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Unread 02-09-2018, 06:26 PM
pdandy pdandy is offline
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GAMMA 2004

SHW: Davey Rushton came roaring back with a 5 fight KO streak and dethroned Teddy Glossop. George Pickering has experienced a win-one-lose-one streak ever since he lost the title to Glossop.

HW: Signed Fezzik and immediately and immediately made the dream match with James Foster. Fezzik won by TKO but lost his title match against Rav Kapur. Rav Kapur finally lost the title against the Alexander Ivanov by KO. Gladestone Lopes may be next in line after sending Tim Boyer off to retirement.

LHW: Matthew Dean moved up and won the title from Rubenstein after clearing out the MW division. He defended it two times and finally lost to Valentin Taneyev.

MW: After losing the LHW title, I forced Matthew Dean to come back down to unify the title he never relinquished. He destroyed Moura again and thanked him for keeping the belt warm.
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Unread 02-12-2018, 11:26 AM
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GAMMA, current champions (Oct '03):

SHW: Kel Ryan - the guy cannot lose. His next fight is against Jutaro Honma and the winner will face Palmer Lette in his debut. If he comes through those, I might throw him against Wally Bryant (who is undefeated because of careful pairings because I find it amusing).

HW: Spencer Rubenstein - a surprise, for sure. Quite a disappointing division. Foster dropped the belt to Alois, then won it back, then dropped it to Fezzik, who dropped it to Rubenstein. It was supposed to be a 'big name' but winnable first defence before I put him against my actual HW division but Rube had different ideas. Now on course for a double title fight against Affonso Villar. Lars-Gunnar Ekberg is the breakout star in the division, the dude is a monster. Running through everyone.

LHW: Affonso Villar - love this guy, glad he won the belt on his debut. Marlon John was never supposed to be champion. Rubenstein will get a chance to win back his LHW title when they meet. If Villar wins then I'll have them go at it again for the HW down the line. Asanovic, Soldo, Watson, Van Der Moot, and Katou are all lining up, with Fantoni and Catt both undefeated and rising the ranks. A great division for depth.

MW: Braulio Moura - shocked Matthew Dean. Buddy Garner had two more attempts at Dean and continued to come up short, then a loss to Isaiah Monroe seems to have ended his time near the top. Dean will have a rematch with Moura in December, and is the favourite again. Osmosis Benn is on a huge run so will face the winner. Also signed Fjodor now, and the rehabilition of De Vries is going well (after 4 consecutive losses inc. the pre-game record, he's now 3-0).

WW: Manuel Silva - stole the belt from Regueiro in a close contest. Has retained well against Medtner and Gallego. Regueiro, Brubaker and Chambers are all contending for the next shot but it'll probably be Van Der Capellen.

LW: Philip Ziskie - an unexpected dominant champion. Always looked like a star but has controlled his division beating Li-Kong Ho, Jonathan Huang, Fiyero Lermontov and Helio. He has Sukarno and Takeuchi in his future so if he still has the belt after that, he'll have earned it (and that's assuming he gets through Luis Basora first). After them, there is still Lars Bohlin, Atep, Brandon Sugar, Lukas Mellberg, Branco, Georges Nouri... and I guess Sean Morrison but I don't like the guy (nor need him) and double-drug-suspension Jake Keane.

FW: Easton Frye - came out of nowhere to find himself #2 and challenging Sammy Gaffigan to win the belt. Now has Masahiro Maeno, Lamont Banner and Gaffigan chasing him, and Gerrit Dudok is impressing as he rises the ranks.

BW: Apolonio Redondo Jr - undefeated, just won the belt in his third GAMMA fight, from Roddy Wickham. Jez Worplesdon has been hugely protected in this division, and is now 12-1 (5-0 since the game started) and a star, so probably going to be his first defence. Lot of people taking Ws off each other in this division. Supachai Thamsatchanan is undefeated so is the next guy in line. A few other names that need to put a run together to get a shot.

The women's divisions are still taking shape but I have essentially taken over the entire male MMA world so hopefully the female side of things will catch up soon enough.
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Unread 02-13-2018, 04:35 PM
ShaunGBD ShaunGBD is offline
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Just had James foster test positive for drugs. Second time, too.
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Unread 02-13-2018, 05:14 PM
mickel mickel is offline
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Originally Posted by ShaunGBD View Post
Just had James foster test positive for drugs. Second time, too.
Heh, same here. He did it in Feb 2003 after losing his rematch to Kapur, and then again in May 2004 after beating Fatuma Roy.
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Unread 02-14-2018, 02:02 PM
shawn_waters shawn_waters is offline
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GAMMA March 2005

Super Heavyweight picture:

After one defence against Hanley Polter, Pickering went down with a year long concussion. Irwin Middleton won the interim title, but lost it at the first hurdle to Teddy Glossop. Glossop defended it once and then beat a returning Pickering to become the undisputed champion. Doesn't look like anyone will beat him any time soon, though Davey Rushton is currently booked to have a second go at the champion.

Heavyweight picture:

Rav Kapur dethroned James Foster in July 2002 and has held the title since, defeating Foster in a rematch, Aleksander Ivanov and Lars-Gunnar Ekberg. Foster retired after a mixed bag of results, becoming the first Hall of Famer in the process. Kapur doesn't really have any viable challengers rn, apart from Ivanov and Ekberg getting a rematch, though Nate MacReary has torn through the division so far.
I also talked Jeff Carlton out of retirement for one last run. He went 2-3 before re-retiring and making some huge cash in the process.

LHW picture:

No one can beat Mike one. He's defended against LeToussier, Marlon John, Rubenstein, Toby Sorkin and Linfield Ballard so far, with only Rubenstein making it out of the first round. It's likely that Jericho Stewart or Toby Sorkin will challenge next, though Vaentin Taneyev is an outside shot after two fight in the company.

Middleweight picture:

After 12 defence, Matthew Dean was finally beaten by Braulio Moura. Dean made defences against Ashley Ballard, Buddy Garner and Osmosis Benn before the loss. He's set to get a rematch, though he is facing Sutton Ripley at my next PPV and a loss there will probably change those plans. Speaking of Ripley, he's been a real surprise package for me. He's 3-1 so far, and those 3 wins lasted 10, 18 and 36 seconds respectively. The loss was a unanimous decision against Petey Mack.
Prospects coming up are Isaiah Monroe and Ramon da Silva Ramos, who are both 6-1 overall in GAMMA.

Welterweight picture:

Julio Regueiro is almost a dominating a champion as Mike Watson at this point, beating Yevgeni Sipatov, Nathan Chambers, Manuel Silva and Jonathan Huang so far. Evgeni Medtner or Manuel Silva look to be the next most likely challengers

Lightweight picture:

I've had two title changes in this division, with Fiyero Lermontov beating Jake Keane in his first defence and Helio defeating Fiyero after two successful defences. An rematch will be booked eventually due to Helio only winning via a cut stoppage, plus the fact they're currently tied 1-1. Seth O'Breen has also earned himself a title shot, whether it's before or after the rematch is undecided (depends what draws better).

Featherweight pitcure:

My newest division in GAMMA, the first ever title bout is currently booked to be Lamont Banner vs Philip Ziskie, who were coaches on a reality TV show to build the FW division. The final for that season is Hans Christian Bloch vs Freddy Lomax, both of Team Ziskie (conveniently enough, I had 8 Americans and 8 foreigners for the season, so Banner took the All-American team and Ziskie took the foreign team). Other big names in the division include Kenji Akita, David James Diggle and Yoshiro Makamori.

Womens Bantamweight picture:

My first bit of expansion was a women's division, filled out by a reality TV show, coached by Neil Napier and Ashley Ballard. Kata Mallasz won that season. I also ran a one night tournament to decide my champion, which was won by Hope Lehane. She's defended against Katy-Jane Paulson and Maya Komagata so far, with Michelle Adams having claim to the next title shot. The division could be stronger but I tried to avoid poaching too aggressively, leaving superstars like Pamela O'Neill at WEFF...for now...
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Unread 02-14-2018, 03:59 PM
pdandy pdandy is offline
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Just wanted to say I love how drastically the destiny feature impacts every specific game. In my game, Mike Watson promptly lost to Rubenstein in the first in-game defense and has been in win-one-lose-one mode ever since.
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Unread 02-15-2018, 11:38 AM
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ALPHA-1: Silva vs. Ateb
Saturday, Week 4, 2005

Ateb of Indonesia captured the ALPHA-1 Welterweight belt from the seemingly invincible Manuel Silva (26-1, 4-1 ALPHA-1) by unanimous decision.

The win caps off an incredible 18 months for Ateb, where after suffering his third defeat to Sukarno, he moved up in weight. In no short order he destroyed former champion Ishisaki Miyagi, undefeated Domingo de Vivanco, perennial contender Will Kane, and finally Manuel Silva to conquer the division.

After destroying former long standing champion Noach Van Der Capellen inside the first minute with a tricky lead uppercut and follow up punches, the successful defenses against Fukusubaru Hirano and Nathan Chambers set Silva up to rule the division for a long time.

Ateb had other things on his mind. In a brutal, grinding fight where Silva dominated the first fifteen minutes with a savage and unpredictable attack - including a knockdown coming off of a flying knee - Ateb seemed to have finally reached the limit of where he could go in the division as an undersized lightweight.

Instead, Silva begin to slow down underneath the relentless pace set by Ateb. A sensational head kick in the third round knocked Silva to the ground and Ateb surged, and began taking over the fight. Mixing in takedowns with lead hooks and extended combination work to keep Silva working, his plan seemed to culminate in the final round when he again smashed through Silva's guard with a brutal left, but failed to finish him.

It was one of the most violent title fights in recent memory, and one that won't soon be forgotten. Time will tell if Ateb can truly compete against the giants at welterweight - Silva himself is small for the weight class - and with Noach Van Der Capellen set for the next shot, Ateb has a difficult challenge on the horizon. But if he's up for it, he will have defeated the two of the greatest welterweight fighters in history back to back.


Kanekazi Fujii (15-1, 13-1 ALPHA-1) defeated Pai Cheng (14-2, 4-2 ALPHA-1) by TKO at 3:12 of the sixth round. Fujii was able to outstrike Cheng for the duration of the contest, while shaking off takedown attempts and matching Cheng in the clinch. With the win, his 8th in a row, coming via his trusted right hand inside a tiring Cheng's jab, Fujii has almost certainly secured himself a shot at the winner of Ivanov vs. Satinho for the belt.


Rafael Van Der Moot (19-3, 8-3 ALPHA-1) knocked out Aleksei Chekhov 26-9, 4-4 ALPHA-1) 53 seconds into the fight with a brutal head kick and follow up punches. It was a return to form for Van Der Moot, who has been known for his tendency to underperform relative to his skills. Losses to Osamu Dan and Gyakuda Teshigahara, and a failure to finish Silvio Leite in his last fight, have all been weighing heavy on his reputation. With the win, he silenced his critics.
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Unread 02-15-2018, 08:03 PM
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Just hit August of 2006 running my own Florida based promotion, Rumble at the Palms, and am currently sitting at low national in terms of popularity.

Light-Heavyweight Division: Vacant.
Introduced in July of 2005, Ken Peters became the inaugural Champion by winning the first ever one night tournament held under the RUMBLE banner, upsetting Lawrence Herringbone in finals. Peters managed one Title defence before GAMMA swooped in a signed Peters to an exclusive contract. Plans are in the works for Derek South and Patrick Thomas to face off in early 2007 to crown a new Champion.

Middleweight Division: Isaiah Monroe.
Beating Ronnie Allen Teller for the vacant Title, Monroe is the third man to hold the Middleweight Title and is set to make his first Title defence against Thomas Smith in October. Like most of my divisions the Middleweight Title was usually stripped off of a defecting Champion rather than lost in the ring. Wes Hersch was my inaugural champion when he beat Esteban Vega for the Title back at RUMBLE 3, two defences later and Hersch jumped ship to GAMMA. Stuart Strange, bested Thomas Smith at RUMBLE 24 and made three successful defences before signing exclusively with GAMMA. While it is frustrating to lose a Champion mid reign I can at least say that everyone who held the Title, unlike other divisions, managed to defend the belt before leaving.

Welterweight Division: Garth Neill.
This Division has been a total mess and easily my most raided weight class from the powerhouse promotions. Augustin Gonzales won the Title at RUMBLE 4 and lost it on his first defence against Joshua Ziegler at RUMBLE 13. Ziegler immediately dropped the Title to Gideon Navarro who managed one defence before leaving for GAMMA. From there not a single person has managed a successful defence as Alan Kendall won the vacant Title in a match against Yevgeni Sipatov only to lose it to Louis De La Torre in his first defence, Torre was poached before defending the Belt as was next Champion Ethan LeGrange. Garth looks to make his first defence against Dana Delany in what is easily my most lacking division in terms of star power.

Lightweight Division: Bruce Steven.
Chad Zoff won the Title at my first ever event and managed four defences before leaving for GAMMA, my second Champion Steven Wu signed with GAMMA the day before his match with Jamie Hewitt for the vacant Title and as luck would have it Wu was victorious and vacated the Title immediately. After a horrible end to his GAMMA tenure and a rocky start to his RUMBLE career Stevens found his footing and defeated Brock Youdale, who hasn't lived up to his potential so far, to claim the Belt. Stevens first defence will be against Benny Danare with the winner going on to face the returning former Champion Chad Zoff, who is still undefeated in his MMA career.

Featherweight Division: Philip Ziskie
Like my Welterweight Division the Title here has been somewhat of a hot potato. Noah Smithee was my first Champion and lost the belt to Foggy Lee on his first defence, Lee managed a single successful defence before jumping to GAMMA, Schuler Eigenberg won the vacant Title against Bobby Castillo and missed weight for his next two defences, first against Clifton Curry and then against Easton Frye(he lost to Frye) which led to him being stripped of the Title and moved up a division. Sammy Gaffigan beat Luiz Machado for the vacated Title and managed a single defence against the man who should have been Champion in Easton Frye before, you guessed it, jumping ship to GAMMA. Ziskie beat Rogelio Quesada for the Title and just successfully defended the Title against Wallace Everett at RUMBLE 55. Ziskie also just signed an exclusive contract with us despite the best efforts of GAMMA and ALPHA-1 to sign him away, the downside to this is I'm paying him an awful lot per fight to keep him to the point where I am sorry he didn't jump ship, his next challenger is likely to be Jefferson Mndawe.

Bantamweight: Tossapol Puangchan
Easily my strongest division where D’Arcy Spode was my inaugural Champion and racked up three successful defences before dropping the Belt to Marcus Waller, who in turn dropped it on his first defence against Puangchan. Since XCC went under I’ve had free pick over the most established talent in North America and the bulk of the P4P rankings is filled with the guys on my roster. Sadly having a stacked roster means some of the elite will find themselves lost in the shuffle, Willy Bassett and Britt Dickering in particular have struggled with both hitting some losing streaks and Brian Claremont, who I originally planned to build the division around, got popped for recreational drugs and is currently on suspension.

Misc Stuff: Currently running my first reality show season titled Modern Warriors with Patrick Thomas (Team Titan) and Thomas Smith (Team Fortune) filling the coaching roles, Hassan Fezzik retired and was the first inducted member of the Hall of Fame in December of 2004, James Foster is on a losing streak over in GAMMA with his last defeat coming to Chuck Dooley via UD. Gonzalo Ramos has been a blast on my roster, first he gets suspended for continuing to hit a fighter after the match and has used that time away to build up heat with near enough everyone in the division, his return fight was against Pat Troy, who he had nuclear heat with, Ramos lost but the fight had a rating of excellent and will likely be the fight of the year in 2006.
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Unread 02-16-2018, 03:46 AM
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This was way longer than I had planned it to be.

CUFA - Canadian low regional company -> high level national (Currently January 2005 )

Heavyweight :

Champion : Pai Cheng ( 19-2 Overall, 10-2 CUFA, 2X Champion)

Pai Cheng won the belt in the inaugural title tournament on the first ever CUFA show in front of 305 people. He would go on to get dominated and lose the title in his first defense to Nate MacReary who would go on to defend the title four straight times. MacReary couldn't keep up with the influx of high level heavyweights and was TKO'd by Fezzik in the third round. Since then the title has bounced around with no one able to even defend the title one time : Fezzik - Hiro Arai – Murilho Satinho – Mason Archer – Pai Cheng. MacReary would go 1-2 after losing the title, both losses coming by KO which makes me think that despite being only 29, he'll never reach the top of the division again. Right now, the division needs someone to step up and bring some stability to the division.

Next fight : Pai Cheng vs. Murilho Satinho

Light Heavyweight :

Champion : Curt Kitson ( 20-2 Overall, 5-0 CUFA , 1 title defense)

GAMMA champion Mike Watson came into CUFA and won the title in his first fight by KO'ing Hyun Shik Lim. After successful defenses against Jin Katou and OG champ Joshua Hope, he was upset via 3rd Rd TKO by Kitson. The man who won the vacant GAMMA title, Nilton Fantoni ( 16-0 Overall, 1-0 CUFA ), won a #1 contender fight against Marlon John and secured the next title fight.

Probably the biggest story in the LHW division has been the rise of Datsakorn Pratoomwong ( 16-0 Overall, 11-0 CUFA). He hasn't been protected per say but has been brought along a bit more naturally as opposed to getting thrown to the wolves. Currently #5 in the world, he's knocking on the door of a title shot.

Next fight : Curt Kitson vs. Nilton Fantoni

Middleweight :

Champion : Patrick Thomas ( 24-5 Overall, 4-0 CUFA, 1 title defense )
The story of the MW division has primarily centred around Bill Brown. He won a #1 contender tournament early on, beating Billy Russell in the finals by 5th round TKO. After champion Hunter Scribbins was poached by GAMMA, Brown came in and won the title against Sojuro Iriye. In his first defence he was matched up against former foe, Billy Russell, who caught Brown in a D'Arce Choke in the fifth round to claim the title. An immediate rubber match was setup, this time Brown reclaiming the title in the third round with an impressive stoppage.

Brown would go on to defend the title four times, beating Neil Napier, Sutton Ripley and most impressively, Osmosis Benn and Matthew Dean. Patrick Thomas snatched the title away after absorbing blows for the first two rounds before finishing Brown in the third round.

Brown rebounded with a win over Buddy Garner by 2nd Rd KO while Thomas took on Thais Antonio Tafferel. Tafferel dominated Thomas for 3 rounds, knocking him down multiple times and nearly finishing him. Thomas turned it on again in the 4th round and scored his second massive come from behind victory in two straight fights.

Shaun Dico ( 18-0 Overall, 11-0 CUFA ) is waiting in the wings to face the winner of the upcoming title bout.

Next fight : Patrick Thomas vs. Bill Brown
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Unread 02-16-2018, 03:47 AM
Stalk and Launch Stalk and Launch is offline
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Welterweight :

Champion : Julio Regueiro ( 32-3 Overall, 5-1 CUFA, 2 title defences )

Kind of a messy division, Evan Gardner lost the title to Bobby Brubaker by first round KO. In Brubaker's first defense, he TKO'd Julio Regueiro in 30 seconds with a body kick. Unwilling to fight anyone in the top 10 of my WW division because they didn't have strong enough names, Brubaker sat back and waited. Regueiro won a rebound fight and the two were matched up again.

This time Julio submitted Brubaker in the first round. Originally planning a fourth matchup between the two(third in CUFA), Brubaker was unable to defeat Gardner the second time around so those plans needed to be scrapped. Regueiro would defend the title against Nathan Chambers and Evgeni Medtner, finishing both by submission.

Guy Moss won an early tournament in 2002 before preparing for the Olympics. He managed to win a silver medal in wrestling in July 2004, becoming the first Olympic medal winner on the roster.

Next fight : Julio Regueiro vs. Evan Gardner

Lightweight :

Champion : Jake Keane ( 30-6 Overall, 3-0 CUFA, on hiatus )
Interim Champion : Sukarno ( 34-1 Overall, 3-1 CUFA, 1 title defense )

Original champion Bosco Curbeam signed on for GAMMA, rendering the title vacant. Chad Zoff won the title against an overwhelmed Nigel Collett and would go on to defend the title successfully three times over Lazaro Campos, Georges Nouri and and Lubos Plasil. In the biggest Lightweight fight of the time, Zoff was matched up against Hekichi Shimizu, still undefeated and coming in from Alpha-1. Zoff dominated the first round, knocking Shimizu around the ring and nearly KO'ing him.

In the second, Zoff knocked Hekichi down again and followed it up with ground and pound. Getting overzealous, he was swept where Heikichi promptly took his back and choked him unconscious. Zoff would lose his rebound fight against Rupert Lennox, a massive underdog at +490, ending Zoff's chance of a quick return to the top of the division.

Meanwhile, Jake Keane and Sukarno battled it out in a number one contender fight. Despite going 0-13 on takedowns, Keane was able to get the unanimous decision win and the opportunity to fight for the title. Keane destroyed Shimizu, beating him into retirement in a three round blowout. He would promptly announce that he was going on hiatus.

Sukarno would get matched up with Benny Danare for the interim title, stopping him via leg kicks in the third round before defending the title against Manoel Cabral winning via 2nd rd KO. With everyone else in the top 10 trading wins, his next fight is set to be against Lubos Plasil.

23 year old Canadian Robbie Lynn ( 13-2 Overall, 9-2 CUFA) is currently ranked 10th in the division and has risen to be a star. He's been one of the only protected guys in the organization and a big fight with Chad Zoff is on the horizon.

Next fight : Sukarno vs. Lubos Plasil for the interim Lightweight Title

Featherweight :

Champion : Yagi Jokichi ( 19-0 Overall, 5-0 CUFA )

Another division that lacks stability as any of the top 10, and to a lesser extent top 20, can beat each other on any given night. The title has changed hands a massive 8 times in three years and has only been defended successfully twice.

Not much to say here. Phillip Ziskie has just joined from GAMMA where he went 2-1, losing only to Helio in a lightweight title fight. Dropping back to 145, he TKO'd former champion and perennial contender Lamont Banner in 48 seconds to earn the next fight.

Meanwhile, former champions Tomohiro Takeuchi, Sammy Gaffigan(2), Yoshiro Makamoriand Lamont Banner are battling it out for the next title shot.
Brian Berkley ( 10-0 Overall, 10-0 CUFA ) is currently ranked #13 and is on the verge of some big name fights. It's a tough top ten to crack though.

Next Fight : Yagi Jokichi vs. Phillip Ziskie

Bantamweight :

Champion : Ollie Rockmetteller ( 17-1-1 Overall, 6-1 CUFA, 2 time champion )

Just like the featherweights, all of the top guys here exchange wins and the belt seemingly every event. The only man who has managed to defend the title (twice!) was Markus Waller, who lost the title to Ollie by 57 second TKO. Walle has since gone 1-2 in his last three fights, losing to Kanji Togo and Brian Claremont.

Ollie Rockmetteller lost the title in his first defense to Brain Claremont in a straight boxing match where both guys landed double digit power shots but neither went down and ended in a unanimous decision.

Claremont lost in his first title defense to Apolonio Redondo Jr by quick stoppage who then got KO'd by Ollie in the fourth round.

Kameo Oya ( 14-1 Overall, 8-1 CUFA) is a bonafide star, the biggest name built up entirely in CUFA. He's finished 7 of his 8 opponents by strikes, and had a massive trilogy with a Canadian regen Garner Gagne who handed him his first professional loss by ground and pound. All three fights finished in the first round, Oya winning the series 2-1. Still too young/raw to fight the top guys in the division, #5 Bantamweight in the world is in a touch spot.

Next fight : Ollie Rockmetteller vs. Kanji Togo
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I have started using December Week 4 as my biggest show of the year (within my own planning), and I was about to book the main event I had been building towards - Lars-Gunnar Ekberg vs Carter Potter (Nuclear heat). Ekberg is the biggest star in the world, and 17-0. Easily High Level International Main Event.

Ekberg gets hit with a scandal, and is toxic for 1 year and 4 months. I considered keeping him and riding it out but I have a back-up so fired him.

Fine, I'll run Katou (26-2) vs Van Der Moot (20-0) for the LHW belt, also a High Level International fight.

Next day, Van Der Moot announces his hiatus.

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Unread 02-17-2018, 08:10 AM
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Was Ekberg your title holder? You can have intern belts, just put the fight for the title without the current title holder and it'll work.
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Unread 02-17-2018, 09:03 AM
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Hilariously, submissions aren't really his thing.
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Originally Posted by MOS182 View Post
Was Ekberg your title holder? You can have intern belts, just put the fight for the title without the current title holder and it'll work.
Fortunately not yet. His path to the title was going to be Fezzik -> Foster -> Champion but Foster got popped for drugs so I decided to clear the backlog of people challenging Ekberg. He'd been seeing off a bunch of mid-ranked to bargain basement guys that had called him out. He only had two left to destroy before going for the belt. He'll probably return to a title fight, it was only a sex-tape scandal... although must have been pretty bad for him to be toxic for 16 months.
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Unread 02-17-2018, 12:23 PM
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Kel Ryan was my SHW champion in GAMMA in 2007, and Alpha-1 stole him from me.

He lost his first fight-- a title fight to their champion Sebastian Cyr.

And now his contract is now up.



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