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Unread 02-11-2018, 06:00 AM
ArcheoOutOfNowhere ArcheoOutOfNowhere is offline
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Default New choices and nuances for "Other Genres"

I don't think this has been suggested before (or if it was, I missed it despite searching for a couple of keywords before typing this), but it would be nice if we could have genres other than Music/MMA/Movies for workers, even more for those of us who use mods to add people in small scenes.

First, I'd suggest to add a nuance to Movies: while people like The Rock or Batista should keep the way adding "Movies" work now (so long leaves to film big movies, and huge popularity boost when needed), I'd appreciate if we could simulate better those with small roles (maybe with "Movies" becoming "Movie Star" and adding "Acting" as an other role ?): people like John Hennigan (Morrisson/Impact/Mundo) had a role in low budget movies/TV shows but wouldn't be gone for months and become a huge star on the first try. Same goes for The Great Khali appearing in a French movie, Franky the Mobster, that most RW mods have become a mega star, or some french guys I'm adding right now in my mod whose acting carreer have more "Guy in the back #3" or "Lead Role's Bodyguard" than leading roles in their resume. The way I see it working, they'd have smaller leaves, a potential small popularity boost and a random possibility to become a movie star (maybe based on their star quality ?)

I'd also add for other genres those possibilities:
- Stuntman: not unlike the "Acting" role I'm suggesting, those guys would leave for a few days/weeks only, and have a slightly higher chance to hurt themselves randomly.

- while not as important in the wrestling world as those already in the game, I'd like it if we could have a more "Risqué" genre. I can cite a few names that do Burlesque shows or are even strippers (both male/female) and while this is obviously not a role you'd give to the big names, I could see it working for indy people. Another possibility would be to add that as an incident, not unlike the "caught with prostitutes" one, so those workers, if caught, would become toxic for a while and would only be hired by companies with a Risqué/high T&A/Eye Candy product.

Any thoughts/anything to add to this ?
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Unread 02-13-2018, 02:40 PM
FankuKaibutsu FankuKaibutsu is offline
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I kinda feel like wrestlers having bit parts in movies and TV shows isn't really worth simulating, and if it is, it should be a random event more similar to appearing on Talk Shows. My understanding is if a wrestler does have a minor movie, they either do it during time they would normally have off, or they're given time off from house shows and not major shows.

With the stuntman role, if it were to be put in the game(and I don't think it should), workers on written contracts should be excluded from it. Being a stuntperson is not a part-time gig, and often involves being a part of a larger stunt company. An indy worker could do it, sure, but not a full-timer.

I absolutely support your suggestion for risque side projects, because not only have there been several instances of this happening, both before someone's wrestling career and after, but also because it will allow for a full and accurate re-creation of Buff Bagwell's career, from soft-porn to wrestling to gigolo.
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Unread 02-13-2018, 03:11 PM
ArcheoOutOfNowhere ArcheoOutOfNowhere is offline
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You do have a point about smaller roles only leaving during house shows. Well, unless you're filming The Marine. Or The Marine 2. Or any of The Marine movies really. On a more serious note, I do agree it should be more "discrete" (maybe they would only miss house shows like you said, or maybe be unavailable a day per week or something if they're only under PPA contracts ?), but I still feel it should be worth adding for the example of Lino Ventura. For those who do not know him, he was a famous italian-french actor who started as a wrestler, then got into the movie business and became really popular despite having a second role by pure hasard (granted, it was helped because he was badly hurt during a match against Henri Cogan, so he was more of a promoter at the time, but still). Unless I'm mistaken, right now either you put "Movie Star" and the guy will have a huge popularity boost and leave for months, or you don't and you're pretty much sure that he'll stay unless injured and never leave to do movies (or anything else, really)

Again, you have a point on being a stuntman in that they wouldn't do stunt jobs while under a written contract. Maybe it can be set as only happening if the worker is on PPA contract or unemployed ? To be honest, I was mentioning it because I remembered a French (or was it Belgian ?) guy who was decent and had potential to become a fairly good worker, but was injured doing stunts and had to stop his carreer (well, both carreers, really) because of it, and while working on a mod, I found a few others who were doing stunt jobs with wrestling being their hobby (also, one male stripper and two burlesque performers, hence the third proposition).
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