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Unread 06-09-2019, 09:58 PM
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Default World Wide Wrestling (Organic wrestling made with you!)

Hello one and all! I am going to start a database using i effin rule's organic database. In this dynasty, the promotion I will run will be named "World Wide Wrestling". With a strong emphasis on traditional and mainstream but no comedy. My product will adapt overtime and will always be in the mood for changes.

The gimmick? Is my roster will be filled, by you. See, the game is organic so there are characters that need gimmicks and names. And I want you to be them. I want you guys to be my roster with characters by you!

All with a * are required to be filled

Full name*: (Can be anything you want)

Short name: (Can be a nickname)

Date of Birth*: (This game starts in 1985 so bare that in mind when you put age Iíll also try to find the person within 5 years)



Nationality*: (Note this will take place in the US with no restrictions)

Worker Status*: (Are you a active wrestler? Or perhaps youíre a non wrestler whose a manager? Please say so)

Worker Style*: (Please list what type of wrestler you are. Only if you are a wrestler!)


Moveset*: (You must have at least ONE but no more than three. Please name them, and say what type of finisher they are)

Gimmick*: (What is your current gimmick? If you have your own please describe it)


Picture: (Optional)

Mask: (Yes/No)

Hair: (Yes/No) (If yes say what color of hair)

Bio: (This is completely optional if you include your own I will copy and paste it.)
You maybe asking, what about skills and personality and such. Well, I can't make you as workers but I can choose who I believe fits your name and style accordingly. All are given a character and I will book as fairly as I can. All kinds of characters are welcome including, commentators, managers, road agents, and of course wrestlers.

A promotion made by the users, for the users. Join me.
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