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Unread 06-11-2018, 09:01 PM
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Looking forward to this one, E-V! I know you are a king of storylines and storytelling. I will definitely be reading.

The Awesomeness© vs. The Amazing Bumfholes
[SWF Tag Team Championships Match]
No title change on the first show. Though, I could see the Bumfholes winning by DQ or count out.

“Big Money” Brandon James w/ Krissy Angelle vs. Oliver Kobb
Big Money is money no matter which diary he is in.

James Prudence vs. “The Dragon” Mikey Lau
I like both guys but The Dragon just has an edge.

American Machine vs. Joe Sexy vs. Jungle Lord vs. Paul Huntingdon
[#1 Contendership Match for the SWF North American Championship]
I seem to remember you having big plans for Sexy in a precious diary but he passed away in the game. Maybe you'll get to see those plans come to fruition here.

Angry Gilmore/Jack Bruce vs. The Crippler/Remo
A draw in the main event of the first show. All four men are too good to take up the loss here.
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Unread 06-11-2018, 10:46 PM
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The Awesomeness© vs. The Amazing Bumfholes
[SWF Tag Team Championships Match]
Win but not clean? Yeah, we'll go with that. The Bumfholes almost never stay together -- and they could very well split here.

“Big Money” Brandon James w/ Krissy Angelle vs. Oliver Kobb
Big Money secretly is pretty good -- just not great enough anywhere to really get the attention other characters do. Kobb is a safe hand that is pretty good -- but not nearly enough -- at putting people over.

James Prudence vs. “The Dragon” Mikey Lau
Dragon has more upside.

American Machine vs. Joe Sexy vs. Jungle Lord vs. Paul Huntingdon
[#1 Contendership Match for the SWF North American Championship]
Huntingdon probably has the most upside between the four.

Angry Gilmore/Jack Bruce vs. The Crippler/Remo
Crippler doesn't look credible here unless he takes the win [relatively] clean.
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Unread 06-11-2018, 11:01 PM
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The Awesomeness© vs. The Amazing Bumfholes
[SWF Tag Team Championships Match]

“Big Money” Brandon James w/ Krissy Angelle vs. Oliver Kobb

James Prudence vs. “The Dragon” Mikey Lau

American Machine vs. Joe Sexy vs. Jungle Lord vs. Paul Huntingdon
[#1 Contendership Match for the SWF North American Championship]

Angry Gilmore/Jack Bruce vs. The Crippler/Remo
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Unread 06-11-2018, 11:46 PM
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The Awesomeness© vs. The Amazing Bumfholes
[SWF Tag Team Championships Match]
Awesomeness wins, Bumfholes either split or this loss leads to them splitting within, I give it a month.

“Big Money” Brandon James w/ Krissy Angelle vs. Oliver Kobb
Brandon James gets the win, a domination win at that.

James Prudence vs. “The Dragon” Mikey Lau
Dragon has more upside. Mikey to the top!

American Machine vs. Joe Sexy vs. Jungle Lord vs. Paul Huntingdon
[#1 Contendership Match for the SWF North American Championship]
Very much obviously, Huntingdon has the most upside between the four since he's the youngest of these 4. But I could also see Joe somehow squeezing a win out.

Angry Gilmore/Jack Bruce vs. The Crippler/Remo
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Unread 06-12-2018, 02:18 PM
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Duane Fry: The Supreme Wrestling Federation is ushering in 2016 with, what could go down as, the hottest main event in SupremeTV history! Jack Bruce… Angry Gilmore… The Crippler… AND the SWF World Heavyweight Champion Remo will ALL be in action; tagging up as heated rivals CLASH for the first time in our new year!
Emma Chase: Hottest? The match won’t go past 5-minutes! I’m calling it NOW… The “Alpha Dog” Remo DESTROYS Jack Bruce AND Angry Gilmore; proving he’s THE most dominant figure in professional wrestling today! That’s going to be your so-called “hot” main event; a ONE MAN show!
Duane Fry: I can’t disagree with you that Remo MAY be THE most dominant force in professional wrestling today BUT… I don’t think even HE steamroll the likes of Gilmore and Bruce in ONE match. That’s beyond dominance.. That’s GOD mode!
Emma Chase: Is that one of your stupid little video game references that I have no idea about?
Duane Fry: Why Y…
Emma Chase: Whatever. [Cuts Duane off and takes over] The opening match of the night pits The Awesomeness against the Amazing Bumfholes in a Tables Match WITH the World Tag Team Championships on the line. Before we get to THAT though, it sounds like Angry Gilmore is on his way out here now… “great”... [Sarcastic] I was hoping to hear an angry little troll yell into a microphone for the next 10 minutes…

PARTICIPANTS: Angry Gilmore, Jessie, and ????
NOTE: This angle got the crowd hotter
NOTE: This angle got the show off to a strong start

[The first broadcast of SupremeTV in 2016 opens in typical fashion; explosive pyrotechnics, a rebellious-themed theme song, and the overwhelming roar of 14,658 excited wrestling fans in attendance. The consistent panning of the ruckus crowd, matched with the ambiance of the scene, truly creates an energized nature practically felt through the TV screen itself. Ultimately, it’s the kind of opening that ONLY the Supreme Wrestling Federation can deliver.]

[Just then, our ears are overwhelmed by the intense-tone of Angry Gilmore's theme overtaking Mayor Street Arena. Being a smart favorite, Angry Gilmore receives a rather loud response from the Supreme Nation (mostly the 18-42 year old male demographic). That said, their collective aggressive yelling matches the overly ferocious nature of Gilmore’s entrance.]

[Just then, Angry Gilmore steps heavily through the Supreme Gate; stomping as if he were a 300 pound monster of sorts. His jaw is clenched, his fists doing the same, as spit already rests upon his wiry beard (most likely from spitting as he yells to himself). Instead of coming to a halt at the top of the ramp, like many other SWF wrestlers, Gilmore stomps his way directly toward the ring; ferocious and focused.]

[Behind him, the slender and meek Jessie walks. While porcelain in a way, she looks even more “breakable” than normal. It’s easy to see that something is weighing on her; she shows it all over her face.]

[Once in the ring, there’s no celebration from Gilmore. Truly, no glitz-and-glamour to speak of. Instead, the black wrestling-trunk wearing technician yells at nearby ring techs, demanding a microphone. When it is not given to him instantaneously, he amps up his yelling; seeming like he’s berating anyone and everyone who’s around. Eventually, he’s handed a microphone and, once he has it, Gilmore wastes NO time verbally attacking it.]


[The Supreme Nation roars, matching Gilmore’s aggressive tone. Sadly, after a good 10-seconds, it is easy to see that Remo is NOT coming out. This seems to rile up the rabid technician even more. He is now pacing around the ring, is free hand tightly clenched, as he looks down the entire time he’s speaking; he’s locked in a state of extreme anger.]


[Again, the crowd pops like crazy -- especially given the rawness of Gilmore’s tone and language choice.]

[Angry Gilmore]: Ever since… LAST MONTH… You’ve ALL been asking the question… Can Angry Gilmore BEAT Remo? [He clenches his teeth as he continues to pace] That question… That GOD-DAMN question is ALL I think about… I eat… BREATHE… and SWEAT… That [CENSOR] QUESTION! [Crowd pops, Gilmore continues to angrily pace] Can you beat him? Can you beat him… CAN YOU… BEAT… HIM?

[Gilmore pauses from pacing and looks up at the crowd, his eyes are beedie… his body clenched.]


[The Supreme Nation roars again as Gilmore’s obsessive, raw nature is weirdly charismatic. Meanwhile, as he continues to pace around the ring, the cameraman catches a glimpse of an obviously sad Jessie. While her persona has long been on the meek-side of things, she looks even more so than ever. It’s as if she’s mentally “in pain” and unable to really go through the motions. Knowing this, she looks somewhat detached as a way to survive.]

[Angry Gilmore]: … AND IT STARTS… TONIGHT!!

[Spit flies out and lands on his wiry beard below. In doing so, Gilmore stares aggressively (if not psychotically) into a close camera lens before him. He looks to be sending a message directly to Remo.]

[That said, the moment is abruptly shifted as the sound of Jack Bruce’s theme overtakes Mayor Street Arena. A wailing electric guitar solo leads the way into a heavy-drum beat. This ultimately transitions into a rebellious rock song song by Jack Bruce himself.]

[As you can expect, the Supreme Nation is on their feet now. The response is overwhelmingly positive; only pockets of fans (the ‘smarks’ within the crowd) who are tired and frustrated with Jack’s schtick heard booing.]

[Angry Gilmore comes to a stop, leaning on the ropes and looking toward the entrance way in a state of heightened aggression. This only gets worse as Jack Bruce slowly shuffles through the Supreme Gate; sporting a smirk and an unhealthy level of black leather.]

[Jack comes to a stop at the top of the steel rampway as he already holds a microphone in hand. His stance, lazy-cool in nature, tells of a man who doesn’t have a care in the world. Instead, due to his lofty nature and rebellious persona, seeming like he’s untouchable in a way.]

[Just then, as Jack’s music fades into the background a chant of “Jack Bruce” can be heard overtaking the Mayor Street Arena. A light counterchant of “sucks” comes after his name; however, it’s massively outweighed by the positive response touched upon before. Hearing this, Jack continues to smirk as he nods his head in approval.]

[Jack Bruce]: New England… Are you READY… to ROCK?!?!?!

[The crowd pops loudly as Jack smirks, nodding his head again. Then, he ignites into motion; charismatically walking around the steel stage at the top of the ramp; weighing out the feeling of the crowd.]

[Jack Bruce]: Oh no… no… NO… I SAID… Are YOU… READY… TO…. RRRRAAAAAWWKKK?!?!

[The crowd pops even louder this time; however, that undercurrent of boos still resides -- buried underneath it all.]

[The crowd is eating this up and Jack knows it. Someone who’s not eating it up? Angry Gilmore.]

[Angry Gilmore]: Shut… the… HELLL…. UP! THIS IS MY TIME!

[Despite coming back at Jack, the crowd pops at hearing this as well. Angry Gilmore, who acts like a heel, is beloved by the fanbase for his ferocious and firey tone.]

[Upon hearing this, Jack simply chuckles to himself; closing his eyes as he bobs his head a few times.]

[Angry Gilmore]: You’ll HAVE YOURS… [Aggressively breathing; his body rising up and down as he pauses] NOT… NOW!

[Jack Bruce]: Ohhhh… Thomas… It’s ALWAYS… my… time…

[Jack smirks as Angry Gilmore drops his browline even more, his snarl overtaking his face like it was the ONLY thing present.]

[Jack Bruce]: And YOU know that. That’s WHY you didn’t get the main event by yourself. You, AND everyone else, KNOWS that there can’t be a MAIN EVENT… Without… Jack… Motha-[CENSOR]... Bruce!

[The crowd pops as Jack laughs to himself, smirking as he does so -- ala Shane Douglas. He then runs his right hand through his long, now thinning, dark hair as he shakes his head at the end; moving the last bits of hair around.]

[Angry Gilmore]: I don’t care WHAT you do tonight… Just STAY… AWAY… FROM ME… [Pauses] I have an “DOG”... to PUT… DOWN…

[Jack Bruce]: ,.. And I have grumpy old Lobster to broil…. BUT… I can’t make any promises.

[If there’s ONE THING about Jack we’ve come to know and somewhat love is his dedication to jabbing people at all times; he wants to turn that knife… He wants to frustrate you… That’s who he is.]

[Angry Gilmore]: Stay OUT… of MY… WAY…

[Jack Bruce]: You just remember that when I’m the one saving your a$$ after Remo’s tossed you around this place like a rag-doll. It’ll be me, Jack Bruce, LIKE ALWAYS, saving the day. THEN, you can eat those words of yours and come back to reality. You’ll THANK Me later…

[Angry Gilmore]: Over MY… DEAD… BODY…

[Jack Bruce]: I saw your match with Remo last month… That may just happen here tonight.

[Again, Jack is poking away; pissing off Angry Gilmore even more. At this point, Gilmore looks to be practically blowing smoke out of his body; stemming from the red-hot fire within. He looks to be SO fixated, so pissed off, that he simply cannot speak -- he’s locked in his state of extreme anger instead.]

[Jack Bruce]: Hold onto that… Bury it deep down… Conserve it… Because… You’re going to NEED it tonight. [Smirks] You can rip through the ENTIRE SWF Roster for ALL I care… [Pauses, smirks] In the end though, it’ll be Jack Bruce saving the DAY… All it takes… is a quick… “New York Minute”...

[Jack laughs as he nods his head in sheer arrogance. He then extends his arms out in a “look at how great I am” kind of fashion as his music kicks in once again. He’s not pulling any punches, he believes… and, in some sense, KNOWS that he’s “The Man” around here -- if not within the entire industry. The rebellious rocker, in this vein, is a walking, talking example of unabashed narcissism.]

[Meanwhile, in the ring, Angry Gilmore has literally broken the plastic surrounding the SWF microphone with his bare hand. Clenching harder and harder, Gilmore produces cracks on the microphone before he literally throws it to the ground as hard as he can; creating a loud display of feedback. As Jack celebrates on high, Gilmore descends further and further into extreme, unhealthy anger. Meanwhile, Jessie stands saddened in the background; quiet within her corner as she looks off to the side… trying to keep her tears in her eyes.]

Duane Fry: These two are going to be a team tonight?
Emma Chase: What did you expect? These two are like oil and water. They have NOTHING in common. When you add in the fact that Jack Bruce likes to piss people off AND Angry Gilmore is insanely reactive, you’ve got yourself a powder keg ALWAYS on the verge of blowing.
Duane Fry: The Crippler and Remo MAY not need to come out tonight. We may have a fight between these two before the night is through.
Emma Chase: Great! Take them both out in the process… the SWF would be a better place without them both!


The Awesomeness© vs. The Amazing Bumfholes
#AwesomenessVsBumfholes #SWFTagTeamChampionships #TableMatch

MATCH TYPE: Tag Team Tables Match
REFEREE: Darren Smith
TITLE(S) ON THE LINE: SWF World Tag Team Championships
WRESTLER POPULARITY: Bumfholes (C) and Awesomess (C-)

Huey ducks collar-and-elbow; strikes Randy: It looks like Huey Cannonball and Zimmy Bumfhole are about to lock-up in the center of the ring. Well, that doesn’t happen. Instead, Huey ducks the attempt and quickly runs toward the ropes. In doing so, he purposefully slams into Randy Bumfhole (who stands on the apron); knocking him off the apron in the process. After doing so, Huey laughs and spins back around to look at Randy. As he does, Randy speeds toward him; however, his momentum is quickly thwarted as Huey lands an underhanded eye-poke to his heated rival.

Randy tries to return and is stopped; The Awesomeness takes control: Frustrated, Randy tries to jump into the ring to get revenge after being attacked by Huey. That said, he’s quickly stopped by SWF referee Darren Smith; forcing him back to his corner. As he tries to fight this, Randy actually makes it worse on his brother Zimmy as both Huey and Jefferson are shown beating him down 2-on-1. By the time Randy reluctantly goes back to the corner, the damage has been done as Zimmy is struggling to get back to his feet.

Bumfholes rebound in stereo; grab tables: Eventually, the Amazing Bumfholes generate a massive rebound; putting the SWF World Tag Team Champions on their heels. Jefferson and Huey are staggering every which way before both are knocked down at the same time by a pair of spinning heel kicks from the Bumfholes. Seconds later, Randy and Zimmy are shown pulling tables into the ring (much to the crowd’s excitement).

Randy ALMOST goes through a table: Jefferson Stardust ALMOST puts Randy through a table with a Fireman’s Carry throw. Ultimately though, Randy is able to flip past the table and land on his feet; staggering toward the ropes. He then runs back, jumps up onto the table, and lands a diving forearm across the jaw of Stardust.

Huey almost goes through the table, too: Later, Zimmy Bumfhole looks to put Huey through a table with a top rope hurricanrana. Zim IS able to execute the move; however, seeing the table below, Huey is able to manipulate his fall; pushing off further in which to miss the table altogether. By doing so though, it looks like his impact is more damaging; landing rather hard and awkward.

Dropkick… Spear… Table Break!: Randy Bumfhole is able to put Huey Cannonball on his heels with a number of flashy strikes. By the end of said strikes, Huey is staggered enough for Randy to speed to the other side of the ring. His brother Zimmy slides into the ring, dropping on all fours, as Randy runs across the ring and uses Zimmy as a platform to jump off of. In doing so, he lands a beautiful front-facing double-foot dropkick that sends Huey into the nearby turnbuckle (where a table stands tall, propped in the corner). Huey tries to pull himself out of the corner but, before he can do so, Zimmy leaps to his feet, runs to the other corner, and comes back with a BIG spear; sending Huey THROUGH the table!!! In doing so, the Bumfholes are the shocking winners in tonight’s opening match!

WINNER: The Amazing Bumfholes via pinfall
ENDING MANEUVER: Dropkick/Spear combo through a table
NOTE: The Amazing Bumfholes are the NEW SWF World Tag Team Champions. This marks their 6th reign as the World Tag Team Champions.
NOTE: This match got the crowd buzzing
WRESTLER PERFORMANCE: “Steal the Show” - Randy (B-), Zim (C+), and the Awesomeness (C)
Duane Fry: The Bumfholes have won!! The Bumfholes are the NEW SWF World Tag Team Champions!
Emma Chase: The Awesomeness should have NEVER been IN this match; let alone HAVE to put their titles up! They just BEAT the Bumfholes last month and NOW… They’re forced to go at it again? These guys got screwed… over… plain and simple.
Duane Fry: WHAT a WAY to start 2016! The VERY FIRST MATCH of the YEAR and we have NEW Tag Team Champions! Whoa!! I hope my MOM set the DVR tonight!
Emma Chase: … You probably shouldn’t tell everyone that you still live with your mom.
Duane Fry: HEY! I can save on rent AND I have a garage for ALL of my wrestling videos. You CAN’T go wrong there… and HERE… You can’t go wrong with the Amazing Bumfholes! They are NOW the 6-time SWF World Tag Team Champions. NO tag team in SWF history has EVER held those belts AS MUCH as Zimmy and Randy!
Emma Chase: Leave it to YOU for the history lesson. Do you know what they HAD for breakfast this morning too?
Duane Fry: Actually! …
Emma Chase: Don’t answer that.


PARTICIPANTS: The Amazing Bumfholes© and Awesomeness

[The Amazing Bumfholes celebrate in the ring as the Supreme Nation showers them with an average babyface pop. Given the fact that they’ve won the titles 6 times now, and most recently held it last month, there isn’t any sense of “over the top” celebration here. Instead, it’s very matter of fact as they high five one another and smile; celebrating with their fans.]

[At this point, they SHOULD have the SWF World Tag Team Championships presented to them. That said, that is NOT what happens.]

[As Darren Smith reaches down to grab the SWF World Tag Team Championships from a nearby ring tech, Jefferson Stardust quickly jumps in and rips the belts from the tech’s hands. Darren Smith barks in his direction to “give them back” but there is no use. Instead, Jefferson frantically staggers over to his half-dazed partner (shortly after going through a table) and hands him one of the belts. Seconds later, the both of them are staggering quickly up the steel rampway; heading toward the back.]

[By the time the Bumfholes realize what is happening, it’s too late. The Awesomeness are ¾ up the rampway and moving as fast as they can (Huey not doing so well in this regard, staggering and even falling at one point as Jefferson tries to lift him to his feet quickly).]

[Zimmy and Randy tear off behind them as a nearby cameraman follows the new champions as they speed through the darkened hallways of the backstage area. The shot is somewhat of a crazed blur given the fact that the cameraman is running (creating a shaky presentation but feeling rather “real” in the process). Eventually, they come out to the loading dock area; however, the Awesomeness is shown jumping into a car and speeding off into the snowy night. Ultimately, Zimmy and Randy stand frustrated and without their championship belts.]

[Awkwardly enough, while off-mic, it sounds like the two may be bickering about whose fault it was for the Awesomeness getting away with the belts.]

Duane Fry: The Awesomeness are SUCH sore losers that they would rather STEAL the SWF World Tag Team Championships than HAND them over to the RIGHTFUL champions!
Emma Chase: I can’t say that I wouldn’t do the same.
Duane Fry: BUT… [Duane seems quizzically shocked, stammering] But… They AREN’T the champions! Those belts should be with Zimmy and Randy; where they belong!
Emma Chase: Possession is 9/10ths of the law…
Duane Fry: Jefferson and Huey are stealing belts and YOU’RE throwing around tired cliches?
Emma Chase: Cliche? Yes. Tired? Not when I say it…
Duane Fry: It’s astounding how you can turn ANYTHING into a positive for yourself.
Emma Chase: Thank you.
[Emma smirks as Duane shakes his head in disbelief]


“BIG MONEY” Brandon James vs. Oliver Kobb

MATCH TYPE: Standard Singles Match
REFEREE: Darren Smith
OUTSIDE WITH: Krissy Angelle w/ Brandon James
WRESTLER POPULARITY: James (B) and Kobb (D-)

James dominates: This isn’t so much a wrestling match as a showcase for Brandon James. In this vein, while Kobb gets a few shots out of desperation, “Big Money” controls the match entirely; throwing Kobb around like a rag-doll as he lazily stomps around the ring.

James leans on Kobb: There are several points where James uses his sheer size to dominate Kobb, leaning on him in the corner. This sort of strategy is often used to “slow down the pace” of the match, getting a breather, but in this case James is more so showing that he’s in firm control of the match. In turn, he seems to almost suffocate Kobb at one point as he utilizes his weight as a weapon of sorts.

”Big Money Move”: With Kobb staggered and bruised, the lazy Brandon James brings the match to an end with his signature “Big Money Move” (Jackknife Powerbomb). Kobb lands awkwardly on the upper part of his back; flipping him over onto his stomach in the process. Moments later, James is shown pushing him over with his foot and pinning him by placing one of his feet square upon Kobb’s chest (standing as he does so and smirking toward the crowd in an overly arrogant fashion).

WINNER: Brandon James via pinfall
ENDING MANEUVER: “Big Money Move” (Jackknife Powerbomb)
NOTE: Brandon James dominated the match
NOTE: Oliver Kobb was really off of his game tonight
NOTE: Brandon James and Krissy Angelle have excellent chemistry together
WRESTLER PERFORMANCE: “Regular” - James (B-) and Kobb (D-)
Duane Fry: Oliver Kobb never really had a chance here, tonight. James came into this one looking to prove a point and, sadly for Kobb, he was the example.
Emma Chase: A win is great, and all, butOliver Kobb? Really? The SWF is squandering their GREATEST talent on some one-toothed hillbilly. Brandon should be in the main event; competing for the World Heavyweight Championship. That’s where he belongs.
Duane Fry: While not at his side anymore, it sounds like you’re STILL his agent… [Light chuckle]
Emma Chase: Once a client, always a client. Brandon deserves better than this! Richard [Eisen], you can count on seeing me after the show!
Duane Fry: I’d LOVE to be a fly on the wall for that conversation…



[Just then, the LIVE Feed of SupremeTV becomes fuzzy and, eventually, drops out. In doing so, all we see now is “TV Snow”; however, it’s much darker in color than is typical. Disturbing images of nails drawing closer to eyeballs, dead birds lying on the ground, and old footage of creepy mask-wearing people in a hazy forest appear and disappear within seconds; returning back to the dark grey “TV Snow” in between images.].

[Finally, we return to a consistent scene. That said, it’s no real reprieve from the disturbing feeling brought forth by the, what seemed like, random imagery.]

[A single, tarnished steel chair sits in the middle of a darkened, rundown warehouse. Puddles of water exist in random spots. Electrical wire is torn and exposed as well; small sparks flying everywhere. Overall, it feels like an abandoned old psych ward; a stark contrast to ANYTHING we’ve seen on SupremeTV tonight.]

[A figure is zapped in and out of the tarnished steel chair but we can’t make out who it is; their long dark hair is covering their face.]

[From there though, the figure finally appears for good; seated… his head down as his hair dangles in front of his face. He’s slunched-over in this way, terrible posture to say the least.]

[This figure begins to speak and, as they do, their voice is modulated in which to be really low, crackly, and unsettling. Every couple words, it sounds like the sound comes back to normal; however, it’s not enough to know who the person is at this point.]

[Unsettling Figure]: Control… comes… from fear. [Pauses] Obedience… comes… from fear. [Pauses] Life… is fear. [Pauses] For ages, fear was controlled by one being… That being maskarated as a man, face-painted… Chains dragged behind him… [Pauses] Vengeance drove his actions… but Fear… FEAR… Built his legacy. [Pauses] But we fear him no more… For… The ills of humanity have been sprung upon him. He is nothing more than… one of us… and with that… The rise of a NEW Nightmare begins…

[The unsettling figure slowly raises his head upward now. Even though their darkened hair still dangles, masking his face, it’s easier to make out who it is. It’s John Greed.]

[At this point, his voice is back to normal; slow… plotting… unsettling.]

[John Greed]: Whatever you choose to call him, Skull DeBones… Vengeance… doesn’t matter to this point. He is no longer the monster; the vicious beast that tore through this world. No… Now he’s merely a mortal. An ancient being that lost his grace; that now stands like the rest of us. [Long pause; staring into the camera lens] A world without pure evil crumbles; balance is necessary between the heaven and hell. [Pauses] I will be your servant; restoring balance to this twisted, chaos of a world. I… will take the throne of evil… [Pauses] I… will become… your Nightmare…

[With that, a slight snarl/smirk forms in the upper right corner of John Greed’s mouth. That said, just as it shows up, it disappears. Now, John simply stares toward the camera lens in an emotionless fashion; detached from the moment it seems.]

[John Greed]: Welcome… to my hell…

[The scene comes to a close as John Greed is zapped in and out of the chair again; a visual illusion often used in horror films centered on ghosts. Seconds later, the screen returns to the dark grey “TV Snow” from before. Eventually, after an elongated wait of 10 seconds of only watching “snow”, we return to the ringside area.]
Duane Fry: What the…
Emma Chase: Yea…
Duane Fry: John Greed has always been… a little… off…
Emma Chase: Psychotic?
Duane Fry: I was trying to be nice… but… Yea. This is… this is something entirely different though. He’s lost it… snapped… whatever you want to call it. That’s not John Greed sitting there. That’s some sort of demon of sorts…
Emma Chase: … Or scary enough, it’s the demon from within… coming to the surface.
Duane Fry: A lot of his speech felt nonsensical but, from what I could gather, it sounds like that he’s focusing his attention on Skull DeBones.
Emma Chase: We haven’t seen Skull DeBones in quite some time. Maybe he knows something we don’t? Maybe Skull DeBones really IS gone for good…
Duane Fry: He knows something we don’t? I doubt that. He doesn’t even seem to know where he is… let alone… where others are.
Emma Chase: I don’t know. These weirdos always seem to have some sort of connection with something…
Duane Fry: I’d say let’s wait and see but… to be honest… I don’t really WANT to see.


James Prudence vs. ”THE DRAGON” Mikey Lau

MATCH TYPE: Standard Singles Match
REFEREE: Darren Smith
OUTSIDE WITH: Freddie Garcia w/ James Prudence

Collar-and-Elbow… Knee… Snap Suplex: At the very opening of the match, both men lock up in a traditional collar-and-elbow-tie-up. That said, the collective lock is broken pretty quickly as James Prudence lands a hard knee to the stomach of Lau. Seconds later, James takes Lau over with a quick snap suplex; taking Lau to the mat right away.

Stiff, Standing Side-Kick: Prudence gains an early upperhand, and seems rather “high on himself” for doing so; however, this swing of momentum doesn’t last very long. Out of nowhere, Lau is able to rebound; landing a stiff standing sidekick square to the jaw of Prudence (using his shin for the strike). As is expected, the kick sends Prudence crashing to the canvas as Lau takes a second to stand over his fallen opponent; sending a message of stoic strength.

Stiff, Standing… No! Belly-to-Back Suplex: Later, Lau looks to land another stiff sidekick; however, this time, James Prudence is ready for the attempt. In doing so, James ducks underneath Lau’s leg and instantly grabs onto his waist from behind. A second later, Prudence is shown taking Lau over with a beautiful belly-to-back suplex into a bridging pin. Ultimately, Prudence gets a 2 count before “The Dragon” is able to kick-out.

Double Clothesline: Toward the end of the match, both men go for the same move and end up clotheslining each other. In doing so, both Lau and Prudence hit the canvas hard; dizzied by the unexpected, and hard, impact. Both are able to get back to their feet; however, not before Darren Smith has made it halfway through a 10-count.

Freddie Garcia distracts… both men: The boa-wearing, sensually-focused Freddie Garcia attempts to help his tag team partner by leaping up onto the apron and distracting Lau. “The Dragon’s” attention is pulled for a second, trying to see what’s happening, and this is just enough room for James Prudence to land a low-blow (from behind) on Lau. Normally, this would be a great moment for Prudence to take control of the match but, at this point, Freddie is shown slipping (as he poses on the apron); getting his right leg caught on the middle rope (hanging outside of the ring -- upside down). Sensing he needs to help, Prudence comes to Garcia’s aide, outside of the ring, as he helps him down. This allows Lau to return to his feet though, shake off the low-blow, hit the ropes and dive through the middle ropes; slamming into BOTH Garcia AND Prudence in the process!

”Dragon Whip”: With Prudence dazed, Lau sends him into the corner with an Irish Whip (mustering all the strength he has in his lightweight frame to send him there). In doing so, Prudence slowly staggers out of the corner, his back arched, as he looks to be in pain. As he staggers out, Lau hits the ropes and lands a leaping big boot of sorts SQUARE to Prudence’s jaw (“Dragon Whip”). The Platinum Blonde member’s head rocks back violently as he collapses to the canvas in a thunderous heap. This opens up an opportunity for Lau to dive atop his fallen opponent, scoring a 3-count in the process!

WINNER: Mikey Lau via pinfall
ENDING MANEUVER: “Dragon Whip” (Irish Whip into the Corner, Leaping Big Boot off the ropes)
WRESTLER PERFORMANCE: “Regular” - Prudence (C+) and Lau (C)
Duane Fry: BOOOOOOM!! “The Dragon” KNOCKOUTS… His PREY!!
Emma Chase: This is ALL Freddie Garcia’s fault! James Prudence HAD this match where he wanted it and Garcia RUINED it. He has some explaining to do once they get to the back…
Duane Fry: We’ve seen these sort of missteps from the Platinum Blondes in recent weeks. You HAVE to wonder how long this can go on for before everything implodes!
Emma Chase: You’d like that wouldn’t you? The Platinum Blondes split up. I’m not saying they should split up, far from it. I’m just saying that they have to get back on the same page; focus up and get their stuff together.
Duane Fry: Well, we DO have new Tag Team Champions in the Amazing Bumfholes. Ultimately though, they have some work to do before they could EVER be seen as a threat to the Bumfhole brothers!


PARTICIPANTS: Jerry Eisen, Remo©, The Crippler

[We transition backstage now in which to see the dopey-looking Jerry Eisen standing before a dark-navy-blue/silver SWF backdrop. With a black microphone already in hand, the SWF logo printed on the side of it, Jerry begins to speak directly to the camera lens (and, by extension, the Supreme Nation)]

[Jerry Eisen]: Everyone is talking about tonight’s main event, as they’re is considerable buzz circling around it. We’ve heard from Jack Bruce and Angry Gilmore… [Slight pause] Now, it’s time to hear from the other side of this equation.

[The cameraman zooms out a bit to show that The Crippler and Remo stand on either side of Jerry Eisen. In doing so, Jerry looks even MORE dopey and unassuming.]

[Both the Crippler and “The Alpha Dog” Remo stand in a stoic sense of strength. In this vein, neither have been known to talk very much. Instead, they often let their violent nature in the ring speak for itself; to tell the kind of person they are. Knowing this, it feels rather awkward to expect either of them to speak, especially in such a standard-interview kind of format.]

[Nonetheless, Jerry continues forth with the interview.]

[Jerry Eisen]: Gentlemen, tonight you will square-off against TWO men who can barely see eye-to-eye themselves. How do you two plan on working as a team to defeat Jack Bruce and Angry Gilmore?

[Jerry looks to both men; however, neither shows any interest in speaking. Instead, they both stand in stoic, stern silence. All the while, the SWF World Heavyweight Championship, sitting over Remo’s right shoulder, gleams in the lights from above.]

[Jerry Eisen]: Have you two talked about any sense of strategy?

[Again, neither Remo nor The Crippler show any interest in speaking. Again, Jerry doesn’t truly know how to respond. Sensing this, we can see a level of frustration begin to form in his mannerisms and tone -- showing a lack of professionalism, if you will, when faced with a challenge.]

[Jerry Eisen]: You HAVE to have talked about something… Anything…

[Again, nothing from either man. That said, now, both look to have grown tired of this scenario. Instead of sticking around for another question, both The Crippler and Remo slowly exit the scene as they stare down the flustered announcer. As they exit, they do so in opposite directions; showing that they aren’t that unified either heading into the main event.]

[Once they are gone, Jerry does his best to hide his frustration; however, it’s quite easy to see. He’s not what you would call a “poker player” in that he isn’t methodical enough to hide his true feelings.]

[Jerry Eisen]: Well… That didn’t give us anything. [Shakes his head, closing his eyes for a second] I guess we’ll have to SEE how they work as a team tonight… or… truthfully… if they CAN work as a team altogether. Truthfully… , after seeing how both teams are acting around one another, I wouldn’t be shocked if our main event turned into a Fatal Fourway of sorts. [Pauses] Back to you Duane and Emma.

[With that, we transition back to the ringside in which to see Duane Fry and Emma Chase seated behind a black SWF commentary desk.]
Duane Fry: That didn’t go well, did it? [Laughs] Neither Remo nor The Crippler were all that interested in being interviewed. They just stood there; arms crossed… not saying a word.
Emma Chase: Why SHOULD they talk? How would THAT benefit them? Plus… Who, in their right mind, would want to take questions from Jerry Eisen in the first place? That bumbling idiot doesn’t deserve a word, let alone be in the same room, with those two men.
Duane Fry: Ouch. You KNOW he’s the boss’ son, right?
Emma Chase: Yea. That’s the ONLY reason he HAS a job.
Duane Fry: … I’m going to leave that one alone. [Pauses] As for the pairing of Remo and the Crippler, they MAY not be a unified front but they DO have one thing in common… They aren’t going to give the Supreme Nation want they want, JUST because they want it.
Emma Chase: They’ll let their actions do the talking tonight… When they beat Jack Bruce and Angry Gilmore into a pair of bloody pulps.
Duane Fry: You don’t like very many people in this world, do you Emma?
[Emma glares at Duane as a sly smirk forms in the corner of his mouth.]


American Machine vs. Joe Sexy vs. Jungle Lord vs. Paul Huntingdon
#SWFFatalFourway #NANo1ContenderMatch

MATCH TYPE: Fatal Fourway; First Pinfall
REFEREE: Darren Smith
OUTSIDE WITH: BJ O’Neal w/ American Machine
WRESTLER POPULARITY: Sexy and Lord (C+), Huntingdon (C) , and Machine (C-)

Joe Sexy hits on BJ O’Neal; gets pressed: Right away, as the opening bell rings, Joe Sexy does not lock eyes with his opponents. Instead, he does so with the beautiful BJ O’Neal at ringside. Standing within the ring, Sexy leans on the ropes and attempts to hit on American Machine’s valet. While this is part of Sexy’s schtick, now that he’s older, it starts to feel more like the inappropriate, sex-charged uncle hitting on younger girls at a Christmas party. BJ tries to ignore him; however, it’s impossible to ignore such advances. Ultimately, American Machine saves BJ by walking up and instantly lifting Sexy into the air with a gorilla press slam; an amazing show of strength (from a standing position). By the end, Machine is shown tossing Sexy halfway across the ring; a move that brings a smile to BJ’s slender face.

Jungle Lord is an uncontrollable wrecking ball: From the very start, Jungle Lord sticks out as he violently crashing into everything and anything. The mixture of his immense strength, thick-framed body, and relentless nature makes Jungle Lord a truly unstoppable force. At one point, a corner splash practically crushes every bone in the body of Paul Huntingdon (admittedly, a “weak boned” individual to start with). After the impact, one that almost seems to move the ring itself, Huntingdon collapses to the ground as Jungle Lord yells out in a warrior-like fashion, beating his chest with his fists.

Sexy low-blow; winks to BJ: At one point, Joe Sexy is seen landing a low-blow (unseen by Darren Smith) on American Machine. As Machine topples over to the ground, Sexy looks over to a distressed BJ O’Neal; winking at her and smirking in the process. As you can expect, this only disgusts O’Neal as she contorts her face in an act of repulsion.

Huntingdon tries to steal a pin; thrown from the ring: Later, as Jungle Lord goes for the pin on Joe Sexy (taking him to the ground with a big “pounce” off the ropes), Paul Huntingdon is shown leaping atop the fallen Sexy as he attempts to steal the pin. Once Lord realizes what’s going on, the husky brawler is shown aggressively grabbing Paul and tossing him from the ring in one fluid, angry movement. In doing so, Huntington topples to the outside as Lord roars, beating his chest again like an alpha animal.

Jungle Lord is KO’ed by Sexy AND Huntingdon: In a short-lived alliance, Joe Sexy and Paul Huntingdon work together to KO the brutish Jungle Lord with a double DDT in the corner of the ring. The impact sends Lord to his stomach, face-down on the canvas. Meanwhile, Joe Sexy, looking to celebrate, extends a handshake to Huntingdon. The only awkward thing is that said handshake is extended from Sexy’s crotchal-region. As you can guess, Huntingdon looks on in a combination of horror and disgust; walking away from Sexy (for which Joe starts to laugh to himself).

”One Night Stand”: Toward the end of the match, Joe Sexy is seen executing his signature “One Night Stand” (Hip-Swivel celebration, Sit-Down Piledriver) upon a dazed American Machine. Instead of going for the pin right away, Joe stands up before the crowd showing himself off in a “look at me” kind of fashion; celebrating his impact move. That said, as he is busy running his hand over his hairy chest, smirking as he winks to nearby female fans, we see…

Huntingdon steals the pin: … Paul Huntington sweep in and roll up the fallen American Machine. In doing so, Paul Huntingdon steals the pin (and the win) from Joe Sexy as the middle-aged, sex-crazed wrestler distracts himself with a post-move celebration.

WINNER: Paul Huntingdon via pinfall
ENDING MANEUVER: “One Night Stand” from Joe Sexy -- Huntingdon steals the pin
NOTE: Paul Huntingdon is the NEW #1 Contender to the SWF North American Championship
WRESTLER PERFORMANCE: “Storytelling” - Lord (C+), Sexy and Paul (C) , Machine (D+)
Duane Fry: Joe Sexy THOUGHT he had this one in the bag… BUT… Paul Huntingdon swoops in and STEALS the win RIGHT from underneath him!
Emma Chase: Good for Paul. There’s nothing he wants MORE than the SWF North American Championship. Joey Morgan CHEATED his way to the belt and now it’s time for Paul to get his revenge AND his belt back!
Duane Fry: You call beating someone fair-and-square, cheating?
Emma Chase: Watch the tape. That match was NOT fair-and-square. Morgan had a substance on his body, making it hard for Paul to hold onto him. You can see it ALL over the match. He cheated, plan and simple.
Duane Fry: You’re creating something that’s not there, Emma. Morgan is the champion because he BEAT Huntingdon. It’s hard for you, and Paul, to accept that but it’s true. NOW though, Paul has another chance to get his belt back. Will he have enough to beat the man who TOOK the belt from him in November? We’ll have to see.
Emma Chase: Mark my words. Paul will have HIS title back. I have NO doubt about it.
Duane Fry: Well, we’ll find out if you’re right NEXT WEEK as the SWF brings you “When HELL Freezes Over” LIVE from New York City!


PARTICIPANTS: Angry Gilmore, Jessie, and ????

[We transition backstage once again in which to see the rabid technician, Angry Gilmore stomping feverishly through a backstage hallway. His shoulders are hunched, jaw clenched, and fists balled up tight; all signs of his typical, undying state of tension. Behind him, Jessie saunters slowly. Her head is down, still locked in a state of sadness, as she looks to be thinking; always thinking.]

[Just when it seems like this segment is one of those “throw away -- he’s walking to the ring” kind of segments, we hear a familiar voice off-screen]

[Jack Bruce]: Don’t you have some sort of bridge to protect?

[Angry Gilmore stops in his tracks, lowers his brow even further and snarls toward something off-screen. Slowly, the cameraman pans out in which to see Jack Bruce seated atop a black production box. He has a beer bottle in his hand and, it seems, half of the bottle is already gone. Who knows if this is only the 1st one he’s had tonight.]

[Jack chuckles to himself, takes a long drink of his beer, and then drops it down; rest it atop his quad as he holds it loosely.]

[Jack Bruce]: You know… [He looks past Angry Gilmore, gazing upon a sunken Jessie] I’d ask if there are troubles going on at home but it’s pretty obvious that Jessie’s no bueno…

[The fact that Jack has talked about Jessie seems to have crossed a line. Upon hearing her name, Gilmore stomps over quickly; shoving his hand across Jack’s throat and pinning him against the wall. Jack laughs; however, can’t breathe really well; coughing as he continues to smile. Meanwhile, Angry Gilmore’s snarl grows deeper; his browline sinking further down into a dizzying state of anger.]

[Jessie yelps out.]

[Jessie]: Tom!

[Despite her quick plea, Angry Gilmore does NOT release his choke of Jack Bruce right away. He continues for a few seconds until he pushes really hard on his throat, then lets go. Jack coughs a bit, but never drops his smirk. Despite that, even though he’s coughing, he raises his bottle of beer back up; taking a chug through his pain.]

[As Jack speaks, his voice is a little thinned out due to Gilmore’s previous choke.

[Jack Bruce]: What hand lotion are you using these days? [Coughs] Feels like Nivea…

[Jack chuckles a bit, coughing still, as Gilmore stands on guard; ready to pounce again if need be.]

[Jack Bruce]: We’re going to have some fun tonight… [Smirks, coughs as well] It’s show-time…

[Jack takes another swig of his beer as he runs his right hand across his throat; rubbing it. Meanwhile, Angry Gilmore has moved on from the scene; stomping past Jack Bruce with a fiery sense of focus. Jessie slowly follows behind, apologizing to Jack in a quiet whisper of sorts while walking past him. As to be expected, Jack checks her out as she walks away.]
Duane Fry: These two couldn’t be FARTHER from one another… and it’ll be interesting to see HOW they will function as a team. All it took were a few choice words from Bruce to send Gilmore over the edge. Who KNOWS what will happen tonight when fists start flying!
Emma Chase: Gilmore will probably end up getting his team disqualified. That’s my guess. He’ll lose his cool, ignore Darren Smith and ultimately get his team DQ’ed.
Duane Fry: You know, I could ACTUALLY see that as well.


Angry Gilmore/Jack Bruce vs. The Crippler/Remo

MATCH TYPE: Tag Team Match
REFEREE: Darren Smith
OUTSIDE WITH: Jessie w/ Angry Gilmore
WRESTLER POPULARITY: Bruce (A), Remo (B+), Gilmore (B), and Crippler (B-)

Jack tags himself in; Gilmore is livid: Angry Gilmore stands in his teams corner with a fiery gaze. He clenches his white-taped fists as every muscle in his body tenses. His jawline is clenched, grinding away at whatever teeth he has left, as he looks like aggression personified. That said, before he can lock-up with the Crippler (the legal man for the heel team), Jack Bruce is seen slapping Gilmore on the back and tagging himself in. As you can expect, Gilmore is livid; yelling at Bruce. Jack laughs it off and lazily shuffles past him. Gilmore grabs his arm, spinning him back around in an aggressive fashion. Gilmore continues to yell at Jack; however, the rebellious rocker doesn’t seem all that phased. Instead, he leaves the fiery Gilmore alone in his corner.

Jack takes it to the Crippler; then brawl: As Jack and the Crippler meet in the center of the ring there is some jaw-jacking from Bruce before he impulsively strikes Crippler with a right hand (seemingly, out of nowhere). This sends the Crippler on his heels as Jack continues the attack; driving him into the corner. From there, Jack continues to beat down on the Crippler until the hardened veteran pushes his way out of the corner; tackling Jack Bruce in an act of defiance. This gives the Crippler the upper hand now as he strikes away with punches and elbow until Bruce is able to kick him off.

Belly-to-Belly Suplex; ground and pound: Once again, the Crippler takes Jack Bruce BACK to the canvas and wails away in a “ground and pound” fashion. This goes for a good 8 seconds before Jack Bruce is, once again, able to kick the Crippler off of him.

Jack hits signature flipping clothesline; Remo floors him: A minute later, Jack Bruce executes his signature flipping clothesline off the ropes; turning around the momentum of the match. That said, as Jack arrogantly jumps back to his feet, he’s instantly floored by the SWF World Heavyweight Champion Remo©; striking him with a massive clothesline out of nowhere. Jack hits the deck hard and the “Alpha Dog” comes to a halt before Angry Gilmore as he stands on the apron. As you can expect this riles the tension up further… Starting the beginning of a LONG end…

Gilmore/Remo Brawl: Angry Gilmore is unable to hold back his ferocity. Instead of staying on the apron, he now enters the ring and takes it RIGHT TO Remo with fists of fury. Throwing everything he has, Gilmore puts Remo on his heels for a good 10 seconds. This amps the crowd up as they see their beloved Gilmore taking it TO the World Heavyweight Champion. By the end though, Remo grabs onto Gilmore and tosses him over the top rope in a display of sheer power; forcing Angry Gilmore to crash violently on the outside.

Wild Brawl: By now, both teams are fully engaged; no real focus on a “legal man.” Despite this, Darren Smith doesn’t seem to be calling for the bell. Instead, it is as if he’s allowing the action to take place; much like you would in playoff basketball (knowing their are missteps and fouls taking place but allowing the action to take its own course). By doing so, the action in the ring feels overly chaotic in nature with some of the biggest names in wrestling all colliding with one another.

Jack Bruce superkicks… Angry Gilmore: Jack Bruce eyes up a dazed Crippler for a superkick. As he lunges forward though, the Crippler ducks out of the way. In doing so, Jack ends up kicking his OWN partner, Angry Gilmore, in the jaw with a fast-striking superkick. Before Jack can do anything about it, he’s pulled to the ground by the Crippler with a drop-toe-hold into a leg-lock submission. Meanwhile, Gilmore, staggering around, not falling post-kick, is hoisted up onto the shoulders of the “Alpha Dog” and violently thrown to the canvas with a powerful Samoan drop.

Action spills out of the ring: There are no pins attempted following the superkick. Instead, the action continues and now travels outside of the ring.

Jack Bruce goes HEAD FIRST into the steel pole: Recovering from the dreaded tombstone, Jack Bruce’s head/brain is a point of concern (ala higher possibility of a concussion). Knowing this, it becomes a point of shock as Remo grabs the back of Bruce’s head and violently throws him, head-first, into the steel ring pole on the outside. Jack’s body goes limp right away as he crashes to the ground. Shockingly enough, the Crippler seems angry that Remo did such a thing; most likely because HE wanted to be the one to hurt Jack like this. Remo just shrugs it off, stoically walking away and stomping on the previously fallen Angry Gilmore.

Gilmore/Remo travel up the rampway: At this point, the brawl between Angry Gilmore and Remo has traveled up the steel rampway. As they do so, Angry Gilmore gets a sense of revenge on the bigger, stronger champion; hitting his signature “Anger Management” (Running, Leaping Knee to the Head) on the “Alpha Dog.” In doing so, Remo drops hard to the steel rampway. Meanwhile, Gilmore wastes no time stomping the fallen champion.

Remo doesn’t stay down for long; “New York Minute” out of desperation: On the steel rampway, Remo is no longer “down and out” from Gilmore’s signature move. Showing his true strength, Remo has rebounded and is now taking it to Gilmore with powerful fists, hip strikes, and a hard knee to the chest. Meanwhile, back at ringside, Jack Bruce has found his way back to his feet but he looks woozy at best. The Crippler looks to send him into the steel guardrail with an Irish Whip but Jack reverses the attempt. He doesn’t let go of the Crippler’s arm and, in doing so, pulls him in -- hitting his signature “New York Minute” (RKO) on the outside!

Double Count-Out: By the end, no one is able to return to the ring on time (or, really, show any interest in doing so). Knowing this, Darren Smith calls for the bell -- declaring a Double-Count-Out DRAW.

WINNER: DRAW (Double Count-Out)
NOTE: Angry Gilmore and Jack Bruce have excellent chemistry as a tag team
NOTE; This match got the crowd buzzing
WRESTLER PERFORMANCE: “Spectacle”; Bruce (A*), Gilmore (A), Crip (B), and Remo (B-)
Duane Fry: I was HOPING for a definitive end BUT who DIDN’T see this one coming? Keeping all FOUR of these men in one ring, wrestling BY the rules, was a failing effort from the start.
Emma Chase: The BIG message coming from this match though IS… Angry Gilmore simply CANNOT beat Remo. Here he had him where he wanted him, “Anger Management” on the ramp and… Nothing. Gilmore couldn’t keep him down. The “Alpha Dog” was back up in no-time; taking it TO Gilmore. If you ask me, THAT shows you RIGHT THERE that Angry Gilmore doesn’t have what it takes… AND he’ll be absolutely DECIMATED at “When Hell Freezes Over” because he won’t know WHEN to stop!
Duane Fry: I fear… you may be right…


PARTICIPANTS: Remo©, Angry Gilmore and ????

[Darren Smith repeatedly calls for the bell, hoping it will restore a sense of order to the ringside area, but alas it means nothing to SWF World Heavyweight Champion Remo © and Angry Gilmore. While Remo powers his way through the fight, Angry Gilmore brings his brand of scrappy, hellish offense in which to counteract the champion. Sadly, for Gilmore, Remo’s slower, methodical power game is STILL more impactful than Gilmore’s nature; at least for now.]

[As they brawl, Jack Bruce is seen back at ringside celebrating with the fans. The Crippler, the man he was once brawling with, is still lying motionless on the outside after a “New York Minute.” This allows him to detach from the moment, as he COULD help Angry Gilmore but he doesn’t look ALL that interested in doing so. Instead, he climbs into the crowd as he celebrates with random fans along the way; even taking a drink or two of said fan’s beers in the process.]

[Back on the steel rampway, the battle between Angry Gilmore and Remo rage on… Even as…]

[... Rogue’s theme music overtakes the Mayor Street Arena. The crowd begins to boo as the shifty, “Down and Dirty” rebel as he slowly shuffles through the entrance way. He already carries a microphone, and a deep-seeded snarl, with him. Eventually, he comes to a stop at the top of the steel rampway; only 10-feet away from the brawl that still continues between Angry Gilmore and Remo.]

[Shockingly enough, with the introduction of a new person at ringside, neither Remo nor Angry Gilmore seem to care. Instead, they’re laying into one another; back-and-forth.]

[Rogue]: Don’t stop on my account…

[Rogue’s statement is somewhat comical given the fact that Remo and Angry Gilmore weren’t paying attention to him in the first place.]

[Rogue]: Please… Continue with what you were doing… Don’t mind me…

[A slight snarl/smirk forms upon Rogue’s face as he pauses for a second. In doing so, he watches as Remo now takes control of the fight with Angry Gilmore following a powerful hip-check to the stomach. Seconds later, Remo knocks Gilmore to the steel rampway with a hard kick to the side of Gilmore’s head (as he kneels on all fours; trying to get back up). This drives Gilmore to flip over, lying on his back now as he looks up at the lights.]

[Rogue]: Is this a bad time?

[Rogue winces, smirking in a snarling fashion afterward.]

[Rogue]: While you two rip each other limb from limb, I thought I’d complicate things a bit. [Pauses] Gilmore… If you can hear me… You’ve been named as the #1 contender to the SWF World Heavyweight Championship. It’s bull-[CENSOR] if you ask me. So, instead of b*tching about it to myself backstage, I went straight to the suits. You see, unlike you Gilmore, I don’t LET my anger get the best of me… I USE IT to get what I want. There’s a difference. [Crowd boos, Rogue pauses] What I want is to be in the MIDDLE of this little match of yours… but don’t you worry… I’ll call EVERYTHING… down the middle…

[A buzz begins to form as people start to unravel what Rogue is saying.]

[Rogue]: At “When Hell Freezes Over”, when you two beat the living piss out of one another… I will be the special guest… referee…

[Rogue stands tall as the Supreme Nation, once again, showers Rouge with a chorus of boos. They know that, given Gilmore and Rogue’s background, that there’s NO WAY he will call this match down the middle. Instead, Angry Gilmore will most likely be screwed over.]

[Rogue]: But don’t worry, again… I’ll call the action… right… down… the middle…

[Rogue slowly drops a karate-like-chop downward in which to symbolize “calling something down the middle.” That said, a few seconds after holding it there, he moves his hand to the right; showing more of a 70/30 scenario. This drives the Supreme Nation to boo once again.]

[Rogue]: That’s if you MAKE IT… to next Saturday…

[We now come to the end of our broadcast as we watch Remo lift a dazed Angry Gilmore off the steel rampway and ultimately driven back down, onto said steel, with a simple and barbaric throw. In doing so, Gilmore rolls and flips down the steel rampway until he comes to a stop a few feet farther down.]

[The show comes to an end as the cameraman zooms in closer on Angry Gilmore, who still isn’t staying down. He’s trying to pull any energy he has left to lift himself back up, but is having a hard time to even move an inch or two. Meanwhile, Remo stands tall in a stoic and strong fashion a few feet away. Finally, the new special guest referee, Rogue stands at the top; watching the action unfold with a snarl/smirk upon his face -- enjoying Gilmore’s demise.]

Duane Fry: If you thought Angry Gilmore had a tough time up against Remo at “When Hell Freezes Over”, WELL… It just got a WHOLE LOT tougher for the rabid technician. Rogue has weaseled his way into being the Special Guest Referee… making it almost IMPOSSIBLE for Angry Gilmore to win.
Emma Chase: Give Rogue some credit. He COULD be a WONDERFUL referee. We just don’t know it yet. Let’s wait and SEE what happens before we pass judgement on him.
Duane Fry: You’re kidding me, right? Wonderful? Rogue? He’s ONLY in this match because he wants to make Angry Gilmore’s life a living hell!
Emma Chase: [Short laughter] Yea… You’re right. Angry Gilmore is screwed… and I love it!
Duane Fry: What did Angry Gilmore do to the ‘Suits’ to deserve this?
Emma Chase: … Pretend like he means something in the SWF. If he “stayed in his lane”, wrestling other “at his level”, then they wouldn’t HAVE to police all of this.
Duane Fry: You’re saying that the SWF Suits don’t want to see Angry Gilmore in the main event at “When Hell Freezes Over?”
Emma Chase: That’s exactly what I’m saying.
Duane Fry: Then why put him in the match in the 1st place?
Emma Chase: Their hands were tied. The Supreme Nation pushed, and pushed, and pushed… They felt like they had to. That doesn’t mean that they HAVE to give him a fair shake though. They DON’T want the belt on Angry Gilmore and THAT’S why Rogue is now in there as well.
Duane Fry: That’s ridiculous, if true!
Emma Chase: I only speak the truth.
Duane Fry: The SWF Suits should be ashamed of themselves…
Emma Chase: Ashamed of running a multi-million-dollar company? Ashamed of being THE premiere name in wrestling around the world? I don’t agree with you there… They’re just protecting their assets.
Duane Fry: I hope you’re wrong… I can’t imagine where we would be if you’re right…

VERDICT: +3 Regions

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This first show was incredible, wow. I was thinking of creating an SWF diary, and I just got totally outclassed by you. I'm especially excited to see where you go with the John Greed/Skull DeBones storyline. I can't wait to read more!
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Great show, look forward to more when you can get it out.

I still hate Jack Bruce,even in my own games, and I fully blame you.
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Awesome show! Jack was pure entertainment and I’m very interested in where Greed goes from here, which is saying something for me because he’s a first round cut for me in my SWF games
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Unread 06-14-2018, 04:38 AM
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My first time reading one of your projects "live" rather than once it's all finished up, so really excited. Great first show!

Interested to see where you take Rogue. He typically ends up falling down the card in my games as I have nothing interesting for him to be involved with.
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Unread 06-14-2018, 06:43 AM
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That was a cool show. (even thought Mikey Lau's render wants to make me gouge out my own eyes)

Originally Posted by Eisen-verse View Post
Angry Gilmore and Jack Bruce have excellent chemistry as a tag team
This here, could potentially be very interesting, indeed.
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SWF Rise, appears to be the wrong way around.
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Originally Posted by Temes1066 View Post
SWF Rise, appears to be the wrong way around.
Good call. I should have looked that over before posting. ha.
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Unread 06-15-2018, 02:54 PM
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Upcoming Vacation
Starting tomorrow, I am going on a week-long vacation into the mountains of South Dakota. This is an opportunity for my family and I to "unplug" a little and get away a bit (especially before summer school starts).

I will have my phone on me but I won't be taking my laptop. Knowing this, I plan to book the next SupremeTV and "When Hell Freezes Over" via Google Docs. Then, will go ahead and book them in-game when I come back. This means that another show won't be posted until toward the end of June.

More or less, I wanted you to know that everything is going on smoothly; even though you're not seeing a show for a bit.
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Unread 06-21-2018, 05:40 AM
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I do hope, that this hasn't been cancelled.
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