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Unread 08-04-2018, 09:08 PM
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Default Overhaul of Show Availability part of Contract Negotiations

1. I feel like there should be a slight change in the "You Would be Available For" section of a contract negotiation. Right now, it gives you the option of:

All Shows
Events Only
Events and A TV Shows
Everything Except House Shows

I feel like to better reflect how contracts are set up for aging wrestlers in real life, we should have something like:

"You would be available for:"

All Shows
Events Only
Events and A TV Shows
Everything Except House Shows
Everything & Half of all House Shows
Events, A TV Shows, & Half of all House Shows
None (For Non-Wrestlers and Retired Wrestlers)

Angles & Backstage:
All Shows
Events Only
Events and A TV Shows

I call for a change in a way similar to this, because if I wanted to simulate a deal like Brock, Goldberg, The Rock, Undertaker, etc. I could set them to wrestle Events Only while still having them available for Angles for All Shows, so I can still use them to build hype for feuds without them having to wrestle. This would also help AI booking, so the AI won't unrealistically book them in ways promotions like WWE, Impact (Tommy Dreamer sometimes) and ROH (Bully Ray) wouldn't normally book them IRL.

And at the same time, I can sign Daniel Bryan or Randy Orton to deals that will allow them to wrestle all events & half of all house shows.

As time goes on and wrestlers age, I think it should be natural for them to look for deals like these if their name value is high enough to begin with.

It might seem like a pointless feature from a Player's perspective I guess, but I think it would at least help the AI book more realistically and build more realistic deals from the AI's Wrestler's perspective of being up there in age but still being popular and wanting to preserve their bodies while still making as much money as possible.

2. I think to prevent mods from creative networks for smaller promotions like GWN, Demand Progress, Honor Club, WWNLive, etc. and also to help more accurately reflect popularity changes after events broadcasted on those services, I think the Media Distribution section should be changed to better reflect how wrestling is presented and broadcasted online in the modern era.

For example, the only option for Internet is to air your 100% of your content for free online, which means you don't make anything on it. This isn't the case with Pro Wrestling anymore, as more and more promotions are finding ways to Monetize their content outside of dwindling DVD sales.

There should be a "Video On Demand" option for media distribution, which will raise the worker pop and promotion pop relative to the momentum behind your promotion. So a promotion just starting out and/or that is fairly irrelevant wouldn't gain fans or worker pop as fast, but a promotion with the highest momentum of its size will see more worker and pop growth in more places, because within the industry it's the Hot promotion of the current day.

The costs would increase or decrease relative to the promotion size, and realistic to how expensive or inexpensive VOD services can be for a promotion depending on if they have a huge library like WWEs or if they are just starting out. The company profits from the VOD service would also depend on promotion momentum and size, so a growing promotion that has a lot of buzz relative to its size will see more profits from the VOD service than a promotion that is struggling to get a decent footing with regards to good shows.

To Balance the feature out some, I would call for editing the Eras section to include the prevalence of the Internet and the prevalence of Home Video in the era. So for example, in the 1980's to the mid 1990's, the Internet prevalence was low at best, while Home Video was high, so you would get more of a benefit distributing through home video than VOD.

But, if the era is anytime past 2013-2014 (debut of the WWE Network, rise of Netflix, Hulu, etc.) your Internet prevalence would be high while your Home prevalance might be medium at best, which would mean you would gain more of a benefit distributing your shows via VOD rather than Home Video.

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Unread 08-08-2018, 09:33 AM
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But in the instance of Brock and Goldberg, they are contracted for a certain number of appearances period, not just matches. Any time Brock is on TV or a show, that counts as an appearance on his deal, regardless of whether or not he wrestles.

If I recall -- you can use guys in angles even if they can't wrestle on the show (barring injury). I seem to remember Skull DeBones having a contract where he only wrestles on Pay Per Views, but can still do angles on TV -- but I could be remembering that part wrong.

I like the part about events and only a portion of the house shows, but since we can already pick which wrestlers work on our house shows -- are you thinking that guys will get 'greyed out' when they've hit their max dates? I'm just curious how you see this part working.
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