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Unread 04-24-2016, 12:55 PM
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Post Mods By Fleisch

Well here it is, the official thread for Real World Chronicles (and my other mods). There will be one thread which will be updated as and when releases occur so make sure to check it out in January, April, July & September to see if there is an update!

Version: September 2017

DATA: DATA - September 2017 02/09/2017
PEOPLE: PEOPLE PACK 3709 Pictures (previously 3684) UPDATED 02/09/2017
Alternative Picture Packs
blaustein has released one of the best picture packs I have seen in a very long while. Although it does not contain everyone in Real World Chronicles,
it is worth the download and just replace any pictures in my pack with those done in this pack.>>>NJPW Faction Packs (And More!)<<<

Dragonkandi has been working on a picture pack to update and refresh the current Blue/Pink Blast pictures - or the official RWC picture style. Again, while not a complete pack, it is worth downloading and selecting any pictures you wish to replace.
>>>Make Fleisch Great Again<<< (For the record, I am great! )

LazarN has taken over Dragonkandi's idea to make the picture pack great again. You can find the thread by clicking >>>Make Flesich Great Again Pt 2<<< These packs are a huge help to me as I don't have to constantly update pictures every release.

joemurphy has also released a picture pack that I believe is compatible with this mod (among others) and is actually a style I had thought about doing myself before settling on the current blue/pink/yellow burst backgrounds. If you are a fan of the nGo style, then this pack would suit you well. The thread is here >>>Super Awesome Modern Picture Pack<<<
A couple of things to remember, we're making a world, not the WWE Universe. Too many people have their WWE blinkers on and don't see the big picture, there is a wrestling world beyond the United States. In order to get a good balance, we need to realise WWE is the powerhouse promotion and #1 company, however they are not the only popular promotion in the world. People say, "do WWE and the rest falls into place," and that isn't actually true because WWE is different to NJPW which in turn is different to CMLL so a lot of work has gone into all of these and not just WWE. I've treated each promotion as it's own separate entity, all the while trying to balance it into the world. Title histories are done by Air date (if the company has a TV show) rather than Taping date due to the fact some people may not read spoilers and thus don't know that, for example, the TNA Championship changed 2 weeks before it airs. This is something that will not change while I continue doing this mod.

I listen to people who give polite, constructive criticism, and change things people find wrong, or explain my reasons for giving certain stats to certain people. If a promotion you want isn't in the data, it's purely because I don't know enough about it to do it justice and not because I can't be bothered. A lot of people in this thread have helped shape this mod through their informative responses and hopefully we can keep that level of maturity and mutual respect up. I do this data for myself so if you don't like playing it or find it too difficult/easy then please download another mod you would be happier using. You can also follow RWC on Twitter, @Fleisch_RWC which will be updated as and when updates for Chronicles are released.

Rules For Requests: If you wish me to add a promotion to the game database, please supply the following - which promotion you feel should be removed from the data to make room for your requested promotion and why. Wrestlers roster positions/gimmicks. My time these days is limited so I cannot watch the promotion myself like I could in the earlier days of this mod unfortunately. REQUESTS CLOSED
Real World Chronicles makes a change in scheduled releases going from once a month, to once every three months.
January Release (Build up to Royal Rumble)
April Release (Build up to Wrestlemania)
July Release
October Release
Q: Why aren't there more promotions to choose from?
A: I prefer a streamlined data set. It's very difficult updating 50 promotions every month so adding more would degrade the quality of the mod due to the time I can spend updating. The mod will never surpass 55 active promotions.

Q: Can I use this data as a base for my own mod?
A: Yes. Everything is free to use. The more mods there are, the better the choice.

Q: Do you take requests on promotions to be added? I really want to see XYZ in the game.
A: Currently I am not taking any requests as I have limitations on my time.

Q: I notice there are inactive promotions such as WCW and ECW in the data. Why?
A: Chronicles started out as a mod that would highlight the past as well as the present. Having WCW in the data meant I could add WCW specific gimmicks that people had in the past and when searching the "Characters" tab of a worker it would show they used a certain gimmick only then. The same reason you will see WRP and Lucha USA as closed promotions in the game. It was meant to add an extra layer to the data that I hadn't really seen done before.

Q: Why is there nothing in Australia?
A: Simply put, I know a big fat nothing when it comes to Australian wrestling and I've not found any one who is able to work on it for me who does know.
Promotions Included:
AAW: Professional Wrestling Redefined
Absolute Intense Wrestling
All Japan Pro-Wrestling
Alpha-1 Wrestling
Asistencia Asesoria Y Administracion
ATTACK! Pro Wrestling
Big Japan Pro-Wrestling
Cho Sento Puroresu FMW
Combat Zone Wrestling
Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libra
DDT Pro-Wrestling
Desatre Total Ultraviolento
Dragon Gate
EVOLVE Wrestling
Fight Club Finland
Fight Club: PRO
Full Impact Pro
GBG Wrestling
German Wrestling Federation
Global Force Wrestling
House of Hardcore
Innovate Pro Wrestling
Insane Championship Wrestling
Internacional Wrestling Revolucion Grupo
International Pro Wrestling: UK
IWA: Mid South
Lucha Libre Elite
Lucha Underground
New Generation Wrestling
New Japan Pro-Wrestling
Northern Championship Wrestling
Over The Top Wrestling
Pro Wrestling Guerrilla
Pro Wrestling ZERO1
PROGRESS Wrestling
Pro-Wrestling NOAH
Pro-Wrestling EVE
Revolution Pro Wrestling
Ring of Honor
SHIMMER Womens Athletes
SHINE Wrestling
Smash Wrestling
Spectacle Familal Jacques Rougeau
Svensk Wrestling Syd
The Crash
westside Xtreme wrestling
WhatCulture Pro Wrestling
World Wonder Ring Stardom
PREVIOUS VERSIONS ARCHIVE - Data Only (these will have all the mistakes, none of the newer workers and will be before the stat update. You download these knowing that I will not be updating any mistakes you find in them. Anything you want fixed or updated you will need to do yourself).

July 2017
May 2017
April 2017
March 2017
February 2017
January 2017
December 2016
November 2016
October 2016
September 2016
August 2016
July 2016

Version: 4.0

"Does 4.0 mean there will be new stuff?" Indeed there will, starting with one of the bigger changes, the exodus from Gotham Pro Wrestling by The Joker and Harley Quinn who have now set up "Joker's Funhouse" that will be full of villains! There will be other additions, whether it be workers, promotions or more, you will just have to wait and find out!

Returning to the roots of my original mod, this is the data that started it all in terms of fantasy booking - Rebuilt. Originally made on EWR before making an appearance on TEW 2004, Diablo X (at the time called Diablo Kombat) was the first solo mod I ever worked on. In 2010 the data was built from the ground up again to utilise all the new options in 2010's TEW. In 2016, I will be rebuilding the database again! Glutton for punishment I know! There are going to be quite a few changes.

Games, Comics, Anime & Cartoons collide in a Universe so diverse, it really is for anyone. Whether you want to destroy the PWE as Skeletor, or save it as He-Man. Whether the Turtles will triumph over Shredder or Bebop and Rocksteady become the new threat in MAE. The only limit is your imagination. Nostalgia and Modern times smash into one another to create DiabloX. So enjoy!
RELEASED 27th April 2017

An alternate Real World mod in which females dominate the world of professional wrestling. While there are some men in the data,their roles are simply that of backstage and out of ring workers. In this world, there is no such thing as male wrestling.
Coming 2018

This will be a smaller world than normal as the focus here is to build your promotion from scratch using a wide mix of characters from the Lego Universe. Whether you want to try and create an all DC company, or a mixture of Harry Potter, Indiana Jones and Ninjago characters battling it out, the only obstacle is your imagination. Whilst this promotion is aimed at a younger audience, it will still be just as playable for older fans - but with less emphasis on quantity and realism, and much more on fun game play that even the most novice TEW player can grasp.

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Unread 04-24-2016, 12:55 PM
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Exclamation Rwc To Do List - *MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS*

Things to fix/update for RWC January release
(If it is green, it means I've already done it)

Employment Histories for major companies workers (WIP)
WWE Complete
Things I've added/found myself
Split YouTube into 4 sections; YouTube (USA) - USA & Canada, YouTube (Europe) - Europe & British Isles, YouTube (Asia) - Japan & Australia and YouTube (Mexico) You will need 22 Popularity in 1 region rather than the previous 10 popularity in 3 regions.
Added YouTube Red as subscription broadcaster available in USA, Canada & Australia
Added Twitch (Split into 4 the same way YouTube has been) You will need 20 Popularity in 1 region
Added Alphabet Inc. as a Media Group
Added Amazon as a Media Group
Added Aaron Williams (IWA:MS Contract)
Jack Gallagher Married to Alexis Rose
Katey Harvey & Pollyanna friendship
Added Undisputed Era to NXT (Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, Kyle O'Reilly & Taynara Conti)
Turn Jack Gallagher Heel
Niebla Roja Unmasked
Princesa Sujie Unmasked
Added WWE Starrcade as a Special Event to happen in November (Smackdown Live brand)
Rebranded GFW back to Impact Wrestling (GFW Titles are now available to buy)

24.09.2017 Toni Storm wins the World of Stardom Championship
22.09.2017 Kenny King wins the ROH World Television Championship
22.09.2017 The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) win the ROH World Tag Team Championship
22.09.2017 Adam Maxted wins All-England Championship
18.09.2017 Toni Storm wins Stardom 5* GP Tournament
18.09.2017 Masaaki Mochizuki wins the Open The Dream Gate Championship
17.09.2017 Jonny Storm wins IPW:UK World Championship
17.09.2017 Eterno wins the IWRG Intercontinental Middleweight Championship
15.09.2017 Kaho Kobayashi wins the CMLL-REINA International Junior Heavyweight Championship
12.09.2017 Kairi Sane wins WWE Mae Young Classic Tournament
12.09.2017 The New Day Win WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship
10.09.2017 WALTER wins the PROGRESS Atlas Championship
10.09.2017 CCK (Chris Brookes & Kid Lykos) win the PROGRESS Tag Team Championship
10.09.2017 Travis Banks wins the PROGRESS World Championship
09.09.2017 Aaron Williams wins the IWA Mid-South Heavyweight Championship
07.09.2017 Mance Warner & Zodiak win the IWA Mid-South Tag Team Championship
05.09.2017 Vacated AAA Reina de Reinas Championship
02.09.2017 Katey Harvey wins the GWF Women's Wrestling Revolution Championship
02.09.2017 Takanori Ito wins the WRESTLE-1 Result Championship
02.09.2017 Orlando Silver wins the GWF World Heavyweight Championship
02.09.2017 Team 246 (Kaz Hayashi & Shuji Kondo) win the WRESTLE-1 Tag Team Championship
01.09.2017 Ivan Kiev wins the wXw Shotgun Championship
Melissa Santos to be set as Pregnant
Joey Mathews is now taking booking on the indy circuit so is out of retirement.
Okay, so I saw a couple things from the WWE side of things.

Dawson is out 3ish months with a torn bicep. - Will be back by next release
Bayley is out probably for a few more weeks with a shoulder injury (even if it's kayfabe, definitely should be reflected) - Will be back by next release
Cass is out 6-9 months with a torn ACL.
Joe is out 4-6 weeks with a knee injury. - Will be back by next release
Primo's out probably for another 3-6 weeks with his...guess what...knee injury. - Will be back by next release
Nikki's probably out for 3ish months, she's on Dancing With the Stars, so they have to tape that or whatever. - Will be back by next release

Thank you so much for all your work, especially given the injury. Your TEW mod, as well as the 1998 Art of War mod from Mod Squad, is the reason that even after I got burglarized, I immediately got myself a new laptop. <3
Unfortunately, it seems that Yoshihiro Takayama will not be able to make a return to wrestling, as his injury is too serious.

Also on the Japan side of things, some guys have "Foreign Star", "Evil Foreigner", etc. set as gimmicks, but that kind of thing is barely used nowadays.

....also, it gets pretty awkward if another Japanese company hires them

Also, you could probably set El Desperado's "default" to El Desperado rather than his Young Lion name, as I don't think he'll abandon this gimmick anytime soon(and his face is weird).

And one last is Okada not a perfect 100 in every stat?
It's confirmed by Twitter that JBL's replacement on commentary for SmackDown will be Corey Graves (side note: YAS). Nigel McGuinness will be doing 205 live with Vic Joseph (again, YAS). It's unclear who will be doing RAW commentary or if Corey will be doing all the commentary for RAW and SD.

Also, could we get a bump for Tom Phillips's announcing? I feel like he's somewhere around 70ish, maybe 75 because he's at least comparable to Michael Cole in skill level. Also, as sad as this is, we should probably lower Jim Ross's announcing to around 80. He's declining
Would it make sense for Kid Lykos to be in the data as Kid Lykos with Ethan Silver as an alter ego, as he only goes as Lykos now, and has done for a while now, in addition to that being what most people are aware of him as.
Oh man, I've been waiting for this. Thanks for your hard work, man!

Edit: After playing a bit I noticed that there's no entry for KUSHIDA winning the Best of the Super Juniors this year. Nothing big, just a little heads up
Jaka and Chris Dickinson lost the EVOLVE tag titles at EVOLVE 88 to Anthony Henry and James Drake(the American one).
Jeff's still in GFW, he's just taking an indefinite leave of absence due to personal reasons.

Also, The Motor City Machine Guns should have a strong friendship, and Katey Harvey should have the same with Pollyanna.
Donovan Dijak was officially announced by WWE as being signed and working at the performance center.
Turns out it wasn't that much wrestlers, but I caught some while playing. I mostly checked NJPW so something in other promotions might have gone unnoticed.

The wrestlers with default gimmicks set to Foreign are:

Tetsuya Naito, as mentioned before. Rebel works better IMO.

Jushin Liger, use Comic Book Hero/Legend and Comic Book Villain

KUSHIDA, use Fan Favourite and, well, I think he never worked as a heel.

Naomichi Marufuji, I used the generic Bad Ass gimmick because I'm not familiar with his work.

Yujiro Takahashi, use Pimp.

NOSAWA Rongai, not familiar with his work either.

Also, Kikutaro's default is Fun Babyface regardless of disposition, IDK if he ever goes heel though.

Toru Yano is set as a Bad Ass, should be Fun Babyface and Cunning.

Goto's default is Young Lion for both, "Warrior" works better.

Minoru Suzuki is set to still be a MMA Figher, I don't know if he still does MMA considering he's 50 though.

On other notes....

- AJPW can be given a popularity boost, in Kanto at least. They recently got 6,500 fans to the 8/27 Ryogoku show(according to themselves, but by all accounts it was very crowded. Ryogoku is set to have 13000 maximum in the data I think, so that's half the house) Not saying they should get a huge boost or anything, as it was their biggest show of the year, but still.

- Speaking of AJPW and fans, Kento Miyahara should have better Charisma and Star Quality so that his effect as their Ace is reflected. I know it's all subjective and yadda yadda, but my point remains. He could use a boost to Psychology too(not anything too major, just enough to call in ring. A "D" just seems too low)

- NJPW, on the other hand, should have their popularity lower. At the current level they can easily get 30,000 people to a show in-game, which is unrealistic as not even Wrestle Kingdom is doing so well. Okada should still be considered an effective Ace though.
Just letting you know for your future releases Gunner is signed with NXT.
Caleb Konleys birth year is actually 1983
Kenny Omega & Xavier Woods should have a strong friendship

From Wrestlinginc

On his relationship with Woods, Omega brought up their mutual love of video games. 'The Street Fighting Man' said Woods is "cool guy" and he proud to call the SmackDown Live Superstar a friend.

"I've really got to hand it to the guy. We both barely have any time to do anything. And he [has] always just been so cool where if I'm able to make it to an event, he'll find a way to be at that same event as me. This year, like, I was in Florida for a video game competition and I think he took a redeye from somewhere across the country to be there that day without any sleep. Real cool guy. I'm proud to call him my friend or frenemy or whatever."

Xavier Woods & Buddy Murphy (Matt Silva) should probably have things like Social, Unselfish, etc set to max as you just read pretty constant positive things about them. Woods is basically a locker room leader and Murphy seems to be pretty much the same at NXT. Sometimes it isn't the top guys that make the difference.

I know she's not in the current database but it's a weird piece of news I couldn't help sharing - Christy Hemme is apparently part Cocker Spaniel

I hope she finds good homes for all her litter.

In all seriousness good luck to her and I hope she stays healthy during what is clearly going to be a difficult pregnancy.
Apologies for the long post but as I mainly play Stardom (or New Japan with a women's division) I noticed the roster could use some major TLC.

Note: I started watching Stardom at the start of the year and haven't missed a show since, if I've not seen a wrestler in that time then I'm assuming they no longer work for Stardom.

Note 2: Most of the Stardom girls seem to have exclusive contracts whereby they only wrestle for Stardom (perhaps with the odd appearance elsewhere). I don't know the best way to represent this in game, whether it be Exclusive PPA or add Loyalty to Stardom. I've assumed Exclusive PPA as that's what some of the existing contracts are set to.


Remove Act Yasukawa, Alex Lee, Alpha Female, Chelsea, Kyohei Wada, La Rosa Negra, Leah Vaughan, Santana, Saori Anou, Shanna, Shayna Baszler, Star Fire

Arisu Nanase should be removed too and put on hiatus, possibly with a loyalty to Stardom (basically she stopped wrestling suddenly, but if she were to return I'd see her going back to Stardom)

AZM/Azumi - add Diving Cross Body/Vertical Suplex as finishers

Hana Kimura - add Missile Dropkick/Big Boot as finishers

Hiromi Mimura - exclusive PPA, improve comedy performance to 70, increase charisma to about 70, add Jumping DDT/Rolling Leg Lock (submission)/Diving Crossbody as finishers

HZK/Reo Hazuki - exclusive PPA, Diving Senton/Whoopie Cushion as finishers

Io Shirai - exclusive PPA, lower chain wrestling to 60, increase aerial/flashiness to 70, add Moonsault/German Suplex (pinfall move)/Cloverleaf (submission) as finishers

Jungle Kyona - exclusive PPA, increase power to 25, increase charisma to 60, add Diving Splash/Hammerthrow Powerbomb as finishers

Kagetsu - change gimmick to something heelish (cocky would be fine), increase power to 30 at least, improve cocky performance to 70, add Oedo Coaster (450 splash) as finisher

Kris Wolf - improve charisma to 65, lower submissions to 20, increase aerial to 40, flashiness to 30, add Diving Double Kneedrop as finisher

Mayu Iwatani - exclusive PPA, add Frog Splash/Diving Double Stomp/Dragon Suplex (pinfall move) as finishers

Momo Watanabe - improve all in-ring stats by about 20-25 (except hardcore), change her gimmick to cocky as she's in Queen's Quest (tweener faction), add Missile Dropkick/Somato (running/diving double knees) as finishers, she's also been out since early this year with an Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tear but has just resumed training (so probably add a month or two left on it)

Natsuko Tora - exclusive PPA, add Diving Senton as a finisher

Ruaka - exclusive PPA, add Big Boot as a finisher

Toni Storm - add Piledriver/Diving Leg Drop as finishers

Viper - change gimmick to cocky, change to a touring contract, improve technical skills by about 10-15 each, add Michinoku Driver as a finisher

Yoko Bito - exclusive PPA, add Bito Driver (pinfall move)/High Kick as finishers

Existing Workers To Add:

Starlight Kid - remove from hiatus, exclusive PPA, add Standing Moonsault/Frog Splash/Sliced Bread 2 as finishers

Mandy Leon - touring contract

Xia Brookside - touring contract

Kaori Yoneyama

Kay Lee Ray - touring contract, add Gory Bomb/Diving Senton as finishers

Daichi Murayama (referee)

New workers - Note: I'm rubbish at coming up with stats as I tend to massively overvalue my favourites, so I'll suggest copying a wrestler at a similar skill level and changing a few things.

Hanan - born August 2004, debuted April 2017, copy Ruaka's stats but increase her Mat Work by about 10 and lower Brawling/Puroresu by about 5, Judo Throw as a finisher, good babyface/wholesome performance

Shiki Shibusawa - born May 1990, debuted July 2017, copy Ruaka's stats but increase sex appeal to about 70 (not really seen enough yet to offer more helpful suggestions), Missile Dropkick as a finisher, good babyface/wholesome performance

Tam Nakano - born March in some year (not sure when but I'd imagine she's late teens/early twenties), debuted July 2016, copy Natsuko Tora's stats but with about 10 more Puroresu and 5 less in technical skills, good babyface/wholesome performance (seeing a pattern yet?)

Barb Sasaki - this one's a bit awkward as he's a referee and Google isn't being helpful. Probably around 60 refereeing skill and he's likely in his twenties/early thirties

Tag Teams

De-activate the existing Oedo Tai team (Kyoko Kimura is retired), replace it with one for Hana Kimura/Kagetsu (low experience, formed 2017, individuals)

De-activate Thunder Rock

Add ShiKid (Shiki Shibusawa/Starlight Kid), low experience, formed 2017, individuals

Add AZM/HZK (can call it Queen's Quest) as they tend to team a lot, low experience, formed 2017, individuals


Remove Candy Crush

Oedo Tai should be Hana Kimura, Kagetsu, Kris Wolf and SPOILER FOR LATEST SHOW, highlight to see: Tam Nakano

Viper should be in Queen's Quest

Add Team Jungle, formed 2017, Jungle Kyona/Natsuko Tora/Kaori Yoneyama/Hiroyo Matsumoto


In the Goddesses of Stardom lineage you have Hiroyo/Jungle winning the titles from Kairi/Jungle, when they won them from ByHo (Kairi/Yoko)

Swap the prestige levels of the SWA and Wonder of Stardom titles as the latter is treated like a much bigger deal


Stardom have their own broadcasting service in Stardom World, but I don't know if this was excluded for balance reasons (it always seemed stupidly easy to gain money/popularity with your own broadcaster). Nonetheless, they don't use Youtube anymore (I believe they're broadcast on Samurai TV in Japan, but I can't provide much more information than that).

If you do add Stardom World I'd probably put Tiny coverage in USA/Japan.

They have a working agreement with Ring of Honor (Women of Honor). Kris Wolf worked for RoH/WoH a few months back and Mandy Leon is currently in Japan. A few others (Kelly Klein and Scarlett Bordeaux) are scheduled to go later this year.

Kay Lee Ray, La Rosa Negra, Shanna, Tessa Blanchard and Viper could all be considered tour regulars as they've been over multiple times. You could also probably make the argument for Chelsea/Santana as they seem to have a good relationship with the company, but I've not seen either since I started watching.

This last bit is a bit debatable, but I'd consider having Mayu as the figurehead rather than Io. It's a bit early to say at the moment though, so maybe hold off on this.
Renee Michelle (who was in the Mae Young) and rockstar Spud are engaged.

Alex Lee is still available for STARDOM but the Queen of Strong style is super busy with bookings for Pure-J, Sendai Girls, OZ-Academy etc. It's one of those cases where like a number of Indie workers in the US she can make a lot more this way.
Strangler Davis should be heel
Rob Lynch has left the company
Chris Brookes and Kid Lykos should be face
TK Cooper and Dahlia Black should be face, they're also based in London now, not NZ
James Drake has been part of the roster for a good few months, he's currently teaming with Gibson as 'Grizzled Young Vets'

Also, they don't have yearly "We (Heart) Violence or "50 Shades of Pain" events, so you can get rid of those.

I'd also suggest giving OTT's KotN should have around 8 pop in the UK, they've worked PROGRESS, North and multiple others, also
Lee Hunter should at least have the same pop as his brother Jim, makes no sense that they'd have any different (Confused as in Septembers release they do have the same popularity...)
Hi. Thanks as always for the updates. Some things I've found checking out the last update (hope nothing is a double suggestion):

- Mercedes Martinez is maybe THE veteran of the female indy wrestlers. I'd suggest to bump up her Respectlevel to at least 60
- Shayna Baszler had a great showing in the MYC. While carried psychology vise by most of the other women, her submission game was awesome and therefore I'd suggest to bump up her Submissions to 64. Also her Brawling could well be at 57
- Shayna Baszler should have a Strong Friednship with Ronda Rousey and should be the Protege of Josh Barnett.
- Sexy Stars Reputation should be lowered a lot after the Shoot incident. Maybe 58?
- Crazy Mary Dobsons strikes looked more Puroresu like than Brawlin. Maybe having those skills similiar like Puro also over 50?
- Alpha Female got over a lot in the MYC due to her menacing performance of a monster. I'd say her popularity should be at least 15 throughout the US, her Power up to 75 and her Menace also to 75.
- I think every competitor of the MYC came out more popular. +5?
KC Cassidy (Peyton Royce) got way better in her technical and submission game. Maybe Submissions 34 and Chain Wrestling 51.
- GWF Heavyweight Champion is now Orlando Silver, who beat Pascal Spalter for it at September 2nd. Maybe up his popularity in Central Europe to 52?
- The GWF has also a dojo named GWF Wrestling School. Trainer is Crazy Sexy Mike, reputation should be around 70. I could make a list of Alumnis for you if you intend to add them.
- Matt Cross has a long history of wrestling in Germany and he is very popular in the European Indy scene. I would give him popularity of 11 throughout Europe with the exception of Central Europe, there he should be at 17.
- In wXw: Tarkan Aslan, Lucky Kid, Ivan Kiev and Pete Bouncer should all be heels and have Outside Threat as Gimmick. They're all part of a stable called „Rise“ together with Bad Bones.
- Current wXw Shotgun Champion is Ivan Kiev, who beat David Starr on September 1st for it.
- wXw is holding a tournament for their first wXw Women's Championship. For now I would set it as Female Only, Midcard, and vacant.
- There is a Lucha documentary on Netflix. Based on that one I would give Shocker and Jon Andersen a friendship relationship.
- Kevin Steen should have a Strong Friendship with Jimmy Jacobs. In the opening of last weeks smackdown he said that one of the things he would do when he would be in charge would give his friend Jimmy a limo to travel. That was about Jimmy Jacobs.
- I miss Senza Volto, who is Europes premier High Flyer.
Awesome Kongs Acting is pretty low. Her performance in GLOW proves to me, that she should be at least at 65.
Few Notes:

- Curtis Murray should be in OTT as a fan favourite.

- Eddie Dennis, Mark Andrews and Pete Dunne should all have a strong friendship with one another.

- Katey Harvey and Pollyanna should also have a strong friendship. <---- Already mentioned

- Nathan Cruz should have his star quality increased to around 65.

- Sammi Jayne should be in ICW as an old school face, and shouldn't be a negative influence.

- Zack Gibson should have his microphone increased to around 60.

- I've made Fight Club: PRO's current schedule, albeit for TEW I would only run one Project Mayhem and Dream Tag Team Invitational show (DTTI is normally a full weekend) | |

- The British independent scene is lacking locker room leaders, and so I would suggest adding a couple of people, such as Big Van Walter (who could be renamed in the data to WALTER), Doug Williams and Jimmy Havoc
The various WWN promotions are no longer going to be carried by Floslam after Floslam filed a lawsuit against WWN earlier this month and today announced the pulling of all their programming. WWN shows are again being aired on WWN's own live streaming site.
Jim Cornette has left GFW.
- Shayna Baszler has signed for WWE, I would assume developmental deal
- PJ Black has been injured for months with a badly broken leg and a missing finger sustained while Base Jumping in June, and he's out for 6-12 months so maybe put him coming back in March-April? (Meant to say this a while ago, kept forgetting)
Some Dragon Gate points

- Masaaki Mochizuki won the Open The Dream Gate championship to the delight of every breathing human.
- The Jimmyz were forced to (finally) disband.

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Good luck! I am excited as your mods have been great as of late
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thanks, as always, for your hard work!
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Wool!!! Can't wait Fleisch. But of luck to you, man!
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Unread 04-24-2016, 03:02 PM
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I'll be sure to check this out for this edition, you've done some great mods. Best of luck, Fleisch.
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Unread 04-24-2016, 03:24 PM
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Best of luck to you Fleisch. I'll try to help in any way I can.
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Unread 04-24-2016, 03:30 PM
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Using the newest release, I've noticed a few things that could be fixed for WWE.

- Natalya should have her starting injury removed
- Paige should be set to a babyface
- Maryse should have a contract with WWE
- Summer Rae should not be managing Tyler Breeze

Anyways, none of those are huge concerns - I'm looking forward to the 2016 release.
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Unread 04-24-2016, 03:32 PM
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Too much to take in!
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Unread 04-24-2016, 04:00 PM
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Is there anything I can help with when it comes to this mod, desperate to play it as soon as possible and have a bit of free time over the next few days to work on some stuff?
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Unread 04-24-2016, 04:14 PM
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Couple of things.....

First, I just wanted to say thank you Fleisch for all of the hard work you have put in to make RWC great!

Second, not sure if I am missing her or if she is just not in the data, but I haven't seen Kobra Moon/Thunder Rosa. If she is in, please point me in the right direction, and if not, please consider adding her.
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Unread 04-24-2016, 09:25 PM
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first things first thanks for making my favorite Mod consistently and i know that you don't want to add any new promotions BUT i think that in a future release you should consider adding wXw (Westside Xtreme Wrestling) they have became one of the biggest drawing companies in Europe, with a history of successful tours as well as a bunch of annual events every year. They have had a recent amount of increased success due to their annual 16 Carat Gold Tournament with the recent increase in popularity in Europe and other parts of the world i hope you'd consider adding them eventually. Cheers

EDIT: Also if you haven't already Kota Ibushi's starting injury should be gone
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Unread 04-24-2016, 11:09 PM
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For your pictures, are you doing them with background, or trying out the blank gif?

Personally, I'm kinda waiting to see how the blanks will look (since it cuts out a lot of time on the cutting process)

If that's the case, I'd be glad to help, as I'll be converting all my cuts, if they look ok. Still debating on whether or not I'll stay with the CW background, but, time shall tell.
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Unread 04-25-2016, 06:25 AM
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Injuries will be looked at closer to release. That way I don't put someone out just to have to take them back off the list.

With regards to wXw being added, at this point I've no time to sit and watch them so everything would be guess work as I've never watched them before. That's not to say they definitely won't be in some point in the future.

The picture pack is a recoloured version of the Red Blast background that Dave_Scott made. Blue and Pink versions. I'd forgotten about the .gif option.
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Unread 04-25-2016, 12:01 PM
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If you need stats for Nicole Savoy, I have them for a mod I've been working on in TEW 2013 (and will be updating to 2016; it's a joshi mod).
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