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Default WWF WrestleMania III (03-29-87)


Ted DiBiase made his WWF in-ring debut against Rick Martel, in which DiBiase won in 6:56 With the Million Dollar Dream. (C,63)

WWF WrestleMania III

March 29th, 1987

From the Pontiac Silverdome in Detroit, Michigan

Attendance: 93,173 (Sold-Out)

Announce Team: Gorilla Monsoon, Vince McMahon and Jesse Ventura


Vince McMahon welcomes everyone to WrestleMania III and announces that 93,173 people are in attendance, which is a new attendance record. Afterwards, McMahon introduced the fans to the "Queen of Soul", Aretha Franklin, who performed "America the Beautiful" to kick off the show.

Winner Earns WWF Intercontinental Title Match

15-Man Battle Royal

Brutus Beefcake Vs. Bob Orton Jr Vs. Brad Rheingans Vs. Butch Reed Vs. Dino Bravo Vs. George Steele Vs. Jim Duggan Vs. Jim Powers Vs. Kamala Vs.
King Kong Bundy Vs. Koko B. Ware Vs. Paul Ordnorff Vs. Paul Roma Vs. S.D Jones Vs. Tito Santana

The match kicks off with everyone going after everyone, with every man trying to come out of this as the winner. The Young Stallions attempted to get King Kong Bundy eliminated, but Bundy was too much to overcome and he ended up eliminating them both.

Eliminated: Paul Roma & Jim Powers

The Canadian Strongmen, Dino Bravo recognized the team of Paul Ordnorff and King Kong Bundy and attempted to break that teamwork up. While he attempted to do so, Koko B. Ware battled it out with Brad Rheingans and eventually eliminated Rheingans to earn himself an elimination.

Eliminated: Brad Rheingans

Dino Bravo was almost successfully able to eliminate Paul Ordnorff after breaking up the teamwork between him and Bundy. Although, King Kong Bundy came to the save last minute and racked up his third elimination when he eliminated the Canadian Strongmen.

Eliminated: Dino Bravo

Jim Duggan quickly went after King Kong Bundy, as did Kamala, as both big men tried to eliminate perhaps the biggest men in this battle royal. Ordnorff came to the rescue and helped Bundy but at the cost of rescuing him, Duggan got Ordnorff out. However, Bundy avenged his fellow teammate by eliminating Duggan.

Eliminated: Paul Ordnorff & Jim Duggan

S.D Jones and Tito Santana was battling it out on the other end, with neither men getting the advantage over each other. S.D Jones came close to the elimination but Butch Reed came out of nowhere and delivered a double clothline, eliminating both men. Reed's double elimination made for a strong debut on his first PPV.

Eliminated: S.D Jones & Tito Santana

Kamala retreated from his battle with King Kong Bundy, as he was on the verge of being next on the list of guys who were eliminated. "Cowboy" Bob Orton was determined to take out the seemingly exhausted King Kong Bundy, but as soon as we went after him, Bundy lifted him over his shoulders and over the top ropes.

Eliminated: Bob Orton Jr.

Afterwards, Koko B. Ware is shown fighting Brutus Beefcake, while Butch Reed is fighting in the corner with George Steele. Kamala went back on the offense of trying to bring King Kong Bundy down and was very close to doing so. Bundy was almost eliminated but he was able to fight back with some hard-hitting elbows. Butch Reed saw that Bundy was a big threat in this match and turned his attention onto him. He began to help Kamala out, but it just wasn't quite enough. Bundy began to fight back again, but more help came with Koko B. Ware. The three men pulled together and was finally able to eliminate Bundy from the match.

Eliminated: King Kong Bundy

All three men began to show signs of exhaustion after that big elimination, which helped Brutus Beefcake quickly take advantage and eliminate Koko B. Ware.

Eliminated: Koko B. Ware

We were now down to only four men in this match, Butch Reed, Kamala, Brutus Beefcake and George Steele. Steele, not knowing who to go after, attacked Beefcake and both men began fighting. Reed took this time to restore some of his energy. until Kamala went after him. Beefcake and Steele fought endlessly, until Beefcake finally got the advantage he needed and earned himself the elimination.

Eliminated: George Steele

"The Natural" Butch Reed and Brutus Beefcake knew they were at a disadvantage when it came to Kamala, which led to both men working together attempting to get Kamala eliminated. Kamala wouldn't get tossed out without a fight, but eventually the strength of Reed and the help from Beefcake helped get Kamala eliminated.

Eliminated: Kamala

It came down to Butch Reed and Brutus Beefcake as the last two men in the ring and with a chance to headline the next PPV for the WWF Intercontinental Championship. Reed went after Beefcake instantly, trying to get him out. While, Beefcake did his best to prove himself as a singles competitor. Both men brought the fight to each other, as they wanted to make a name for themselves at WrestleMania. Eventually, Reed showed he had a slight bit more stamina left in the tank then Beefcake, as he began tossing strikes at Beefcake, who was looking lost. Reed eventually delivered a Gorilla Press Slam and threw Beefcake over the top ropes to win his first PPV match and earn himself a future WWF Intercontinental Championship match.

Eliminated: Brutus Beefcake

Winner: "The Natural" Butch Reed

Most Eliminations: 5 (King Kong Bundy & Butch Reed)

Match Time: 9:32

Finish: Reed eliminates Brutus Beefcake to earn the victory.

Full Nelson Challenge Match

Billy Jack Haynes Vs. Hercules (/w Bobby Heenan)

We now had the Full Nelson Challenge match, in which was a basic match with the ending having to be a Full Nelson submission victory. Billy Jack Haynes knew that this was his moment to shine, all he had to do was overcome the massive strength of Hercules. He attempted to do so in the early going, but Hercules brought him down with some strong grapples. Hercules attempted the Full Nelson early, but Haynes was able to escape in time. Haynes began to deliver some left and right blows to Hercules, who was becoming dazed by the punches. Haynes tried the Full Nelson himself, but Hercules was able to get out and dominate afterwards. It wouldn't be long until Hercules finally stole Haynes' moment and made him tap out to the Full Nelson.

Winner: Hercules

Match Time: 8:26

Finish: Full Nelson by Hercules leads to submission.


Backstage, the audience was welcomed a celebrity guest interviewer of "Mr. Baseball" Bob Uecker. Uecker announced his guest tonight as the WWF World Heavyweight Champion, Hulk Hogan. Uecker asked Hogan on how he was feeling about the biggest match in his life in front of 90,000+ fans packed here in the Silverdome. Hogan responded that he has never been more prepared for a fight than he is tonight. Hogan added that words could never express how thankful he is for each and every one of his Hulkamaniacs, who came out here tonight to witness him slay the giant. Hogan finished up the interview by throwing one direct message to his opponent, Andre The Giant.

Hulk Hogan: "Andre, all of these people here and around the world used to look up to you. You were once my friend, and yet you threw that bond and the support from the fans, all away. You threw it all away and for what? To be another one of Bobby Heenan's goons? Look at where it got you now, brother! A showdown between you and me, here at WrestleMania III, in front of 90 thousand Hulkamaniacs here in the Silverdome and millions more around the world. Andre, whenever it's all over, I hope that you can live with the decision that you made and more importantly, with yourself. Because when it's all over, you're going to realize that you threw it all away for NOTHING! So, Andre, whatcha gonna do when 93,173 Hulkamaniacs run wild on you?!"

Hair Vs. Hair Match

Adrian Adonis (/w Jimmy Hart) Vs. "Rowdy" Roddy Piper

One of the most anticipated matches was about to happen as Adrian Adonis and Roddy Piper looked to square off in what could possibly be Piper's last match in professional wrestling. The hate between these two men was clear enough ever since Adonis' Flower Shop that had replaced Piper's during Roddy's absence.

Both men were eager to show that they were the better men, knowing that the winner would get to shave the hair of the loser and cement a WrestleMania moment. Both men fought each other to the edge numerous times and looked like any one of them could come out of this as the winner. Jimmy Hart did his best at ringside to distract Piper, so that Adrian could get the advantage. Both men had a very intense and physical match throughout, but eventually, Piper fell for Hart's distraction.

The distraction helped Adonis apply the Goodnight Irene submission hold, Adonis began to smile as he was confident this was the end. The smile only got bigger from there, as Piper began to fade fast. The referee checked on Piper to ensure he was not unconscious and almost called the match off, until Piper began to show that he still had some fight left in him. Using the last of his strength, Piper was able to reach the ropes and the referee declared rope break.

Adonis was frustrated and began to go after Piper, but Piper threw the offense to Adrian and started to make a comeback, which the fans cheered loudly for. After a few punches, Piper went for his famous Sleeper Hold and had the hold locked in good. Hart began to shout some words of encouragement through his microphone but they did no good for Adonis. The referee checked on Adonis and after 5 seconds of no response, the referee declared Adonis unconscious and announced Roddy Piper as the winner of the match.

Winner: "Rowdy" Roddy Piper

Match Time: 11:11

Finish: Sleeper Hold from Piper led to referee's decision.


The sleeper hold from Piper really paid off in the aftermath, as it helped Piper cut Adrian Adonis' hair with ease. Piper was in no rush, as he took his time, playing to the crowd and taunting Jimmy Hart, who was at ringside panicking. After his enjoyment with Adrian, Piper decided to go after Jimmy Hart with the scissors, who ran around the ring terrified. Hart hurried in the ring to wake Adonis up, Adrian woke up as Hart quickly ran out the ring to escape Piper. Outraged by his hair being cut off, Adonis tried to attack Piper, who was in the ring. Piper blocked his shot and sent him over the top rope. Hart hurried to Adonis' aid and covered his head up with his jacket, as they escaped up the ramp.

"Rowdy" Roddy Piper celebrated inside the ring, as fans gave him a standing ovation as Piper's future in wrestling was uncertain.

WWF World Tag Team Championships

Normal, Tag Team Match

The British Bulldogs Vs. The Hart Foundation ©

The Hart Foundation was on their own in this match, as Jimmy Hart would not be seen for the rest of tonight after almost losing his hair to Roddy Piper. The absence of their manager didn't bother The Hart Foundation, as they looked calm and collective in this match. They clashed with the former champions in an exciting contest that continuously went back and forth. The excitement of this match proved that these two teams were the best in the WWF today and they didn't fail to live up to the fans expectations. Both teams made frequent tags, double team moves and had multiple near falls for both sides.

The Hart Foundation looked great and seemed like they were on the verge of defending their tag team titles, but Davey Boy Smith reclaimed the momentum with his strength over Bret Hart. He went on a tear on both Jim Neidhart and Bret Hart, as he looked unstoppable and really made this match look good for The British Bulldogs. However, an accidental bump to the referee, Dave Hebner, made The British Bulldogs lose momentum. Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart tried to cheat their way into earning momentum as the referee was down but instead something else happened...

Danny Davis, the crooked referee who helped The Hart Foundation defeat The British Bulldogs for the tag titles back in January, made his arrival. He took over the referee job of Dave Hebner and The British Bulldogs were not pleased. The surprise arrival of Danny Davis, helped tag team champions get the upper hand. As Jim Neidhart went after Dynamite Kid on the outside, the attack distracted Davey Boy Smith and it helped Bret Hart get the victory roll over Smith. Davis made a fast count of the pin and declared The Hart Foundation as the winners. Davis quickly escaped with The Hart Foundation, as The British Bulldogs stood in the ring furious over what just happened.

Winners: The Hart Foundation

Match Time: 12:03

Finish: A Victory Roll from Bret Hart on Davey Boy Smith led to a fast count by special guest referee, Danny Davis.


"Mr. Baseball" Bob Uecker returned backstage, where he held another interview session about the WWF World Heavyweight Championship, only this time it was Andre The Giant. The interview was mainly Bobby Heenan answering Uecker's questions, while Andre stared down Uecker, who did his best to not seem nervous by the giant. Heenan discussed his displeasure with the battle royal but said that Hercules proved exactly why he's the alpha male of The Heenan Family. Now while The Heenan Family have enjoyed a little bit of success with that win, Heenan promised more to come.

Bobby Heenan: "I must say I'm quite disappointed that neither Bundy or Ordnorff couldn't get the job done. However, I can say that I'm impressed with "The Natural" Butch Reed to come out victorious. The guy has the size and skills to make it big and he'll be on my radar. I'm not impressed with Hercules winning, because I already knew he would. They don't call him the master of the Full Nelson for nothing now! Coming up, the great Harley Race will make that mutt that they call the Junkyard Dog, bow down. Whether he likes it or not, he'll be force to bow down to the king of the WWF. If that wasn't enough for you Bob, then get a load of the main finale! This man right here by my side will destroy Hulk Hogan and prove why he made the best choice for his career. So, all you so-called "Hulkamaniacs" get prepared for the biggest disappointment of your life."

Loser Must Bow Match

Junkyard Dog Vs. Harley Race (/w Bobby Heenan)

Junkyard Dog came out to the arena with a huge pop from the Detroit, Michigan crowd. Harley Race came out to a negative reaction, but it didn't faze the self-proclaimed king none. The match started off hot, with Junkyard Dog looking to beat some sense into Race. Though, Race looked like he wanted nothing to do with Junkyard Dog, as he left the ring multiple times. Junkyard Dog finally had enough and went out chasing Race. This led to Race getting into the ring quickly and as soon as Junkyard Dog got into the ring, Race went on an attack. He was able to get some good momentum in but it wouldn't last long, when Junkyard Dog rebounded on the offensive end. Junkyard Dog delivered several punches to Race's face, which followed by a body slam.

Afterwards, he went for his signature Dog Headbutts, as Bobby Heenan looked on nervously. He then finished the match off with a big Thump to earn the pinfall victory.

Winner: Junkyard Dog

Match Time: 9:43

Finish: Thump! By Junkyard Dog leads to Pin.


After the match, Junkyard Dog began to wait on Harley Race to bow down to him, as that was a part of the match stipulation. Race tried to reason with him, but Junkyard Dog wasn't having any of it. Bobby Heenan then got involved and began to yell at Junkyard Dog. Race took advantage of the distraction and delivered a hard strike to Junkyard Dog's jaw. Race and Heenan hurried out of the ring before he could get them. Junkyard Dog stayed inside the ring to play to the crowd.

Normal, Singles Match

Jake Roberts Vs. Honky Tonk Man

This was Jake "The Snake" Roberts' night of revenge and he made that clear the moment the bell rang. Roberts hit Honkey Tonk Man with various jabs, clothlines and kicks, sinking in the enjoyment he was getting for that guitar shot he took to the head awhile back. HTM just looked lost without Jimmy Hart by his side and executed poorly on the offensive end. Roberts wasn't taking no loss tonight and he made sure to stay on HTM in case he tried taking an easy way out by losing to count out. HTM did just that too, but Roberts was quick to follow and stay on the offensive end throughout.

This was clear in the books for Roberts, but HTM turned it all around when he raked Roberts in the eye. HTM followed up on the offense and didn't waste a minute to execute the Shake, Rattle and Roll finisher of his. HTM was confident that he had the match won, but Roberts would end up breaking out at 2 in a half. Jake reclaimed control of the match and ensured that that was the closet Honky was going to get to a win against him. The momentum of Roberts, eventually led to his finishing DDT and a pinfall in which the referee declared Jake Roberts the winner.

Winner: Jake Roberts

Match Time: 10:54

Finish: DDT by Jake Roberts leads to Pin.


Jake Roberts celebrated the victory for a brief minute, as he seemed to be relieved to have finally earned his revenge. Afterwards, Roberts had an announcement to make...

Jake Roberts: "Well, it seems to be that your biggest hit just so happened to be your biggest flop, like I had imagined. That's okay though, cause Detroit and I never really thought of you as a big hit to begin with. Though, I got a special guest here tonight that I can certainly say is a big star here in Detroit, Michigan..."

Suddenly, "He's Back (The Man Behind the Mask)" begins to play through the stadium, as Detroit's own, Alice Cooper made his arrival here in the Silverdome, wearing a Jason Voorhees hockey mask. The crowd erupted with cheers as the rock star made his way down the ramp. Cooper didn't come alone though, as he walked down the ramp with an expensive rock n roll guitar.

Cooper took off the mask and got on the apron, insisting Roberts take the guitar and smash HTM in the head with it. Jake takes the guitar and as he turns around, HTM tries to attack Roberts. Roberts quickly dodges the attack and instead of using the guitar, delivers a second DDT. Roberts then insists that Cooper hits HTM in the head, as he lifts him up. Cooper doesn't hesitate as he smashes the guitar into HTM's head. The crowd eats up the moment, as Alice Cooper and Jake Roberts celebrate together inside the ring.

A Video package is shown displaying the heated rivalry between Randy Savage and Ricky Steamboat for the WWF Intercontinental Championship. A feud that has been brewing up for months now, finally reaches its climax here at WrestleMania III.

WWF Intercontinental Championship

Normal, Singles Match

Ricky Steamboat Vs. Randy Savage © (/w Miss Elizabeth)

The world watched as the rivalry between Ricky Steamboat and Randy Savage finally clashed on the biggest stage after months of escalation. The feud has been highlighted by the vicious attack of Savage jumping off the top rope with the ring bell onto Steamboat, which sent Steamboat to the hospital with an injured larynx. Watching Jake Roberts get his revenge, made Steamboat determined to get his and walk out with his first WWF Intercontinental Championship reign. Many expected this match to an all-out brawl, considering the heat that has been building up between these two for months. Despite that, this match was the complete opposite of that, as both men took their time on the offense and made every little move and hold count. They took their time, as both men wanted to avoid defeat here on the biggest stage of them all. The intentions of both the champion and the challenger was as simple and historical than anything, to walk out of WrestleMania III with the prestigious WWF Intercontinental Championship. Savage and Steamboat fought for honor and the payoff was a classic match, that will forever live on in professional wrestling as one of the biggest matches ever.

The match was as open as it could be, with both competitors trading moves after moves, holds after holds. Neither one of them could get the advantage over each other, as they fought and clawed their way to the finish. Many pinfall attempts occurred, showing that both men were trying to put this match away as soon as they could. As the match progressed, more and more fans began to cheer louder and louder for the match, becoming more invested in it every minute. The match was becoming so much of a classic that it wouldn't even matter who actually won, as they tore the house down, with many regarding them both as winners.

Though, only one could leave as the WWF Intercontinental Champion, which made this match so memorable. As the match entered the 20-minute mark, Randy Savage looked to have the match in his hands after a big scoop slam. Savage looked at the turnbuckle and seen that he had Steamboat positioned where he wanted him. Savage went up top and delivered a hard-hitting elbow drop onto Steamboat, which at this point, many thought this match was over.



Somehow, someway, Steamboat broke out of the pin and it caused a huge uproar of cheers for the dragon. Savage couldn't believe it, as he was almost certain he had put Steamboat away. His temper and frustration became noticeable at this point, as he went outside to grab the ring bell. He entered the ring with it, as the referee warned him that if he hits Steamboat with the weapon, he'll be disqualified. Savage didn't seem like he cared anymore, as he waited for Steamboat to rise up.

Miss Elizabeth hurried into the ring and made the attempt to stop Savage, who was outraged with her. Savage argued with her a brief minute before turning his attention on Ricky Steamboat, who unloaded a barrage of karate chops to the champion. Steamboat realized that this was his moment and so he got on top of the turnbuckle, prepared to capture the moment. He waited for Savage to get up and when he did, Steamboat delivered a Flying Karate Chop, that sent shock waves through the Silverdome. Steamboat then went for the pin...




The referee then got up and declared Ricky Steamboat the winner by pinfall, the arena erupted with cheers as Steamboat tried to pull himself together to realize he had just won the WWF Intercontinental Championship. The fans were livid for this match, as it was an absolute epic match between two great competitors.

Winner: Ricky Steamboat

Match Time: 25:32

Finish: Flying Karate Chop by Steamboat leads to Pin.


Ricky Steamboat celebrated the biggest match of his career and perhaps one of the greatest matches in WrestleMania history, that will live on forever. Savage finally stood up in the ring, as the disappointment was clear in his face. Steamboat approached him and offered a handshake, signaling to put their pasts behind them and to look at what a match they had. Savage looked at the handshake for a minute, thinking whether he should or shouldn't. After a minute, Savage finally slapped it away and left the ring with Miss Elizabeth, without saying a single word. Steamboat stayed in the ring to receive his WWF Intercontinental Championship and celebrate with the fans, as if this was truly the main event of WrestleMania III.

The audience at the arena and at home get shown a final hype video of the highly anticipated WWF World Championship match between Andre The Giant and Hulk Hogan. The video showcases that Andre The Giant has been undefeated for 15 years and that he walks into this match with the clear advantage. While the video also showcases Hogan's 3 year run with the WWF World title. The video takes us back to how this whole feud broke out on the Pipers Pit, with Hogan getting a big trophy for being world champion for three years. While, Andre was presented a small trophy for being undefeated for fifth-teen years. The tension only escalated when Bobby Heenan announced himself as Andre's new manager, which led to attacks on Hogan by the giant himself.

WWF World Heavyweight Championship

Normal, Singles Match

Andre The Giant (/w Bobby Heenan) Vs. Hulk Hogan ©

The highly most anticipated match on the card was upon us, Andre The Giant versus the WWF World Champion, Hulk Hogan. It was already clear that this match was going to have a hard time living up to the semi-main event, but these men did their best to deliver. Gorilla Monsoon noted that two things were on the line in this one, Hogan's three-year reign and Andre's 15-year undefeated streak. Either way, only one men was walking out of here as a true winner.

The announcers talked heavily about Hogan's injured ribs and made note that that gives Andre a huge advantage over Hogan already, as if he wasn't already at an advantage. The attacks by The Heenan Family several weeks ago and by Andre's giant bearhug just this past Thursday, made it all clear that Hogan was really injured. Andre knew that as well, as he delivered punches, kicks and elbows all aiming at Hogan's ribs. Hogan expressed pain, as he did his best to fight off the giant. Heenan could be heard yelling at Hogan, telling him that he underestimated Andre and that he's now paying for it.

We hit the 10-minute mark and it had seemed as though, Andre was ready to finish Hogan off with the same devastating bearhug he used on Thursday's Superstars. The fans watched in concern, hoping Hulkamania is still alive, while Heenan had a big smile on his face. It had looked like Hogan was in no shape to compete anymore, Hebner began to raise Hogan's arm. He raised it once and got no response, he raised it twice and got no response, he raised it for a third time but this time, he got a response. Hogan's arm stayed up...

All the Hulkamaniacs raised up from their seats, delighted that their hero was still in the match. They all began to cheer him on, as Heenan began to shout to at them to shut up. Hogan began throwing punch after punch to Andre's face until Andre was finally forced to release the hold. Hogan was up on his feet, while staggering just for a bit. Hogan would not rest though, he continued his fury of punches and has Andre staggering himself. Hogan then bounced from the ropes to hit a hard clothline, that many thought would bring the giant down, as he barely stood tall on his feet. Then, Hogan did what nobody expected...

Hogan put all his strength, ignored all the pain in his ribs, and delivered a thunderous body slam to the giant. The fans erupted in cheers, as they could not believe what they had just seen. Heenan was shocked himself, as he could not believe it either. Hogan then bounced off the ropes again and delivered the big leg drop, earning himself the pin and officially slaying the giant.

Winner: Hulk Hogan

Match Time: 11:39

Finish: Leg Drop by Hogan leads to Pin.


As much confidence as Hogan had in himself during the buildup to this match, it was clear to see that this was even a shock to The Hulkster. Hogan dropped to his knees from exhaustion and digested all of the cheers he was receiving from the 93,173 fans in attendance. Hogan soon got up on his feet and celebrated the victory with all his Hulkamaniacs. He was handed his championship shortly afterwards and he raised it high. WrestleMania III ended with a big scene, as Hogan celebrated in the ring with his music playing, while Andre The Giant and Bobby Heenan headed up the ramp in disappointment. As much as Heenan wanted to see Hulkamania dead, Hogan proved tonight that Hulkamania is very much alive.

WrestleMania III Overview

• Butch Reed made a big statement in his first PPV, by becoming victorious in the 15-man battle royal to become the new #1 contender for the WWF Intercontinental Championship. This win could possibly signal a big run for Reed's career, as he'll now look forward to facing Ricky Steamboat at The Big Event on April

• Hercules proved himself to be the master of the Full Nelson, after a huge win over Billy Jack Haynes. Hercules will be looking forward to continuing his dominance in the weeks to come after such a win.

• "Rowdy" Roddy Piper celebrated a huge WrestleMania moment when he came out victorious and cut off the hair of Adrian Adonis. In what seems more and more likely to be Piper's retirement match, the fans sent him off into the sunset with a huge ovation.

• The British Bulldogs came close to reclaiming their tag team gold, but once again came up short due to the crooked referee of Danny Davis. Falling short at WrestleMania makes many wonder whether or not The British Bulldogs are out of the WWF World Tag title picture.

• Junkyard Dog came out with the victory over Harley Race and received a big pop from the crowd, but the feud between both men certainly seems far from over. Where this feud goes from here? There is no telling.

• Jake Roberts sent Honky Tonk Men packing in a big way, not only did he do so with the win but also with the surprise appearance of Detroit Rockstar, Alice Cooper. WrestleMania III is highlighted with their celebrities and this was truly a WrestleMania moment.

• In a match that will no doubt be remembered for year, perhaps decades to come, Steamboat and Savage had one epic match. There is no clue whether they'll continue to feud but one thing is for certain, Steamboat is the champion and he achieved it in a big feel good moment.

• The Andre The Giant Vs. Hulk Hogan match may not have lived up to its height, but it created one of the biggest moments in WrestleMania history. The sight of Hogan body slamming Andre and coming out as the winner, despite being injured, highlighted what a special moment this was. The only question is, what's next for Hulk Hogan now as he looks to continue his 3-year run as WWF World Heavyweight Champion? Only time will tell.
PPV Buy Rate: 0.65 (326,955 Buys)

Show Overall Grade:

Increased WWF's Popularity in 13 regions

Prediction Scores (28 Pts Total)

1. Beejus - 24 Pts

2. Smasher1311 - 18 Pts

2. James The Animator - 18 Pts

3. The Final Countdown - 17 Pts

4. Lucas Gaule - 15 Pts

5. ink625 - 14 Pts

6. bonnie - 13 Pts

6. RyanR93WKU - 13 Pts

- Each Match was 2 Pts Each (16 Pts Total)

- MotN & Last Elimination Questions Were 3 Pts Each (6 Pts Total)

- Wild Guess Question Was 6 Pts Each (6 Pts Total)
I'm almost certain I got everyone's score right, but I'll triple check tomorrow to ensure. If I messed up, I'll post on it. Long show but definitely glad to have it finally done. I'm overwhelmed with how many of you guys commented and predicted, as I wasn't expecting 8 on my first dynasty. I'll be posting a post-show wrap-up later in the day, as long with World News #1 & Championship History Update #1, so stay tuned! Thank you again!

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Default March 1987 Write-Up

March 1987 Write-Up

The Top 5 Promotions:


World Wrestling Federation

Size: National

Cash: $20,966,537

Figurehead: Hulk Hogan


WWF World Heavyweight: Hulk Hogan (1st Reign)

WWF Intercontinental: Ricky Steamboat (1st Reign)

WWF World Tag Team: The Hart Foundation (Bret Hart 1, Jim Neidhart 1)

WWF Women's: The Fabulous Moolah (3rd Reign)

The Big Event: WrestleMania III

Attendance: 93,173 (Sold-Out)

Main Event: Hulk Hogan Def. Andre The Giant to retain the WWF World Heavyweight Championship (B+,84)

Match of the Night: Ricky Steamboat Def. Randy Savage to earn the WWF Intercontinental Championship (A,94)

Overall Show Rating: A (94)

Other News:

• New Signings: Sting, Mark Callous, Shawn Michaels, Ted DiBiase, Nikita Koloff, Ivan Koloff

• Departures: Barry Orton, Little Beaver, Haiti Kid, Little Tokyo, Lord Littlebrook

• Financial Status: $4,033,464 LOSS.


New Japan Pro-Wrestling

Size: Cult

Cash: $4,981,533

Figurehead: Antonio Inoki


IWGP Heavyweight: Masa Saito (1st Reign)

IWGP Junior Heavyweight: Shiro Koshinaka

IWGP Tag Team: Tatsumi Fujinami (3rd reign) & Kengo Kimura (3rd Reign)

The Big Event: Blue Emerald Battle 1987

Attendance: 21,944

Main Event: Fujinami & Kimura Def. "Dr. Death" Steve Williams & Kendo Nagasakii to retain the IWGP Tag Team Championships (B,81)

Match of the Night: Masa Saito Def. Nobuhiko Takada to retain the IWGP Heavyweight Championship (A+,97)

Overall Show Rating: B+ (84)

Other News:

• New Signings: Umanosuke Ueda & Rocky Hata

• Departures: Flying Scorpion, Scott Hall, Dr. Wagner Jr, Brett Sawyer, Bad News Allen, Darryl Peterson, Rey Cobra, Masakatsu Funaki, Tatsuo Nakano, Yoji Anjo, Kenichi Oya, KY Wakamatsu, Alexis Smirnoff, Ryuma Go

• Financial Status: $18,467 LOSS


Jim Crockett Promotions

Size: Cult

Cash: $5,218,444

Figurehead: Ric Flair


NWA World Heavyweight: Ric Flair (6th Reign)

NWA United States Heavyweight: Vacant

NWA World Television: Tully Blanchard (3rd Reign)

NWA World Junior Heavyweight: Denny Brown (3rd Reign)

NWA World Tag Team: Awesome Twosome (1st Reign)
(Rick Rude 1, Manny Fernandez 2)

NWA United States Tag Team: Ron Garvin (1st Reign) & Barry Windham (1st Reign)

NWA World Six-Man Tag Team: Dusty Rhodes (1st Reign) & The Road Warriors (1st Reign)

NWA World Women's: Linda Dallas (1st Reign)

The Big Event: NWA March Supercard 1987

Attendance: 21,047

Main Event: Ric Flair Def. Ron Garvin to retain the NWA World Heavyweight Championship (B,81)

Match of the Night: Tully Blanchard and Dusty Rhodes went to a no contest for the NWA United States Heavyweight Championship (B+,86)

Overall Show Rating: B (80)

Other News:

New Signings: Wendi Richter, Susan Sexton

Departures: Nikita Koloff & Ivan Koloff

Financial Status: $218,444 GAIN


All Japan Pro-Wrestling

Size: Cult

Cash: $9,461,869

Figurehead: Riki Choshu


NWA International: Jumbo Tsuruta (2nd Reign)

NWA United National: Genichiro Tenryu (2nd Reign)

PWF World Heavyweight: Riki Choshu (1st Reign)

AJPW Junior Heavyweight: Masanobu Fuchi (1st Reign)

NWA International Tag Team: Tenryu and Tsuruta (2nd Reign) (Tenryu 2, Tsuruta 8)

PWF World Tag Team: Footloose (1st Reign) (Toshiaki Kawada 1, Samson Fuyuki 1)

AJPW All-Asia Tag Team: The Amazing Bandits (1st Reign) (Super Strong Machine 1, Ashura Hara 3)

The Big Event: Excite Series 1987

Attendance: 14,522

Main Event & Match of the Night: Riki Choshu Def. Dory Funk Jr to retain the PWF World Heavyweight Championship (A+,98)

Overall Show Rating: B+ (86)

Other News:

• On March 8th, AJPW officially announced Riki Choshu their figurehead, after he decided to stay with the company instead of heading to NJPW. The move was crucial for both AJPW and NJPW, as Choshu is a star and after signing with AJPW, he has put on a lot of A & A* rated matches by Dave Meltzer. The move could potentially see AJPW rise to bigger heights, while NJPW will most likely suffer.

• New Signings: Akio Sato, Gran Hamada & Kazou Sakurada

• Departures: Ted DiBiase, Mil Mascaras, Art Crews & Killer Khan

• Financial Status: $538,131 LOSS


American Wrestling Association

Size: Cult

Cash: $2,683,852

Figurehead: Curt Hennig


AWA World Heavyweight: Nick Bockwinkel (6th Reign)

AWA World Tag Team: The Midnight Express (1st Reign)

AWA World Women's: Sherri Martel (3rd Reign)

AWA Light Heavyweight: Vacant

The Big Event: AWA March Supercard 1987

Attendance: 10,364

Main Event & Match of the Night: Nick Bockwinkel Def. Bulldog Bob Brown to retain the AWA World Heavyweight Championship (C,64)

Overall Show Rating: C (64)

Other News:

• Rose to Cult.

• Departures: Shawn Michaels

• Financial Status: $683,852 GAIN

Other Industry News:

• Deaths: None

• Retirements: None

• New Workers: Brandon Gellar
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Default WWF Roster & Championship Update : March 1987

Championship History: March Update

(Note: All championship histories follow actual history up to March 1987.)

Updated As Of: April 1st, 1987

WWF World Heavyweight Championship

Hulk Hogan (1st Reign)

Won From: The Iron Sheik on January 23rd, 1984 at a house show in New York City, New York

Days as Champ (Current Reign): 1,163

Previous Champions

The Iron Sheik: December 26th, 1983-January 23rd, 1984 (28 days)

Bob Backlund: February 20th, 1978-November 30th, 1979 (2,118 days)

Superstar Billy Graham: April 30th, 1977-February 20th, 1978 (296 days)

Bruno Sammartino (#2): December 10th, 1973-April 30th, 1977 (1,237 days)

Stan Stasiak: December 1st, 1973-December 10th, 1973 (9 days)

Pedro Morales: February 8th, 1971-December 1st, 1973 (1,027 days)

Ivan Koloff: January 18th, 1971-February 8th, 1971 (21 days)

Bruno Sammartino (#1): May 17th, 1963-January 18th, 1971 (2,803 days)

Buddy Rogers: April 25th, 1963-May 17th, 1963 (22 days)

Title Statistics

Most Title Reigns:

Bruno Sammartino, 2

No one else has more than 2 title reigns

Longest Title Reign (In days)

1. Bruno Sammartino (#1): 2,803 days

2. Bob Backlund: 2,118 days

3. Bruno Sammartino (#2): 1,237 days

4. Hulk Hogan: 1,163 days

5. Pedro Morales: 1,027 days

Total Days Spent as Champion

1. Bruno Sammartino: 4,040 days

2. Bob Backlund: 2,118 days

3. Hulk Hogan: 1,163 days

4. Pedro Morales: 1,027 days

5. Superstar Billy Graham: 296 days

WWF Intercontinental Championship

Ricky Steamboat (1st Reign)

Won From: Randy Savage on March 29th, 1987 at WrestleMania III in Detroit, Michigan.

Days as Champ (Current Reign): 2 Days

Previous Champions

Randy Savage: February 8th, 1986-March 29th, 1987 (414 days)

Tito Santana (#2): July 6th, 1985-February 8th, 1986 (217 days)

Greg Valentine: September 24th, 1984-July 6th, 1985 (285 days)

Tito Santana (#1): February 11th, 1984-September 24th, 1984 (226 days)

Magnificent Muraco (#2): January 22nd, 1983-February 11th, 1984 (385 days)

Pedro Morales (#2): November 23rd, 1981-January 22nd, 1983 (425 days)

Magnificent Muraco (#1): June 20th, 1981-November 23rd, 1981 (156 days)

Pedro Morales (#1): December 8th, 1980-June 20th, 1981 (194 days)

Ken Patera: April 21st, 1980-December 8th, 1980 (231 days)

Pat Patterson: September 1st, 1979-April 21st, 1980 (233 days)

Title Statistics

Most Title Reigns:

T1. Pedro Morales, 2

T1. Magnificent Muraco, 2

T1, Tito Santana, 2

Longest Title Reign (In days)

1. Pedro Morales (#2): 425 days

2. Randy Savage: 414 days

3. Magnificent Muraco (#2): 385 days

4. Greg Valentine: 285 days

5. Pat Patterson: 233 days

Total Days Spent as Champion

1. Pedro Morales: 619 days

2. Magnificent Muraco: 541 days

3. Tito Santana: 443 days

4. Randy Savage: 414 days

5. Greg Valentine: 285 days

WWF World Tag Team Championships

The Hart Foundation (1st Reign) (Bret Hart 1, Jim Neidhart 1)

Won From: The British Bulldogs on January 26th, 1987 at WWF Superstars of Wrestling in Tampa, Florida

Days as Champ (Current Reign): 64 days

Past Champions

The British Bulldogs: April 7th, 1986-January 27th, 1987 (294 days)

The Dream Team: August 24th, 1985-April 7th, 1986 (226 days)

The U.S. Express (#2): June 17th, 1985-August 24th, 1985 (68 days)

The Iron Shiek & Nikolai Volkoff: March 31st, 1985-June 17th, 1985 (78 days)

The U.S. Express (#1): January 21st, 1985-March 31st, 1985 (69 days)

Title Statistics

Most Title Reigns:

T1. Tony Garea, 5

T1. Mr. Fuji, 5

2. Chief Jay Strongbow, 4

(Several Others Tied With 3)

Longest Title Reign (In Days)

1. The Valiant Brothers, 370 Days

2. Mr. Fuji & Professor Tanaka (#1), 337 Days

3. The British Bulldogs (Davey Boy Smith & Dynamite Kid), 294 Days

4. The North-South Connection (Adrian Adonis & Dick Murdoch), 279 Days

5. Mr. Fuji & Mr. Saito (#1), 258 Days

Total Days Spent as Champion

1. Mr. Fuji, 932 Days

2. Johnny Valiant, 600 Days

3. Tony Garea, 597 Days

4. Professor Tanaka, 569 Days

T5, Afa, 431 Days

T5, Sika, 431 Days

WWF Women's Championship

The Fabulous Moolah (3rd Reign)

Won From: Velvet McIntyre on July 9th, 1986 at WWF Live Event in Australia.

Days as Champ (Current Reign): 265 Days

Days as Champ (Total Reigns): 689 Days

Past Champions

Velvet McIntyre: July 3rd, 1986-July 9th, 1986 (6 Days)

The Fabulous Moolah (#2): November 25th, 1985-July 3rd, 1986 (220 Days)

Wendi Richter (#2): March 31st, 1985-November 25th, 1985 (239 Days)

Leilani Kai: February 18th, 1985-March 31st, 1985 (41 Days)

Wendi Richter (#1): July 23rd, 1984-February 18th, 1985 (210 Days)

The Fabulous Moolah (#1): January 1st, 1984-July 23rd, 1984 (204 Days)

Title Statistics

Most Title Reigns:

1. The Fabulous Moolah, 3

2. Wendi Richter, 2

Everyone Has No More Than 1

Longest Title Reign (In Days)

1. The Fabulous Moolah (#3): 265 Days

2. Wendi Richter (#2): 239 Days

3. The Fabulous Moolah (#2): 220 Days

4. Wendi Richter (#1): 210 Days

5. Leilani Kai: 41 Days

Longest Days Spent as Champion

1. The Fabulous Moolah, 689 Days

2. Wendi Richter, 449 Days

3. Leilani Kai, 41 Days

4. Velvet McIntyre, 6 Days

WWF King of the Ring

1986 - Harley Race
1985 - Magnificent Muraco

WWF Roster Breakdown
(Faces in blue, heels in red)

Main Eventers:

Hulk Hogan (WWF World)

Jake Roberts

Ricky Steamboat (WWF Intercontinental)

Junkyard Dog

Andre The Giant

Harley Race

King Kong Bundy

Paul Ordnorff

Randy Savage

Upper Midcarders:

Tito Santana

Adrian Adonis

Bob Orton Jr.

Butch Reed


Honky Tonk Man


Magnificent Muraco

Nikita Koloff

Nikolai Volkoff

Ted DiBiase

The Iron Shiek


Billy Jack Haynes

Davey Boy Smith

Dynamite Kid

Jacques Rougeau

Jim Duggan

Jim Powers

Koko B. Ware

Paul Roma

Rick Martel

Tom Zenk


Bret Hart

Brutus Beefcake

Demolition Ax

Demolition Smash

Dino Bravo

Greg Valentine

Jim Neidhart


Ivan Koloff

Lower Midcarder:

Brian Blair

Corporal Kirchner


Jim Brunzell

Lanny Poffo

Raymond Rougeau

S.D Jones


Shawn Michaels


Brad Rheingans

Danny Spivey

Outback Jack

Iron Mike Sharpe

Jimmy Jack Funk

The Assassin

Enhancement Talent:

Tom Magee

Kim Chee

Occasional Wrestler:

George Steele

Hillbilly Jim

Omar Atlas

Roddy Piper

Siva Ali

The Crusher

Tiger Chung Lee

Women's Division

Desiree Peterson

Itsuki Yamazaki

Noriyo Tateno

Velvet McIntyre

Judy Martin

Leilani Kai

The Fabulous Moolah (WWF Women's)


Gene Okerlund

Arnold Skaaland

Blackjack Lanza

Chief Jay Strongbow

Dave Hebner

Gorilla Monsoon

Howard Finkel

Jack Tunney (WWF President)

Jim Korderas

Joey Marella

Ken Resnick

Lord Alfred Hayes

Miss Elizabeth

Paul Boesch

Pedro Morales

Tim White

Tony Garea

Vince McMahon

Bobby Heenan

Danny Davis

Freddie Blassie

Frenchy Martin

Gerald Brisco

Jesse Ventura

Jimmy Hart

Johnny V

King Curtis Iaukea

Mr. Fuji

Pat Patterson


Terry Garvin

WWF Creative Meeting

Franchise Players:

1. Hulk Hogan

2. Randy Savage

3. Ricky Steamboat

4. Jake Roberts

5. Andre The Giant

Next Big Things:

1. Davey Boy Smith

2. Shawn Michaels

3. Kim Chee

Hot Prospects:

1. Shawn Michaels

2. Leilani Kai

3. Bret Hart

4. Davey Boy Smith

5. Dynamite Kid

Talk the Talk:

1. Hulk Hogan

2. Randy Savage

3. Roddy Piper

4. Jesse Ventura

5. Jake Roberts

Show Stoppers:

1. Ricky Steamboat

2. Randy Savage

3. Jake Roberts

4. Tito Santana

5. Ted DiBiase

Ring Generals:

1. Ricky Steamboat

2. Harley Race

3. Randy Savage

4. Ted DiBiase

5. Jake Roberts

Who's Hot:

1. Hulk Hogan

2. Jake Roberts

3. Randy Savage

4. Ricky Steamboat

5. Hercules

Who's Not:

1. Omar Atlas

2. S.D. Jones

3. Siva Ali

4. Lanny Poffo

5. Tiger Chung Lee

Time Decline:

1. The Fabulous Moolah

2. The Crusher

3. Paul Ordnorff

4. S.D Jones

Hidden Gems:

1. Art Barr

2. Savio Vega

3. Rick Steiner

4. Tammy Jones

5. Johnny Ace

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I'll be having two sets of shows being posted tonight, so if your interested stay on the lookout for those. I apologize for not being able to post yesterday, I was originally free Friday until last minute plans came about. Anyways though, I'll be making up for it tonight!
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Default WWF Superstars & Challenge #5 (04/02, 04/03)

WWF Superstars of Wrestling #5

April 2nd, 1987

From the Prather Coliseum in Natchitoches, Louisiana

Attendance: 3,900 (Sold-Out)

Announce Team: Gorilla Monsoon, Vince McMahon and Jesse Ventura

WWF Superstars kicks off displaying some of the most memorable highlights of WrestleMania, such as Piper's retirement match, Alice Cooper making a surprise appearance, Junkyard Dog versus Harley Race, Savage versus Steamboat and Andre versus Hogan. McMahon informs the viewers that they can catch a special encore of the historical event this weekend, by calling their local cable provider.


In the parking lot, outside the Prather Coliseum, Gene Okerlund catches Bobby Heenan arriving and questions Heenan on what is next after Andre The Giant came up short against Hulk Hogan.

Bobby Heenan: "I put my faith into Andre The Giant, like I put my faith into the lottery, yet I always end up getting a bad scratch off. Andre is the perfect example of that, I banked on him to bring the championship to The Heenan Family and he failed! Hogan... You may think that I'm finished with you, but this is far from over! You have not seen the last of Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, I can promise you that! Whether I have to use my last breath, I will make sure to it that I kill Hulkamania!"

Normal, Tag Team Match

The Young Stallions Vs. The Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff

The moment The Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff came down to the ring, it was clear to see that their manager, Slick was not present. While that was clearly noticeable, what was also noticeable was how both teams executed good, as they both looked to make their way into title contention. The stallions looked good in this one, but the aggressive offense of Sheik and Volkoff was too much for them to handle. Volkoff ended the match when he put Paul Roma into a bearhug to earn the submission victory.

Winners: The Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff

Match Time: 7:18

Finish: Bearhug by Nikolai Volkoff on Paul Roma ends the match with Submission


Unsatisfied with their win, The Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff continued their attack on The Young Stallions.

Suddenly, the two men we seen last week on Superstars began to walk down the ramp and into the ring. They both joined in on the assault, once satisfied with the beatdown, they toss both Paul Roma and Jim Powers over the ropes. The older Russian brute, introduced himself as Ivan Koloff and that the men beside him is his nephew, Nikita Koloff. Ivan states that the Americans have mistreated the Russians for too long and that it is now time for them to seek revenge.

Ivan Koloff: "You Americans will respect us, you will tolerate us and you will appreciate us. My nephew and I have come to the World Wrestling Federation to cause total destruction on all of your beloved superstars. We have joined forces with our Russian allies (Sheik & Volkoff) to establish ourselves as The Russian Alliance. Together, we'll prove to all of you Americans why Russia is the supreme country."

The crowd boos all four men in the ring, as they raise their fists up in the air, establishing themselves as the new threat in the WWF.


WWF President, Jack Tunney, took part in an interview with Gene Okerlund and in it revealed a brand-new championship, the WWF World Television Championship.

Tunney explained that with the 12-month PPV schedule in place, the fans will get non-stop exciting action. Tunney expressed that that wasn't enough and that fans who dedicate their time to the television shows, should get another reward. Tunney added that with titles mainly being defended on PPVs and live events, the WWF Board of Directors decided to implant a television exclusive championship.

Jack Tunney: "Now that WrestleMania is behind us, it's time to continue bringing more innovating changes to you, the fans. Which is why It makes me happy to announce the WWF World Television Championship, exclusive only to our television shows. Beginning next week, we will crown the first ever champion in a 15-man battle royal."

Tunney announces several participants such as Koko B. Ware, Hercules, Bob Orton, Honky Tonk Man, Magnificent Muraco and Jim Duggan. Afterwards, Tunney expresses that this title will be pivotal in changing the course of a wrestler's career. He adds that if the title holder can earn 10 defenses, he can cash the title in for an Intercontinental Championship match. Tunney also adds that if the title holder earns 20 defenses, he can cash in for a WWF World Heavyweight Championship match.

The crowd can be heard in the background cheering on about the new concept, as Tunney wishes everyone good luck in the battle royal next week.

Normal, Singles Match

Butch Reed Vs. Billy Jack Haynes

Both men came into this match looking to earn themselves some momentum. Reed officially won the 15-man battle royal at WrestleMania to earn the rights to face Ricky Steamboat at The Big Event on April 26th. While Haynes lost the Full Nelson Challenge match against Hercules, which meant he really needed this win. Reed was looking prepared for his title match, as he dominated Haynes and showed what he's all about. It wouldn't be long until Reed delivered the Gorilla Press Slam and earned himself another win.

Winner: Butch Reed

Match Time: 6:15

Finish: Gorilla Press Slam earns Reed the pin.


Gene Okerlund has been quite busy tonight, as he conducted another interview, this time with the new WWF Intercontinental Champion, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat. Okerlund praised the match that Steamboat had with Savage. He then asked Steamboat how it feels to capture his first title in the WWF on the biggest stage of them all in front of 93,173 people. Steamboat claimed it to be the biggest night of his life while thanking all of the fans for their support. Steamboat talked about how he'll defend the prestigious title with pride and that he looks forward to his match against Butch Reed.

The interview wouldn't last much longer though, as the former WWF Intercontinental Champion, Randy Savage stepped into the scene with the lovely, Miss Elizabeth.

Randy Savage wasn't too pleased seeing the WWF Intercontinental Championship over the shoulder of Steamboat and he made that clear.

Randy Savage: "Steamboat, you may have beaten me at WrestleMania but I'm far from finished with you! Forget about Butch Reed, because the real contender or should I say, the real champion is right here in your face! Continue being the Macho Man's placeholder for now, because after The Big Event PPV, the #1 force in the universe is going to take back what is his! OOOOHHHHHH YEEEAAAAH!"


The Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase made his way to the ring with a lot of boos. DiBiase showed a slight smirk and questioned why the fans didn't like him, was it because he had more money than them? A better lifestyle than them? Or perhaps, a better look than them? Each question had the fans getting louder, which brought out joy in DiBiase.

Ted DiBiase: "Okay, that's enough from all of you low-life bums! Clearly, you guys here in Louisiana don't respect a rich man, quite like myself. It probably has to do with the fact that your bank accounts don't hold nearly as much as mine. Boo all you want, I'm not here to satisfy any of you anyways. I have my own personal goals here in the WWF and none of them has anything to do with you! Perhaps, you all will respect me more when I beat your beloved, Tito Santana. HAHAHAHAHA!"

Normal, Singles Match

Ted DiBiase Vs. Tito Santana

Tito Santana came down to the ring with a big pop from the crowd, as he went face to face with WWF's new signee, Ted DiBiase. The moment the bell rang, DiBiase pulled out a hundred-dollar bill and told Santana that it was his, if he laid down on the mat and accepted him as the winner. The crowd booed and Santana declined the offer. Santana brought the offense to DiBiase and made him realize what he signed up for. Santana looked good and almost had the victory, but DiBiase countered with a low-blow. The referee had not seen the cheap move, as prior to the attack, DiBiase placed the hundred-dollar bill on the mat to distract the referee. Once DiBiase went for the pin, the referee noticed and declared Ted DiBiase the winner by pinfall.

Winner: Ted DiBiase

Match Time: 6:33

Finish: Low blow by DiBiase earned him the pin.


The WWF World Heavyweight Champion, Hulk Hogan made his way to the ring and thanked all of the Hulkamaniacs for their support. He added that without their support and belief in him, he would have never had the power to lift the giant and slam him on the mat. With WrestleMania now out of the way, Hogan ensured fans that Hulkamania would truly live on forever.

Hogan continued to thank his fans and that he was ready for the next challenge for him to take on, as he said that, a familiar face came out.

Hogan smiled once he saw Heenan and questioned where his all mighty giant was at. Heenan replied, that while Hogan defeated Andre, he wasn't close to being finished with The Heenan Family. Heenan added that he will not rest until Hulkamania is dead and buried to the ground.

Bobby Heenan: "You got lucky at WrestleMania Hogan! Though, your luck is all going to run out soon enough. Because I know somebody who has been plotting for a long while to get their hands on you, to get their revenge. That men will in fact get his revenge come April 26th, at The Big Event. Last time you defeated him was inside a cage, this time you must pin his shoulders to the mat for a 1...2...3. Hogan, I give to you... KING KONG BUNDY!"

Bundy came out to the ramp and stood by Heenan's side. Hogan stared him down from the ring, as did Bundy.

Hulk Hogan: "All of my Hulkamaniacs know that I'm not a man who backs down from a challenge, brother! If King Kong wants to be brought down, then in New York City, New York, I'm gonna bring you down! My only question to you Bundy is, whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on you?!"

Hogan stands in the ring and poses with the WWF World Heavyweight Championship, as he taunts Bundy to come down and fight him right now. Heenan and Bundy glared at Hogan, before exiting the stage.

TV Rating: 1.36 (1,025,010 Viewers)

Show's Overall Rating:

Backstage News / Incidents / Opinions

• Paul Ordnorff showed up on pain killers and had to be sent home. He's been fined for his actions, as many say McMahon was outraged with the incidence as he had plans for Hogan Vs. Ordnorff at The Big Event on April 26th. This is why plans were made for Hogan Vs. Bundy instead.

WWF Wrestling Challenge #5

April 3rd, 1987

From the Abe Lemons Arena in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Attendance: 3,500 (Sold-Out)

Announce Team: Lord Alfred Hayes & Gorilla Monsoon

The WWF World Tag Team Champions, The Hart Foundation get interviewed by Jesse Ventura. Bret Hart claims that they didn't need Jimmy Hart by their side and that they came out with the victory. Hart added that The British Bulldogs can make all the excuses they want, but at the end of the day, The Hart Foundation are the world champs and the best tag team in the world. (B-,72)

Despite losing to Junkyard Dog at WrestleMania, Race had the last laugh. In a match to help Race earn some more momentum and heat, he defeated Jim Brunzell with the Piledriver in 5:32. (B-,72)

Backstage, "The Natural" Butch Reed and his manager, Slick, talks with Gene Okerlund about Reed's upcoming title match against Ricky Steamboat at The Big Event on April 26th. Slick talked about how his client already has a great look and style, but he'll be even more better with the IC title. (B-,74)

With his tag team partner, Greg Valentine out with injury, Brutus Beefcake had to fight on his own. He came through with a win against George Steele in 6:18 after performing a big High Knee. (B-,73)

Johnny V told the audience and viewers at home that despite Greg Valentine, Brutus Beefcake will get the job done next week to become the 1st WWF World Television Champion. (C-,57)

Demolition made their return and defeated The Islanders easily in 4:45. (C,62)

Gene Okerlund interviews Jake Roberts on what's next after defeating Honky Tonk Man at WrestleMania. Roberts explained that he's focused on becoming WWF Intercontinental Champion and that he's the next #1 contender after The Big Event. Despite what Randy Savage may say or think, he's going to get himself the title shot he deserves. (A,90)

Bobby Heenan claims The Heenan Family will rebound from WrestleMania's failures once Hercules cements his name into the history books as the first WWF World Television Champion. (B+,87)

King Kong Bundy headlined the main event, in which he took on Koko B. Ware. Koko did his best to knock off Bundy from the world title picture, but Bundy ended him rather quickly in 6:41 With a Big Splash. (C+,69)

TV Rating: 0.49 (370,680 Viewers)

Show Rating:

Backstage News / Incidents / Opinions

• Jim Neidhart displayed a flappier body size on this episode, which has people wondering whether he's becoming out of shape.

This Week's News

• NJPW announced that Bad News Allen, Scott Hall, Buzz Sawyer, Dr. Wagner Jr and Konnan will be taking part in their next tour.
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Great stuff, I'm glad that your big Mania bouts were able to get the high grades they did, plus a huge debut for DiBiase by defeating Chico! I'm downright insulted that Demolition's big return was shafted to the B Show, though.
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Default WWF Superstars & Challenge #6 (04/09 & 04/10)

WWF Superstars of Wrestling #6

April 9th, 1987

From the Balch Fieldhouse in Boulder, Colorado

Attendance: 3,493

Announce Team: Gorilla Monsoon, Vince McMahon & Jesse Ventura

Viewers were informed at the start of the show, that "Rowdy" Roddy Piper will be here tonight to host his infamous "Piper's Pit". The announce team talks about how Piper will finally announce his decision on whether he'll be staying with the WWF or heading out into Hollywood.


Bobby Heenan was backstage with King Harley Race, in which he talked about Race's WrestleMania match against Junkyard Dog. Heenan expressed that "The King" is entitled to a rematch and that he will get one at The Big Event. Heenan ensures that Junkyard Dog will not get another victory over Race come April 26th.

Bobby Heenan: "You don't really think that you would get away with this did you? Your win was nothing but a fluke! You continue to think you can get away with disrespecting The King, well think again mutt! April 26th, The King will show the world, what a disgrace you are and why you don't belong in the ring with a king."

Harley Race was clearly upset about his lost, as he took the microphone from Heenan and expressed his displeasure with the match.

Harley Race: "Enjoy your success now, because it's the only success you'll achieve here in the WWF. I've traveled the world, won numerous world championships and headlined multiple events. If you thought for a minute that I would bow down to you, then you must be as dumb as you look! I won't let you disrespect me, because your nothing but a washed-up mutt! They say you can't treat a dog new tricks? Well I'm going to prove them wrong, because at The Big Event, I'm going to beat some manners into you and have you respect The King!"

WWF World Television Championship

15-Man Battle Royal Match

Billy Jack Haynes Vs. Bob Orton Jr. Vs. Brad Rheingans Vs. Brutus Beefcake Vs. Dino Bravo Vs. George Steele Vs. Hercules Vs. Honky Tonk Man Vs.

Iron Mike Sharpe Vs. Jim Duggan Vs. Kamala Vs. Koko B. Ware Vs. Magnificent Muraco Vs. The Crusher Vs. Tom Magee

Before all competitors began to make their way to the ring, the referee showcased the newly announced, WWF World Television Championship.

Many of the men who lost the battle royal at WrestleMania, had a chance to redeem themselves in this one to become the first WWF World Television Champion. While others, who haven't had much of an opportunity here in the WWF could prove their worth. All 15 men began to brawl it out in the ring once the bell rang and from there, they were trying to eliminate each other as quick as possible.

Hercules was a man on a mission in this one, as he was quick to clothline Brad Rheingans out and throw Tom Magee over the top ropes. In quick fashion, Hercules was able to pull off two eliminations.

The 60-year-old, The Crusher had a good performance, as he fought off elimination from Kamala, who was going after anyone he could get his hands on. Magnificent Muraco went after Kamala and delivered some hard-hitting offense, to send the big men over the ropes. Muraco celebrated the huge elimination briefly until he was eliminated by Hercules.

Jim Duggan played well on the offense, as he pulled it together and eliminated Mike Sharpe and George Steele. Though it didn't take long until Hercules came along and sent him over the top ropes.

The Canadian strongmen, Dino Bravo pulled off a good showing, as he was able to eliminate Brutus Beefcake, who made it to the end at the WrestleMania battle royal. Bravo would eventually get eliminated by Billy Jack Haynes.

Koko B. Ware prevented himself from getting eliminated several times, and as "Cowboy" Bob Orton tried to get him, it backfired. Koko delivered several strikes leading up to a big dropkick, that sent Orton over the top ropes. However, Koko would soon be joining Orton, as Hercules sent him over the top ropes with a big shoulder tackle. Orton & Koko got into a confrontation outside the ring and had to be separated by WWF officials.

While Hercules eliminated Koko B. Ware, Billy Jack Haynes eliminated Honky Tonk Man. The final two wrestlers in this match was Hercules and Billy Jack Haynes. Haynes was determined to get his revenge against Hercules, after their WrestleMania encounter. However, Hercules quickly locked in the Full Nelson and kept it locked on until Haynes began to tap. Hercules took advantage of the damage he caused and eliminated Haynes. The referee declared Hercules the winner and the new WWF World Television Champion. Hercules ended the match with a total of 6 eliminations, as the announce team noted.

Winner: Hercules

Match Time: 9:49

Finish: Hercules Sends Billy Jack Haynes over the top ropes and earns the win.


Bobby Heenan was ecstatic once Hercules was announced the winner, Heenan hurried into the ring and handed Hercules his WWF World Television Championship. Heenan told the viewers that Hercules is the perfect fit to be your champion, explaining to them that he has the "IT" factor.

Bobby Heenan: "Ladies and gentleman, I give to you your NEW WWF World Television Champion, the almighty Hercules! Now I hate to have to tell you that I told you so, but I told you so! The terrific thing about Hercules though, is that he's the perfect fit for this championship. Hercules has the charisma, the look, the strength and presence to make him a reliable champion. Whether he goes for the WWF Intercontinental or World Championship, you can guarantee he'll cash in and become even bigger!"


Gene Okerlund conducted an interview with the former tag team champs, The British Bulldogs. Okerlund asked them how they'll rebound from that WrestleMania loss, despite having the match practically won until Danny Davis showed up. Davey Boy Smith responded that Davis is the one to blame for sure, but they're not going to use excuses for what happened. Dynamite Kid ensured that they'll rebound from the loss and will make sure they get their fair rematch at The Big Event.

Davey Boy Smith: "We almost reclaimed our championships back from the self-proclaimed, best tag team in the world. Key word, almost. The win was only seconds away, until Danny Davis came in and filled the role as referee. I don't know who gave him that permission but I'm looking past it. Now isn't the time for excuses, right now we got Demolition to worry about."

Dynamite Kid: "We're not the type of team that make excuses, that’s only how The Hart Foundation see us as. Davey and myself will rebound from that lost and come April 26th, we'll make sure that we walk into The Big Event as the challengers for the WWF World Tag Team Championships."

Normal, Tag Team Match

The British Bulldogs Vs. Demolition

The British Bulldogs made good use of this match to prove to WWF President, Jack Tunney, that they deserve one more match against The Hart Foundation. As on the other hand, Demolition recently returned to WWF programming and would like nothing more but to put themselves in title contention. Demolition were aggressive in this one, displaying a good amount of offense in the early going. However, once Smith and Kid got into the rhythm, they would become too hot to be stopped. Davey Boy Smith would earn the pin over Ax, after performing a Running Powerslam.

Winners: The British Bulldogs

Match Time: 6:12

Finish: Running Powerslam by Smith onto Ax earns the pin.


"Rowdy" Roddy Piper welcomed the viewers to his Pit, as he finally ended the speculation on whether he's staying with the World Wrestling Federation or heading to Hollywood. Piper admits that the decision wasn't an easy one to make but believes it's the best decision in the long run for himself and his family. Piper announced that he would be headed to Hollywood in about a month's time, to begin the filming of "Hell Comes to Frogtown". Knowing that some of his fans would be upset about the announcement, Piper reassured them that wrestling will always be in his heart and that he will comeback every so often.

As Piper began to make his farewell speech, a few uninvited guests interrupted the Piper's Pit...

Ivan Koloff instructed The Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff to grab ahold of Piper. They did just that, as Piper questioned what it was that they wanted from him. Ivan showed a slight smirk and began to talk about how it's the Americans, who always got to take the spotlight. Tonight, The Russian Alliance takes the spotlight.

Ivan Koloff: "Many of these fans are sad to see you gone, because many of your fans are Americans. The Russian Alliance is glad to see you go, as that is one less American taking over our spotlight. Your fans are sad to see you go, but they don't realize just how sad they really are to see you go. We'll make them realize."

Ivan and Nikita Koloff began to dish out strikes to Piper's face and gut, while still being held by Sheik and Volkoff. After they get their fair share of offense, Ivan instructs them to let Piper go. After they do, Piper attempts to fight back but the Russian brutes are too much for Piper to overcome. Nikita hits Piper with one of the set's stools, knocking Piper down on the ground. All four men begin stomping on Piper, making their statement loud and clear on what they think of Americans. Sheik then puts Piper into the Camel Clutch, until Piper is completely dazed out. Afterwards, Ivan Koloff spits in the face of Piper, before they toss him to the ground and leave the scene.


Bobby Heenan talks about why The Big Event will live up to its name and its mainly because King Kong Bundy gets his rematch with Hulk Hogan. Heenan mentions how at WrestleMania 2, Hogan defeated Bundy because he escaped a cage. Heenan adds that this time, Hogan must pin Bundy's shoulders to the mat in order to win. Heenan points out that good fortune is on the horizon for The Heenan Family and come April 26th, Heenan will finally witness the end of Hulkamania.

Bobby Heenan: "Hogan, I hope you know what is coming your way April 26th and I hope you're as prepared as King Kong Bundy is. A long time has passed since you and Bundy encountered each other face to face. Now, Bundy gets his moment to destroy you in front of all your Hulkamaniacs! As he delivers crushing move after crushing move, you'll see your championship fading away from you each step of the way. I must inform you that this isn't the same King Kong Bundy from WrestleMania 2. Oh no! This is a more destructible, more powerful, and a much more aggressive, King Kong Bundy! You'll soon find out Hogan, just like all of your Hulkamaniacs! Just like how Bundy will crush you, he'll crush the hope of each and every one of your Hulkamaniacs!"

Normal, Singles Match

Jake Roberts Vs. Paul Ordnorff (/w Bobby Heenan)

Paul Ordnorff came into this match looking lost in the shuffle, as he hasn't had much of a direction as of late. Heenan hasn't had much success with him, but he had high hopes Ordnorff could change things around in this main event. Jake Roberts on the other hand, was coming into this match with a lot of momentum. Making his statement clear last week on Wrestling Challenge, that he is the next #1 contender for the WWF Intercontinental Championship. Ordnorff delivered a decent amount of offense to Roberts in the early going of the match, but Roberts eventually caught a spark that ignited into flames. Roberts rallied his way to victory with offense and eventually closed the match off with a DDT, to earn the pin.

Winner: Jake Roberts

Match Time: 6:31

Finish: DDT by Roberts leads to the pin.


Bobby Heenan was clearly not happy with Ordnorff losing, as it is not doing any favors for The Heenan Family's reputation. Heenan left as soon as the referee declared Roberts the winner, while Ordnorff looked on, confused as to why Heenan would just leave him behind. Ordnorff soon left afterwards, as Roberts continued to play off the crowd. It wouldn't be long until a certain man came to approach Roberts though...

The former WWF Intercontinental Champion, Randy Savage came to the ring and stared Jake Roberts in the face. Savage claimed that despite what Roberts may think, he's the next #1 contender because he hasn't received his rematch that he is owed. Roberts disagrees with Savage and challenges him to a match at The Big Event to see who deserves the title shot more. Savage wastes no time in accepting, adding that the snake men will find out what macho madness is all about!

TV Rating: 1.37 (1,032,690 Viewers)

Show Overall Grade:

Backstage News / Incidents / Opinions

• N/A

WWF Wrestling Challenge #6

April 10th, 1987

From the Sioux City Municipal Auditorium in Sioux, Iowa

Attendance: 3,310

Announce Team: Lord Alfred Hayes & Gorilla Monsoon

The show starts off with Gene Okerlund recapping the end of WWF Superstars of Wrestling, in which Jake Roberts issued a challenge to Randy Savage, to see who the next #1 contender for the WWF Intercontinental Championship truly is. Okerlund confirms that the match will in fact take place on April 26th at The Big Event, and that the winner will either face Ricky Steamboat or Butch Reed for the title. (B-, 76)

In a tag team match, Velvet McIntyre & Itsuki Yamazaki defeated The Glamour Girls (Judy Martin & Leilani Kai) in 5:43 after Yamazaki delivered a German Suplex on Kai. The announce team hyped before the match, that the winning team would face off against each other next week to decide who faces The Fabulous Moolah. (D, 43)

Jesse Ventura interviewed the WWF Intercontinental Champion, Ricky Steamboat, on the situation between Savage and Roberts. Steamboat mentions that he wouldn't mind facing either man, as the one walking out victorious will certainly, deserve it. Steamboat makes note that he'll have to defeat Butch Reed first, but the comment makes Reed come off as an afterthought. (B+, 84)

Gene Okerlund is back with the audience, in which he talks to Junkyard Dog about having to face Harley Race for a second time now. JYD mentions that he put Race in his place at WrestleMania and that he won't mind doing it again at The Big Event. (B, 79)

Junkyard Dog went one on one against Iron Mike Sharpe, who was looking to kill JYD's momentum but JYD was too hot to be stopped at this point and won the match in 5:57 after delivering a Thump. (C+, 67)

A recap video is played from WWF Superstars in which Piper began his retirement speech during Piper's Pit only to be ambushed by the Anti-American group, The Russian Alliance. (C+, 69)

Paul Ordnorff has had a rough time coming up with momentum but he looked good against The Crusher, after dominating him and ending the match in 6:02 with a Piledriver. (C-, 53)

WWF President, Jack Tunney announces that The British Bulldogs will get their rematch at The Big Event and that he has banned Danny Davis from getting involved. Tunney mentions that in order to give Hart Foundation a positive from this, he's making it a match where if the Bulldogs lose, they won't get another opportunity at the tag titles as long as The Hart Foundation are the champions. (C-, 57)

Bob Orton Jr and Magnificent Muraco haven't quite been on pace as of late but they got the ball rolling again with a big win over the Can-Am Connection in 7:02 once Orton delivered a big Superplex on Tom Zenk. (C+, 67)

Gene Okerlund announces that the WWF World Heavyweight Champion, Hulk Hogan, will be at WWF Superstars of Wrestling next week. (B-, 76)

Ricky Steamboat took Honky Tonk Man in this action packed main event, in which HTM looked to prove himself to be a contender. However, his skills weren't enough to top Steamboat who put the match away in 7:30 after delivering a Flying Karate Chop. (B-, 74)

As the WWF Intercontinental Champion celebrated, an unexpected visitor came to crush the part. The #1 contender, Butch Reed came into the ring and delivered a big assault on Steamboat. He delivered two Gorilla Press Slams and shouted out that the locker room will recognize him. (B, 77)

TV Rating: 0.49 (367,630 Viewers)

Show Rating:

Backstage News / Incidents / Opinions

• Tito Santana lifted everyone's spirits after drawing out some cartoons.

• Junkyard Dog suffered a Twisted Disco Knee and was clearly wasted on drugs for a 2nd time. Not to mention, he was also high off pain killers, all of this could explain why he ended up injured.

• After news came in that Junkyard Dog would be out of action for 26 days, Vince McMahon made the ultimate decision to cut ties with him. JYD has been given two warnings and nothing came out of them, he was originally going to be fined after Wrestling Challenge but that quickly changed after he got injured. Reason being, because he had a scheduled match at The Big Event against Harley Race. The best decision was to release him before he seriously injured somebody else. After his firing, JYD improved his behavior, so there is a chance he could comeback but for the long future, he'll have to find work elsewhere. Shame, because JYD is in the top 10 of most popular superstars in the United States.

• Paul Ordnorff and The Crusher have zero chemistry.

• Rick Martel is getting better with his gimmick.

• Adrian Adonis and Leilani Kai are now dating. Haircut must have made Adonis attractive I suppose. He has yet to make his return to the WWF after WrestleMania and some have to wonder, what is next?

This Week's News

• UWF & Eddie Gilbert have come to an agreement on a contract extension.

• PWI held a poll on who fans thought was the most entertaining wrestler in the world right now and many voted "Rowdy" Roddy Piper.

• Many insiders believe that Marcus Laurinaitis has the potential to be a big star in the world of professional wrestling if he is booked right.

• World Class Wrestling Association Hall of Famer, Pepper Gomez, passed away on the night of April 8th. Gomez won multiple championships throughout his career, such as becoming a 13-time WCWA Texas Heavyweight Champion, 9-time WCWA Tag Team Champion and won the NWA Southern Heavyweight title. Gomez passed away at the age of 59.

• AWA seems to be making some harsh comments about several regional wrestling businesses in which could either be good for them or perhaps backfire and become bad. Reportedly there is bad blood between AWA (American Wrestling Association) and the following companies, UWF (Universal Wrestling Federation), WCWA (World Class Wrestling Association), WWA (World Wrestling Association), CCW (Continental Championship Wrestling), CSW (Central States Wrestling), G.L.O.W. (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) and even JCP (Jim Crockett Promotions).

• WWF Intercontinental Champion, Ricky Steamboat, was on a National TV Show this past week in which he helped promote the World Wrestling Federation. He did a good job representing the company and wrestling in general.

• 70-year-old Hall of Immortal, Lou Thesz has now called it an end with the wrestling business, as he has announced his permanent retirement from the sport and has left the business. People close to Thesz say he has big passion for the company and that he made this announcement because of age and health.

• Word is that the Rock N' Roll Express could be headed to the WWF. The rumor is now becoming truer, as Dave Meltzer reports that the Rock N' Roll Express lost to the Road Warriors on April 11th in the finals of the NWA Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial Cup because of their new contracts with the WWF.

Originally Posted by Smasher1311 View Post
Great stuff, I'm glad that your big Mania bouts were able to get the high grades they did, plus a huge debut for DiBiase by defeating Chico! I'm downright insulted that Demolition's big return was shafted to the B Show, though.
Appreciate the comment! I have to say, I was really fortunate with WrestleMania. I was very surprise that the show didn't have a single C match and I have to believe it was because I contributed A LOT of money into the event (celebrities, set, star band). Got big things in store for DiBiase, I'm looking forward to it as much as I was with his debut. Demolition's return on the "B" show was mainly due to the fact that I needed to evaluate them first. I know after Superstars it may seem like nothing is in store for them, but rest assure, big things await them soon!

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Wow, it's a shame you had to can JYD. He was very popular, and he could have been a major player for you in the early stages of this playthrough. Unfortunately, it looks like his career will be smote in this playthrough just like it was in real life. Also, it appears that AWA is not long for this world, given that the best match they could produce at their last major event was a 64, and they have heat with many companies. For some reason, I didn't get an e-mail notification when you posted Mania, which is why I'm commenting now.
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Originally Posted by James The Animator View Post
Wow, it's a shame you had to can JYD. He was very popular, and he could have been a major player for you in the early stages of this playthrough. Unfortunately, it looks like his career will be smote in this playthrough just like it was in real life. Also, it appears that AWA is not long for this world, given that the best match they could produce at their last major event was a 64, and they have heat with many companies. For some reason, I didn't get an e-mail notification when you posted Mania, which is why I'm commenting now.
Thanks for following man, I appreciate it a lot!

Yeah it was very disappointing, especially since JYD is one of my favorites from the golden age. Besides that though, it really affected some of my big plans going forward, since he was one of my very few top face superstars.

Believe it or not, AWA is actually beating a lot of the regional companies in the regional battles. Not only that but slowly their popularity has been going up. They have the talent to pull off some big ratings but just aren't executing them in the best way though. I got my eye out on a few of their stars but I'm actually watching to see how they do before I make any decisions. I'd like to see other companies besides WWF do well, but AWA will probably begin to decline after the out of nowhere heat with all these other companies. Unless they can get their stuff together, than maybe they'll prove me wrong.
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Default WWF Superstars & Challenge #7 (04/16 & 04/17)

WWF Superstars of Wrestling #7

April 16th, 1987

From the Hoffman Sears Centre in Hoffman Estates, Illinois

Attendance: 11,000 (Sold-Out)

Announce Team: Gorilla Monsoon, Vince McMahon & Jesse Ventura

The announce team hypes up tonight's main event between WWF World Heavyweight Champion, Hulk Hogan and Dino Bravo. They talk about how Hogan will he need to watch his back tonight, as The Heenan Family could strike at any given moment.

Normal, Singles Match

Shawn Michaels Vs. Honky Tonk Man (/w Jimmy Hart)

The young 21-year old Shawn Michaels looked to make his debut here in the WWF against The Honky Tonk Man. Michaels showed that he was very well capable of having the skill set to have a spot here in the WWF. HTM would not let the rookie get one over him and with a distraction by Jimmy Hart, he guaranteed that there wouldn't be an upset. Michaels fell for Hart's distraction, which helped HTM deliver the Shake, Rattle and Roll.

Winner: Honky Tonk Man

Match Time: 6:13

Finish: Shake, Rattle and Roll leads to HTM getting the pin.


Bobby Heenan is backstage with the rest of The Heenan Family, with Paul Ordnorff being absent. Heenan talks about how "The King" Harley Race will no longer have to face the Junkyard Dog due to JYD suffering an injury last week on Wrestling Challenge. Heenan assures that Race will be getting a match on the card, regardless to prove he is in fact, the king. Heenan begins to hype up Hercules upcoming open challenge for the WWF World Television Championship.

Bobby Heenan: "Harley Race, will get himself a match at The Big Event to further prove that he is in fact the true king of the WWF. Whoever he defeats, he'll prove that he's the next men in line for the WWF Intercontinental Championship. However, that is down the line, tonight we talk about the "Almighty" Hercules. Tonight, we're starting a WWF World Television Championship open challenge. Each and every week. Hercules will defend this title against anyone and prove to everyone watching why he was the best men to win the title. Success is in fact on the way for The Heenan Family, especially once King Kong Bundy takes the championship away from Hulk Hogan!"

Suddenly, Bobby Heenan's face turns into shock once he sees a familiar face. When the camera turns on him, it turns out to be...

Paul Ordnorff. Ordnorff questions Heenan on where his success is at and that he's a bigger deal in the group than anyone else standing in front of him. The Heenan Family look ready to jump Ordnorff after his comments, but Heenan signals them to calm down. Heenan informs Ordnorff that his time will be coming, he just needs to remain calm and patient. Ordnorff says that he better be right, before leaving the scene.

The announce team hypes up the fact that "Rowdy" Roddy Piper will be appearing on WWF Superstars of Wrestling next week to address the fans. McMahon says that all he knows as of this moment is that Piper will be addressing the recent attack by the hands of The Russian Alliance.

Normal, Tag Team Match

The Wild Samoans (/w King Curtis Iaukea) Vs. The Rock 'N Roll Express

The Rock 'N' Roll Express tag team consisting of Robert Gibson and Ricky Morton, made their debut here in the WWF tonight. Jesse Ventura mentioned how the tag team is destined for big things here, as they have had a lot of success outside the federation. The Wild Samoans wanted to crush their debut by delivering the tag team a loss, but that wouldn't be happening. Morton and Gibson showed what they were all about and finished Sika off with a double dropkick, for Gibson to earn the pin.

Winners: The Rock 'N Roll Express

Match Time: 7:10

Finish: Double Dropkick by The Rock 'N Roll Express helps Ricky Morton get the pin over Sika.


Backstage, Butch Reed talks about his big match against Rick Steamboat for the WWF Intercontinental Championship at The Big Event. Reed talks briefly about why he chose to attack Steamboat, claiming he needed people to realize that he's the big deal around here.

Butch Reed: "Everybody is gunning for that WWF Intercontinental Championship, yet everybody is talking about facing Ricky Steamboat. My attack on Steamboat was a clear indication that I'm not a man to be forgotten about. WrestleMania III, I won the 15-men battle royal in what was my PPV debut. I made a statement that night and I have zero intentions on stopping. Steamboat, your opponent at The Big Event is not Randy Savage nor Jake Roberts. Your opponent is "The Natural" Butch Reed and you better be ready, because I'm not taking it easy on you or anybody else!


Bobby Heenan makes his with his client, the WWF World Television Champion, Hercules. Once in the ring, Heenan talks about doing the honors and issuing the first open challenge for the WWF World Television Championship. They wait until...

Billy Jack Haynes comes down the ramp and announces that he has accepted the challenge. Heenan laughs at Haynes and talks about how much of a joke this is. McMahon mentions on commentary, that Haynes deserves a shot after making it to the final elimination of last week's battle royal. Heenan then goes on to say that this match is not happening, until Hercules takes the microphone and claim he accepts the fight.

WWF World Television Championship

Normal, Singles

Billy Jack Haynes Vs. Hercules (/w Bobby Heenan)

Haynes has been on a decline rate of momentum as of late, but if any moment meant he could turn it around, this would be that moment. While Hercules, was determined to finish Haynes off easily and earn his first defense of his title reign. Haynes had the upper-hand to begin this match, unloading a series of strikes to Hercules and bringing the big men down. Haynes brought a tank full of offense with him, as he was relentless in his moves. The announce team acknowledged it by claiming Haynes was more focus on revenge than the title. Hercules eventually rebounded though, as he was outside of the ring, Heenan went and distracted the referee. Haynes followed Hercules outside, but it left Haynes getting hit hard in the head by Hercules' chain. The strike was vicious enough to cause some blood to pour out, as Hercules sent Haynes back into the ring. Hercules finished Haynes off with a Full Nelson and was declared the winner after there was no response by Haynes.

Winner: Hercules

Defense: #1

Match Time: 6:49

Finish: Full Nelson earns Hercules the submission.


The Hart Foundation were backstage, in which they discussed their final match against The British Bulldogs at The Big Event. They talk about how once they finish them up, they'll be looking to face a tag team that is ready to step up to the plate.

Jim Neidhart: "Jack Tunney wants to give The Bulldogs another chance against us, which still hasn't sat well with me considering that we defeated them on the biggest stage, WrestleMania. Whether Danny Davis got involved or not, the match was decided once the bell rang, that The Hart Foundation was leaving as tag team champions."

Bret Hart: "Regardless, we got another match against them April 26th and to anyone who still believes that we aren't the best tag team today, we'll prove every one of you wrong at The Big Event."

Jimmy Hart hypes up the big match between The British Bulldogs and The Hart Foundation one final time, before the cameras head back to the ring.

Normal, Non-Title, Singles Match

Dino Bravo Vs. Hulk Hogan

Dino Bravo had the best moment to prove his claim that he's the strongest man in the world by defeating the WWF World Heavyweight Champion, Hulk Hogan. He held true to his world in the opening of the match, executing well on the offense and stopping Hogan from getting any momentum. The fans rallied Hogan on late in the match, which seemed to motivate Hogan to kick it back into gear. Bravo delivered a couple of strikes to Hogan's face, but Hogan would block the third strike. Hogan began to toss out a couple of punches himself, before tossing Bravo to the ropes and hitting him with a big boot. Hogan flexed his biceps for a brief second, before finishing the match with the big leg drop.

Winner: Hulk Hogan

Match Time: 7:25

Finish: Big Leg Drop earns Hogan the pin.


Hulk Hogan celebrates his victory with the fans, until his music gets interrupted...

Bobby Heenan begins to walk down to the ring alongside King Kong Bundy, who is scheduled to face Hogan at The Big Event. Heenan congratulates Hogan on his win but reminds him that his real challenge is having to pin his fellow client's shoulders down on the mat for a 3 count. Heenan informs Hogan that he is on borrowed time with the WWF World Heavyweight Championship and that come next week, Bundy will have it in his possession.

Bobby Heenan: "Time is truly not on your side Hogan, not for you or any of your Hulkamaniacs. In fact, every minute that ticks' tocks away is another minute closer that King Kong Bundy is crowned the new world champion. Next week, Bundy will finally be the men to take that title away from you and prove that his WrestleMania loss to you a year ago was only because of the cage stipulation. Hogan, whether you like it or not, you're looking at your new champion... King Kong Bundy!!!"

Hogan, being the fighting champion that he is, signals Bundy to bring it and that they can settle this right here, right now. At ringside, Heenan reminds Hogan that he doesn't know what he's getting himself into. Hogan continues to taunt Bundy, which leads to Heenan finally telling Bundy to get in there and remind Hogan what he's getting himself into.

King Kong Bundy gets into the ring and has a one on one stare down with Hogan, as Heenan watches from ringside. Hogan showing no intimidation, throws the first strike, which prompts Bundy to retaliate with a few hooks of his own. Both men begin to fight it out in the ring, with neither men getting the advantage over one another. Vince McMahon then informs the viewers that that is all the time we have left for this week's Superstars but reminds fans to tune in next week to know of the fallout between Bundy and Hogan.

TV Rating: 1.38 (1,035,050 Viewers)

Show Overall Grade:

Backstage News / Incidents / Opinions

• N/A

WWF Wrestling Challenge #7

April 17th, 1987

From the Jerome Schottenstein Center in Columbus, Ohio

Attendance: 9,734

Announce Team: Lord Alfred Hayes & Gorilla Monsoon

Itsuki Yamazaki and Velvet McIntyre went one on one against each other, in which the winner was bound to face The Fabulous Moolah for the WWF Women's Championship at next week's Wrestling Challenge. The match was even on both sides but McIntyre came out winning after performing the McIntyre Roll in 6:12 (D,43)

Gene Okerlund interviews Paul Ordnorff, who expresses his frustrations with Bobby Heenan having no spot for him. Ordnorff explained that he hired Heenan to give him a run with a title and yet Hercules has received the TV title, Race is King of the Ring and Bundy gets a world title shot. Ordnorff adds that If Bundy can't get the job done, then Heenan better do what's best for business, which is have him face Hogan. (B-.76)

Demolition faced off against The Rougeau Brothers, in which they dominated the siblings and made their mark that they are a threat to be reckon with in the tag division. Smash earned the pinfall in 6:57 (C,60)

Johnny V is backstage talking to his client Brutus Beefcake about possibly receiving a WWF World Television title, but the talks go nowhere once Greg Valentine returns from injury. Valentine congratulates Beefcake's recent efforts but adds that Brutus isn't great without him. Johnny V hurries up and puts the tension to rest by saying that they are at their best when they are a team. (C-,59)

Randy Savage gets interviewed by Ken Resnick and talks about his opponent next week Superstars of Wrestling, Rick Martel. Savage claims he's only looking forward to his match against Jake Roberts at The Big Event and that he looks forward to proving his case. (B,82)

Tito Santana faced off against Bob Orton Jr in a singles match. Santana eventually came out as victorious once he locked in the Figure Four Leglock and finished the match at 6:28. (B-,73)

After the match, Tito Santana calls out Ted DiBiase to a rematch at The Big Event but he gets no response. (C, 60)

Butch Reed continued his big wave of momentum by dominating Jim Duggan in the main event. He finished the match off with the Gorilla Press Slam and earned the pin at 6:22 (C+)

Butch Reed taunts the fans after his win, however, Reed wasn't expecting Ricky Steamboat to come running into the ring and getting himself some revenge. Steamboat delivered a decent amount of offense before sending him over the top rope. (B+, 83)

TV Rating: 0.49 (371,930 Viewers)

Show Rating:

Backstage News / Incidents / Opinions

• Tom Magee reportedly asked for a pay raise backstage, in which it seems as though it was rejected. Rumors has it that Magee, who makes $500 per appearance, requested a $360 pay raise and was denied. Some have mentioned that that is why Magee is furious as of the moment. There is no word from WWF on the situation or why they have denied the raise.

This Week's News

• 69-year-old, St. Louis native, Freddie Blassie retired officially retired on April 17th and looks forward to life outside of the wrestling business. Blassie's accolades include being a one-time NWA Wildside Heavyweight Champion and a one-time NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion in which he won back in March 1957.

• Continental Championship Wrestling (CCW) looks to be cutting budget costs as they have announced several names released from the promotion such as, Keith Hart, Norvell Austin, Tommy Rogers, Ken Wayne, Scott Armstrong, The Headhunters and Doug Furnas.

• Some industry veterans are saying that 22-year old Andre Baker is a man to watch out for, as they believe he's a future top star in the British Isles. Baker is not currently signed anywhere at the moment, but that could change after this headline.

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Default WWF Superstars & Challenge #8 (04/23 & 04/24)

WWF Superstars of Wrestling #8

April 23rd, 1987

From the MassMutual Center in Springfield, Massachusetts

Attendance: 5,406

Announce Team: Gorilla Monsoon, Vince McMahon & Jesse Ventura


To kick off the show in a big way, we open up to a pre-recorded video of the WWF World Heavyweight Champion, Hulk Hogan, where he is at a beach in Tampa Bay, Florida. Hogan says that he's been training like crazy here in Tampa as he gets ready to head to the Madison Square Garden this Sunday to face King Kong Bundy. Hogan says that this will be a difficult match, having to pin King Kong down to the mat but that he'll beat the odds. Hogan adds that all his Hulkamaniacs will be by his side Sunday night and will witness The Hulkster rise up once again. Hogan ends his message with one final message about both King Kong Bundy and Bobby Heenan.

Hulk Hogan: "Ya wanna know somethin' brother?! Bobby "The Weasel" Heenan is for once right in his life about one thing. That is that I have never pinned King Kong before, but I plan to change that this Sunday, brother! Once King Kong comes out and faces me eye to eye, he's going to realize that it's no longer going to be about size differences. Bobby "The Weasel" Heenan believed that at WrestleMania 3, I was bound to lose to that big nasty giant named Andre The Giant due to the size differences. Though, with the support of my Hulkamaniacs, I came back and bodyslammed that big nasty giant in front of 93 thousand screaming fans. New York City, get ready because Hulkamania is running wild right now! This Sunday, I'm going to prove to Bobby Heenan and to the world once again, why I'm the WWF World Heavyweight Champion, brother! I only got one question for you King Kong Bundy, whatcha' gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on you?!"

Normal, Singles Match

Koko B. Ware Vs. Bob Orton Jr.

Both men have seemed lost in recent weeks, with neither men getting any wins or building any kind of momentum for themselves. However, this match gave them both a chance to get off on the right path but as with any match, there can only be one winner. Bob Orton looked more focus on winning than anything here tonight, when he took the offense to Koko. It quite easy to see that Orton was still upset with Koko B. Ware eliminating him from the 15-men battle royal a few weeks back on Superstars. However, a few missteps cost Orton badly, as Koko B. Ware rebounded and delivered the Bird Buster to pick up the pin.

Winner: Koko B. Ware

Match Time: 5:21

Finish: Bird Buster by Koko B. Ware leads to the pin.

The announce team hypes up "Rowdy" Roddy Piper's appearance tonight. They talk briefly about how Piper may have put his retirement to a halt after he was viciously attacked by the newly formed, Russian Alliance.

WWF World Television Championship

Normal, Singles Match

Jim Duggan Vs. Hercules (/w Bobby Heenan)

Coming off of a successful title defense last week, Hercules looked prepared to earn to his second title defense here against Jim Duggan. The announce team talked about how Jim Duggan had informed WWF President, Jack Tunney, that he would accept the open challenge, which is why we have this match. Duggan brought the offense and charisma to Hercules, as the fans cheered Duggan on. Hercules eventually began to fight back and once he did, it was all over for Jim Duggan. Hercules soon locked in the Full Nelson and made the crowd's favorite tap out.

Winner: Hercules

Match Time: 5:14

Finish: Full Nelson by Hercules leads to the submission.


Tito Santana heads to the ring and once inside addresses the on-going issue he has with Ted DiBiase beating him 3-weeks ago on Superstars. Santana says that he disagrees with the referee's decision to declare DiBiase the winner after a low-blow. He adds that he knows he isn't the only one annoyed by the finish, referring to the crowd who show their approval. Santana then calls-out DiBiase once again, after he went unanswered on last week's Wrestling Challenge.

Tito Santana: "Say what you will Ted about you beating me, but everyone in this arena can tell you that your win was nothing more than a fluke. If it wasn't for your cheap tactics, I would have had you tapping out to the figure four leglock. If you honestly believe that you can skate by here in the WWF with your wealth, then think again pal! You know what you signed up, so come out here and fight me like a man!"

"The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase shows up at the top of the ramp, wearing one of his expensive suits. DiBiase claims himself to be the true winner, regardless of what these fans or what Tito thinks. DiBiase adds that he wouldn't mind winning again here tonight but says that he's clearly not in his wrestling gear. DiBiase goes on to accept Santana's challenge but adds that it will be under his rules, not Santana's.

Ted DiBiase: "Seems to be that you just can't get over defeat, Tito. Regardless of what you or these fans think, the referee counted the three count in my favor, not yours. I wouldn't mind upstaging you again, but as you can see, I didn't bring my wrestling gear. I'll tell you what though, since I'm a men with class unlike you or any of these low life bums, I'll accept your desired rematch against me. However, we're doing the match under my terms, not yours. Way I see it, this match isn't about redemption to you Tito, it's about money. The only real reason why you want a match against me, is because you need the money. Unlike me, you depend on wrestling to pay your bills and to put food on the table. So, here's what I'm going to do for you, I'm going to give you your rematch at this Sunday's The Big Event. So that way, once I beat you again, you'll still make a decent amount of income than you would if I had defeated you on TV. I'm not so sure what value you'll still have after I defeat you again, so if worst case scenario, you get fired... Well, you can always come work for me, "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase! Because everybody has a price! HAHAHAHAHA!"

Normal, Singles Match

Rick Martel Vs. Randy Savage (/w Miss Elizabeth)

Rick Martel, who is one half of the Cam-Am Connection with Tom Zenk, faced his biggest opponent to date, "The Macho Man" Randy Savage. Determined to make a big name for himself, he went all out on Savage. He delivered a good amount of offense to Savage, which made the fans cheer and showcased his ability to hang with the big star. Savage would however, rebound not long afterwards and once he got the ball rolling, he wasn't going to stop. Savage soon delivered the Flying Elbow Drop and scored the pinfall victory.

Winner: Randy Savage

Match Time: 6:23

Finish: Flying Elbow Drop by Randy Savage leads to the pin.


As Randy Savage began to celebrate in the ring with the beautiful Miss Elizabeth, a familiar face began to walk down to the ring.

Randy Savage's opponent this Sunday, Jake "The Snake" Roberts was now at ringside and he wasn't alone. Roberts opened up the big bag he had carried with him to the ring and inside was his pet snake, Damien. Savage stood in the ring, trying his best not to look intimidated while Miss Elizabeth on the other hand looked absolutely terrified. Roberts than entered the ring along with Damien, as Savage escorted Elizabeth out of the ring and away from Jake Roberts. Roberts stood in the ring with a slight smile on his face, as Randy Savage fled up the ramp along with Elizabeth, as they both looked freaked out by the gigantic snake. Once they got to the top of the ramp, Roberts got on the microphone to send Savage one final message before their match at The Big Event.

Jake Roberts: "Awww don't be scared Randy, all Damien wanted to do was greet you and remind you of how terrible it's going to be for you, once I defeat you in Madison Square Garden and prove why I'm next in line for the WWF Intercontinental Championship. Run all you want for now, but come this Sunday, you're going to have to face reality that I'm walking up that ramp with the victory in my hands."


"Rowdy" Roddy Piper was here on the Piper's Pit to address the attack that he was a victim of from the hands of The Russian Alliance. Piper talked about how he had planned to retire in peace but that this newly formed group prevented him from doing so. Piper added that he was furious with the assault and that his fans know that he doesn't back down from any fight. Piper claimed his in-ring career is coming to a hiatus soon, but that he still has enough gas left in the tank for one more match. Piper than issues a challenge to anyone who is associated with The Russian Alliance to come face him this Sunday at The Big Event.

Roddy Piper: "As much as I love this business and especially all of you fans who help keep this business running, I was ready to move on to the next chapter of my life. I almost was able to ride off into the sunset two weeks ago, until some Russian goons had to attack me. Now, I can say that I respect that these guys want to make a name for themselves, but they picked the wrong guy to come after and attacked. I told you all that I was leaving the business temporary but that's all going to have to change now! Because "Rowdy" Roddy Piper has gas in the tank for one more match and I'm issuing a challenge to any member of the so called Russian Alliance to face me, one on one this Sunday at The Big Event!"

The Russian Alliance make their presence felt once again on Piper's Pit, as they walk on the set, looking to intimidate Piper. However, they don't attack him, instead Ivan Koloff grabs a microphone and accepts Piper's challenge on the behalf of his nephew, Nikita Koloff. Koloff adds that since Piper is choosing to stay, he's going to be brought down so hard, that he'll no longer have that option.

Ivan Koloff: "You Americans seem to always be foolish. Two weeks ago, we sent you packing and luckily, we didn't hurt you enough to ruin your Hollywood career. Now, you want to issue a challenge to anyone of us? You Americans must be braver than what I thought. You'll soon regret this Piper, as you're going to be facing my nephew, Nikita Koloff this Sunday. He's the most destructible force in the WWF today and you're going to be his first victim..."

Ivan Koloff orders his men to beat down Piper, who begins to try and protect himself but the sheer force of the Russians overcome him. Ivan than begins to stomp on him and orders for Sheik and Volkoff to raise Piper up. After they do, Nikita Koloff strikes Piper in the head with his big chain. They drop Piper down, who appears to be unconscious. They ruin his set and leave the scene, in which the announce team share their concerns for Piper and his upcoming match this Sunday.


Backstage, Gene Okerlund interviews Bobby Heenan and the #1 Contender for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship, King Kong Bundy. Okerlunds questions Bundy on whether he's nervous about Hulk Hogan defeating him, like he did to Andre The Giant. Heenan quickly answers that question by claiming that Bundy is not nervous at all and that unlike Andre, Bundy will get the job done. Heenan says that this Sunday is about Bundy's redemption and the long-awaited rematch will happen in which Bundy will bring home the gold.

Bobby Heenan: "King Kong Bundy isn't nervous, the men who is nervous is Hulk Hogan! Hogan knows that his time is up this Sunday as world champion, so he's trying to live in the moment for as long as he can! Hogan may have beaten the odds against Andre The Giant, but I can ensure you that the same will not happen with King Kong Bundy! Bundy will annihilate Hogan this Sunday, because Bundy's mission is to claim redemption. Unlike that steel cage match at WrestleMania 2, this Sunday, Hogan will have nowhere to run! This time, Hogan must defeat Bundy clean inside the ring and we already know that that is not going to happen! So Hulk Hogan, enjoy your time on the beach while you underestimate the sheer force of King Kong Bundy! Not much more time left until all your hulkamaniacs realize that The Hulkster isn't immortal like he seems to be!

Normal, Singles Match

George Steele Vs. King Kong Bundy (/w Bobby Heenan)

King Kong Bundy has been on a path of destruction, defeating any opponent who came in his way and tonight, he looked to do the same to George Steele. Steele survived Bundy's onslaught in the opening minutes and at one point, delivered a decent amount of offense himself. Though, it would not be long for Bundy to take full control of the match and finish Steele off with the Big Splash, to earn the pin.

Winner: King Kong Bundy

Match Time: 5:47

Finish: Big Splash by King Kong Bundy leads to the pin.


After the match was over, Bobby Heenan got in front of the camera and sent a message to Hulk Hogan, saying that he'll meet his demise this Sunday! Heenan gets out of the camera and it then puts its focus on King Kong Bundy who says one thing about Hogan.

King Kong Bundy: "Hogan, that WWF World Heavyweight Championship is... MINE!"

Normal, Six-Man Tag Team Match

Ricky Steamboat & The British Bulldogs Vs. Butch Reed & The Hart Foundation

In the main event of the final Superstars of Wrestling before The Big Event, both teams looked to get an additional boost of momentum on their side. The WWF Intercontinental Champion, Ricky Steamboat got to fight Butch Reed a few days early and realizing what strength Reed processed. The British Bulldogs got some retribution against the tag team champions, The Hart Foundation. Everyone got a good amount of offense but nobody was ever really able to get going. However, the match ended up getting counted as a draw quickly, as chaos broke outside the ring between The British Bulldogs and The Hart Foundation. Steamboat and Reed began fighting in the ring, going all out with their fists, as the referee attempted to separate them. The strength of Reed proved to work wonders for him as he soon got the upper-hand over the champion.

Winner: Draw

Match Time: 4:55

Finish: Referee declares match as draw as chaos between both teams gets to the point that it is uncontrollable.


The brawling continued minutes after the match had been called off but began to die down, as The Hart Foundation chose to flee up the ramp. The British Bulldogs came into the ring and helped Ricky Steamboat fight off Butch Reed, which they soon sent him over the top rope. Reed decided to not reenter the ring and fled up the ramp with his manager, Slick. The British Bulldogs and Ricky Steamboat celebrated inside the ring afterwards.

TV Rating: 1.37 (1,029,030 Viewers)

Show Overall Grade:

Backstage News / Incidents / Opinions

• Lord Alfred Hayes organized a quick game to boost morale backstage before the show began.

WWF Wrestling Challenge #8

April 24th, 1987

From the MassMutual Center in Springfield, Massachusetts

Attendance: 5,259

Announce Team: Lord Alfred Hayes & Gorilla Monsoon

The show begins with a video clip from last night's Superstars of Wrestling's main event, in which a brawl broke out between The British Bulldogs and The Hart Foundation. The brawl also featured Butch Reed and the WWF Intercontinental Champion, Ricky Steamboat. In the end, Ricky Steamboat and The British Bulldogs stood tall in the ring. Lord Alfred Hayes and Gorilla Monsoon talk briefly about the six-men match and hype up their respective matches at The Big Event, this Sunday. (B-,73)

We head backstage with Superstars of Wrestling commentator, Jesse Ventura, who is seen with the new tag team on the block, The Rock 'N Roll Express. Ventura asks them how it feels to be on the big stage now, which Robert Gibson answers "It feels absolutely amazing!" The team discusses their intentions to rise up the ranks and eventually win tag team championships here as they have outside the WWF. (C+, 69)

For the first match of the night, The Fabulous Moolah defends the WWF Women's Championship against Velvet McIntyre. McIntyre won a match against Itsuki Yamazaki to earn this opportunity. McIntyre pulled off a surprising McIntyre Roll in 5:33 to earn her second WWF Women's Championship reign. (D+, 50)

Backstage, Gene Okerlund interviews the new signee to the WWF, Shawn Michaels. Okerlund asks Michaels about his debut in the WWF, which Michaels says it wasn't how he wanted it to start. Michaels then tells Okerlund that he plans to rewrite that debut, because next week here on Wrestling Challenge, it's going to be himself and his best friend... Marty Jannetty. Jannetty arrives and says that the world will be amazed when they see what The Rockers can do. (C-, 54)

In what was to be described as a squash match, Demolition ran through The Killer Bees in 4:15 after Demolition Ax picked up the pinfall. (D+, 49)

A video package is played showcasing how the match between "Macho Man" Randy Savage and Jake "The Snake" Roberts came about. The video claims that this match between both men will determine who goes on to face either Butch Reed or Ricky Steamboat for the WWF Intercontinental Championship. (B, 77)

King Harley Race is backstage with his manager, Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. Heenan claims that since there is no official match for Race at The Big Event, you can be sure that the king will be issuing an open challenge. (B+, 83)

Paul Ordnorff took on Hillbilly Jim in what was a typical squash match. Ordnorff dominated the match with ease and ended it in 3:44 with the Piledriver. (C-, 58)

Once the match ended, Ordnorff told Bobby Heenan that he is the real star of The Heenan Family, which Bobby Heenan seemed to brush away. This only seems to add fuel to the flame. (B-, 76)

Another video package is displayed hyping up the WWF Intercontinental Championship match between "The Natural" Butch Reed and the champion, Ricky Steamboat. The video mentions that Reed earned his right to face Steamboat at The Big Event after winning the 15-men battle royal at WrestleMania III. (B, 80)

Brutus Beefcake is backstage, telling his manager, Johnny V. how furious he is that Johnny didn't get him that WWF TV title match. Johnny V assures Beefcake that everything will be fine, because next week, Greg Valentine will be ready for in-ring competition and that they'll return as The Dream Team. Beefcake doesn't seem pleased about Valentine returning and walks off. (C, 62)

Tito Santana took on Honky Tonk Man in the main event tonight, in which featured great action and heat. Tito Santana was able to pick up the submission in 7:44 after performing the Figure Four Leglock. (B-, 75)

Tito Santana celebrates with the crowd, as he prepares himself for his rematch against "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase this Sunday. (C+, 68)

Before the show comes to an end, Lord Alfred Hayes and Gorilla Monsoon hype up this Sunday's The Big Event and the WWF World Heavyweight Championship match between King Kong Bundy and the champion, Hulk Hogan. Afterwards, a video is played hyping up the big match, while also promoting other matches on the card such as The British Bulldogs versus The Hart Foundation, Nikita Koloff versus Roddy Piper and Tito Santana versus Ted DiBiase. It also features high profile matches between Randy Savage and Jake Roberts, Ricky Steamboat and Butch Reed for the Intercontinental Championship. The video finish off ensuring fans that this will be a night you will not want to miss. (B+, 84)

TV Rating: 0.49 (372,750 Viewers)

Show Overall Grade:

Backstage News / Incidents / Opinions

• Roddy Piper believes that Shawn Michaels is good in the ring and believes he should be pushed pretty well.

• Hulk Hogan thinks that Demolition Smash needs to learn how to sell, before he's pushed.

This Week's News

• Bull Ramos has reportedly walked out on Pacific Northwest Wrestling on April 22nd, after a huge argument broke out between Ramos and management regarding late payments. Some have even pointed out that the situation got so bad that at one point, police got involved.

• Former one-time WWF World Tag Team Champion, Tony Parisi announced that he plans on retiring in 3 months. Parisi is known for his time Toronto, Canada in which he had some good success. He also enjoyed a run in the WWF, in which he won the tag titles and was billed as Bruno Sammartino's cousin. Whether the WWF decides to contact him for one more run, is yet to be determined.

• Wrestling insiders believe that 24-year-old, Bob Holly is on the rise. They have said that he possesses strong in-ring skills at an early age and when given time to develop, could become a great in-ring worker.


The Big Event Match-Card/Prediction Scoreboard

WWF World Heavyweight Championship: King Kong Bundy Vs. Hulk Hogan (C)

WWF Intercontinental Championship: "The Natural" Butch Reed Vs. Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat (C)

WWF World Tag Team Championships: The British Bulldogs Vs. The Hart Foundation (C)

Stipulation: If The British Bulldogs lose, they will no longer be able to compete for the World Tag Team Championships as long as The Hart Foundation hold the titles.

#1 Contenders Match for the WWF Intercontinental Championship: Jake "The Snake" Roberts Vs. "Macho Man" Randy Savage

"The Russian Brute" Nikita Koloff Vs. "Rowdy" Roddy Piper

Tito Santana Vs. "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase

The Royal Challenge: "The King" Harley Race Vs. ???

(3Pts) Match of the Night?

(3Pts) How Many Championship Change Hands?

(6Pts) Wild Guess Question: Who Will Answer Harley Race's Open Challenge?

Reminder: Every match is worth 2Pts.

I went ahead and posted back to back sets of shows due to the fact that I'll more than likely be going out of town this weekend. Since I won't be able to post The Big Event PPV during that time, I went ahead and got the shows out of the way so that everyone can predict in time. I plan on posting the PPV Friday, but if plans change then it will have to be Thursday. I'll post an update on whenever I'll be getting ready to post the show.

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WWF World Heavyweight Championship: King Kong Bundy Vs. Hulk Hogan (C)

WWF Intercontinental Championship: "The Natural" Butch Reed Vs. Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat (C)

WWF World Tag Team Championships: The British Bulldogs Vs. The Hart Foundation (C)

Stipulation: If The British Bulldogs lose, they will no longer be able to compete for the World Tag Team Championships as long as The Hart Foundation hold the titles.

#1 Contenders Match for the WWF Intercontinental Championship: Jake "The Snake" Roberts Vs. "Macho Man" Randy Savage

"The Russian Brute" Nikita Koloff Vs. "Rowdy" Roddy Piper

Tito Santana Vs. "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase

The Royal Challenge: "The King" Harley Race Vs. Bob Orton Jr.

(3Pts) Match of the Night? Reed/Steamboat

(3Pts) How Many Championship Change Hands? 0

(6Pts) Wild Guess Question: Who Will Answer Harley Race's Open Challenge? Bob Orton Jr.

Reminder: Every match is worth 2Pts.
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WWF World Heavyweight Championship: King Kong Bundy Vs. Hulk Hogan (C)

WWF Intercontinental Championship: "The Natural" Butch Reed Vs. Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat (C)

WWF World Tag Team Championships: The British Bulldogs Vs. The Hart Foundation (C)

Stipulation: If The British Bulldogs lose, they will no longer be able to compete for the World Tag Team Championships as long as The Hart Foundation hold the titles.

#1 Contenders Match for the WWF Intercontinental Championship: Jake "The Snake" Roberts Vs. "Macho Man" Randy Savage
I foresee a draw for this one.

"The Russian Brute" Nikita Koloff Vs. "Rowdy" Roddy Piper

Tito Santana Vs. "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase

The Royal Challenge: "The King" Harley Race Vs. ???

(3Pts) Match of the Night? Roberts vs. Savage

(3Pts) How Many Championship Change Hands? 0

(6Pts) Wild Guess Question: Who Will Answer Harley Race's Open Challenge? Brutus Beefcake
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WWF World Heavyweight Championship: King Kong Bundy Vs. Hulk Hogan (C)

WWF Intercontinental Championship: "The Natural" Butch Reed Vs. Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat (C)

WWF World Tag Team Championships: The British Bulldogs Vs. The Hart Foundation (C)

#1 Contenders Match for the WWF Intercontinental Championship: Jake "The Snake" Roberts Vs. "Macho Man" Randy Savage

"The Russian Brute" Nikita Koloff Vs. "Rowdy" Roddy Piper

Tito Santana Vs. "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase

The Royal Challenge: "The King" Harley Race Vs. ???

(3Pts) Match of the Night? Bulldogs vs. Foundation.

(3Pts) How Many Championship Change Hands? 0.

(6Pts) Wild Guess Question: Who Will Answer Harley Race's Open Challenge? Haku.
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Hulk Hogan - Hulkwinslol
Ricky Steamboat - Reed will put up a good fight, but he won't be taking down "The Dragon".
Hart Foundation - Unless for some reason you're planning to split the Harts, they retain.
Randy Savage
Nikita Koloff - A big win puts Koloff over, a few of these and he'll be ready for Hulk.
Ted DiBiase

MOTN: Roberts vs. Savage
Titles: 0
Challenge: Paul Orndorff
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