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Unread 09-12-2017, 03:45 PM
austin10splayer austin10splayer is offline
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1939-1940 Season Preview

Athletic Director Goal

Our goal this season is avoid last place in the conference. With the new talent coming in this could be possible as I could see us being able to win enough conference games to finish 6th or 7th.


  Date        Opponent                    Record  RPI  Result  Score  Record
  11/10/39    Abilene Christian              0-0  348                       
  11/15/39    at Oregon State                0-0  202                       
  11/18/39    at Howard                      0-0  109                       
  11/22/39    at Incarnate Word              0-0  349                       
  11/25/39    at SIU-Edwardsville            0-0  343                       
  11/30/39    at Utah                        0-0  292                       
  12/05/39    at San Jose State              0-0  231                       
  12/09/39    South Dakota State             0-0  344                       
  12/13/39    at UMass Lowell                0-0  347                       
  12/18/39    at St. Francis (PA)            0-0  251                       
  12/22/39    at Montana                     0-0  167                       
  12/24/39    at Idaho                       0-0  110                       
  12/26/39    at #3 Arizona                  0-0   10                       
  12/30/39    Texas State                    0-0  248                       
  01/04/40    Eastern Michigan               0-0   77                       
  01/11/40    Seattle                        0-0  332                       
  01/13/40    Cal State Bakersfield          0-0  341                       
  01/18/40    at New Mexico State            0-0  179                       
  01/20/40    at Chicago State               0-0   47                       
  01/27/40    at UMKC                        0-0  287                       
  02/01/40    Utah Valley                    0-0   24                       
  02/03/40    UT-Rio Grande Valley           0-0  272                       
  02/08/40    at Cal State Bakersfield       0-0  341                       
  02/10/40    at Seattle                     0-0  332                       
  02/15/40    Chicago State                  0-0   47                       
  02/17/40    New Mexico State               0-0  179                       
  02/20/40    Detroit                        0-0   68                       
  02/24/40    UMKC                           0-0  287                       
  02/29/40    at Utah Valley                 0-0   24                       
  03/02/40    at UT-Rio Grande Valley        0-0  272
As you can see we beefed up the schedule a little this year. We still have some softies on it but we decided to play some better teams including Arizona (they offered to play us, and why not since it is an in-state game) and two other Pac-12 teams in Utah and Oregon State. We will probably end this season with fewer wins but I think the quality of competition will be better for the young players.

Here is the starting lineup for the 1939-1940 season.

C - Tanner Carter (JR)
PF - Ben Linker (FR)
SF - Joe Bushnell (FR)
SG - Quinton Weir (JR)
PG - George Jones (SR)

6th - PF Isidro Garza (SR)
7th - C Tanner Carter (SR)
8th - SG Gerald McGough (FR)
9th - SG Justin Gist (FR)
10th - SF Marquis Bitner (FR)

We will really only go 10 deep and anybody else who gets in games will only be due to an injury or foul trouble. Here's to a good season and we hope we can get some solid wins and up our prestige! All 3 of our seniors are on scholarship so we will have 3 scholarships available next year. The downside to this is that our 3 seniors are all important contributors. I can't wait until our current sophomore class graduates as all 3 are on scholarship and none are contributors.
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Unread 09-25-2017, 08:36 PM
austin10splayer austin10splayer is offline
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Join Date: Feb 2017
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November 1939

November 10, 1939

Abilene Christian (0-0) vs. Grand Canyon (0-0)

Final Score: Abilene Christian - 56, Grand Canyon - 67 in OT. We outscored Abilene Christian 14-3 in OT as we dominated in the extra period. They squandered their opportunities in regulation, missing 14 free throws. We got into a lot of foul trouble with 24 team fouls and were in the double-bonus early in the 2nd half. George Jones, Joe Bushnell, and Ben Linker all fouled out in this one. Quinton Weir had an electrifying debut with 14 points, 4 rebounds, and 7 assists (more than anybody had last season). Isidro Garza had 11 points off the bench in a nice performance and it shows we can rely on the bench this year to be productive. Ben Linker had 10 points and 7 rebounds in his debut and Joe Bushnell went 0-8 in a debut to forget. Gerald McGough had 6 points and 4 rebounds and Justin Gist had 7 points and 4 rebounds. The bench put up a total of 24 points in this one but our shooting left a lot to be desired as the team went 5-23 from 3 point range. With the incoming freshmen being good at 3's we will be attempting way more than last season.

November 15, 1939

Grand Canyon (1-0) vs. Oregon State (0-0)

Final Score: Grand Canyon - 91, Oregon State - 74. This is the biggest win in program history as we went into Oregon State's house and beat them. This is our first win against a power conference team. This is a bit misleading though as Oregon State went 3-27 last year, but their program prestige is 46 which is why we scheduled them. We played very well in this one but it was costly as Justin Gist and William McGough both went down with injuries. Both will miss less than a month fortunately. We were fortunate in this one as the turnovers and fouls won us the game. Oregon State committed 19 turnovers to our 14 but more importantly they had 35 fouls to our 15! The foul trouble was so bad that they had to play 14 players! We went 33-40 from the free throw line and took advantage of our opportunities. Ben Linker had 16 points and 4 rebounds while George Jones had 19 points and 3 assists. Isidro Garza had 9 points and 6 rebounds off the bench. We will have to adjust the lineup and bench due to the injuries. Gist's injury is a broken foot and he will miss 28 days. McGough has a sprained knee and will be out for 17 days.
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