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Unread 06-30-2019, 02:30 PM
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Default ZEN Around The World [CVerse]


Way of the Dreamer
The ZEN Master Belt is not a Coaster

Saturday, Week 2, January 2016
Attendance: 861
Hosted by Sparky Sparks and Dustin Thane

We open on a blank screen. White text reads “Yesterday. At an undisclosed location.”

It slowly fades into Pumpkin Jack’s mask. “Gentlemen. Molly. Thank you for joining me.”

Jack’s face is replaced by the well known visages of his ZEN compatriots, their names as famous as their deeds; Man O’ War, Vertigo, Super Zero, Devilfish. And also Molly Cuddle is there.

“It means a lot that I can call on you in this difficult time,” Jack says. “And, of course, welcome to my Nan’s house.”

The camera zooms out. Molly and the wrestlers, in their complete gear, sit in what appears to be a senior’s living room. Flower print furniture, ornate wood tables and knick knack shelves filled with absolute crap. The ZEN workers sit around a long coffee table, drinking tea. Jack’s ZEN Master Belt lies across the table. Jack’s Nan - who looks like everyone’s grandma - bustles around, often aimlessly.

“Thank you,” Vertigo says. “I do believe you are the first wrestler to invite me to his nan’s house.”

Molly is tapping at her phone. “There’s no WiFi signal here.”

“Try the back office; that’s where I keep my computer,” Nan offers. Molly grumbles and gets up.

“We’re here because of this,” Jack continues, patting the Master Title on the table before him. He notices a tea mug sitting on the belt. “Nan! I told you, the ZEN Master Belt is not a coaster!”

“Well, you should learn to use one!”

“I don’t really care that you have the Master Belt,” Vertigo says. “I mean, I’d rather see you with the belt than Hallowe’en Knight, but I’d rather myself than either.”

“The hero speaks the truth,” Man O’ War adds. “Verily, I am not your seamate. My only ally is the sea.”

Super Zero nods, wordlessly.


Jacks sighs. “Look, I have a big title match against Knight tonight. Heh heh. Get it? Nevermind. We can’t let Knight steal this belt. All I’m asking is that you help me occupy his buddy, Cyanide.”

Vertigo, Zero and ‘O War exchange looks. Molly calls from the back room. “OMG! This computer has a floppy disc drive!”

Vertigo finally nods. “We have a deal. As long as your Nan gives us her blueberry scone recipe. Seriously, these are delicious.”

The video feed goes live to New Zealand and the home of ZEN, the Reliquary of Scale. Sparky Sparks and Dustin Thane welcome us to the show and quickly run through the card. They finish by building up the huge main event, a 2/3 Falls Match for the ZEN Master Belt. Thane mentions how, if Halloween Knight loses, he cannot challenge Pumpkin Jack, again.

“But let’s start the action with some our promising youngsters!”

Buckminster Snark VS Kalliope Woodchuck

Sparks mentions how Kalliope is the only female wrestler currently working on the continent of Australia, leading Dustin Thane to argue that Molly Cuddle counts too because she once slapped him. Anyways, this match drags too long, even at only 8 minutes long. The lack of psychology hurt them. Kalliope wins with the Woodchipper (Charging Knee).
Kalliope Woodchuck defeats Buckminster Snark. Rating: 29

In the corner of the room, ninja Shaolin can be seen hiding in the shadows, studying the two combatants closely, as Kalliope offers a handshake to Snark. The Reliquary of Scale isn’t large enough to really hide Shaolin and people start to notice him. Shaolin pulls a blanket up, then tries to sneak away as it falls to the ground.

Some new music hits. Out of the back comes Rob Edwards, dressed in robes like a big match boxer on his way to the ring. Walking beside him is the snappily dressed Lillian O’Donahue. She’s dressed like a secretary and carries a stylish briefcase. Edwards holds the ropes for her as they both get into the ring.

“My name is Lillian O’Donahue and I have an important announcement to make. This is my client, the Human Weapon, Rob Edwards. And I’m excited to announce that he is your next ZEN Master Champion!” She pauses and applauds, while Edwards flexes and poses. The crowd boos. She lifts the microphone up to continue, but he’s cut off by Braveheart music. Azazel comes running out, swinging a broadsword and yelling gibberish.

Azazel vs Rob Edwards (w/ Lillian O’Donahue)

Short and kind of sweet. Edwards runs through Azazel and looks good doing it. Well, not necessarily good, but hardly bad. He levels Azazel with kicks and punches, before scoring with a brutal Roundhouse Kick finisher.
Rob Edwards defeats Azazel. Rating: 25

Pinkie and the Vane vs Warp-Jump (w/ Guru Vishni) (c)

For the ZEN Harmony Titles

This was a nice surprise. These two teams meshed well, despite the fact that both are kind of heels (reminder that the new ZEN has eliminated the hard heel-face split). There is some good fun shenanigans. Pink Spider orders Trevor Feather around. Feather and Toady have a fun dance competition at one point, driving their more serious partners crazy. A solid, even contest ends with Guru Vishni distracting the ref, allowing Warp-Jump to double team Trevor Feather and retain.
Warp-Jump defeats Pinkie and the Vane to retain the ZEN Harmony Titles. Rating: 42

Toady, HalloWarped and Guru Vishni celebrate their victory in the ring, until a video game sound effect plays, transitioning into the rock music of the Knights Temple. The tag team of SubUrban Legend and Killer B come out to the ramp. They applaud Warp-Jump.

“Another impressive defense, boys. Congratulations,” Legend says. “You continue to be the team to beat in ZEN.”

“The premiere tag team,” Killer B adds. “Best in the biz.”

“The best team in the company should have the best competition, right? And that would be… us.”

“My clients have defeated you many, many times,” Guru Vishni points out.

“And we have defeated them, many, many times. By our count, the all time record sits at Warp-Jump, 100 wins; Knights Temple, 101 wins.”

The Guru’s face gets all red. “That’s not true! That’s a lie!”

“Well, here’s your chance to even the score,” says Killer B. “Next month. Put the titles on the line and we’ll give you a chance.”

“Then you have a deal!” Guru yells. Toady and HalloWarped don’t look too thrilled.

Backstage, in a locker room. Cyanide, in his full ring gear, is finishing tying up his boots. The lights flicker. Cyanide sighs. He knows well that this heralds the arrival of Halloween Knight. Sure enough, after the lights fully come back up, Halloween Knight is standing behind Cyanide.


“Knock it off, Knight. I don’t have the time.”

“Fine.” Halloween Knight lowers his hood and drops his gravelly voice for a more regular tone. “I want you in my corner for the Master Title fight tonight. I need to regain that belt.”

“I have a match of my own, Knight.”

“What happened to us, Cyanide? We used to be FEAR. We used to run this company! And now… you’ve deserted me when I need you the most.”

Cyanide turns to face him, angry. “I deserted you? I was never more than an errand boy to you and Necromancer! I’m through getting beat up on your behalf, Knight. I’m going to win that title back for myself and I don’t care if I’m coming after you or if I’m coming after Jack. I’m coming.”

Knight stops him with a hand. “Cyanide. You don’t understand the power the Master Title has. I need that belt back.”

“I understand the power that being champion has. Get out of my way.” Cyanide pushes past Halloween Knight, leaving the Grandfather of Ghouls alone in the locker room.

Cyanide and the Ghost Hunters VS Man O’ War and the Sky Kings (w/ Molly Cuddle)

This was a fun, frenetic match. The Hunters were the weak link, with Mister Hyde especially struggling to keep up with the heroes. The Sky Kings look great, seamlessly blending their high risk, fast paced offence with each other, and Man O’ War. The Hunters and Cyanide take control with a number of cheap shots and shortcuts. Cyanide looks great when he’s the ring, but more and more frustrated with his teammates when on the apron. The match ends with the Sky Kings dumping Bruce Strange and hitting some smooth double teams on Hyde. Man O’ War looks to run interference on Cyanide, but Cy just walks away.
Man O’ War and the Sky Kings defeat Cyanide and the Ghost Hunters. Rating: 49

A quick video plays on the big screen while the ring clears. Damian Dastardly is on the screen, proudly “displaying” the ZEN Conceptual Belt. He gives a fairly standard, but fun, egomaniac promo. He complains about how leaving him off the show is a tragedy and how, next month, Damian will be opening the show with a very special ‘ZEN Conceptual Open Challenge’. “It will change professional wrestling forever.” Damian promises as the video ends.

“I’m pretty sure the Open Challenge is not a new concept in professional wrestling,” Sparky Sparks ruminates on commentary

And it’s time for the Main Event of the evening! A massive, best 2 of 3 falls match for the ZEN Master Title!

Halloween Knight vs Pumpkin Jack (c)
Best 2 of 3 Falls

For the ZEN Master Title

This is a good match, but not the great, epic encounter it was built to be. The build is slow to start, while Sparky Sparks and Dustin Thane discuss the history between the two (Jack won the title from Knight). The added stipulation is that if Halloween Knight loses, he will be unable to challenge for the Master Title again, while Jack holds it. There’s a lot of bad blood, but neither man wants to make the first mistake. Jack makes the first real mistake, as Knight counters a DDT into the Pumpkin Patch submission hold. Jack taps very quickly, giving up a fall in order to avoid extra damage to his arms. Knight refuses to release the hold until the ref forces him to.
Knight goes back on attack quickly, but Jack manages to fight him off. Still, he can’t keep Knight down for the three count. After a lot of back and forth, Jack scores with the PumpkinHandle Slam. Tie game.
The two spend the next few minutes fighting desperately for that final, winning pinfall, pulling out bigger and bigger moves. Perhaps surprisingly, the match ends on a quick fall. Knight tries to steal Jack’s finisher, but Jack rolls through with a small package. 1, 2, 3.
Pumpkin Jack defeats Halloween Knight to retain the ZEN Master Belt. Rating: 52

Ref Steven Yale raises Jack’s hand in victory, but Knight isn’t done yet. In a rage, he attacks from behind, throwing Jack to the mat and laying the boots to him. He grabs the ZEN Master Title and, raising it up, he sizes up Jack, preparing to strike. Yale actually gets in Knight’s face, trying to ward him. Knight throws the ref to the side, getting some serious boos. Yale’s interference has given Jack enough time to recover, though. Knight charges in with the belt, but Jack meets it with a superkick.

There’s a loud bang as Jack’s foot hits the belt. The two men fly backward onto the map and everything fades to white.

Overall Rating: 47
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Default After Way of the Dreamer

The following video was posted on the ZEN website, post Way of the Dreamer.

Pumpkin Jack sat alone in the ring. Around him, the Reliquary of Scale was empty and deserted, lights turned low and trash still littering the stands. Every once in awhile, Blue Flea could be seen in the background, sweeping up garbage.

Lying on the mat before Pumpkin Jack was the ZEN Master Belt. Or at least, what was left of it.

The gold decoration on the front of the belt had shattered. Despite being highly unlikely, all that remained was the word ‘Master.’ The rest of the belt was an empty leather placeholder.

“You broke it, you moron.”

Jack looked up to see Australian wrestling legend Classy Paul Massey standing before him, dramatically lit from above.

“Paul? What is happening? Am I… Am I dead?”

“What the heck? Why would seeing me mean that you’re dead?”

“Well, you’re glowing. I’m sure I would remember if you had done that before.”

“Oh, right,” Paul said, laying the sarcasm on heavy, “if old Paul gets a little bit of cool effects, he must be dead. Just because I’m old and I drink like a fish and I nap a lot and I stop breathing when I nap, I might be close to death. Well, thanks a lot.”


“Apology not accepted. You’re not dead, you’re in the Reliquary. And you broke my gorgeous title belt! I knew I should have kept it locked up at home like the real Conceptual Belt.”

“Peace, friend Paul.” Vertigo, Super Zero, Devilfish and Man O’ War appeared around the ring. Vertigo slid into the ring and clapped Paul on the shoulder. “What has been split asunder shall one day be restored.”

“Well, I guess I could get some super glue. If you had the pieces.” Paul looked at them all, rather accusingly.

“I still don’t understand what happened,” Devilfish said. “All Jack did was superkick the belt. His kicks are not that strong.”

“They are a thing of beauty!” Jack yelled. Super Zero shook his head, wordlessly.

“My point is, is that belt has been through a lot worse. Hell, Necromancer used the damn thing as a weapon all the time when he held it.”

“Your words are as true as the waves, my old chum. I have taken many shots from that belt, as painful as the bite of a great white.”

“The belt is different now,” Paul said. The others looked at him. The old road agent shrugged. “Well, for almost a decade,the ZEN Master Belt has fed. People have fought over it, suffered for it, bled for it. Hell, gone to war for it. The Belt has absorbed that energy. The kick was just the final straw that broke it. The kick led to the release of all that energy. Catastrophic release, I should say.”

The others just stared at him, speechless. Finally, Vertigo spoke up. “You said you found that belt in the bargain bin of a second hand store. It’s eating our energy??”

“No, don’t be stupid. It was eating your energy. Until you broke it.”

“Well, we can get a new title, can we not?”

“Don’t be ridiculous!” Paul yelled. “The Master Belt shattered, releasing Chaotic energy into the world. Sure, we can get a placeholder; you can fight over the belt I’m wearing right now if you want, but we still need to recover the pieces and stitch them back together. You can’t just leave chaotic energy floating around. Don’t you watch TV?”

“Where are the pieces?”

“I don’t know everything. I’m not the Encyclopedia.”

“That’s like an early Wikipedia,” Devilfish explained to no one in particular.

“The pieces aren’t here. You have to find someway to track and find them.” Paul exited the ring, leaving Jack and the others staring in silence, looking at the broken belt lying between them. His last words echoed through the empty arena.

“If you don’t, the world is doomed. Probably.”
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I love this. I feel you've captured the essence of ZEN and the story got me hooked. I'll be following
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You had me at Zen!
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Originally Posted by Adelwolf View Post
I love this. I feel you've captured the essence of ZEN and the story got me hooked. I'll be following
This exactly!
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On board for this!
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Default Housekeeping and Info

Wow. Thanks for all the great responses, especially considering I haven't really done much. Hopefully, the rest of the dynasty won't disappoint.

Dynasty Info

This is going to be a ZEN Worldwide diary; I will be booking three different ZENs, including the original, obviously. I tried this and failed about a year ago. That diary's problem was that I didn't plan ahead enough, I simply created two additional versions of ZEN and started booking. In addition, I've already written up four shows and several misc inbetweeners. My version of ZEN will try to keep a lot of the comedy and lighthearted fun the promotion is known for, but I will have more serious moments. I doubt I will be as funny as some of the great ZEN diaries I've read on here in the past.

My version of ZEN

I really like ZEN. I see it as the C-Verse version of CHIKARA, which I absolutely love, and I want to do it justice. However, I did fiddle with the ZEN product. First of all, I got rid of the face/heel divide. I don't like a strong face/heel divide when watching wrestling and don't enjoy booking with it. Secondly, I've modified the product slightly to balance out popularity and performance. This is because the three ZENs are in different areas and I'm planning some Cross-Promotional events. I don't want a character heavily penalized for not being none in a new area. Perhaps eventually I will just cheat and create a small network covering the home areas only. Finally, after the first event, all subsequent events have been increased to 2 hours.

I will start posting prediction keys once the dynasty gets going.

That's about it for now. I hope you all enjoy "ZEN Around The World"

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Default After After Way of the Dreamer

“Well, that’s interesting,” Vertigo was saying. “Now I’m at a second wrestler’s nan’s house twice in the same month.”

“This isn’t my nan’s house - this is my house!”

He smiled, under his mask, at his unlikely host - Bruce Strange.

Vertigo wasn’t wrong, though. The room did look like a rich grandmother’s sitting room. Everything reeked of luxury, from antique, mahogany furniture, to rich leather chairs. Bookshelves lined the walls, with very few visible of either Dan Brown or James Patterson. Several marble busts dotted the end tables. And, randomly, one of a peacock. Vertigo, Pumpkin Jack, Super Zero, Molly Cuddle and Mister Hyde sat around a rich looking table, drinking tea. Strange lounged near a fireplace.

Strange and Hyde both wore fancy Victorian style clothes. Hyde, in particular, was stuffed into his dress shirt and vest. He looked like someone dressed up a gorilla and taught it to drink tea. Strange had a habit of posing whenever he talked, as though a Renaissance Master was painting his portrait every few minutes.

“My apologies,” Vertigo said. “It’s just... your decor reminds me of an old lady. But thank you for inviting us.”

“You have so many bars…” Molly gaped, staring at her phone.

“But of course, you are in Strange Manor now, the home of All The Bars,” Strange said.

“You might think of rephrasing that…” Jack glanced at Hyde, who wasn’t drinking tea, but also wasn’t putting down the cup. “Is your servant okay?”

“The tea cup is stuck on my large hands,” Hyde’s voice was like sandpaper on gravel.

“Look, Bruce,” Jack said. “You know why we’re here. We’re not going to recap everything, because it was just explained in the last post.We need help to track the pieces of the Master Belt.”

“We came to you because you have knowledge of supernatural methods and devices. We hoped you might know of a device to help track their energy,” Vertigo continued. “That would be a very helpful plot device.”

“Also, you’re flipping rich,” Molly waved her phone. “I Googled it.”

“An interesting proposition,” Strange allowed. He took a deep breath. “I shall consider it.” He stared dramatically off into the middle distance, stroking his chin.

There’s a long pause. Super Zero struggled to drink tea with his mask on. Pumpkin Jack slipped some tea biscuits into a pocket. Mister Hyde gave them all the evil eye. Molly’s phone vibrated, almost continuously.

Vertigo cleared his throat. “So… uh… how long are you going to take-”

“I have decided!” Bruce Strange yelled, raising a hand. “As you may know, in our crusade against magical and supernatural beings, Mister Hyde and I have recovered many supernatural artifacts. We don’t use them, of course. Because they are evil.”

“We don’t use any of them,” Hyde added. “None of them! Not a one.”

“One of them may be able to track the energy you seek. But it will come at a price. We want… a TITLE SHOT.”

“Well, there’s a tournament to name the next contender for my Master Title,” Jack said. “I can get you or Mister Hyde a spot in the tournament.”

Strange scowled. “That’s hardly an equal dea-”

“WE’LL TAKE IT!” Hyde yelled, jumping into the air, his teacup flying off his hand and smashing into the ceiling.

There’s a pause, as everyone watched him. Then Molly spoke up. “I lost a bar.”
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Default Way of the Scholar


Way of the Scholar

Master with an I

Saturday, Week 2, February 2016
Attendance: 895
Hosted by Sparky Sparks and Dustin Thane
The Reliquary of Scale, New Zealand

The show opened with the music of Damian Dastardly. The ‘Diabolical One’ of ZEN came strutting down the ramp, Conceptual Title slung over one shoulder. He does a few little dance moves and flirts with any attractive members of the audience he passes. Damian grabbed a mic as he enters the ring.

“So, I know what most of you are thinking. You are severely disappointed that I, Damian Dastardly, the Shining Star of ZEN, is not in the tournament to name the next number one contender for the ZEN Master Belt. I saw the ticket sales. They skyrocketed - and I mean, skyrocketed - after the tournament was announced. Why? Because all the Damiacs were beside themselves excited. ‘Is this the moment Damian ascends the mountain?’ They tweeted. Hashtag Dastardly Champ.”

“But then people were screaming in anger after it was announced that I wasn’t in the tournament. But here’s the deal: I don’t need the Master Belt while I have this gorgeous piece of hardware.” He thrusts the Conceptual Belt in the air. Or, rather obviously, mimes it. “Did you see what happened to the ZEN Master Belt? Blown to pieces. This is now the most important piece of hardware in the company. And, since I hold it, I’m the most important worker in the company. So…. Who is challenging for my belt?”

The music of Trevor Feather hits. Damian really no-sells his appearance, looking around to say ‘Seriously’? But the ‘The Peacock’ looked unusually serious.

Damian Dastardly (c) vs Trevor Feather

For the ZEN Conceptual Belt

Feather lands a stiff punch to Damian’s chin to start the match, rocking the champ and showing him he means business. Feather takes the fight right to him, keeping control through both aggression and cheap shots. But Damian isn’t a two time champ for a reason and he certainly isn’t afraid to take a few short cuts himself, such as an eye poke to change the momentum to his favour. Feather gets some hope moments, but Damian will end it with a Dastardly Cunning (which is a small package according to Wrestling Spirit, but I will interpret it as a DDT).
Damian Dastardly defeated Trevor Feather to retain the ZEN Conceptual Title. Rating: 39

The music of Rob Edwards hits and the prize fighter came out, shadowing boxing on the ramp. Lillian O’Donahue is at his shoulder. She berates the crowd as he poses.

“Last week,” O’Donahue says, after reaching the ring, “you all were privy to the most exciting and dominating debut in ZEN history - the Prize Fighter, Rob Edwards!” Edwards did some more posing as the crowd didn’t really care. “My clients march to becoming the most dominate and impressive wrestler in the southern hemisphere continues… tonight! It might be the second match of the night, but with Rob Edwards, it is always the Main Event of the evening. Tonight, he faces off against-”

Punk rock cuts off Lillian. Out comes Blue Flea. He walks down the ramp to the ring. “Dude! You’ve been here for five seconds! Your taxi hasn’t even pulled away yet. Your locker is labelled by a piece of masking tape and pencil that reads ‘Bob Redwards’. Last week you embarrassed my friend, Azazel. This week, you are going to Flea For Your Life, as I-”

Edwards clocks him.

Blue Flea vs Rob Edwards (w/ Lillian O’Donahue)

This is a squash match. Flea doesn’t exactly sell well - to be fair, he doesn’t really do anything well - but his small frame looks good being thrown around. Rob drills Flea with a nasty looking brainbuster suplex. He measures Flea, then nails him with the Roundhouse Kick finisher.
Rob Edwards defeated Blue Flea. Rating 22

Man O’ War vs Bruce Strange (w/ Mister Hyde)
Number One Contender Tournament

Well… rats. Perhaps it was following the underwhelming squash, but Strange did not look good out there tonight. I do have some high hopes for the Ghost Hunters - and they held their own last month - but this outing was rough. Man O’ War carried this match, his technical skills outshining those of Bruce and his speed giving him even more of an edge. Mister Hyde keeps trying to insert himself in the match, until Manny tricks him by pretending to throw a ball into the audience. Not long after that, Strange falls victim to a Neptune’s Trident (Double Underhook Facebuster).
Man O’ War defeats Bruce Strange. Rating: 35

We go backstage. Pumpkin Jack is sitting at a desk, with Paul Massey on the other side. Massey dramatically opens a briefcase, swinging it over to show Jack. “Ta dah! Here it is. The temporary, but maybe permanent, new ZEN Master Belt!”

Jack does not look impressed. “This is made from old, dirty cardboard. And you’ve spelled Master with an ‘I’.” He held it up. Massey has, indeed, poorly cut a rough belt shape out of what appears to be an used pizza box. “Can’t I just wear the old broken one?”

There’s a pause. “Oh, yeah, I guess that would make sense.” Paul grabs the cardboard belt, rips it in two and tosses the pieces behind him.

“Great.” Jack nods his head. “Well… okay then.”

Jack stands, grabbing his less than impressive title belt, and rather aimlessly wanders off. Massey was almost immediately surrounded by two other workers - Booster Boy and Dazzler. Booster is dressed in a football jersey and wearing his ever present shades. Dazzler somehow makes a hoodie look rather promiscuous

“Mass-Man!” Booster Boy exclaimed, “Why don’t I have a match? You keep yo MVP on yo bench, ain’t no one who does that. Don’t play me.”

“But I thought you wanted to play. Ie, wrestle.”

“Nah, I meant play, like not play play, but play play play, eh?”

Paul blinks twice. “I don’t follow.”

Dazzler steps forward. “He wants a match, Paul. And so do I.”

“Urgh. Fine. You can fight each other next month. Just get out of my face.”

The video changes to a shot of a fish tank, with the rather creepy image of Devilfish’s mask. Tropical fish swim around as Devilfish watchs them.

“Did you know that the manta ray can live up to 20 years? It feels like it’s been that long since Devilfish was able to hold the ZEN Master Belt high. It’s been too long since Devilfish was able to swim the oceans with championship gold. But this is my chance. I feel it. This is my moment. Have no fear, my school of Fish Fin Fanatics. I will rise with the tide, vanquish the evil Cyanide, and take one step forward to regaining my missing glory.”

“Be careful. This fish has bite.”

Pink Spider (w/ Trevor Feather) VS Shaolin
Number One Contender Tournament

As usual, Pink Spider spends most of his entrance playing to the crowd, insulting people in the front room or flirting with his supporters. Feather follows him, but he clearly is still depressed over his loss to Damian Dastardly earlier in the night. Thane and Sparks openly comment on just how much impact Feather might have in the match. Shaolin is more serious and focused than usual. The match is what should be expected from these two; a solid upper card affair. Back and forth, but, unfortunately, a little dull. Trevor Feather gets the pop of the match when he slumps down into a seat in the front row and helps himself to someone’s popcorn. Spider looks to have control late, but misses on a charge and is dropped by Shaolin’s Death Touch (Running Thumb Spike).
Shaolin defeats Pink Spider. Rating: 44

The Knights Temple VS Warp-Jump (w/ Guru Vishni) (c)

For the ZEN Harmony Belts

We go straight into the next match, for the Tag Team Championships! With a win, the Knights Temple would grab their record breaking 4th Harmony Title reign. They are currently tied with Goatee With Attitude and X-War at three total reigns. These two teams are long time rivals and this match shows it, with the action coming fast and furious in the early going. Rookie ref Lucy Avatar (don’t worry, Yale is still there, too) has a hard time keeping order. Warp-Jump springs a quick attack, but the Knights send them to the outside, then attack with duelling suicide dives. Killer B squares off with Toady, sending him into the ring post a few times, before Vishni takes him out with a cheap shot. Lucy misses it because she’s too busy trying to convince Legend and HalloWarped to get back into the ring. The match is several minutes old before it starts ‘proper’, with Toady and Killer B in the ring, their partners on the apron.
“This is an absolute tragedy. A disgrace!” Thane screams on commentary. “Maybe now we can have an actual match!”
Thane spoke too soon. A bestial scream cuts through the noise of the arena, accompanied by beating drums. Two men, looking like they were sculpted by stone then drawn all over with tattoos, come charging out of the back. They hit the ring like a freight train, the larger of the two simply bowling over Toady with pure power. The other one takes out Killer B with a nasty thrust kick. SubUrban Legend is in to defend his partner, but quickly falls victim to kicks, headbutts and a Samoan Drop. HalloWarped pulls Toady from the ring, while Vishni grabs the belts. While the champs retreat, the newcomers continue to assault the Knights. Killer B is dropped by an Asian Thumb Spike, then squashed by a top rope splash. The attackers pose and roar at the audience.
Draw, due to outside interference. Rating: 40

Man O’ War is outside. The city of Wellington stands behind him, lighting up the darkening night. The usually stoic and melodramatic Man O’ War allows himself a relieved smile and chuckle. He spreads his arms wide. “Finally. I’ve fought for so long, I’ve fought so hard. And now… my chance is almost here. One match away from a ZEN Master shot.” He clears his throat, recovering his character. “Verily, destiny shines on me like the setting sun shines on the calm, welcoming sea.” He looks off toward the sunset. “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight.”

Manny pauses as a tanned, blond man wanders by with a surfboard. He waves at Man O’ War. “Totally awesome victory tonight, Manny. I was speechless, bro.”

“Lucas. Are you going surfing now? It’s 9 in the evening.”

“Waves never sleep, bro. Waves never sleep.” He reaches into a pocket on his swim trunks. “Hey. Some weird dude in a suit was looking for you earlier. He asked me to give you this.” Lucas tosses something shiny to Man O’ War.

The Avenger of the Ocean snatches it out of the air. “By Neptune’s Beard. Lucas, this is an Aztec coin. Do you understand what this is?”

“Yeah, right,” Lucas chuckles as he wanders off, leaving Man O’ War to study the coin in his hand.

Back in the arena proper and the music of Vertigo hits. There’s a record scratch, cutting the music out, only to replace it with the music of the Sky Kings. Super Zero, Vertigo and Molly Cuddle appear on the top of the ramp together. The heroes are an unique case in ZEN. Their alliance is the oldest in ZEN, but most of their time in ZEN has seen them compete in singles. Interesting stat: Their one and only Harmony reign was before any of the current ZEN tag teams were even formed.

Vertigo has the mic. “I am honoured to stand in this ring with my best friend and the first ever ZEN Triple Crown winner, Super Zero. For years, we have fought together to defend our great company from the evil that would ruin it. But tonight, we fight each other.” He pauses as the crowd reacts, some with boos and some with cheers. “The ZEN board has decided that a Fatal FourWay with two allies would not be fair to the other competitors, so they have decided that we should face each other in the first round. Super Zero and I have discussed it and we have decided that we will bring the house down!”

He hands the mic to Molly Cuddle, who does fun, special introductions for the pair.

Super Zero VS Vertigo
Number One Contender Tournament

Molly sticks around at ringside. Even though she’s technically Vertigo’s valet, she’s obviously cheering for both men in this match, her phone forgotten. The heroes start with a handshake and then they’re off. Another match with a quick pace, they trade moves and counters fast and furious in the opening minutes. It’s clear that, even more than Warp-Jump and the Knights Temple, these two know each other like brothers.
There’s an obvious theme of respect during the match, which is usually a lot more subtle in ZEN, but both men clearly want the win. They get pretty close to Vertigo’s promise of bringing down the house, with plenty of slick moves, some innovative spots and tension building nearfalls. The end comes when Super Zero proves he can predict Vertigo better than the opposite, when he rolls out of the way of Vertigo’s Radar Legrop finisher. A snap rana drives Vertigo’s mask into the mat and Super Zero locks in Holding Out For A Zero (Surfboard Bow And Arrow). Vertigo taps.
Super Zero defeats Vertigo. Rating: 49

Post match, Super Zero offers a hand to his friend. There’s a moment’s pause, before Vertigo grins and takes it, raising Zero’s hand in victory.

Somewhere backstage, Pumpkin Jack is working on a laptop. The camera moves over his shoulder and we see that he is online shopping. Specifically, he is on SWF, browsing their selection of replica title belts.


The champ jerks up to see Cyanide watching him. “Ah! Cyanide! You startled me. I thought you were someone worth worrying about!”

“I am worth worrying about, Jack! I’m going to win my match tonight and then I’m coming for your title.”

Jack shakes his head. “Look, Cy, last month I finally finished with your creepy boss, Halloween Knight. There’s little you can do to frighten me that he was unable to do.”

Cyanide advances, slowly. “Don’t be so cocky. I’m unshackled now. I’m free. There’s no telling what I might do.”

Jack shrugs. “Good for you, I guess. I’m not cocky, I’m just not scared of you. I’m the ZEN Master, Cy. Nothing scares me. Except maybe a more committed, adult relationship with my girlfriend, Becca. She wants to get a cat as a couple. What does that even mean?”

“I think it means she loves you.” Cyanide shakes his head and grunts. “Look, I’m not here to talk about Becca. I’m here to warn you that I’m coming. For that.” He points dramatically at the busted Master Belt sitting beside Jack.

“Ok. Well, good luck tonight. Against Devilfish, you’re going to need it. I mean, the word ‘Devil’ is right in his name. Plus, some fish are poisonous.”

“All Cyanide is poisonous!” Cyanide yells as he storms out of the room. The camera follows Cyanide as he stalks down a dark hallway, grumbling to himself. In fact, Cyanide doesn’t even notice when he passes a shadowy figure leaning against the wall, cloaked in shadows.


He whirls around, ready to give this new interloper a piece of his mind. But he stops himself as the stranger steps forward. He wears a nice, if old fashioned, suit, and a wide-brimmed purple hat that shadows his face. He appears to be vaping. He removes his hat, revealing a young face with maybe a little too much eyeliner.

“The name’s Lothar Prellinger. And I have an offer you simply can’t refuse.”

Cyanide VS Devilfish
Number One Contender Tournament

The final opening round match and the main event of the evening features two of ZEN’s most reliable and steady workers. These two play their roles to near perfection tonight. Devilfish is the quick, plucky babyface. He never gives up and all he needs is just a little space to pull off a quick rana or kick. Cyanide is a ruthless technician. He doesn’t cheat or waste time taunting Devilfish; he doesn’t need to. He just systematically attacks the fish’s legs. The match goes everywhere. Devilfish even manages to score with a beautiful springboard dive.
As the match drags on, it becomes clear that Cyanide’s legwork is having an effect, hobbling Devilfish. He gamely fights on, slipping out of Cyanide’s Skull Splitter (Brainbuster) a few times, but his leg finally gives out when ascending the turnbuckle for a big move. Cyanide makes him pay, scoring instead with a superplex. Both are slow to get up, but Cyanide is first and this time, makes no mistake. Skull Splitter and Cyanide is moving on!
Cyanide defeats Devilfish. Rating: 54

Cyanide celebrates in the ring as the show fades to black.

Show Rating: 51
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Default After Way of the Scholar

“Well… There you have it.”

Back in the now empty Reliquary of Scale main hall, Bruce Strange and Mister Hyde were standing behind a merch table. But instead of being covered in glorious ZEN Merch, Strange and Hyde have spread out two maps. Bruce, in particular, looked unhappy. Hyde looked merely indifferent.

On the other side of the table were Pumpkin Jack, Vertigo, Super Zero, Man O’ War, Devilfish and Molly Cuddle. Classy Paul Massey stood apart from the wrestlers, picking his teeth.

Jack tapped one of the maps. “This will lead us to the missing shards? There’s only two maps here.”

“Look, ‘Champ’,” Bruce sneered, “We dirtied ourselves with magical devices to find you this information. It’s accurate. I made sure. After all, the Karma for using magic already cost me my title opportunity.”

“Wait - You think you lost only because of karma?”

“From what we can tell, the belt broke into three main pieces, which may have shattered into more after that initial explosion. One of the thirds stayed here, around Wellington. That one definitely blew into smaller pieces and we couldn’t track it.” Bruce motioned at the maps. “The other pieces flew to Mazatlan, Mexico, and Sendai, Japan.”

“Mexico?” Man O’ War suddenly looked very interested. “Really?”

Bruce shrugged. “We held up our end of the bargain. These maps will take you as close to the belt shards as we can safely track them. Come on, Hyde.”

“It’s tea time!” Mister Hyde grunted at Jack.

Jack watched the Ghost Hunters leave, before turning to his friends. “We need to find those belt shards. I can start the search here. Vertigo and Super Zero, I’m going to ask you to head to Sendai. Super Zero has told me on multiple occasions, about how he is fluent in Japanese.”

“Really? Fluent, you say?” Vertigo turned to Zero in surprise. Zero nodded, wordlessly.

“Man O’ War and I will check out Mazatlan,” Devilfish said, taking a map. “Fish is a major industry there, so we should fit in just fine.”

“Then Godspeed, and the best of luck. I will see you all back here in a month.” They exchanged handshakes all around, moving to the exit.

Pumpkin Jack escorted them to main doors of the Reliquary. Outside, the entire ZEN locker room has gathered to see them off. The bigger names stood near the door; Shaolin, Damian Dastardly, Pink Spider and the Knights Temple. Team Warp-Jump, Harmony Belts on their shoulders, bowed their heads in respect. Kalliope Woodchuck, Booster Boy, Blue Flea, Dazzler, even Rob Edwards and Lilian O’Donahue. Across the parking lot, alone, was Cyanide, leaning against the hood of his car. Conspicuous by his absence was Halloween Knight.

As Super Zero, Vertigo, Devilfish and Man O’ War walked to their cars, the first steps toward ZEN World Wide were taken.
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Loving this so far. Great way to set up expansion.
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Default I'm turning Japanese, I really think so...

Sendai, Japan

A day later, and Super Zero’s flawless Japanese language skills had led him and Vertigo to their contact in Sendai; a young man named Koin Momotani. Koin, an energetic presence, had consulted the map provided by Bruce Strange and taken them to an abandoned warehouse near the docks. It was a mess; papers and refuse scattered everywhere. The space was large, full of potential and little else. Except the garbage, of course.

“Nice, yes? Sendai has the nicest abandoned warehouses in the world, don’t you think?” Koin spread his arms wide and took in a deep breath. “Smell the sea air. Nice, yes?”

“It’s… great.” Vertigo said. He tapped a dirty old trash bag with a foot. “This is the place? Are you sure?”

“No, but this is where your map leads - 100%.”

Super Zero picked up a bag of garbage. Even through the mask, he gave off an air of disgust. He shook his head, tossing the garbage away.

“Zero is right,” Vertigo said. “There’s no belt fragments here. Just a bunch of junk.”

“Nice junk, yes?” Koin said. “We could go through it. Maybe separate trash from recyclables?”

“Go ahead,” Vertigo said. He turned to Super Zero. “This is a waste of time. We should head back to Wellington-”

Any further conversation was interrupted by a high pitched screech. It sounded like an animal being killed by a rogue robot. A man burst through a door. His clothes were rags, ripped to shreds. The only item of clothing he wore that was still in good condition was a dark mask. The screeching noise was coming from him.

The stranger charged at the heroes, as Koin screamed. “This never happens in Sendai!” he yelled, followed by a burst of Japanese. Vertigo and Super Zero took up defensive positions. The film slowed as the three enter a heavily choreographed fight scene. Vertigo and Zero throw kicks and punches at the crazed intruder. He dodged most of them, until the two heroes managed to position him inbetween them. The stranger whirled around; surrounded. Vertigo and Super Zero struck with simultaneous superkicks. The attacker crumpled in a heap at their feet.

“What was that?” Vertigo asked. “Is it dead?” Super Zero shook his head as an answer.

“That never happens in Sendai!” Koin screamed for a second time. He waved his hands, giving himself a crazy air. “Who was that?”

“How would we know? You’re the one from here!”

“I have never seen this man; he must have followed you!”

“What? That doesn’t make any sense.”

There was a loud ripping sound, as though the universe itself wass ripping its pants. In the corner of the warehouse, a tear appeared in the very air itself. A black, jagged rip through space. A pale light emanated from beyond. Koin, Vertigo and Super Zero could only stare. The rip grew, getting wider and wider, until it was large enough for three figures to step through and into the warehouse. As quickly as the rip appeared, it disappeared, and the light with it.

The three newcomers were quite the trio. The man in the middle was handsome, with a chin and figure any man would be jealous of, stuffed inside an odd white uniform. His long hair was dyed purple. On one side, another well built man, this one wearing a tight fitting mask. The third member of the trio was lean, with messy hair and thick glasses. He was staring at a device that looked like a tablet.

“My calculations say that we’re in the right place and…” the man with glasses trailed off as he looked up. There was a long pause as the two trios stared at each other. “That appears to be our fugitive,” he pointed at the stranger on the ground.

The purple haired leader pointed to the stranger. “You captured this villain? Then you have our thanks.”

“Uh, who are you?”

“Welcome to Sendai!” Koin called from behind the protection of Vertigo and Super Zero.

“Who are we? We are the world famous Time Recovery Gold Mission Team 6!” The newcomers strike a Charlie’s Angels-esque pose, as though they expected applause. “I am Commander Kawagishi and these are my colleagues, the Great Avatar and Naizen Uboshita. Thank you for apprehending this dangerous fugitive. We have chased him through time itself.”

“The name’s Vertigo. This is Super Zero. And Koin, our guide and driver.”

“Sendai is nice, yes? Do you need a drive anywhere?”

“Actually, we could use some help,” Naizen said, studying his electronic device. Meanwhile, Avatar was restraining the fallen Stranger, jabbering at him in what sounds like Japanese, but clearly isn’t. “Our ETJD - Eccleston Time Jump Device - is out of power. We require a new power source. Commander? We could use that unusual strong power source we detected.”

“Yes, of course!” Kawagishi turned back to Vertigo and Zero. “We are looking for shards. Jewel shards might be the best way to explain it.”

“The shards from the Master Belt,” Vertigo said. Zero nodded in agreement with him. “We are looking for those as well. They are shards from our championship belt that… exploded. They are supposed to be here.”

“My scans agree,” Naizen said, “but it’s not that simple. The shards are in this place, but not this time.”

“The belt did explode a month ago.”

“That’s not it. The shards are full of strong, unpredictable energy. When they were blasted here, they must have fallen through the timestream as well. Stranger had recently jumped through time. It’s possible the weakness in the space time continuum caused by Stranger attracted your shards and allowed them breach it as well. Like putting too much air into a balloon.”

“Sendai has the best balloons!”

“Then how do we get the shards?” Vertigo asked. “Just sit here and wait?”

“Not necessarily,” Commander Kawagishi said. “It came from your Championship belt, yes? From a combat sport? The energy must have been harvested by the combat over it. More combat would call the shards. But be warned, more combat would also likely attract more combatants through the timestream.”

Vertigo exchanged looks with Zero. “More combat? Like, perhaps, a ZEN based here, in Sendai?” He held out a hand to Commander Kawagishi. “Gentlemen. Now you are in our area of expertise.”
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Default South of the border, down Mexico Way

Mazatlan, Mexico

The Malecon, the official name of the Mazatlan Boardwalk, stretched along the city, lining the miles of beaches that shored the Pacific Ocean. Condo and hotels reached into the light blue sky. Families played in the sand while couples strolled along, arm in arm.

Then Devilfish and Man O’ War walked out of the ocean.

“By Neptune’s Beard, that was a long swim.”

“Agreed. We should really get back to the hotel, though.” The two crossed the beach, heading toward a fancy looking hotel. “We must thank Bruce Strange for allowing us to borrow his credit card.”

A dark town car with tinted windows was parked in the road on the other side of the boardwalk, blocking their way. An attractive brunette, dressed in a tight fitting chauffeur’s uniform complete with hat, leaned up against it. She nodded her head at them. “You two the fish from New Zealand?”

“You speak the language of the Britons?” Man O’ War asked.

“English. Yeah. Anyways, you’re late. My boss-”

“We just got here,” Devilfish blurted. He quickly hid a hotel towel behind his back.

The chauffeur looked at him, very obviously noting the towel. “Right… Look, my boss is the car. She’s waiting for you.”

The interior of the car was surprisingly roomy, like a short limo. Rich, dark leather seats and tinted windows; with elevator muzak playing softly over hidden speakers. In the middle of the car sat it’s only occupant; a gorgeous latina. She motioned for Devilfish and Man O’ War to sit down. The chauffeur slipped into the front seat and the car pulled out.

“Devilfish. Man O’ War. I am your contact here in Mazatlan. Gabriela Ortega.” She smiled. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, both.”

“You know why we’re here,” Devilfish said. He pulled out the map and handed it to Ortega. “The shards of the ZEN Master Belt.”

Ortega tapped the map. “This area you have circled? I know this well. This is El Faro Lighthouse, located on a hill south of Mazatlan. My assistant is taking us there. But there is a complication.”

“Of course there is.”

“El Faro sits on top of an uninhabited hill. And since the destruction of the Master Belt, that hill - Cerro del Creston - has gotten… twisted. Tainted. There have been reports of mysterious sightings, unexplained sounds and noises. There have even been some disappearances. It’s not good news. Something is very wrong.”

Devilfish was about to respond when Man O’ War cried out in pain. He glanced at his friend. Manny was pinching his nose, wincing in pain. “By Neptune’s… Beard. By the Cook Straight. This pressure… I feel like I’m hundreds of fathoms below.”

“What’s wrong?”

“A sudden pressure in my skull. I have not the words to explain.”

“I know what it is,” Ortega said, quietly. Devilfish was suddenly aware that the music had stopped. Ortega looked outside. “We’ve crossed over onto Cerro del Creston.”

“I think it’s getting better,” Man O’ War said, looking up.

Then the car came to a screeching halt. Ortega banged on the divider between them and the driver’s seat. “What’s going on?”

“I think this is as far as we go, ma’am,” came the reply. Grumbling and cursing in Spanish, Ortega led the way out of the car. The ZEN fighters followed warily.

After the darkness of the car, the light outside was initially blinding. Devilfish shaded his eyes as he studied their location. They were stopped on a narrow road that wound up the side of the hill, cutting through dark jungle to do so. Behind them, the city of Mazatlan nestled the Pacific Ocean, glittering in the sun like a million jewels. Ahead, the top of the lighthouse was just visible over the jungle trees.

Ortega had already joined her chauffeur/assistant at the front of the car. They were in arguing in Spanish with a group of men dressed in two tone luchador masks and simple clothes, who were blocking the road. Many of the men were armed with weapons; clubs, axes, swords, etc. Their leader, who appeared the calmest and most assured of the group, wore a mask that resembled snake skin, and a long cloak.

“Cerro del Creston belongs to our goddess,” the leader said. “You do not belong here.”

“Like hell we don’t!” Ortega returned, leading to more arguing and gesturing from the gang. Their yells drowned out further argument from her. Devilfish and Manny tensed up; things were ready to explode at any second. Ortega just nodded at her assistant. “Jaime.”

In one smooth motion, her assistant reached into her jacket and drew a small handgun. She fired three shots into the the air. The men immediately scattered. “I’m too young to die!” “We didn’t mean it!” “Run away! Run away!” In seconds, the road was clear, except for their leader, the man in the snake mask.

He pinched his nose. “It’s so hard to find decent flunkies these days. I was serious, though. Anyone trespassing on Cerro del Creston is to be brought to El Ataúd; her court. Follow me, please.” He turned and continued to stroll down the road. Devilfish shrugged and followed, with Manny close behind.

“’Ataúd’ does not translate to ‘court’,” Ortega whispered, but she still followed them.

“Call me Serpiente,” the man called over his shoulder.

Serpiente wasn’t taking them to the Lighthouse. A few metres down the road, he turned onto a narrow dirt path. He followed the path without a word, taking them deeper into the jungle. They walked for several minutes in silence, until Serpiente turned a corner and a structure appeared before them. It was a small, stone building, looking almost like the entrance to a Mayan bomb shelter. Two guards were outside the door and nodded as they passed through.

The building was cool inside. And quiet. A long stone hallway stretched out before them. Serpiente continued along, again without a pause. The others followed.

“What’s that noise?” Ortega asked. At first, it was just faint. A crowd; cheering. As they continued down the hall, the crowd noise grew louder and closer.

Serpiente reached a junction in the hall and turned down it. It was like the underworld itself opened up before them.

It was an arena, built into the stone itself. Square tiers descended down, directed toward a crude ring in the centre. The space was almost an inverted Mayan pyramid. The tiers, or stands, were full of people. Some wore masks, made of wood, feather or luchador style. They wore bright robes, mosaiced dresses and shirts. Two luchadors were fighting in the ring. Directly across the ring from them, the top tiers had been closed off from the public in favour of an ornate throne. Guards, servants, dancers; the area was packed. They were all there to serve one person.

Upon the throne lounged a woman, dressed in all the Aztec inspired finery one could imagine. A massive feathery crown sat on her head. And in the middle of the crown - a belt shard.

“Xochiquetzal,” Serpiente said, nodding to her, before continuing on down toward the ring. The others watched him go.

“Now this is more familiar,” Devilfish said with a grin.

“Behold her crown, chum,” Man O’ War pointed. “A Master Shard.”

“So what do we do? Just walk over and take it?”

“Have some finesse, boys,” Ortega said. “Even with Jaime’s gun, you’ll never get close enough. Besides, you told me a whole third of the belt landed in Mexico. That is not a third. You try to steal that shard, you’ll never find the rest. They’ll kick you out faster than you can spell ‘Mazatlan’.”

“That would take me awhile.”

“This is my element, boys,” Ortega said, dropping her voice. “Let me ingratiate with the locals, become a part of their games here. With some ZEN connections, I could make myself indispensable to the queen. And when the moment comes… I strike.”

Devilfish and Man O’ War looked at her. There was no mistaking the steely determination in her eyes.

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This is some surprisingly good storytelling, and not the type that's the usual backstage segments. Well done!
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Events have shaken ZEN to its very core and the company will never be the same again, because the company will never be alone again. The investigation of the ZEN Master shards has led to the formation of a worldwide ZEN alliance, with sister companies launching monthly shows this very month.

Based out of Sendai, ZEN Japan is run by time travelling cops Commander Kawagishi and Naizen Uboshita, with help from local tour guide Koin Momotami. They are focused on searching for title fragments that have gotten lost in time itself. The promotion is already attracting workers from across the timestream. Along with Kawagishi and his partner, The Great Avatar, ZEN-J has recruited intergalactic music superstar Hitomaro Suzuki; Polish grappler Pavel Vanzycha; the unhinged Romi Yamato; a knight templar from the Medieval Ages; and Yu Hashimoto, a high priestess from the late 2500s. Many more colourful characters are starting to call ZEN-J home.

On the other side of the world, the shards have had a different effect on the population of Mazatlan, Mexico. ZEN-M is based in the court of the enigmatic, self styled queen, Xochiquetzal, but the ZEN contact is Gabriela Ortega. ZEN-M’s lawless court of combat has attracted workers from across the country, including the queens agents, El Serpiente and Aztec Prince. The company has also retained the talents of the mysterious Blue Phantom, the charismatic Boriken Love Machine Jr, the flashy Amazing Fire Fly and top tag team, the Puerto Rican Boys.

The shows of all three companies will be available to stream on ZEN Worldwide online service, available wherever there is the interwebs. In celebration of the launch of ZEN Worldwide, ZEN-NZ will host a cross-promotional trios match. The Board has named what they call an ‘All Star Team’, with three champions representing their home promotion. ZEN Master Pumpkin Jack will team with ZEN Harmony champions Warp-Jump for the first time ever.

But there’s more than even that major trios match happening at Way of the Healer. The Fatal Four Way Final of the tournament to name Pumpkin Jack’s next opponent for the ZEN Master Belt is tonight. An unique combination of finalists, with two former Masters in Cyanide and Super Zero, and two veterans who have waited for their moment, in Shaolin and Man O’ War. Who will come out on top and become the next challenger for Pumpkin Jack?

At Way of the Scholar, the Knights Temple had their attempt at a record breaking 4th Harmony Title reign demolished by a team of Samoans. The Knights are in action this month against Pinkie and the Vane, but will we get some answers regarding the mystery team or the title picture?

All this, plus Damian Dastardly, Vertigo, Devilfish, Booster Boy and more!

Come! See! ZEN!

(I'm not going to have a formal prediction contest yet; maybe next month. I imagine the Mexican and Japanese versions of ZEN might be a little hard to predict at the start, since they are just getting started. But if you want to predict the ZEN card for fun, here it is!)

The Ghost Hunters vs Devilfish and Kalliope Woodchuck

Booster Boy vs Dazzler

Ferdy Lloyd vs Vertigo

Team Japan vs Team Mexico vs Team New Zealand (Jack and Warp Jump)

The Knights Temple vs Pinkie and the Vane

Cyanide vs Man O' War vs Shaolin vs Super Zero
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