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Unread 02-10-2019, 06:10 PM
WastemanDev WastemanDev is offline
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Default ROH: Reclaiming The Honor

ROH: Reclaiming The Honor is a TEW save I've wanted to do for a while.

Being a former fan of Ring of Honor back from the Steen vs. Generico phase and then kinda dropping off as Steen left and ROH became more engulfed in the NJPW World fold, I feel to be honest ROH lost it's edge and has become second fiddle to NJPW.

This save starts is Feb'19 just after ROH's Bound By Honor show. Reason being plain and simply so I can get a fresh stab at booking ROH and start my own timeline.

The goal of this save/diary is to give ROH back it's edge and be able to make it a force to be reckoned with within the wrestling landscape and with AEW now on the rise stealing some big names from ROH and NJPW this gives me the chance bring in some fresher and unexpected names gradually as the save progresses.

Sadly due to AEW being around this will also limit my signings as I've set myself the rule of not being able to hire wrestlers who are apart of AEW, so no PAC, MJF, Lucha Brothers etc etc.

The schedule I'm hoping to stick to is post an ROH TV every Tuesday and then whenever we have PPV coming up post that on the Saturday of that week.

This is my first time doing a diary so yeah, it's gonna be a ride for us all!


ROH World Heavyweight

Jay Lethal

ROH World Television

Jeff Cobb

ROH Women of Honor

Kelly Klein

ROH World Tag Team

The Briscoes (Jay Briscoe & Mark Briscoe)

ROH World Six-Man

Villain Enterprises (Brody King, Marty Scurll & PCO)

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Unread 02-10-2019, 07:21 PM
Texasrangers13 Texasrangers13 is offline
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Love the rules you've set up to cover for AEW. (Will they be around in your diary? Might be fun to see some updates on them here and there). Always glad to see another ROH diary and excited to follow your take.
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Unread 02-11-2019, 10:32 AM
Powerbrock100's Avatar
Powerbrock100 Powerbrock100 is offline
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This sounds great man alot of ROH diaries popping up recently and this is the perfect time to try to save or redeem ROH which imo has been a shell of it's former self and basically just NJPW US. Love the ruling of the AEW signing does limit alot of big signings but have faith you'll find suitable replacements for them.
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Unread 02-11-2019, 03:22 PM
WastemanDev WastemanDev is offline
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Originally Posted by Texasrangers13 View Post
Love the rules you've set up to cover for AEW. (Will they be around in your diary? Might be fun to see some updates on them here and there). Always glad to see another ROH diary and excited to follow your take.
Yeah I was thinking every maybe 3 months in game, maybe less any input or feedback is appreciated. I'd do an update on AEW, NJPW and anyone else that'd be directly involved with myself and ROH.

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Unread 02-12-2019, 05:52 AM
EBEZA EBEZA is offline
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Colour me intrigued!

#PushTenille <3
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Unread 02-12-2019, 04:56 PM
WastemanDev WastemanDev is offline
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Tuesday Week 3 February 2019

The show opens with the camera on Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana sat at the commentary desk recapping Bound By Honor.

Ian Riccaboni: Colt! Bound By Honor was an amazing show! We saw amazing action over both nights, from the start of Night One to the end of Night Two I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. We even got to see you in action against The Technical Wizard and member of Suziki-gun, Zack Sabre Jr.!

Colt Cabana: In a losing effort though Ian. *Colt Chuckles* But let's not talk about me let's talk about some of the amazing action we saw! Like the absolutely amazing match between Jeff Cobb and Rocky Romero for the ROH Television Championship! Cobb proved to us yet again why he's deserving of all the praise and the right to call himself champion, as well as the absolute insanity that happened when Villain Enterprises member PCO took on Mark Briscoe from Night Two, two eccentric characters to say the least and this match showed just that!

Ian Riccaboni: Speaking of PCO and Villain Enterprises we must mention that we now have brand new ROH Six-Man Champions in Marty Scurll, PCO & Brody King as then took on The Kingdom on Night One in a tag team war.

Before Colt can begin to start saying his next point the lights in the arena go out.

Segment Rating: 56 C-

A spotlight shines onto the top of the ramp way.

???: Ladies and Gentlemen my name is...

Paul Heyman: PAUL HEYMAN!

The fans chant "HOLY SH*T!" as Heyman walks to the ring.

Paul Heyman: You people may know me as the advocate of a certain Universal Beast but as of right now that is NO MORE! You see myself and Ring of Honor have something in common, back in our heydays we had balls, we had the audacity to look the man in the eyes and say SCREW YOU! SCREW YOU, WE'RE RIGHT AND YOU'RE WRONG! SCREW YOU AND YOUR RULES! THIS IS OUR F'N HOUSE!

The fans rally behind Heyman chanting his name.

Paul Heyman: As of right now I am your new head of Ring of Honor and there are going to be some major changes around here. Over the foreseeable future I'm going to give Ring of Honor that shot of adrenaline in the arm it's so desperately needed for so long. Expect to see names in Ring of Honor you haven't seen before, and maybe even some unexpected returns you never thought possible. *Heyman winks* Which brings me to my first call of duty as new head of ROH. Mr. Colt Cabana, yes the same Colt Cabana that once tore open the wrestling world when you did a podcast with a former client of mine. You're far to talented to be making one off appearances and being stuck behind a commentary table, as of right now you're returning to in ring action full time.

Cabana takes off the headset and stands up from behind the desk.

Paul Heyman: Mr. Cabana you'll be in tonight's Main Event in a #1 Contenders Match for the Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Championship against this man.

Art & Life by Twista ft. Young Chris, Memphis Bleek & Freeway plays over the speakers.

KENTA makes his ROH return after 10 years and locks eyes with Cabana.

Segment Rating: 85 B+

Match #1

PCO & Brody King (Villain Enterprises) vs. Bandido & Mark Haskins (Lifeblood)
In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn't have much heat, PCO and Brody King defeated Bandido and Mark Haskins in 7:13 when PCO defeated Bandido by pinfall with a Cannonball.
Match Rating: 56 C-

Marty Scurll enters the ring with a microphone in hand.

Marty Scurll: Who needs friends!? Friends just leave you, and all my friends are DEAD! This is the era of the Villains and Villian Enterprises.

Marty, PCO & Brody all raises their titles.

Segment Rating: 52 D+

Match #2

Jeff Cobb vs. PJ Black
In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn't have much heat, Jeff Cobb defeated PJ Black in 6:37 by pinfall with a Flipping Bodyslam.
Match Rating: 52 D+

Kelly Klein is escorted to ring with her entourage.

Kelly Klein: So I beat your little Joshi darling Mayu last night and quite frankly that match wasn't even a challenge. So I'm ready to give another one of you helpless bitches in the back a shot at the CHAMP!

Segment Rating: 51 D+

Match #3
ROH Women Of Honor Championship: Kelly Klein(c) vs. Hollidead
In a terrible match, Kelly Klein defeated Holidead in 5:31 by submission. Kelly Klein makes defence number 2 of her ROH Women of Honor title.
Match Rating: 25 E

Before the main event starts Ian Riccaboni is surprised by his new ROH commentary partner. TAZ!

Taz: Couldn't leave you all by yourself for the main event Riccy, mind if I call you Riccy?

Ian Riccaboni: Pleasure to have you joining us Taz!

Segment Rating: 51 D+

Main Event
#1 Contenders Match: KENTA vs. Colt Cabana
In a bout that had good wrestling and a decent reaction from the crowd, KENTA defeated Colt Cabana in 17:31 by pinfall with a Go To Sleep.
Match Rating: 63 C

After the match Lethal climbs into the ring to offer a handshake to KENTA, KENTA looks up at belt and taunts Lethal with a throat slice before leaving.

Segment Rating: 62 C

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Unread 02-17-2019, 02:20 PM
WastemanDev WastemanDev is offline
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Default Reviews?

Let me know what you guys think of my first write up and the show overall in general! I'd like this post to be really interactive.
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Unread 02-17-2019, 05:10 PM
RyanR93WKU RyanR93WKU is offline
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I liked the addition of KENTA to the roster. Taz as a commentator is a plus over guys like Colt Cabana and Caprice Coleman who should be in the ring more often. Paul Heyman is a good edition, but no way he would go to ROH leaving WWE unless an incident happen between them and Brock. Looking forward to the booking as with only one hour a week it's hard to feature all the great talent ROH has. It was always a challenge for me because I like to feature as many as possible so hoping to see more events like house shows pop up just to get some people in the ring.
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Unread 02-19-2019, 07:55 AM
Bigelow Cartwheel's Avatar
Bigelow Cartwheel Bigelow Cartwheel is offline
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Good first show. Massive Heyman fan so Iím interested to see what happens here.

Good luck.
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