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Unread 07-15-2010, 04:07 PM
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Default The Offical GDS Mafia Terminology Thread

Most mods will tailor the rules to their own taste in terms of formatting and the like but here are the rules Derek B wrote up for Pokemon Mafia (cos it's Derek who editted them into this post ), with the pokemon specific rules removed and a few tweaks made for recent discussions about rules. While the general rules are generally the same between games it is ALWAYS a good idea to read the rules at the start of each game to ensure that you don't miss any changes that are made.



ROLES: Every player has been given a role, each with it’s own abilities (or lack thereof). Your role PM will explain what it does if you are meant to know. You do not need to reveal your role to other players nor will we do so in the in-game write ups. Of course, you can choose to reveal information about your role if you wish to if you feel it would help you to reach your win condition. Jut remember that any information you reveal can also be used against you, so claiming is entirely at your own risk. If you want to use your ability, PM the mods of the game (INSERT MOD NAMES HERE). You may not post any part of your role PM (or anyone else's role PM you can see) in the game thread except the bit that states “Town Aligned Protector” or something similar.

PHASES: The game is split into two phases, Day and Night. The game begins during the day phase withi all players (Town and Mafia alike) posting in the thread deciding who to lynch. Lynching is the town’s main way of eliminating mafia, so be sure to examine everything that your fellow players say in order to find inconsistencies, lies, dodgy voting patterns and anything else that could incriminate people. There may also be clues in the end of phase write ups, but relying on those is not advised as they may be veiled, misleading or otherwise unreliable. Day phases last approximately 48 hours or until a concensus is reached on who to lynch. Night phases last approximtely 24 hours but may end earlier if all night activities are completed. If you have an optional ability and choose not to use it, please inform the mods via PM so that they know not to wait on your ability.

VOTING: All voting and game related discussion is to occur within the game thread. Town players may discuss who they think are Mafia, and Mafia members should be trying to avoid being lynched by bluffing and blending in and generally trying to not get lynched. To vote on anyone, post VOTE: Username (MUST BE IN BOLD!). You can also change your vote by typing CHANGE VOTE: Username (AGAIN IN BOLD!). You can also change your vote to nobody by typing CHANGE VOTE: No Vote (STILL IN BOLD!). Your last option is to vote for a no lynch, meaning that you actively choose to not lynch anyone. To do so simply type VOTE: No lynch (BOLDED OBVIOUSLY!). All votes post in the thread for your vote to count and it must be in bold and visible, so no white text votes will be counted. If you vote within a quote then your vote won’t be counted, so if you mess up voting and quote it to edit it then it will not count.

DAY PHASES: A Day Phase is over whenever a person obtains votes from more than 50% of the total number of players remaining, at which point they are lynched. It can also end if the time expires before a lynch is reached, at which point a No Lynch will be declared. There are abilities out there that can change votes such as vote manipulators, multi voters and no-voters so vote counts may not always be as they seem. When a person dies their role title will be revealed for all to see in the end of day write up.

NIGHT PHASES: Night Phases begin after a day phase has ended. During this time most abilities will be sent in to the mods (INSERT MOD NAMES HERE), with the Mafia usually sending in their kills while the town send in names of people they want to use their abilities on, such as investigate or protect. The night phase will end once all abilities have been sent in or when the time limit expires, at which point the mods will do a write up of the night’s activities. The write up will reveal what players have been killed any some other events that happen depending on what the mods consider important enough to be in the write ups. Whenever possible, try to get PMs into the mods as soon as possible after the start of the night phase in order to keep the game moving along at a quick pace.

Once night hase ended, a new day begins and the cycle repeats itself until win conditions have been reached. The Town generally wins when there are no threats left to them, the Mafia generally win when their numbers are equal to or greater than the remaining non-Mafia players. Remember, this is a team effort so if you think sacrificing someone may help your cause then go ahead.


No players are allowed to edit their posts EVER!. Whether it be to correct a typo or to remove some accidentally incriminating things someone has said, no editing of posts is allowed. While mods may choose to be lenient, the standard penalty for anyone caught editing a post is a mod kill.

All players should play to their role/alignment and play to win. While there are likely to be times that you have to do things against your best interest, any players who deliberately go against their win conditions risk being banned from future games for failing to play to their role and going against the spirit of the game.

Players are only allowed to post their role title from their role PM, that is the bit that says you are “Town Aligned Protector” or something similar. You can paraphrase things that your PM says but you are not allowed to directly quote anything else other than the role title from your PM, which is also the only thing players will see when you are dead. If the mods catch you posting anything that closely resembles what your role PM says then it will be grounds for a mod kill. You have been warned!

In game “role bets” such as “I will never play again if…” is strictly prohibited. If you do this then you will at minimum be replaced as soon as possible, with a maximum penalty of a mod kill. It may also lead to a ban from future games, mods don’t want players who will bet on things outside their games in order to try and prove something in a game so just don’t do it.

Though we can’t force you to post, all mods love to see active participants in their games. We advise everyone to check in at least once a day, as games can move pretty fast and it can be easy to fall behind if you are not on regularly.

Though this may also be a mafia game, try not to postwhore in the thread. Where possible try to keep things relevant to the game that is being played and try not to let arguments get out of hand. This game stirs up some passionate arguments and we understand that this will happen, but if anything turns into a personal attack then it ruins the fun for everyone. Be considerate.

Unless your role PM specifically states otherwise, no players are allowed to talk about their role, game plan, alignment, win condition or basically anything game related outside of the game thread. While mods can’t easily enforce this rule, any communication about the game outside of the game thread goes against the spirit of mafia games and spoils the game. Anyone caught doing this WILL be mod-killed. This is your only warning!

Once you are dead, you stay dead. You will not be allowed to participate in the game thread or continue to talk to people outside the thread that you could talk to before. So if you are a Mafia player who dies, you are NOT allowed to continue talking about the game to your Mafia team mates. No dead players will receive any extra information from the mods (INSERT MOD NAMES HERE) when they die either. If you are dead, try not to post anything in the game thread as anything you say could be an unnecessary distraction to those still playing, though a quick post going “Oooooooo I’m a ghost!!” is generally okay, no-one is allowed to leave cryptic messages from the dead, notes on their corpses or anything like that. If you are dead, your contribution to the game is over.

Talking to other dead players is also frowned upon, as many games have been known to feature a revive type ability or need to have players replaced. Talking to other players outside the game means that these abilities can’t be used properly and that you can’t be used as a replacement, which can still have an impact on the game in play. So don’t do it!

When it comes to mafia games, nothing is ever as it seems. There can be things about your role that you don’t know about, other people can bluff about their abilities, people can lie, events can happen and write ups can be read in many different ways. If you have any questions about what is happening then you can get in contact with the mods (INSERT MOD NAMES HERE) via PM, and if we can clarify anything for you then we will do what we can. But there are many reasons why we might not be able to, and in any such eventuality you will get a post simply stating the following ->

Lastly, all mods reserve the right to decide who they prefer to have play their games. While "first come, first served" has been a common policy for deciding a player base there is no requirement for a mod to adhere to this policy, especially if they feel that adding different players would result in a more enjoyable game for all involved. Naturally, the reserve list will play home to any player who wants to play the game and doesn't make the cut.

With all this in mind, this is meant to be a fun game and it should be an enjoyable experience for all. Happy hunting!

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Unread 07-15-2010, 04:07 PM
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Common GDS Mafia Roles/Abilities

Beloved Princess AKA Princess: A passive ability. Almost always a townie role, when this person dies (either through a lynch or a nightkill) the subsequent day phase will be skipped in order for everyone to mourn this role's death.

Beloved Princess is a fairly common role and is usually paired with another ability to offset the negative of losing a day phase. Once discovered, scum will often try to kill a princess in order to avoid the possibility of being lynched thanks to the day phase being skipped.

Bomb: A passive ability that can work day or night. When the player with the bomb role dies they explode, killing someone else too. There have been many variants of this role for both town and scum including:
+ Only blowing up if killed at night (usually taking the killer with them, but perhaps taking other people who target them that night)
+ Only blowing up if lynched during the day (usually taking the person who hammered the lynch, but sometimes taking the person who voted first OR taking a random player OR taking a player of their choice)
+ Blowing up day or night (with any variants of the above described)

Bombs are a common role in GDS mafia games and tend to cause much fear for scum and town alike as no-one wants to risk dying as a result of setting off the bomb.

Bulletproof: A passive night ability. A bulletproof player will not die if they are targetted for a kill at night. This is a very powerful role due to it being almost always a town role, so it is often depowered by making it a one time only ability, more commonly referred to as wearing a "Bulletproof Vest".

Bulletproof is a fairly common role in GDS mafia games, though it's rare to have them in games that also have a PGO.

Busdriver: A night ability where the user chooses two people and causes them to switch places. This is one of the most commonly misunderstood roles though there are only two real kinds of bus driver. One where only the targets are switched with no further effects (1), the other where the targets of the people switched also change (2).

Assuming the original plans for a night phase looked like the following

A targets B targets C
D target E targets F

THEN you'd end up with the following in situation (1)

A targets E targets C
D targets B targets F

OR you would end up with the following in situation (2)

A targets E targets F
D targets B targets C

Not that confusing at all! The most confusing aspect is when there are multiple people targetting some players or when people end up not doing anything due to roleblocks or other such abilities. The key to understanding bus drivers is to work out which of the two kinds they are, after that it's easy.

Bus drivers are a common role in GDS mafia games and can cause chaos and confusion in the hands of the right player. However, due to them going prior to almost any other night action they can also be used very skillfully to orchestrate tricks and traps. Bus drivers can be a town or a scum role, though are more commonly a town role.

Cult: Nothing quite scares a playerbase as much as a cult. Cults are generally a secondary scum group who start with small numbers and recruit other players into the group over the course of the game. Cults typically win when everyone has joined the cult, though sometimes they simply need to outnumber everyone else to win.

There have been many varieties of cults in GDS mafia games and some have been very successful. A basic cult set-up is a small number of people who can talk to each other outside the thread and the ability to recruit a new member each night phase. Instead of killing to wear down the numbers, cults turn townies into cult members and erode the town's number's advantage this way. There are always some people who can't be recruited into the cult (most mafia/other scum and some townies depending on flavour) so cults must try to avoid picking the wrong people. Regardless of set-up, the ability to turn a trusted townie into one of them is a powerful ability.

Cult set-ups vary from game to game. Some games the cult members can't speak to each other, with only the leader(s) knowing who is in the cult. In others cult members lose their regular abilities once they join the cult. In others the cult won't be able to recruit every night. In others the cult might only have certain people (a high priest and a disciple, for example) be capable of recruiting so that when they die no more recruiting can happen. All of these variants (and others) have been added to de-power the cults as they can become gamebreakingly powerful if the mod doesn't balance them out before a game begins.

Always keep an eye out for cults... they can be hard to find sometimes though there are usually clues in the opening write ups about their presence. Once a game begins make sure to keep an eye on people for changing behaviours and results/ability changes as these can be dead giveaways to being recruited. Generally speaking, a cult can't recruit the night after a their leader dies (much like a mafia can't kill the night after a Don dies) so if you catch the leader then you can stop a cult dead in it's tracks while leadership passes on to the next most senior member.

Don AKA The Godfather: The Don is the leader of a mafia group and he will usually show up town or non-threat when investigated. As the leader he is usually in charge of sending in the mafia's required kill each night, and when there is no designated hitman he is also responsible for choosing who will kill (with the killer forfeiting any other ability they may have). In games with multiple mafias Dons may not enjoy the benefit of showing up town to investigation. They may also no longer show up town if they are the last person in their group.

When a Don is killed, usually via lynch, then the mafia usually needs to reorganise themselves and find a new leader (who doesn't get the ability to show up town to investigations) during the next night phase. This usually means that there will be no kills from the mafia that night, though this varies by mod. Sometimes if there is only one other person left in the mafia then the reorganisation period is skipped and the final members starts killing.

Sometimes mods will give Dons another ability on top of showing up town, such as making them harder to lynch, giving them a double vote, a powerful one shot ability like a day skip or giving them an active ability so that they can do something at night. While not particularly common this can be done to help a smaller mafia be more balanced against a particularly large town or a second mafia/cult group.

Catching a Don can be hard to do but is generally worthwhile as it usually means the mafia can't kill the next night. Kudos to anyone who can hand over the head of a Don.

Forensics Investigator/CSI: A very powerful town ability with many variations. A basic forensics investigator can look at corpses in an attempt to work out the person who killed them. How they go about this has had many variants, especially since the most basic version is extremely powerful and often leads to games revolving around FI results while killers are unable to do much about it since FIs then get protection. FIs in all their variants can potentially be day or night abilities, though the general trend is to make them a night ability in order to minimise their power and make them blockable.

The most common variation involves the FI looking at a corpse at night. They then get a list of about 5 names, with 1 being the actual killer and the others being randomly put together from a list of players who were still alive at the time of the killing. In large games this can be an overwhelmingly powerful tool for the town as looking at corpses from the same killer over multiple nights can quickly reveal serial killers, which then leads to less deaths and tips the balance in favour of town. So many weaker variations have been made including making the lists longer, making the FI incompetent so all the name are random and limiting how often the FI can look at corpses so they have less results.

Another variant of the FI is to match up samples taken from bodies with samples taken from players. Each night phase the FI can target a corpse and collect a sample from it of each person who targetted them on the night they died (this doesn't reveal the players involved) OR they can target a player to get a specific sample from them. By matching up the samples from the crime scene and the players it is possible to get work out the killers. This is a far weaker version of the FI that works well and doesn't lead to players relying heavily on FI results.

It's very easy to fall into the trap of trusting an FI's results... but it wouldn't be the first time an FI was lying about his results or got incorrect results. And the general view of Forensics type roles is that they are overpowered so there are likely to be many new and more challenging variants of the role in future. If you get this role then make sure to read your role PM thoroughly for hints about your reliability or things could go as badly for the town as it did in Catfish Creek!

Framer: A mafia-exclusive night time ability. A typical framer can target a person at night and that person will show up non-town/threat to any investigation that night. A more powerful though lesser used variant of this role (usually called the Spin Doctor) makes the target of the framer simply show up the opposite of their usual alignment. This is more powerful as it can be used on the framer's team mates to make them show up town/non-threat to investigation.

Framer is a pretty common role in GDS mafia games and is found pretty much exclusively in mafia groups. The power of the role is limited as it requires an investigator to target the framed person or nothing happens. Because of this it is a common practice for mafia groups who choose their killer each night to use the framer to do the killing.

Hider: A fairly common night ability in larger GDS mafia games. Each night a hider can choose another player to hide behind. This has the effect of making the hider untargetable by anyone directly, though the hider will usually die if the person they hide behind is killed. In some games the hider will also die if they hide behind scum, though this is not always the case due to people often posting their targets in the "twilight" phase (the time between night ending and a write up being posted), essentially turning the role into an investigator.

Hiders are almost always a town role but are also sometimes an indy Survivor role too. Early on hiders can try to lure kills to them knowing that they can't be targetted and will therefore cause the kill attempts to fail. Once outed it is important to pick the right person to hide behind, such as players who are unlikely to be killed or people who are likely to be protected from kills so as to avoid scum getting two kills for the price of one. It is also worth noting that if you don't have to hide then you can choose not to.. if people think you are going to be somewhere and you aren't then you can evade death! Handy.

Hitman and Designated Hitman: A hitman is a generic name for whatever mafia member is doing the killing on any given night phase. A designated hitman is the name given to a specific member of the mafia who does all the kills and cannot be changed. A designated hitman can either be set from the start or elected by the mafia at the beginning of a game, and once selected cannot be changed. If a designated hitman dies then a new hitman is chosen. Sometimes this will be a new designated hitman, sometimes it will be a different person each night, depending on the game in question.

As with any kill, a hitman must try to avoid being caught killing by watchers and trackers especially, while also trying to not be investigated or roleblocked. Forensics investigators also make it hard on hitmen, which is why mafias generally prefer to have a rotating killer instead of a designated hitman as it's harder to find a pattern in the kills that way.

Hybrid: A fairly common application of abilities in GDS mafia games. A hybrid is simply a player with more than one regular ability that they can choose from, though they may only use one on any given night. Any combination of abilities could be used, though a real hyrbid can keep using their abilities indefinitely which is what makes them different from a JOAT.

Investigator AKA Cop: There are many kinds of investigators in GDS mafia. The standard version is a town role that gets a town/non-town or threat/nono-threat result on a given target, usually during the night phase. The standard investigator is one of the most basic roles available and is in pretty much every mafia game ever. In smaller games, particularly training games, most cops are of the standard variety.

In bigger games that last long the investigators will often be more varied to make it harder for the town to be able to piece everything together quickly. Other variants of the threat/non-threat variety include:

+ Paranoid: All investigation results will come back as threat/non-town.
+ Naive: All investigation results will come back as non-threat/town.
+ Insane: All investigation results will come back the reverse of what they should be. So someone who should be a threat will come up non-threat, and vice versa. This is the most common of the variants listed and is equally as good as a regular investigator once it's been worked out.
+ Random: All investigation results are completely random and have no bearing on the actual alignments of the player investigated.

The standard investigator is one of the basic roles of every mafia game and it's usually in bigger games where you see the variants thrown in to add more diversity. Each of these variants has shown up in GDS games. Most role PMs will provide a hint towards what type of investigator you are though this is not always the case. The best thing to do is to read your role PM and to look for hints, just in case.

A powerful variant of the investigator is a day investigator, who uses standard investigation rules but can use their ability during the day time. This has the advantage that it can't easily be roleblocked or tricked by framers, though some mods use the rule that night actions like roleblocking and framing carry over into the day phase to prevent this ability being overpowered. Results from day investigating or often returned immediately as long as a mod is present, though some mods won't return a result until the end of the day phase.

Each of these kinds of investigator is generally a townie role as scum already know who they are and have no need to get investigations to prove alignments. For scum cop variants see ROLE COP. Other abilities can interfere with the types of results an investigator will get. See DON, FRAMER and MILLER for more info.

Jailer and Jailkeeper: Fairly common townie night time ability in either of it's forms. In both cases the player targetted for jailing is unable to perform any night actions as a result of the jailing, though the side effects are different.

In one variant a player is locked up in jail so that they are unable to perform any night actions while also being protected by the jailer. In this version the person jailed is basically roleblocked and protected, while still being able to be targetted by others with night abilities.

The other main variant a player is jailed, leading to them being made untargettable. The jailing acts as a roleblock since the player can't leave the jail while also meaning that no-one else at all is able to target the player for any other ability.

Those are the two main kinds of jailing to keep in mind. Some mods will also make it so that the player being jailed is unable to speak while being jailed. In all cases if someone is jailed then they are unable to perform their usual night action, so if there is a kill missing on the night someone is jailed then there is a good chance that the person being jailed will be looked at during the following phase.

Jester: Probably the lamest of lame roles... the goal of a jester is to get killed. These are frowned upon by the GDS community as people who sign up to play a mafia game are generally playing to enjoy playing, something they can't do if they are deliberately trying to get themselves killed as early as possible.

JOAT aka Jack Of All Trades: A fairly common role in GDS mafia. The role is typically a number of abilites each with a limited number of uses (often just one per ability). The flexibility of the role can be very useful in seeking out some information, but at the same time it can be very limiting as once an ability is used it's gone. Scum don't tend to like JOATs very much as they are hard to predict and can potentially be a real danger to them... which conversely also makes them an excellent fake claim for scum, who can potentially use it as a cover to hide why a roleblocker is out killing one night.

Lynchbait: More of a term than a role... lynchbait refers to any (usually townie) role that is likely to get you lynched if you openly claim it in the game thread. The kind of thing would be a character from a theme who is usually considered to be a bad guy who is actually part of the town for a game "there's no way they are town!".... or a character who is so obscure that "mods would never include them!" seems like a reasonable justification for their lynch.... or something so outlandish that "there's no way that's a real role" is a good justification for lynching the player.

It's hard to play these roles but the best advice I can give is to decide early on if you are going to be honest about it or lie about it. If you are honest then you run the risk of people lynching you for the reasons above, but you are also out in the open where people can test you. If you lie about it then you can come up with a better claim that won't get you lynched, but you also risk being called a liar and lynched for that. See also Miller, which can be a common part of these roles when town.

Masons: Masons are a town aligned group who can speak to each other outside of the gamethread. As mafia is a game of informed minority (scum) vs uninformed majority (town), being part of a mason group is an ability on it's own, though many mods also choose to give masons another ability too. The ability to talk to others and compare notes greatly increases how much information each member of the group has and can make them very influential. Many mason groups appoint an official spokesperson who will represent them in the game thread and share their information with the town in order to make the most of their abilities.

Some mason groups can even recruit people to join them, usually with no limits on who can join, just limits on how many can join. This can be very dangerous as it becomes possible for scum to join the mason group and pass on all the information to their own scum team-mates too.

Being part of a mason group can be very good as long as the members communicate with each other effectively and take steps to ensure they don't appear to be working together in the game thread. Masons are often targetted for kills as scum don't like having people who can vouch for each other working against them as it makes it much harder to get mislynches on people and to steer the game the way they want it to go.

Miller: A passive ability that is very common in GDS mafia games. A miller is simply a town aligned role who shows up non-town/threat when investigated. Sometimes players are informed in their role PM that they are a miller, sometimes they are not explicitly told though there are often hints... and sometimes there aren't even any hints.

Millers can be tough roles to play but often come with another ability to balance them out. Towns are generally paranoid of anyone who claims to show up scum... claiming miller after someone has an investigation result on you can be tough. Similarly, claiming miller when there is nothing much else going on can result in bad things happening. And it's a common scum tactic to claim miller if they get caught. Good news is... there isn't usually more than 1 miller in a game, and very rarely more than 2, so if you are one then you might be able to catch scum with it. Maybe.

Nexus: A fairly uncommon night time ability. A typical nexus is a passive ability that causes anyone who targets the nexus to have their action redirected to another player. Usually the redirection is to a random player (per night or per targeter) but sometimes it can be to a player of the nexus' choice. As this ability essentially makes the role bulletproof when it's used this ability is often balanced out by making it a limited use ability by limiting the number of nights it is used on, by limiting the number of times it will work or by reducing the chance of the ability working each time from 100% to 50%.

A nexus can be a tricky role to play as it's very hard to clear them as being town or convict them of being scum due to not being able to get a lock on them. The opposite of this role is a lightning rod where people are redirected to the lightning rod instead of their chosen target.

PC Geek: A fairly common informational role that can be passive or active depending on the game. Unlike investigators or role cops, a PC Geek role tends to get hints and minor information about the game or the people in it that could potentially be useful in the right context. It could be anything from the number of scum left in a game, the number of people with active abilities, hints about things that happened in a night phase or even flavour text. the kinds of information vary considerably depending on the game. Sometimes the ability can be targetted to get something relating to a specific person, sometimes it isn't targettable and will just be about the game or a random person.

PC Geek roles are fairly common and due to the kinds of information they get compared to investigators are usually not the highest priority for killers to go after. The stronger types of PC Geek can be very similar to some kinds of role cop, the weaker kinds can be almost useless as putting their information into context can be tricky or almost impossible to do.

PGO AKA Paranoid Gun Owner: One of the most frequently asked questions from new players is "what is a PGO?". Well... it's a common and very powerful passive ability in GDS mafia games that is usually town, though not always. Anyone who targets a PGO for any action during the night phase is killed by the PGO.

Depending on who gets this ability this role can be a huge boost for the side who is playing it... or it can be disasterous. A good PGO can lure scum to them, resulting in a kill against scum... the downside being that it's equally possible that several townies could target the player and dramatically reduce the town's numbers in a single night. As such anyone playing the role needs to be able to work out when is a good time to reveal their role, as with PGOs usually being a town role they make excellent town leaders, often being near impossible to lynch once revealed. On top of this, anyone hinting at PGO early in a game is unlikely to be targetted for a kill as scum rarely want to risk losing one of their own to kill someone when there are many other targets available.

Mods have done much to lower the value and power of the role in games and many suggestions have been made on how to do so. Rather than having it as a passive ability making it a limited use optional ability makes the ability roleblockable, linking it to post count (usually to remove it's power as a leader type) also helps, giving the role no voting powers and even making them indy or scum. Regardless though, most players play the role like it's always on so as to prevent scum from targetting them for a kill and so it's rare for anyone to target a PGO for a kill once the role is revealed.

Other variants of the role include a "Paranoid Bat Owner", who instead of shooting and killing anyone who targets him will simply hit them over the head with a bat. This usually renders the person injured or something similar for the next day phase, making them unable to post during the following day phase. See also Silencer

Poisoner: A fairly uncommon scum night time ability. A poisoner is a delayed kill that goes through the following night. For example, a poisoner would poison a player on Night 1 and the player would die in Night 2. A poisoner can be a good way to hide a scum kill, with the delay adding a degree of separation that can prevent watchers and trackers from putting the poisoner at the scene of the crime. Depending on the mods and the flavour of the protectors, a protector might only be able to protect against this kind of kill on the night it is sent in or potentially cure the poison the night they are meant to die.

Poisoners can be very hard to catch as the delayed nature of the kill means that they can't be linked to the crime on the night the victim dies. General vigilance of people's choices of targets will provide clues, but otherwise a forensics investigator type of role may be the only easy way to catch a poisoner besides an investigation result.

Protector AKA Doctor AKA Bodyguard: One of the basic roles of mafia games, a protector targets a person at night and will save them from any kill attempts directed at them that night. The town will almost always have at least one protector on their side (often described as doctors) though it is also fairly common for larger mafia groups to have a protector in their ranks too (often described as a bodyguard). Scum variants are almost always standard protectors, while the town will often get variations like the following:

+ A protector may have a reduced chance of successfully saving their target from death. This is most commonly done by making them 50% successful, but there have also been variants where a protector gradually becomes less effective as the game goes on.
+ In some rare cases a protector doesn't actually protect at all, they simply believe they do. There may be some hints about this in the role PM but it's very uncommon for this variant to be included, with it noly really appearing in the largest games.
+ There is a variant where the protector will die in place of his target should they be targetted for a kill. This isn't very common and is usually made quite clear in the role PM.
+ There are many other variants too, such as limiting the number of times a protector can protect or having the protected people be unable to use their own ability while being protected. See the JAILER role for more info on similar roles.

Protectors are one of the most valuable and common town roles as they can prevent townie deaths and therefore ensure that the town keeps going longer while eliminating scum. As such the mafia will often try to kill protectors as soon as possible in order to make sure they can keep killing others when they want to.

Redirector: A fairly uncommon role in GDS mafia games. A redirector chooses one person and attempts to send them to a target of the redirector's choice. If the redirector's target doesn't choose to go out that night then this will fail. This ability has the potential to be particularly powerful as the redirector can seize control of someone else's ability and use it to do what they want. For example, someone could choose to hijack a protector and use them to protect themselves... or a townie could try to hijack the mafia's hitman and try to use them to kill other scum.

As such someone with this kind of ability has a tendency to be killed off by scum fairly quickly due to the possbile interference they can cause, although the ability itself can be town or scum.

Role Cop: An active and usually night phase ability. A role cop is different from a standard investigator in the information they get. Common variants include getting information on:

Alignment: Can directly get results like "Mafia/Town/Cult Aligned", more common in games with multiple alignments.
Role Title: Similar to alignment, the role cop will get info on the target's role title such as "Person Who Protects Things" or even a full (or sometimes partial) role title such as "Derek B, Town Aligned Person Who Protects Things". This is usually a scum ability and is very powerful in helping the mafia to find information and potential targets for future night kills.
Ability: This variation will get a result that states the ability the target has, such as "Protector", "Bulletproof" or "Investigator". This is usually a mafia ability and is once again very powerful in helping the scum decide future night kill targets.

Each of these abilities can be very powerful and are most commonly found on the scum side of things, though there have been some town examples in GDS games. As with all powerful abilities on the town side, once revealed they are likely to be targetted by scum quickly to remove any threat posed by them. As scum they can be played as town very effectively by disguising the strength of the role to make it appear weaker and less threatening that is, hopefully to convince the town that you are really on their side without making it obvious that you are really scum.

Roleblocker: A very common role in GDS mafia games. A roleblocker basically stops a person from using their active ability during the phase it's used. Roleblockers are common for scum or town alike, with scum roleblockers often being called "prostitutes". In terms of the mafia turn sequence roleblockers are among the highest priority abilities (alongside busdrivers) and as such can effectively be used against almost any other active ability. Some abilities such as PGO, other passive night abilities and daytime abilities often remain unaffected by roleblockers, though this can vary with the mod. Some mods will choose to make roleblockers affect passive abilities or have the effects continue into the day phase (to weaken some forensics investigator type roles). It is also the most common ruling that anyone who tries to use a one-shot ability to have been considered to have used it if they are roleblocked.

Roleblockers can be a powerful role for scum or town as they can have a direct effect on stopping either side from making progress. As such an outed roleblocker can become a fairly high priority target to be killed when revealed, though they often get overlooked for protection when town.

Serial Killer AKA the SK: A very common role in GDS mafia games, a serial killer is an individually aligned player who wins by eliminating everyone else. The standard SK only has a kill that they must use each night and must try to outlast the town and the mafia alike... it's very hard to win as an SK and very few people have even come close. In order to make it somewhat easier (and perhaps fairer to the player that draws the role) many mods will give the SK extra abilities on top of their kill in order to facilitate their survival and progress. Things such as showing up town to investigations, being bulletproof at night, not having to kill every night, requiring more votes to lynch or modifying the win condition are fairly common practices though there have been many variants on the role.

It is very rare for an SK to win a mafia game due to the nature of their win condition. A common occurance in GDS mafia games is "the SK Deal" in which an SK who has been caught offers to work as a vigilante for the town in order to avoid being lynched. This rarely works for long as the town usually realises they have no other leads and the SK gets lynched regardless. Still, you can't win if you're a dead SK so it's always worth a try!

Silencer: A fairly common role in larger GDS mafia games. This role can be town or scum and is generally a lot more powerful in the hands of scum than town. During the night phase the player with this role can target another player who will then be unable to post in the game thread during the next day phase (and sometimes night phase too). Silenced players will often be unable to talk to their allies outside the thread (assuming they have allies) though this is not always the case. Sometimes the silencing will also carry into the next night phase and on a few occassions it has even been known to roleblock people, depending on the flavour added to the role.

Silencers can be a powerful tool for scum towards the end of the game where they can prevent people from voting on lynches or sharing potentially vital information with the town. Townie silencers are generally much weaker as blocking lynches doesn't help the town as much and stopping people from talking makes it harder to get useful information. It's also considered bad form to lynch someone who is silenced since they can't defend themselves, though this can be of benefit to scum who have been known to intentionally silence themselves to appear more townie.

Tracker: A common role in GDS mafia games. A tracker is usually a townie role though scum have been known to have one on their side. Each night a tracker can choose to follow one person and will get a result starting who, if anyone, that person targetted during that night phase.

A weaker variant of the role can get results simply stating if the person went out during the night. Some variants of the role can also get results stating who a person targetted on any previous night, though this is pretty rare.

Trackers can be very useful for town in trying to find out what people are up to at night, particularly if the person is found targetting someone who dies or if they claim to have targetted someone else.

Unlynchable: A fairly uncommon ability in GDS mafia games. An unlynchable role is simply a player who cannot be killed via being lynched during the day phase. It's fairly rare for people to be completely unlynchable and such roles are usually town due to lynches being the main way for town to eliminate scum.

Weaker variants of the role call for more than a majority for lynch to be achieved, such as needing an extra couple of votes to lynch or requiring two thirds instead of the usual half+one majority. with these kinds of roles it is more common for the role to be a scum role that is simply hard to lynch, with Dons and Serial Killers often getting such bonuses to make it harder to lynch them.

In each of these cases a lot of time is often spent debating how far to push the lynch and desiring to test the role. As lying about having such an ability is likely to accidentally get you lynched it's not generally a good idea to claim any of these abilities if you don't have them. You will be tested!

Voting abilities: There are a number of voting abilities that can be active in GDS mafia games and many games have some kind of voting type ability come into play. Rather than divide them up I've put them all together here as they all come into play during the day phase when voting for lynches happens.

Multivoter: Most commonly a double voter but triple voters have also shown up too. The vote of the person with this role counts for two (or three) votes instead of one, making it easier to reach a lynch total. Multivoters are usually town though not always.

Negative Voter: A pretty rare ability in GDS mafia. This ability means that the role's vote counts for -1 instead of +1 towards the total required to lynch. This essentially makes it harder to lynch whenever this player votes so is more likely to be a scum ability than a town one.

No Voter: Usually a townie ability, this person's vote simply doesn't count. They're name will still show up on vote counts but lynch won't be achieved until the vote count is higher than the necessary number.

Vote Manipulator: A vote manipulator is usually a scum ability. This ability usually works by stealing the vote of someone else. This can be done by literally stealing their vote to add to their own total or by secretly moving other people's votes to other people. This kind of vote manipulation doesn't show up in vote counts, though since the voting numbers are usually wrong when this is in play it is recognised fairly easily. This ability can be especially powerful if scum know there is a multivoter in play and manipulate that vote to their advantage.

As with all voting abilities, the key to finding them is by analysing vote counts to work out why lynches have gone through at unexpected numbers, which is far easier to do if you know your vote counts differently to start with. Voting abilities are most powerful towards the end of the game when lynches can be decided by fewer votes, but the confusion caused by them can be enough to have significant influence at any point of the game. See also Unlynchable

Watcher: A common powerful role in GDS mafia games. Each night a watcher chooses one person to target and at the end of the night they get a list of people who targetted that player during that night phase.

In the hands of town this role can be an excellent scum hunting tool, as picking someone who dies that night will often provide a very short list of potential killers. The downside, of course, is that once revealed this role tends to be targetted for kills themselves quite quickly.

In the hands of scum this role can be excellent for finding power roles, targetting influential players who are likely to be investigated or protected in order to find those roles and eliminate those players. In the event of watching someone who is killed by someone outside their own team it can be great for directing a lynch away from themselves. It's not a common scum role, but it's a potentially very powerful one.

Roles commonly and uncommonly used on the GDS board (Quick version)

Beloved Princess: Passive ability. If this person is killed at night the next day phase will be skipped as mourning the dead princess.

Bomb: Passive ability. The person kills whomever kills them, or if the bomb is lynched one player on the list of voters will die with the bomb. This person is usually the "hammer" vote (the last person to vote on a player to cause a lynch), but the choice is ultimately the moderator's.

Bulletproof:: A passive night ability. Player is unable to be targeted for a kill at night.

Busdriver: The ability to switch two players' targets. (Player A is targeting player B, and player C is targeting player D. The busdriver can target Player A and C. Player A will then target Player D and player C will target Player B)

Cop: The cop will investigate a player at night and get a result of threat or non threat. The cop comes in multiple types, including the following:
* Paranoid Cop: All investigation results will come back as "threat" / scum.
* Naive Cop: All investigation results will come back as "non-threat" / town.
* Insane Cop: All investigations come back with the reverse result. (Town investigates as scum, scum investigates as town.) See also: Framer
* Role Cop: Typically a scum role. The player picks a target and learns what their basic ability is (protection, investigation, etc.)

CSI: You can target the body of a killed player. Compare fingerprint results from that player with a player of your choosing during the day phase.

Cult: Typically a secondary scum group. Cults generally can speak to each other outside of the game thread. Instead of a kill, cults generally recruit a player to join them, thus growing in numbers and dwindling the town's numbers advantage. Cult abilities vary by mod.

Doctor: (commonly "protector") The doctor will protect a single player each night, canceling out an attempted kill. Depending on the variant, the doctor either dies in place of the original target, is silenced/suffers some other setback, or emerges completely unharmed.

Don: The head of the scum group. The Don dictates who is to be killed each night, and also which scum member does the deed (if applicable). Generally, the Don investigates as town unless he is the last one standing (varies by moderator).

Double voter: The vote cast by this player in day phases are worth two votes when determining the amount of votes for majority.

Forensic investigator: The investigator targets a player killed during a previous night phase. The investigator is given a list of names. One of the names on that list is the killer.

Framer: You choose one target, that person if investigated will come up opposite of their actual alignment. (If town, will come up scum/ if scum, will come up town.)

Hider: The hider may choose a target at night to hide behind. They will not be found by any target if they are successful. This is generally offset by the fact that if the player hides behind a mafia member, they are automatically killed.

Hybrid: The player is given two abilities by the mod. They may choose one of those two abilities to use each night. A variant of the JOAT role.

Jailer: Active ability. Target one player. That person is kept locked up and may not use or have an ability used on them. (In essence, the player is both roleblocked and protected.)

Jester This player wins if they are lynched.

JOAT: (Jack of all trades) This player is given a list of abilities. They may choose one a night to use. The list is determined by the mod. Abilities used in this manner are typically single-use abilities in order to preserve game balance.

Lynchbait: Usually Town aligned, this role is comprised of any combination of abilities, narrative markers, or character traits such that should the Lynchbait player truthfully reveal his role, other players in the game would find such a claim dubious.

Miller: Town aligned member who investigates as scum. May have other abilities to compensate for this drawback.

Mason: Town aligned group who can speak outside of the game thread. Some mason groups can recruit others to join them, which gives the new recruits the same ability to speak to the other masons outside the game thread.

Nexus: A passive ability. If a player targets a nexus their ability will be redirected to a random player.

Null Voter: A player whose votes counts as zero for the purposes of determining the votes needed for majority.

PC Geek Passive ability. This player gets one piece of random information each night at the mods discretion.

PBO: ("Paranoid Bat Owner") A passive ability. This ability silences anyone who targets them (see "Silencer" below).

PGO: ("Paranoid Gun Owner") A passive ability. This ability kills anyone who targets this player.

Poisoner: The player targets one person at night. The person does not die until the next night. (Poisoner targets player A night 2. Player A dies night 3)

Prostitute: A roleblocker (see below), commonly scum-aligned.

Protector: See "Doctor."

Roleblocker: You choose one target. That player will be blocked from using their ability for the night.

Serial Killer: (commonly "SK") An active ability. An individual whose goal it is to be the last man standing. To eliminate everyone else in his/her path.

Silencer: You may choose one target to silence the following day phase. This person may not post in the thread nor speak with anyone outside of the thread (if their actions allow them to) until otherwise noted. Some variants cause this for a day and a night phase.

Tracker: This player will target one person. They will then be told if that player targets anyone else.

Unlynchable: A passive ability that allows you to not be lynched. A weaker variant calls for more than a simple majority of players to effect a lynch, ranging from simply one more vote above to majority to needing 75% of the players to vote for that person. A unanimous vote, while extremely rare, can also be used.

Vote Manipulator The ability to shift a player's vote of their choosing, onto another player without their knowledge or consent.

Watcher: This player will choose a target, then will be told if anyone targets that player.

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Abbreviations commonly and uncommonly used on the GDS board.

Character Claim: A general tactic employed in themed games where a player is asked to divulge his character's name. This is done under the assumption that alignments in theme games correlate directly to the universe from which the theme is based on.

EBWOP: (Edit by way of post) During games editing a post is against rules. So to edit something in your post you can do it by quoting the post, fixing your error, and letting everyone know.

FOS: (Finger of Suspicion.) Used to indicate that you find someone suspicious but are not going to vote them, for whatever reason (often because you are voting for someone even more suspicious). Considered stronger than IGMEOY and is commonly accepted as one step below a vote.

IGMEOY: (I've Got My Eye On You.) Doesn't count as a vote, but provides an easy way for a player to let another player know someone's paying attention to them.

L-#: (Lynch-#) The number of votes needed to achieve the current lynch. L-1 on Player A, therefore, would mean that the next vote on Player A would result in a lynch.

LAL: (Lynch All Liars) The theory that typically townies have little to gain by lying, so anyone caught in a lie is presumed to be scum and should be lynched. If they aren't, then lynching them might teach them that they should not lie. Some subscribe to this theory more strongly than others.

LYLO: (Lynch-Or-Lose ) A stage in the game where the town must lynch scum or they will lose the game.

MQM Driver: Specific to GDS, it is sometimes referred to in other forums as PBPA (Point By Point Analysis), a detailed analysis of (usually one player's) posts. MQM stands for Multi-Quote Moe, a name given to Moe Hunter, an early adopter of this technique, in the Real World Chaos game. "Driver" got added at the end to make it sound like a wrestler's finisher.

NK: Night Kill. Used to signify kills made by scum, serial killers, or other methods during a night phase.

PM: Private Message.

PR: (1) Post Restriction. (2) Power Role.

QFT: (Quoted for truth) This indicates the player believed what is written in the post they have quoted.

RNG: (Random number generated) A random act of choosing something using a number generator program.

SK: Serial Killer. Self explanatory.

VT: (Vanilla Townie.) A town role that has no abilities.

WIFOM: (Wine in Front of Me.) Any tactic designed to promote a circular or recursive argument either as a time-waster or to make a set of choices appear equal when there should be a clear preference. Refers to this classic scene from The Princess Bride.

YMMV: (Your Mileage May Vary) Generally, your interpretation may be different

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This post is, like, totally gonna be used for talking about types of games and stuff. So you can totally expect to see stuff about stuff like... stuff, and stuff. Like this!

Types Of Games
+ Big Games: These games can have any number of players the mod wants, with most games having between 30 and 40 players these days. Games tend to last up to around 4 weeks for the lucky few who survive to the end of them. These games always have priority when it comes to running a game.
+ Short Games: These games can have up to 25 players with most mods opting to use the full number if they can get the sign ups. Many of these games have been used for experimental styles of games and they tend to be very good fun for people who don't like the huge post counts that are associated with the big games. Ideal for newer players still adjusting to the GDS style of play.
+ Training Games: These games have up to 13 people and are the first steps for many in getting used to mafia. Most of the games are unthemed little minigames with limited diversity in terms of roles. Most of the players are rookies (having played 5 or less games) with a handful of veterans helping to guide them along the way. These games don't count towards anyone's win/loss record and tend to be less competitive than regular games as veterans encourage the rookies to take the lead more.

Styles of Games

+ Barebones: Follows the basic rules set out in the first post of this thread, with literally no theme or detail to speak of, this style of game comes with little more than a name and mostly basic roles. Most players have role titles such as "Town Aligned Protector", making it obvious in death what their abilities were.
+ Standard Unthemed: Follows the basic rules set out in the first post of this thread, this is a mafia game with either no theme or a theme created specifically for the game. As no-one has any pre-conceptions of characters, storylines or the like the game is often quite open to play and with many created roles.
+ Standard Themed: Following the basic ruleset laid out in the first post of this thread, this style of game is based heavily on a theme. TV shows, movies, comics, video games and pro wrestling (y'know, nerd stuff! ) are fairly common themes on the GDS boards. Anyone with knowledge of the theme has an immediate advantage in these games when it comes to noticing things they might not otherwise notice, though over-reliance on the theme can be used to trap people into certain ways of thinking.
+ Kingmaker (Forum Wars, Simpsons): Following the regular rules set out in the first post of this thread, a Kingmaker style game is similar to a regular game with the exception of one person being elected "King". This usually happens during the first day phase (and whenever necessary after that) with the elected leader often getting bonus powers on top of their regular abilities. Electing a leader is an important part of these games, as the extra powers given to leaders can make the leader very powerful, which can be especially dangerous when scum get elected.
+ RPG (Pokemon, Character Creation): This type of game generally follows the basic rules as laid out at the start of this thread but includes significant influences from role playing games. For example, in Pokemon there was an HP system where anyone who's health was reduced to 0 would die. Most roles had attacks that lowered HP as well as regular mafia game abilities, making for a differently strategic game. Character Creation had an XP system that allowed skills to develop based on ability use and good play, with more XP allowing people to gain better skills and more usage of them. Each RPG style game has it's own unique rules so you'll need to see them for more details.
+ Survival/Map (Dust, Destroy All Monsters): In a survival type game it's all about... survival. There are usually defined threats being played by some players while everyone else is trying to stay alive at the end of the game by eliminating the threats or escaping the map. Each Survival game has it's own unique rules so you'll need to see them for more details.
+ Warring Families (Cartoon Chaos, Words and Swords): Following the regular rules set out in the first post of this thread, a Warring Families style games is based around a larger than usual number of groups facing off against each other, with the goal usually being for each group to outnumber the other opposing groups to win. The groups may be capable of working together for a common goal or may all be out for each other. Not everyone needs to be part of a group in order for this game to work, although due to the nature of the groupings this means that win conditions are likely to vary significantly from regular games.

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This post is reserved because I'm awesome and i say so.
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I'm actually compiling a list of roles/meanings as we speak, so if any mods have some they have tweeked and would like to share PMing me with them would be fantastic.

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You can add untargetable to the list.
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Untargetable/unlynchable kinda speak for themselves, but I guess so.

Lightning rod, death miller, inventor and janitor among others could well fit up there, though.
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Slippery Fish
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Originally Posted by Comradebot View Post
Slippery Fish
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Don't turn this into another chatter thread or we'll just end up closed down and dumped unceremoniously into the middle of the Dog Pound. If you are going to post in this thread then do so to make relevant posts by either improving a definition or defining a new term.

Speaking of which, once CFC mafia is complete I'm going to see if I can really tighten up some definitions of some roles. Some of them are simple but I'd love for this to be able to cover all kinds of variants quite easily. So I'll post a couple in a format like this, kinda.

SAMPLE - A night phase ability where a player sends a PM to the mods stating the name of a player they would like to perform their action on. This role will always get a result PM sent at the end of the night phase. Variants include: Lame Sample (where results are all lame), Meow Sample (where results are all in the secret language of cats) and Russian Sample (where all results must go through four different language translators before you are given them to decipher).
It's a terrible example, but it's got all the ingredients a new player should need about a role. What they do, what they should expect, variants and deviations from the standard. Then hopefully no-one would ever need to ask questions ever again, and with good enough wording it'll be hard to misunderstand too.
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Originally Posted by moon_lit_tears View Post
Heard about it mentioned waaaaaay back in SWM2, think it was a role used in one of the early GDS games.

Basically, at night you target someone and EVERYONE who targets you will instead target them. I think there may be a limit to how many times/how often you can do it. It's not exactly a common role.

EDIT: Upon hearing about it, I proceeded to start speaking in the thread with the Seinfeld "voice". "He's as slippery as an eeeeeeeeeeel. LA HA HA!!!
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Originally Posted by Comradebot View Post
Heard about it mentioned waaaaaay back in SWM2, think it was a role used in one of the early GDS games.

Basically, at night you target someone and EVERYONE who targets you will instead target them. I think there may be a limit to how many times/how often you can do it. It's not exactly a common role.

EDIT: Upon hearing about it, I proceeded to start speaking in the thread with the Seinfeld "voice". "He's as slippery as an eeeeeeeeeeel. LA HA HA!!!
Sounds like one for the "extremely rare" pile. I think it's best to nail down the frequently seen roles before we start adding the rare stuff. No point in adding James Bond With Toothache, it'll just confuse the people we're trying to help the most. Like Moon_lit_tears.
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What about Game types?

Barebones, Themed, Kingmaker, then there is the DAM/Dust Variant.. not sure what that is called. Map based or movement based?
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Originally Posted by derek_b View Post
Sounds like one for the "extremely rare" pile. I think it's best to nail down the frequently seen roles before we start adding the rare stuff. No point in adding James Bond With Toothache, it'll just confuse the people we're trying to help the most. Like Moon_lit_tears.


I have a feeling those will go into one of the many posts Derek told me to reserve.
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