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Unread 03-11-2018, 03:57 PM
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Default 1939-1940 Season Preview

1939-1940 Season Preview

Here is the preview for the upcoming season!

Athletic Director Goal

The goal this season is for us to again avoid last place in the conference. Our prestige went up to 1 this offseason which is nice to see. I was hoping we may be able to increase it a bit with the winning record but it is better to see a small rise than no rise at all.


We were a little more ambitious this year with our scheduling. We still have a lot of low prestige and bad teams but we again scheduled Richmond and also added on teams in bigger conferences in Fordham and Evansville. I tried to target a few teams that were higher prestige but coming off terrible seasons so that the matchup will look better for us.

  Date        Opponent                     Record  RPI  Result  Score  Record
  11/10/39    North Dakota                    0-0  327                       
  11/14/39    at #15 Richmond                 0-0   15                       
  11/18/39    Abilene Christian               0-0  261                       
  11/22/39    at Northern Kentucky            0-0  313                       
  11/25/39    at Northern Arizona             0-0  321                       
  11/27/39    at Western Illinois             0-0  296                       
  12/07/39    at SIU-Edwardsville             0-0  316                       
  12/12/39    at Florida Atlantic             0-0  315                       
  12/16/39    at Loyola Marymount             0-0  295                       
  12/20/39    UMass Lowell                    0-0  306                       
  12/23/39    at Fordham                      0-0  254                       
  12/27/39    at North Carolina Central       0-0  347                       
  01/01/40    Incarnate Word                  0-0  324                       
  01/04/40    at Evansville                   0-0  302                       
  01/08/40    Omaha                           0-0  298                       
  01/13/40    Chicago State                   0-0  285                       
  01/18/40    UMKC                            0-0  183                       
  01/20/40    Cal State Bakersfield           0-0  281                       
  01/25/40    at Seattle                      0-0  232                       
  01/27/40    at UT-Rio Grande Valley         0-0  334                       
  02/01/40    Utah Valley                     0-0  236                       
  02/03/40    New Mexico State                0-0  142                       
  02/10/40    at Chicago State                0-0  285                       
  02/15/40    at Cal State Bakersfield        0-0  281                       
  02/17/40    at UMKC                         0-0  183                       
  02/22/40    UT-Rio Grande Valley            0-0  334                       
  02/24/40    Seattle                         0-0  232                       
  02/29/40    at Utah Valley                  0-0  236                       
  03/02/40    at New Mexico State             0-0  142
Here is our starting lineup for the 1939-1940 season:

C: Ike Dendy (SR*)
PF: Rodney Hills (SR*)
SF: Timothy Swart (FR)
SG: Enoch Scull (FR)
PG: Odis Deck (JR)

6th - PG Lamar Smith (FR)
7th - SG Horace Williams (SO*)
8th - PF Charles Odaniel (SR)
9th - SG Tracey Marrs (JR)
10th - PG James McLeod (JR)

I feel so much better about the roster this year than I did last year. We have very little depth in the frontcourt but should be fine playing smaller players a little out of position due to the quality, or lack thereof, in our conference. We will have 3 freshmen playing major minutes and we will see how that ends up working out. If we are getting beat on defense often we may have to shift everyone back to their more natural position. The biggest problem with this is it would mean Charles Odaniel would need to start.

EDIT: Before the season started I decided to instead play the players at their natural position which pushed Odaniel to PF and every other player moved "down" one position.

Recruiting News

It is still preseason but unfortunately we have already had 3 players decline our scholarship offers. PG Don Dunagan who we identified as a stud prospect instead committed to Southern Utah and two C's turned us down in order to attend UT-Rio Grande Valley and Boise State.

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Unread 03-14-2018, 09:15 PM
austin10splayer austin10splayer is offline
Join Date: Feb 2017
Posts: 91
Default November 1939

November 1939

  Date        Opponent                     Record  RPI  Result  Score  Record
  11/10/39    North Dakota                    1-4  317       W  63-38     1-0
  11/14/39    at Richmond                     5-0  209       L  80-45     1-1
  11/18/39    Abilene Christian               1-2   60       L  52-44     1-2
  11/22/39    at Northern Kentucky            3-3  299       L  64-46     1-3
  11/25/39    at Northern Arizona             3-1  327       L  68-60     1-4
  11/27/39    at Western Illinois             2-4   34       L  65-57     1-5
November 10, 1939

North Dakota (0-0) vs. Grand Canyon (0-0)

Final Score: North Dakota - 38, Grand Canyon - 63. This was a dream start to the season as we had a solid performance and held North Dakota to only 38 points! Timothy Swart had a stellar debut with 10 points, 6 rebounds, 2 assists, and 3 steals and was named player of the game. Enoch Scull was amazing as well in his first game with 17 points, 2 rebounds, 1 assist, and 3 steals. Lamar Smith made his debut as well and had 0 points but 3 rebounds and 1 assist. Rodney Hills had 8 points and 12 rebounds. It is so nice to have a bench with reliable players as Odis Deck had 11 points and Horace Williams had 8 points for 19 bench points.

November 14, 1939

Grand Canyon (1-0) vs. Richmond (0-0)

Final Score: Grand Canyon - 45, Richmond - 80. The game was close early on but we were outscored 38-16 in the second half and only scored 2 points in the first 10 minutes of the half. It was a fun game to watch but got out of hand with their 17 offensive rebounds (to our 15 defensive rebounds). Rodney Hills had 12 points and Odis Deck had 9 off the bench. We were never going to win this one but was hoping for a result closer to what we had in the first half.

November 18, 1939

Abilene Christian (0-0) vs. Grand Canyon (1-1)

Final Score: Abilene Christian - 52, Grand Canyon - 44. This one was a really bad loss to take as we just played terribly. Despite playing a big lineup we were outrebounded again. I am really considering going small since we are going to lose the rebounding battle anyways. Right now our obvious kryptonite is our big men as we have absolutely no talent there. Rodney Hills had 13 points and Enoch Scull was injured and will thankfully only miss 9 days.

Injury News: Enoch Scull will play in our next game. He is day to day and at 87%.

November 22, 1939

Grand Canyon (1-2) vs. Northern Kentucky (2-2)

Final Score: Grand Canyon - 46, Northern Kentucky - 64. This team is terrible so I've decided to just sim through games instead of watching them. Atrocious team that cannot rebound. They had 12 offensive rebounds to our 17 defensive rebounds. How can a team win when they play that badly. Simply put, they can't. Grand Canyon is proving why they have 1 prestige as no players are hustling and are embarrassing the program. They also shot 34% and allowed the opponent to shoot 54%. Let that sink in. With how we are playing right now I would be surprised if we win another game this season. We can barely score 40 points.

November 25, 1939

Grand Canyon (1-3) vs. Northern Arizona (1-1)

Final Score: Grand Canyon - 60, Northern Arizona - 68. Another bad loss here as we shot 34% to their 55%. Rodney Hills had 12 points and Timothy Swart had 16 but it didn't matter since we can't rebound. This season may be a very fast sim.

November 27, 1939

Grand Canyon (1-4) vs. Western Illinois (1-3)

Final Score: Grand Canyon - 57, Western Illinois - 65. Swart had 18. Hills had 13. We shot 41%. They shot 51%. Same story.

Overall Record: 1-5
Home Record: 1-1
Away Record: 0-4
Ranking: NR
RPI: 314

Season Stats


SF Rodney Hills - 11.5
SG Timothy Swart - 10.8
PG Odis Deck - 7.0


C Ike Dendy - 1.5
SG Timothy Swart - 1.3
PG Odis Deck - 1.2

Recruiting News:

SG Charles Blackman declined our scholarship offer and committed to Abilene Christian after seeing them demolish us.
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Unread 03-18-2018, 01:59 PM
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Hey nice opening season did your prestige go up any
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