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Unread 02-11-2018, 11:36 PM
Mr. Jones Mr. Jones is offline
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Default The SparrowVerse (HYPE)

From the writer of many diaries that died before they got more than one page...

Comes a mod so powerful...

So challenging...

So exciting, that only one man could do it justice. That man is Sid Sparrow.

But he wasn't just given the right to glory, or handed over the passage to fame. No, he; like everyone who came before him and everyone that will come after him will have to do at some point.

Because in the SparrowVerse...

You choose your destiny.


Well here it is, the moment I've been planning for a little while now. The SparrowVerse has been a passion project of mine for over a year now and I feel that it is now at a point where I can officially begin the hyping phase of the mod's existence.

Now keep in mind, this mod is not quite ready for it's first beta release. For one thing, most of the workers already in still need a bio: And I haven't yet figured out what to do with pictures (though that is another suggest for another day). But rest assured, I hope to have the first beta out and ready by at least the spring of '18.

The mod currently has 605 workers, by it's completion there hopes be at least two to three thousand workers of different sizes, personalities and creeds. There will also be over thirty promotions in total from all regions.

The goal for the final release is sometime during 2019 to 2021. During this time, there will be five beta releases.

The first: March-April of 2018.
The second: June-July of 2018
The third: September of 2018
The fourth: October of 2018
And the fifth: December of 2018.

There may or may not be more afterwards, but these are the ones I can guarantee will happen.

This is a very big project, perhaps the biggest of my entire life so far. It doesn't help that I am the lone man working in the project, (this includes creating wrestlers, promotions and writing bios.) But as long as I continue to love professional wrestling and TEW in general, I have full confidence that I can get this done and make something happen.

Next time I see you, I will be going over ever single promotion in the game and giving you their backstory. Until then, this is Mr. Jones signing out.
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Unread 02-12-2018, 01:07 AM
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Will definitely follow this
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Unread 02-12-2018, 03:38 AM
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what renders do you use?
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Unread 02-12-2018, 05:05 PM
Mr. Jones Mr. Jones is offline
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Originally Posted by WillyWillyWilly View Post
what renders do you use?
Right now the current hope is to bring in a few people from here and have them help out in whatever shape or form.

EDIT: In terms of renders, i'm going to try and go for some originals and some that are inspired.

Last edited by Mr. Jones : 02-12-2018 at 05:15 PM.
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Unread 02-12-2018, 05:44 PM
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Oh, I'm all in for this one, brutha.
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Unread 02-12-2018, 11:31 PM
Mr. Jones Mr. Jones is offline
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Default Promotion Watch #1

So the time has come to introduce you all to one of the promotions that are involved in the SparrowVerse. How this will work is simple, for U.S, Canada and Japan: I will begin with the biggest companies and then the women's companies and finally the smaller companies. Every other country goes their share in one fell swoop.

Global Wrestling Association
Opened: February 1980
Owner: Shawn DeNiele
Product: Global Entertainment
Bio: The Global Wrestling Association has been the no. 1 biggest promotion in the wrestling world since it's creation in 1980 by father and son business tycoons Shane and Shawn DeNeile. Originally a regional company, the death of Shane in '84 lead for Shawn to take the company to new heights and led wrestling to go mainstream. Since then, the company has had many distinct eras: Starting with WrestleMania, then the Dark Days, the Generation Era, the Hollywood Era, the Respect Era and the current era: The Gamechanging Era. 2016 proved to be yet another strong year for GWA with some of the finest work the company has put together yet. But cracks seem to be showing slightly, 2015 and 2016's GWA class have not set the world on fire like 2014's class did and fans seem to be growing tired of Sid Sparrow's act once more. Even so, GWA continues to be the top promotion in the world of wrestling...or at least, they are for now.

A Look At The Roster:

Main Stars:

Sid Sparrow: The man, the myth, the legend himself. Sid Sparrow is perhaps the most famous professional wrestler that has ever lived and the longest tenured wrestler in GWA history, having wrestled since back in the early 80s. Having bagged sixteen title runs over the years, he was the man that brought wrestling in the mainstream and has taken part in some of the top moments in GWA history. Whether if it was him telling his fans to 'eat their vegetables and drink their milk', or when he bodyslammed Goliath for the first time in history, or when he turned his back on Pat Patriot at 1996 Global Phenomenon to start the 'Greatest Generation' and of course, his historic match with Elijah Kydd that ended the stable and the Generation Era, he was there. And at the age of 58, he doesn't look to be stopping anytime soon (Rumors state that he wants to have at least twenty title runs before he retires).

Van Tanner: Van Tanner grew up a very sheltered individual in Detroit, Michigan. A loner in every sense of the word, he was bullied constantly by the bigger kids at school and was abused by his dad quite a lot during his high school days. His one escape was wrestling, becoming fans of GWA legends Sid Sparrow, Mike Kennedy and Bruisin' Braun. In 1998, he packed his bags and went off and away to try his hand on wrestling; he quickly gained notoriety for being a strong brawler who could rile up a crowd, and in 2001; (with the endorsement of Bruisin' Braun himself) he was signed into GWA where he fit in well with the edgy Greatest Generation era. In 2010, Van Tanner finally won his first world title and went on to hold it for one full year in one of the best booked title reigns in recent memory. In recent years, he has been responsible for training new talent such as Brock Oswald, Neil Crowe and Tommy Riggoli.

Houston Harrels, contrary to popular belief was not born in Houston. He was born in Minnesota to two very famous parents. (One a super-model, one a famous movie star) Naturally, there was a lot of hype surrounding the kid and what he was going to do in life. Growing up, he found himself loving wrestlers such as Three-C and Kamakize Kenny; and he worked long and hard to build himself to be like these legends. In 2006, he entered the indy scene and became a very talked about star amongst the IWC and in 2008, he head off to GWA under an unusually big contract. He had a successful run in the midcard, and became a multi-time North American and Tag Team champion, but when it was revealed in 2013 that he was dating Shawn DeNeile's daughter, Sierra DeNeile. His career exploded into the stratosphere and he became the most envied after heel in GWA, showcasing an uncanny ability to get under a crowd's skin and drawing nuclear heat almost everytime he shows up.

Zack Galloway: Zack Galloway is one of (if not) the finest wrestlers of his generation, having travelled all across the globe and having made a name for himself. He has wrestled in almost every major wrestling company the world has to offer, from CDLL to SWS and even across the pond from BBW. Yes, the kid from Birmingham has seen and done everything there is to do in wrestling. Except that is, work in a major American company. For many years, he was considered the greatest wrestler never to step foot inside either GWA or TWG. This finally ended when Zack Galloway announced his intentions to settle down with a major American company; naturally, a bidding war ensued but in the end, GWA offered one of the fattest contracts ever offered in professional wrestling and considering his reputation; it seems inevitable that he'll take GWA by storm.

Eddie Manderas: Eddie Manderas is a star whose popularity sprang wildly out of control for the better, born in Puerto Rico; he moved to Cuba to study for a biology degree. This went about as well as you thought it would, but it was there that he fell in love wrestling after seeing a house show from GWA. In 2005, he got out of Cuba and moved to America to start his career in wrestling and it wouldn't be long until GWA came calling. Eddie quickly became noted for being one of the best comedic heels in the company and garnered a fandom, in 2009: The company took a punt on him being a face and ended with him becoming even more popular. By 2010, he had cemented himself as a major player by winning his first world title. But a disappointing title run would hurt his credibility and he wound up spending most of '11-'12 and '15 on the shelf. Add in a personal scandal in 2014 and many fans have begun to wonder if he was a fluke.

Mammoth: Mammoth (Damien Warton) is a GWA veteran and the man who singlehandedly took the word 'monster-heel' to a whole new level. At 6'10 and weighing a stunning 400lbs, he managed to wrestle like a guy who was half of his size. In 1999, he was first introduced as the jewel of the initial Excellence Inc; He would soon make history for being the first wrestler to win a title within their first month in the company (The United States title). Since then, he has faced many valleys and peaked and through it all, he has taken all of it in stride and is one of GWA's most trusted veterans. In 2014, after seemingly settling into a role as a gatekeeper: He put together some critically acclaimed matches with a variety of opponents and has entered a career renaissance; perhaps hoping to get one last title run before he retires.

Trent Baxter: Virginian Trent Baxter is a dream come true for wrestling promoters, a natural babyface akin to Elijah Kydd; he can get even the most cynical of wrestling fans behind him with just one fiery promo and plays the man for the people role very well. Growing up, Trent was a low-level boxer who had a solid right hand; the decision to switch sports came when Sid Sparrow went to see a boxing event and was impressed with what Trent could do. After the show, he came up to Trent and asked if he ever considered going into wrestling? Noting his daughter’s love for Sid Sparrow and the similarity of the two sports, he began to wrestle in 2008 and after spending sometime in OGW was signed a contract to GWA. Since then, he’s become one of GWA’s most beloved wrestlers and already has a United States title run to his credit.

Other Notable Stars: Brock Oswald, Erik Borne, Iraq Issan, Jacob Cass (Current GWA United States Champion), Jared Sparrow, Prince Parker, Red Dredd, Toa Afi, Valafar, War Zone,

Tag Team Division: Kenneth Ion and DeShawn Jackson (The X Factor, Current GWA Tag Team Champions), Gerald LeToi and Ivan DeNoir (The French Missionaries), Big Rig and Duncan Deadly (Heart of the West), Big Jack Churchill and Winston Cason (The British Union), Miami Mike and Orlando Ollie (The Florida Heartthrobs), Ricky De Santinos and Jason Samacho (Fight or Flight), Quincy Quiz and Tricky Mickey (Variety Hour), Cooper Smalls and Loudmouth Lonny (The New York Thracking Co.)

The Rest: Alejandro Santorez, Alex Brees, Arnie Anderson, Christopher Robin, Da Laohu, Dr. Dennis, Ezekiel Roche, Galvin Van Mann, Ian Can, Kalvin GiManchi, Kutlass Kross, Lenny Love, Melvin St. Quigley Wartson, Neil Crowe, Ozzy Warren, Pavitr Daanav, Ram, Sam Spades, Tommy Riggoli, Valiente Aguila, Volumptous Vex

Globettes Division:

Noel Underwood: Noel Underwood may very well be the biggest success story the GWA Globettes Division has seen in its short history. Not much was known of the Minnesota born star before; but it was said she was a member of GSW for a time as enhancement talent. Clearly GWA saw something in her as she was signed to a contract in 2013. There, she debuted an unusual gimmick of a young teenage girl who was ‘training’ to be a prom queen; complete with a shimmering red mermaid dress. Originally meant to be a heel gimmick, the fans took onto her and began to sympathize with her. In 2014, they turned her face and she has not looked back since turning into a dorky, passionate, relatable person who stood as a role model for little girls; this only made her even more popular and it all culminated at Global Phenomenon when she finally defeated Danielle Bordeaux to become the women’s champion and officially claimed her prom tiara.

Annie Halloway: Annie Halloway is an English born female and perhaps the most complete female wrestler in the world today. From wild brawls to technical clinics to captivating promos that rile up the crowd, Annie it seems can do just about anything. But it wasn’t always the case. In 2008, she made several appearances in BBW as a jobber; it was said to be a favor because the owner was a good friend of her dad. But it was the moment that made her want to join in the wild world of wrestling and in 2011 she moved to America and joined up with AAW where she made to be a genius who came to AAW on assignment of a ‘television rehabilitation association’ who worked her way up the power chain before taking the leadership role. Little did she or the company know that she would soon become the most popular female in the entire company, winning their women’s title more times than anyone else. In 2016, opportunity came a-knocking and she signed a contract with GWA and has moved right where she left off.

Chloe Page: “I can read classic literature, I look good in heels and I can kick your ass in the ring”

Those are the words that define Chloe Page, the Seattle native and perhaps the Globette division’s best in ring performer. Originally training to be a MMA fighter, Chloe decided to sign up for GWA’s new Globette Search and won a place in the final ten after weeks of auditions. There, she impressed audiences for her impressive in-ring ability, soft-spoken and humble promos and her natural beauty. In the end, she won the entire competition and won a contract for GWA and made her case as a strong asset for the company as it’s resident ‘femme fatale’; winning the GWA Globettes title in 2013 and 2015 and having success both as a face and as a heel. In 2016, she made history in two ways. First, for having perhaps the Globette division’s best ever match against Noel Underwood and for revealing to be dating Miami Mike of the Florida Heartthrobs.

Alexa Anderson: 'Workhorse Woman' Alexa Anderson is the daughter of famed GWA wrestler Arnie Anderson and it shows in her style of wrestling, using painful technical moves to make opponents submit. To no one's surprise, she qualified for GWA's new Globettes Search show and breezed through the competition; becoming a darkhorse for being the show's first winner. Even so, she came up short against Chloe Page in their match to determine said feat. She was later signed to NEW where she reigned as NEW women's champion from March to September, and by December of 2013; one year after her run on Globette's Search she had graduated to the main roster. She immediately staked a claim for being one of the most dominant females in the company garnering a thirteen month long reign as champion. Her career has since hit a crossroads since and with a lackluster 2016 and the arrival of new Globettes willing to take her place, she'll need to do something to stand out. And quick.

Danielle Bordeaux: Danielle Bordeaux is richer than you, she is prettier than you and she is better than you in every way possible. At least, that’s what she wants you to think. The french born diva is the daughter of famed curtain-jerker Rochelle Bordeaux and during her teenage years became a popular mainstay in the pageant scene winning many awards in the process. In 2004, she began to follow her other dream of being a wrestler while still accepting pageant dates; the hectic scheduling grew too much for her so she hung up her pageant boots to dedicate all her time to wrestling. Starting off as a manager, she started to actively wrestle in 2006 and became a member of AAW that same year where she made her mark. In 2010, she was chosen by GWA to be part of the initial roster for their new Globettes division and her career started to really take off, her wrestling ability much improved from her time in AAW and became their top heel, where she remains to this day.

Gwen Kyle: If you’ve ever wanted to see a former member of a rock band with steampunk goggles wrestling in an extremely tight looking miniskirt, Gwen Kyle is exactly the Globette you’ve been waiting for. Back in San Antonio, she was the lead singer of a band called ‘Cyberspace’; it was very popular in the local realms of Texas but never really experienced any mainstream fame. The band amicably split up after a while and she remains in contact with some of the band members, a big fan of wrestling; she signed up for GWA’s new Globette Search and qualified for the final ten. An instant fan favorite for her down to earth personality and her energy; she made it all the way to the final three. As is the case with most of the contestants on that season, she stayed on the company and remains a respected member of the Globettes Division even to this day.

Fun Fact: That miniskirt she wears? She wears it for all of her matches, she claims it’s for good luck. She even named it Skarlett.

Emily Elizabeth: Emily Elizabeth is an Indiana girl with big dreams, early in her life; she had a unique and gigantic red dog named Clifford, she loved that dog very much. Unfortunately, he would pass away just after she became a teen, during those years; she struggled hard with anorexia and other eating disorders, her escape? Wrestling of course. It was there she saw the person who would soon become her idol: Eddie Manderas. After breaking free from her anorexia in 2011 and becoming a gymnast that same year; 2014 brought her into the second season of GWA's Globette Search where up until the final two was seen as the favorite to win; some believe the only reason she lost was because Casey Baxter was a part of that cast. Still, she won a contract to NEW and in the spring of '15 returned to the main roster and has since become one of the top heels in the division and has even gotten a new manager in Clifford C. (a clear nod to her late dog).

The Others: Brianna Flash, Casey Baxter, Dorothy Riggoli (also manager), Jennifer Stolt, Killswitch, Koopa Katie, Tara Milana (also manager), Vivian Delvecchio.

Managers: Clifford C. (Manages Emily Elizabeth), Dorothy Riggoli (Manages Tommy Riggoli), Gia (Manages Ricky De Santinos and Jason Samacho), Sierra DeNiele (Manages Hollywood Houston Harrells), Tara Milana (Manages Cooper Smalls and Loudmouth Lonny), The Reaper (manages Valafar), Troy Excellence (manages Arnie Anderson, Neil Crowe and Sam Spades), Uncle Walden (manages Big Rig and Duncan Deadly), Winnie (manages Christopher Robin)


A Personal and Bloody War: (Sid Sparrow vs War Zone, also starring Jared Sparrow) After winning the Gold Rush tournament in 2016, War Zone immediately went after Sid Sparrow and challenged him for his title. He fought hard, but in the end; he wound up losing to the legend. Enraged by the defeat, War Zone has been on the tear, destroying everything in his path to get his rematch. Meanwhile, Jared has tried desperately to warn his father to be careful with War Zone; telling him not to underestimate him. But is there something that we don't know?

All Out Warfare: (Brock Oswald vs Eddie Manders vs Hollywood Houston Harrells vs Valafar) The GWA Title. The most prestigious title in the history of wrestling; a title fought over for many decades. As Sid Sparrow stands on top, these four men: All of which former GWA champions look to do battle in the hopes to once again have their names be etched in history. But who will come out on top? Lovable goofball Eddie Manderas? Hollywood bigshot Houston Harrels? The loner Brock Oswald? Or is it the demonous Valfar that gets his due?

A Royal Gap In Generations: (Jacob Cass vs Prince Parker) Jacob Cass is no stranger to being brash, but is there a limit to his egotism? Cass has claimed to be new prince of GWA; virtually calling Prince Parker washed up in advance. Can Prince Parker prove that he's still got a few years left in him? Or is it near time to call it a career?

Culture Shock: (The French Missionaries vs The British Union) The French Missionaries have long believed the philosophy of buying and cheating your way through the competition, regardless of who gets hurt or what. The British Union on the other hand work day in and day out to fight their fights and take full responsibility whenever things go wrong. So when these two teams battle it out for the right to face The X Factor for the tag team titles, who gains the upperhand?

The Affection of the People: (Christopher Robin vs Trent Baxter, also starring Casey Baxter) In his neverending quest to win the support of the fans, Christopher Robin has taken the time to play mind games on Trent Baxter in the hopes that he will 'teach him' how to be a fan-favorite. But there is a catch, if he fails to teach Christopher the art of being good or does not do so; he will do something 'tragic' to his daughter Casey Baxter. With such a difficult choice at hand, will Trent be forced to do something he doesn't want to do or will he put the daughter he loves at risk?

Wicked and Blessed: Having finally put away long time rival Danielle Bordeaux, Noel was mysteriously haunted by weird videos from an unnamed source for weeks upon end. After much speculation, Annie Halloway made her shocking GWA debut, attacking Noel from behind and revealing her identity. The two have been at war since, with neither side giving in and seeming to only get more heated as the months go on.

The Badass vs The Best: (Van Tanner vs Zack Galloway) Tanner and Galloway are two very different men. Tanner has been a GWA guy for many years and has carved a hall of fame worthy career despited being despite by many; Galloway has only been in GWA for three years yet has won the adulation of fans all across the globe. But despite their different career paths, they've never actually faced off in a real match...

Until now.

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