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Unread 12-09-2014, 05:05 PM
Adam Ryland Adam Ryland is offline
GDS Developer
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Post Latest WMMA4 Patch (1.52, 13 August 2017)

Patches are small updates that allow me to address user's requests and problems quickly without having them wait weeks for a major update.

Please note that patches are designed to prevent errors from happening, not to fix things that have already gone wrong. As such, you should always try and be up-to-date with the latest patch before playing.

Retail Version Patch 1.52 (13 August 2017)

Please note that there is no current trial patch as the trial installer available from the Downloads section of this site is already the most up-to-date version.


- Unzip the file
- Copy the WMMA4.exe that you find
- Paste it over the top of your existing copy (normally found in Program Files \ GDS \ WMMA4), making sure WMMA4 is not running at the time

Change Log
Fixed fight engine issue where being pushed up out of guard did not cause a positional change
Fixed an issue with kimura sweeps
Altered it so that user is not mailed confirmation when delegating a contract
Fixed various typos and grammatical errors
Fixed rare crash when opening negotiation window with a fighter
Lowered tolerances of broadcasters for low level companies to make it a little easier for them
Fixed Broadcast Team crash that could happen if companies had been imported or copied
Cosmetic changes and fixes
Fixed an issue whereby fights could end up with a mistakenly reduced 'draw' and cause a lower commercial rating than expected
Fixed 'B' key occasionally jumping ahead to the end of the fight without showing big incidents
Fixed picture file renamer in Mass Edit
Rubber guard could, in rare circumstances, flip the person on top and bottom in the output text
Fixed several small & insignificant errors
(1.47 & 1.48)
Added an extra nationality
Tidied up some minor glitches
Added some automatic fixes to help specific customers who had some issues
Cosmetic changes
Adjusted some elements of the fight engine to be more realistic
Attributes for PED \ drug use were not working correctly
AI created TV names were mistakenly taking their text from the event file, not TV
Adjusted the editor's importer as it was possible for some elements to be incorrectly imported
Automatic adjustment of win-loss records when using the editor could corrupt database under certain rare conditions
Fixed a few typos in the fight engine code
Adjust AI to help stop companies becoming stuck unable to put together shows (added in part II of 1.46)
Team founder achievements would be applied twice to second person involved rather than to second and third
Some fighters could retire a month after their debut if they came into the sport older than 33
Call outs could create multiple instances of a negative relationship between fighters
Fixed some glitches within the fight engine
Commercial Rating could be incorrectly penalised for too few fights on show in some rare circumstances
Increased chance of worker picking up attribute from camp by user request
Cosmetic stuff
Potential freeze that could occur in rare circumstances
Contract templates would show seven figure amounts incorrectly
Negotiating a new broadcasting deal could sometimes cause a crash
Fighter could call out another who had already left the organisation
Showed win-loss records for fighters who are deceased by user request
Various cosmetic changes and fixes
- Correction to issue with lightweight generation from previous patch
- Fix to potential crash when signing a new broadcasting contract (added May 27th 2016 as a minor addition)
- Issue with lightweight generation
- Incorrect age calculation in options -> editor when changing debut dates
- Possible but unlikely crash if character headlined over 2 billion dollars worth of pay-per-views
- Preset contract lengths could become ignored when starting new game
- Reach was shown as % in in-game editor
- Possible runtime error 3022 when importing \ exporting
- Increased height of smaller regen fighters
- Title lineage page could get glitched if it ran to a second page
- Loaning out fighters produced a story that could not be searched for
- Previous reigns did not include pre-game title lineages in pre-show text
- Taking over a company inverted the costs when applied to player's finances
- Various typos
- Possible freeze when reordering card following injury
- Team attributes for female weight restrictions weren't being used correctly
- Non-fighter retirements could get stuck in a loop
- Now-retired fighters returning from injury had story about being ready to fight
- 'Never be a drug user' attribute could fail to function in some circumstances
- Generated judges and referee's skills \ name values could be incorrect and make editing impossible; fixed, although characters created before this point will still be uneditable (this will not affect the rest of the game)
- Increased maximum \ minimum company money limits
- Lowered starting popularity of newly generated world-class workers
- Release \ Cut stories not being generated properly
- Shortlist 'watch fights' note could be overwritten in some circumstances
- Potential freeze regarding show naming
- Achievements page for fighters could show wrong opponent for End Of Year awards
- Typos
- Possible crash if any of the EOY awards were won by a match where the victor was a 'local' fighter
- Fixed very rare issue where retiring non-fighter with a specific birthday could cause freeze
- Fixed data error that would occur if closing down child promotion
- Typos and other tidying up
- Attributes for pre-game setting of PED, drugs, etc, were misassigned
- Company popularity related narratives could cause crashes
- Fighter availablility window could show non-fighters
- Crash could happen if assigning a team picture to a narrative
- Increased frequency of rarer submissions like D'Arce choke and Anaconda for specialists
- Adjusted match engine to stop workers standing up from a ground advantage unless they absolutely must stand and strike
- Runtime Error 383 if viewing a company that illegally has no weight classes
- Fight record would be incorrect in certain website stories
- Capped lowest possible odds at user request
- Increased judge 'points' for knock downs to make them more significant to judge's decision
- Editing referees or judges in-game would incorrectly divide them by 10
- Non-fighters could have maximum contracted fights, causing them to appear to have an expiring contract
- Fights who leave because of hiatus are no longer ineligible to come back for six months
- Wrong fighter could be disqualified for low kicks
- AI feds could struggle to use weight classes if the user had set it up so that the entire division was full of 0-0 rookies
- AI could renew contracts of fighters on hiatus under certain circumstances
- Some text could be obscured on fighter comparison screen
- Incorrect pronoun in one internet story
- Reality TV participant could be made into coach midway through season
- "Loves To X" attribute could be overwritten in certain circumstances; removed due to user confusion
- Incorrect 'auto renewal failed' message could be generated
- Adjusted fighter game plans, stand up \ back off AI, and tweaked other areas of fight engine
- Added ability to give 'tapped to strikes' Submission Of The Night by user request
- Crash when searching Narratives in editor
- Capped lowest possible (negative) finances possible to avoid crashes
- Losing fighter could be considered winner if match ended in leg kick TKO under certain conditions
- Loaning out fighter with no good weight fit would incorrectly not get blocked
- Altered rival bid e-mails to stop multi-advance
- Made broken hands more debilitating
- Various fight engine tweaks
- Textual glitch with post-show finance screen missing data
- Drug failures remove positive momentum from fighters
- Altered converter to auto adjust if corrupt bios are present
- Crash when importing narratives in live game
- Removing a weight class would set both genders using that weight to Unassigned
- Added ability for fighters to gain new submission attributes from regular training
- Users wouldn't get e-mailed when a roster member died
- Fighters cut from AI promotions wouldn't generate mail to shortlisting users
- Post-event finance screen did not take into account fighter bonus payments on left hand side
- Website Diary section did not scroll properly
- Altered balance of strikers vs grapplers \ shooters in fight engine
- Added ability for groggy opponents to throw desperation takedown attempts
- Increased chance of groggy opponent dodging follow-up strikes
- Reduced chance of powerful wrestling throws like belly to belly suplexes
- Increased chance of turtled up position from scramble
- Increased ability of fighters with high leglock skill but not Leglock Master attribute to utilise leglocks
- Increased attempt rate for submissions for fighters with related attributes
- Increased chance of Volatile attribute users to get into weigh-in scuffles and trash talk during fights
- Crash when moving fight from prelim to full main card
- Typos \ issues with PBP
- Avatar \ owner contracts were mentioned as expiring by Personal Assistant
- Auto-renewals for staff would only offer exclusive deals causing failures for smaller companies
- Pre-fight text was one off for notices about 50th fight, etc
- Crash when adding more than one new player via Options
- Importing characters did not fully initialise broadcasting skills
- Using no marketing could cause a freeze in some circumstances
- Team filter by gender could glitch when using Mixed
- Altered boundaries for gaining and losing company momentum
Fixes two issues accidentally introduced by 1.24:
- User could receive daily reminders that their contract was about to expire
- Some valid fighter offers could be rejected for 'contractual reasons' if more than 28 days remaining on deal
- Altered way that company's gain and lose heat
- Altered restrictions for AI interim title challengers as they had been too strict
- Fixed issue with spinning out of triangle to side control causing fighters to switch positions
- Mis-labelling of Guard Passing in skills screen
- Improved use of leglocks for people with that master attribute
- Fixed possible freeze when legalising new region
- Made exiting weight class screen automatically make anyone not in a class 'unassigned'
- Altered bonuses given when moving from unknown popularity ranking to next level
- Altered weight class editing to remove need to delete a class before altering specs
- Altered company popularity bonus to be clearer
- User accepting a new job would not have former contract removed correctly
- Increased renegotiation period to 90 days
- Altered engine to allow grapplers \ submission artists to be less likely to stand and strike
- Was possible to experience freezes when playing very long-term game
- News story regarding staff cut mistakenly used fighter version
- Possible for a company to be unable to make main card fights in certain unusual situations
- Possible to illegally force a company to close via editor
- Possible to cut staff who should be unsackable
- Fighter maximum limits would undo changes made via the editor if skills were increased past the limit
- Local show fight replays could show male fighters with a female 'none' picture and crash if profile was viewed
- Was possible to not have drug testing in regulated region by going back and altering show details
- Cuts \ releases new stories had wrong code attached to them meaning they could not be filtered on News screen
- Was possible to book a fight after the weigh-ins in some circumstances
- Add a female fight where person on left hand side was vastly overmatched could potentially cause the match to be rejected but no text to be shown on screen explaining why
- On Skill summary screens, Creative Submissions were mislabeled
- Mass Edit would not work on some aspects of teams
- Various typos
- Black belt achievement would show for fighters who had Drug attribute
- Promotions entirely stocked with undebuted fighters could become unable to produce shows
- Auto creating title when adding weight class could create duplicate title name
- Team attribute Drama City wasn't working properly
- Typos
- Auto Fill media in Reality TV section hadn't been updated to match the other versions
- Fighters could be generated without a style in some circumstances
- Added extra ethnicities to Asian region for populated \ regenerated characters
- Divisions could become empty
- AI could extend contracts for fighters on hiatus
- Options Era editor could display data incorrectly
- Was possible for the right hand list in match making to not correctly apply all search criteria
- Fighters could be switched weight classes if signed via full delegation
- Referees could deduct points in fights where points were not used in decisions
- Altered bid analysis to stop "gaming the system" with very long standard deals
- Signing exclusive deals with people already on the roster could cause them not to leave other companies
- Added ability for interim champ to vacate title if he would refuse to fight champion
- Title histories could become non-scrollable
- Altered numerals showing after a match name to refer to all fights, not just main events, at user request
- Altered AI criteria for awarding title shots
- Companies with maximum popularity could have graphical glitches on contract default values
- Reduction in scouting level slowed
- Non-fighters could continually retire each year
- Was possible for a fighter to end up in more than one relationship at a time
- Some takedowns talked about using the cage even when in a ring
- Training injuries for fighters a long time in the future could cause freezes
- Some fighters could possibly enter the game world a month before their bio stated
- User Log could become scrambled if using the search facility in certain ways
- Doing a reality show with a non-standard weight class could create fighters who were outside the weight limits
- Modified some of the AI booking code to better protect top ranked fighters
- Minor typos, etc
- Fixed freeze that could happen if a company with no title belts at all attempted to run a show
- Undebuted fighters could appear in Strength By Numbers if they'd been given a pro record for some reason
- Altered Escape Artist attribute as it was causing people on top to stand up
- Altered Maximum Popularity feature to apply to all areas rather than just overall level at user request
- Reduced importance of losing streak on fight draw at user request
- Added larger text in fight recaps when big moments happen at user request
- Added 'To Be Announced' option for tournaments
- Fixed potential crash when new team is opened
- Updated Auto Fill broadcasters to take into account projected financial revenue
- Swapping fights to a full prelim \ main card could cause crash
- Broadcast expiry had some issues
- Users who have "," defined as a decimal place could be blocked from accessing certain editor areas
- Ukranian generated fighters would have blank hometown, leading to crash when editing
- Altered AI booking to block potential flaw where low prestige titles could become blocked from being defended
- Altered AI booking to allow more flexibility when booking prelims as smaller promotions would leave them blank if they did not have enough low level scrubs
- Fighter Achievements screen could give wrong event name for some End Of Year awards
- Allowed greater flexibility in regards to complaints when booking tournament finals
- Minor spelling mistakes
- Lowered kung fu \ wing chun \ TKD background frequency for fighters, increased karate, at user request
- Reduced knock out level that was increased in previous patch
- Broadcast contracts that expires were not being correctly removed
- AI broadcast renewals could sometimes increase the wrong contract, making some deals appear eternal
- Fixed issue with very low chin strength being able to withstand big strikers
- Some generated fighters would debut immediately even if their bio suggested they would debut months later
- Added note to Limit Size screen making it clearer what it does
- Setting contract templates to default would remove existing selections
- AI TV shows with numbers would also advance the main numbering system for the company in some situations
- A Majority Draw finish in a title fight where the champion was on the right hand side of the screen could result in a textual glitch whereby it would seem like the challenger was the champion
- AI promotions could offer for fighters on hiatus
- Made company rankings only include fighters currently assigned to that weight class, as per user request
- Adding new broadcasters to a show could cause some block issues if one was an Internet-based broadcaster
- Added Export facility to Options menu
- Was possible for Game Planning to go go above 100%, which would cause a crash when viewing skills screen
- Fixed an instance of blank text during striking
- Made fighter list in Auto Renewals alphabetic for ease of use
- Failed kimura attempt could lead to north-south position but explanatory text was missing
- Using Quick Add Show would have fights in reverse order
- Importing EOY awards could cause errors in some situations
- A weight change internet story had a text glitch
- Match 'draw' could be slightly glitched in certain combinations of fighters
- Some generated fighters could debut at 17 and 11 months due to not turning 18 until the end of the month
- Some narratives could cause errors when edited
- Economic narratives could cause an eternal loop
- Number of fights for Populate Fighter character could be much higher than they'd have time to complete; switched to be done on age
- Located and fixed error regarding fighters cancelling fights they could still make
- Crash when filtering by weight class caused by typo in previous patch
- Second instance of guaranteed fights glitching was present, applied same fix as previous patch
- Very rare circumstance where colour commentary of rounds won could contradict earlier comments
- Sometimes the e-mail regarding reality TV winners could get the finalists' names the wrong way around
- If user chose to delete other avatars and one happened to be the final person on file it could then cause a crash when trying to create any new fighter. Applying the remote assistance code checkmaxtables will fix existing games, won't happen to newly started games
- Betting lines had a graphical glitch in that it sometimes reversed the names
- A crash could be caused by clicking some elements within the user history section
- Mass edit of weights did not save correctly
- When adding a new show, the check that a broadcasting contract would already expire was not done correctly
- Saving a template, deleting it, then re-adding another would cause a crash
- The Bantamweight and Atomweight of populated companies would cause crashes when viewed. The Remote Assistance code weightfix fixes this error if already present
- Taking over a company and closing it would not cause it to cease trading correctly
- The pending decision screen to take over a company as owner had the wrong background
- It was possible to have more than ten preliminary fights, which is illegal and would cause a freeze
- It was possible for a fighter to target himself for media comments
- Removing companies deleted their fights but did not update the end of year awards correctly
- Changing the event at the top of match making did not refresh the fighter lists
- Added a new fighter attribute
- Altered company popularity gain to be less
- Altered company popularity gains from reality TV shows to be far less
- Added 5 new fighter attributes
- Added search filter for character name generator
- Text at top of saved fight report gave database name, not save game name
- A fighter standing before a ten count would be counted as still being on the floor
- Under certain circumstances illegal downed strikes could count as legal
- Altered fight draw calculations a little
- Did some work on issue with fighters getting injured, cancelling a fight, but remaining able to be re-booked for same show
- Fixed issue where fights that involved a weight failure would see the fighters ranked in the wrong weight class afterward
- Blocked naming two divisions the same name as it could cause issues with removals
- Hiatus web story gave wrong pro record and opponent name in some circumstances
- Betting lines could be altered depending on the order that the fighters were entered
- Searching by Catchweight in match making didn't work for women
- Searching company screen by min \ max sizes could give incorrect results
- Elbow knock outs from Thai plum would be counted as knee strikes
- Generated fighters with pro records would have no momentum to start
- Mails about TV contracts were in the wrong order
- The block message to stop user starting a network without the right amount of money did not trigger an actual block
- Point deductions would not count if the person being penalised was on the right hand side of the screen
- Altered some minor fight text issues
- Reduced use of slam counter to triangle attempts
- Reduced usage of triangle choke
- Fixed issue where ground and pound artists would seek submissions rather than striking
- Made it harder to outbid bigger companies in contract negotiations
- Clarified some positional changes in the fight engine via new text
- Altered Add Fight filter to make Usable work differently, as per user request
- Guaranteed fight amount could incorrectly show as -1 in some circumstances
- Rival companies could get around block to hire reality TV show competitors
- Announcer pay was not being recorded correctly
- Added bonuses to show in fighter's earnings on post-show finance screen
- Filtering for fighters without a picture was not working correctly
- There was a way that a blank line of text could appear during a fight exchange, think I've fixed it
- Re-signing a fighter could switch him to his preferred weight class automatically
- Crash when using Mod Maker + to increase or set certain weight classes
- Was possible for jailed fighters to take part in local shows
- Reduced quality slightly for level 1-3 created fighters
- Added random weight classes to populate companies in main editor, and expanded it to female divisions
- Altered broadcasters section so that you can have more than one non-PPV broadcaster covering the same area, as long as they're not the same size; altered AI accordingly too.
- Lowered promotion popularity gain from smaller "B"-style shows
- Made fight 'draw' less easy to achieve by lowering effect of winning streaks amongst others
- Stopped rare occurrences of AI being able to illegally offer guaranteed fights to non-exclusive fighters
- Added new code to data check to help database recover from "duplicate attributes" being created; still trying to find source of original error
- Altering ages in the Ager section could cause a crash
- Made it so that reality TV show finalists cannot refuse to fight
- Some EOY awards could show a female 'no picture' if no proper picture was available, irrespective of gender
- Some split decisions could have the scores transposed in the fight recap
- Fixed an issue with the character importer that had inadvertently been introduced in the previous patch
- Game could freeze when dealing relationships if the relationship had a character missing; coded a workaround to stop the freeze, yet to find where the initial error came from
- Game could freeze on a specific part of processing teams
- Fixed a typo in the previous patch that was causing it to freeze for everyone
- Companies with absolutely no popularity can be unable to run shows if their roster is too good
- Importing companies could be incorrectly blocked by lack of weight classes
- Child organisation "feed" instruction could not show properly and look like it didn't save
- Created Australian broadcasters would have no active areas due to being mistakenly classified as Asian
- Lowered company popularity gain by user request
- Altered number of weight classes that "live" populated companies can have to be random
- Added pop-up text to show what fighter picture is currently being used (on editor)
- Starting a game with only one character in the database would cause a crash
- User renewed broadcasters would give an incorrect number of remaining shows
- Crash could happen if user tried to book an event in the past
- 'Draw' level of fight could alter slightly depending on the order of the fighters (only impacted very low level fights)
- Removed waiting period between reality shows as user request
- Added "?" buttons to better explain that recuperating fighters won't accept match offers until they return
- Fixed cosmetic scoring issue that could occur in rare circumstances
- Fixed issue whereby some narratives could create a never ending loop
- Both importers would cause issues when importing fighters that could cause errors within the game; patch stops it from happening again, although any damaged data would need to be manually removed \ save games restarted if this has impacted a game
- Fixed freeze when closing a team (mostly seen with Mantas' camp)
- Mass delete of referees did not work; also the judge list could show referees instead as an extension of same error
- Diary alerts couldn't be removed as button disabled
- Main event title match draws could cause cosmetic errors in web site and results
- Reality TV screen could crash if one of the coaches was no longer employed
- Fight engine could sometimes show "jab hit - big strike missed" but count the latter as having apparently hit
- Potential freeze (very rare) on pre-fight analysis
- Minor typos fixed
- Minor typos in fight engine output
- Issue with fighter background being mislabeled
- Possible crash when loaning out fighters to child companies
- Possible crash if you added a new player after previously adding and removing that number of players
- Newly introduced TV Shows screen did not fill all the information in correctly, resulting in a crash if the player did not set them manually
- Added TV Shows button to the Match Making screen allowing the user to add, edit and remove shows (additional button added to patch)
- Altered some e-mails to be classed as important, via user request
- Added count of fighters in each weight class to company profile's and the personal assistant report
- Fixed a freeze that could happen during loading when a new team was being created
- Fixed crash when searching judges or referees by age anywhere in the game
- Fixed a freeze that could happen when certain broadcasting contracts were creating during loading phase
- Fixed freeze that could happen when opening Pre-Show Analysis
- Fixed crash when importing narratives
- Fixed missing item in list of narrative importance
- Adjusted searches in the match making screen to work better when using "available = no"
- Fighter injury histories were not displaying when viewing profiles
- Altered match making so that only one complaint is given (in case of several being possible)
- When negotiating when using a small company, guaranteed fights were the default even though they'd be blocked; delegating would also get around this illegally
- Reality TV shows could freeze during the final week of a season
- Fighters yet to debut could appear on local shows (this would cause a freeze)
- Altered it so that Nameless characters, who were used when no names were available, are now blocked from happening (EXCEPT when creating competitors for reality TV shows, as a name is required for the game to continue)

Changes From Public Beta Phase
- All errors reported fixed
- The injury rate has been reduced slightly
- When match making, the game remembers the current numbering used, allowing auto name to work better
- Several new fighter \ team attributes
- Added Populate Companies to Options
- Added Populate Characters to Options
- Added a Comparison screen to match making
- Added Momentum as visible text to match making
- Added 'of the night' awards to the fighter achievements screen
- Adjusted several smaller things to the fight engine, including reducing the usage of guillotines in 'staggered' situations
- Added clear pro record, rankings and popularity to Mass Edit
- Reduced PPV production costs to allow smaller companies to survive longer
- Altered Knock Out Of The Night awards to allow TKO winners
- Altered the minimum number of fighters per area in regards to the game filling in the game world to allow for more options
- Lowered popularity gains for reality TV fighters and coaches
- Lowered popularity gains for unemployed fighters competing on the local circuit
- Altered it so that unemployed fighters won't bother taking local fights while they are currently in negotiations with a company
- Addition of 'available to hire' for searching Characters list
Adam Ryland
Designer of TEW, WMMA, WreSpi, and Comic Book Hero

Last edited by Adam Ryland : 08-13-2017 at 08:41 AM.
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