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Unread 09-21-2016, 02:23 PM
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Default WWF 1994: The New Generation

On a downturn after the Hulkamania Boom and Ted Turner and WCW becoming a legitimate challenger for the #1 Company - The WWF Moved into the New Generation lacking in star power and the state of the industry bad; here's the roster.

Main Event:

Bret Hart - The World Heavyweight Champion and leader of the New Generation
Lex Luger - On the comedown from his failed year at trying to capture the Title
The Undertaker - Ascended after defeat at the Rumble - Set for his big comeback at Summerslam
Randy Savage - Being pushed out of active competition but still the biggest star on the roster and one of the few holdovers from the Hulkamania Era.
Razor Ramon - Former Intercontinental Champion feuding with Diesel and Shawn Michaels - transforming the midcard.
Tatanka - The former undefeated Native American - Never really did anything with his big push and now floating around - Has simmering tension with Lex Luger and the Million Dollar Corp.

Yokozuna - His lengthy title reign was ended at Wrestlemania X - but has done little since - teamed with Crush at the King of the Ring - in an attempt to win the tag belts - shows how far he has slipped.
Owen Hart - Has caught fire defeating brother Bret at Mania, Winning the King of the Ring, and is set for a chance of the Title at SummerSlam
Jerry Lawler - The ageing Lawler was chosen to headline the first PPV of the New Generation against fellow 80's Star Roddy Piper - In a quest for Star Power.
Shawn Michaels - A fantastic in ring talent and outstanding on the mic - let's hope he doesn't have an attitude problem - or worse goes to the DubyaCeeDubya
Diesel - An uneven 1994 as he had a monster Rumble, but was left off the Mania card - seems back on track with the IC Title and a World Title shot at the King of the Ring.
Bam Bam Bigelow - Just sort of there - A good in ring worker and could be utilised as a top heel
Jeff Jarrett - Hasn't done anything interesting in his time in the WWF - Last seen feuding with Doink - a good worker who should be useful going forward.
Jim Neidhart - Past his best - but his two super talented Brother-in-Laws are feuding - Main Event Payday!

Upper Midcard:
Bob Backlund, Typhoon, 123 Kid, Ricky Morton, Robert Gibson, Billy Gunn, Bart Gunn, Koko B Ware, Mo
Crush, Irwin R Schyster, Rick Martel, Nikolai Volkoff, The Barbarian

-An eclectic bunch of mostly past it performers, Crush and 123 Kid pehaps the only two worth a push.

Mabel, Fatu, Samu, Jacques, Adam Bomb, Thurman Sparky Plugg, Doink, Duke Droese, Bushwhacker Luke, Bushwhacker Butch, Virgil
Pierre, Kwang, The Underfaker, Jimmy Del Ray, Tom Pritchard, Johnny Polo, Bastion Booger, Timothy Well, Steven Dunn, The Black Phantom

- A few younger guys could be useful to build going forward - Mabel, The Headshrinkers, Pierre, and Adam Bomb. And who doesn't love the Heavenly Bodies?

Lower Midcard, Openers and Enhancement Talent;

Barry Horrowitz, Aldo Montoya, Jim Powers, Mike Maraldo, Rich Myers, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Scott Taylor
Abe Schwartz, Chris Kanyon, Mike Sharpe, Reno Riggins, JW Storm, Double Trouble I, Double Trouble II, Agony, Pain, Bert Centeno, George South, Tony DeVito


Alundra Blayze, Luna Vachon - Absolutely packed Division right there

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Unread 09-24-2016, 07:31 AM
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Bret v Owen:
Owen Hart tired off living in his brother, Bret's shadow, turned and attacked his brother at the 1994 Royal Rumble, before then defeating Bret and Wrestlemania X. Bret's former tag team partner and brother in law Jim Neidhart returned at the King of the Ring and aligned himself with Owen.

Battle of the Undertakers
After losing in a casket match at the Royal Rumble to Yokozuna, The Undertaker ascended and hasn't been seen since. Although now Ted Dibiase claims he has brought the Undertaker back to the WWF, something which Paul Bearer disagrees with.

Razor Ramon v Diesel & Shawn Michaels:
Shawn Michaels briefly left the company in the Summer of 1993 and vacated the Intercontinental Championship in the process. Razor then won the title leading to an amazing 'unification' ladder match at Wrestlemania X. The feud has however bubbled on, with Shawn's mate Diesel recently defeating Razor for the title on Superstars.

Lex Luger v Tatanka:
Ted DiBiase has been claiming Lex Luger is going to sell out and join the Million Dollar Club, and Tatanka doesn't like that one bit.

Kwang v Adam Bomb:
Harvey Whippleman's two clients can't get on and function as a tag team. Leading to an Adam Bomb face turn, after a failed interference from Kwang. I can't remember this feud actually featuring on RAW. As a rule of thumb it's not a good sign if the manager seems to be the key aspect of the feud, especially if the manager is Harvey Whippleman.

Breakup of the Quebecers:
I think this feud was mostly for the Montreal House Show crowd. - Johnny Polo and Pierre have turned on Jacques, leading to a retirement match. A real shame as Quebeccers and Polo were some of the best of RAW in 93 and 94.f the best of RAW in 93 and 94.


WWF Heavyweight Championship / WWF Intercontinental Championship / WWF Tag Team Championship / WWF Women's Championship

Bret Hart / Diesel / The Headhsrinkers (Fatu & Samu) / Alundra Blayze

WWF Heavyweight Champion: Bret Hart (Second Reign - Won Wrestlmania X - 20/3/94)
WWF Intercontinental Champion: Diesel (First Reign - Won Superstars - 13/4/94)
WWF Tag Team Champions : The Headshrinkers (First Reign - Won RAW 26/4/94)
WWF Women's Champions: Alundra Blayze (First Reign - Won 13/12/93)

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Unread 09-24-2016, 08:52 AM
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RAW: July Week 1 (75) MA TD Garden 19'028

The Underfaker Def. Doink (41):

Angle: The Underfaker, Ted Dibiase; The Undertaker, Pauk Bearer (84): Opening up RAW where Ted DiBiase claims that he has bought the Undertaker, Paul Bearer comes out and says that it is not the real Undertaker.

Angle: Alundra Blayze (63) The Women's Champion is here

Angle; Jim Neidhart, Owen Hart; Bret (81) - Owen is sick and tired of living in Bret's shadow, Neidhart stands menacingly. Vince and JR on commentary wonder how Bret will respond.

Owen Hart Def. Aldo Montoya (65): Owen then defeats the newly repacked PJ Walker via the sharpshooter.

Angle: Diesel, Shawn Michaels, Razor Ramon (80): Diesel and Shawn mock Razor, insisting that Big Daddy Cool is the Intercontinental champion and always will be.

Diesel & Shawn Michaels Def. The Smoking Gunns (74): A dominant performance from Diesel and Shawn before Diesel puts Bart away with a Jackknife.

Overall a good RAW with the priority in advancing the three big storylines heading into SummerSlam
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Unread 09-24-2016, 06:57 PM
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RAW July Week 2 (81): CT XL Center

Angle: Ted, Underfaker, Paul Bearer (73): RAW opens as it does last week with Ted DiBiase and his Undertaker
Bam Bam Def. Duke (62): Squash
Angle: Savage, Martel (85): The Model dismisses Savage's lack of good looks - a match is made for later
Angle: Luna, Alundra (47): Luna wants the Womens Title, I guess?
Angle: Luger (79) Lex loves the USA, he would never sell out to the Million Dollar Man
Lex Luger Def. Timothy Well (61)
Angle: Bret, Owen, Neidhart (88): Bret finds Owen's actions deplorable, Jim and Owen don't care, Owen says he's coming for the title.
Savage Def. Martel (82)
Angle: Razor, Diesel, Shawn (83): A continuation of this feud closes this show

Pleased with how this show went the major angles seem to be going well

Superstars: 67
Adam Bomb Def Johnny Polo (64)
Angle: Jacques, Pierre, Kwang, Adam Bomb, Johnny Polo (62)
Angle: Jeff Jarrett (76)
Thurman Def Bastion (60)
Angle: Alundra (68)
Crush Def Scott Taylor (50)
Angle: IRS (66)

Aimed to advance the minor feuds on Superstars and gave some promo time to midcarders
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Unread 09-24-2016, 07:31 PM
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Wrestling Observer News

-Big changes at Titan Towers as WWF have announced they are moving to twelve pay-per-view events per year rather than the five that they had aired in 1993. A bit hypocritical after criticising WCW for emphasing quantity over quality in the year

-In addition to this, WWF have changed there taping schedule, with Raw going out every monday live, with Superstars being taped beforehand. Superstars TV spots are unaffected by these changes.

-Meanwhile WWF officials, remain on a quest for star powers, they remain panicked by WCW acquisition of Hulk Hogan, and have offered Roddy Piper a deal to return full time despite his poor showing against Jerry Lawler at the King of the Ring.

-The British Bulldog has also been offered a deal, thought to return as part of the Hart family feud, it seems the the tension between Bulldog and the WWF seems to have eased after the HGH scandal of 1992.

-Speaking of HGH - a WWF source claimed there was no truth in the rumour that the Ultimate Warrior is considered a return. It's thought Vince McMahon feels he would be a bad influence, and would damage the 'New Generation' by refusing to put over Diesel, Michaels etc.

-The WWF are also thought to be mulling over the idea of offering Ron Simmons and Cactus Jack deals to head north. Both men are disenchanted in Atlanta, and WWF would like to annoy WCW by taking two of their roster.

-Vince McMahon is also though to be concerned by the state of the tag and womens division in the WWF and has instructed officials to find solutions.

Less change at WCW - they have however made a couple of signings with Michael PS Hayes set to make a return to the company, as well as 'Hardcore' wrestler New Jack.

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Unread 09-27-2016, 01:28 PM
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RAW Week 3 - 14'984 - MA TD Garden (82)

The Go Home show to In Your House:

Angle: King's Court with Jerry Lawler; interviewing Ted DiBiase, and the Underfaker, (72)
Ted DiBiase discuess how he has something better than the Urn; Money. Lawler also gets in some digs at Roddy Piper and Piper's Pit

Angle: Owen Hart and Jim Neidhart (84); Owen talks about how he the title match against Bret at SummerSlam, but him and Jim
want a piece of Bret sooner, and challenge him to find a partner and make a tag match at the IYH on Sunday - but who will be Bret's Mystery Partner?

Hype Video: Razor and Diesel (74)

New Foundation def. Rock n Roll Express (68)

Angle: Ted DiBiase, Tatanks and Lex Luger - Ted talks about the Million Dollar Corp (87)

Hype video: Alundra Blayze (64)

Lex Luger and Tatanka Def. IRS and Nikolai Volkoff (82) - Lex insists he hasn't sold out, but him and Tatanka struggle to work together but ultimately get the win over Million Dollar corp members Nikolai Volkoff and IRS. Ted DiBiase watches on.
A RAW where the key angles worked yet again - with the tension regarding Lex and Tatanka going down better than expected - However I assumed I had one more week to IYH - so had to rush some booking.

Superstars (51)
Angle: Kwang; Adam Bomb (48) - Video package highlighting their feud
Barbarian Def. Matt Hardy (49)
Angle: 123 Kid saves Razor from a beatdown from Diesel and Shawn Michaels (71) - A tag match is made for IYH
Tatanka Def. JW Storm (50)
Angle: Todd Pettengill announces the Headshrinkers will defend the tag titles against the Heavenly Bodies this Sunday.
Angle:Alundra Blayze (56) - Confirms that she will also defend her title against Luna Vachon this Sunday
Yokozuna Def. Scott Taylor (58)
Angle: Johnny Polo and Pierre insult the offscreen Jacques, the Bushwhackers interrupt and challenge Pierre and Polo to a match (48)
Pierre and Johnny Polo Def. The Bushwhackers (48)
This now means the Match Card for In Your House is complete - the first 'B' PPV which will be treated as such - with a 2 hour run time - and bigger matches tending to be 'held back' for the 'A' PPV's.

In Your House:
Bret Hart and a Mystery Partner v Owen Hart and Jim Neidhart
Diesel and Shawn Michaels v 123 Kid and Razor Ramon
Tatanka v Lex Luger
WWE Tag Team Championship: The Headshrinkers v The Heavenly Bodies
WWE Women's Championship: Alundra Blayze v Luna Vachon
+ A very special King's Court with Jerry Lawler
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Unread 09-29-2016, 03:02 PM
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In Your House - UT Provo Marriott Center - 28966 (85)

Angle: Diesel and Shawn Michaels (86) - They're going to crush Razor and the Kid

Diesel and Shawn Michaels Def. Razor Ramon and 123 Kid
(76) And they do with Diesel getting the pin on the Kid

Angle: Owen Hart and Jim Neidhart (82) - Owen and Neidhart say how they're going to beat up Bret and Owen will show Bret he's the better Hart. - And they don'y care who Bret's partner is.

WWF Tag Tem Championship:
The Headshrinkers Def. The Heavenly Bodies (61): A heatless match with no build - but wanted to get a title match on the PPV

WWF Women's Championship
Alundra Blayze Def. Luna Vachon (51): The two women on the roster have a match and the one who the division has been built around won.

Angle: King's Court, Jerry Lawler and Roddy Piper (81)
Roddy Piper makes his return to the company - and says he'll finish what he started at KOTR at Summerslam.

Roddy Piper returns to the WWF to feud with Jerry Lawler

Angle: Lex Luger attacks Tatanka and sides with Ted DiBiase and joins the Million Dollar Corporation (84) - Lex and Tatanka come down to the ring - before Ted DiBiase comes down and says 'everyone has a price for the million dollar man'- Lex then attacks Tatanka from behind getting in a savage beating before the bell.

Lex Luger Def. Tatanka (70) - Lex then picks up the easy win - and formally joins with Ted DiBiase.

Lex Luger joins the Million Dollar Corp - Tatanka won't be happy.

Angle: Bret Hart reveals his tag partner. Macho Man Randy Savage (99) - Ooooh Yeaaahhhhh

Bret Hart and Randy Savage Def. Owen Hart and Jim Neidhart (93)
- The two main event franchise players win - with Neidhart tapping to Bret's sharpshooter.

Overall very happy with how the show went down - although an issue that the two main matches were sort of similar in that Razor and Bret both looked for partners as they were previously outnumbered. - Also the booking wasn't ideal - as Owen and Razor arguably need the momentum as challengers - however both lost. This was I though Neidhart and 123 Kid were both by far the weakest wrestlers in there matches.

The Tag and women's matches were both just making up the numbers - really need to find solutions to these divisions.

Meanwhile happy with the Lex / Million Dollar Man stuff - where as in real life Tatanka was the one to turn and get the win - I think this makes little sense - As the one who 'turns' will get the heat and will also need to get the win to cement the turn. - And I think Luger has more upside as a main event heel than Tatanka. Also with Bret, Savage and the soon to be returning Undertaker - I feel I have 3 good main event faces - but Yokozuna is losing momentum and Owen isn't yet cemented so Luger has more of a chance as a heel.

Piper returns for the star power to try and turn the national battle tide - he continues his bad feud with Lawler from KOTR.


WWF Heavyweight Championship / WWF Intercontinental Championship / WWF Tag Team Championship / WWF Women's Championship

Bret Hart / Diesel / The Headhsrinkers (Fatu & Samu) / Alundra Blayze

WWF Heavyweight Champion: Bret Hart (Second Reign - Won Wrestlmania X - 20/3/94)
WWF Intercontinental Champion: Diesel (First Reign - Won Superstars - 13/4/94)
WWF Tag Team Champions : The Headshrinkers (First Reign - Won RAW 26/4/94)
WWF Women's Champions: Alundra Blayze (First Reign - Won 13/12/93)
No Title Changes at the PPV.

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Unread 09-30-2016, 03:12 PM
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Wrestling Observer News

WWF Officials are said to be happy with the inaugural In Your House PPV - and are set to continue the build to Bret v Owen and Razor v Diesel as two biggest feuds for the upcoming month leading into SummerSlam

Vince McMahon was said to have personally changed the Lex Luger angle - reports are he feels a heel turn is the last roll of the dice on his main event run. - If all goes well he's likely to be the number one heel in the company this autumn / winter.

Randy Savage's surprise appearance in the main event this weekend is no one off. He's set to return to wrestling full time. Savage has constantly lobbied to get back in the ring - and it's said McMahon has conceded - in part due to Hulk Hogan debuting at WCW.

A number of offers have went out to tag teams to revitalize the division. I've been told a returning team and a debuting team have agreed terms - and are finishing dates abroad. As well as Vince likely to pair up existing members of the roster.

Although one man who won't be joining WWF is Ron Simmons - he's agreed an extension at WCW. It's thought neither WWF or WCW have any real plans for him- but both sides wanted to show they were number one and threw generous pay packages at him. Simmons was said to be unimpressed with the WWF plans for him - An apparent 'gladiator gimmick' or a potential tag team return of Doom with Butch Reed.

WWF are however more confident of signing Cactus Jack - who is very unhappy with WCW and the British Bulldog who is expected to make his return shortly.

Will Cactus Jack, The British Bulldog and Ron Simmons join the WWF?

Arriba Arriving

WCW have also made some new signings - with Tito Santana, Tony Atlas and Barry Darsow (Demolition Smash) joining the company - with WCW evidently not following the WWF's lead in pushing the 'New Generation'. - Wrestler Konnan has also joined WCW

Bash at the Beach was a big success for the company; - full results

WCW Worlh Heavyweight Championship Ric Flair (C) Def. Ricky Steamboat
Vader Def The Guardian Angel
Steve Austin Def. Brian Armstrong by countout
WCW Television Championship Lord Steven Regal (C) Def. Brian Pillman
Bobby Eaton Def. Alex Wright
Steve Keirn Def. Brad Armstrong
Tex Slazenger Def. Big Bad John
Joey Maggs Def. Rip Rogers
Sgt Craig Pittman Def. Terry Taylor
Cactus Jack and Kevin Sullivan Def. Pretty Wonderful by countout to retain the WCW Tag Team Championship

The show has been well received (89) beating out the WWF's In Your House in our straw poll. - although definitely a top heavy card with only Flair / Steamboat (96) and Vader / Angel (79) being must see matches.

The big talking point will however be the confrontation between Hogan and Sting. With Hogan seemingly playing the heel in this feud. It certainly is a bold and brave move for WCW to use their top star in this way.

Hulk vs Sting: Feud of '94?


WCW World Heavyweight Championship / WCW US Championship / WCW Television Championship / WCW Tag Team Championship

Ric Flair / Steve Austin / 'Lord' Steven Regal / Cactus Jack / Kevin Sullivan

WCW World Heavyweight Champion: Ric Flair (Second Reign - Won Starrcade 93 - 27/12/93)
WCW US Champion: 'Stunning' Steve Austin (First Reign - Won Starrcade 93 - 27/12/93)
WCW Television Champion: 'Lord' Steven Regal (Second Reign - Won Clash of the Champions XXVII - 23/6/94)
WCW Tag Team Champions: Cactus Jack and Kevin Sullivan (First Reign - Won Slamboree - 22/5/1994

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Unread 10-03-2016, 12:45 PM
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July Recap / Month in Review

Here I will track changes in feuds over the months, as well as new signings, departures, and changes in Prestige and National Battles.

Championship Prestige;

WWF World Heavyweight 95 / Intercontinental 79 / WWF Tag Team 55 / WWF Womens 20

National Battle

WCW 3891 / Hulk Hogan (940) / Ric Flair (861) / Sting (775) / Vader (694) / Steve Austin (621)

WWF 3799 / Randy Savage (838) / Bret Hart (764) / Roddy Piper (752) / The Undertaker (725) / Shawn Michaels (720)

In second place - but its close - hopefully the return of the Undertaker and strong booking of Shawn Michaels could see the gap close.

Bret v Owen (+ Neidhart) 93 - The main feud - and will continue to be heading into SummerSlam

Razor v Diesel & HBK 74 - Also continuing on into SummerSlam - I don't think Razor, Diesel or HBK are ready to challenge for the WWF title - but I think either of these three can carry the IC and add prestige to the belt

Piper v Lawler 73 - The only new feud I've started - and a continuation of their woeful 94 feud - will likely be a one shot match at SummerSlam

Luger (w. Ted DiBiase) v Tatanka 70 - Luger's heel turn and joining with DiBiase will hopefully get this feud hotter.

Underetakers 73 - Now we're getting close to SummerSlam - The Undertaker can return on screen and start to feud properly with Brian Lee's Undertaker.

Adam Bomb v Kwang (w. Harvey Whippleman) 48 - On the backburner - will face off at SummerSlam - probably on the free-for-all preshow

Jacques v Pierre (w.Johnny Polo) 48 - Also on the backburner - and will faceoff at SummerSlam.

Roster changes:
Roddy Piper joined

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Unread 10-07-2016, 12:15 PM
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RAW 71
Jeff Jarrett Def Aldo Montoya (50) - A basic squash match for Jarrett - Aint he great?

Angle - Alundra Blayze (63) - She retained he title at IYH - and issues an open challenge for any women out there.

Crush Def Duke Droese (49) - Another basic squash as the Dumster got little offence in

Video Owen Hart+ Bret Hart (79) - A video package highlighting the feud building over the previous nine months - set to come to a boiling point at SummerSlam.

Angle King's Court w Ted DiBiase and Lex Luger (78) - A massive shake up as Lex Luger enters not in his usual America themed attire, but instead in a full suit. Fresh from his heel turn and alignment with the Million Dollar Man last night. He tells Jerry Lawler that for the past year, he's been trying to be an American Hero, but Ted DiBiase has reminded him what being American is really about; Money. He insults the fans calling them losers and that he's sick of paying for there welfare. Lex goes on to insult Tatanka saying the guy has a loser mentality, and has been holding Lex down, but not any more. Lex Luger, only cares about Lex Luger and that's the bottom line.

Randy Savage Def Abe Schwartz (70) - Back to the wrestling with another quick squash as Savage starts his full time comeback with an easy win.

Hype Diesel (78) - And a shot video showing how big and string the Intercontinental Champion is.
Overall a story bases Raw - with Lex and the King's Court taking up a large portion of the air time. The actual wrestling was really just squash matches.

I think Lex works better as a heel and just didn't connect with the WWF audiences - so a heel turn makes sense here in my opinion. Opens up potentially decent feuds with Bret, Savage and Taker as well.


MOM Def Double Touble
Angle: Adam Bomb, Kwang, Harvey Whippleman
Bob Backlund Def Chris Kanyon
Aldo Montoya Def Tony DeVito
Angle: Pierre + Jacques
123 Kid Def JW Storm
Angle: Alundra + Luna
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Wrestling Observer News


Lex - The new Hogan? - Again?
The big story this week concerns the heel turn and repackaging of Lex Luger - and this is of course a dig at WCW's hottest star Hulk Hogan. The 'Real American' Lex Luger who only cares about himself and the money and not about the WWF fans? Vince McMahon's attempt at art imitating life.

A few releases this week at the WWF. The Rock n Roll Express (Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson) and Koko B. Ware who have went to Smoky Mountain Wrestling. WWF officials are keen to reduce roster numbers and feel that all three men are past their best and don't connect with WWF audiences.

Double Trouble the tag team who formerly wrestled on the indies as 'The Undertakers' have also been released. - Vince McMahon negotiated usage of The Undertaker name in exchange for short contracts that have now expired.

There has been a few signings as well with three new non-wrestling females signed. Trisa Hayes who formally dated WCW Superstar Brian Pillman, and was a valet in Stampede Wrestling in Calgary. Tammy Sytch who has been a valet in Smoky Mountain Wrestling, and most interestingly of all Terri Runnels aka formally Alexandra York in WCW and the current wife of Dustin Rhodes who is still under contract at WCW.

A sure hint that the Son of Dusty Rhodes is looking to jump ship to WWF as soon as his contract is up.

WWF source has confirmed neither of these females are expected to wrestle - and the WWF is still looking for female competitors to revitalise the Womens division

Finally Al Snow has also agreed a written contract at the WWF - he has previous worked as an enhancement talent but is expected to re-debut as a featured competitor

Incoming; Al Snow, Tammy Lynn Sytch, Trisa Hayes and Terri Runnels

Meanwhile Harlem Heat (Booker T and Stevie Ray) have won the vacant WCW Tag Team Championship - defeating Shanghai Pearce and Tex Slazenger on an edition of WCW Saturday Night. The previous title holders Kevin Sullivan and Cactus Jack vacated the belts in anticipation of Cactus Jack joining the WWF.

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RAW 81

Angle Paul Bearer announces Undertaker will return at Summerslam - to take on Ted DiBiase's imposter 80

Angle Bret Hart; A short prematch hype interview where he discusses how tonight's opponent, The Barbarian, will be a tune up match before he faces Owen at Summerslam 79

Bret Hart Def The Barbarian 77 - A standard Raw match where Bret easily defeated the returning Superstar - but The Barbarian got in some offence making it more competitive than a squash

Roddy Piper confronts Jerry Lawler 80 - Hotrod get's in the King's face leading to a pull apart brawl for the two veterans

Angle Tatanka is backstage with his tag team partner for tonight, Razor Ramon - Tatanka mentions that after he and Razor defeat Shawn Michaels and Diesel tonight - he wants a rematch with Luger. Diesel and Shawn then interrupt and insult the face competitors before walking away. (88)

Diesel and Shawn Michaels Def Tatanka and Razor Ramon - A competitive back and forth match for 12 minutes before Lex Luger interferes in the match hitting his forearm smash on Tatanka behind the referee's back and allowing Diesel to make the cover for the win 88

JR announces Tag Tournament for number one contendership starts next week with the Smoking Gunns, Well Dunn, Men on a Mission and the Heavenly Bodies vying for a chance to take on the Headshrinkers at SummerSlam 52

Jim Ross announces the Tag Title #1 Contender Tournament - to challenge the Headshrinkers

Very angle heavy episode of RAW - that has moved on all the main current angles. Very happy with an 81 rated score for RAW.

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RAW 80 - August Week 2

Angle 78 - Jim Ross is backstage with the four teams set to take part in the tournament to determine who will face the Headshrinkers at SummerSlam for the Tag Team Titles. He wishes them well, as Men on a Mission, Well Dunn, The Smoking Gunns and The Heavenly Bodies vie to pose in front of the camera.

Men on a Mission Def. Well Dunn 46 - Back from commercial and Men on a Mission are making there way down to the ring. After 8 minutes Mabel puts away Steven Dunn with the fallaway slam for the victory. - Men on a Mission are in the final.

Angle 81 - A spooky video of Paul Bearer and The Undertaker plays - where the Undertaker yet again reiterates that at SummerSlam the impostor Undertaker will rest in peace.

Angle 67 - Back in the Arena - and King's Court is set up and Jerry Lawler welcomes Alundra Blayze into the ring. Jerry insults Alundra Blayze's appearances (firing off gags about how both Alundra and Roddy Piper are men who wear dresses) - Alundra insults Jerry back - and says she's willing to defend her title to any women at SummerSlam - an open challenge has been issued.

Smoking Gunns Def. The Heavenly Bodies 57 The second semi final takes place, and the Smoking Gunns win it, with Bart pinning Tom Pritchard after a Sidewinder in 10 minutes. A slightly better match than the other Semi - JR announces the final will take place right here on RAW.

Angle 78 - Lex and Ted are in the ring - discussing again about the almighty Dollar - when Tatanka comes out - Tatanka gets in Luger's face and demands a rematch - saying that Luger blindsided him at In Your House - and this time Tatanka will be ready. Luger accepts the challenge.

Angle 86 - Randy Savage is backstage - he's ready to head out to the ring for his match - however Yokozuna is blocking his path. The men stare down before Savage - walks past and heads to the ring

Randy Savage Def. The Barbarian 86 - A formulaic match with Savage getting the easy win. However Jim Cornette joins JR and Vince on commentary. Cornette mentions to Vince how Savage is a typical arrogant American and Yokozuna isn't impressed. Jim Cornette also mentions the arrogance of Alundra Blayze thinking she an all time great issuing an open challenge - Jim Cornette mentions that on his last scouting trip to Japan he may have found just the women. JR is skeptical saying Blayze is a great champion - Cornette mentions he swore he saw JR in the Tokyo Dome that very night in a panama hat trying to keep a low profile. Jim Ross says the accusations are ridiculous

Angle 67 - A short Video of Owen Hart - he can't wait until he defeats Bret and become WWF Champion at SummerSlam

Angle 81 - A short video hyping up Razor Ramon and Diesel - A collection of Razor's Edges and Jackknifes are shown followed by an image of Razor and Diesel face to face.

Smoking Gunns vs Men on a Mission - in the #1 Contenders tournament - Next week

Superstars - 43

Angle - Adam Bomb and Kwang - 43
Al Snow Def JW Storm - 36
Thurman Sparky Plugg Def Black Phantom - 52
Angle - Jacques and Pierre - 42
Razor Ramon Def Mike Maraldo - 45
Angle - Terri - A short video - 60
Angle - A brief confrontation between Duke Drose and Bastion Booger - 31
Duke Droese Def. Bastion Booger - 37

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RAW 77 - August week 3
RAW opens with Jim Ross and Vince McMahon welcoming us to the final of the Tag Tournament #1 Contendership - as Men on a Mission and The Smoking Gunns make there way to the ring.

The match is ongoing for around 8 minutes with both teams looking exhausted - Bart Gunn and Mo in the ring, when two men hop the guard rail , enter the ring and stat brutally beating down Mo and Bart Gunn with steel chairs. Billy Gunn and Mabel enter the ring but are also beaten down. The two mean then it various clubbing blows and power moves, on the Gunns and Mo - clearing the ring.

Jim Ross, has however now left the commentary booth and joins the two men in the ring - and introduces the two men as Steve Williams and Terry Gordy - the Miracle Violence Connection - Jim Ross then runs down the teams achievments in Japan - insists they will be the greatest tag team in the World Wrestling Federation. JR also insults the fans solidifying a heel turn.

The Miracle Violence Connection have arrived

Back from commercial and Razor is giving a picture in picture interview while walking to the ring - talking about Diesel, Shawn Michaels, the Intercontinental Championship and SummerSlam.

Razor Ramon Def Bastion Booger - Razor picks up the easy win

A short video of Undertaker and Bearer - caskets, SummerSlam, RIP etc.

Alundra Blayze is in the ring, when Jim Cornette comes down to the ring - and introduces the next Women's Champion - Bull Nakano - She walks to the ring with Yokozuna also coming to the ring looking menacing. Cornette runs down the USA and insults Alundra. Alundra says she'll see Bull at SummerSlam.

Bull Nakano - Will challenge Alundra Blayze at SummerSlam

Another short recap of Owen and Neidhart talking about Bret and SummerSlam.

Rowdy Roddy Piper Def. Nikolai Volkoff
- Rowdy Roddy Piper makes his long awaited return to the ring and wins his tune up match against Nikolai Volkoff. New Generation.

Superstars - 57

Angle - Adam Bomb and Kwang - 43
Angle - Al Snow - 54
Al Snow Def. Tony DeVito - 46
Angle - Nikolai Volkoff and IRS - 59 - Talking about Soviet Taxation systems?
Angle - Confrontation between Alundra Blayze and Luna Vachon - 47
Alundra Blayze Def. Luna Vachon - 46
Angle Thurman Sparky Plugg and Rick Martel - 52
Rick Martel Def. Thuman Sparky Plugg - 61

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Wrestling Observer News
The SummerSlam match card heading into the final Raw is currently

WWF Championship Match
Bret 'the Hitman' Hart vs Owen Hart

Intercontinental Championship Match
Diesel vs Razor Ramon

WWF Women's Championsip Match
Alundra Blayze vs Bull Nakano

WWF Tag Team Championship Match
The Headshrinkers vs ???

The Undertaker vs The Undertaker

Jerry 'The King' Lawler vs 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper

Lex Luger vs Tatanka

Pierre vs Jacques

Kwang vs Adam Bomb
That't the current card with Yoko vs Savage still expected to be announced - as well as the 'Miracle Violence Connection' - Steve Williams and Terry Gordy expected to be confirmed as number one contenders for the Headshrinkers' Tag Belts
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