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Unread 11-18-2018, 04:08 AM
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Default GAMMA 2002 and beyond: Shooting for #1

After playing WMMA 5 for awhile now, I've decided to start up a GAMMA dynasty for you to hopefully enjoy reading...

No fancy introductions, let's just get down to it, with a division-by-division look at what we have to work with here.


A division that is still trying to find its footing since starting up 2 years ago. The relative low popularity of the fighters in this division means that for the time being, this division won't be headlining any large shows.

The champion is the monstrous 6'10" George "Guillotine" Pickering. (10-0, 4-0 GAMMA) 4 fights, 4 1st round submissions. Can't do much better than that.

Sitting at #2 in the division is Hanley "The Great White" Polter. (7-0, 3-0 GAMMA) He is decidedly average in every part of his game, but his strong marketability means he will be given an opportunity.

At #3 we have the guy that I have tabbed as the future of the division, Kel "Big Baby" Ryan. (7-0, 5-0 GAMMA) His ground game, is...well, it's awful, but his striking is so good, one of his GAMMA wins came by submission due to strikes.

#4 is Frank "BMF" Paul. (10-1, 3-1 GAMMA) His only career loss came at the hands of the current champ. One of the more experienced big guys, his combination of great wrestling and strong marketability should allow him to stay near the top of the division for awhile.

Rounding out the top 5 is 26 year old Seb Morehead. (9-1, 1-1 GAMMA) Like most of the big boys, he is a strong striker...Also, like most of the division, his ground game isn't that great.

Elsewhere in the division, "The Pitbull" Gary Sampson is heading down to his preferred division of Heavyweight after losing 3 consecutive fights at Super Heavyweight.

As ALPHA-1 has most of the other Super Heavyweights, there aren't a lot on the open market to choose from, so I make offers to Bob Dozier, Marvin Stevens, Sherman Shields, Graham Goodbody, and Wally Bryant to flesh out the division.

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Unread 11-18-2018, 05:14 AM
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"The King of Ground and Pound" James Foster (37-4-1, 10-0 GAMMA) is the dominant king of this division. The #1 heavyweight in the world, but at 35 years old, how much longer can he stay on top of the mountain?

#2 "The Tower of Power" Tim Boyer (27-5-2, 7-3 GAMMA) has lost to Foster on two separate occasions, so he's not likely to get another title shot for a long while, and at 36 years old himself, 2nd best might be the best he can hope for...

At #3 sits the man who could very well get the next crack at Foster, Tony "The Spider" McCall. (35-12, 5-4 GAMMA) Winner of his last two fights, McCall likely is one win away from getting his first shot at the Heavyweight title, and at 38 years old, it might be the only shot he ever gets.

Currently the 4th ranked heavyweight in GAMMA, "The Beast of Birmingham" Rav Kapur (11-1, 2-1 GAMMA) is the only other man in the top 5 that has yet to face Foster...sounds like we have a match that needs making...

Rounding out the top 5 is "The Brazilian Bomber" Gladstone Lopes. (16-2-1, 3-2 GAMMA) Since being snatched from FLB, Lopes has had mixed success. Hyped up to be the one to take down James Foster, only to fall to the champ via Rear Naked Choke, Lopes has some work to do in order to get back in the title hunt.

I'm not going to steal from other companies just yet, so I stay in North America and make offers to Damien Jones, Fletcher Merman, Sly Twinge, Taye Burnett, and Nate MacReary.

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Unread 11-18-2018, 06:25 AM
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"The Calgary Assassin" Mike Watson (14-1, 9-1 GAMMA) sits atop this division, and he will be the next champion to defend his title, when he faces the only man that holds a victory over him...

#2 "The Reaper" Spencer Rubenstein (18-5, 8-1 GAMMA) ran roughshod over the Light Heavweight division for 3 years until he lost the Light Heavyweight title via Split Decision. Since then, he has added 2 wins to his record, and is in position to face Watson at GAMMA 50 for the Light Heavyweight crown.

#3 "The Punisher" Marlon John (14-2, 5-2 GAMMA) is another former champion, and a world-class wrestler with decent boxing skills to boot. but he'll need to rack up a few wins before he gets another title shot.

#4 Anthony "Live Wire" LeToussier (15-3, 7-3 GAMMA) is likely to be in Marlon John's future, as they have faced each other twice, each winning one fight. Hugely popular, LeToussier will likely be near the top of the division for the foreseeable future.

#5 "The Big Dog" Linfield Ballard (23-9, 7-3 GAMMA) holds the distinction of being the first-ever Light Heavyweight champion in GAMMA history. At 35 years of age, his best days are probably behind him, but he's still a tough draw at Light Heavyweight.

Offers go out to Jerry Bogdonovich, Jon Silvers, Joshua Hope, MacGregor Dare, Toby Dingleberry, and Wink Deschanel.

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Unread 11-18-2018, 07:10 AM
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This division is home to the best fighter in the world, "The Anarchist" Matthew Dean. (38-5, 12-1 GAMMA) Currently riding a 5 year undefeated streak, the question isn't who can stop him...The question is can anyone stop him?

#2 Braulio "Luoco" Moura (25-3, 1NC, 3-1 GAMMA) went 5 rounds with Dean at GAMMA 43 and lost by unanimous decision.

#3 Tora "Bull" Mizwar (24-7, 5-1 GAMMA) hasn't faced Dean yet, so he goes to the front of the line...if he gets a few more wins to bring his name value up in the U.S.

#4 Buddy Garner (16-2, 6-2 GAMMA) His only 2 career defeats have come against Matthew Dean. The best thing that could happen to Buddy Garner is for someone to knock Dean off so Garner can get back in the discussion for a title shot.

At #5 sits Adam "Blitz" White.(12-0, 5-0 GAMMA) He's undefeated, with one of those 5 wins coming against Tora Mizwar. Like Mizwar, White needs another win or two to raise his name value.

A lot of offers go out here. Offers are made to Bill Brown, Billy Russell, Drew Jenks, Esteban Vega, Frederico Vergara, Hunter Scribbins, Joey Valdez, Jordan Flintstone, Keith Plaice, Nick Detroit, Reed Howlett, Tony Legg, and Wes Hersch.

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Unread 11-18-2018, 08:02 AM
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This is a division that's going to take a little bit to sort itself out...

"Spanish Silk" Julio Regueiro (25-1, 8-1 GAMMA) holds the title in this division, but there's a monster on his tail...

#2 Manuel "The Prodigy" Silva (19-0, 1-0 GAMMA) is the top contender, despite having only one fight in this company. I can't give him a title shot after one fight, and he needs to get his name value up.

#3 "Mad Dog" Gabriel Gallego (20-5, 3-1 GAMMA) probably has to wait until Regueiro loses the belt to get another shot at it...if Silva wins the belt at some point while Gallego racks up a couple of wins, I'll have a road to the South American market.

#4 Bobby "All Star" Brubaker (15-4, 6-1 GAMMA) shocked everyone when he knocked Regueiro out to win the Welterweight title at Battle Lines 3, and given the circumstances surrounding the two Brazilians, Brubaker figures to get the next shot at Regueiro.

#5 Yevgeni Sipatov (29-9, 5-4 GAMMA) here. I might put him in with Silva before Silva gets a shot at the belt, I don't know lol

Offers go out to Ethan LeGrange, Evan Gardner, Gus Fitzpatrick, Houston George, and Rich Robinson

Am I crazy for not going after Jonathan Huang?

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Unread 11-18-2018, 08:40 AM
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This division has the same problem as the Welterweights do.

Jake "The Natural Talent" Keane (27-4, 3-0 GAMMA) is the champion, and he too has a potential demon right behind him.

#2 Fiyero Lermontov (18-0, 2-0 GAMMA) tore through SIGMA, then came across the ocean and has beaten two top 10 lightweights, including the best ever at lightweight. Lermontov is a threat to be on top of the Lightweight division for years to come.

#3 Brandon "Sugar Rush" Sugar (29-5, 8-2 GAMMA) Sugar won 5 consecutive fights, including 2 over Sean Morrison, before Keane stopped him to win the title. Given that neither Lermontov nor Helio are quite main event ready just yet, Sugar may get another shot at Keane.

#4 Helio (19-1-1, 1-0 GAMMA) The final FLB Lightweight champion, Helio came to GAMMA and beat Bruce Steven by unanimous decision. He's only at Low Level Regional popularity in the States, but before too long, everyone should become well aware of this man.

#5 "The Man With No Nickname" Sean Morrison (30-6, 10-3 GAMMA) Is it possible that the most dominant lightweight in MMA history is dangerously close to becoming an afterthought? Maybe that's a stretch, but 3 losses in your last 4 fights would likely have anyone questioning themselves.

As far as offers go...only one was made to Jose Gonzales

Next post will be the first few fight cards!

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Unread 11-26-2018, 09:47 PM
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GAMMA CEO Matt Tripp has announced the first four fight cards of 2002. Each card will have 4 main card fights, as well as 4 prelim fights. Kicking things off in Saturday, Week 3 of January in Las Vegas, GAMMA 50 will be headlined by "The Calgary Assassin" Mike Watson defending the GAMMA Light Heavyweight title against quite possibly the most dominant 205er in the history of the promotion, "The Reaper" Spencer Rubenstein.

Also on the card, the co-main event could have huge Heavyweight title implications as "The Tower of Power" Tim Boyer squares off with "The Beast of Birmingham" Rav Kapur. Insiders believe that a victory by Kapur would get him a Heavyweight title fight sometime this summer.

GAMMA 51 comes to you from Los Angeles, California on Saturday, Week 4 in February, and features a rematch for the GAMMA Lightweight title as "The Natural Talent" Jake Keane faces off with Brandon "Sugar Rush" Sugar.

These two men faced each other at GAMMA 46, where Keane won the belt via unanimous decision. Both men claim that the judges will not factor into the decision this time around.

The co-main event features two men trying to get back into the mix in the Welterweight division as the man everyone loves to hate, "Black Superman" Nathan Chambers enters the cage to face "Magnum" David Allen.

GAMMA returns to free TV for Battle Lines 6 coming to you from Norfolk, Virginia on Saturday. Week 2 of March, where the feature bout will be for the GAMMA Super Heavyweight title as George "Guillotine" Pickering defends the belt against Hanley "The Great White" Polter.

The co-main event features one of the most popular Middleweights in GAMMA against the fastest rising star in the division as Adam "Blitz" White faces Dexter "D-Man" Darling.

Saturday, Week 3 of March, we return to Las Vegas for GAMMA 52, where the main event features a rematch for the Welterweight title as "Spanish Silk" Julio Regueiro defends the GAMMA Welterweight title against the only man that has ever defeated him in his career, Bobby "All Star" Brubaker. Will Regueiro avenge his only defeat in MMA, or will lightning strike twice for Brubaker? Tune in to find out.

The co-main event pits two of GAMMA's top light heavyweights against each other for the 3rd time as "The Punisher" Marlon John faces Anthony "Live Wire" LeToussier one more time to put an end to their rivalry, and quite possibly, to determine the next challenger for the Light Heavyweight title.

Also on the card, Manuel "The Prodigy" Silva looks to build momentum towards a possible Welterweight title fight when he steps into the cage with "The Show Stopper" Jack Humphreys.
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Unread 11-27-2018, 02:32 AM
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All my offered contracts got signed, Seth O'Breen apologized for old racist tweets, Bryan Van Den Hauwe and Guillermo Morales are sniping each other on social media ahead of their Battle Lines 6 fight, and now it's time for my...


Everyone made weight, and nobody got hurt in training, so everything is a go!

MAIN EVENT FOR THE GAMMA LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE "The Calgary Assassin" Mike Watson vs. "The Reaper" Spencer Rubenstein

THE LINE: Spencer Rubenstein (-300) vs. Mike Watson (+250)

A Watson win here would be ideal for me, as there are many fresh matchups I could do with him, (Marlon John is the only top 5 LHW that Watson's faced before) but Rubenstein winning wouldn't be the worst thing in the world either...

CO-MAIN EVENT: "The Tower of Power" Tim Boyer vs. "The Beast of Birmingham" Rav Kapur

THE LINE: Tim Boyer (-210) vs Rav Kapur (+160)

I believe the underdog win is more likely to happen here than it is in the main event.

Boyer is kind of stuck in purgatory right now...even if he knocks off Kapur, he's not really any closer to getting another shot at James Foster, because Foster's already beaten him twice.

A win for Kapur here would undoubtedly raise his name value, and he will likely become the next opponent for James Foster, perhaps as early as April's GAMMA 53.

"The Strategist" Rufus Stephens vs. Alan "Flash" Kendall

I didn't realize this was another rematch until it was too late to change it lol

A win for Stephens might move him into the top 5, where I would think his next fight would be with either Gallego or Silva.

"Texas" Teddy Glossup vs. Yan "The Enforcer" Hasluck

This probably should be a prelim, but I need eyes on the big guys, so it will kick off the main card.

Glossup's the heavy favorite here. I want him up in contention for the Super Heavyweight title, as he is one of my more marketable big guys.

Petey Mack vs. Isiah Monroe
Christian Mountfield vs. William Harrison
H.M. Menzel vs. Glen Siemaszko
Moss Gilbert vs. Gerardo Diez
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Unread 11-28-2018, 05:54 PM
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Moss Gilbert won over Gerardo Diez via split decision (Decent)

H.M. Menzel beat Glen Siemaszko by unanimous decision (Poor)

Menzel calls out Bud Brockett in the post fight interview.

William Harrison scores an unanimous decision victory over Christian Mountfield. (Decent)

Isiah Monroe beats Petey Mack via split decision (Poor)

Not a single finish in the prelims...let's hope the main card goes better.

Main Card

Super Heavyweight: Teddy Glossup vs. Yan Hasluck

Glossup refuses to touch gloves as round 1 starts. Hasluck gets rocked by a straight right 30 seconds into the round, then gets knocked down by another right. Glossup jumps on Hasluck and pounds on him until the referee jumps in and stops the fight,

Official Result: "Texas" Teddy Glossup defeats Yan "The Enforcer" Hasluck by TKO (Strikes) 1:02 into round 1. (Good)

Glossup taunted Kel Ryan after the fight.

Welterweight: Rufus Stephens vs. Alan Kendall

Kendall comes out swinging in round one, but nothing connects too hard. Stephens catches a low kick attempt from Kendall and takes him down. After around 3 minutes of nothing major occuring, the referee stands them up, where Stephens grabs Kendall in a clinch, and muscles him into the cage. Light punches from Kendall and some dirty boxing from Stephens takes us to the end of the round.

Round 2 starts with Kendall again coming out firing, and again, nothing of consequence landing. Stephens again grabs Kendall in a clinch and backs him into the cage, stomping on Kendall's foot when they get there. The fighters engage in some dirty boxing for a few minutes before the referee sends them back out into the center of the cage. Kendall connects with a right cross, Stephens counters with a takedown attempt that fails, and round two is finished.

Round 3 starts with Stephens withstanding a few weak jabs to once again get ahold of Kendall, backing him into the cage again. Stephens hits a short left uppercut before going back to the dirty boxing. After eating another left to the gut, Kendall works himself free and moves back out towards the center of the cage, but Stephens grabs him again and sends him back to where they came from. Another left uppercut from Stephens leads to more dirty boxing before the referee moves them back out to the center again for the last minute. With 45 seconds to go, Kendall finally rocks Stephens with a right hand! Stephens backs off and recovers, and Kendall scores with a few more shots as the round ends.

All 3 judges score the fight 30-27...

Official Result: "The Strategist" Rufus Stephens defeats Alan "Flash" Kendall by unanimous decision. (Average)

We had an upset in the prelims with Monroe beating Mack, even though the fight's hoping for another one...

Co-main event: Tim Boyer vs. Rav Kapur

Round 1 starts off with Boyer hitting a jab, but missing a right hook. Kapur fires back with some jabs of his own. Kapur hits a head kick, but Boyer shakes it off and they throw hands in the middle of the cage, with little or no damage taking place. With a minute and a half to go in the round, Kapur fires off another head kick, and this one rocks Boyer! Boyer backs off, while Kapur rushes in and locks Boyer in a Muay Thai clinch. Boyer manages to free himself after blocking a knee strike just before the round ends.

Round 2 starts with Kapur coming out and stinging Boyer with some quick jabs, keeping the pressure on as Boyer returns fire with a couple of jabs of his own. Kapur keeps landing, but nothing too severe as Boyer is able to answer back with jabs in an attempt to back Kapur off. Kapur scores with another head kick as Boyer tries to back away, but it doesn't to affect Boyer too much. Boyer looks for a chance to get in close, but Kapur's onslaught of strikes keeps him back. 30 seconds to go in round 2, and Boyer is noticeably limping from the leg kicks he's taken so far in this fight. With 17 seconds left in the round, Kapur hits a right cross that knocks down Boyer! Kapur starts raining down hammers, but somehow Boyer survives to the end of the round!

Round 3 begins with Kapur firing a few shots before Boyer grabs hims in a clinch and forces him back into the cage. They exchange strikes with dirty boxing, then after about 2 minutes, the referee sends them back to the center of the cage. Kapur is clearly gassed as Boyer is able to clinch and move Kapur back into the cage wall. Boyer tries some dirty boxing, but Kapur frees himself as time runs out and the fight ends.

The judges scorecards are read:

Christina Shaw: 29-26
Reginald Wodehouse: 29-28
Millhouse Twain: 29-26

Official Result: "The Beast of Birmingham" Rav Kapur wins by unanimous decision (Decent)

I would have liked to have seen Rav finish Boyer off in round 2, but in the words of Max Holloway, "It is what it is."


Rubenstein made weight, but looks much bigger than Watson coming into the fight.

Round 1 - Watson lands a shot, then gets his low kick caught by Rubenstein, who tries unsuccessfully to take Watson to the mat. The two fighters exchange with no heavy shots being taken by either man. Rubenstein misses a high kick, and Watson counters with a right that opens up a cut above Rubenstein's eye. Watson moves in, but Rubenstein is able to keep him at bay with a left, which is answered with a right cross from Watson. Both men miss jabs but manage to land kicks, Watson to Rubenstein's leg, and Rubenstein to Watson's body. Watson is starting to breath a little deeper...I'm sure that will help him, as we're only late into round 1. An exchange of nothing significant ends round 1.

Round 2 starts off with Watson instantly pressuring Rubenstein. The Reaper misses a jab, and Watson fires back with a few shots of his own. Watson keeps pressing forward as Rubenstein keeps using his jab to try to back Watson off, but the champ hits a spin kick to the ribs to put an end to the jabbing. Rubenstein manages a leg kick, but eats another right cross, but it's nothing that he can't handle. Watson keeps coming forward and connects on a head kick, but Rubenstein shakes that off as well, although the cut he suffered earlier has opened back up. Watson is clearly laboring as he tries to keep on the attack. Watson misses a right cross and eats a high kick that rocks him! Rubenstein gets a Muay Thai clinch with just under a minute to go in the round. He scores a knee to the ribs, and whiffs on another knee, but Watson isn't able to free himself...but the round ends.

Watson is running on fumes as round 3 begins. Rubenstein clinches Watson and backs him into the cage. Rubenstein works into another Muay Thai clinch. A knee to the chest doesn't have much force behind it, but the one that caught Watson in the face did! Watson is able to block another knee, but he is stuck in the Muay Thai plum of Rubenstein, who fires off another knee to the ribs. Halfway through the round, Watson is still unable to free himself. Luckily for him, Rubenstein decides to let him go for some reason. and proceeds to strut sround the cage. Watson decides to keep pressuring Rubenstein by coming forward...I don't think Rubenstein is overly concerned, even if he is starting to breathe a little deeper now. At this point it seems as Rubenstein is just toying with the champ. Watson manages to land a few shots, so Rubenstein clinches and works for another Muay Thai clinch with a minute to go in the round. Rubenstein hits a hard knee to Watson's ribs. As Watson tries to free himself, he manages to dodge another knee, but he can't get loose of the clinch as the round ends.

We enter the championship rounds, and Watson is out of gas, and a large bruise forming on his side leads to speculation of a broken rib.

Round 4 opens up with a light exchange, leading to nothing. Watson is holding his hands very low at this point. Watson throws out a weak one-two, neither punch finding a home. Rubenstein shoots in for a takedown, but Watson sprawls and backs away. Watson is still swinging, but he misses a hook, and eats a right hand. Watson manages to score with a kick to the leg, but Rubenstein answers with a jab and a hook to the Watson's banged up body. Both guys look gassed now as they clinch. With 3 minutes to go in the round, Rubenstein works into another Muay Thai clinch...Watson won't be able to take this again...Rubenstein connects with another huge knee to the face. Watson can't get loose as Rubenstein uncorks another knee, this one to the chest. Watson takes one more knee to the chest before he is able to get free of the clinch. Rubenstein manages another clinch, and gets one more knee into Watson's chest as the horn sounds.

Somehow, Mike Watson has made it to round 5...and that bruise on his side is now black.

The fifth and final round opens up with another exchange that Spencer Rubenstein gets the better end of. The two fall into a clinch, and the challenger uses dirty boxing on Watson. Yet another Muay Thai clinch leads to yet another knee to Watson's ribs. Watson manages to evade another knee, but catches a knee to the stomach. Another knee finds Watson's chest. Rubenstein breaks the clinch again with a minute to go in the round. An exchange of strikes leads to another Muay Thai clinch, and Rubenstein fires off one last knee before time runs out.

No drama here, all 3 judges score the fight 50-45 for the winner...

...AAAAAND NEWWWWWW GAMMA Light Heavyweight Champion, "The Reaper" Spencer Rubenstein! (Decent)

Attendance: 4,288 (Gate: $695,728)
Critical: 62% Commercial: 86%

We made $1,372,140 off PPV.

3% increase in the U.S.

FOTN goes to Glossup/Hasluck

KOTN goes to Teddy Glossup for having the only finish on the night.

After all is said and done, GAMMA made $1,811,607 off this show.
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Unread 11-28-2018, 09:10 PM
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Today, GAMMA CEO Matt Tripp announced that GAMMA has signed a 10-event contract with the internet-based broadcasting company, SportTube.

SportTube will not generate revenue for GAMMA, but for Tripp, this isn't about the money.

"Right now, we make enough off of Pay-Per-View where money isn't an issue at this time. This deal is about global exposure. If you're an MMA fan sitting in, I don't know, let's say Italy, and you want to watch something other than SIGMA or BCF, then once you figure out the time difference, you can whip out your laptop or sit down at your PC, hit up SportTube, and you can watch the best *expletive" fighters in the world do their thing here, starting with GAMMA 51 this February."

When asked if this means that GAMMA is going to start doing shows internationally?

"Maybe not now, maybe not in 2003, but eventually, yeah, we will. And when we do, we'll show all these other MMA companies out there just how much they suck."

Tripp certainly has a way with words, doesn't he?
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In a rare appearance, GAMMA owner Mark Wallace has ended the deal between GAMMA and SportTube before it even starts.

"Sometimes, Matt can get something in his head, like GAMMA expanding globally, and he does things like the SportTube deal. GAMMA will get to be as big as we all want it to be in due time.

When asked for comment, Matt Tripp said, "I *expletive* up. The SportTube deal would have been great for us internationally, but it probably would have hurt us here in the U.S."

"Mark explained to me that if everyone across the world could watch on SportTube for free, then there would be no reason to pay to come see GAMMA when it rolled into their town."

"Luckily, it didn't cost us a dime to end the deal, or Mark probably would have shipped my *expletive* off to Antarctica or someplace."
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Unread 12-01-2018, 01:03 AM
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Default GAMMA 51 preview

Not much going on in GAMMA since 50, mainly just Teddy Glossup lighting up Kel Ryan on social media. The only other thing I did was sign Chuck Dooley after he won at a large show to go 10-0.


Everyone made weight, everyone's healthy.

MAIN EVENT FOR THE GAMMA LIGHTWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: Jake "The Natural Talent" Keane vs. Brandon "Sugar Rush" Sugar

THE LINE: Jake Keane (-250) vs. Brandon Sugar (+190)

The 2nd of 3 main event rematches that I'm doing, this one is essentially buying time to get Lermontov one more fight to raise his name a bit. I would like Keane to retain here, but if Sugar wins, a title shot is pretty much open to anyone not named Sean Morrison.

CO-MAIN EVENT "Black Superman" Nathan Chambers vs. "Magnum" David Allen

THE LINE : Nathan Chambers (-380) vs. David Allen (+300)

I want Nathan Chambers to get back on track, so he can main event again. He's got some work to do though. A win here would get him into the top 10. Gotta start somewhere.

Tora "Bull" Mizwar vs. Ashley "The Tiger" Ballard

THE LINE: Tora Mizwar (-500) vs. Ashley Ballard (+350)

I expect Mizwar to win here pretty handily, then I'll move him on to Matthew Dean.

"The Amazing" JJ Reid vs. "Superstar" Stuart Strange

THE LINE: Stuart Strange (-340) vs. JJ Reid (+270)

Both guys are looking to get back on track. Strange has yet to face Matthew Dean, so he has that going for him to me, but at #17 in the division, he also has a bit of a road to go down before he gets into the title picture.


Fatuma Roy vs. Harv Dennis
Duke Aiona vs. Kurt McDonald
Bill Cumming vs. Ken Peters
Woody Fierstein vs. Ethan Sutton
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Ethan Sutton beats Woody Fierstein via Rear Naked Choke at 4:38 of round 1 (Decent)

In the post fight interview, Sutton said he would like to fight Wes Hersch next. I can make that happen.

Ken Peters uses a kimura to force Bill Cumming to tap 1:28 into round 1 (Good)

Kurt McDonald beat Duke Aiona by unanimous decision. (Decent)

Harv Dennis scored the upset victory over the hometown hero, Fatuma Roy by way of TKO at 1:08 of round 2 (Decent)

Main Card

GAMMA 51 kicks off with a fight in the Middleweight division.

Middleweight: JJ Reid vs. Stuart Strange

Strange is noticeably bigger than Reid coming into this fight.

The story of round 1 was JJ Reid using his boxing skills to keep Strange from getting close enough to get a hold of him. Reid busted Strange open with a right cross about a minute and a half into the fight. Reid's strategy worked for the first half of the round, but Strange would end up grabbing Reid and slamming him into the mat with 2:09 to go in the round. Strange wasn't able to break through Reid's guard before the round came to an end.

Round 2 starts on a much better note for Stuart Strange, as he deals with a few jabs from Reid, but manages to get into a clinch and muscles Reid's back up against the cage. Dirty boxing and short uppercuts from Strange keep Reid against the cage for nearly 3 minutes before the action stalls and the referee sends the fighters back to the middle of the cage. Reid goes back to the boxing, but Strange manages to get in and slam Reid to the mat just as the round ends.

Round 3 starts out with Reid sticking to his gameplan, using jabs to keep Strange back, even managing to reopen the cut that Strange sustained in the first round with another right cross. Strange was unable to get a hold of Reid until there were only 45 seconds left in the fight, and then he only managed some dirty boxing with a knee to the side thrown in, and the round comes to an end.

Ian Rivers has it 29-28 in favor of Strange
Reginald Wodehouse scores the fight 29-28 Reid
Gregory C. James scores it 29-28, for the winner via split decision...

Official Result: "The Amazing" JJ Reid defeats "Superstar" Stuart Strange. (Average)

Middleweight: Tora Mizwar vs. Ashley Ballard

Round 1 starts with a touch of gloves, then Ballard pressures Mizwar, who fires off a jab to try to keep Ballard back. Ballard responds with a jab that misses, and a right head kick that finds its mark. Mizwar shrugs it off and a toe-to-toe battle begins, but nothing damaging comes from it. Ballard scores with a roundhouse body kick, but Mizwar answers with a left hand. Ballard fires off a left hand of his own, then connects with a spinning back kick that catches Mizwar in the chest. Mizwar shakes that one off too, and comes at Ballard for another exchange that doesn't amount to much, other than annoying Ballard, who shoots a glare at Mizwar before another uneventful exchange of strikes. Ballard comes forward and connects with a left hand. Mizwar dodges another left and moves into a clinch. Mizwar grabs a Muay Thai clinch with 1:18 to work in the round. Mizwar lands some knees to Ballard's body, and the round is over.

Round 2 opens up with a jab and a body kick from Ballard, as a buzz flows through the crowd, perhaps feeling another upset is in the making tonight.
Mizwar connects with a right cross that Ballard answers with a few jabs. Ballard swings another leg up at Mizwar's head, but it misses the mark. Just under a minute to go in the round, and Ballard misses a jab, but scores a kick to the ribs, and Mizwar returns fire with a left jab, but Ballard avoids the follow-up leg kick. Mizwar moves in to grapple, but Ballard holds him off with a jab and a leg kick. The round ends, and it looks like Mizwar needs a finish to get the win tonight.

Round 3 opens with Mizwar connecting with a one-two, which is answered in kind from Ballard. Mizwar shoots for a takedown, but only manages to grab one of Ballard's legs, so he forces Ballard into the side of the cage. Mizwar manages to get his arms around Ballard's waist, and hits a belly-to-belly suplex to take Ballard down with 4:10 to work with. Ballard manages to sit up, but Mizwar still has him around the waist, pinning him to the side of the cage. Mizwar tries a few times to get the mount, but Ballard doesn't allow it, clubbing Mizwar in the back repeatedly. With a minute left in the round, Mizwar works for a guillotine against the cage, and Ashley Ballard has no choice but to tap out!

Official Result: Tora "Bull" Mizwar defeats Ashley "The Tiger" Ballard by submission at 4:30 of Round 3 (Great)

Co-Main Event: Nathan Chambers vs. David Allen

Chambers looks to be much bigger than Allen as the two men enter the cage.

Round 1 opens with a slugfest, a rather weak one, but a slugfest nonetheless as both fighters come out swinging. Allen misses a right cross, and Chambers catches him with a clean right. Chambers avoids a left jab, but eats a right hook from Allen. Chambers fires off three quick jabs and follows up with a hook that knocks Allen to the mat. Chambers pounces and rains down heavy shots to Allen's head, and Allen is out cold.

Official Result: "Black Superman" Nathan Chambers beats "Magnum" David Allen by KO at 1:13 of round 1 (Great)

Post-fight, Chambers says all of the other Welterweights are scared to step in the cage with him, so it's hard to find a fight, but if he has his way, Yevgeni Sipatov is the next man he'll face...and beat.


Round 1 starts with Sugar whiffing on a right hand and getting caught with a right hook for his trouble. Keane hits a jab, but misses a body shot as Sugar misses a left jab, but connects with a right cross. Sugar checks a leg kick and responds with a left jab, but can't find a home for the right haymaker. Sugar evades three attempted punches to his head, and hits a one-two of his own that Keane handles well. Keane bites on a feint, but Sugar only manages a kick to the body after missing a left hand. The rest of the round is spent trading shots that don't do much damage.

Round 2 is off and running as Sugar hits a left jab but misses the followup right. Keane misses a handful of jabs but manages to connect with a right. Sugar misses a left jab but hits a right cross. Keane scores with another jab, and misses with the right hook. Sugar's jab finds its mark, but the right hand is blocked by Keane, who responds with a jab of his own, but the right cross misses. Keane fires off a couple more shots, but Sugar blocks them with no problem. After another couple exchanges that see both fighters swing and miss repeatedly, Sugar stings Keane with a one-two combo, which Keane answers with a one-two of his own. Sugar blocks a right hand and scores with another one-two. Keane swings and misses another right hand, and Sugar counters with a jab-right cross combo as the round expires.

Round 3 begins with Sugar swinging for the fences with a right hand, and missing. Keane lands a jab, but misses on the right hook attempt. Sugar counters a second missed hook with left to the body as he starts breathing heavier. Keane looks like he's had enough of the standup game and looks to shoot in on Sugar, but a left jab and a right straight put an end to that. Keane gets a left hook, then slips a few punches before countering with a right hook as it looks like the champ is starting to find his stride in this fight. Keane misses another right and Sugar responds with a left cross. Two minutes into round 3, and Keane is starting to breathe heavier now as well. Keane dodges a hook and rattles off some jabs before connecting with the right hand. Sugar connects with a cross that opens a cut on Sugar's hairline. Keane hits a left hand that is answered by a left hook from Sugar. Sugar dodges another right and hits another one-two combo. Sugar peppers Keane with a couple more one-twos as the round comes to its end.

Round 4 begins, and it's the champ's turn to swing and miss to start the round as Sugar responds with a right hand. After a brief exchange, Keane hits a weak head kick that doesn't bother Sugar at all. Sugar tries a one-two combo again, but misses both punches. Keane hits a body kick, but Sugar shakes it off and hits another sharp one-two. Sugar whiffs one a right hook, but Keane hits one of his own. With a round and a half left, Sugar is clearly showing signs of fatigue as he blocks a right from Keane. Keane is starting to tire as well as both fighters engage in a weak looking exchange. We have our first grappling attempt of the fight as Keane clinches Sugar up and takes him down, with Sugar pulling half guard. Keane has about a minute and a half to work with as he throws some light strikes as he catches his breath. Sugar tries to sweep his way out of half guard, but Keane keeps him there. With 30 seconds left, the champ rains down some shots at Sugar, but nothing is too much for Sugar to handle. Sugar tries to sweep Keane over again, but it's blocked, and the round ends.

Keane opens round 5 with a weak looking takedown attempt, but it works as Sugar pulls guard. Keane is wary of the challenger's BJJ skills as he sticks to short strikes to keep Sugar in place. Sugar manages to grab an arm and goes for the triangle, but Keane blocks it. Keane fires off a few more weak looking shots, and Sugar pops his legs up and goes for another triangle, that is again blocked by Keane. The champ tries to pass into a full mount, and Sugar tries to scramble to his feet, and ends up on the bottom of the north-south position. Keane throws a couple of tired looking elbows into Sugar's midsection. With 2 minutes to go in the fight, Sugar tries to get back up, but Keane blocks it again, and throws weak elbows at Sugar's ribs. Sugar tries to scramble again, but Keane grabs him in a waist lock and gains back control, firing off some lefts to the side of Sugar's head before scoring a weak looking takedown as the round and fight come to an end.

The judges' cards read 49-46, 48-47, and 48-47 for the winner...


Attendance: 3,669 in California (Gate: $595,295)
Critical: 72% Commercial: 72%
We made $857,657 off PPV.

Popularity in the U.S. went up 2.7%

FOTN goes to Mizwar/Ballard
KOTN goes to Nathan Chambers
SOTN goes to Tora Mizwar

All in all, we made $1,216,860 off this show.

Bill Cumming (38 years old, 0-4 his last four fights) has been cut.

David Allen has lost his last two fights. Those fights were to Manuel Silva and Nathan Chambers. He's getting an offer for at least 2 more fights.

Duke Aiona's contract is nearly up. He's got 1 fight and 8 months left on his deal. I'm probably going to give him that fight against a prospect, then let him go.

Ken Peters has 1 fight and 11 months left, and prior to beating Bill Cumming, he lost his last 3 fights in a row. He's in the same boat as Duke...Feed him to a prospect, then he can go.

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Unread 12-03-2018, 10:05 PM
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GAMMA's #10 ranked Middleweight, "The Amazing" JJ Reid has announced that he is taking a break from MMA. The 32-year old is coming off of a split decision victory over Stuart Strange at GAMMA 51.

While Reid says he is not retiring, he would not say when he plans to come back to GAMMA.

When asked for comment, GAMMA CEO Matt Tripp expressed his confusion over Reid's decision: "Look, I have nothing but respect for JJ Reid. He just won his first fight in 6 years, and he cracked the top 10 in the Middleweight rankings. If I were him, when I was good to go, I would be banging on the boss man's office door, asking for another fight to get in the mix for a shot at Matthew Dean. But if he wants to take a break to do other *expletive*, he's a man, and he has the right to make that choice.

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Unread 12-07-2018, 01:05 AM
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It appears that the trilogy fight between Marlon John and Anthony LeToussier will have to wait, as John has sustained a fractured cheek bone just a little more than a week before he was to face LeToussier in what many believe was to be a fight to decide who would be the next in line to face the new champ, Spencer Rubenstein.

GAMMA CEO Matt Tripp today confirmed that the new co-main event of GAMMA 52 will be Manuel Silva's 2nd fight with the company as he faces Jack Humphreys. Bud Brockett vs. Benny Danare, which was scheduled to be the headline fight of the prelims will be promoted to the main show, and the show will have to go on with only 7 fights.
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