like. Bryant committed 20 turnovers and made a total of 9 shots! Napoleon Ellingson had 16 points and Romeo Rinehart had 12. This one was absolutely ugly but we got out of it with a win and an impressive 5-1 record.

Overall Record: 5-1
Home Record: 3-1
Road Record: 2-0
Ranking: NR
RPI: 342

Season Stats


SG Napoleon Ellingson - 14.8
PG Romero Rinehart - 8.0
SF James Lindeman - 6.7


C Kevin Buckingham - 6.7
PF Chris Vasques - 5.8
SF James Lindeman - 3.8


C Kevin Buckingham - 1.5
PF Chris Vasques - 1.3
PG Rickie Fullerton - 1.3

Recruiting News

Before our first game we already have 3 commitments for next season! With four scholarships I went hard after my top 4 players and honestly expected to at best land only one of them. I used my entire budget on them and it is very relieving to see that it paid off. The next guys on my list were all mediocre anyways so it would not have mattered if I was a bit behind on the recruiting trail with them. Here are the newest Abilene Christian commits!

Our first recruit is Preston Yap from Merkel, Texas. Yap is a 6'11" Center who projects to be a good inside scorer and strong rebounder. He also should provide superb interior defense but will not block many shots. He won't take many or any outside shots and won't do much distributing but we can live with that given that he can contribute with his shot as well as on defense. Yap is a 3 star recruit and the #354 overall player in the nation. Yap wanted to stay local and the other schools were Texas, Texas Tech, and Texas A&M but none of those schools offered him a scholarship.

Our second recruit is Joe Webb from Cisco, Texas. Webb is a 6'10" Power Forward who will be an ok scorer but not asked to be a constant threat inside. He is a great handler and you know once he gets the ball he will not turn it over. His passing is mediocre but is perhaps something he can improve upon. He is an absolute animal on the offensive glass and is another stellar defender. Him and Yap have the potential to become a great tandem down low. Webb is a 3 star recruit and the #467 overall player in the nation. The only other school he was interested in was UTEP but they did not offer him a scholarship.

Our 3rd recruit is Frank Landa from Kileen, Texas. Landa is a 6'3" Shooting Guard who can score from the inside and outside. He has the chance to be an elite 3 point shooter and he is a solid ball-handler and passer. His defense is mediocre but should not be a huge detriment to the team. The good news is that he is a very good rebounder and he is already advanced on offense and will immediately be plugged into the starting lineup. Lamda is a 3 star recruit and the #180 overall player. Baylor, TCU, UT-San Antonio, and Stephen F. Austin were all interested but none of them offered a scholarship.

Being in Texas certainly helped with all of these players as they were interested in attending Abilene Christian from day one. You can see from the schools they were interested in that staying in Texas mattered to them, but they all liked the elite schools in Texas and those schools were chasing better talent. We were able to snag these guys before the other schools could send offers out to them and we are very thankful. If they had waited until later in the year there is no chance we would have been able to sign any of these guys.

The only player to decline our scholarship was SG Earnest Dallas but he was a JC player and it probably is for the best that we stick to bringing in 4 freshmen and not a Juco player. He is a solid player on both sides of the ball though. He decided to attend Tulane. He was a 3 star recruit and #299 overall.
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Default December 2000

December 2000


  Date        Opponent                     Record  RPI  Result  Score     Record
  11/10/00    at Grand Canyon                0-14  268       W  66-58        1-0
  11/14/00    North Dakota                   1-10  202       W  57-49        2-0
  11/17/00    UMass Lowell                   2-11  233       W  52-51        3-0
  11/20/00    at Omaha                       1-13  186       W  56-44        4-0
  11/25/00    Northern Kentucky              2-14  181       L  57-42        4-1
  11/28/00    Bryant                         0-13  315       W  47-39        5-1
  12/02/00    at NJIT                         6-9  294       L  52-42        5-2
  12/06/00    at Maryland-Eastern Shore      3-10  163       L  62-45        5-3
  12/10/00    at Cal State Bakersfield       2-11  317       W  58-55        6-3
  12/12/00    at Grambling State              3-9  150       L  68-65        6-4
  12/16/00    at Longwood                     5-8  231       L  65-62        6-5
  12/20/00    at Stephen F. Austin           10-4  143       L  61-37  6-6 (0-1)
  12/27/00    at Northwestern State           6-6   50       L  61-47  6-7 (0-2)
  12/30/00    McNeese                         5-8  205       L  50-42  6-8 (0-3)
2000 Southland Conference Standings

 TEAM                             CW  CL    Pct   W   L   Pct  RPI  Prestige
 Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks     3   0  1.000  10   4  .714  143        53
 Northwestern State Demons         2   0  1.000   6   6  .500   50        28
 TAMU-Corpus Christi Islanders     2   0  1.000   6   6  .500  271        34
 McNeese Cowboys                   2   0  1.000   5   8  .385  205        25
 Lamar Cardinals                   1   1   .500  11   2  .846  313        29
 Sam Houston State Bearkats        1   1   .500   7   5  .583  297        41
 Southeastern Louisiana Lions      1   1   .500   5   6  .455  240        29
 Central Arkansas Bears            1   1   .500   3   9  .250  250         7
 Nicholls Colonels                 1   2   .333   2  12  .143  180        16
 Incarnate Word Cardinals          1   2   .333   2  12  .143  166         0
 Abilene Christian Wildcats        0   3   .000   6   8  .429  351         0
 Houston Baptist Huskies           0   1   .000   3   8  .273  281         4
 New Orleans Privateers            0   3   .000   0  13  .000  316         4
December 2, 2000

Abilene Christian (5-1) vs. NJIT (2-4)

Final Score: Abilene Christian - 42, NJIT - 52. It was over 8 minutes until we scored our first points of the game but thankfully NJIT was cold as well and it made the score 7-2. Despite that we were down 27-15 at the half. Amos Boone led the team with 10 points off the bench (8-10 from the free throw line) and Kevin Buckingham had 7 rebounds. Romeo Rinehart had a rough game going 1-10 with 3 points. This is not a bad loss though as this is a solid NJIT team with wins over Navy and Grand Canyon and two of their losses were to Saint John's and Villanova.

Team News

We have replaced Kevin Buckingham in the starting lineup with Amos Boone.

December 6, 2000

Abilene Christian (5-2) vs. Maryland-Eastern Shore (1-5)

Final Score: Abilene Christian - 45, Maryland-Eastern Shore - 62. Playing on the road is tough, especially when you commit 15 turnovers and only force 7. Chris Vasquez had 10 points and 9 rebounds and was by far the best player in this one.

December 10, 2000

Abilene Christian (5-3) vs. Cal State Bakersfield (2-5)

Final Score: Abilene Christian - 58, Cal State Bakersfield - 55. We pulled out a close one here thanks to 19 points for Napoleon Ellingson. James Lindeman added on 14 and Romeo Rinehart had 10. Emil Haptonstall had the most rebounds with 6 off the bench. We are still trying to fix the turnover differential as we had 16 to their 10, but right now we have been fortunate enough to be able to overcome it.

December 12, 2000

Abilene Christian (6-3) vs. Grambling State (1-5)

Final Score: Abilene Christian - 65, Grambling State - 68. This one was tied with 2 minutes to go but our players only took 3's from that point on which was disappointing because we didn't need a 3 and we shoot 3's at 28% which is 274th in the country. Napoleon Ellingson had 17 points and Emil Haptonstall was big off the bench with 13 points and 6 rebounds. We only had 5 assists on 25 made shots but we did win the turnover battle.

December 16, 2000

Abilene Christian (6-4) vs. Longwood (2-6)

Final Score: Abilene Christian - 62, Longwood - 65 in Overtime. This one was an overtime thriller but the biggest story of this game was Napoleon Ellingson getting injured after seven minutes. Luckily he will only miss 8 days with a bruised jaw. Romeo Rinehart had 18 points and Chris Vasques had 10. We won the turnover battle again and I think we would have been able to pull out a win if Ellingson wouldn't have gotten hurt. The bench came up big with 18 points in his absence though. This road stretch has been very hard on us which comes as no surprise. This was our last OOC game and we hed to conference play after this.

December 20, 2000

Abilene Christian (6-5) vs. Stephen F. Austin (6-3)

Final Score: Abilene Christian - 37, Stephen F. Austin - 61. We attempted 31 shots and had 21 turnovers as we were outclassed by a much better team. Romeo Rinehart led the team with 9 points. We only had 5 assists on 12 made shots and that is something we will need to greatly improve on next season.

December 27, 2000

Abilene Christian (6-6) vs. Northwestern State (4-6)

Final Score: Abilene Christian - 47, Northwestern State - 61. This one was a 4-7 point game throughout before Northwestern State broke away late. James Lindeman had 11 points but both Chris Vasques and Emil Haptonstall both fouled out. We lost the turnover battle and had 8 assists on 14 made shots. This puts our losing streak at 4 but is finally the last of our 7 game road stretch.

December 30, 2000

McNeese (4-8) vs. Abilene Christian (6-7)

Final Score: McNeese - 50, Abilene Christian - 42. It wasn't until 13 minutes into the first half that we had more points (8) than turnovers (7). Thankfully McNeese didn't open a big lead so we were only down 14-8. We tend to keep all these games close but we've only gone on a run of more than maybe 6-0 one time this season. Games are usually very low scoring and eventually the other team gets hot or we just go on a 7-10 minute scoring drought. This will change as we get our recruits in but is tough to coach. We are currently averaging 51.3 points per game which is 326th in the country. A big factor in this is that we are 349th in assists per game, 347th in offensive rebounds per game, and 339th in total rebounds per game.

Overall Record: 6-8
Conference Record: 0-3
Home Record: 3-2
Road Record: 3-6
Rank: NR
RPI: 351

Season Stats


SG Napoleon Ellingson - 11.4
PG Romeo Rinehart - 7.8
SF James Lindeman - 7.6


PF Chris Vasques - 1.3
PG Rickie Fullerton - 1.3
SG Napoleon Ellingson - 1.1


PF Chris Vasques - 6.1
C Kevin Buckingham - 4.6
SF James Lindeman - 3.4
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