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Unread 01-22-2018, 11:24 AM
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Default License F.A.Q.

The Basics

ELicense is the software that protects the game from piracy. When you purchase the game you are given a license code (this will usually start with the letters "VT-"); this unlocks the game and allows you to play it. You should keep these details safe and never give them out to anybody (other than Grey Dog's Scott Vibert if it is necessary for technical support).

Please note that:

1 - You get one license per purchase

2 - Each license can be used on multiple machines but can only be active on one PC at a time

3 - The license is a separate item to the game; uninstalling the game does NOT remove the license, that can only be done through unlicensing.

Frequently Asked Questions

"How do I move my license from one computer to another?"

You must first unlicense the game from the original computer (see next question), then you simply run WMMA5 on the new computer and give your license code when prompted.

"How do I unlicense the game?"

- Right-click on the shortcut you use to launch the game.
- Go to properties
- Go to the target box and at the end of the current entry add: -unlicense
- Press apply and OK to exit
- Double click to launch the game. You will see the order ID and below there will be a box you can use to unlicense.
Alternatively, you can do the same thing as above in a slightly different way by using the command prompt method to unlicense it. Create a folder called Test on your hard drive and copy and paste WMMA5.exe and elicen40.dll from your normal WMMA folder into it. Go to your Windows Start menu and select Run. Then type "cmd" (without the quotation marks) and press enter. You will see a command prompt. Type

"C:\Test\WMMA5.exe" -unlicense
This will unlicense the game. Notice that there is a space after the final quotation mark, and that there is no space between the dash and the word "unlicense".

"I am being told that my license cannot be activated as it is already in use?"

This means that your license is still active on another computer. The most common cause of this is that the license was automatically installed on the computer where you purchased the game. You need to unlicense it before continuing.

"I had a hard disk crash \ my computer got wiped \ I no longer have access to my old computer, what happens to my license?"

Your license has been "locked" onto that machine. You will need to contact Scott (address at the bottom of this FAQ) to have it unlocked.

"How do I license the game on a computer with no Internet access?"

You can license it on a computer without internet access using a text based license. Install the game on the computer without internet access, when you go to license the game it will give you an option for offline licensing. Follow the on screen instructions, of course you will need a computer with internet access to go through the procedure, however you won't need internet access on your laptop.

"I have read through the FAQ and have not been able to solve my issue."

All licensing issues are handled by Grey Dog Software's Scott Vibert ( Please contact him by e-mail (preferably) or private message, giving him details of your problem. Ideally, you should include your license code or, if you don't have this, your name and the last four digits (last four only!) of the card you used to purchase the game.
Adam Ryland
Designer of TEW, WMMA, WreSpi, and Comic Book Hero
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