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Unread 02-27-2018, 09:52 PM
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Default Soar To The Limit: The Story of Rickard Patterson and the Canadian Tough Team

Ever since I was old enough to remember, I wanted to be a fighter.

Whether it was TV shows based off comic books, boxing, wrestling (both pro and Olympic), or even hockey fights, seeing a big fight happen always got me going. Maybe it appeals to some base instinct we all have, seeing others testing themselves in a one versus one confrontation with a winner and a loser, a better man and an inferior man. Maybe its just me. But I knew what I wanted to be. I didn't just want to watch the fights happen though........ I wanted to be in the fights.

I was born in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, first day of November 1983. My parents and a bunch of other family members died in a boating accident not long after I was born, and I didn't have any reliable family members left to take me in afterwards. I moved around from home to home, from school to school, even stayed in an orphanage once. The only reliable thing I had in my life was me and me alone, and that had to be enough. Stupid kids made fun of my life, made fun of me for being being an orphan or a foster kid. I got into fights with those bullies. I didn't win the first few, and thats when I realized I needed to learn how to fight for real. Not just to stop from being picked on all the time, but to achieve my dream. It wasn't gonna be handed to me, thats for sure.

Luckily, whatever guardians I had at the time were pretty good about that, letting me go into a cheap martial arts programs in the neighborhood, just to get me active and out of the house. I learned how to box from several different gyms throughout Saskatchewan. I took a few judo classes at various YMCAs and was a quick study. I was on a wrestling team, whenever I was in a school with one. Eventually the bullies learned to leave me alone. I got on well with everyone after that, but was never a bully myself. No sense abusing what I learned on someone unless thye forced me into it. All the adults stopped seeing me as a troublemaker with a tragic past and started seeing me as a model student, a good athlete with good grades who was everyone's big brother.

Given what I was learning, it seemed inevitable that I'd be drawn into the world of Mixed Martial Arts at some point. I can remember the first time I saw it like it was yesterday: Saturday night, April Week 2 of '95, GAMMA presents the Cohen vs Foster TV Special. It was something I stumbled upon while flipping through American TV channels on a grey-market dish setup, so I tuned in for kicks just in time for the main event. Mark Cohen, the first GAMMA Heavyweight champ, was making his first defence against an All-American wrestler named James Foster. Foster had fought his way up from the small time and this was his first big fight. Cohen tried to take him down, but couldn't do it. He had taken down the bigger Frank Sheedy to win the title, but Foster wasn't gonna go down too easily. The commentators said this was the first time they'd seen him not be able to use his violent Ground and Pound right away.

I didn't know what Ground and Pound was, but I was about to find out, as Foster took Cohen down instead and threw BOMBS. Punches the the face, knee strikes to the ribs, and elbows to the skull landed hard. Cohen was sliced open above his eyes by a couple of those vicious shots. The bell rang and Cohen went into the corner a bloody mess after just 5 minutes. Me, the commentators, and a few million viewers were in shock. We'd seen fights before, but never anything like this. No-rules brutality in an 8 sided steel cage that was even more intimidating than the fighters. This was the big time. This was REAL.

Foster took Cohen down again. I expected more bloody strikes from Foster, but what we got was interesting in its own way. Foster was throwing punches to soften up Cohen and keep him guessing, while he was slowly working into a dominant grounded position. Like a boa constrictor trapping its prey, he wrapped his legs and arms around Cohen from behind and started punching him in the head, before putting his right arm over Cohen's neck to choke the breath from him. Cohen tried to fight him off, but in a famous scene passed out and went limp. The ref finally pulled Foster off. Foster climbed the cage, mimed wearing the championship belt around his waist, and acted the part of the unbeatable All-American jock that everyone wanted to see put down.

After that match I tried to find out everything I could about what I just watched. The internet wasn't as good back then, and libraries didn't have too many books on the phenomenon. Eventually, I found out that this was Mixed Martial Arts. Striking blows mixed with grappling, inside a cage or a ring, with a limited ruleset. Certain moves and techniques were banned for safety reasons, but everything else was legal. With all the techniques available, the future direction of the sport suggested if you were good at only one thing, you wouldn't survive for long in the world of MMA. Luckily for me, I was good at three things: Boxing, Judo, and Wrestling.

I ramped up my training. I was just a kid, but I was mature for my age, and I knew I shouldn't wait til I was an adult. I needed to practise now and get prepared for my chance when I turned 18. I ran more, I started lifting some weights (although I've always favoured speed over power), and I never missed a session for whichever one of the 3 martial arts I was learning at the time. A couple years later I learned of the existence of ALPHA-1, a company from Japan that featured fighters just as talented as GAMMA's. I saw guys like Carlos da Guia, who showcased Muay Thai kickboxing, and tried to look up just what on earth that was. I managed to find a local gym run by a punch-drunk and slightly crazy Thai immigrant named Adul. He had some serious scars and was a scary, scary dude when he got angry, but deep down he was a softie and a good man, and he let me train. I worked hard in that gym off and on throughout high school. That was my 4th martial art.

When I turned 16 I had a breakout year all-around, winning an amateur boxing title, a couple Muay Thai sparring matches against adults, my brown belt in Judo, and a provincial high school wrestling event. I even had a strong showing at a national wrestling event before losing a match on points. A couple universities offered me a scholarship for their wrestling teams, but I didn't have the passion for wrestling itself. It was a means to an end, and I still wanted to turn pro in MMA when I was 18. It was a tough decision, but I passed and left the wrestling team my senior year. I ekpt practising, but the foucs was on 4 disciplines, not one. Balance without weakness.

With all 4 disciplines, I noticed that everything was flowing towards one aspect of fighting: The clinch game. There were deadly fighters who could strike from the clinch or work takedowns, but very few who could do both. I still focused on being an all-rounder that was a truly mixed martial artist, but all the while, whatever I was practising, I knew that close-quarters was going to be of high importance to the style I would use in MMA. Eventually I graduated high school with good grades and a few accolades. I moved out into a small apartment on my own in Regina, and got a job with flexible hours to leave time for training. With that stabilized, I decided to put in an application to register as a mixed martial artist with the Athletics Commission of Saskatchewan.

My application was accepted on my 18th birthday. I got in touch with a local promoter and had my debut fight at the end of November 2001. I couldn't go pro yet, but I was registered and accepted as an amateur fighter. I faced a local opponent who had a background in Jiu Jitsu. I kept the fight strictly on the feet and peppered him with punches and a few kicks. Then I moved into the clinch, hooked a Thai plum, and KOed him with a textbook knee strike in a little over 3 minutes. I had a quick turnaround to another fight a couple weeks later in Saskatoon. It was against a local striker, so I went with the ground game. I got a power double leg takedown, passed from full guard to half guard to side control, then locked in a Kimura for a tapout in 2 and a half minutes. Not long after that win, I was officially registered as a pro fighter.

Now its heading towards Christmas, and big things are starting to happen. A British businessman who was at the card scouted me and invited me to a meeting, saying it could be beneficial to my career. 3 new companies are popping up in 3 different countries to take advantage of the deep crop of talented new fighters. One of them is in my home province, and its called Classic Cage Combat. Opportunities in MMA are popping up just as I officially enter the world of the pros. The dream I've had ever since I was a kid to be a fighter is here. Now its time to see just how much farther I can go. I've found my wings, and I'm ready to soar above the world.

My name is Rickard Patterson...... and this is my story.

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Unread 02-27-2018, 11:33 PM
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Awesome thread, really good writing gonna be following this closely. Love the backstory too. Glad i'm not the only one inspired by Logan Sky.

Exciting to see where this will go.
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Unread 02-28-2018, 06:11 PM
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(OOC: Thanks for the kind words other dolphin, much appreciated

Just letting y'all know, first post was meant to be srs business and meant to get the main character established. However, theres gonna be a bit of a tone shift for the future posts, and we'll get a little bit of levity and leaning on the 4th wall in future with the srs business cause thats how I roll. Case in point, Rickard's new trainer/agent here, who had a name randomly generated by the game itself that was too good to pass up......)

Aidan Ryland had an interesting past, to say the least.

Aidan was born in Birmingham, England, although no one held it against him. He became fascinated with the martial arts as a teen and enrolled in as many classes as he could. He had a real aptitude for martial arts, bordering on genius, and he soaked up new techniques and moves like a sponge.

There was just one problem holding him back. Or to be more accurate, a lot of them: No part of his body was durable at all.

Ryland was on the card for a kickboxing event and won a match via a highlight reel head kick KO. On an opponent wearing headgear, this was impressive. It was even more impressive that Ryland broke his leg with the winning kick and didn't collapse, somehow making it back to his corner in severe pain as the ref administered a ten count to his opponent. That put him out of action for a long time, and when Aidan came back, he won 2 rounds in his next fight before taking a vicious KO loss in the 3rd after exchanging right hands with his opponent and getting his jaw broken as a result.

He tried competitive judo and blew out his shoulder trying a throw. He tried competitive Karate tournaments and got KOed when facing skilled opponents who could hit past his headgear. He tried...... well you get the idea. Unsurprisingly, he eventually got wind of British Cage Fighting near the turn of the millenium, as they were rising up and pioneering the British MMA scene, and decided to try one last shot at glory in MMA to get a spot in that org. With his skillful "Jeet Kune Do" all-around approach to fighting, Ryland blazed through his first 3 amateur fights before having his jaw shattered in fight number 4, which was to be his last one before going pro.

At 27, Aidan was done as a fighter, at least at any sort of meaningful level. It was always a sideline for him though, as he had investments in several successful businesses overseas and had a rich family who would bequeath him a considerable inheritance. He decided to move to Canada to be closer to one of these businesses and for a change of pace.

Eventually, Aidan was reconnected to MMA again when he went out to a local card after work with some business associates, and got the idea to use his business acumen and martial arts knowledge to open a gym and manage fighters in Saskatchewan. To do so, however, he'd need a flagship fighter to help establish the brand. The only one in GAMMA or ALPHA-1 not committed to a team was Irwin Middleton, but Ryland sensed that he was a bottler who would ultimately screw it up for himself. He needed someone else, which led him to the independent scene.........

It was at an amateur/pro hybrid event in Regina where a young rookie fighter with a lot of talent named Rickard Patterson caught Aidan's eye. He made his amateur debut and looked completely composed and utterly dominant, taking apart a grappler with strikes and finishing him with a brutal Muay Thai knee strike that left his opponent out cold. He looked lithe and athletic, and he had a certain aura that made Aidan think he could be a big-timer, even if it was only one fight. Aidan decided to keep tabs on him.

By the time Rickard's second amateur fight rolled around in mid-December, Aidan had quite a file on him. He was more intrigued by Patterson than before, just from looking at his background. Pretty tragic backstory, but Rickard had showed some admirable heart and determination just achieving what he had as a youth to get this far. The kid had national-level abilities in 4 different martial arts, and seemed to have a bunch of intangibles as well, like good gameplanning and strategic acumen, a chin made out of adamantium, incredible fighting spirit and determination, a lot of energy and enthusiasm to put into his craft, and cat-like response time. He took a striker apart this go-around by dodging his strikes, securing a takedown, advancing past the guard with ease, and locking in a kimura for the big submission win to go 2 for 2 in his amateur career.

He hadn't faced quality competition, and if he were to face a top guy in his weight class like Matthew Dean or Braulio Moura right then, he'd lose. Maybe not badly, but he wasn't at the world class level yet. Even though he was well-rounded, Aidan suspected he had a huge matchup hole to take advantage of with his current skillset. However, he had the raw talent and it was immediately obvious he would be something special. Aidan knew he was going to be sanctioned as a pro soon thanks to some contacts he made in the Commission, and knew there was a promotion in the works called Classic Cage Combat that would take him on as a hometown draw, so he needed to act quickly. The next day, he made first contact with Rickard and tried to set up a meeting. Rickard agreed........


".......So basically, heres the offer. You'll have a full-time role at the gym, a good flat to live in, and I'll pay you in the off-months to train students when you're not collecting enough of a wage fighting. I'll help with your training, be in your corner for all fights, and represent you in contract negotiations with Classic Cage Combat and any future group that wants to hire you. In exchange I want 25 percent of what you earn and some help with this whole setup. You'll have a job here at the Canadian Tough Team as I mentioned, but I'll need your help publicizing the gym to get students and pro fighters in as well."

"......This seems like a terrible deal for you, even if you're taking 25 percent."

"Yes, well, I expect to lose money at first doing this, then be rewarded later if we attract some big names from the other camps to come down, and if we fill out our weekly classes and private lessons. 25 percent is actually a little low for the fight game, because promoters and agents and their ilk need to take a lot more of the money to meet expenses........ Also because they're greedy."

"But you're the honest agent right? Good ol' Jerry Maguire?"

Aidan smirked. "Yeah, something like that. But remember, I've still got you on the payroll during the off-months when you don't have a fight or aren't making enough from the fight. This new org is small so you'd be lucky to clear 3000 a fight even if you hit all the bonuses. If you can be built up for the big-time, you could make 5 figures a fight base pay, then you're making a living wage even if you just lose 2 times a year and get sponsors."

Rickard threw his head back and smiled. He thought he wouldn't be having this conversation for a few more years at least. But an agent already? The ability to be a full-time fighter in a gym, instead of scraping around for training at the YMCA? This was nuts. There had to be a catch.

"Why me, exactly? And how am I sure this isn't some sort of joke from my old buddies in high school or something?"

"......This is no joke. You know yourself you have the potential to be a top Middleweight in the world. Some more experience and polish and you could get into GAMMA. You know this. All I'm trying to do is put together the best environment for someone like you to succeed in this sport. All the Canadian aces in GAMMA or ALPHA are in teams already, or aren't good enough to make it in the long run. You're my best shot, and we both know thats no joke. What do you say?"

".........I'll need some time to think about this. Gimme your number and I'll call you with a response later."

"Fine, but we need to move quickly on this. Classic Cage Combat is likely going into business in January and will start signing fighters then. Call me back soon, alright?"



*45 minutes later, phone rings.*

"Hello, Aidan Ryland speaking."

"Hey, its Rickard...... I took a while to think this over, but I've decided. I'll sign with you and join your camp."

"........Took a while to think this over? Its been about an hour since we met."

"Yeah it was a tough, life-changing decision so I needed a lot of time to think about it, sorry. But I'll sign on. When can I come by to start training?"

Aidan hoped he was being sarcastic.

"........Tomorrow at noon?"

"Suuuuuuuper. See you then! *CLICK*"

Aidan hung up and stared at his window for a moment.

"What did I just get myself into here......."

(OOC: Next post I'll start laying the groundwork for the first pro fight. Could've sworn this post was shorter in the Notepad file............)

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Unread 03-01-2018, 03:33 AM
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Who cares if it's longer then you thought in the notepad file, longer the better :P!
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Unread 03-01-2018, 09:49 AM
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This is great stuff. +1 set of eyes added.
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Unread 03-01-2018, 11:33 AM
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Will also be following closely. Been enjoying these type of dynasties and this one seems to be of quality.
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(OOC: Thanks for the praise fellas! Hope you'll like the next few entries.

I've got the early story stuff out, so most of the entires will be in a journal format going forward unless I need to write some specific dialogue. I'll mostly focus on Rickard, but I will write a bit about the other people who come into the Tough Team, Middleweight division happenings, random interesting MMA news, etc. Relevant names and happenings will be bolded.)

Rickard's Journal
Monday Week 3 December, 2001

-I've been asked to keep a journal to record stuff going on in my career by my new agent and trainer, Aidan Ryland. He got me a laptop computer for this and I'm typing notes from the days down as I think of them. Here goes......

-I signed on with Aidan yesterday. He seems like an interesting guy, willing to take a big risk on a rookie like me in the hopes I become a future star and make him a lot of money. I've gotta step up to the challenge to reward that faith and prove I deserved this opportunity

-Hes certainly got the setup down. The camp hes set up for me is called the Canadian Tough Team. Hes brought in a few outside coaches who really know their stuff, and I had a nice productive training session today. He was putting me through some drills and tests to get a better idea of how skilled I was. Not sure what the deal was with one of them, namely the chin strength test, that was weird. Some bald guy in a ridiculous yellow and red comic book hero getup just punched me once, then dashed off saying he had to get to a 50% off sale at a grocery store? No idea what THAT was about......but apparently I nailed it because I wasn't knocked on my ass! Hooray! He hit me REALLY hard though......

-The other drills were good though, hit the sandbags and speedbags hard, worked my ground game against a living person who knew what they were doing, put some miles in on an exercise bike, standard stuff, but it was better than the YMCA, thats for sure.

-I'm staying in the Middleweight division. I've topped out at 6'2 and my walking weight is in the 180s, but I don't like to cut or gain too much weight either way, so I can't make Welterweight or Light Heavyweight's max limit. A lot of boxers and wrestlers I trained with do big weight cuts and rehydrating to get the size advantage and all that, but its not my thing. I prefer being in peak condition going into a fight and being quick and agile, rather than carrying around unneeded water weight after being emaciated and drained. My pure physical strength was a slight concern amongst the coaches because of that so I'll be pumping more iron in our great workout facility and trying to burn off any excess body fat. I've always favoured speed to power, but if I can get more of both......look out.

-Aidan confirmed that 3 new orgs are coming into the fight game, and they're looking to have shows in 2002. South American Martial Arts will try to fill the hole left by the demise of FLB, OMEGA Fighting Championships is the first serious attempt at running MMA in Mexico, and Classic Cage Combat is a promotion created right in my hometown, right here in Regina......dramatic pause.......Saskatchewan, Canada. Aidan's trying to get me onto CCC, and it should be easy cause I'm the only legit hometown pro it seems. I'll know more next month I hope, but I'm ready to fight whenever and wherever.


Friday Week 4 December, 2001

-We've got our first pro fighter in our gym besides me! Aidan set this up as a co-ed camp for men and women cause of how successful women's MMA is becoming in Canada, and we got Piper Evergood, a 26 year old 8-2 Featherweight contender, in the fold, as she recently left Femme Fatale Fighting to shake things up. Shes a Sprawl and Brawl fighter for WEFF with a dangerous left hand, good Takedown Defense, and......shes pretty attractive. I laid down the suave Rickard charm, and I got the first months training fees and her phone number! I rule.

-(Aidan sez: Yeah....... thats not what happened at all. Rickard was basically nervously chattering and laughing awkwardly at almost everything she said before I took her into the office to sign the paperwork. Piper was asking what Rickard's deal was, and I decided to say nothing and let this run its course. Rickard does not have either the first month's training fees or Piper's phone number.)

-......Ignoring the BLATANT propaganda and lies above from some weird cyberhacker guy who got into my journal, Piper's a talented up-and-comer and will be a great addition to the team. Strikers with adequate Takedown Defense are a super-big threat at this stage of women's MMA. With some polish here a WEFF Featherweight title is not out of the question.

-Aidan's expecting a contract offer from CCC any day now.


Thursday Week 2 January, 2002

-Took a little while for Aidan to work out the details, but I got signed to Classic Cage Combat! Its a standard 3 fight deal, for $900 a fight plus bonuses, to fight in their Middleweight division. It currently has 20 fighters and a mix of every Canadian middleweight currently active, some American journeymen, and some undefeated American prospects. A solid group, but I'm ready for them. Aidan has obtained some tape of possible opponents and we're going over it on the off-hours.

-Also, two pro fighters have joined the Canadian Tough Team! Both are also part of the CCC roster in different weight classes. Richie Stiller is a 6-3 Featherweight kickboxer. Hes a real scrapper with a great chin and decent skill, but lacks a ground game and takedown defense. He's here long-term to fix his weaknesses. Jeffrey Foxworthy is a 6-1 Lightweight wrestler. He really doesn't have a lot to offer offensively and has poor stand-up. He's only here for the short term to prep for his next fight, whenever that may be. CCC hasn't announced its first show yet but have over 100 fighters on contract right now across 7 weight classes, so we'll see what happens.

-Some interesting stuff going down in the MMA world. Braulio Moura left the Estrela Academy after getting into a locker-room brawl with Affonso Villar. THAT match sounds like it'd draw some serious money if they ever cross paths professionally. Word online is he might go to Escola de Luta, which would be a spectacular way to burn your bridge there. Li-Kong Ho is going for gold at the Submission Wrestling World Championships in Abu Dhabi. Good luck to him. Also, GAMMA snagged Jonathan Huang, a famous Thai Jiu Jitsu ace, for their Welterweight division right out from under ALPHA-1. Both companies also signed some SIGMA talent to deplete that promotion further. These hiring wars could get big......


Thursday Week 3 January, 2002

-First CCC card is announced and I'm on the opening fight in the main card! I'll be taking on the 2-0 "Progression" Jason Pilgrim on Friday Week 3 March, 2002. From the limited data we've gathered on him, hes an average wrestler with poor stand-up, who likes to work from the clinch and occasionally get a takedown or two. I'm likely a better wrestler than he is anyways, but ideally I should keep the fight at middle range and pepper him with strikes, or work the clinch (with discretion), and look for some elbows and knees. If I stuff his takedowns and don't lose in the clinch game, he shouldn't win a round, let alone the fight. However, I can't totally underestimate him. He did win 2 fights to get here, and he is a pro. We've got a 2 month camp to prepare for my first pro fight, and I'm ready to work. Normally I fight people on short notice, and although I'm fine with a week of prep time......this is a welcome change.

-The card itself will be main evented by a Lightweight title match between prospect Chad Zoff and the veteran Duane Weatherly.

-Richie and Jeffrey didn't get their fights yet. CCC booked 3 events in advance and they didn't get on any of them, although I've heard from Aidan they're likely getting on the 4th and 5th cards somewhere. Theres close to 150 people under contract and only so many fights to go around, but both of them have some problems with their skillset so any amount of coaching helps.

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Sunday Week 1 February, 2002

-More new fighters coming into the Canadian Tough Team! Allen LeFleur is a 7-0 mixed martial artist in CCC's Light Heavyweight division. Hes got a fight coming up at CCC 1 against a veteran boxer named Samuel Russo and wanted to get in a good camp with us beforehand. LeFleur is primarily a wrestler, but has good defense off his back and decent boxing abilities that create a nice, well-balanced skillset. He has the potential to be a champion in CCC if he stays with us, even though the Light Heavyweight division is fairly deep. This fight with Russo should be easy enough: Russo's outclassed on the feet and has no ground game.

-The other new fighter is the 4-3 Emiko Shikuk, a female Flyweight Japanese Muay Thai striker. Shes below average at the striking game, her strongest area, and is weak on the ground. She moved to Canada recently to take one last stab at making something out of her career, but at 34 I don't see it happening, and her upcoming fight on a local show in a week (in Japan, shes seeing out a contractual obligation) could be her last even if she wins. She says she's here long-term but we'll see how that pans out.

-BCF stole Luis Basora and Niko Soldo out of nowhere from GAMMA and ALPHA-1, who were rumoured to be putting out feelers.


Tuesday Week 3 February, 2002

-Emiko Shikuk had her fight in her hometown of Kobe. Me, Aidan, Allen, Piper and a cornerman made the trip to Japan to be in her corner, get in some training, and take in the sights. Emiko faced a Local Fighter and did quite well, getting a knockdown early and following up with punches for the TKO win early in round 1 without getting hit once. The camp and increasing age took a lot out of her though and it'll be a month and a half before she'll be ready for another fight. She isn't retiring, so we'll keep her on and see if she can get a win in Canada and get a crack at the WEFF.

Official Result: Emiko Shikuk defeats Local Fighter (TKO (Strikes) in 2:31 of round 1). The fight was rated as being Great.

-ALPHA-1 held a press conference while we were in Japan announcing a Middleweight Grand Prix event in March, so it looks like tournaments are gonna be a yearly thing there. It'll be Kyuwa Itou vs Shuncho Sakurai, Bambang Sriyanto v Kojuro Kudo, Haranobu Oshiro v Ieyoshi Yamashita and Heiji Endo v Mal Phe Roby. The seeding of that bracket was pretty damn awful but thats MMA matchmaking for you.


Wednesday Week 4 February, 2002

-Aidan got a commentary gig at a local show, and dragged me along backstage to hand out business cards and advertise the Canadian Tough Team. Card was mostly women angling for a WEFF roster slot and a couple of rookies, so it was good fun all-around. Aidan did a good job on commentary and got a couple plugs in for us, and I'm sorta surprised CCC didn't give him a call when they put together the broadcast desk.

-GAMMA held a free TV card a week or so back as well, and apparently Thomas Smith got cut after stepping in on short notice to fight Sutton Ripley. He might get picked up by CCC so I'll keep an eye out for him. Other notable Middleweight fight was Eriverton Laurentino getting guillotined in 35 seconds by Dwayne Alleyne. In other news, Li-Kong Ho came up short in the Submission Wrestling championships, losing in the quarterfinals.


Sunday Week 1 March, 2002

-Me and Aidan were backstage at a WEFF show doing the hustle again. WEFF got a surprise TV contract with QTV and ran a TV special that had a couple excellent fights. One of the fighters we handed a card to was Rose Nessa, a 7-1 female Bantamweight boxer from England now residing in Canada. She became 8-1 later that night by defeating world-ranked Helen Fox via unianimous decision in the prelims in a shock. She came in with our card later looking for some training, and is staying with us short-term but it'll be a little while before she gets booked again. Her standup is acceptable, but her ground game is bad. Somehow this wasn't exploited by Fox and Nessa outpointed her. We'll see what we can do with her.

-We gained another new fighter later, Sue Eccleston, a 7-3 female Featherweight wrestler from England now residing in Canada (there it is again!). Sue was hired recently by WEFF, but wasn't on the card. Shes similar to Emiko in that she doesn't have much threat in her strongest area, is worse everywhere else, and is in her mid-thirties and on the brink of retirement. She says shes in for the long haul, but her next fight could be her last.


Thursday Week 3 March, 2002

-Weigh-ins for CCC 1 took place. It was easy enough for me, I've gotten my walking weight around 191 so I only had to cut 6 pounds. I had a good camp, and me and Allen have been pushing each other hard in sparring. I've tried to box as much as possible, hes tried to grapple as much as possible, and we're both getting a good accounting of our strengths and flaws. I saw my opponent Jason Pilgrim and he looks ready for battle. I'm ready for my pro debut.......Lets hope its a good one.

-Piper got booked for a WEFF card, a main card opener against Kelly Andrews. It'll be a pure standup battle between Brawling and Muay Thai kickboxing. I'm hoping Piper can pull it off, but Kelly's a game fighter and has been involved in a couple fight of the year candidates. She'll be a tough opponent if Piper can't defend the kicks.

(OOC: Pilgrim fight will up up later today or tomorrow)

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Friday Week 3 March, 2002
CCC 1: Weatherly vs Zoff

This was it......fight day......

"You nervous?" Aidan said as we were in the locker room waiting for the prelims to finish.

"Yeah, a little bit."


"Why is that good?"

"It means you're not stupid. I was worried you'd underestimate this guy, but you seem to be in good condition and you had a good camp."

"I'm nervous.....but I'm here. And I'm ready."

"Good. Now remember, keep it in a striking battle. If he clinches, don't let him stall against the fence, try to outwork him, because thats your strong point too. Don't give him openings for a takedown, you've got a good sprawl and you'll be fine off your back, but you don't want him stealing a round or two via control. He'll be aiming to wear you down and get a decision. Don't let it happen!"


I put on my fight attire. Aidan got a Canadian Tough Team entrance shirt and pair of trunks custom-made from a local company called Big Green Threads. They gave me a shameless set of green trunks with golden-yellow dragon wings on the side, the colors of our provincial flag. Hey, I'm the hometown boy after all. My fight nickname is "The Dragoon", cause I played Final Fantasy a bit as a kid and liked the name of the class Kain used, so the gear was appropriate. I wished Allen luck, he was taping and re-taping his fists getting ready for his fight against Samuel Russo. I fistbumped Richie and Jeffrey. Piper was backstage too.

"Good luck boss, go get him!"


I push kicked the door open and started shadowboxing in the hallway. I was hype. This was my time....... to soar over the competition.

Piper looked at Aidan weirdly.

"Whats his deal there?"

Aidan sighed.

"Hes a hyped up kid who doesn't know how to talk to girls, cut him some slack."

"He talks to Sue and Emiko and Rose just fine. I know he has a crush on me, is that really the only reason why he can't act normal?"

"I certainly hope it is......"

Aidan and the cornermen went through the door to follow their fighter out, Aidan shaking his head.


Rickard Patterson entrance music:

Jason Pilgrim entrance music:


The crowd cheered as I made my entrance, I guess they knew I was the hometown boy. I got into the cage, circled around to check my footing on the canvas, and pumped up the crowd before settling in for the intros, done by the owner of the company himself, Christopher Penn.

"Ladies and gentlemen.......this is the first fight of the main card here at Classic Cage Combat Number 1! This fight is sanctioned by the Athletics Commission of Saskatchewan, with ringside judges Edward Wilde, Marianne Froth, and Benjamin Milligan the 3rd. When the action begins the referee in charge is Harry A. Bierce. This fight is sponsored by the Canadian Tough Team MMA gym, at 2142 Broad Street right here in Regina, Saskatchewan, and by Cory and Trevor's Meat Company: You can't beat our meat.... Now, for all the fans here in attendance at the Turvey Convention Center in Regina..... ITS TIME! 3 5-minute rounds of fighting in the Classic Cage Combat Middleweight Division!"

"Introducing first.....fighting out of the blue corner! This man is a Greco-Roman Wrestler, holding a professional record of 2 wins, no losses! He stands 6 feet tall, weighing in at 185 pounds. Fighting out of Toronto, Ontario, he is.......
"Progression".....Jason Pilgrim!"

Crowd booed him throughout. He took it in stride.

"And now introducing his opponent, fighting out of the red corner! This man is a Freestyle fighter, holding an amateur record of 2 wins, no losses, and making his professional debut here tonight! He stands 6 feet 2 inches tall, and weighs in at 185 pounds. Fighting out of REGINA, SASKATCHEWAN! He is......"The Dragoon"....Rickaaaaaaard Pattersooooonnnn!"

Crowd roared with my introduction. I was feeling it.

Ref Harry Bierce gave us instructions then went to the center of the cage.

"Are you ready? Are you ready? Lets fight, come on!"


Round 1

We touched gloves and circled for a bit. Pilgrim tried to approach but I hit him with a jab into a left hook to the liver. He kept coming though and we ended up clinching. I got into a dominant position and tried to hook the Thai plum, but he got out of it. Pilgrim tried to come back in but I fended him off with a jab, missed a left cross, then hit a jab-low kick combo. He still kept coming in to clinch, and this time I managed to outwrestle him and hook the Thai plum. I blasted him with a huge knee strike and that put him out cold! Ref went between us before I could follow up to be sure and that was it! My first win as a pro!

Official Result: 'The Dragoon' Rickard Patterson defeats 'Progression' Jason Pilgrim (Knock Out (Knee) in 2:13 of round 1). The fight was rated as being Great.


I jumped on top of the cage and revved the crowd up, soaking in the cheers! It went totally to plan, I took no offense and he took all of it except a missed left. Aidan and the cornermen gave me a hug and celebrated with me, before clearing the cage for the official decision and then the interview.

"Alright Rickard, good stuff in front of a hometown crowd, you got the big KO win in your professional debut, how you feeling?"

"Awesome man! Been looking forward to this since I heard the company was starting up, its been a long road to my debut, but I got the W baby! Thats what we do!"

"You seemed to show some real expertise in the clinch, hooking that Thai position and hitting the big knee strike for the KO win, was that your aim all along?"

"Well I knew his gameplan was the clinch and coming in, so the plan was to win via standup, hit him with strikes and keep him away, but he surprised me man! He kept coming and kept coming so I figured I should bust out the Muay Thai skills and put him down. Shout outs to my old coach Adul for teaching me that knee when I was a kid, it came in handy here!"

"Well with this debut win, anyone you're looking at for your 2nd fight kid? I'm running this, your hometown fans seem to like the way you fight, who do you want?"

"I'll fight anyone man! Doesn't matter if its Captain Awesome or Captain Tomato Can, I'm ready for another fight whenever! Call me when you got someone, and thanks for the opportunity!"

"No problem man....Now before we get the cage ready for the next fight tonight, anyone you want to give a shout-out?"

"I'd like to thank the hometown fans, it gave me a real rush to hear you guys cheer me on and it helped me win! I'd also like to thank my sponsors at Big Green Threads for hooking me up with this gear, check em out, they're in the Northgate Mall by the food court. I'd like to thank the other sponsors I had lined up for me by my trainer Aidan Ryland, and I'd like to thank Aidan and the rest of the Canadian Tough Team for helping me train for this! Nobody does it better baby! I owe a lot to you guys!"

"Alright...."The Dragoon" Rickard Patterson everybody!"


I headed backstage, and since I took no damage, I was fine for the doctor checkup and could get ready to help Allen LeFleur in his fight vs Samuel Russo. First round was a striking battle, Allen outlanded Russo and hit some good power shots, and even got a knockdown late in the round after a simultaneous exchange of a left cross and a right cross. LeFleur went in for stomps and soccer kicks to finish, but couldn't land any and Russo scrambled away to get saved by the bell.

Between rounds we told LeFleur to get the fight to the ground and end this. He took our advice and slipped past some strikes to get into the clinch, where he got a hip throw into side control. LeFleur then locked in a kimura and tapped out Russo 1:39 into Round 2 for the win!

Official Result: 'The Chunky Monkey' Allen LeFleur defeats Samuel 'The Animal' Russo (Submission (Kimura) in 1:39 of round 2). The fight was rated as being Decent.


The main event saw an upset win as Duane Weatherly outworked Chad Zoff for a 48-47 decision on all cards. You could make a case for Zoff winning the decisive 5th round, as he got a takedown, took Weatherly's back, and desperately tried to cinch in the fight-winning RNC, but couldn't get it before the round ended. They gave the edge to Weatherly, presumably for winning a standup battle and cutting Zoff above his eye. Great fight though, and a solid main event to start the company off.

The event drew a crowd of 277, which is five times what I fought in front of in my first amateur fight, and was a critical and commerical success it seems. I got Knock Out of the Night and made a little over $2000 before Aidan's take, but money's not the issue right now for either of us. Aidan's sold his stake in his businesses (for a huge profit, he pointed out), and the cash reserves are fine for the moment. We'll get a few more students in after this performance hopefully.

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What a statement on debut.

Hopefully a fast turn-around for Rickard without taking too much damage.
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Extra points for the final fantasy and trailer park boys reference lmao
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Not a big MMA guy but really enjoying the read. Keep it up.
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(OOC: Thanks for following along fellas! Rickard's real name is also inspired by a Final Fantasy character, as I took it from one of the various translations of FF2 for the NES, theres a knight guy named Rickard/Richard/Gareth/Edward/etc who helps the party find the Ultima spell. A cursory googling reveals about 10 characters in FF14 with this name as well because reasons.)


Saturday Week 3 March, 2002

-Aidan met with me today go over the fight with Jason Pilgrim and talk about other stuff, although in reality it turned out to be an excuse for Aidan to have some snacks and drinks with a friend while watching the ALPHA-1 Middleweight GP. Hey, I'm down with that. It was a good event, and it saw Heiji Endo blast through Mal Phe Roby, Haranobu Oshiro, and Bambang Sriyanto en route to a win.

-Reading online afterwards though, it left a bad taste in my mouth, as five of the guys in the GP got cut. Yes, it is legal to cut a guy after a loss. Thats how the fight game's always been and we understand that. But usually its a loss at the end of a streak of losses. Why would you cut Bambang Sriyanto after a loss when he won twice beforehand to get to the finals? Idiots!

-Not so fast, says Aidan. He mentions ALPHA's always had shady stuff going on in the background and is rumoured to have Yakuza ties. This could be a cost-cutting measure due to contract demands or some other, more sinister reason. They may be hired back later or end up in GAMMA. Still pretty bad though.

-CCC had their rankings updated. I'm #20 out of 21. Pilgrim was at the bottom of the ladder and I wasn't even ranked due to not having a pro debut yet, so I still have a long way to go.


Tuesday Week 1 April, 2002

-Drug tests for CCC 1 came back clean. I don't and will never use, so it was no worries for me. The owner Christopher Penn reached out to Aidan afterwards to see if I'd be up for a fight on the last Saturday of June, as they're planning on running a Canada Day long weekend card. Aidan told them that I would be up for a fight, so they'll get back to me with an opponent in a few weeks.

-In the meantime, Richie Stiller has a fight booked we need to prep him for. He's taking on the 7-2 kickboxer Beau LuPone in the main card opener at CCC 4 in late May. LuPone is a slightly unorthodox striker with no ground game. Stiller doesn't have one either so he can't exploit that, so it'll be a pure striking showdown. The fact that Stiller has a better chin may swing this fight in his favour.

-Jeffrey Foxworthy is also booked for CCC 4, he'll be in the match after Stiller's at CCC 4, facing 6-2 kickboxer Roy Arnett. Roy's in good shape and has good striking, but his TDD is subpar and his ground game is worse. Foxworthy might be able to stall out 2 or 3 rounds via lay and pray or wall and stall, but we'll see if he picks up a submission or ground and pound game in this camp.


Sunday Week 1 April, 2002

-More new teammates! Chad Zoff is a 7-1 mixed martial artist in CCC and XCC's Lightweight divisions. He was in the main event of the first card and lost a hard-fought decision to Duane Weatherly. He's out for a few months due to damage from that fight but when he resumes training he'll be with us for at least one camp. Hes a decent wrestler with some kickboxing skill and abilities off his back, but could use a little more polish before heading to the big-time.

-The other new face in our camp is Buster East, a 5-0 Kickboxer in CCC's Welterweight division. He doesn't have a fight yet but is said to be here for the long haul. He has good striking skill, but lacks power, and severely lacks TDD and submission defense. He's a long-term project, and we'll see what happens with him.

-ALPHA-1 added a Featherweight class. Theres gonna be HUGE raids on KDM FC and XCC, but CCC should be fine because theres a contract clause that prevents you from signing an exclusive deal until 6 months after you signed one for another org. If they take Philip Ziskie I think Matt Tripp will blow a gasket, but thats why you gotta take the initiative and start your own division before they do.


Friday Week 2 April, 2002

-Second CCC card took place. No one from the Canadian Tough Team was on it, but me and Aidan were backstage anyways handing out business cards and taking in the fights. There were two big fights in the Middleweight division I wanted to keep an eye on. First was Chaz Babish taking on Glenn Pimm. The two journeymen were in contention for a title shot, and Babish won with a decisive Round 2 TKO after a right uppercut followed by ground strikes. He looked pretty decent, although Pimm looked over the hill. The other fight was to determine the first Middleweight champion, which was part of a triple main event of three title matches. Wade LeCavalier took on Owen Hyde and won the first Middleweight title fight via split decision. It was a bad decision, but not the way you'd expect, as LeCavalier almost got robbed. He clearly won 3 rounds and the other 2 were toss-ups, but one judge gave 3 rounds to Hyde for some reason. It went down 47-48, 48-47, and 50-45. It was a spirited performance from the veteran LeCavalier, who I've actually seen fight before and totally respect. If he doesn't retire or get beat before I rise up the ranks, that'd be a neat fight, although he lacks a ground game.

-The other two title fights saw Nate MacReary beat Chuck Dooley via clear-cut decision for the Heavyweight title and Marvin Stevens beating Sherman Shields for the Super Heavyweight title in a main event that started out good but ended with both fighters completely spent and just leaning against each other on the fence. Stevens did enough to secure the win but it was not a good look for the division. Overall the card was a commercial success but not too entertaining.


Sunday Week 3 April, 2002

-Piper had her fight against Kelly Andrews, and it was a dramatic encounter, although everyone else just thought it was a merely good fight. Jerks. Andrews won Round 1 and even rocked Piper with a roundhouse kick. Andrews went into the clinch to try and finish, but couldn't. 2nd round Piper was outlanded big time, and was limping a bit after a few leg kicks. Aidan told her it was now or never. Andrews kept outlanding her in Round 3 as Piper went into a defensive shell, but it was all part of the plan. The finish came with a brutal exchange when Piper suckered Andrews into a leg kick and hit a brutal left uppercut while Andrews was on one leg. Andrews went down and Piper followed up with ground and pound for the epic comeback KO.

Official Result: 'The Sniper' Piper Evergood defeats Kelly 'K.O.' Andrews (TKO (Strikes) in 3:43 of round 3). The fight was rated as being Good.


Saturday Week 4 April, 2002

-KDM FC fighter Kei Maki is competing in the World Kick Boxing Championships. Good luck to him!

-My next fight is booked! I'm in the main event of CCC 5 on Saturday Week 4 June, 2002, taking on "Crushin" Moe Muschin, a 6-1 Canadian wrestler ranked #12 in the division. CCC lacks drawing power somewhat due to the company getting out the title matches early, so the hope is having the hometown boy in the main event on Canada Day weekend can spur on some ticket sales. Muschin is a step up from Pilgrim as a wrestler. The clinch is also his strongest area, but hes less of a pressure grappler, and might be more inclined to try a takedown at some point. Hes not a very good striker, so I can outpoint him on the feet if I keep the fight standing. Overall the gameplan should be about the same as the previous fight.

-Buster East is also booked. He'll be facing Van Jolson, a 6-2 Kickboxer, on the 3rd fight on the main card. Jolson is a subpar striker with no ground game and a supposedly questionable chin, a tomato can if I ever heard of one. This should be an easy win.

(OOC: There will be another post or two of buildup and news, then the fight.)

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Saturday Week 1 May, 2002

-Backstage at another CCC event....... handing out business cards for the Canadian Tough Team and getting the word out as usual. No one in our camp in fighting today but there are three title matches and a couple Middleweight bouts to keep an eye on.

-Bernard Blue beat Ronnie Allen Teller by unanimous decision in a poor fight that was mostly dirty boxing against the fence. Blue held off a spirited round 3 from Teller to get the win. I'm not particularly worried about either man.

-Pip Mercurial beat Ed Burridge by unanimous decision, getting a takedown in every round and outlanding Burridge in Rounds 1 and 3. Pip's a pretty good wrestler who prefers to fight from the clinch with dirty boxing, like at least half a dozen other people in the division, so I'll be on the lookout for him. This win may get him into the Top 5 in the rankings, so hes likely another win away from a title shot.

-Another notable fight was the main event of the prelims, where Evan Gardner and Houston George had a hyped up prospect battle at Welterweight and Gardner utterly destroyed George, breaking his jaw in round 1 and continuing the beating in round 2. George's corner threw in the towel before Round 3 and that was that. George was game for a 3rd round, but he lost 2 rounds 10-8 and was getting the hell beat out of him, so props to his corner.

-The three title fights were ok: Joshua Ziegler took apart Joe Hinchcliffe to win the Welterweight title. Hinchcliffe got a charity Round 5 win for basically ending up in top control for a sustained period of time after getting knocked down but Ziegler controlled it otherwise, 49-45 on all cards. Trevor Murray dominated Jethro Munter for the Light Heavyweight title in a boring fight, taking all 5 rounds with top control and light ground and pound. Azor Portela Nunes scored a TKO win on Gregg Grable to win the Featherweight title, knocking him down with a head kick and following up with punches for the win in a little under 4 minutes. The show did ok for entertainment due to the undercard and drew 331. The crowds are slowly growing......


Monday Week 2 May, 2002

-More new members of the Canadian Tough Team! Ethan LeGrange is an 8-1 kickboxer in the CCC Welterweight Division (ranked #11). He lost in the 2nd card against Rich Robinson via submission, and is hitting us up to improve his ground game for his next fight. Hes a solid striker though and a good addition to the gym.

-The other newbie is Christine Jameson, a 4-3 female Flyweight BJJ practitioner who moved here from America. She had a crack at the big-time in WEFF, but lost 3 fights against tough opponents and was cut. She rebuilt her career with two wins on the American local scene before moving to Canada to try her luck again. Shes a decent grappler, but is inconsistent and lacks striking ability. She'll be here long-term and we'll see how far she can go.


Wednesday Week 3 May, 2002

-Sue Eccleston got booked for a June WEFF card, she'll be taking on Martina Collee, a 4-0 wrestler who prefers clinchwork. Sue will be hard-pressed to win, Martina is the better wrestler, the better striker, and has more physical power. Nonetheless, we'll give it the old college try and see if we can make a victory happen for her.


Monday Week 4 May, 2002

-Got dragged along to another local show, which Aidan was doing commentary on. Some promising rookie talent was sprinkled throughout the card, a lot of former wrestlers and kickboxers are going into MMA now due to the creation of CCC and the rise of MMA in general.

-Aidan got a call after the event saying that the fight between me and Moe Muschin was moved down to the co-main event of CCC 5. The advertising hadn't started yet, so they were able to make the change. The new main event is a Welterweight #1 contenders match between Rich Robinson and Gus Fitzpatrick. Aidan wasn't too pleased, but I didn't think it was an issue. It didn't feel like a real main event anyways, which is probably why they made the change. I'm still in front of my hometown fans, and due to the way my contract works I get paid the same. Its no big deal to me, but I think Aidan was wanting the exposure for me and the team and was really let down by this.

(OOC: So yeah, didn't mention this at the start, but how this diary works is I'm basically booking whatever promotion Patterson is in, and controlling a retired fighter character if Patterson ever gets released and works local shows. RN my user character is Christopher Penn, who owns CCC. I generally book everything based mostly on rankings, but a bit on win-loss record and popularity, hence why so many Canadians were fighting each other. Originally I wanted this to main event cause this had the highest combined pop on the card, and I thought Patterson would hype it up beyond "this is a potential main event", but with no stories on Blurcat, I decided to see if anyone would take a fight on short notice who could get "this is a decent main event", and I found Rich Robinson and Gus Fitzpatrick. I then moved another fight down to CCC 7 and here we are.)


Saturday Week 4 May, 2002

-Richie Stiller and Jeffrey Foxworthy had their fights today. They made weight successfully and had pretty decent camps leading into this. Buster East sparred with both of them on the regular since they were facing similar opponents to him, and I had high hopes going into tonight.

-Richie fought first against Beau LuPone. LuPone didn't touch gloves to start, and Stiller made him pay, outworking him in all three rounds and scoring a knockdown near the end of the 3rd. Stiller couldn't follow up though and the gong sounded. Richie took the decision with ease, two 30-27s and a 30-26.

Official Result: Richie 'The Killer' Stiller defeats 'The Dark Lord' Beau LuPone (Unanimous Decision in 5:00 of round 3). The fight was rated as being Decent.

-Jeffrey's fight did not go as well. Arnett gameplanned well, backing off Foxworthy constantly with the threat of strikes, and took nothing of note himself. Every time Foxworthy looked like he was going to shoot for a takedown, Arnett circled wide and played him, and every time he approached to clinch he got pushed back by strikes. Between rounds Foxworthy looked shaken, he was clearly expecting to win. Round 3 he finally managed to secure a takedown, but struggled to pass guard, we were screaming at him to just try to throw strikes and do something to steal the fight, but it was all for naught as the 3rd round ended. Judge's decision was 29-28, 30-27, and 30-28 for Roy Arnett. Super disappointing.

Official Result: Roy 'Trigger' Arnett defeats Jeffrey Foxworthy (Unanimous Decision in 5:00 of round 3). The fight was rated as being Good.

-Foxworthy just showed a total lack of heart out there. He didn't summon up his strength for a final big round and it showed. Aidan chewed him out thoroughly backstage while I tuned it out and watched the monitors for the Middleweight fights on the card.

-Tuck Durdell beat French Dancer by unanimous decision in the first fight, and this was free money for Durdell, who didn't even bother going for takedowns and just boxed Dancer to pieces. His boxing wasn't much though, Dancer is just a tomato can there to take the beating that night. I think I can handle Durdell.

-Reed Howlett and Tood D'Abruzzo were up next, and it was a similar performance between two totally different fighters than the last: Howlett hit him, D'Abruzzo barely did, and Howlett took a 30-27 decision on all cards. Howlett tried to work some knees and elbows in, but they looked awkward. Neither guy has a ground game for Plan B, so I'm not worried. Howlett could be a bad matchup for me if I can't take him down, hes an excellent boxer, but I haven't seen him against kickboxers, and I do think I can take him down. Howlett could be up soon for a title shot after this win, so I'll keep an eye on him.

-Main event saw Joshua Hope beat Russell McPhee by RNC halfway through Round 1 in CCC's biggest drawing main event yet, despite the fact there wasn't a title on the line. Word on the street is Hope will face our boy Allen LeFleur at some point, and that'll be interesting.

-Meanwhile in GAMMA, Manuel Silva announced his presence on the world stage by knocking down Julio Regueiro with a body kick, following up with strikes, and ultimately sending him to the hospital to claim the Welerweight title. One's gotta wonder if hes gonna move up to Middleweight at some point to face his ex-teammate Braulio Moura.

-Kei Maki got eliminated early at the World Kick Boxing Championships. Unfortunate. He'll still do well in KDM though if he can recover from that KO loss to Hino and this.


Sunday Week 1 June, 2002

-Even more new teammates! Kristen Page is a 7-1 kickboxer in WEFF's Featherweight division. She has knock out power in her high kick, but lacks a ground game, and has a questionable chin. Shes facing Muay Thai striker Tabitha Cameron in a title eliminator and came in to polish her skills her for that fight.

-The other new addition is French Dancer, a 7-5 Middleweight wrestler for CCC. Hes a tomato can at best, with no real strength in any aspect of the fighting game, but hes trying to become more than that, and we'll see if our coaches can get anything out of him.


Saturday Week 3 June, 2002

-GAMMA's announced a 3rd fight between Matthew Dean and Buddy Garner. Tora Mizwar was the number 1 contender but I guess they didn't want to wait for him to recover from his last fight. This will be a good one to watch.

-Emiko Shikuk has been booked for a match at a local show against 7-2 German boxer Helena Broderick. Broderick has knockout power but sloppy technique, and is no great shakes in the clinch, so thats probably the only route to success for Emiko. That and leg kicks.

-Jeffrey Foxworthy left our team after his loss to Roy Arnett. He didn't have the heart to be a good fighter, so its for the best that he moved on from here. I'll take a guy like French Dancer if hes at least professional enough to improve and try to succeed.

-My camp for Muschin's going pretty well, but Aidan was laying into me for not showing enough effort, in his eyes. Aidan reminded me that if I underestimated Muschin and assumed he was the same as Pilgrim, I'd be in for a rough night. From my point of view, I was certainly showing enough effort, and I do think I'll win, but I'm not underestimating Muschin. I'm giving up a few pounds to him come fight night, hes a strong, tough fighter, and he can take rounds if he plans well. But I've been sparring with Allen LeFleur, who is one weight class above him and has a better skillset, and I'm doing just fine. I think Aidan's just a bit pissed because theres a couple bad fights for our camp coming up, and also because I got shifted to the co-main event for the Canada Day card, and also because of the Foxworthy thing. He just needs to left off steam and thats fine. Aidan and I have become friends and this is the first real bust-up we've had, but we'll be fine. Aidan took this huge chance on me, and I'd be a fool to fall at the second hurdle. I'll do my very best, and win this.


Friday Week 4 June, 2002

-Weigh-in was no problem. Muschin looked okay at the weigh-in and fistbumped me after we took the promo pictures. This is a big opportunity for him too when you think about it, he hasn't made his CCC debut yet, and he'll want a strong showing to move from the middle of the pack to the contender slots. I had a really good camp and finished strong after Aidan's little rant last week. The gameplan is simple: If he clinches, thats fine, but stuff the takedowns and focus on keeping him at middle range, where I dominate the fight. I watched the Arnett/Foxworthy fight as reference, Arnett did a good job swatting away Foxworthy and moving before he could think about shooting in for the takedown. If I stick to the gameplan and don't get bullied, I'll win this.

-Buster East also made weight for his fight against Van Jolson. He had a decent camp and should be fine, Jolson's a tomato can.

-A few staff members are in Quebec with Sue and Kristen for their fights, they plan on calling Aidan with the updates. They're both in troubling matchups and Aidan is worried, although hes focusing on me and trying not to show it. Tomorrow night could be a big night for us, or a bad one........

(OOC: Fight to come next post. Thanks again to anyone following, any feedback is appreciated.)

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(OOC: Bit of a loooooong post cause I wanted add some dialogue and give Piper a scene. Also cause theres 4 fights going on with Tough Team members simultaneously.)

Saturday Week 4 June, 2002
CCC 5: Robinson vs Fitzpatrick

Aidan was bothered by a few things. Jeffrey Foxworthy wasn't going to amount to much but that fight was a bad look for the team nonetheless. Rickard being in the co-main instead of the main event hurt a bit. Sue Eccleston and Kirsten Page were underdogs in their respective bouts and were probably cooked. All of this was annoying at best.

What was really bugging Aidan was Moe Muschin, and what would come after Moe Muschin. Aidan was worried when he saw the CCC roster being built, because he knew Rickard, with time, could be a top-end fighter. But there were a few others in that division that with time, could also be top-end fighters, or gatekeepers to top fighters.

The Pilgrim fight wasn't too worrying. The Muschin fight might not be too worrying either, Muschin may not amount to much in MMA. But he might have some of the tools necessary to exploit Rickard's biggest weakness, something Aidan was hoping to fix before his got into the big leagues.

This was why he went off on Rickard a week before the fight. Rickard had a good camp to that point and was doing fine against LeFleur in spars, but Aidan needed him to be on-point for this, and show nothing that some of the future monsters in the division could use against him.


I could tell Aidan was worried. There was a lot on his mind right now, what with four Tough Team members being in fights today in two different locations. In all honesty Aidan should've gone to Quebec to give the girls help, but I was his primary client, so he thought it was his duty to support me and honor the contract.

"Don't worry Aidan, we'll go 4 for 4 tonight. Then we'll get a dozen new students so you can pay the light bill."

"The light bill's been paid on time every month and you know damn well its not going to be 4 for 4 tonight."

".......Alright, 2 for 4. Cause Buster, you're gonna knock out Van Jolson tonight to get the crowd going, right Buster?"

"Damn right boss."

"See? We're fine. The girls have Piper, and shes godlike, so the girls will be fine even if they lose. Kirsten can turn it around and Sue can try again for another pay day. You worry too much Aidan, we've got this!"

"I sure hope so........"


After an hour that felt like ten minutes, a flunky knocked on the door.

"Buster East is up in 5 minutes."

"Alright, thanks bud."


Buster finished his stretches, nodded, and fistbumped me before heading out the door with Aidan and the other cornermen. I had the room to myself, so I laid out on the bench and went over the fight plan like a mantra in my head.


Saturday Week 4 June, 2002
WEFF 29: Vaughan vs. O'Neill III

Meanwhile in Quebec, Sue Eccleston had lost a dirty boxing battle to Martina Collee, getting outworked in all 3 rounds. Neither fighter went for a takedown and the majority of the match was against the fence throwing light uppercuts. Eccleston said she'd fight on afterwards to Piper and cried on her shoulder.

Official Result: Martina Collee defeats Sue Eccleston (Unanimous Decision in 5:00 of round 3). The fight was rated as being Poor.

Kirsten Page came out for Tabitha Cameron and Piper watched with interest. She could be facing one of these two down the line, after she recovered from that beating Kelly laid on her. Piper's leg was still bugging her from a couple of those shots.....

In the back of her mind, she wondered how Buster was doing.......and also how Rickard was doing........

One of the great sources of amusement in the gym for everyone was Rickard being tongue-tied around her while being able to talk normally to every other girl. Even Kirsten didn't make Rickard nervous, and Piper thought she was better looking even if it was due to hair dye (and maybe silicon).

Interestingly enough, that nervousness around Piper disappeared a bit when Rickard was talking fighting. He gave her pointers in the gym sometimes with no problem, and gave her advice in the corner between rounds with Kelly Andrews. Piper also saw Rickard watching a lot of tape on Andrews with Aidan before her fight, and even taking a couple pages of notes, which Rickard handed to her afterwards without incident.

Rickard was a hell of a fighter, a hell of a trainer, even though he was only a kid, and a pretty good guy overall it seemed. Piper could give him credit for all that. But he really, really needed to grow up. This 12 year old nervous schoolyard crush routine was ridiculous and more than a little embarassing.

So was this fight, at least for Page. She was getting outclassed. Kirsten had a habit of telegraphing a head kick with a jab beforehand, and lunging in with power punches. Cameron countered one with an excellent right hook that broke Page's nose. Page didn't learn and went for a right cross at the 2 minute mark, and Cameron countered with a gorgeous switch head kick that dropped Page. Page fell backwards like a chopped down tree, and Cameron went in to follow up before being tackled by the ref. Page was out like a light. Cameron straddled the cage, pumped up the crowd, and blew a kiss to Piper, who smirked and shook her head.

Cameron was nervous-sounding on the mic and didn't make a call out though. Piper didn't know what the deal was with the taunt. Maybe she meant to call out Piper later and was just too nervous to do it in interviews. Piper would be ready for that fight, which is more than could be said for Page, who looked rough and needed a shoulder to lean on to get out of the cage. Her nose was in really bad shape and she had a black eye from some of the strikes.

"I hope the guys back home aren't looking as bad as Page did there......"

Official Result: 'The Flame-Haired Phenom' Tabitha Cameron defeats 'Thunder Foot' Kirsten Page (Knock Out (Kick) in 2:09 of round 1). The fight was rated as being Decent.


Van Jolson seemed to realize in the first part of round 1 that a striking battle was going lead to him getting outpointed, so with a minute left he tried to work the clinch against East and to everyone's surprise (even his cornermen's) tried some takedowns. It was total amateur hour stuff though, so Buster defended. Buster tried a trip takedown himself but Jolson didn't fall for it either. They separated from the clinch near the end of Round 1 and didn't get off a strike before the bell.

Round 2 saw Buster open up even more on the feet and throw some hurting one-twos, before replacing the two with a head kick that wobble-legged Jolson. Buster caught Jolson flush with a leaping right hook that scored the knockdown, and pounded away until the ref pulled him off 2 minutes into the round. East pumped up the crowd, who were firmly on the side of the prairie boy over the Quebecer and were happy with the win, comical as the end of the first round may have been.

Official Result: Buster East defeats Van 'Joltin'' Jolson (TKO (Strikes) in 2:07 of round 2). The fight was rated as being Good.


"Got the win boss!"

"Good stuff Buster. Why'd it take so long?"

"I was feeling him out 1st round, it was no biggie."

I laughed and patted Buster on the back. For whatever reason we clicked right away in the gym and became friends outside the cage. He always called me boss, even though I wasn't head trainer, and I liked the fact he didn't have an ego the size of Saskatchewan like some of these tough guy bros in MMA these days. It was good to hear he got the win.

"Rickard, you're up in 5 minutes, you ready?"

"Born ready Aidan."


The whole crew went out the door while Buster stayed for the medical checkup.


Rickard's entrance music:

Moe's entrance music:


"Ladies and gentlemen.......this is the co-main event of the evening! This fight is sanctioned by the Athletics Commission of Saskatchewan, with ringside judges Alan Allen, Kevin Burns, and Donald Coward! When the action begins the referee will be Stanley Wright! This fight is sponsored by the Canadian Tough Team MMA gym, at 2142 Broad Street right here in Regina, Saskatchewan, and by Cory and Trevor's Firework Company: Our rockets will never go off prematurely...... Now, for all the fans here in attendance at the Turvey Convention Center in Regina..... ITS TIME! 3 5-minute rounds of fighting in the Classic Cage Combat Middleweight Division!"

"Introducing first.....fighting out of the blue corner! This man is a Wrestler, holding a professional record of 6 wins, 1 loss! He stands 5 feet 11 inches tall, weighing in at 185 pounds. Fighting out of Leaf Rapids, Manitoba! He is........
"Crushinnnnnnn" Mooooooe Muschiiiiinnnn!"

Muschin took some verbal abuse from the crowd, thats for sure. They were really hype for my entrance earlier, I'm starting to gain a local following and they're firmly behind me and against my opponent. It feels really good.

"And now introducing his opponent, fighting out of the red corner! This man is a Freestyle fighter, holding a professional record of 1 win, no losses! He stands 6 feet 2 inches tall, and weighed in at 185 pounds. Fighting out of REGINA, SASKATCHEWAN! He is......"The Dragoon"....Rickaaaaaaard Pattersooooonnnn!"

Big cheers for me, as I rolled my arms around and popped off in front of the fans.

The ref gave us our instructions and went to the center.

"Are you ready? Are you ready? Lets go! Fight!"


Round 1

We touched gloves. I missed a jab, but Muschin dodged the wrong way and I caught him with a left hook. He fired a couple jabs that I slipped, and I returned fire with a one-two that hit gloves. We circled around for a while, feinting and faking, and I popped him with a one-two through a slight opening in his guard. He blocked another jab, so I changed levels and hit him with a good leg kick. He felt that, and rushed to get in the clinch. Big mistake, as I hooked the Thai plum easily and realized he either forgot about the Pilgrim fight, or didn't see the tape. I drove a knee to the sternum but couldn't generate enough power. Moe was trying to push out, but I had none of it. I worked a knee to the solar plexus that was blocked, and a knee to the ribs that wasn't. We grappled for a while as Muschin tried to power out, and while he was focused on doing so I blasted a knee full force into his jaw! He went down, and the ref tackled me before I could follow up, waving the fight off! Win number two!

Official Result: 'The Dragoon' Rickard Patterson defeats 'Crushin'' Moe Muschin (Knock Out (Knee) in 3:50 of round 1). The fight was rated as being Good.


After celebrating atop the cage and the post-fight announcements, I got interviewed again by the company owner and ring announcer Chris Penn.

"Alright Rickard, big knock out win over a tough fighter in Moe Muschin. Everything went to plan didn't it?"

"Yeah, I was aiming for a standup battle like I did against Jason Pilgrim, and if he clinched me I was gonna be ready for it all the way. You can't clinch a Muay Thai striker kids! It doesn't work! But seriously, respect for Moe, he did a good job fending me off for a bit. He'll be back!"

"This was the co-main event tonight, the biggest fight of your career, but you didn't seem nervous at all?"

"I was nervous man! Its like my trainer Aidan says, its good to be nervous, cause that means you aren't stupid. I knew Moe had good wrestling and wasn't just a tomato can waiting to be crushed. If he was easy I wouldn't be nervous, and I'd fight like a stupid show-off. Thats not me, *laughs* not yet anyway!"

"Well, with two big wins, you're on the rise in the Middleweight division, anyone you'd like for your next fight?"

"Like I said man, I'll fight anyone. But you know, theres a lot of prospects like me on the way up. Guys who are 2 and 0, 4 and 0, 5 and 0, I'll take on some of those guys, and we'll see who deserves to be the future star. How about Nate Dawes? Been watching some tape of him, he'd be an interesting fight if he wins his next match."

"So you're calling him out then?"

"Sure, why not?"

"There you have it folks, the gauntlet's been thrown down for a future fight! Anyone you want to give a shout out to before the main event starts?"

"I'd like to thank the hometown fans for all the support, it always feels good to hear those cheers guys! I'd also like to thank Big Green Threads in the Northgate Mall for the fight gear, they make some good stuff and I'll be calling them again sometime, y'all should too. I'd like to thank the other sponsors I had lined up for me by Aidan Ryland, and I'd like to thank Aidan and the rest of the Canadian Tough Team for helping me with this camp! Nobody does it better baby! You guys help me win every time!"

"There you have it, Rickard Patterson everybody!

The crowd cheered, and I soaked it all in. 2 and 0........ it felt nice.

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