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Unread 07-11-2018, 04:11 PM
St. Templar St. Templar is offline
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Default The Big Shocking Disaster Secret Swerve Thing

Okay, first off, if you don't know what the secret feature is by this point (and want to continue in your ignorance unless/until it happens in your save), then CLOSE THIS TREAD RIGHT NOW. This is akin to a spoiler alert,'ve been warned.

Alright, to the brass tacks: I don't like it...but don't let that dissuade you from keeping it in the game (particularly if that would make your game more interesting to you). I'm glad there's a way to "opt-out" of it, and I use that feature on every long-term save I do in the game.

Having said all of that...if you want it to be in there, I would suggest a way to make it a bit more effective.

I was playing WWE in a real world mod and got curious about what it would do, so I copied my save over to my "Testing" save (I keep it there in case I want to check out how something might work out before I put it into the actual save (some of you just mentally labeled me as a "cheater", but...whatever; and, yes, I'm aware of the fact that, just because it works that way in "Testing" doesn't mean it will work that exact same way in my actual save game).

Anyway...I ran the feature and got back the results and I notice something: it results in a lot of deaths...but no psychological issues for the survivors. Now, I know it's not a true real world, but I would think that a chartered plane would hold between 50 and 150 people (depending on the size of the plane/size of the promotion/all that jazz) and, when it did happen to my 2017 WWE, it killed 32 people (I'm guessing number based on a percentage or range of percentages based on the size of the affected promotion, with the roster members selected at random, accounting that, if the player's avatar is involved with that roster, they can't be killed off). But, if there were 100 people on the plane and 32 of them were killed, the other 68 would still be negatively affected, whether that is being otherwise injured in the crash or being simply unavailable because they just lived through a plane crash or have been otherwise told by medical experts to take a couple of days off.

If you wanted to keep this feature in the next version of TEW, I would suggest something deeper: a percentage are killed, a further percentage are injured, the rest of the roster are unable to work for psychological/health reasons. If you have a show scheduled in the two weeks after the crash, it pretty much has to be cancelled. Because, if such a tragedy were to happen (God forbid) in the "really real world", that would likely be the effect (and don't say that a plane flight where the Raw roster was so affected would just mean that the SmackDown roster would have to work real life, I'm pretty sure all of WWE's shows would be cancelled for a couple or three weeks, at the very least). In fact, I would even say that, if you really wanted a shakeup like that, it could cause one of your save's major promotions to have to close because the overwhelming bulk of their roster had died when the plane went down (although, if that were set to happen in a game, I might say you'd exempt the player's promotion, if they're employed, from being affected). But, how would a real-world promotion truly be affected by something like that: most of them would have to suspend operations for a long time or, far more likely, shut the doors completely.

It's got to stop raining soon. It's making me morbid.

Unread 07-11-2018, 05:23 PM
shawn michaels's Avatar
shawn michaels shawn michaels is offline
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I'd have to say no to this, in my opinion. The feature is great as it is, a way to shake things up. Over complicating it wouldn't add nothing more than most people wanting to stop their save with that many complications. Just the casualties are enough, at least imo.
Unread 07-11-2018, 11:45 PM
alpha2117's Avatar
alpha2117 alpha2117 is offline
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Look I understand exactly what you are saying and if you were being 100% realistic then yeah there would be about the same number of injuries as deaths and all sorts of mental issues. On the other hand nobody wants to totally kill your game and if you go too far overboard with the effect then that's what happens. As it is now it's a terrible thing to happen in your game but you can recover from it - if you add to the effect you probably cant so it's effectively a game killer.
Unread 07-12-2018, 09:41 AM
Zero's Avatar
Zero Zero is offline
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The backstage morale goes down (correct?). That is the psychological issues.
Unread 07-12-2018, 12:36 PM
St. Templar St. Templar is offline
Join Date: Feb 2016
Posts: 97

What if it couldn't affect the player's promotion?

If you were running a TNA or a New Japan or ROH and you ran it and it hit the WWE, it hasn't killed your game (except, possibly, for workers you wanted to sign when they became available in the future)? If WWE were forced to close the doors in that case, it would lead to a glut of available stars on the free agent market.

Like I say, I'm just spitballing on something that came up in another thread and do several things in my saves that are outside the "game world" that most people would think are insane/stupid to enhance realism (like maintaining my own title histories for my promotion, writing out promos, etc.). The fact that this disaster leads to what is to me a totally-unrealistic aftereffect is something I felt like might need to be addressed.

In fact, if it had that "game killer" or "promotion killer" possibility and wouldn't affect my promotion, a part of me (admittedly, a sad, melancholy, and morbid part...the part that dresses in black and reads Poe and Lovecraft by candlelight) would be tempted to leave it alone and let it play out.

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