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Unread 04-06-2011, 08:00 PM
Brian Nichols Brian Nichols is offline
FBB Developer
Join Date: Dec 2006
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Default Latest Patch Here (2.3.17)

Extract the files to your install directory. When you start the game it should say version 2.3.18 in the bottom left corner after applying the update.

Version 2.3.18 (4/3/13)
************************************************** **********
*Fixed possible error 383 when opening conference tourney brackets screen.
*Fixed another bug that caused 15 team tourneys to reset to 14 teams.
*Added more code to ensure conference tourneys have the proper number of days scheduled.
*Fixed 15 team 16 game schedule
*Academics on the training screen will be displayed using the selected ratings scale.
*Should not be possible to delete a conference during the regular season.

*Added the mid major poll to the polls html file.

Version 2.3.17 (3/1/13)
************************************************** **********
*Current league editor should allow 15 team tourneys rather than reset them to 14 teams.
*Fixed error 340 when viewing certain conference tourney formats.

Version 2.3.16 (1/27/13)
************************************************** **********
*Fixed overlow issue importing CSV file on player filed editor when csv file doesn't fill all lines properly.

*Added support for 15 team conference tourneys.

Version 2.3.15 (01/23/2013)
************************************************** **********
*Fixed error 9 that could occur when starting a new game with a player file.
*Import CSV option under player file editor will only show files in proper format.

*Added support for 5 day 14 team conference tourney format.

Version 2.3.14 (01/14/2013)
************************************************** **********
*Buttons to accept job offers in your inbox should not be visible once you have accepted an offer.
*Added more code to make sure conference tourney settings are legal when starting a new game.
*Default league editor should no longer give error due to invalid conference tourney settings.
*Teams should properly readd players coming off academic suspsensions to the depth chart.

*Redshirting players will now be displayed in the same color as players who are unavailable due to injury.

Version 2.3.13 (12/7/12)
************************************************** **********
*Fixed a bug that caused revoked scholarship offers to not be counted properly when determining how many new offers you can make when using team exports.

*Players who will be starters the following season should be less likely to transfer for playing time.

Version 2.3.12 (11/29/12)
************************************************** **********
*Fixed a bug that caused revoked scholarship offers to not be counted properly when determining how many new offers you can make when using team exports.

Version 2.3.11 (11/15/12)
************************************************** **********
*Fixed a bug that could make the game unable to proceed during the assistant hiring phase.

Version 2.3.10 (11/05/12)
************************************************** **********
*Reduced the randomness factor of the draft results

Version 2.3.9 (09/28/12)
************************************************** **********
*Conference tournies with less than 6 teams shouldn't be set to 0 teams when starting a new game.

Version 2.3.8 (09/26/12)
************************************************** **********
*Added support for 3, 4, and 5 team conference tourneys.
*Added support for 14 teams - 19 games and 10 teams - 13 games conference schedules

Version 2.3.7 (08/31/12)
************************************************** **********
*Added code to ensure the 9 team double bye conference tourney has 5 scheduled days when starting a new game.

Version 2.3.6 (08/31/12)
************************************************** **********
*Removed max length on team box in coach file coach editor.

Version 2.3.5 (08/02/12)
************************************************** **********
*Fixed error 9 when trying to add a coach to a coach file.

Version 2.3.4 (04/25/12)
************************************************** **********
*Fixed a bug that caused budgets to not be set properly due to conference prestige not being considered properly.
*Fixed a bug that allowed too many scholarship offers to be made due to team imports.
*Fixed error 9 due to a conference having 0 teams

Version 2.3.3 (04/25/12)
************************************************** **********
*Past Mentors/Assistants should be properly deleted when a coach retires.
*Fixed error that caused HTML output to end while generating the Awards page.

Version 2.3.2 (04/17/12)
************************************************** **********
*Assistant coach displayed job should update when changed using team exports
*Fixed error 76 that could occur when opening the game on a fresh install.
*Fixed error 383 when editing a player file
*Fixed error 13 when editing a player file
*Teams assigned to a preseason tourney using the Tourney Seeds option should not be able to schedule games on tourney days.

Version 2.3.1 (04/11/12)
************************************************** **********
*Viewing the bubble watch in the last week before selection Sunday will always show up to date information.
*The final bubble watch is now visible through the end of the season and will show which tourney each team earned
*Teams that are ahead at the end of the game should dribble out the clock
*Updated the player file format to be stored as a csv file with extension .pf2.csv
*Added the option to export a player file from an active league using edit players option under the current league editor.
*Added the option to specify a players conference prestige to help generate stats in the player file editor.
*The export active coaches option goes directly to the coach file editor
*Teams trailing at the end of the game should be more focused on scoring quickly
*The team box in the coach and player file editors is now text so you won't be required to use a team name from the default league.

*9 team double bye conference tourney: 8 seed shown in 2nd round before first round is played
*Coach Files: 3p pref should import correctly
*Coach Files: offensive focus should save correctly
*Defensive pressure at the start of a game should be set to normal
*Player file editor should hide the left menu if there is an active game.
*Player file editor should not generate a jumpshot rating higher than 100.
*Should only get one email for each poll on selection Sunday.
*Preseason tourney seeds and schedule game options under tools requires commish password.
*Fixed error 9 that could occur when opening the game after editing the default league when the region settings use "," instead of "." for decimals
*Fixed multiple error 9s due to having a small number of teams in the league.
*Fixed error 5 when loading a save that was using a different date format.
*Inbounding in the last 5 seconds always resulted in a pass into the frontcourt

Version 2.3.0 (03/15/12)
************************************************** **********

*Fixed error 9 that could occur during training camps due to an unscheduled preseason tourney.

Version 2.2.35 (03/12/12)
************************************************** **********
*Adjusted tournament seeding to try and better match real life.
*When the game cannot locate the data folder in Windows XP or older, it will default to using the install folder.
*The hidden fouling attribute will improve during training
*Adjusted the polls to make quality of wins more important.
*Non-Qualfiers will be shown in red on the recruiting screen.

*teams with losing records should be more likely to be placed in the play-in games.
*Eliminated the possibility of a player who was required to redshirt having the redshirt removed due to team imports

Version 2.2.34 (03/10/12)
************************************************** **********
*The schedule screen will show team seeds after the game is played for conference and postseason tourneys. (Only applies to tourneys scheduled after the patch)
*Added each of the postseason tournaments to the game filter on the schedule screen.
*Added a player shooting report to the team recruiting screen.
*Clicking a team in a recruits top 5 will take you to that team's coaching staff screen.
*Double-clicking team names on the scheduling screen will show you their roster.
*The schedule filter will be saved when you exit the screen.
*Added the option to use folders.ini to specify a custom data folder. Just create the folders.ini file in the same directory as FBCB2010.exe and place the following inside the file with the target directory specified and then save it:

*Removed the word "stats" from the team headers on the box score
*Players from human teams should be highlighted in the stats leaders.
*Print screen of box score should display name and record for both teams.
*Hot Seat: Use remaining recruiting budget reminder will be enabled if you have at least $350 left to spend.
*Team name listings on the box score screens will replace "-" with a " " to allow multiline names to fit better.
*The recruit print screen shouldn't have a comma at the end of the top 5 schools list when there are less than 5 schools.
*Schedule screen filter should save if you go to another screen like polls or standings then exit back to it.
*Removed word Tourney from season results on team history to make sure there is no overlap to the next line.
*Players that are at risk to enter the draft should not be willing to redshirt.
*Early departure warning emails should better match the pro prospects report.
*Added code to make sure there are no schedule conflicts with preseason tourneys.

Version 2.2.33 (03/04/12)
************************************************** **********
*Added the new WCC conference tourney format
*Projected recruiting budget for the year is now updated each offseason round
*Added move up/down buttons to the substitutions screen
*Added conference to the RPI poll screen
*Added the option to set the max conference prestige for the mid major poll in league options.
*Added the option to set which month the High School All-Star game is played in.
*Added a HS AA Game report message that is sent to any school that has a scholarship offer to the recruit
*Added a transfer option that allows 5th year seniors to transfer without redshirting
*Added default leagues for 2013 and 2014

*Fixed a bug that prevented a head coach from getting new job offers if there are openings on his staff.
*Added code to make sure division seeding for conference tourneys is only used when there are actually two divisions.
*Player career records overview should work properly again
*Autosave should save at the end of each offseason period
*Fixed error 9 that could occur when no teams are eligible for promotion/demotion with conference movement on
*Seniors without the ability to redshirt should not transfer
*It should be possible to redshirt a player who is willing to redshirt and has not appeared in any games at any point in the season.

Version 2.2.32 (01/29/12)
************************************************** **********
*Added conference to the top 25 poll screen
*Redesigned top 25 poll calculations

*Coaching trees should be properly cleared when creating a new human coach.
*Fixed a possible error 9 when trying to edit an active team that has no conference.
*Fixed a display error on the scheduling screen where the weekday was wrong for seasons in the early 1900s.

Version 2.2.31 (01/21/12)
************************************************** **********
*CPU will now set redshirts for you when using CPU handles depth chart
*Players are only eligible for a medical redshirt if they didn't play after a teams 14th game and only if they appeared in no more than 9 games before the injury. The injury must last atleast until the end of the season which is defined as two weeks before Selection Sunday to account for teams that do not make the postseason.
*Added a mid major top 25 to the polls screen.
*Added the option for a 32 team championship tourney.

*Fixed an issue with the wrong recruit loading when you try to view the recruit screen when there are 2 players with the exact same name in the list.
*CPU teams will now use medical redshirts for injuries that occur during the season
*CPU teams will redshirt more players when unlimited redshirting is on.
*Fixed all redshirting players transferring when unlimited redshirting is used in combination with transfers
*Underclassmen with long term injuries should accept a redshirt.
*Fixed incorrect date for conference tourney start in to do list due to display error
*When editing the current league, changing a team's division within the same conference should now save properly.
*Added code to allow records.dat to repair itself enough to prevent crashes when corrupt. Corrupt records will still be lost.
*Fixed error 6 when using 30 minute averages on the team stats screen at the end of the season.
*Fixed an endless scheduling loop for split conferences with at least one home and home versus the opposing division.
*Added an error message if you try to start a new game with a default league that has a conference with unbalanced divisions.

Version 2.2.30
************************************************** **********
*There will now still be transfers when using the option to be allowed to redshirt anyone with transfers turned on.

Version 2.2.29
************************************************** **********
*Added the option to set whether or not auto-recruiting fills the call list to the team setup screen. While this data was added to the team export file, this build should work fine when importing all builds since 2.2.19.

*Settings should properly be refreshed after importing a single team export from the team setup screen.

Version 2.2.28
************************************************** **********
*changed the available games display on the schedule screen to show how many games you have left to schedule out of the total: Games Remaining: 11/13 Max Home Games: 6/8

*Available home games still wasn't working right
Version 2.2.27
************************************************** **********
*Hitting enter after typing in the text box will act as the same as clicking continue or save on the team password and save screens.

*Added code to ensure the previous season's schedule requests are cleared at the start and end of the schedule period.
*Fixed issues with the reported number of available home games on the team schedule screen.
*Fixed a bug that caused some schedule proposals to not be processed.

Version 2.2.26
************************************************** **********
*Added the option to change team color using HTML color codes on the team editing screen
*Added text to the team color label in the team editing screens indicating that it is clickable.
*Updated the coach file format to be stored as a csv file.
*Added the option to export the coaches from an active league into a coach file from the edit current league screen. (temporary button to be updated when ready)
*Added the new MAC conference 12 team tourney format: 1/2 3xbye, 3/4 2xbye

Version 2.2.25
************************************************** **********
*Fixed a bug that caused one team to rebound too well.
*Fixed a bug that gave lower than expected prestige to teams finishing in the top 2 in the conference while winning the conference tourney.

*Added a minimum prestige for the season based on how far you got in the championship tournament to the early rounds of the tournament.
*Increased prestige for third and fourth postseason tourney results.

Version 2.2.24
************************************************** **********
*Fixed a bug that could cause recruiting orders to not import under the new import system with an invalid cost error.
*Wins and Losses should correctly save when working on a coach file.
Version 2.2.23
************************************************** **********
*Fixed error 9 that could occur during conference scheduling when the conference had no conference tourney.

*Clicking the "Legal Positions" header on the depth chart screen will toggle all of the positions between eligible and ineligible for all players.

Version 2.2.22
************************************************** **********
*Fixed error 52 when trying to go to the new game screen due to the presence of invalid files in the custom default leagues folder.

Version 2.2.21
************************************************** **********
*Added code to make sure recruiting actions are not imported for players who have already committed.
*the game will no longer import instructions to evaluate players you have already evaluated.

Version 2.2.20
************************************************** **********
*Fixed error 9 when for some reason a preseason tourney game is unable to be scheduled.

Version 2.2.19
************************************************** **********
*The team export format has changed. Importing old team exports will cause a warning and the export will not be used.
*Failed imports will show up in red on the import team files screen.
*added FTS to the roster offensive ratings screen
*added the option in team settings to decide whether or not autorecruiting will offer scholarships for you. The default is no.
*added the option in team settings to decide whether or not autorecruiting will revoke hopeless scholarship offers for you. The default is no.
*added default league files for 2011 and 2012 that can be selected on the new game screen.

*The salary filter on the assistant coach hiring screen should now be saved if you view a coach then return to the screen.
*added a error message when the save format is newer than the current installed build instead of crashing.

Version 2.2.18
************************************************** **********
*Adjusted the early departure distribution so more players projected in the first round will leave and decreased the chances of lower ranked players leaving.
*Increased the importance of current ability in the early departure decision.

Version 2.2.17
************************************************** **********
*Fixed an invalid score and link for 1/8 2nd round game in the html tourney bracket.
*Rewrote the code that displays available bench players on the substitutions screen to make sure all available players show up and ineligible players do not.

*Added code that will "finish" the recruiting round for you if you have available funds. If you've spent any of your budget at all during the month, the code will just finish spending your money and fill any empty spots in the call list. It will max out spending on any scholarships you have offered or the #1 prospect for each position of need. If you've made no actions, the code will also offer scholarships when appropriate and will revoke offers if you are behind the offers of 3 superior schools that are already in the top 5. With this code, only turn on cpu recruiting if you want the cpu to handle all recruiting. This should allow you to not be hurt if you have to miss a month of recruiting in online leagues.

Version 2.2.16
************************************************** **********
*Fixed another bug that caused non conference games to be scheduled at the wrong location.

Version 2.2.15
************************************************** **********
*Added checks to make sure recruiting actions aren't being imported from a different recruiting pool when using team exports.

*Added column to the player ratings text report indicating if the player is redshirting.
*Increased the importance of coach recruiting ratings.
*Increased the effect of recruit preferences on later recruiting actions.
*Decreased the cost of recruiting actions for players closest to your school.

Version 2.2.13
************************************************** **********
*Fixed another issue that could cause accepted games to not be scheduled in online leagues
*Fixed an issue that could cause cpu teams to not accept games vs other cpu teams.
*Fixed a display issue with the number of home games remaining in schedule emails.

Version 2.2.12
************************************************** **********
*Schedule proposal messages should now list the proper game location.
*For online leagues you will receive a rejection message if your schedule request is not valid at the time it is imported.
*Order of actions for team import fixed so accepted non conference games won't be deleted.

Version 2.2.11
************************************************** **********
*The save button on the coach bonus points screen will no longer be disabled if one of the coach profile details is blank.

Version 2.2.10
************************************************** **********
*adjusted championship tourney reseeding code to make sure no conference champs get switched into the play-in games while reseeding to avoid conference matchups.
*fixed bug in head coach performance ratings introduced in 2.2.3 that caused no head coaches to get job offers. It may take a few seasons for them to start again as past performance was not being saved.

Version 2.2.9
************************************************** **********
*Preseason tourneys should be completed once again.

Version 2.2.8
************************************************** **********
*Preseason Tourney hosts should now save and load properly when editing the default tourneys.

Version 2.2.7
************************************************** **********
*Fixed error 9 that could occur at the first day a preseason tourney is played due to using the manual game scheduler after the preseason tourneys are scheduled.


Version 2.2.6
************************************************** **********
*Team recruiting area should require team password during the offseason period.
*Injuries should heal in between the end of the season and the start of the scheduling period.
*Defense matchups won't be adjusted by the computer until tipoff occurs
*Multiple game proposals should no longer be cancelled if you cancel just one.
*If two starters are eligible to play each other's positions, they will play the positions in which they are starting even if the game rates them better at the opposite positions.

*Added the option to store custom default league files that can be selected at the start of a new game. The first time you run the game with the new build a folder called "defaultleagues" will be created inside the data folder for the game. To store a custom default league create a new folder inside the defaultleagues folder with the name of the custom league file. Place the custom teams.csv, tourneys.csv, and conf.csv files inside this folder. You can also include custom FBCB.ini and Height.ini files if you want to use special modifiers for the custom league. To locate the data folder for the game, goto tools > edit default league > open folder.

Version 2.2.5
************************************************** **********
*All coaches should no longer say left midsesaon on their coach history for seasons completed with 2.2.4 or later.

Version 2.2.4
************************************************** **********
*Fixed a freeze when the game was unable to find enough valid head coach candidates.
*Redesigned the schedule request code used by team import/exports. Some old requests may be deleted when loading a game. It will not be possible to answer email requests for these games either.

*Human teams are now highlighted on the schedule proposal team list.

Version 2.2.3
************************************************** **********
*clicking new game will now prompt you before exiting an active game.
*Coaches fired midseason should have the current season results saved to their coach history.

*Added the option to manually seed preseason tourneys. This is available in the tools menu and can be done any time in between the coach hiring period and the tourney
scheduling period.
*Added the option to manually schedule singles games. This is available in the tools menu and can be done any time in between the coach hiring period and training camps.

Version 2.2.2
************************************************** **********
*Fixed issue with teams not accepting road games during the scheduling period caused by a recent patch.

Version 2.2.1
************************************************** **********
*Fixed a display error after editing the highschool of a computer coach
*Added more code to prevent conference games from being played too close to the start of the conference tourney
*Added check to make sure 8 team double bye tourney has 4 days in default league editor
*Added code to verify all conference tourneys have a valid schedule when starting a new game.
*Fixed bug that caused multiple timeouts to be called in a row
*Fixed bug that caused the opposing teams defense settings to be used during the first possession of the 2nd half.
*Team strategy will now update properly if an illegal screen is called leading to FTs for the defense.
*Switching to cpu recruiting after you have offered scholarships in a month should no longer result in the computer offering additional scholarships.

*Added the option to prevent players from refusing redshirts

Version 2.2.0 (Previous builds will not load saves from this build)
************************************************** **********

*Human teams highlighted on preseason tourneys screen and conference tourney screens
*Added additional color option for links to human teams,players,recruits on the html output page

Version 2.1.28
************************************************** **********

*Added support for Height.ini. This file allows you to set the height distribution for created players by position.

Version 2.1.27
************************************************** **********
*In-Game matchups shouldn't allow a player to be guarded by more than 1 defender.
*Fixed error 9 when coaching a game caused by patch 2.1.25


Version 2.1.26
************************************************** **********
*Fixed error 9 exiting exhibition game with no league loaded.
*More adjustments made to timeout usage. More still needed.

*Adjusted head coach hiring code to try and get more realistic results
*Decreased chances of getting fired.

Version 2.1.25
************************************************** **********
*Teams that are ahead at the end of the game will run out the clock if the shotclock is at 0.
*Fixed a bug that could allow a player with 2 technical fouls to reenter the game.
*Rewrote the defensive matchups code. The previous code generated unusual matchups at times.
*Adjusted time out usage based on score.
*Adjusted turnovers to decrease A/TO ratios among PGs mainly.

*Adjusted the age distribution of coaches in the default league based on coaching skill
*New coaches can enter the league at a coaching level higher than 0.
*Increased coach experience awarded for deep runs in championship tourney.
*Added listing for weekday on the non-conference scheduling screen.
*Added stamina to the defense report of the roster screen.
*Box Score now shows each team's record after the game.
*Teams will now remove starters at the end of the game due to blowouts.

Version 2.1.24
************************************************** **********
*Fixed sort by potential on recruiting screen when using A-F rating scale.
*Bubble watch now supports 68 team tourney.

*Added a 2 team tiebreaker conference tourney option.
*Conferences can now hold between 2 and 20 teams.
*Added more options for total conference games depending on the number of teams in the conference.

Version 2.1.23
************************************************** **********
*Injured or suspended players should no longer appear before active players on the recommended depth chart.
*Added code to prevent error 360. Please let me know if you encounter this and which screen was loading.
*Fixed the career shooting display on the career stats screen.
*Clicking on a coach when viewing your past assistants allows you to view that coach's profile.

Version 2.1.22
************************************************** **********
*Fixed error 9 when setting up championship tourney due to not enough teams with winning records.

Version 2.1.21
************************************************** **********
*Fixed error 9 during end season when using conference movement introduced by version 2.1.20

Version 2.1.20
************************************************** **********
*When conference movement is turned on the team that moves should be the official conference champ as shown by the #1 seed in the conference tourney.
*Tweaked code that leads to teams holding for the last shot in the first half.
*Fixed conference tie breaker to properly use record vs highest ranked conference teams until tie is broken if head to head doesn't break the tie.
*Standings printout should no longer have "test" at the end of the header.
*Fixed the output for viewing players by conference for a specific season on the Recruiting rankings screen.
*Fixed a bug that caused starters to not reenter the lineup after halftime.
*Fixed error 365 when opening a new window
*It is now possible to call a timeout for either team after a made basket.

*The preseason tourneys should be in alphabetical order on the preseason tourney screen.
*Added stats per 30 minutes to the depth chart, roster, and stats leaders screens
*Retired coaches will list current job as retired on coach records.
*Decreased starting talent for lower prestige teams in a new league.
*Added the option to decrease talent of incoming recruits using the FBCB.ini file. Add this to the file in order to make adjustments. The range is 0-2000 with 2000 being 100% better than normal and 0 being 0%.


Version 2.1.19
************************************************** **********
*The list of assistant coaches to hire should no longer show up blank when using non-english windows language settings (more fixes needed)
*Fixed a bug that could save a conference claiming it had 0 divisions. This caused issues with scheduling.
*Fixed the possibility of viewing a recruit from the perspective of another team including the option to perform recruiting actions for them.
*Fixed error 9 on historical stats leaders screen during the first season.
*Fixed conference sorting on screens: Player stats, Team Records, Historical Stats Leaders
*Fixed a case when cpu depth chart and strategy should have been used but were not.
*Fixed travel partner not switching properly when using next/previous in both default and current league editors.

*Added the option to add/delete conferences in an active league
*Gave prestige level 4 teams a small boost in prestige
*Should be possible to double click teams on the historical team leaders screen now.
*Added opponent information to the tournament champs report.
*Added current team to the active coaches on the coach records screen
*Added the option to lock team prestige under league options.
*Added sorting to the coach list on the human coaches screen.

Version 2.1.17
************************************************** **********
*Depth chart will be fixed prior to starting a game if it has not been previously set.
*Fixed a bug that caused certain boxes on the team schedule screen to not open when clicked
*Re-enabled export to FTP option
*Adjusted menu options so it isn't possible to exit a coached game on accident.
*Fixed a bug that could cause error 91 when exiting the coach game screen if you entered the coached game from the hot seat screen using options other than "Coach Game"
*Should no longer see a black blank section of screen when switching screens.
*Postseason tournies will now take losing teams if required.
*Added code that will prevent the extra postseason tournies from attempting to run when there aren't enough teams.
*Its now possible to output html boxes for the first 4 days of the schedule.
*The conference tounreys option should now by available by the start of the earliest conference tourney even if it occurs in Feb.
*Removed PFS attribute from player print screen as it is meant to be hidden.
*Removed the possibility of having the conference tourney start within 2 days of the last conference game.
*Fixed a possible error 9 during end season due to invalid player data.
*Fixed error 9 when clicking past the end of the current season on the calendar.
*Stop simming was the only button enabled when sim month was complete on the hot seat screen.
*Using Sim day on the hot seat screen should update the main menu properly now.
*Fixed error 9 when generating recruits due to invalid JC recruits from a previous period.
*The game will stop for injuries if you have it set to do so even if the cpu is handling the depth chart.
*Added error trapping to the assistant coach hiring screen to catch the cause of error 9 without crashing the game.
*The reply buttons should no longer be available after you reject a job offer on the email screen.
*Eliminated the possibility of a team calling a timeout during on opponent run immediately after a media timeout.
*The commish login screen should now pop up in the center of the game window.
*Fixed the conference sorting order on the schedule on coach moves screens.
*Fixed recruiting scholarship errors caused by an invalid import.
*Adjusted endgame logic to better use autofoul.
*Added a filter to shorten longer names that don't fit into the tourney brackets
*On coach game screen the exit button shouldn't be enabled until the previous action is complete. This caused error 91.
*No longer possible to back into the coach game screen if you click cancel on the recruiting warning screen.
*Fixed issue with better higher FT shooting skill resulting in worse FT performance.
*Fixed possible error 9 while helping fill team schedules in October.

*Added support for 15 team conferences with 16/18/20 game schedules
*When loading a save the game should default to the last human team that was selected on the hotseat screen.
*Made it possible to start the conference tourney in earlier weeks.
*Added the play-in game with score to the tourney bracket.
*Added code to adjust seeds to avoid early conference matchups in the championship tournament.
*Added support for 68 team championship tournaments
*Added the option to change the number of teams in the championship tournament in an active game.
*Added the current team goal to job offer emails.
*Added estimated recruiting budget to the assistant coach hiring screen.
*increased stamina recovery at half time.
*Autofoul is now disabled at the start of OT

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