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Unread 12-04-2018, 03:11 PM
woody316 woody316 is offline
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Default Company types

In the next version I'd like to see more differentiation between the companies based on more than the product.

If possible I'd like to see companies have different ways of building popularity and what they have to achieve. The companies would be given a certain type that would influence how popularity builds for different companies. Similar to how WMMA has companies set to book as event/tv driven and the different schedules you can set. Except this would affect how that companies popularity builds rather than just for how the AI run them.

So some example company types that could be included are:

Super Show - This would be your companies like PWG that are built on putting on the best matches and show they can every time out. This would be similar to the current popularity growth as every show needs to be better than your pop in that region.

PPV/Event Driven - This would be similar to companies like NJPW, ROH etc. Companies like ROH have tv shows but they don't gain or lose a lot of popularity through this. Instead they build towards their big PPV or events where they gain/lose most of their popularity. In this instance a TV show would only see small gains/losses to popularity. The PPV/Events would see a greater increases to pop if do well but also greater losses if the show underperforms

Storyline driven - In this it's all about the storylines and how good they are. For these companies storylines don't just add/subtract from a match rating but instead affect the popularity growth of the company. So for these companies when you are told you need 2 storylines of C+ heat if you have less than that then your popularity decreases, more than that it increases and if you match it then your pop remains stable.

There's probably other types that people could think of as well as these but it would help to further differentiate each company from another.
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Unread 12-05-2018, 12:06 PM
LloydCross LloydCross is offline
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These don't really sound like a new setting that would add anything to the game so much as requests for changes to existing things.

Super Show sounds like a conflation of match grade in TEW versus the emphasis on fast-paced, high spot heavy ring work in companies like PWG, which is really just the product setting of Modern.

Storyline driven just sounds like you think heavily traditional or mainstream companies should have stricter requirements and penalties for failing to meet expectations.

PPV/Event is a little obfuscated by the system right now, but it seems like something that should depend on the broadcasting deals and viewership. ROH for example only has a 1 hour show so it would be hard to gain much popularity from it. In TEW right now, it's not clear if show length affects popularity changes and it's also too easy to get longer shows approved (I'm not actually sure broadcasters ever care about 1 vs 2 hour programs).
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Unread 12-05-2018, 01:49 PM
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Historian Historian is online now
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While I see both sides, I think I understand what he's asking for. For instance, in the CVerse Cannon -- RAW is a company that has eschewed running monthly events and are specifically a TV company that is heavy on the storylines and not on the matches. While they require storylines to be successful, I can understand the set up.

For instance, Lucha Underground, in real life, would be Heavy Modern, Mainstream, and Lucha (in my opinion), but they are also a TV company that isn't built for live shows.

There could be a functionality that classifies the kind of promotion you are -- not with in ring product but also with what your style is supposed to be.

While I disagree with 'super show', event, and storyline being the settings (because those are covered, at least somewhat, by product)

I think there is something to be set from a style being TV only to running a traditional schedule (building to events and expecting storylines to end at the event). This would, I think, have an owner block you from scheduling events for a TV only company -- wanting to keep it on TV shows and help make seasons matter for TV only companies -- where as with the traditional, the 'season finale' event would matter more as those would continue to be where storylines are expected to end.

I would love to see a functionality that has TV shows have seasons, so that 'RAW' would have an 'off season' similar to how Lucha Underground does now where there is part of the year where they are not on the air at all.

To me it would work like 'touring' companies that take a break, except they would be weekly TV companies. That would be how I do it, but it could also be a terrible idea.
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Unread 12-10-2018, 08:50 AM
moafnsteel's Avatar
moafnsteel moafnsteel is offline
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To add to what you said Historian I think it would be nice for the "season finale" to be maybe longer than the normal show, but also have be considered a season finale and get the perks that a season finale Event has as well.
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