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Unread 05-02-2018, 05:37 AM
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Default Welcome to New York... Again

This is a Cornellverse dynasty, which looks to combine some of my older dynasty ideas into one mega-diary. The initial inspiration was BriFidelity and the stylistic choices were based on InfinityWPI. So thank you to both of them for inspiration.

The rain hammered the filthy streets. It was the kind of rain which washed away your sins along with your hopes and dreams.

I ran from shelter to shelter, soaked through and freezing. The bright lights of the lamp posts illuminating the otherwise dark of a night. I was alone in the concrete jungle of the City. Every few steps there was something new to see; scantily clad women, men in hoodies offering everything a young man could want and the atmosphere was punctured with the sound of horns of the endless yellow taxis screaming around the streets.

I pulled a soggy letter from my pocket and checked the address and then looked above. Written in bulbs of lights were the words ‘The Ministry.’

This was it.

I pushed the door open and entered. It was dark, and quiet and sat at odds with the cacophony of sound outside. Ahead rows and rows of foldaway chairs were neatly lined up surrounding a dirty looking wrestling ring. The apron covers read NYCW in blue. In the centre of the ring was an old man, hunched. You could tell by looking at it that he used to be muscular and lithe, but age, as always had reduced him to a shell.

“Hey kid, nice to see you finally showed up.”

“Hello Mr. Vessey,” I said.

“No need for pleasantries, we both know why you’re here. You might as well call me Larry.”

I did know why I was there. Years after graduating and following a successful internship at Total Championship Wrestling, I had been headhunted. Well that wasn’t quite the right word. Fortune, serendipity, luck. Whatever you want to call it, some unknowing force had put me and Larry in the same bar on the same night. I’d been drunk and bragging about how the latest storylines which were keeping TCW in the game had been my idea. It was an exaggeration. Actually, who am I kidding, they were a lie. I was only an intern for godsake. My biggest claim to fame was I’d brought coffee into the meetings where the big decisions were made. But on that night, I’d been feeling good and started bragging.

Larry, a veteran of the sport and the owner of NYCW, a small company in the big city had taken notice and offered me a job on the spot. Tired of having his talent raided by the big three promotions in America, he wanted revenge. I got it. I really did. Busting yourself to stay relevant in an increasingly saturated market wasn’t easy. When he’d offered me the book, I’d jumped at the chance. I told him there was nothing to worry about.

But now I was here, sober and way out of my depth. I’d never so much as booked a single match before, now I had control of an entire roster. This wasn’t going to be pretty.

Larry had handed me the ‘book,’ which in an old school promotion like NYCW was exactly that. A book. A massive book filled with handwritten notes, story ideas and crossed out names. I looked at the list and noticed some names I’d heard about; Cameron Vessey, Matthew Keith, Greg Gauge, Casey Valentine, Oblivion, KC Glenn. Each one had gimmick ideas, story threads and each had a word next to them. TCW, USPW, SWF, Japan, God knows where. It was a list of workers Larry had clearly wanted, but been unable to sign.

The problem with NYCW is that it was old school. The original founder, The Stomper had wanted it that way. An unapologetic throwback to the old ways of wrestling. Clearly defined good guys and bad guys, technical and brawling style matches and simple, yet effective characters. None of this new-fangled high-flying ballet which the people actually wanted. I mean why offer what the people want, when you can tell them.

The company, desperately in need of sustained growth and success had all but given up. They’d banded together with a few other regional promotions to create something called the Confederation of the Territories, where wrestlers were shared and everybody played nice.

From the outside looking in, it was sweet.

And in a lot of ways, pathetic.

Larry liked the old school feel, but hated all the other owners, bookers and frankly, almost everyone in the industry. Even his own son, who he’d been grooming for superstardom and was then surprised when he jumped at the chance.

Larry kicked the door of the broom cupboard, I mean my office. In his hand was a black hood and on his face, a big grin.

“Come on kid, we’ve got to see a Keith about a bunch of dogs.”

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Unread 05-02-2018, 05:40 AM
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Somewhere in the Mid-Atlantic region…

I was ushered into a room by the strong grip of Larry Vesey and was sat down in a comfortable chair. The hood was still on my head as it had been for the seemingly never-ending car journey which had brought us here. I didn’t know where hear was of course. It was like being in spy movie. Not a good spy movie of course, but one of those straight-to-TV nonsense where the plot didn’t make sense and all the villains were a moustache twirl away from victory.

“Where are we?” I asked.

“Shut up kid,” Larry growled.

“Whose the rookie?” said a gruff voice from elsewhere in the room.

The hood was lifted.

I was sat around the table with Larry and five important-looking men and five other not so important. When I say important, I don’t mean in the global, political or social sense, but in the ‘look at me and how important I am’ type of way. These were wrestling promoters. The sort of hard-nosed, carnival-inspired lunatics who presented oiled-up men in pants hitting each other with chairs as an art form.

Each introduced themselves in turn; Cliff Anderson of CZCW, Joaquin Soler of OLLIE, Troy Winner of 4C and the self-appointed leader Sam Keith of MAW. This was a meeting of the Confederation of the Territories. Alongside each owner sat the booker for each promotion; Too Hot (4C), Billy Peers (CZCW), Jay Fair (MAW) and Phoenix I (OLLIE).

I’d read all about them in the ‘book.’ The alliance; designed as a way of keeping their names relevant in a business which had basically passed them by. Each had a noble reason for running an unsuccessful business, whether it was to train the next generation, present something alternative for true fans or to help buoy the failing economy in their respective area. Whatever reason they gave; the uncomfortable truth was that they wanted to be powerful, successful and influential. They wanted to be stopped in the street by strangers and applauded for their business acumen, their financial clout and above all else they wanted to be the owners of the top wrestling promotion in the world.

The powerhouses of SWF, TCW and the new champions USPW dominate global wrestling and a bunch of near-to-the-top promotions are hot on their heels. But for the smaller fish, they needed to work together for now in order to survive and perhaps one day, thrive.

This must’ve been the yearly meetup. It was December after all. The notes in the ‘book’ simply said, ‘Waste of time, don’t care, just a chance for a drink and reminisce about the good old days. Idiots.’

Only, those notes didn’t seem to ring true. Especially not for this particular meeting, they looked tense and as they discussed their various promotions, plans for the titles and who should run what shows on what days, I could tell there was something playing on their minds. Larry told me to sit down, shut up and don’t make a fool of myself.

And other than spilling coffee over myself, I did ok.

Rich plumes of smoke danced through the air and seeped into the custom-made suits of these important men and they all laughed maniacally. Definitely villains.

Even though my heart was pounding in my chest, it really was fascinating to have a seat at the table. Literally, in this case.

Sam Keith was winding down proceedings when there was a single knock at the door. The others looked at one another in surprise. Presumably nobody else knew about this meeting.

“Come in,” said Keith.

The door burst open. In walked a suited man. This was a man not suited to events like this. He wore a suit that was more at home in the boardroom of a multinational promotion. He was tanned, but not orange, his teeth were white, but not glistening white and his shoes were pristine and shiny. This man was everything the others in the room wished they were.

“So it’s true,” he said and walked to the head of the table. “The little people are working together. I always thought it was some running gag. Amazing.”

“Who in the blazes are you?” shouted Larry and he nearly knocked me over as he stood.

“I’m Allen Packer,” he said confidently. “I own Reverie. And USPW and hopefully soon, you lot.”

He pulled five envelopes from his pocket and slid one to each of the big boys at the table.

“It’s 2016 and it’s all about online content,” he said. “You’ve got some, I want it. Here’s a pay cheque for you to go home and stop playing at promoting.”
Sam opened up the envelope and pulled out a cheque. He looked at it and then screwed it up and tossed it on the floor.

Allen Packer laughed.

“Not enough old man?” he said. “How about I double it?”

“I’ve got plenty of money already,” said Keith.

Larry didn’t even open the envelope, he just screwed it up and shoved it in his mouth. He then tried to speak, but his mouth was full of paper. So he raised his middle finger to the newcomer instead and let out a little choked cough.

“OK,” said Packer. “Have it your way. I’ll run you all out of business and then buy your tape libraries for $1 when I’m finished.”

With that he spun on his heels and strolled out of the dark room.

“How the hell did he find us here?” asked Sam. “Who flapped their gums?”

Nobody responded.

“Wha’re we gonna do about zis man? Kill im?” said Soler.

The bookers suddenly looked nervous, but the owners barely looked fazed.

“We can’t,” said Winner. “Too high profile.”

“So wha den?” replied Soler.

“We’ll expand,” grinned Keith. “We’ll get as many promotions in the COTT as possible, unfiy, absorb and eventually force him out the industry. Old school. You can have all the technology you like, but nothing beats good old fashioned wrestling knowledge.”

The others looked at him like he was mad, but nobody presented any other idea. The meeting ended abruptly after that. The hood went back on and I was stuffed back into a car.

Hours later, once I was sure it was just me and Larry, he swore loudly.

“Everything alright?” I said, aware that we didn’t really have a relationship strong enough for such a personal question.

“Plans have moved up,” he said. “We’ll need to be very careful now.”

“And what plans are those?”

“Why do you think I hired you kid?”

I didn’t have an answer better than ‘because I appear more impressive to people when I’m drunk,’ so I remained silent.

“I’m tired of presenting Stomper’s vision of what NYCW is. We’re at war now. And I want to win.”

“With Allen Packer?”

“No with everyone, I want to take them all down. I’m going to reshape the wrestling world, and you’re going to help me.”

I gulped and Larry pulled the car over and removed the hood. We were outside The Ministry once again.

“It’s time to go to work, oh and Welcome to New York City.”
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Welcome… to New York City… where I’m sure everything would be fine…

Oh God, what was I doing? I had one week until NYCW Rush Hour 2016 and had no idea about the talent, the storylines, the promotion or anything.

I thumbed my way through the book and a few pages in, I found details on the current roster:

New York Championship Wrestling

Main Event
Honest Frank (Heel)
Man Mountain Cahill (Heel)
Bulldozer Brandon Smith (Face)
Steve Flash (Face)

Upper Midcard
The Masked Mauler (Heel)
Marv Statler (Face)
Rick Sanders (Heel)
Roger Cage (Face)

Tennessee William (Face)
Geoff Borne (Heel)
Andrew Harper (Heel)
Dean Waldorf (Face)
Crockett Tubbs (Face)
Animal Harker (Face)
Dermot O’Logical (Face)

Lower Midcard
Devastating Don (Heel)
Howlin Mad Mort (Heel)
The New York Doll (Heel)
Whitehorse Whittaker (Heel)

Brutus Milano (Heel)
Freedom Eagle (Face)

Enhancement Talent
Hawkeye Calhoun (Face)

Cheerleader Nicki (Face)
Fern Hathaway (Face)

Rock Downpour (Heel)

Colour Commentator
Ernie Turner (Face)

Michael Bull (Face)

Road Agent
Larry Vessey (Face)

$250,000 in the bank
Prestige: E-
Momentum: D
Importance: E (Tri-State)
Popularity: E (Tri-State)

NYCW Empire Title - Roger Cage (B prestige)
NYCW Tag Team Titles - Southern Stars (C Prestige)
NYCW Tri-State Regional Title - Crockett Tubbs (C- Prestige)

Hall of Fame:
The Stomper (2 x Empire Champion, 1 x Tag Team Champion)
Whistler (3 x Empire Champion, 2 x Tag Team Champion)
Wiley Coyote (4 x Tag Team Champion)

No. of Tag Team Champions:
Wiley Coyote: 4
Old School Principals: 4
The Ring Generals: 4
The Southern Stars: 3
Shark Cage: 2
The Boys from the Yukon: 1
The Stomper and Whistler: 1
Land Mass and the Big Problem: 1
Whistler and Mr. America: 1
American Machine and Steve Flash: 1

No. of Tri-State Champions:
Sammy the Shark: 2
The Masked Mauler: 2
Andrew Harper: 2
Bulldozer Brandon Smith: 2
Animal Harker: 2
Crockett Tubbs: 1
Steve Flash: 1
The New York Doll: 1
Monty Trescade: 1
Travis Century: 1
Nevada Nuclear: 1
Grandmaster Phunk: 1
Lee Wright: 1
Dazzling Dave Diamond: 1

Empire Champions:
Roger Cage: 3
Honest Frank: 3
Steve Flash: 3
Whistler: 3
American Buffalo: 3
Man Mountain Cahill: 2
The Stomper: 2
Joey Minnesota: 2
Paul Steadyfast: 1
Grandmaster Phunk: 1
Black Hat Bailey: 1

Things were stable. Comfortable. Nice. None of that worked in the new world. It was time to be ruthless. But how can you be ruthless with the boys and maintain the illusion of legacy and old school values? The two were at odds with one another. This was going to take some time and effort, not to mention we needed an injection of new talent. We also needed a big storyline to hook the locals to coming back. Finally we needed to keep our best talents and phase out those who were struggling. We also couldn’t spend too much money.

Nice. It was like trying to juggle with lots of knives. Sharp knives. Sharp knives which were also on fire.

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Welcome to New York… Where Allen Packer spends more in a day than we do in a year.

As part of the new regime, Larry gave me a series of goals to keep me on track. Aside from total domination and eventual war with everyone in the Confederations of the Territories, I had to make sure we didn’t shrink in size, no law-breakers, spot monkeys or cruiserweights.

I immediately checked the books and specifically wrestler contracts. There was also a list of independent wrestlers and their skillsets and estimated ability. What on Earth was Larry playing at?

I called the numbers of the following wrestlers and told them their services were no longer needed:

Man Mountain Cahill
Devastating Don
Geoff Borne
Fern Hathaway
Cheerleader Nicki
Dermot O’Logical
Hawkeye Calhoun
Freedom Eagle
Rock Downpour (I’ll do the commentary)

I was actually proud of myself. In a week I’d contacted various wrestlers from Larry’s list. Signed some up and had some complicated, intertwining stories for the show sorted. Most revolved around out ultra-charismatic Empire Champion, Roger Cage.

He’d obviously heard the rumours of the mega-push I had for him and walked into my office on the day of the show.

“Hey bookerman, how’s tricks?” he said.

“Busy Rog, very busy. Making plans. How can I help the future franchsie player in the new look NYCW?”

“Errr,” he said and rubbed the back of his neck. “So I’m off.”


He slid a piece of paper over the table. It was a written contract from USPW with his name and signature on it.

“Oh,” I said.

“Sorry bookerman, I’d love to stay, but Mr. Packer made me one hell of an offer.”

“I bet he did.”

“He wanted me to bring the title with me.”

“What the Hell…”

“I said no. I’m around for the next show and willing to do whatever is necessary.”

“Thanks kid.”

“Errr, I’m older than you I think.”

“Gotcha,”I replied disinterestedly. “Thanks old man.”

Damn USPW. Damn Packer and damn this industry. Roger wasn’t the only one either. Other champions from around the country had been signed to contracts. A lame attempt to devalue our titles. Well the jokes on him, our titles are fairly meaningless already.

Oh wait.

We had one show to get the title off our youngest and most charismatic star. We had to find his replacement too. Luckily I was brought here for my creative talents. Sort of. Well, that’s why they thought they’d hire me.

I found an awesome wrestling website which kept me up-to-date with the latest news from the world of wrestling. Sam Keith had accepted a contract with Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling, which further solidified the COTT. Japanese legend Elemental announced his plans to retire and move away from the sport and USPW, not content with stealing Roger also signed Nelson Callum, Greg Black and Donnie J. I crossed out their names from the ‘maybe hire’ list. How annoying.

In other news, Jonnie Perez, brother of Frankie, won the Xtreme Title in CZCW. Good for him. He wasn’t the kind of guy we’d be going for, but I’m always happy to see the future of pro wrestling take the necessary steps.

On the eve of my first big show, I walked backstage and did a quick meet and greet with all the workers old and new. What I saw was a mock court setup with Steve Flash, the only Grand Slam winner in NYCW history as the judge. One of our new guys, the awesomely talented Ernest Youngman was sentenced to buying beers for all the guys after the show for his hand in making the mess. I was worried he was about to be upset, but he laughed it and promised to behave better.
It was time for the show.

NYCW Welcome to New York 1: Rebirth
Sunday, Week 2, January, 2016
The Ministry, Queens, New York City, New York
Attendance: 1,000 (SOLD OUT!)

Roger Cage grabbed his title and as his music started to play, he nodded at the other guys and strutted out from behind the curtain, microphone in hand.

“Hello dudes and dudettes of New York City, it is I, the legend Roger Cage. I don’t have a match tonight, but I’m feeling frisky, if you know what I mean. So I’ll accept a challenge from anyone new and show why I’m the main man.”

Some very funky music plays and someone dressed like a pimp returns to NYCW to a rapturous applause.

“That’s right fools, Grandmaster Phunk has returned! I thought I’d swing by to see you all. Still as ugly and useless as always.”

Crowd boos

“I’m back for the gold, cos a pimp always needs more… Bling! But I know what it’s like in NYC, so I’ve brought some backup.”

Two men slide into the ring behind Roger Cage and deliver a beatdown. Once he’s unconscious, the larger of the men grabs a microphone.

“The name’s Nate DeMarcus, and this here is my boy Curtis Shaw. Phunk brought us here to dominate. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do. Cos we’re the Harlem Profits!”


And thus we set out our stall for the year ahead with a new stable. Losing Cage is a blow, but Phunk should fill the gap nicely until we’re able to reach regional and find ourselves a franchise player.

TAG TEAM TRIPLE THREAT MATCH: Steve Flash and Logan Wolfsbaine defeated Brutus Milano and Austin Smooth and Curtis Shaw and Nate DeMarcus in 7:59; the order of elimination was Brutus Milano and William Jetterson first, and then Curtis Shaw and Nate DeMarcus. (E+)
And starting as we mean to go on, with the Harlem profits having bad chemistry. Fantastic. This would require some further though.

NYCW TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: The Southern Stars (c) defeated The Boys From The Yukon in 10:05 when Animal Harker defeated Whitehorse Whittaker by pinfall with a Texas Meat-Grinder. (E+)
Need to build up our tag team division, so we’d focus on a triple threat feud between the Southern Stars, the Harlem Profits (maybe) and The Ring Generals.

ANGLE: The Southern Stars cut a promo hyping their upcoming match with The Ring Generals. (D-)
We’ve added young Texan Joffy Laine to the Southern Stars as a mouthpiece. We’ve also renamed him Joffy Pinkerton and given him a cowboy hat. Because he’s a Southerner and we’re in New York. Stereotypes for the win.

NYCW TRI-STATE TITLE FOURWAY MATCH: Ernest Youngman defeated Crockett Tubbs (c), Andrew Harper and The New York Doll in 10:23 when Ernest Youngman defeated Crockett Tubbs by pinfall with The Hit. Ernest Youngman wins the NYCW Tri-State Regional title. (D)
Hot shot the title off of someone we don’t like, to someone we plan to push. Ernest carried the match, which is what he should get used to doing for the next year.

ANGLE: Bulldozer Brandon Smith cuts a promo saying that once he’s done with Dishonest Frank, he’ll face the winner tonight’s title match. (D-)

SINGLES MATCH: Bulldozer Brandon Smith defeated Honest Frank in 13:19 by pinfall, illegally using the ropes for leverage. (D)
Wanted Bulldozer to beat Frank at his own game to show that he’s savvy.

TAG TEAM MATCH: The Ring Generals defeated Old School Principals in 10:12 when Dean Waldorf defeated The Masked Mauler by pinfall with a Wheelbarrow Bomb. (D-)
Ring Generals get the win to build momentum. Old School Principals are way past their prime, so will be used to get over the newer teams.

SINGLES MATCH: Fro Sure defeated Joffy Pinkerton in 9:59 by pinfall, illegally using the ropes for leverage after interference from the Harlem Profits. (E+)

ANGLE: Roger Cage cuts a promo hyping up his upcoming match with Grandmaster Phunk. (C-)

NYCW EMPIRE TITLE MATCH: Grandmaster Phunk defeated Roger Cage (c) in 22:34 by pinfall with a Phunkensteiner. Grandmaster Phunk wins the NYCW Empire title. (D+)
And thus we find a suitable replacement for Cage and set our stall out for the next few months. Bulldozer chasing Phunk for the title.


Pretty good show all in all, happy with the majority of the debuts, especially Logan Wolfsbaine whose gimmick is legendary. He’s got a bright future ahead for sure.

We had a look at the Harlem Profits and decided Nate DeMarcus was the keeper, so we fired Curtis Shaw and brought in a suitable replacement. Crockett Tubbs was also released. Our colour man Ernie Turner signed a PPA with RIPW, who also sent Primus Allen up to the main roster. Elsewhere MAW held their annual Rip Chord Invitational Tournament, which was won by the terribly-named Cheetah Boy.

At the end of the month, the ratings were in and we’d finished last to PSW, MAW and RIPW in the regional battles, which made us look like a bunch of nobodies. Combine that with our awful production values and we really were easy to overlook. At least we lost $4,587.

Next time on Welcome to New York… The territories come into play…

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As a guy whose been playing with MAW and dealing with stolen stars and the COTT (but a smaller bank account, just 100K) I'm instantly sold on this thread. I'll admit, I'll probably have a perverse joy since your guys picked up every so often.

The shitty ratings thanks to production values suck but odds are you probably aren't going to match RIPW. It'll be interesting to see if you say **** it and have weeklies ahead of having a TV show or if you'll stick to the monthlies.

I'd say you probably used way too many guys lol. With MAW I stuck to about 14 guys per show but again - smaller bank account.

Greg, Bulldozer, Ernest, Logan are all awesome. Hoping to see Ring Generals get a push. Love them.

Anyways, looking forward to the next update
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Welcome to New York… where we try to rinse our alliance in order to boost our popularity. What else are friends for?

February started with Mario Heroic returning to wrestling. We pinged him an email and were told, politely, to scram. Over in Pittsburgh, PSW held Night of Combat 1 where Ernest Youngman lost his National Title to JD Morgan. No doubt a shot at us. But we had to focus on ourselves before we turned our attention to destroying them. Before Welcome to New York 2, Bulldozer and Ernest became friends and lifted the locker room while Howlin Mad Mort was brought before wrestler’s court and judge Steve Flash for making a mess. I love professional wrestling.

NYCW Welcome to New York 2: Friends to the South
Sunday, Week 2, February, 2016
The Ministry, Queens, New York City, New York
Attendance: 1,000 (SOLD OUT!)

OPENING TRIPLE THREAT TAG TEAM MATCH: Harlem Profits (Nate DeMarcus and Donte Dunn) defeated Old School Principals and The Boys From The Yukon in 7:38; the order of elimination was The Boys From The Yukon first, and then Old School Principals. (E)
We found a replacement for Curtis Shaw and they didn’t suck as a team. They didn’t have chemistry either, but we’ll take no loss as a win.

ANGLE: Harlem Profits cut a promo demanding a match with The Southern Stars for all the bling. (D-)
Grandmaster Phunk continues to pay for himself by carrying the new guys in promo land.

TAG TEAM MATCH: Logan Wolfsbaine and Steve Flash defeated The New York Doll and Austin Smooth in 7:43 when Logan Wolfsbaine defeated Austin Smooth by submission with a Boston Crab. (D)
Another win for the vet/rookie combination and Austin Smooth was off his game again. He probably should be careful about that. I know no one likes to lose, but he should still be bringing his a-game.

ANGLE: Fro Sure cuts a promo saying he wants a shot at Ernest Youngman and the Tri-State Title. (E)
Not the best promo in the world, but we’d put that down to the fact he still needs some exposure in the Tri-State region.

SINGLES MATCH: Fro Sure defeated Joffy Pinkerton in 8:01 by count out. (D-)
A win, but also a result which keeps Joffy a little relevant. I don’t really have anything for him to do at the moment, but I don’t want to bury him either.

ANGLE: The Southern Stars cut a promo hyping their upcoming match with The Ring Generals and how they’re about to take the COTT World Tag Team Titles to add to their collection back home on the farm in Tennessee. (D-)

COTT AND NYCW TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: The Southern Stars (c) defeated The Ring Generals (c) in 12:43 when Tennessee William defeated Marv Statler by pinfall with a Texas Meat-Grinder after Joffy Pinkerton interfered. The Southern Stars win the COTT World Tag Team titles. (D-)
I wanted to keep the title picture clear as I could and the fact both these teams are face means that the better story currently involves the Harlem Profits.

NYCW TRI-STATE TITLE MATCH: Ernest Youngman (c) defeated Brutus Milano and Andrew Harper in 9:48 when Ernest Youngman defeated Brutus Milano by pinfall with The Hit. (D-)
Standard ‘establish the champion as a fighter’ match. Andrew Harper wasn’t too happy though. Unfortunately for him, Ernest is the man.

ANGLE: Bulldozer Brandon Smith cuts a promo saying that he’ll be facing Grandmaster Phunk at Rush Hour in a month, but for now he’s going to beat Honest Frank again, only this time he’ll do it the ‘right way.’ (D+)

SINGLES MATCH: Bulldozer Brandon Smith defeated Honest Frank in 7:49 by pinfall with a Backdrop Driver. (D)
Building up the challenger. Frank wouldn’t be happy with continuous losses, but with his decline in performance due to age, his time as a focal point was at an end.

ANGLE: Grandmaster Phunk congratulates Bulldozer Brandon Smith on his win and he looks forward to destroying him at Rush Hour. But for now he had some overgrown lunk from South of the Border to beat! His title would be on the line, because to make Bling, you gotta spend Bling! (C-)
He is spectacular on the microphone.

COTT WORLD AND NYCW EMPIRE TITLE MATCH: Grandmaster Phunk (c) defeated Nicolas Lopez (c) in 22:48 by pinfall with a Phunkensteiner. Grandmaster Phunk wins the COTT World Heavyweight title. (D)
Actually disappointed in this one. I expected a loaned talent as good as Lopez to deliver, but he was off his game. Still, it did what it needed to and Phunk becomes a unified champion.


Another solid show which gains us popularity. We discovered after the show that Logan Wolfsbaine had started dating free agent Venus Angeletti, which was good to know for a later date. And NYCW Hall of Famer Wiley Steinway was hanging up his boots. He sent him a nice card.

In terms of our monthly performance we finished last, again and managed to lose $8,201. Deciding to follow Phunk’s adage of spending bling to make bling. We upped our production values, notably our music department. And you know what that means; ENTRANCE MUSIC.

Ernest Youngman – We’re An American Band (Grand Funk Railroad)
Grandmaster Phunk, Harlem Profits and Fro Sure – Mama Said Knock You Out (LL Cool J)
Andrew Harper – Homecoming (Kanye West)
Brutus Milano – The Godfather Theme
Steve Flash – Flash Gordon Theme
Bulldozer Brandon Smith – Born in the USA (Bruce Springsteen)
Honest Frank – My Way (Frank Sinatra)
Animal Harker, Tennessee William, Joffy Laine – Blaze of Glory (Bon Jovi)
The Boys from the Yukon – The Lumberjack Song
Old School Principals – No music (old school after all)
The Ring Generals – The Final Countdown (Europe)
Logan Wolfsbaine – All Along the Watchtower (Jimmy Hendrix)
New York Doll – Hey Ho, Let’s Go (The Ramones)
Austin Smooth – Smooth (Rob Thomas and Carlos Santana)

Having done that, we then gave Bulldozer Brandon Smith a pay rise of $80 and prepared for one of our Big Four shows… Rush Hour 2016.

Next time on Welcome to New York… Rush Hour 2016…

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