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Unread 05-27-2016, 02:06 PM
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Chris Moristette and Rogue both hit Time Decline and got released and I snatched them up for my Regional-going-Cult promotion as I had TV and wanted a good ratings draw. Around the same time, KC Glenn signed a Written deal with WLW, so in his last match in the company he dropped the title to the debuting Spencer Spade after the first dirty finish in my promotion when Morisette and Rogue (under their real names) ambushed them.

They've all got 'Big League Player' gimmicks, and are heels, obviously, working a stable under the name of 'Team Supreme.' Mikey James lost to Rogue in Rogue's first match in the company, and I was going to do a road to redemption with him but he got signed to SWF. Congrats, very worthy, so, he too passed the torch to Spade.

I'm probably going to give Spade a year long reign of terror going over everyone with dirty heel help before dropping him to a guy who I'm set on pushing to the moon. Some of my candidates are El Mitico Jr, Matthew Keith, Ernest Youngman, and Steven Parker. I guess we'll have to see who really proves themselves over the next few months. After that, Spencer will probably turn on the both of them, beat them both, and get solidified for a strong babyface run with the title later. He's obviously my star player now.

Rogue/Lobby also beat Zone Out in Fox Mask's last match in the promotion (He too got signed by WLW, I got raided pretty hard...) and are now feuding with the team of Mainstream Hernandez and Remmy Skye being manged by Dharma Gregg. They've also got Wrecking Crew (Farrady/Bulldozer) and Style and Substance (Mitico/Lucha III) to contend with, so even though they're pretty in decline they're still able to put on some excellent matches in a tag team environment and Rogue is helping Spencer's charisma in a managerial role. Up to A-, there. Nice. Wouldn't be surprised if he got signed again.
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Unread 06-24-2016, 04:18 PM
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I just had my first ever (in all of TEW) 100 rated match, The Outsiders vs. The Steiners
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Unread 07-09-2016, 11:50 AM
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And kaboom. Now to take cult status and start turning up the volume.
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Unread 07-09-2016, 01:12 PM
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A mockup site for my ELITE Wrestling promotion. Current champion is Cody Rhodes; Tag Team Champions are Roderick Strong and Adam Cole, who are in the beginning stages of a break up after almost 3 years as a team; and Sasha X (formerly Sasha Banks) is the Women's Champion having beaten Gail Kim and retired her in the ladder rematch.

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Unread 07-28-2016, 05:06 PM
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I expect that most people have moved on to the new version, but after a year of occasional play due to not getting particularly invested in any of the promotions I tried, I finally decided to start my own promotion and am having fun slowly growing the company from nothing.

Squared Circle Professional Wrestling (using logos and banners I found on this board) is a performance over popularity promotion operating in the South East US (0/0/0/$10000).

It took me 14 months to get to Small, averaging about $2000 in profit each month.

My initial roster was 12 workers, a Road Agent, Referee, Announcer (User Character) and Color Commentator. With the exception of tag teams, I've unofficially limited my self to only one worker from an existing promotion at a time.

Riley McManus (F+/E-)
Kip Keenan (F+/E) - current champion, works for IPW
Bradley Blaze (F/F+) - works for MAW
Felipe Caballero (-/F+)
Remmy Honeyman (-/F)
Achilles the Mighty (-/F-)

Brian Fletcher aka Raphael (F+/E-) - works for RIPW
Mobstar (F+/E) - works for GSW
Ernest Youngman (F/E) - works for PSW
Quentin Queen (F-/F)
Austin Smooth (-/F+)
Melvin Otto (-/F-)

Matt Stephenson (User Character) - Announcer
Doc Messing - Colour Commentator
Charles Hapstander - Referee
Reese Paige - Road Agent

My main (and only title) is the SCPW Championship (using the generic title belt pic), currently held by Kip Keenan, who defeated Mobstar (who stole Keenan's spot in a title match vs McManus in June 2014, where he surprised the crowd by winning the title) at my March 2015 show to end the first storyline I ran in the company. During the course of the storyline, I signed Gravedigga (F+) and T-Bone Bright (F+/E-) from GSW and IPW to support their partners, and brought in Island Boy Apollo (F+/E-) for five shows as a title challenger for Mobstar and fresh opponent for my other heels after signing a working agreement with FCW.

My only Next Big Thing (so far), is Melvin Otto, who makes the other rookies I signed look like superstars at this point. He hasn't improved as much as some of the others, though he (like all my initial roster) is signed for another 20 months or so.

I've signed Notorious from CZCW (who haven't done much with them to this point) and paired up Deuce Deadline with Bradley Blaze after MAW teamed them once, made them a team and then let Deuce's contract expire. Planning to use those teams to help start a tag team division and have brought in four other workers to test for tag chemistry along with trying a couple of pairings from my current roster, bringing my roster up to 21 workers currently.

New Hires:
- Boriken Love Machine Jr & Kid San Juan
- Buzz Reid & John Snyder (aka The Silencer)

Existing Roster Pairings:
- Austin Smooth & Quentin Queen (1 match, no chemistry notes)
- Felipe Caballero & Achilles the Mighty

If I can establish some teams, then I'll add my second title.

Main title wise, I'm planning on having Youngman win the title off Keenan after a bit, probably due to T-Bone Bright turning heel. He rose up the card faster than I'd intended during his role in the storyline supporting Keenan, and since I have him under contract for another 15 mo, they'll likely provide my next storyline while Youngman feuds with other faces.

Island Boy Apollo will be back as he has great chemistry with all my top heels, as does Felipe Caballero.

I've doubled my money in two months at small (at $73k), and debating on whether or not to run a second show in a different region. My inclination though, is to keep my money and upgrade my non-wrestler positions, particularly colour commentator and referee. Doc is beneficial to my locker room, but he is only average at the desk. Hapstander is average as well, but doesn't provide me any benefit in the backstage area (It's at a 75%, as many of the people I hired turned out to be positive influences).
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Unread 11-25-2018, 01:08 PM
Haraldus Haraldus is offline
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I play Triple H as owner of ROH (March 2021)
I'm just behind WWE in popularity, but i have all the greatest talents

Main Storyline:

With the return of Kyle O'Reilly, Adam Cole, Bobby Fish and Roderick Strong, i reformed the Undisputed Era in ROH. It's basicaly a remake of NWO invasion in WCW. During a 6-man match for the 3 man title at Death Before Dishonor 2020 (Adam Cole & ReDragon VS The Briscoes and Jay Lethal) Lethal turned on the Briscoes and join the Undisputed Era (He was at this time a decline babyface, loosing a lot). During this PPV, Tyler Black (Rollins) retain against Samoa Joe the world Title. In my game, Rollins is my figurehead, and he's world champion since 2019 Final Battle (Against Kenny Omega, ****ing dream match)

The next PPV saw a tournament for the N1 contender won by Adam Cole in the final against Johnny Garganno (With the help of Undisputed Era). So the Main Event for Final Battle 2020 is set: My biggest Heel, Adam Cole VS my biggest face, Tyler Black (Almost one year reign, 34 title defences)

But before Final Battle, Glory By Honor! The Main Event was Undisputed Era (Lethal, Cole, O'Reilly, Fish, Strong) against ROH team (Garganno, Black, Briscoes, Zayn). Undisputed Era won, with Ciampa attacking Garganno and joining the Era.

At Final Battle, Adam Cole won the World Title, but the nigth after, at Arena of Value (My "Smackdown, i have 2 tv show by week), Black bring with him an old friend: Dean Ambrose.

So now it's basically a war beetween 3 Factions: Undisputed Era as heels, Bullet Club (Who reformed by the lead of Cody to fight Cole) as twinner, and ROH top babyfaces (like Garganno, Zayn, Black & Ambrose, and Bryan Danielson who return to the compagny to fight them)

My titles:

ROH Cruserweight Title: Ricochet (previous Marty Scurll)
ROH US Title: Roderick Strong (previous Jimmy Havoc)
ROH World Title: Adam Cole (Previous Tyler Black)
ROH 6-man: Cody & The Young Bucks (previous Lethal, Fish and O'Reilly)
ROH Tag Titles: Kevin Steen and Samoa Joe (previous Walter&Tyler Bate)
ROH TV Title: Dean Ambrose (previous Tommasso Ciampa)

What do u think?
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