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Unread 07-11-2018, 10:51 AM
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Default AAW: Canada Needs a Medic

An almost empty high school gym in Texas echoes with the rattle of bodies hitting the ring canvas. A giant figure lays atop someone about half his size as the referee counts to three before a shoddy microphone is used to announcer the winner.

"The time, two minutes and ten seconds. Your winner: Giant Redwood!"

I stared up at the lights as I could somewhat hear what was being said over the microphone. I heard the few cheers of the people that peppered the gym. The high school boy's basketball team gets more fans than this show did I would gather, but it is just part of paying dues right? Performing for small crowds, eating pins from wrestlers who have seen better days and getting the occasional competitive match low on the card with someone like me.

But it has been ten years. Ten years since I started my journey and still have yet to find what I want. Traveling all through the south and Midwest in my old car. Often sleeping in it to save money as I go show to show. God knows I have wanted to quit, but I am too stubborn. I take what bookings I can get. I have tried to make connections, but I can't say I have a true friend in the business. Why do I still do it?

Because I love wrestling and I am a stubborn fool. I feel I still have a chance and all I need is one break to show I am more than fodder and in reality I am a good worker. At least I always felt I am a better worker than I am often allowed to show. Yet here I am getting paid little to pretty much be tossed about by Giant Redwood and then get berated by him afterwards for not selling enough to his liking. A plodding fool like that had years of success, even if it was mostly during the dark times of USPW, and here I am still looking for steady work.

With a sigh I move towards the beat up El Camino that I own to throw my bags into the car before taking a look around. Everyone else has pretty much left. I tend to like to linger after a show and just unwind and collect my thoughts. With everyone gone I reach up and I start to work at untying my mask when a voice spoke up.

???: "Hey there. Do you have a moment?"

The voice is unfamiliar, but had a distinct accent to it. Jamaican I would like to say. Or somewhere from the Caribbean at least.

???: "I'm Harry Chadwick and I have been watching you for awhile. Care to have some coffee and talk?"

The name run a bell. Not sure why exactly. He was in an expensive looking Lexus and and he motioned for me to come around and get in the passenger side. All I can do is give a bit of a nod and utter two words in reply.


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