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Unread 06-14-2018, 03:07 AM
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Welcome to New York… Where we’re losing our religion…

Before Welcome to Boston, I received a number of complaints about Solomon Gold, who unbelievably had been spreading his religion. I gave him a stern warning, because frankly these were grown men and they could just tell him to leave them alone. Nothing happened as a result of my actions.

Meanwhile Cameron Vessey’s army of protégés grew as he took on Leroy Howard. What a hero.

Welcome to Boston 24: Vessey/Liotta vs. The Family
Thursday, Week 3, November, 2021
The Laurent Ballroom, Burlington, Vermont
Attendance: 4,248

FOURWAY TAG TEAM MATCH: Elemental Fury defeated Montaigu Gauthier and Leroy Howard, Li Hwang and Nigel Svensson and Ryunosuke Hiraoka and The Great Hisato Jr in 10:20; the order of elimination was Ryunosuke Hiraoka and The Great Hisato Jr first, then Li Hwang and Nigel Svensson, and finally Montaigu Gauthier and Leroy Howard. (D)
When in doubt, book what you know. Like loads of teams together in a schmozz with the challengers getting the win.

SINGLES MATCH: Solomon Gold defeated Mandel Savard in 8:28 by submission with a Gold Standard Sleeper after blatantly cheating. (E+)
We liked gold, despite his religion, and we’ve decided he deserves a mini-push to see where we can get him.

NYCW WORLD TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Legacy (c) defeated Azrael and Kyle Borden in 7:45 when Robin DaLay defeated Kyle Borden by pinfall with a DaLay Down. (D+)
Another surprisingly good match as I think I’ve accidentally booked Legacy so strong that they’re becoming a draw themselves. Which is actually really cool.

SINGLES MATCH: James Wolfsbaine defeated William Jetterson in 8:21 by pinfall with a Smash Hammer. (D)
The continued destruction of Jetterson by Wolfsbaine continues. The matches aren’t up to much, but the story is working well enough.

SINGLES MATCH: Richard Trewman defeated Rust Dillon in 8:03 by pinfall with a handful of tights. (D)
A genuine upset as it’s time for Dillon to start putting over the next generation of midcarders. It was a tainted result, so not terrible news for him. I never did find him a suitable tag team partner though, which was an oversight.

NYCW US TITLE MATCH: The Hangman (c) defeated Perren Cloutier in 8:03 by pinfall with a Choke Slam. (D+)
The Hangman’s matches are getting better and better in his role as US Champion. Clean win here and he’s getting closer to the epic showdown with Wolfsbaine.

ANGLE: Vessey and Liotta cut a promo hyping their upcoming match with The Family. (B-)

TAG TEAM MATCH: Austin Smooth and Garry Walker drew with The Architect and Bradley Blaze in 28:24 following a double count out. (C+)
Continuing the trend of big tag team matches ending in a draw. By the time we reach the big show, hopefully all four men will be in fantastic shape ready to try and steal the show.

ANGLE: The Family cut a promo hyping their upcoming match with Vessey and Liotta. (B-)

TAG TEAM MATCH: Cameron Vessey and Ralph Liotta drew with The Family in 28:26 following a double count out. (B-)
And as above, but with more popular workers, this match stole the show comfortably as the Vessey/Vessey connection raises everyone’s game. Larry would be so proud.

ANGLE: Cameron Vessey and Chuck Vessey are in the ring and are squaring off, unhappy about something. The argument soon turns physical, and they are joined by David Stone and Ralph Liotta for a wild brawl, with the chaos spilling out all around ringside. Eventually a number of officials and other wrestlers have to hit the ring and pull them apart before they kill each other. (C+)


Elsewhere in the wrestling world USPW went and signed SWF World Heavyweight Champion Remmy Skye to a monster contract. It’s quite the career rehabilitation for a man caught in possession earlier in the year. Was there anyone who could stop USPW’s ascent?

Anyway, we had one last show to get through and then it was time for arguably, our biggest show ever. We’d meticulously planned this one out and top-to-bottom it was probably the strongest line-up we’d ever seen in terms of potential.

We decided this show would simply be a rehash of the last, to squeeze every bit of popularity and build we could.

Old School Wrestling
Thursday, Week 4, November, 2021
The Laurent Ballroom, Burlington, Vermont
Attendance: 4,188

EIGHT-MAN TAG MATCH: Elemental Fury and Legacy defeated Leroy Howard, Nigel Svensson, Ryunosuke Hiraoka and The Great Hisato Jr in 7:45 when American Elemental II defeated Leroy Howard by pinfall with an American Earth Breaker. (D)

SINGLES MATCH: James Wolfsbaine defeated William Jetterson in 7:52 by pinfall with a Smash Hammer. (D+)

NYCW US TITLE MATCH: The Hangman defeated Rust Dillon in 8:14 by pinfall with a Choke Slam. (D+)

ANGLE: Vessey and Liotta cut a promo hyping their upcoming match with The Family. (B)

EIGHT-MAN TAG MATCH: Austin Smooth, Cameron Vessey, Garry Walker and Ralph Liotta drew with Bradley Blaze, The Architect and The Family in 27:37 when the referee lost control and stopped the match. (B-)


SWF call-up Kelly Naess from RIPW, presumably to help fill the void left by Remmy Skye. Meanwhile the USPW spending spree continued as they stole Bulldozer Brandon Smith and Edd Stone from TCW. Their roster was utterly unbelievable.

We however, lost another boatload of money, and despite all of our work over the years, were teetering dangerously close to financial ruin.

Still with a big show built and the arena potentially sold out in advance, we just might turn things around.

NYCW Empire City Showdown VI:
Empire World Title: Chuck Vessey (c) vs. Cameron Vessey
No. 1 contenders: Ralph Liotta vs. David Stone
US Title (Streak vs. Streak): The Hangman (c) vs. James Wolfsbaine
World Tag Titles: Legacy (c) vs. Elemental Fury
Grudge Match: The Architect vs. Austin Smooth
Singles: Garry Walker vs. Bradley Blaze
15-Man Battle Royal: Everyone else on the roster

Next time on Welcome to New York… Empire City Showdown VI…
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