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Unread 01-13-2007, 03:00 PM
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Default Battle lines have been drawn.What if the NWA struck first....

OCC: As you can see I have moved the first post and merged it with the third. I will be slowly redoing this first post to make sort of a Table of Contents for the diary. This will hopefully make reading it a little less foreboding. And easier to keep up with.

I would first off like to thank D. Boon's Ghost and the guys that created this awesome mod. As you will see if you choose to join the ride this starts in TEW2005. Proceeds into 2007. And when I ever get my motivation back will work into 2008. This mod is the sole reason that I purchased TEW in the first place. I have dabbled with the C-Verse and with a couple of other mods, but this is where I reside.

I would also like to thank my inspirations into the diary writing foray: Scapino1974, Wildfire, and most of all tristram. Without you guys giving me something to strive for I probably wouldn't have ever tried this. I also want to mention some of the great guys that I have come to know and befriend thru this endeavor. keef and Nevermore you guys have made it fun and along with tristram have made this great. Thanks guys.

Okay onto the story, this is a fictional account based on the DOTT era of wrestling. I have taken creative liberties with certain historic events and blended them into my memories of my youth. As I am a believer in the slow build you will have to stick around for the ride to see the intricacies of the deep recesses of my mind play out thru this great mod and this awesome game. I hope you enjoy!

Table of Contents:

The story begins.
1) The NWA reacts to Vince.
2) Conclusion of the meeting.
3) Tying up loose ends.
4) Trouble at Home?
5) Meeting with an old friend.
6) New hires.
7) NWA In Your Town! Thursday Week 1 Jan 1983.

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Unread 01-13-2007, 05:02 PM
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Default Current Champions

I will be keeping up with the current champions in this post. (Part of some of the new changes I have coming.)

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Unread 01-13-2007, 06:58 PM
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Default DOTT 2005>2007>2008> and beyond. Battlelines have been drawn. The story........

December 18, 1982
Greenbrier Resort,
White Sulphur Springs, WV

NWA Annual Membership meeting.

Members present:
Bob Geigel

Jim Crockett, Jr David Crockett Huston Hartsell

Jim Barnett Ole Anderson

Eddie Graham Mike Graham

Ron Fuller Robert Fuller

Victor Jovica Carlos Colon

Frank Tunney Jack Tunney

Shohei Baba Dory Funk, Jr

Al Tomko Gene Kiniski

Stu Hart

Bob Geigel Harley Race Pat O’Connor Verne Gagne Sam Muchnik

Paul Boesch

Hisashi Shinma

Don Owen

Peter Mavia

Jack Adkisson David Adkisson

Also in attendance as guests:

Bill Watts

Jerry Jarrett Jerry Lawler

Joe Blanchard

And Verne Gagne

2:00 PM
As Bob Geigel walks into the boardroom flanked by Jim Crockett and Paul Boesch, everyone is settling in.
Bob begins “Good afternoon gentlemen, hope everyone enjoyed their lunch.
The first matter of business this afternoon will be to restate the results of the votes this morning for our governing board for the coming year. First of all, the membership bestowed upon me the honor of another term as your President. A position that I humbly accept. Next, Jim Crockett was elected 1st VP. Paul Boesch was elected to the office of 2nd VP. And as for the offices of directors they are as follows: Ole Anderson, Victor Jovica, Mike Graham, Dory Funk, Jr, and David Adkisson. Congratulations to you all. I look forward to serving with you in the upcoming year.

Now for the next order of business. “

Bob looks down at his notes lying on the podium in front of him and collects himself. He looks up with a very concerned and stern look as he begins ”This afternoon we are going to discuss some very sensitive and potentially troubling information. I expect that what we discuss here, needs to stay here in this room. Do I have everyone’s assurances of that?”

The membership looks around at each other and nods or offers some sort of audible agreement.

He begins “Having been reelected to this post this morning, I accepted this responsibility already having knowledge of what I am about to reveal to you all. Gentlemen, I feel we sit here today at a crossroads. Information has come to light that if allowed to play out unchecked, I honestly believe will shake the very foundation of this business. It could have dire and unwanted consequences. At this time I’m going to ask Jim (Crockett) to come up here and fill you in on the details of what I’m talking about and hopefully if you all are willing to offer a possible solution.”

Jim Crockett “Good afternoon gentlemen. I really don’t know any other way to do this except to just come out and tell you all that we have learned. As you all know the environment that we work in has always had an element of cutthroat mentality to it. But for the most part we have operated under the guides of kayaker. We respect each others territories and usually have working relationships with each other with regards to sharing talent. With the onset of cable TV deals there has been some loosening of this concept but for the most part it holds true.”
He pauses for a drink of water.

"Recently I have had an interesting document brought to my attention. I won’t reveal my source only to say that he is high up and has been privy to the document and the discussions around it. This document is a manifesto of sorts. A very detailed, drawn out meticulous plan. A systematic approach to ending the territory system as we know it by undermining the basic principals of kayfabe. I’m talking about a conscious effort to not only sign away the top talent from the other territories, but the use of resources to basically invade and promote shows inside other promotions territories in an effort to run them out of business. “
With this a mummer goes across this room.

“Gentlemen, a few of you have been brought into the preliminary discussions already. Those of you that are hearing this for the first time, I implore you to take this threat seriously. We will soon be under attack. I trust our sources and I feel that the individual that authored this manifesto is not only willing; he is positioning himself to soon be very capable. “

Jack Adkisson “Who and what are you talking about? “
Jim C “I’m talking about Vince.”

Frank Tunney “McMahon?”

Jim C “Yes!”

Eddie Graham “Give us more details.”

Jim C “How I will be GOD! By Vincent Kennedy McMahon. That’s what he titled it.”

Jack A laughing “Sounds like something Vince would write. I’m sure you are overreacting.”

Bob G “At first glance I felt the same way. But after doing a little research I now know that this is a real threat.”

Jack A “No offense Mr. President, but you are going to have to convince me that there’s actually something to this before I am going to get all worked about it. Hell, Vince is crazy, everyone here knows it. He’s here one year, gone the next. He’s an arrogant pompous ass.”

Jim C “I plan on doing just that. Patience Jack.
He starts off by listing what he wants.”

Jack A “Which is?”

Jim C “To be the most powerful man in this business.”

Jack A “Hell, call the police, have him arrested! Don’t we all want that?” With that, he gets laughs from most of the room.

Jim C not looking amused continues “He then outlines just how he is going to accomplish this goal.
1)Take over the WWF.
2)Begin to amass talent slowly and quietly as to not arouse suspicion."

Jack A “Are we actually going to go over this like it is some declaration of war?”

Jim C “Yes because it is………………”

The meeting continues......

Jim C “If you’ll let me continue?
3)Secure a national cable deal.
4)Secure a PPV deal.
5)Turn up heat. All out onslaught. Sign top talent away quickly at one time before anyone has time to react.
6)Target and but out existing promotions. In order to extend promotional territory. If they won’t agree to buy out, run them out of business with our vast resources.
7)Grow to national size.
8)Grow to global size.”

Jack A “Still haven’t heard anything that overly concerns me. He’s just blowing smoke. In the end, he’ll still run a regional promotion based in the northeast. He’ll pose no threat to me in Texas, Eddie in Florida, Verne in Minnesota, or you in Charlotte. I don’t know what you are making such a fuss about.”

Bob G “Jack, would you give him a chance.”

Jack A “Whatever.”

Jim C “Obviously buying out his father in the WWF is not that big of a red flag in itself, neither is..”

Jack A “Signing top talent, getting a big cable tv deal. Are we going to get to this big threat, I have a tee time set for in the morning…..”

Jim Barnett “Will you just shut up Jack?”

Jim C “Jim do you want me to tell him or would you like to?”

Jim B “Steps 3, 5, 6 …”

Jack A “What a national cable deal? Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t you one of the only ones here with a national cable deal?”

Jim B “Exactly.”

Jack A “Exactly what?”

Jim B “I was approached by Vince in October.”

Jack A “Approached about what?”

Jim B “About buying GCW.”

With that you could have heard a pin drop.

Jack A “What?”

Jim B “ Vince and I had talked over drinks last year at the annual membership meeting. I had mentioned that I was experiencing cash flow problems, possibly getting tired of the grind, etc. Anyway he called in October after he bought his dad out and asked had things gotten any better. Told me he’d like to get together and talk. He flew to Atlanta and we met for dinner. He told me he had been thinking about what I had said and that he had a proposition for me. He wanted to purchase GCW from me. He explained that he had been thinking about branching out into the southern markets and he thought it would be a good fit. He would set up two centers of operations and he wanted me to stay on appear on screen and he would handle the money and the headaches.”

Jack A “ Well if you were looking to get out, then what’s wrong with that?”

Frank T “#5, he told me the same thing in November.”

Al Tomko “ Me too.”

Jack A “ What?”

Jim C looking at Bob G “Really?”

Bob G “Looks like he is starting to put the press on.”

Jim B “Only thing is, the manifesto doesn’t outline things like that.”

Jack A “Okay, now you have my attention. Explain.”

Jim B “It’s all there. Buy GCW out, take over ownership, replace it on air with WWF programming, keep the top talent, shut the promotion down.”

Jack A “ So he takes care of 3 steps in one. Well that Son of a bitch. Damn. What are we going to do about it?”

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Default The end of the meeting.

Bob G “ My suggestion would be to strike first.”

Jack A “How?”

Jim C “Basically, we have in this room the power to accomplish something Vince must first work towards. We can structure this organization in a way to where we appear national now.”

Jack A “ How so?”

Jim C “If we make it easier for our talent to appear for other NWA member promotions and use the existing TV contracts that we already hold we can put forth the image of being national in a relatively short amount of time.”

Jack A “ I don’t know if I like where you are going with this, you want me to allow you to use my talent roster? Free them up to work for you? Promote what on my TV time? Your promotion?

Are you sure Vince is the one to fear Bob? Sounds to me like good ole Jim over there has his sights on being the top dog.”

Jim C “Hold on a minute….”

Sam Muchnik “Let me try to explain this to Jack and everyone else, Jim.
You see I think you have it all wrong Jack. Ask yourself a question. If I put you on the spot right now and asked you to state on the record who in this room holds the most power, who would you say Jack?

Jack A after sitting and thinking for a moment replies “Well, I guess I’d have to say Jim(Crockett.) No offense to you Bob, or to you either Verne. But since this is the NWA, and good ole Jim controls not only the NWA World Hwt champion, but also the World Tag Team Belts, you’d have to answer that way.”

Sam M “ That is the point that I will make exactly. You see, when Jim received this information, he very well could have sit on it. Let Vince start his raid and then started one of his own. Honestly, He may be in a better position to pull off this grand plan of Vince’s then Vince himself. He only needs a big cable deal and he could go nationwide. But that’s not what he’s done. He has confided in Bob, Jim B, myself and a few others. We have come up with this plan that I think will not only combat the schemes Vince has in mind but will position us to withstand future threats no matter where they may come from. Jack who does World Class recognize as the world champ?”

Jack A “Ric.”

Sam M “ How about you Eddie? Jim B? Frank? Don? Victor? Do you all see my point?
You all represent promotions that span not only the US and Canada but the world. And you all recognize the same person as the world champ. No offense Verne.”

Verne Gagne “None taken.”

Sam M “What is being proposed is the opportunity to have some of your talent booked in other promotions shows to give them exposure in other markets, and also the chance to be able to have access to the world champ for more dates in your own shows. Win win for both sides.”

Jack A “That all sounds good and all, but who does that put in charge? Jim?”

Bob G “This board will be in charge. As we have always been. What we are asking is that you all agree to work together, more so than in the past for the betterment of the organization as a whole.”

Jack A “I still don’t know. I mean the thought of being able to book Ric against David or Kevin in Dallas or the Freebirds vs. Slaughter and Kernodle or Steamboat and Youngblood is awful appealing. I just don’t want to…well lets say this; let’s that David here beats Flair for the title. Who books him? Do I control him since he’s under contract to WCCW? Or does Good Ole Jim over gain control to him? Or you Bob?

Bob G “That’s a good question Jack. He still remains under contract to you. But this board will book his title fights. We will work with you on David or any other promotion as far as balancing the dates he needs to work in regards to the title.

Jack A “So if he were to win the title I couldn’t just take it back to Texas and keep it in WCCW? The membership offers up a round of laughter.

Bob G laughing “No.”

Jack A looking at Jim C “You and Vince aren’t the only ones that want to be top dog. “ He laughs.

Bob G “Guys, does everyone agree that this is a serious threat? That we need to ban together in order to keep Vince from following thru with his plan?”

Jack A “I think you have convinced me. I mean he’s already attempted to buy up three promotions represented in this room. Who knows how many more? As long as I don’t have to sign away my first born(patting David on the back) I guess I’m in. I would like to see that list of targets if you don’t mind.”

Al Tomko “I’m in, he’s already let it be known that I’m a target.”

Victor Jovica “I’m in.”

Ron Fuller “I’m in. Looks like he wants a foothold in the south and if you boys aren’t going to let them in, he may eventually look my way. And hell, I could take advantage of that talent exchange right Jim?”

Jim C Laughing “Yes Ron. Just give me a call next week and we’ll discuss specifics.”

Eddie G “I’m in.”

Stu Hart “ I don’t want to be gobbled up. I’m game.”

Bob G “With Jim C, Paul, Jim B, Sam, and myself coming up with this plan, we are of course on board. As far as NWA members that just leaves Don, Frank, Peter and you gentlemen from Japan.”

Don O “I’m sorry. Of course I’m in.”

Peter Mavia “Yes me too.”

Frank T “ Bob you know I have an agreement with Vince as well. Don’t you think if I pull out of it. I’ll be his first target?”

Jim C “I think you are already right at the top of the list, whether you have an agreement or not.”

Frank T “Can I have a little time to consider it?”

Jack A “Compare deals?”

Frank T “ What are you suggesting?”

Jack A “Nothing, just asking a question.”

Bob G “ Jack, Think about it Frank. But once we make a few of the announcements that we are going to make, Vince will put the press on.”

Frank T “I know.”

Shohei Baba “I’m in as far as the agreements we have in place. “

Bob G “Fair enough.”

Hisashi Shinma “Us too.

Bob G “Well that’s everyone but Frank. I’m glad you all see this as the threat it is. Gentlemen, I’ll be phoning everyone next week and letting you know the status on where we stand. The board will meet the week following Christmas to start to finalize the schedule for the coming year. That’s all I have. Be careful going home. Meeting adjourned.”

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Unread 01-13-2007, 09:27 PM
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Thumbs up

Tremdous diary idea! I'm almost mad I never thought of it myself. I haven't seen anything from you yet, but hopefully you have the old school wrestling knowledge to do a great idea like this justice.
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Unread 01-13-2007, 09:29 PM
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Great backstory, I'll be reading.
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Unread 01-13-2007, 11:53 PM
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Default Tying up loose ends.....

The following conversation takes place on a plane in route to Minneapolis, MN.

Jim Crockett and Verne Gagne are seated next to each other, with Huston Hartsell two rows up and across the aisle.

Verne "You really feel like this is eminent?"

Jim "Yes."

Verne " If so, I may be in trouble. Looking at Vince's target list(looking down at a piece of paper), looks like he plans on wiping me out."

Jim "Have you thought about my proposal?"

Verne "I have. I have a lot of reservations though."

Jim "I probably would too, given the history and all."

Verne "20+ years and it still eats me."

Jim "I know. I don't know what to say."

Verne "All I wanted was the chance."

Jim "And in all honesty you should have gotten it."

Verne "Can I ask you something?"

Jim "Yes."

Verne "It's been bugging me all weekend, is Huston who I think he is?"

Jim "Yeah, but he has his reasons for not wanting anyone to know."

Verne "So I shouldn't say anything?"

Jim " I wouldn't."

Verne "He probably feels a lot like I do."

Jim "Yeah. To be honest, this is all his brain child."

Verne "Man if this was 1972; I'd already jumped on this."

Jim "I still hope you will. If not the whole thing, at least the first part."

Verne "You trust Sam?"

Jim "Yes, I know you have reservations. I can't really blame you. I can tell you this, for what ever reasons it occurred in the first place, I know he'd like to see it reconciled now. And anyway, he's not in charge now."

Verne "Jack?"

Jim "I don't know what to say about Jack."

Verne "Don't know how to take him sometimes."

Jim "He's just looking out for his interests. He's got some talent there. Those boys have big time written all over them."

Verne "Did I tell you Ric called last night?"

Jim "Did he?"

Verne "Really wants this to happen."

Jim "We all do."

Verne "I'd like to run it by my booking team before I commit. As far as the proposal I'll have to do some soul searching there."

Jim " Understandable."

As Jim gets into a cab already occupied by Huston Hartsell, Huston asks "How'd it go?"

Jim "Phase two is a go."

Huston "Good, when we going to announce part 3?"

Jim "Let's find out if Bob had any luck with Bill and Jerry first."

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Unread 01-14-2007, 01:35 PM
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Default Stage is set.

December 21,1982

Phone conversation.

Jim C"How'd it go, Bob?"

Bob G"Jerry's okay, wants to talk to Verne first. Bill on the other hand thinks its all a joke."

Jim C "Doesn't he know who he stands to lose?"

Bob G "Thanks he can keep them happy enough."
Jim C "Against all that money and TV exposure?"

Bob G "His choice. Like we sorta agreed to in the beginning, makes him fair game huh? How'd you do? Any luck?"
Jim C "He agreed to the first part. Thinking about the proposal though."

Bob G "Well good luck. I feel like you have the resources to pull it off if he's willing. Deal finalized yet?"
Jim C "Yes. I was waiting on word from you before announcing it."

Bob G "Well, I'm sure some will question it, but like we agreed it couldn't end up in Vince's hands."
Jim C "Agreed. Talk to you later in the week."

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Unread 01-14-2007, 01:57 PM
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Default Press release.

DECEMBER 22,1982



Charlotte Local wrestling promoter, Jim Crockett, Jr., announced this afternoon that his company, Jim Crockett Promotions, had acquired Atlanta based Georgia Championship Wrestling. He stated that the combined promotions would be renamed NWA Championship Wrestling,INC.
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Unread 01-14-2007, 10:06 PM
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This looks promising.
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Unread 01-15-2007, 04:56 PM
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Default Meeting in Jim Crockett's office

December 23, 1982

David Crockett "Jim, got a minute?"

Jim C "Yeah, but only a few. I have a meeting with Huston in a little bit."

David "Need to ask you something."

Jim "OKay."

David "Where was I at during this whole GCW thing?"

Jim "You mean yesterday at the press conference? You tell me?"

David "No I mean thru the whole process. Are you really going to let him(Huston) take over?"

Jim "We've talked about this."

David " NO you've told me what you were going to do, we haven't talked about anything."

Jim " I don't have time for this."

David "Make time."

Jim "Don't you take that tone with me!"

David "You're letting him just come in and take over."

Jim "David, he's the one that's been here putting this together. He's the one that picked up the pieces when you screwed it all up earlier this year..."

David "We know all about why he's here instead of on top where he should be.."

Jim "Don't go there."

David "Why not?"

Jim "He's worked for our family for close to 20 years."

David "Yeah and we know why he had to after he ......."

Jim "That's enough."

David "Whatever! Where does this deal with Barnett leave me?"

Jim "That's something we need to discuss."

David "You taking me off the air?"

Jim " We haven't..."

David " We? That F***N' figures!!!"

He turns and storms toward the door, there he runs headlong into Huston Hartsell as he is entering the office. David proceeds to bounce off of him and land sprawled on his butt on the floor of the office. Huston tries to help David up, but David pushes him off.

David "Leave me alone, I don't need YOUR help."

Huston "That would be a change wouldn't it?"

David "Screw you. I'll show you both!!!"

With that he storms out and slams the door.

Jim "I apologize for my son, Huston."

Huston "No apology necessary. I have a feeling he is going to cause us some trouble."

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Default Quick notes


December 1982:
>Board met week after Christmas to set schedule for 1983.

>Jack A called Jim C and was not at all happy about the purchase of GCW.

>NWA, INC purchased the rights to the WWA(LA version) name as well as rights to all their titles from Mike Labell. The Labell's have decided to close their promotion and cease operations.(I may or may not use this in the future, just wanted it entered prior to using.)

Personal note
I have a friend who is going to book the AWA opposite my NWA, INC. So this may be more interesting than I thought. Wish me luck. Alot of whether this diary gets off the ground will come at the hands of the AI of the game. We'll find out in the first week.

Without further adieu, let the WAR begin............
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Unread 01-16-2007, 09:59 AM
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awesome back story, i just bookmarked you
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Unread 01-16-2007, 11:02 AM
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An NWA power play huh? Sounds very interesting. Can't wait for the first show!
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Unread 01-16-2007, 03:02 PM
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Default The first week of January is finally here

The ball drops and with it a new day dawns. Will it be the start of new era in the fortunes of the newly created NWA, INC or will it be the beginning of the end. The battle lines have been drawn.....Who will emerge victorious? Only time will tell.....Choose your sides carefully and man your battlestations everyone. We are at WAR................
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