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Unread 04-20-2018, 10:12 AM
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Default ROTO Roundtable Tour (II) Draft

The Usua-Rules:
ROTO will feature a rotating roster. Before each tour, I will start open-ended sign-ups, which will be followed by a draft. Each participant will get a spot in the draft, to be conducted publicly in the Special Dynasty Forum at the bottom of the board (don't worry, I'll send a link so you won't have to scroll all the way down there).
From there, I will plot out the tour on paper and negotiate our contracts in-game. We will have three months of storylines and matches between the characters drafted, and when the tour ends, we do it all over again. Essentially, nearly the entire roster shall be wiped at the end of the tour, and even the participants from the board could change almost entirely.
Any title holder, however, will automatically return for the following season. This will include major tournament winners (for applicable tours), showing appreciation for their ability. Additionally, I will handpick one other top roster member based on my assessment of in-ring performances and match grades to carry over to the next season. That worker will be designated that tour's "Olympic God." Anyone I add to the roster myself, in order to fill things out for example, may automatically return for back-to-back tours as well.

There are a few other things I should make clear, as last time around (FATE) I didn't have things anywhere near this fleshed out:
-I will develop all the gimmicks, but anyone is welcome to suggest a direction for their character(s)
-Accept the fact that your character has the possibility of not even winning one match, if the story calls for it. If this displeases you, sign up for another tour, no big deal. "Better luck next time" applies here.
-There will be a prediction contest that will run for each tour, culminating with the last show of the tour. Whoever wins will be awarded a prize and an automatic spot in the following tour (expect an early draft pick as well).
-Aside from starting money, I will be doing my best to avoid using the editor to help us out. This means there is a possibility I cannot sign your draft pick (you will get to pick someone else haha), or your worker could sit on the shelf for the tour or the majority of it, if they pick up an early injury. Alternatively a larger company could try sign them to a written deal or something like that, and I won't be offering more than touring contracts for non-champions. Once again, no big deal. New tour can provide new opportunities.
-Please look over the product before drafting so that you can select your worker accordingly. It favors certain wrestlers over others.
-Our drug policy will be non-existent, but I will let someone go if their personal habits make them unable to perform. Other backstage incidents may be subject to a release as well.
-If you do sign up but we end up waiting on you in the draft for a 24 hour period, you can make your selection at any time following, but you will be skipped. I will not be drafting, obviously, so feel free to just send me your potential choices beforehand via private message.
-I will be attempting the contract negotiations the second I see a draft pick is made, so I am able to let you know if your worker was able to be signed or not ASAP. This prevents someone with a top pick getting screwed over by an unavailable-to-sign worker. Everyone on the list of options is available to sign at the current moment. This list can change drastically before even the second tour, as you can imagine, having (hopefully) played TEW before. Please be aware that I will pick the best available day to run live events and PPVs. If you select a worker with many other contracts, they may not be available any day of the week for a certain tour. Ask me beforehand how many contracts a worker in under before you select them, if need be.
-You can also draft according to the tour in particular. What I mean by this is, every year during the summer tour, there is the Makeshift Chemistry tournament, and the beginning of the year tour features the Lord of the Ring tournament. Makeshift Chemistry will feature eight teams, and more often than not they will be brand new pairings, beginning that evening. This information could factor into your draft decision.
-Other problems or concerns that I have yet to plan for, well.. We shall cross those bridges when we come to them.
Bobby Lashley
Ryan Reeves/Ryback (#90)

Alex Shelley
Austin Aries
Blue Demon Jr. (#42)
Brian Cage
Bully Ray (#96)
BxB Hulk (#40)
Caristico (#27)
Carly Colon
Chris Sabin (#94)
Chuck Taylor
Cody Rhodes (#54)
Colt Cabana (#99)
D'Angelo Dinero
David Starr
Doug Williams
El Ligero
Ethan Carter III
Gail Kim
Greg Marasciulo/Trent?
Jack Swagger
James Storm
Jay Briscoe (#49)
Jimmy Havoc
John Hennigan (#83)
Juventud Guerrera
Kay Lee Ray
Kenneth Cameron
Masato Yoshino (#38)
Matt Cross
Matt Jackson (#65)
Matt Riddle
Mr. Anderson
Nick Aldis
Pete Dunne
Rey Horus
Sasha Banks
Scott Norton
Shad Gaspard
Shingo Takagi (#44)
Stu Bennett
Super Crazy
Trent Seven
Will Ospreay (#47)
Zack Sabre Jr. (#53)

AR Fox
Adam Page (#81)
Angel Williams
Ashley Lane
Awesome Kong
Ayako Hamada
Barri Griffiths
Bill Carr
Bob Holly
Brandon Tate
Brent Tate
Brooke Adams
Candice LeRae
Charlie Haas
Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Chris Mordetzky
CIMA (#56)
Crazzy Steve
Dalton Castle
Dan Barry
Dave Crist
Davey Boy Smith Jr./Harry Smith (#89)
El Hijo del Fantasma
El Texano Jr.
Ethan Page
Extreme Tiger
Flip Gordon
Frankie Kazarian
Fred Yehi
Gabriel Tuft/T-Reks
Garza Jr.
Jay Bradley
Jayson Paul
Jeff Cobb
Jessie Godderz
Jimmy Rave
Jimmy Yang
Joe Robinson (#67)
Joey Matthews
Joey Ryan
Johnny Emminger/Cannon
JT Dunn
Jushin Thunder Liger (#70)
Kaz Hayashi
Keith Lee
Kenny King
Kevin Kiley
Kid Lykos
Lance Hoyt/Lance Archer (#80)
Mark Andrews
Mark Briscoe (#62)
Marty Scurll (#75)
Matt Sydal
Matt Taven
Mia Yim
Michael Elgin (#63)
Mike Bailey
Mike Hettinga
Naomichi Marufuji
Nick Dinsmore
Nick Jackson (#61)
Paul London
Penta El Zero M
PJ Black
Punisher Martinez
Quinn Ojinnaka
Raymond Rowe
Rene Dupree
Rhett Titus
Rockstar Spud
Ron "The Truth" Killings
Sam Shaw
Santana Garrett
Satoshi Kojima (34)
Shane Strickland
Shannon Moore
Shaun Ricker
Silas Young
Sim Snuka
Simon Grimm
Sonjay Dutt
Stevie Richards
Super Nova
Tama Tonga (#76)
Taryn Terrell
Teddy Hart
Tessa Blanchard
Tetsuya Naito (#1)
Tiger Mask IV
Timothy Thatcher
Tommy Mercer
Toni Storm
Tracy Williams
Trevor Murdock
Tyler Bate
Tyler Breeze
Tyson Dux
Ultimo Dragon (#93)
Willie Mack
YAMATO (#37)
Yoshihiro Tajiri
Yujiro Takahashi (#41)

Akira Raijin
Bull James
CW Anderson
Caprice Coleman
Cedric Rougeau
Chase Owens
Chris Harris
Chris Raaber
Cody Hall
Donovan Dijak
Go Shiozaki
HoHo Lun
Ivelisse Velez
Jack Evans
James Maritato
Jason "The Gift" Kincaid
Jason Lee
Jay White
Jesse White
Jesus Rodriguez
Johnny Swinger
Justin Credible
Katsuhiko Nakajima
Kelly Klein
Kenny Doane
Kevin Martenson
Kevin Matthews
Koji Kanemoto
Leva Bates
Luke Hawx
Mahabali SHera
Mandy Leon
Mark Anglosetti
Marshall Von Erich
Marshe Rockett
Marti Bell
Martin Stone
Matt Winchester
Melina Perez
Peter Avalon
Phoenix Star
Quiet Storm
Randy Reign
Ray Rosas
Rickey Shane Page
Ricky Reyes
Ross Von Erich
Sammy Guevara
Scarlett Bordeaux
Scorpio Sky
Scott Parker
Sean Maluta
Seven Thorn
Shane Taylor
Shark Boy
Shaul Guerrero
Shawn Daivari
Shawn Hernandez
Space Monkey
Sugar Dunkerton
Taeler Hendrix
TAKA Michinoku
Thomas LaRuffa
Vinny Marseglia
Wes Brisco
Xia Brookside
ZZ Loupe

Anyone else you can think of, probably, and I'll look for them.
(spaces represent a notable difference in popularity)
If you'd like to look over the product or any other info, here is our thread:


Draft Order:
1. Blodyxe (Prediction Winner)
2. JuulDK
3. deanohbk
4. Uncrewed
5. Stevens150
6. michgcs
7. crackerjack
8. Jon The GOAT
9. smw88
10. Wolfman84
11. MHero
12. Atticus
13. K-Nection
14. sportsfanmas
15. Nobby_McDonald

If it is your turn, you can certainly make your pick at any time, but I won't be enforcing the 24 hour time limit until... Monday. I want everyone to have a fair shake at seeing this thread, at least, before they are skipped. Of course the time limit is to ensure those of us who are too anxious to wait are satisfied. Please keep this thread limited to draft picks (but be as flashy or smug as you'd like! ). Easy enough to just send me a shortlist via PM, as I can't pick anyways and will be watching all the picks. If you get skipped, pick later, whenever you want.
Any comments can be posted in the diary thread, no worries. This draft is the equivalent of the in-game January 2018, so the next tour is the over the honor part of the year (One Ring to Rule Them All, Beward the Ends of March, Valar Morghulis). Look out, as the first PPV features the Lord of the Ring singles tournament!

The draft has now begun!
Remember, this is a one pick only draft!

Roundtable Tour:
Satyr24 - Jay Lethal (ROTO World Heavyweight Champion)
southside_hitmen - Ricochet (ROTO World Tag Team Champion)
Tardelli - KUSHIDA (ROTO World Tag Team Champion)
Destiny - Rey Mysterio (Phil Collins Tour Olympic God)
1. Blodyxe (Prediction Winner) - John Hennigan
2. JuulDK
3. deanohbk
4. Uncrewed
5. Stevens150
6. michgcs
7. crackerjack
8. Jon The GOAT
9. smw88
10. Wolfman84
11. MHero
12. Atticus
13. K-Nection
14. sportsfanmas

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