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Unread 11-03-2018, 02:24 PM
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Default Warriors: A Tale from North of the Border

Warriors: A Tale from North of the Border

Prologue (Part 1)

The Stone family simply wasn’t as close as it used to be.

It started in 2011, when Dan Stone Sr. (affectionately called “the Old Man” by his children) officially retired from the family business. (An argument could be made that it started five years before that with Edd...but this is not time and place for that particular story…) For the first few months of his retirement, The Old Man was present at practically every show. He would hold court backstage, sipping red wine from a small juice glass (“it’s good for the heart” he’d say) imparting wisdom and sharing stories with the younger generation. As the years wore on, and age continued to set in, the Old Man began appearing less and less, content in the knowledge that his son Jeremy and daughter Victoria had things well in hand.

Around the same time, Dan Jr., the face of the franchise and one of the hardest working men in pro-wrestling, was significantly slowed by a string of injuries. Junior began gradually reducing his schedule shifting many of his dates and prominent matchups to his brother Duane. In the summer of 2015, Dan Stone Jr. wrestled his final match--a spectacular bout that saw him pinning his rival Steve DeColt one final time. Unlike his father, Junior was not be found hanging out backstage or occasionally showing up at the company office--Dan Jr. was tired of being on the road. He nestled himself in rather comfortably running The House of Stone--perhaps the premiere wrestling dojo in the world.

So, without Edd, the Old man, and now Junior., it was only Duane, Jeremy and Victoria (and of course her husband Sean) grinding out the days--running Canada’s number one wrestling organization. With Jeremy running the business side of things, Victoria handling booking duties, and Duane fighting the wear and tears of a slowing in-ring career, the 3 siblings hardly found time to chat about anything outside of business any more. Their conversations were short and to the point--and the family bonding of a young generation of siblings living an exciting life on the road with their famous father was now officially a bygone era.

That bygone era suddenly sparked to life on Thanksgiving of 2015 (Canadian Thanksgiving that is…). The entire family, even Edd (who had began showing some signs of maturity over his last few years away), had gathered at the Old Man’s property on Prince Edward Island. The Old Man was liberally dispensing wine to all of his children and their spouses. With the grandchildren either playing video games in the basement or playing outside; Edd, Duane, Jeremey, Victoria, Junior and their spouses had all gathered around the long dining room table sharing stories and laughing at events twenty years past.

In much the same way a dropped glass will bring a chatty restaurant to quick and replete silence, Victoria's soft voice shook the family. She had waited for a intermittent lull in the conversation--that quick moment in between topics when she could insert herself and her message. Her voice was serious, and slightly shaking. “Well, since we are all here and I’m not sure when that will happen again, I want to share some news with you all.” The Old Man, slightly emboldened by the wine, smiled encouragingly at his only daughter as the rest of the family looked on stoically. Sean reached up and placed an assuring hand on her arm.

She continued after clearing her throat. “Well, a few weeks ago I was in the shower and I... discovered something..." She stopped to gather herself, blinking away tears welling up in her eyes. "I guess the best word for it would be a lump...Sean and I have been to a couple of different doctors now and I’ve had a variety of tests but they say it’s cancer.”

Her words hung in the air, filling the room.

It was Junior who cried out, the first to react. “Oh Vic...I’m so sorry!” Duane got out of his chair and headed over to his sister for an embrace.

Victoria held her hand up, stopping him in his tracks. “ sorry's. They’ve told me this thing is treatable and you better believe that I’m going to fight this with everything I got.” She brushed a tear from her cheek and showed a resolute face. “The only sorry I have is for Jeremy..." She looked at her steely, hardened brother. "I’m sorry, Jeremy but I need to give up the book.”

Jeremy was nodding appreciatively. His eyes were glossy with tears. “Please Vic...that’s the last thing any of us are worried about. We’ll get someone to keep the seat warm for you...”

OOC: This story is one I've had in my head for some time (long before the latest news regarding Roman Reigns). I've often hesitated to tell it, for fear that I couldn't do it justice. However it kept pushing me on in my brain and I've been getting an itch to try my hand at diary writing again.

In the interest of full disclosure, I have been very fortunate in my life that I have not been personally affected by cancer all that much. I have never seen that battle up close, either personally or with a loved-one. That said, there are people close to me who suffer from other chronic illnesses and in general, I am all too familiar with how profound sickness to can shake a family to it's core.

That's the story I am interested in telling here. I see this project as a mix of a traditional TEW diary but also a drama with characters living in this crazy world that is pro wrestling. I've taken a lot inspiration from some great diary writers (JamesCasey, Eisen-Verse, Asaemon, Beejus, TFC, Voeltzwagon, NoNeck, and 3rdStringPG just to name a few...). You might see some of there influences on this project as I tell this hybrid wrestling/family drama story.

Also, thank you to all the wonderful graphic makers within the GDS community for posting your images to share. I wish I did a better job organizing/labeling/remembering who did what render so I could give them all proper shout outs. Sorry about that guys...

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