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Unread 10-31-2017, 01:18 PM
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Default The War to End All Wars! (An alternate history of pro wrestling)

Prologue #1:

February 1987

A board meeting at the Connecticut headquarters of the World Wrestling Federation...

Vince McMahon stands at the head of a large conference table. Seated around the table are announcer Gorilla Monsoon, lead road agent George Scott, color commentator Lord Alfred Hayes, longtime manager and occasional booker the Grand Wizard and the father and son production team of Dennis and Kevin Dunn. Vince's wife Linda looks on from across the room as a TV on the desk behind Vince shows a VHS tape of recent highlights from the WWF's flagship program PrimeTime Wrestling...

WWF owner Vincent Kennedy McMahon

Monsoon: "I'm just saying Vince, after what happened with the Sheik down in Georgia we need to be safe just incase, you know..."

A visibly irritated McMahon interrupts...

McMahon: "Hogan is our champion g** d****t! You've seen those crowds. You see the ratings...and the merch numbers are through the roof!"

Grand Wizard: "Monsoon's got a point Vince. After what happened, Barnett is barely hanging on right now..."

McMahon: "He's a dinosaur anyway."

Scott: "He lost all his TV..."

McMahon: "..a relic..."

Hayes: "A lot of his top stars have abandoned him..."

McMahon: " over the hill relic.."

Monsoon: "You saw Ted Koppel's report on Nightline..."

McMahon: "Fine...Fine!! FINE!!! Who do you guys have in mind then? Huh, Ventura? Muraco?

Dennis Dunn: "What about Blackjack?"

McMahon: "Mulligan is at the end...another holdover from a dead era of 'wrasslin."

Kevin Dunn: "How about The Ultim---"

McMahon: "Shut up Kevin...he's a head case and worse than Hogan! Look, Ventura, Snuka, Mulligan, Muraco are all past their primes. Piper might never wrestle again, and Tommy-Mania was a flash in the pan, and I love Andre for everything he's done here but cripes he can barely walk to the ring at this point. Hogan is our champion and that's final!"

Monsoon: "I think your forgetting someone Vince."

Monsoon sits in a WWF Board Meeting

McMahon: "No!"

Monsoon: "He's over Vince..."

McMahon: "What is he like 5'8"?"

Monsoon: "He can cut one helleva promo..."

McMahon: "I got socks bigger than him..."

Monsoon: "He connects with the fans Vince, and he can go in the ring..."

McMahon: "Fine! We'll keep him strong...'just in case'..."

As if on cue, the highlight tape lingers on highlights of Gorilla Monsoon's favorite wrestler, the top heel in the World Wrestling Federation...

The Nature Boy...Tully Blanchard!

The Nature Boy will be leaving with your girlfriend tonight

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