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Unread 04-13-2019, 03:25 PM
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Originally Posted by crackerjack View Post
Nice to see this back!

Raven walking out with the gold was definitely surprising. I'm interested to see who steps up to challenge him for the gold next... One would think Goldberg's got the shot, but I feel like that that might be too obvious
Oh man, I wish that was true. Feeling like Nigel Mansell in Dallax 84 GP, trying to push this sumbitch over the line. Weekends are coming for me, so there will be a chance to write a show.

About Raven winning - I went full "Mayhem" mode there. I already wrote Raven's post title win promo on Nitro, so more sense made there. Doubt anyone even remembers he got the title shot at Halloween Havoc, but to quote the man himself "ah, you get it"

And not to make it a false alarm, I'll pin some confirmed matches for that same Nitro now... and a Paint masterchunk of Raven with the "Big Gold" belt he never held in real life. Suspend your disbelief folks, I'm not a graphic wizard

WCW Monday Nitro Card
  • Scott Steiner vs. El Dandy
  • Scott Steiner vs. Juventud Guerrera
  • Scott Steiner vs. The Naturals (Andy Douglas and Chase Stevens) w/Tammy Sytch
  • Disco Cats (Disco Inferno and Ernest "The Cat" Miller) vs. Team 3D (Brother Ray and Brother Devon)
  • Ken Shamrock vs. Jeff Jarrett (c) - WCW World Television Championship match
  • Scott Hall w/Kevin Nash vs. Kanyon w/Diamond Dallas Page
  • Goldberg vs. Raven (c) - WCW World Heavyweight Championship match
Three first matches are too sweet, I know. The main question is "will Raven's title reign last or will Goldberg run through him like in 1998?" Tune in to find out...
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Unread 04-15-2019, 06:04 PM
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Scott Steiner vs. El Dandy
Scott Steiner vs. Juventud Guerrera
Scott Steiner vs. The Naturals (Andy Douglas and Chase Stevens) w/Tammy Sytch
Disco Cats (Disco Inferno and Ernest "The Cat" Miller) vs. Team 3D (Brother Ray and Brother Devon)
Ken Shamrock vs. Jeff Jarrett (c) - WCW World Television Championship match
Scott Hall w/Kevin Nash vs. Kanyon w/Diamond Dallas Page
Goldberg vs. Raven (c) - WCW World Heavyweight Championship matc
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Unread 04-21-2019, 04:40 PM
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Default WCW Monday Nitro on TNT (Show #100)

Week 1, December 2000
Meadowlands Arena, Tri State (14,974)

We open this special edition of Nitro with Raven already sitting in the corner with the big gold belt on his shoulder and a microphone in his hand.

If you missed Mayhem - this visual will confuse you a lot and then some. You can’t argue that our last pay-per-view event lived up to its name. Announcers recap the pay-per-view to fill in those who was wrong enough to miss our show. And now Raven speaks…

And the Raven, never flitting, still is sitting, still is sitting
On the pallid bust of Pallas just above the chamber door;
And his eyes have all the seeming of a demon’s that is dreaming,
And the lamp-light o’er him streaming throws a shadow on the floor


Last night I fulfilled my destiny... I became the world heavyweight champion, just like I promised.

Nobody believed in me… nobody!

Back into the chamber turning, all my soul within me burning...

They said Raven wasn’t this and he wasn’t that, he is not "world title material". Well now you can see that I’m not defined by the rules hypocritical society enforced on me since childhood. I am not good enough, not big enough, not serious enough… What about now?

Raven stands up from his corner and shows off the big gold belt.

This oppression only made me stronger, it made me hungry and willing to go an extra mile… and last night… I turned two of my wildest dreams into reality. Firstly I became “the guy”, against all odds… and secondly… I punished Goldberg for pain, grief and suffering he brought to me on 20th of April, 1998.

Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing…

I didn’t forget about that day, it haunted me for more than two years. Alcohol, drug abuse, sexual debauchery, violence… nothing could ease the pain. I experienced a perverse conflict between desire to forget and desire to remember... so I forced myself to get pleasure from focusing on that loss.

They say revenge is a dish served cold, and for once they are right. When I stood over Goldberg's cold body with this title, I felt true euphoria and power for the first time in my life… and I’m not giving this title back, not until my last breath.

In just a few seconds I will complete the trifecta of my twisted desires… by freeing Saturn from The Revolution… for costing me that United States title in 1998!

And my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor
Shall be lifted—nevermore!

Raven drops the mic, throws his hair back and hits the pose with title still in his hand. Announcers discuss Raven’s decision to kick Saturn from “The Revolution” after winning the wager match against Shane Douglas. (B+)

Suddenly, cameras catch Goldberg marching on backstage, looking to get one back on Raven!

Our new world champion decides to leave before it’s too late, that’s why he left Lisa Marie Varon to keep the car warm in the parking lot. But surprisingly, Goldberg is coming not after Raven… he makes a turn and kicks the door into Piper’s office, getting the attention of all New Blood guys! Miss Hancock yelps, Goldberg pushes Roddy Piper to the wall…


Piper can’t answer, as Goldberg is clutching him too tight around the neck. New Blood guys try to restrain “Da Man”, who snaps back and hits Mike Sanders in the face!

“Calm down, ye animal! I’ll give you what you want!” - Piper says, dusting himself off after that barge in. Telling Bill to calm down is not the brightest idea, as he thinks that Roddy and Raven are in on something together! He was screwed last night! “Hot Rod” tries to laugh it off, saying that’s Bret’s catchphrase, but Billy is not in the playing mood.

“Alright-alright, you will get your title rematch tonight, in the main event!”

Goldberg gazes Roddy, turns around and tells security guys they will be next if they ever touch him again! The group steps away, letting Goldberg leave. SLAM! The door is shut back. What a chaotic first segment, we will be back in a matter of seconds. (B+)

As we return from a brief commercial break, Mean Gene is standing next to Scott Steiner, who anxiously adjusts his beard, waiting for his cue to scream and shout. Okerlund asks Steiner what on Earth happened last night, and where did “Big Poppa Pump” go during the Elimination Chamber?


It looks like Goldberg is not the only man who is upset with the outcome of that match. When you think about it, nobody is happy about it. Except Raven! Steiner is making his way out to the ring and calls out Hogan one last time. No response for now. Steiner swears so profusely we don’t get any sound for half a minute… until El Dandy of all people comes out. Why in the world would he do that?

“Scotty Steiner, there’s no need to be upset. Oh wait, maybe there is. Maybe you are secretly mad that you can’t compete with me in terms of raw sex appeal and female magnetism? Maybe you need to blow off some steam?”


Oh, El Dandy doesn’t like that and he’s oblivious enough to accept this challenge. Ring the bell!

In an extremely short match, Scott Steiner defeated El Dandy in 2:25 by submission with a Steiner Recliner. 68/100
Despite El Dandy being a serious professional and a jam up guy, many have doubted his chances coming into this fight. Steiner suplexed this allegedly green-eyed man from pillar to post, Tiger Bombed him hard on the mat and capped this one-sided beating out with a Steiner Recliner. Dominant performance by “The Big Bad Booty Daddy”! Scott demands a mic, yells that he can go like this all night long and he won’t leave until he gets Hak Hogan!

“Finally, The Juice has come back to… it doesn’t matter where he came back to!!”

Juventud Guerrera comes out, pours some water on himself and runs into the ring, right in the Steinerline! Scotty drops his peak on him, makes some push ups and talks some trash like only he can. He tells the official to make this bout official, and who would say no to a man like Scotty Steiner?

In an extremely short match, Scott Steiner defeated Juventud Guerrera in 3:37 by submission with a Steiner Recliner. 75/100
This match was a little bit more competitive, but it still belonged to Freakzilla. Juvi climbed on the top rope at one point, but ended up on the mats after Scott busted out a Frankensteiner! Steiner Recliner, “The Youth Warrior” furiously taps out! Second win in a matter of minutes for Scott. And he’s not done yet… “IS THAT ALL WE GOT THERE IN THE BACK? BIG POPPA PUMP IS A VERY VIRILE MAN, SO DON’T LEAVE ME HANGING HERE!”

Ask, and you shall receive. Tammy Sytch walks out with her newest clients in Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas. Tammy tells them to finish the job right now, but these boys don’t look like they want to share the same ring with former United States champion. Sytch grabs a mic and says that if Big Poppa Pump is so bad, why don’t he take on both of her guys at the same time?


Oof… The Naturals slide into the ring and try to make Steiner pay for his words. They don’t succeed though, Scott germans both of them like they weigh nothing and once again bullies the ref into starting a third consecutive “handicap” bout.

In an extremely short match, Scott Steiner defeated The Naturals in a Handicap match in 2:31 when Scott Steiner defeated Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas by submission with a Double Steiner Recliner. 60/100
Maybe he CAN do it all night long after all? Steiner destroys both “boys” and locks them up in a Double Steiner Recliner. Third victory in less than ten minutes too! Piper has to put an end to this.

“Ok, enough-enough! You proved yourself Steiner. I made a mistake when I threw you out of the chamber last night. Believe you me, there’s nothing I would like to see more than you beating the living crap out of Hulk Hogan. You will get a chance to do that, next week… because I’m letting you compete for the briefcase with US title shot in it!”

Announcers clue the viewers that Konnan lost his job last night, so now his briefcase is up for grabs. Steiner says it doesn’t matter what the odds are, he will beat anyone who will stand in his way to kicking Hogan’s ass! Steiner ends his night flexing in front of Tammy who checks on her boys there.


Let’s take another break, shall we?

Once again we come back to “Mean” Gene standing next to the participant of last night’s Elimination Chamber, now it’s Bret Hart. Okerlund shills the Hotline first, then asks Bret about that embrace with Goldberg he had just last night. Can we say that “The Hitman” and “The Man” buried the hatchet and don’t have any hard feelings between them?

“Mean Gene, I never disliked Bill. We had our battles and our differences, sure, but I always had the respect for him. Last night he proved that he’s indeed “The Man” around here, up until he was screwed out of his title by Raven. I feel for Goldberg and would like him to reclaim the title tonight, and as for me… I think I have some unfinished business with Mr. Triple H. Therefore I challenge him to a singles match at Starrcade... so the best man could win. And trust me Gene, there’s nobody better than "The Hitman"! I am the best there is, the best there wa...”

Bret can’t even finish his catchphrase because Triple H jumps him from behind! “The Game” pushes Hart face first into the interview set behind Gene and punches the proud canadian in the face a couple of times.

“You want some of this, Hart? You’re ON!!”

Just like that folks, we have one of the first matches announced for the Starrcade card. This match brewed for a long time, and it looks like we will see these two collide in singles action at Starrcade! Gene sends us back to the ringside while calling over doctors to aid Bret out here. (B+)

Schiavone and Tenay talk about all the chaos that happened over the last 48 hours, acting like this has never happened before. Bobby Heenan is far more relaxed, he says that he expects thing like that, because he’s “The Brain” after all… that’s when the announce table is greeted with loud pyro! Team 3D is in the house and Bobby jumps in his chair, looking a little unwell.

“DO YOU KNOW WHO WE ARE?” - starts Brother Ray. Of course they do, Bubba. Maybe that was a rhetorical question, I don’t know. “Last night me and Devon got dumped out of this ring by The Road Warriors. The same Road Warriors who snack on danger and dine on death! But if you ask us, last night Hawk dined on a wooden table near that ramp! As my brother likes to say… thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not kill, and thou shalt not mess with... Team 3D!”

“Awww my brotha… TESTIFY!”

Aww, what a rush, Road Warriors come out almost immediately. Tell ‘em, Hawk!

“So you boys want to play with the Road Warriors? Look at us. Do you really think anyone here or back there can beat US in the real fight? Me and Animal could snap your hillbilly necks in a New York Minute, because we are the real men and the real men ain’t playing around!!”

Shouty-shouty we go, oh boy.

- Last time I checked, you played with a Rocco wrestle buddy in the back, so don’t tell us you are real men!
- The reason why you were keeping down for so long is because you have never met anyone like us! We beat you before and we can beat you again!!

This gets out of control, and this crowd is somewhat unsurprisingly on the side of Team 3D here.

“You want us again - you got us, in a TABLES match!”

Huge reaction from the fans, they are stoked and there’s nothing like a rubber match that involves a pair of tables! Tony Schiavone backs one of the strongest tag team in the history of our great sport to win it, while Heenan chooses Team 3D because they have surprised him once, so they can definitely surprise him twice! Tenay tells us to stay tuned, because Team 3D is wrestling next, against The Disco Cats! (C)

In a match that had some good action but not much in the way of heat, Team 3D defeated The Disco Cats in 7:25 when Brother Ray defeated The Cat by pinfall with a 3D. 71/100
Disco Inferno is from this same area, but the fans are firmly on the side of Team 3D there. It was a pretty short match, but it had some good action in it. Disco was greeted with a “Wazzup” and then Cat got a taste of that Deadly Death Device. Comfortable win for the local boys…

Booker, Buff and Trish watched that match backstage on a TV monitor. Well, Bagwell actually peeked at Trish’s cleavage while Booker wasn’t looking, but who can blame him? Booker says that now Saturn is out of the Revolution, the titles should be vacated. That means they only need to collect the belts from that has been Roddy Piper, and they’re golden once again!


Whoopsie, Roddy heard that Booker called him a “has been” and he’s smirking like a Cheshire Cat. Booker gasps for air like a fish, then tries to joke out of it, saying he meant there has been a lot of title changes, and they need to collect their belts back, that’s all.

Piper rolls his eyes and tells that Booker is right. He is a has been… and tag titles will be vacated effective immediately… but where he’s wrong, is when he says that Buffy T will just “collect” them back.

“Boys, I hate to break it to ya, but you’re not getting squat now. You were pushed of the top just before Starrcade, so now the only way for you to get back is to grab a ladder, hold it real tight, and climb your sorry asses up. I heard The Road Warriors, I’ve heard Team 3D… what can I say, they got a nice reaction, and I’m thinking about giving them their shots. If ya wanna change my mind, you better do it quick, because you might just miss out on the biggest event of the year!”

Trish was about to say something, but Piper left before they could even open their mouthes. Buff took his hat off and sulked his shoulders, looking like all hope was gone. To close the segment, Booker T said they are too big to be ignored, and that “Hot Rod” will surely change his mind very soon. (B-)

A hype video for Jushin Liger interrupts Booker. Yesterday Liger san once again became the WCW Cruiserweight champion, and it seems like Rey Mysterio Jr is destined to get his Starrcade rematch for the title he never lost now that he sent Konnan packing. Rey probably has to thank Billy Kidman for this, because if it wasn’t for Billy, the outcome of that career threatening match would have been very different. (C+)

“Mean Gene” is with us once again, welcoming Billy Kidman back to WCW. Kidman looks better than ever, he even gained some weight! Billy says that he completed his course. Physically he feels great, but mentally… he needs to address a lot of things. Kidman says that while he was in rehab he had a lot of time to really think about his past, get his priorities straight. He also had the chance to keep a close eyes on the competition here in WCW.

“There’s one guy that was running his mouth in my absence, harassing my girlfriend and acting like a total jerk that I really want to beat up, Mean Gene. My hands a scratching for all the different reasons now and I can’t wait to get back into the action.”

“Look who’s back, it’s our old good friend Billy! Back from the dead as I see.” - CM Punk drops. “Such a shame your withdrawals seem to be over, it was so nice to not see you on the cards… Oh, you thought I was talking about other withdrawal? Well, those are not over for you, junkie.”

Kidman loses it and jumps on Punk, trying to get some punches in, and he does! Finlay and Arn Anderson are there to break up the scuffle, with Okerlund following the action. The senior guys calm the young guys, telling them to settle their differences in the ring! Billy says that’s fine with him, he’s cleared to wrestle. Punk says he’s not going to wrestle that drug addict before someone tests him. Guys get separated, with Finlay telling Kidman to keep his cool and ask for a match at Thunder. I guess we’re done here for now, because Kanyon and Diamond Dallas Page make their entrance. (D+)

"Self High Five" hits, "The People's Champion" and "The Innovator of Offense" Kanyon come out. Green pyro strikes, DDP asks for a mic. "Last night me and bud were THIS close to claiming our tickets to Starrcade. Unfortunately, it wasn't our day. Chris Benoit won the match and I can only congratulate him with that. And with all this commotion happening with the tag titles, we feel like we're not done yet. Kanyon, whatcha gonna say?"

Kanyon gets a stick and says they can get another shot only by doing what they do best - wrestling. Kanyon talks about a grueling training they had today, grinding and pushing each other to the limit. That gets a chuckle out of "The Brain", some fans catch Kanyon mid word and react like they could in 2000. Page scratches his head and asks Kanyon to give him the mic back. That's when Outsiders appear on the stage, holding on to their guts, mocking two "partners".

"Spare us with details, Innovator. We don't want to hear how you grinded and pushed each other... somewhere... for some reason..." - Nash remarks. Kanyon is upset, he yells back and ignores Page's pleads to calm down.

Hall takes it from there...

"Ooh, calm down, Kanyon. Listen to your boyfriend, chico! Save your energy for later, maybe you will find the place to stick another training before Kim catches you, mang!" Now DDP is mad. Looks like he's breathing deeply and counts to five, but Kanyon is his usual explosive self.

"At least I am not sucking to the bottle like you do, Bad Guy! Why don't you bring your lazy ass down here!? How do you say it, don't sing it, bring it? Well I'm all ready to go papi, taste some of this champagne!" Hall is smirking, Nash whispers something in his ear and they slowly approach the ring. Hall throws his toothpick in Kanyon, accepting the challenge. One limping referee rolls in and we start the match! (B-)

Hall looked strong here, turning Kanyon's Crossbody into a Fallaway Slam, putting him in a tight Abdominal Stretch and slapping him across the head. Nash looked from the outside, arguing with DDP. Hall picked up Kanyon to lay him out for good with the Outsider's Edge, but instead of landing on his head, Kanyon got on his legs and quickly executed a Flatliner! Nash looked to break up the fall, but DDP caught him with a Diamond Cutter! 1-2-3, and Kanyon picks up a HUGE victory and celebrates, with most of the fans on his side. Hall is gazed, he's glass-eyed and not in that way. Nash is holding his jaw, looking pissed... This is one is not over, folks.

In a match that had some good action and average heat, Kanyon defeated Scott Hall in 8:26 by pinfall with a Flatliner. 68/100
Ric Flair is walking around in Piper's office, ranting about The Revolution. He talks about being busted open last night and he demands that Jeff Jarrett, Shane Douglas and the rest of that group would be punished - tonight! "Hot Rod" is not as hot as Ric, but he assures Flair that they'll get what they deserve. Piper will strip them off the tag titles, and put Jarrett in a title defense. Flair says that's good, but all of them have to pay the price. Ric then looks over the New Blood, asking why they're not wrestling?

"If I was your age, I wouldn't leave that ring!" New Blood members just sneaker, taking it as a new generation would. "I have a problem with The Revolution, but I also have a problem with guys like you! Guys that collect a paycheck without even lacing a pair of boots, walking in and out, doing it only for fame, money, girls... Don't get me wrong, that's important. But that ring is what you have to think about first time in the morning. I do it to this day, feeling the pain, so you all have no excuse!" Piper tells the boys to clear the room, so Flair could breathe for a second. "Johnny The Bull, that lady is not yours for one simple reason! You're not the man, wooo! And you never will be if you sit around, picking fedoras to wear. Jindrak, you think you're some cute guy that will get the spot because of his looks? HA! I've got bad news for you pal, that's not gonna happen if you look in the mirror more than in that damn TV! Randy... it's good that you have family ties and the star quality, but I'm not sure you will ever become the greatest because you're a LAZY son of a gun! All of you!"

New Blood is not as complacent now, Sanders tells Flair to take a chill pill and leave everything to them, or he will be S.O.L. and you know what that means! Flair doesn't know, and he doesn't care. Piper offers Ric some wine, let's take a commercial break. (B+)

We're back and Shane Douglas and his comrades (except Saturn) take over the squared circle. "Franchise" tells production team to cut the damn music, he has a lot of things he wants to get of his chest. Shane talks about Raven's sneaky ways, first retaining the hardcore title, and then banning Perry Saturn from Revolution. Then he spits truth about Flair getting what he deserves, and anyone getting in the same position if they ever take what they want. Lastly, Douglas overheard that Piper plans to strip them of their tag team titles...

"You're more than welcome to try, old man! Take your bad hip out of that chair and grab your boys with you so they could look how I FRANCHISE your ***!"

New Blood's music hits and the Power Plant guys are looking to tussle it out with Douglas and company! Sanders is staying aback, calling the shots like a point guard. O'Haire and Palumbo are your traditional bigs, they get in first, followed by a bulldozer in Samoa Joe! A big brawl in the ring breaks out, with fists flying and people getting "pampered". Regal knocks Johnny out with his brass knucks, but O'Haire knocks out Candido with ease only using his fists. New Blood has the size advantage, no doubt, but Storm and Malenko use their skills to stuff the rookies. Couple of stomps later they are pushed aside, with Chavo Guerrero being thrown out to the outside with a scary Double Hip Toss! Douglas tries to escape, but Orton stomps on his body parts like Garvin used to. Jarrett is surrounded, asking who wants to choke on his guitar among these slapnuts? Well, Ken Shamrock runs forward and takes Jarrett down from behind. He has lots of pent up aggression in him, and by the looks of things he gets a title shot as well...

Shamrock grounds and pounds Double J, looking to snap the man's ankle. Flair probably had to something with this, but now all eyes are on "The World's Most Dangerous Man". Dustin Rhodes jumped on the apron and was suplexed into the action by Ken, while Regal was wiped with a Leg Lariat. Malenko then slid the trusty guitar to the country singer, who SMACKED the hell out of Shamrock's skull, causing an immediate DQ!

In a bout that featured great action and a good crowd, Ken Shamrock defeated Jeff Jarrett in 7:11 by disqualification after Jarrett intentionally hit Shamrock with an Acoustic Equalizer. 76/100
Ken lost his marbles after that, dismissing the impact of the instrument. Jarrett has nothing else to do but run, leaving his TV title behind. New Blood simply pick up all the gold Revolution won and cheekily pose with it, for Piper to take notice. Not an ideal night for Revolution, they are not in a good position.

Backstage Hulk Hogan approaches "The Game"! Hulkster says Triple H did a helluva job earlier today, knocking "Hitman" down. Trips sips from his bottle, tolerating our US champion. "You see brother, you have the IT factor, the physique, the character to make it to the top just like I did. I can see a star in you, and I have to tell you bother, Ric Flair is not a good influence on you. But I came here not to talk about that, dude, I wanted to talk business with you... I want you to take Scott Steiner out just like you took out Bret Hart, my man!"

Triple H drinks some more, and simply tells the man he doesn't do jobs. "I'm gonna decline this business offer, I am sure you understand why, Hulk. If you want someone to run your errands - go ask Sid or Mike Awesome to do it. I'm just too damn good for being a hired gun, and that's not good for MY business." Hogan is irritated, but he smoothes it over and leaves, presumably to take some of that spotlight in the ring, jack. (B)

A little hype video announcing that Starrcade is three weeks away. Then a cryptic figure walks into some dark house, with a burning 12/11/2000 graphic lightning up a dark screen. It all comes down to darkness once again as some shadow puts the numbers out...

And then Hulk makes his big entrance, giving people dizzy eyes with his white pyro. Hogan is followed by Mike Awesome, no Sid Vicious in sight. Hulkster picks up a mic and welcomes all the Hulkamaniacs to his show, telling them he's the reason why they bought the tickets. People disagree, wide camera shots catch more Goldberg signs, some people are still wearing nWo shirts, some a loyal to Flair. Hogan fans are there too, and they are loud, but overall Hogan is not the number one in terms of popularity.

"Well let me tell you something, Hulkamaniacs, last night was a disgrace. I, as much as you did, hated how that night ended. That title was stolen by a man who has no fans and no right to be in the main event picture, brother! The man was robbed last night, and I am as disgusted as you are! It should have been different, no doubt. It should have been ME standing with that big gold belt, closing down the show, jack!"

People who thought that Hogan was talking about Goldberg started booing, Mike Awesome silently nodded, agreeing with Hulk. Hogan then said that next week Piper will hold a Battle Royal to determine the new #1 contender for his US title. "Well you don't have to look far, brothers, because the winner is standing right next to me! Mikey will throw everybody out and we will have a real main event at Starrcade!"

"But that wouldn't be box office... Mike, I love you my brother, but there's only one match I can see myself on that Starrcade card. And that's a long-awaited rematch with Goldberg! Champion against champion, two biggest stars in this business clashing one more time! Goldberg, I never had my rematch and you know that a match with me is a money match. So whatcha gonna do, Goldberg? You're gonna beat that no good Raven tonight, get that title back and we will have ourselves the biggest match possible. I know you're a smart man and you know what's best for business, unlike Triple H down there. I'll be watching your match, and I expect you to pick up Raven and Jackhammer him straight to hell, dude! Much love!" (A)

Hogan drops the mic and indeed joins the commentary, trading verbal jabs with Heenan. Schiavone sends us backstage for a second, because Gene Okerlund is conducting an interview with Raven!

“Mean Gene” thanks his partners and introduces the current WCW world heavyweight champion to the viewers. Raven has his hair down, but he picks it up when Okerlund asks him about his nerves heading into his first title defense.

- How afraid are you to lose this title after winning it last night, Raven?
- Afraid? I’m afraid of no one… I’m not losing this title tonight, or any other night… and you, you better watch yourself. You never asked me any questions when I was one of the rest, never acknowledged my existence when I was here for years! And now you want to ask me your ridiculous questions? This interview is over…
- There you have it, ladies and gentlemen, the man that stole the title form “The Man” can’t deal with the pressure. Back to you, Tony!

Hogan sides with Gene-O, Raven is simply not on the level of Hulk Hogan and Goldberg. Speaking of Bill, he makes his entrance first. Cops, golden sparkles, kicks in the air and a roar that fires up the crowd! “That’s bigger than life, dude. That’s who i want to wrestle at Starrcade!”

Raven gets none of that… he walks out alone, with the big gold belt around his waist. He is taking his time, looking at the fans, the official and his opponent. Hogan tells Raven to enjoy his New York minute in the big time, and Hennan says Road Warriors already talked about New York minutes today. Raven demands an introduction, stares at his belt for a long time and only then agrees to fight.

Goldberg has no time to waste, and he SPEARS Raven out of the gate!! But oh no, Raven had a Hardcore title underneath his leather jacket, and that seriously hurt the challenger. Not quite the same effect as compared to Goldberg tackling Hart’s steel plate, but still painful! That would probably take the Jackhammer out of his arsenal too…

We got a very hot brawl, with Raven flying into the crowd a couple of times. Goldberg almost got counted out, but he got back in time, with Raven in his clutches. Stiff knees to the body of Raven, a big Powerslam, a Military Press Slam… Goldberg dictated the whole match, with champion crawling back to the corner, asking for mercy. Advancing challenger missed his target, hitting the ring post with the bad shoulder! Raven hit his pose and was ready to end it with an Evenflow DDT, but Goldberg twisted out of it with a vicious swinging neckbreaker, getting ready for another Spear! And then...

Perry Saturn grabbed Goldberg’s legs and drove Bill crotch first into the damn ring post! Perry jumped in and started stomping on Raven, he wants his revenge! Saturn hits the ribs of Raven very hard, punches him a couple of times too. DVD in the middle of the ring, cover… One, two, three! Saturn pins our world champion clean as a whistle, but wins the Hardcore title instead.

He then tries to do one better, grabbing Goldberg’s injured arm, dragging him over to cover Raven, delusional to the fact that he just helped Raven survive. Ref refuses to count because Perry caused a DQ by his sneak attack… Saturn is not the brightest light bulb in the room, you see. Hogan is livid, Goldberg too. Bill snarls and spears Saturn for the sake of it, then Jackhammers him next to Raven.

In a bout that featured great action and a good crowd, Goldberg defeated Raven in 10:58 when Raven was DQed after Perry Saturn interfered to win the WCW Hardcore championship. 87/100
“The winner of the match following a disqualification - Goldberg, but still your WCW World Heavyweight Champion… Raven”

Goldberg picks up the title and drops it on Raven who’s cackling to himself. He survived this night, even though he lost the Hardcore championship to Saturn who gets his own title dropped nearby by the referee. Goldberg passes Hogan, as they stare each other down.

On this interesting image we go off air, moving one day closer to Starrcade! (B+)

Final Rating: 84/100 (8.16 on TNT, up from 7.59)
This show increased our popularity in 18 regions. Show number 100 is in the books!

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Default WCW Thursday Thunder Preview and Standings

WCW Thursday Thunder Preview

Rabid David vs. Psycho Goliath

A match requested by Sid Vicious will headline the upcoming edition of WCW Thunder. "The Master and The Ruler of The World" wanted to get a singles match with the number one contender on the WCW tag team titles, and Piper made it official with a sadistic smile on his face. Can Benoit surprise Sid once again, or will Vicious halt Benoit's momentum heading into the biggest event of the year?

Official Thunder Card

1) Buffy T w/Trish Startus and Big T (Buff Bagwell and Booker T) vs. Berlyn and Norman Smiley

2) CM Punk w/Madusa vs. Billy Kidman

3) Rey Mysterio Jr vs. Super Crazy

4) LAX (Psicosis, Homicide and Hernandez) vs. Big Vito, Wilhelm and Kaz Hayashi

5) Triple H vs. Mystery Opponent From The Revolution (Chavo Guerrero/Dustin Rhodes/Lance Storm/Shane Douglas/Dean Malenko/Steven Rega/Chris Candido/Jeff Jarrett)

6) ??? vs. Lita - WCW Women's Tournamnt 1st Round match

7) Chris Benoit vs. Sid Vicious

I never booked a singles match between Sid and Benoit, and it's a high profile bout, so don't miss it, baybay! I also forgot to update the standings, so there you go...

Prediction Contest Standings
1. crackerjack - 37 (5+3)
2. Beejus - 31 (+4)
3. Destiny - 21 (+4)
4. Kijar - 10
5. Texasrangers13 - 4

Yup, I didn't update it for that long. My bad, that's on me. Crackerjack's activity pays off and he wins the predicition contest... with his 6 correct picks being allocated to the new table, where he is the sole participant.

1. crackerjack - 6

Now that's WCW style! Proper shithousery, ahyessir. The first draft of the show is 70% done, see you soon.

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1) Buffy T w/Trish Startus and Big T (Buff Bagwell and Booker T) vs. Berlyn and Norman Smiley

2) CM Punk w/Madusa vs. Billy Kidman

3) Rey Mysterio Jr vs. Super Crazy

4) LAX (Psicosis, Homicide and Hernandez) vs. Big Vito, Wilhelm and Kaz Hayashi

5) Triple H vs. Mystery Opponent From The Revolution (Chavo Guerrero/Dustin Rhodes/Lance Storm/Shane Douglas/Dean Malenko/William Rega/Chris Candido/Jeff Jarrett) I'm guessing Dean

6) ??? vs. Lita - WCW Women's Tournamnt 1st Round match

7) Chris Benoit vs. Sid Vicious
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Default WCW Thursday Thunder on TBS (Show #101)

Week 1, December 2000
Lawrence Joel Coliseum, Mid Atlantic (12,617)

A cryptic video of a mystery man in a scary house rolls in before the usual Thunder intro takes place. The lights flicker, rain washes down the hut and the shadow passes by in the window. Suddenly the door opens up widely, with 12/11/2K numbers flashing on the wall once again...

We saw this message on Monday, and we will probably find out the meaning behind it next week, because Tony Schiavone overdramatically proclaims it is the day of the next Nitro show!

Tony is spooked, Bobby Heenan asks him how much time did he spend on those calculations? Mike Tenay ignores the bickering and previews the matches for tonight.

But before he can finish, we get a Chris Benoit entrance. "The Rabid Wolverine" missed Nitro, but he looks ready for action tonight!

"I had to miss only one show, and half of this locker room already talks about the tag team title match at Starrcade! I-I-I won the match on Sunday, and that grants ME a title shot. Team 3D, Road Warriors, Booker T and Buff Bagwell... if you think you can take this opportunity from me, come out and try me first!"

Benoit is not much of a talker, but he will not just let others take his spot. Ask - and you shall receive! Sid Vicious slowly stumps down the aisle, with an insane look in his eyes. Looks like he still can’t get over his loss, and “the anger stage” of a loss is still in effect.

- BENOIT! Your win at Mayhem was a FLUKE! You didn't beat me, and you could never beat me! Even when we fought for the world heavyweight title you couldn't take me down! I'm the Master and The Ruler of The World, and I want to fight you again!!
- I am the Rabid Wolverine, and I will make you tap out tonight if you want it so bad!
- Hahahah, I would break you in half if I wanted to, small guy.
- And I would STILL lock your big stupid head in a Crossface! NOW PROVE ME WRONG!

Before they start a fight, Roddy Piper comes out. “Hot Rod” is not exactly a peacemaker, but he’s a matchmaker after all.

"Benoit, you don't make matches around here, and neither do you, Sid. But even then, I can't spoil such a good fight, can I? That's why tonight you two will face off in a singles match! And to make you two maniacs go at it even harder, I will make this a high stakes match! You Benoit will defend your right to go to Starrcade, so that you could prove ME wrong, angry fella! You lose tonight and you have to start all over again! Don't thank me Sid, because if you lose tonight... you won't wrestle at Starcade at all!"

Roddy ups the ante, with both men now in a tough position. Vicious laughed like a maniac, but no he’s not so jolly. He can't miss the biggest show of the year, and Benoit wouldn't take warmly to the bench either, but this is what we get here... Win or go home! Benoit and Sid talk trash to each other and we take our first commercial break. Sid vs. Benoit is set, what a main event that is!

Short but sweet recap from Nitro where Booker got caught calling Piper a “has been”. Roddy parried back through his teeth, wondering why he should protect Buffy T so much… Today they have a match against the unlikely duo of Berlyn and Norman Smiley.

Trish Stratus just wouldn't take the loss of her clients before the defying show of the year.

She was eliminated from the women’s tournament in the first round, so she claws and scratches here, literally. The comedic duo in the opposite corner came short as it was just their first match together, plus german’s heart was not in this bout.

This was a simple tune up match for Booker and Buff. Booker smashed Berlyn with a Scissors Kick for the 1-2-3. During the match we also had a Big Wiggle spot with Norman spanking and harassing Buff, turning him into "Puff Daddy" for a second. Some portions of the crowd even chanted that...

In a match that had some good action but not much in the way of heat, Buffy T defeated Norman Smiley and Berlyn in 6:35 when Booker T defeated Berlyn by pinfall with a Scissors Kick. 68/100
Bagwell didn’t want to show that the crowd hurt him, so he smiled like a goof. He got it worse after the match, because The Road Warriors hit the scene and battered all four men to send a strong message!

Big T showed up to solve the problem, but got tackled down fairly quickly too. Warriors capped off their beatdown with a Doomsday Device to Smiley, who didn't get any help from Berlyn and screamed until he got dropped. Bagwell couldn't even do that because Hawk dislocated his jaw with one particularly stiff lariat. Hawk & Animal motion the title belts around their waists to make their intentions clear - they want to add the WCW world tag team titles into their collection of accomplishments.

Pre-taped material time! Backstage Rey Mysterio Jr. had a sit-down interview with Mike Tenay, talking about his match with Konnan, Kidman's return and his unfinished business in the cruiserweight division. Mysterio said that now he got rid off Konnan, he can concentrate on his career. Rey mentions that he never lost the cruiserweight title, so he wants a shot at it at Starrcade. Jushin Liger is champion again, so it looks to Rey like wrestling Gods want to see a rematch between them! They should face off once again to determine who the best cruiserweight in the world is at this point. Tenay asked if this can be considered a challenge, and Rey nodded. His eyes are locked in on the gold now, and he's ready to show Liger how much progress he made in the last couple of years. This time he will beat Jushin Liger, he knows it.

Right after that interview Billy Kidman makes his entrance, eager for CM Punk to show up. After a bit of stalling, he stepped out with Madusa following him closely. Before the brawl could start Punk said that nobody is sure if Kidman actually completed his 12-step program and if he's safe to work with.

"If I bust your face and even a drop of your blood touches my body - I'll take you to the court!"

Kidman smirked and said that he will kick Punk's ass in about a minute, and sat on the ropes to "invite the opponent" into the ring. Punk took the stairs instead and appealed to the referee to check on Kidman, he believes that he has something on him. Nope, Billy is "clean" (meaning he has no foreign objects with him) and the bell rings.

Kidman dropkicked Punk and put fists to his face fairly easily, with the "straight edge jerk” rolling out of the ring to escape the flurry. Punk stood behind Madusa, who slapped Kidman and caught Billy on his way back with a stomp. Punk hit Kidman with a knee in the corner and connected with a Bulldog, but didn't get even a one count. After some rolling on the mats and trying to steal a pin, Billy reversed a Powerbomb and was looking to hit the Shooting Star Press, but Psicosis, Homicide and Hernandez jumped the rail and pushed the high flyer down, causing an immediate DQ.

In a bout that had solid in-ring action but non-existent crowd heat, Billy Kidman defeated CM Punk in 7:57 by disqualification after LAX interfered. 51/100
That was bound to happen… Punk wanted to say something to the gangstas, but then saw Hernandez cracking his knuckles and left the ring area. Homicide stomped on Kidman and threw him back, so Hernandez could punish the guy who left them without a leader...

Quick to the rescue, Rey Mysterio Jr and Super Crazy run out and help Kidman fight off the assault! As the fan favorites took the little victory in this scuffle, Vito and Wilhelm attacked LAX from the back, while Kaz Hayashi “zeroed in” on Psicosis. Wilhelm couldn't forgive latinos for dismissing his twin brother and assembled a gang of his own to deal with the latin crew!

Piper interrupts the brawl and makes a tag team match between Kaz Hayashi, Vito and Wilhelm against Psicosis, Hernandez and Homicide. Roddy then says that since Rey and Super Crazy are in the ring already, why don't they have a match? If Mysterio thinks he can take on Liger, why don’t he prove it tonight by beating Super Crazy? Now that’s a curveball from the commissioner. Go grab a popcorn, as this match is coming your way NEXT!

Super Crazy has been really good so far in WCW, picking up a couple of easy wins and giving Jushin Liger a run for his money last Sunday.

Now "The Insane Luchadore" locks up with Rey, who is believed to be the number one cruiserweight in the world. The match is fast-paced and full of crazy spots, with both men throwing everything they have at each other. Super Crazy attempts a Moonsault, lands on his feet, but gets dropkicked in the bum to hang on the middle rope.

One feint kick later Crazy was open to a West Coast Pop finish that proved once again that Rey is the #1 contender and should face Liger at Starrcade.

In a match that had some good action but not much in the way of heat, Rey Mysterio Jr defeated Super Crazy in 10:38 by pinfall with a West Coast Pop. 72/100
Super Crazy shakes Rey's hand after the match like a true amigo. Announcers mention that Rey was able to bring out more out of Super Crazy, does that count for something? Maybe he's better than Jushin Liger after all?

Tenay says nothing would excite him more than Liger/Mysterio II! Heenan and Schiavone have their own opinions on that matter, hyping up Hart and Triple H match. Heenan also adds that next Monday we will get a new #1 contender for Hulk Hogan's US title, and "Brain" hopes Steiner goes all the way and keeps true to his promise to choke Hulk out!

Heenan gets a signal from "Mean Gene" about a backstage interview, and Bobby does not like that.

Because it’s John Cena! For some reason he doesn't have his eyebrows, but that doesn't affect his confidence. Okerlund holds a smirk and asks the young man about the lack of hair above his eyes…

Cena says while life in the locker room can be tough sometimes, he wouldn't want it any other way. John says The Nasty Boys shaved his eyebrows while he was sleeping in the company bus, just to try and steal his time today.

Cena gets all fired up, shouting that nothing would stop him from appearing today or entering the Battle Royal next Monday! He wants to win the briefcase that would grant him a singles match with Hulk Hogan! That's when Vader pushes his massive body into the frame, telling Cena to keep his mouth shut until he closes it for him!

Vader already did that once, and he will do it again if he needs to... especially with that little briefcase on the line. Cena doesn't back down, instead smirking in the face of "The Mastodon".

- I felt how scared you were after I picked you on my shoulders, Vader, and I can already see how pissed you will be after I'll do that again!
- I'm pretty pissed already, boy. You don't wanna try me again, or bad things will happen... You squeezed past DeMott, but you can't squeeze past me.
- Nobody can squeeze past you anyway, you're a fat piece of **** and you know it!

Oh… only Vader can call himself that. SMASH!

Huge right shot to John's jaw, and one more! Cena somehow manages to hang on and even take Vader down, but Finlay, Arn Anderson and Terry Funk are already there to break it up. To them it looks like Cena took Vader down, and they grab the young guy in the scuffle first.

Vader is mad that nobody believes he is the one that has to be "contained" and throws a wild shot that misses the target. Dizzy Cena is sent walking the other way, Vader argues with the veterans that he almost knocked Cena out. He really pushes that point home, but it doesn't look like Vader is taken seriously even by his peers.

Vader finally shuts up and says he will show them all why he's the baddest man in the building. Now it's time for some gang wars! Konnan-less LAX against Kaz, Vito and Wilhelm.

Nobody expected it to be a wrestling classic, and it wouldn't be, even if Vito had the skills of Bret Hart and the charisma of Hulk Hogan. It was an ugly brawl that spilled out from the ring too often. Psicosis couldn't help himself and wiped out the entire deck with one off his aerial moves! Latinos picked Kaz as the weakest link, but this crafty athlete almost knocked out Homicide!

Mega Bomb from Hernandez and a flashy Psycho Leg Drop on Hayashi sealed the deal for LAX. It doesn't look like these guys will follow their leader out of the company, and if they push on like this they have a very good chance of becoming more than just a stable of thugs here in WCW.

In an awful match that was completely devoid of heat, Latin American Xchange (Homicide, Hernández and Psicosis) defeated Kaz Hayashi, Wilhelm and Vito in 7:42 when Psicosis defeated Kaz by pinfall with a Psycho Leg Drop. 42/100
Homicide told the announcers that LAX will not die, and that K-Dawg did not have his final word yet! Should we expect him back anytime soon? How is that possible?

Backstage Lita is following "Hot Rod", trying to finally get a match for herself so she could be a part of the Women's championship tournament. Piper brushes the redhead off, telling her that he will round up the brackets by bringing Manami Toyota and Aja Kong. Lita fights for her right, begging the man in power to give her a chance.

Suddenly a mysterious man in round glasses steps out of the shadows. This man is not that big, but he has some weird aura about him, and a smirk that tells us "he's a pretty big deal"...

- I think I can help you.
- I don't know who are you pal, but you don't look like a woman in the slightest.
- Oh, pardon me... I'm The Fallen Angel, Christopher.
- Yeah, I knew you were a nutjob when I first saw you. Do you want a tryout match or something?
- Hahaha... Christopher is too good for tryouts, he’s not here for that.
- Your role is to stand here and piss me off?
- Not in the slightest. You see, I came here not alone... I have company. One particularly tough woman came here with me, and I am willing to assume that she will make this young girl a favour.

Roddy frowns, finds a flask in his jacket and tells Christopher to do what he wants, he calls it a day. Professional as you like! Lita is not sure how to react, as Christopher stares her down creepily. We’ll have more information about this match after the break!

When we come back, Triple H makes a surprise entrance! “The Game” is on his own today, and he’s not in his usual suit and tie. Instead Triple H has his sports kit on, with his hair pulled up tightly in a classic ponytail. Hunter picks up a mic and cuts a promo on Bret Hart, recapping how he brutalized “The Hitman” this Monday.

The footage rolls, and we witness the assault one more time. HHH smirks and says that’s what happens to you when you cross “The Game”! Triple H wants everybody to know that nobody can challenge him, or ask him to fight anyone else. Only Triple H decides who Triple H will face… A slight dig at Hogan, who asked Hunter to beat up Steiner earlier this week. Triple H continues, saying that it’s just a coincidence that he himself also wants a match with Bret Hart. If it was different - there would be no Hitman vs. Hunter. But here we are, weeks away from Starrcade with the first match locked in. Triple H says he is the real draw in WCW, he’s the real main event! But… WCW wouldn’t let Triple H challenge for the main prize - the world heavyweight title, and therefore he will gun for the next best thing.

"Bret, you call yourself the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be… when I’m just saying that I’m that DAMN GOOD! I’ll kick your ass at Starrcade so badly that you will call it quits right after the bell rings! You cost me the world championship, now it’s my time to cost you your pathetic career in this damn business!"

Trips looks right into the camera, he means it. He walks around for a while and says he came here to chew bubblegum and kick ass, and he’s all out of bubblegum. Piper probably doesn’t mind, he just left the building.

"To show you all and Bret Hart that I’m the best thing going in the wrestling business today, I’m calling out any member of The Revolution RIGHT NOW! Shane Douglas, Jeff Jarrett, Dean Malenko... anyone will do! You piss of Ric Flair, you have nuclear hit with me!"

While Triple H is running the ropes, we switch backstage where The Revolution discusses who will accept Triple H’s challenge. Shane asks who wants to teach Triple H a lesson? Funny thing, Douglas was a teacher back in the day, but he doesn’t want to give HHH any lectures now.

Lance Storm volunteers, silence… Shane asks if Chavo wants to prove himself, and he starts simulating an injury all of a sudden. Storm wants Shane to pick him… Douglas comes up to Candido, and asks him if he’s ready? “Hard Knox” tries to look tough and says “yeah, sure” but everyone can see he doesn’t want to fight Hunter. Storm continues to lobby for the spot, when Franchise gets an idea.

"It’s going to be you, comrade!”

The finger points at Steven Regal, who sat on the bench out of the camera’s view. Douglas tells him to prove himself to The Revolution, after he messed up last Sunday. Shane almost laughs in the face of Regal, who has that disgusted aristocrat look on his face. Steve quickly tapes his wrists and walks off, Douglas cackles to himself. Short break, anyone?

When Regal and HHH locked up, it became obvious that both men were only interested in a victory.

Every move in this match had a purpose, and Regal seemed like a real main event player here - showcasing excellent chain wrestling mixed up with some proper british brawling! A nice old school hard nose fight. You might say that when we talk about noses, then Triple H is always a favorite, and you will be correct!

Regal used his knees effectively to undercut Triple H but missed a Knee Trembler. He turned into a lewd "Suck It" taunt and was caught with a High Knee courtesy of "The Game"! The former tag team members (as Tenay pointed out) went home after HHH duced The Power of The Punch and got a clean victory *in the middle of the ring-uh* after a devastating Pedigree.

In a bout that featured great action and average heat, Triple H defeated Steven Regal in 11:46 by pinfall with a Pedigree. 85/100
The winner wasn’t finished though, as he continued to beat up Regal until he was busted open! The camera showed that Douglas ordered everybody to stay away. Hunter would color up Regal and mockingly put him in the Sharpshooter, but then…

Bret Hart would appear, pick up the discarded brass knucks and knock Triple H out cold while he was still holding Regal!! Bret gets his revenge and the fans are cheering for him once again! Regal limps backstage with Hart posing over Triple H’s spent body. We get a ton of replays, Bret executed that shot perfectly, but would anyone really expect anything different? Hart posed for a bit and left without saying a word. He only gifted his glasses to the young fan in the front row, officially returning to his good ways.

Sid Vicious is walking around Hogan’s locker room with Mike Awesome pumping the former world champion up for the upcoming main event. “Career Killer” says that he will take care of Eddie Guerrero so he could not screw Vicious tonight! “Latino Heat” stands right behind the door though, eavesdropping on that pep talk, chuckling to himself.

- I’ll find Guerrero and put him through a wall, you know it!
- Good. But I don’t need you help… Stay away from my fight, Mike.
- No problem. We still playing softball this weekends? I enjoyed the last time, and I thought it was for girls!

Sid grunts and leaves without giving Mikey an answer. Eddie hides behind the door to avoid the altercation, then casually pushes the toolbox to block the exit for Mr. Awesome.

"Catch ya later, holmes!"

What a play by Eddie! He scratches his head, then puts a stolen "Janitor Closet" pluck on the trapped door just for the sake of it.

Up next is the match Lita fought for weeks, and we still don't know who her partner will be. She comes out to a lukewarm reception and to some slightly disrespectful commentary from the announce team, who don't take this tournament seriously. Christopher shows up on the ramp with a martini glass filled with green substance, looks at Lita through his red round glasses, takes a sip... and the lights go out. Beep-beep, L7 hits the PA system!

When I get mad and I get pissed,
I grab a pen and I write out a list
Of all the people that won't be missed
You've made my SHІTLIST!

It's Luna Vachon! Lita is surprised, the commentators are looking at each other and build this moment up, but it's too late. Luna doesn't go to the ring, but instead attacks the announcers for bad mouthing and sexualizing women, all while the L7 song is playing. Christopher is enjoying his drink, looking how Luna chokes Tony Schiavone. She then finally slides into the ring and instead of attacking her opponent goes for the ref! Lita looks lost, but Luna just grins back at her, grabs her by the hair and delivers a Flowing DDT! She corners the ring announcer for him to send a message to the crowd and joins "The Fallen Angel" on the stage.

"Ladies and gentlemen... this was Christopher and Luna. The winner of this match following a forfeit... Lita!"

Does that even count? Luna and Christopher don't care and they leave the scene together without batting an eye. Piper can't even punish them, he left early today. Still to come, our high stakes main event. Chris Benoit takes on Sid Vicious! Who will miss Starrcade this year? Find out after the break.

Believe it or not, but Chris and Sid didn't have a single one on one match this year.

They don't waste any time and exchange some heavy and violent shots. Benoit overwhelms Sid with his speed and intensity, while Vicious fights off with pure strength and explosive power. Sid takes a breather, still can't catch a break because of the Suicide Dive! On their way back Benoit meets the steel ring post, and "The Master and The Ruler of The World" takes over the fight.

Sid smothers Chris and busts out a huge Powerbomb that gives him only a two! Vicious loses the cool he didn't have much of in the first place and intimidates the official. When you think about it, they get beat up every show here, so it's not like they are super scared of it. But when you get a threat from Sid, it's special, so Nick Patrick decides to play up to the bigger fighter. Eddie comes out with a chair to present us his own brand of justice after "The Crippler" drives into him in the corner after a toss.

TurnerTron shows us that Mike Awesome is trying to kick the door down backstage, while Eddie is here! "Latino Heat" did not show up empty handed, he has a trusty weapon in his hand.

Guerrero wields a chair and Sid takes a step back after it connects with his face! Eddie helps Chris to his feet, and encourages him to go for the Diving Headbutt... Benoit has none of that, he shoves Eddie so hard he falls of the ring. Chris cranks his neck and puts Sid in the Crossface just as he promised. Patrick comes to senses and awards a victory to Benoit! Sid will miss Starrcade!!

In a bout that featured great action and a good crowd, Chris Benoit defeated Sid Vicious in 14:44 by submission after Eddie Guerrero interfered. 82/100
Senior official tries to raise Benoit's arm, but the winner has none of it. He leaves the ring on his own, leaving Eddie behind. He still has his shot, but does he have a partner? Only time will tell. Sid wakes up from his deep sleep and once again realizes that he lost in a BS manner. We close the show with him screaming "WHY ME!??" a couple of times. Have a good night, folks!

Final Rating: 81/100 (4.30 on TBS)
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Default WCW Monday Nitro Preview and Standings

WCW Monday Nitro Preview

Is it Goldberg's world, and Raven is just living in it?

After we witnessed one of the most controversial title changes in the history of pro wrestling at Mayhem 2000, things didn't settle down at all. When Raven claimed the holy grail in the form of the big gold belt, mayhem and chaos turned up to 11. This Monday the hardcore-seasoned grunge-acting opportunist will meet with "The Man" once again, and his title WILL be on the line! Can Bill Goldberg cut Raven's reign short when there will be no rules in play? Tune in and you will witness WCW history with your very own eyes!

Official Nitro Card

Great Muta vs. Perry Saturn (c) - WCW Hardcore championship match

Amazing Kong vs. Stacy Keibler - WCW Women's tournament 2nd round

Billy Kidman vs. Jushin Liger (c) - WCW Crusierweight championship match

Booker T and Big T vs. The Road Warriors

??? vs. Jeff Jarett (c) - WCW World Television championship match

Manami Toyota vs. Lisa Marie Varon - WCW Women's tournament 2nd round

20 Men Battle Royal for the vacant US championship title match contract
(John Cena, Vader, Finlay, CM Punk, Rey Mysterio Jr, Mike Awesome, Shane Douglas, Scott Steiner, Lance Storm, La Parka, Norman Smiley, The Cat, Rick Steiner, Dustin Rhodes, Berlyn, Disco Inferno, Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero, Vampiro, ???)

Goldberg vs. Raven (c) - Raven's Rules match for the WCW World Heavyweight championship

Bonus Questions

Who will be the mystery Battle Royal entrant?

Who will challenge Jeff Jarrett for the title?

Prediction Contest Standings

1. crackerjack - 13 (+7)

Oh boy, I wasn't kidding when I said I hope to finish this dynasty before the end of 2019. Hope you guys enjoyed Thunder, this upcoming Nitro should be even better. Cheers!

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Default WCW Monday Nitro on TNT (Show #102)

Week 2, December 2000
New England, New Haven Coliseum (10,442)

"... and the NEEEW WCW World heavyweight champion… RAVEN!"

Many wrestling fans already consider Raven's opportunistic cash in to be one of the most shocking world heavyweight title match outcomes in the history of our great sport.

Raven, the enigmatic outcast who spent more time watching the show as a ticket holder, now sits on the proverbial throne of the wrestling business.

For some wrestlers this world heavyweight championship means more money, more prestige, an ultimate accomplishment, but for Raven the title is the validation of his existence within the unforgiving industry, something that proves he belongs somewhere, that he’s not a failure.

That’s why he’s not riding around in limousines, dresses up like a corporate stooge or taking in all the spotlight. No, Raven is in his usual outfit, staying true to his old persona. "Mean" Gene Okerlund tries to stop him in his tracks, asking him about last week. Gene thinks Perry Saturn and Raven are still in cahoots! Champ smirks.

"Saturn is like a dog… he bit the hand that fed him, he wanted freedom from The Flock. Then he joined another group, playing stick with The Franchise… now he’s a stray dog that has no shelter, no owner, and no future. And I don’t feel sorry for him. He can run around and chase others while others will chase him. He doesn’t matter, so don’t ask me about Perry Saturn ever again!"

Okerlund then asks Raven about Goldberg, the rightful champion that was robbed. According to Gene’s sources, Goldberg will get another title shot tonight!

"According to your sources… save that for the Hotline, you machinator. You call me a cheater, but you scam kids out of money every Monday. You are a hypocrite, just like your friend Hulk Hogan, who wants me out of his sight. Well Hogan, I’m not going anywhere… and if Goldberg wants another match, then he will have to BEG me. They gave him everything since his first day here. Me? I had to scratch and claw for everything. Now that I have this power, I will not give him more opportunities..."

Last, Okerlund asks Raven about Piper. How must he feel having such an odd champion?

"Saturn, Goldberg, now Piper… WHAT ABOUT ME? WHAT ABOUT RAVEN!??"

Insulted, Raven cuts the interview short. He walks off and Okerlund drops his catchphrase for him. "Quote The Raven, Nevermore! Back to you, gentlemen!" Time to get the show started.

Nitro is live! Tony Schiavone, Bobby "The Brain" Heenan and Mike Tenay discuss the gossip about the potential implications in the world title picture. Heenan says Raven is a smart individual, almost as smart as him, but he stands no chance against "Da Man"! Bobby adds that he’s fine with them duking it out, as long as Hogan keeps his nose out of main event business.

- Speaking of that, Roddy Piper is organizing a grand Battle Royal to determine a new number one contender for Hogan’s United States championship! Who do you reckon will be the last man standing, Mike?
- Well, you have to think that “Big Poppa Pump” is a favorite to win, but with Sid out of the Starrcade card at the moment, desperation may kick in! I pick Sid Vicious to bounce back tonight!
- What about you, Brain?
- Well, I put my bucks on Vader. He’s back to his old violent self, and with that much experience and sheer mass under his belt, I can’t see how anyone can eliminate him.
- Interesting picks right there! Now let’s turn back to our commissioner, as he specifically requested this time to make a couple of ground-breaking announcements!

Bagpipes kick in, "The Hot Rod" is out! Roddy Piper looks to be in a great mood, but with him you really can’t tell if that’s the case. He’s followed by The New Blood, who form a circle around their boss. Piper grabs a mic and after teasing the crowd for a bit informs us that we are less than 2 weeks away from the biggest event of the year - Starrcade 2000.

"Ya know, I like this time of the year! I chewed through my Advent Calendar already, drank some scotch with your local Hobo Santa, and even prepared some gifts! But nothing comes close to running this company. It felt great to ruin Sid’s big Starrcade plans, and I'm in the mood for more tricks! Hogan, I will not write you a card, but I will put you on one! Because whether you like it or not, someone will be right on your a*s, holding this briefcase up high!"

Piper reveals a briefcase Konnan was forced to give up after losing a wager to Rey Mysterio.

"Now boys, I know you’re all very excited to compete tonight for this prize, but I’m not done here! You see, we have other titles to take care of… Booker T and Buff Bagwell, you will tussle it out with The Road Warriors, for an opportunity to get booked. I hope that warm up serves you right! Anyway… we got a bunch of title matches lined up for tonight. First, Jushin Liger will defend against Billy Kidman. Don’t screw this opportunity up, Billy, or you will never get one again! Now, the TV title. Jeff Jarrett, you picked up quite a few defences lately, but you can’t run away from Shamrock. Ken wants to shoot on you, and quite frankly, I don’t mind that! Keep your eyes peeled, Double J. Now let’s move to some sweet stuff!"

"WCW Women’s championship tournament continues tonight with two BIG matches! First, Kia Stevens takes on my beautiful yet awfully irresponsible assistant, Miss Hancock. Don’t thank me yet, Mikey Awesome, just don’t. And then, we have a semi-main event featuring arguably the greatest female wrestler ever... Lisa Marie Varon will take on Manami Toyota! Out of my respect for her accomplishments, Manami san gets an automatic place in this tournament. Last, but certainly not least… Raven will face "The Man" once again, and this time Perry Saturn will not be a distraction! Because he’s going to defend his hardcore title right now!"

We switch to backstage cameras where Perry Saturn is double teamed by Great Muta and Vampiro! Are they only attacking Perry to taste gold or some personal vendetta also present here? No matter what it is, Perry holds his ground and fights off, suplexing Vamp on the toolbox. Muta then sprays Saturn with some Green Mist and finishes this two on one assault with a Shining Wizard! Muta covers the man and runs away with the title as a thief in the night. Hurt Vamp gets a good bite on Perry, following his luckier partner afterwards.

In a match that had some good action but not much in the way of heat, Great Muta defeated Perry Saturn in 5:53 by pinfall with a Shining Wizard. During the match we also had Vampiro run in and attack Saturn. Great Muta wins the WCW Hardcore title. 59/100
Following that carnage, we get some locker room footage with Billy Kidman and Rey Mysterio. Billy says he had no idea he would fight Liger tonight, and he thinks Piper made this match only to mess with Rey. Mysterio plays it off cool, telling Billy to enjoy the bout. Kidman thanks Rey, even jokes about winning the title and fighting Rey at Starrcade.

"I let you down a couple of times before because of my personal issues, but I hope we can have that match on the biggest stage. Ok, better be going!" - Billy adds.

Rey might be happy to see Billy back, but some part of him is still mad that his demands are yet to be satisfied. Jimmy Hart greets Mysterio with loud "how is it, baby?" and tries to talk him into participating in the Battle Royal.

- Rey, baby, this is the biggest match you could get in right now! Fighting Hulk Hogan at Starrcade for the title? That’s HUGE!
- Jimmy, with all due respect I have only one match on my mind. I want to get my rematch, get the title back and prove that I'm the best cruiserweight champion of all time!
- Sweetheart, I like that idea too, but Liger is not too warm to this bout. You know how he is. He refuses to fight you, and that’s not a bad thing - it’s a good thing!! Imagine yourself holding one of the most prolific titles in the history of this company! You against Hulkamania, baby, it’s written in the stars!!
- Jimmy, please calm down. I…
- Please baby Rey, please!! For all the good work I’ve done for your career so far!

After a couple of tense seconds, Rey actually gives in. Jimmy triumphically throws his megaphone in the air and hugs the former cruiserweight champion. "You’re gonna be a star, baby. I guarantee it!"

And now it's time for some hot high flying action…

Billy Kidman did not expect to get in such a big match so quickly after completing his rehab, and it showed there. Kidman is a bit less flashy now, gaining a couple of pounds, but he is still an athletic competitor who will take the flight when the chance presents itself. Liger struck Billy with a Shotei, set him up for a Liger Powerbomb, which was a big mistake, as you can't powerbomb Billy Kidman! Our challenger reverses the move and looks forward to busting out a Shooting Star Press! He gets on the top turnbuckle with people cheering him on, when CM Punk appears on the stage with Madusa and… Torrie Wilson.

"William, I don’t mean to interrupt your title match, but your girlfriend badly wanted to see you..."

Madusa has a fist full of Wilson’s hair, poor Torrie. Punk eggs Billy to be a decent human being and step up for his woman. Kidman can't look at that and he runs forward for the rescue! To the surprise of absolutely nobody this was a trap. LAX hid behind the curtains all this time and jumped on Kidman! After some stomping Homicide set up a table near the announce table, so Hernandez only had to pick up Billy and drive him through the wood with a Border Toss!! LAX flee the scene before Rey Mysterio, Finlay, Arn Anderson, Jimmy Hart and a bunch of road agents can interfere. Torrie is in shambles, while Punk is standing there with a smirk of a prime asshole across his face.

In a match that had some good action but not much in the way of heat, Jushin Liger defeated Billy Kidman in 8:04 when Billy Kidman was counted out after being attacked by Hernandez. Jushin Liger makes defence number 1 of his WCW Cruiserweight title. 66/100
Liger retains via count out (although DQ would be more fair here) and slowly walks to the back. In an unexpected move Liger raises his title above Billy’s body, for kneeled Rey to see the champ in all his glory. Mysterio mutters something among the lines of "you’re gonna pay for it!" and we go to commercial.

We are back, Triple H and Ric Flair are in Piper’s office once again. "The Game" wants Hart’s head on his plate tonight, and he orders all those rookies to hunt "The Hitman" down.

"You know, uh, why you boys don’t make a name for yourself? Slap Hart around, show him what WCW youth is all about… As far as I’m concerned, you're not very busy, are you? Well, it wouldn’t matter anyway, because I offer a bounty purse that would cover all your expenses for the next year. How does that sound? I got a briefcase of my own, Roddy..."

Ric Flair laughs and passes Triple H a business briefcase. Hunter opens it and we see a stockpile of dead presidents in it. Flair lets out an admiring "wooo" and dances around all that goodness.

"I'm a generous guy... I like to give. I'm offering $100,000 of my own money to anyone within the sound of my voice that will take out Bret Hart. All you have to do is put him on the shelf. I don't care where it is - parking lot, gas station, in the back, in the ring... You put "The Hitman" away and you get this bad boy, no questions asked!"

Sanders and his jocks are whistling and leaning towards the treasure chest, but Flair blocks the way and orders them to walk the walk first. "Looks to me like the game just got a whole lot more interesting, wooooooooo!"

New Blood guys shove each other to the side, trying to get the advantage. They run out of the office so quick that Stacy Kiebler (or Miss Hancock, if you’re into that) gets coffee dumped all over her. "You! Clean this mess up, but don’t take too long, you have a match, next!!" - Piper drops, as we go to commercial.

When we're back, Amazing Kong makes a commanding walk to the ring. She has that heavy yet pompous music which really builds her up as a monster. Stacy timidly walks out next, and she's not looking like a fighter right now, if she ever did. By the virtue of chance she got through Jazz, but this is a very different kind of animal waiting for her in the ring. Speak of the devil! Out of the blue Jazz clubs Stacy to the back! She throws the beautie in the ring and we are set to witness a murder on live TV!

Stacy has long legs, but she can't even run away from Kong, who grabs her by the hair and immediately backfists her into the future. It could have been it, but the woman who calls herself Amazing wanted to make a statement. That's why she picked up Piper's secretary and planted her with authority with The Implant Buster. The three count was purely formal, Stacy had no business being in the ring... and so far Kong looks unstoppable.

In an extremely short match, Amazing Kong defeated Stacy Keibler in 2:36 by pinfall.
Mike Awesome is marking out in the locker room, cheering his fiancee's victory. His jovial mood is quickly ruined by raging Sid Vicious, who is set to miss Starrcade after losing to Benoit last Thursday.

- Wooooaah, chill Sid, calm down.
- Let me explain, bro, I was trapped in the locker room. That punk Eddie Guerrero jammed the door, so I couldn't get out!

Sid storms out and Mike runs after him, asking "The Master of The World" to wait for him.

Meanwhile Booker T, Trish, Big T and Buff Bagwell all come into Piper's office. The leader of the gang first wants to say that he's sorry that he called Piper a has been last week, he didn't really mean that. Secondly, he would like the general manager to cancel their match with The Road Warriors tonight because Buff has a dislocated jaw! Buff nods, he can't even smile like he usually does. Booker adds that Buff's injury came at the hands of Hawk!

Piper smirks and says he likes Road Warriors even more now. Roddy thinks about it for a second and points at Big T, encouraging him to step up for Buffy. "You don't wrestle much these days, but you should be! You get the spot, now get the hell out of my office!"

Trish once again tries to fix the situation with her bitching, but Booker tells her to keep it down.

- If anyone should shut up, it's you! We're in this situation because of your big mouth, and I will miss this big show because of you!
- Tell me you didn't just say that! Baybeh, you lost your qualifying match in the tournament, so don't hate the Booker, hate the game!
- Do you want me to be destoyed just like that stupid reception girl? I am too good for this wrestling stuff, I am a star!!

Piper tells both of them to get out if they don't want to join Sid Vicious on the sidelines! The awesome foursome leaves, they got a partially good deal out of this altercation anyway, so they don't have to feel that bad.

Jazz is laughing all the way to the bank after jumping poor Stacy before the bell. She high fives to big Kia backstage and then Sid and Mike pass them. Mikey compliments his boo-boo, but has to keep up with his other partner. All that is happening while Hulk Hogan arrives, late, but in style. Commercial break!

When we are back, we see Kevin Nash approach a bored-looking Kimberly Page. Kev asks Kim how's life, finds out that Page and Kanyon are talking to the road agents about being left off the card. "Big Sexy" says luckily he's also free tonight, so he invites Kim for a drink. "Don't worry, I'll find Dallas and we do it together. You can wait in the car for a bit, riiight?" Kim smiles and swallows the bait. Nash looks smug and just kills time instead of looking for Page. He's approached by Johnny Stamboli...

- Hey Nash, did you see Bret Hart today?
- Yeah, he went that way...

Nash sends Bull in the wrong direction just to mess with Triple H's big plan. Kev looks at his watch and says it's dating time!

We return to ringside where Buff Bagwell will play a managerial role today. Trish is nowhere to be seen, her little argument with Booker must have been not so "little". Big T is looking bigger than ever, but sadly muscles have nothing to do with the size of that specimen.

The match itself is fairly slow and surprisingly Booker plays the role of the bumping boy.

Road Warriors "spinaroonie" Book against his will and shut off Big T and Buff Bagwell with ease. The sleazy manager put his nose in the ring once or twice, giving bad boys the chance to strike back. Fans start chanting "Puff Daddy" at him, and he's not loving it.

Eventually Hawk throws Booker on top of Buff and eliminates Big T with a ground-shaking Doomsday Device. Buffy T just can't get back on track... maybe Trish is indeed an X factor?

In a match that had some good action but not much in the way of heat, Road Warriors defeated Big T and Booker T in 6:41 when Road Warrior Animal defeated Big T by pinfall with a Doomsday Device. During the match we also had Buff Bagwell distract Hawk. 64/100
Road Warriors celebrate their success but the fight is not over yet. Team 3D jumps the guardrail with steel chairs, looking to strike the winners from behind. BAM!! Brother Ray smacks Animal in the back, denting the chair! Devon headshots Hawk, and he goes down on one knee... The beating continues, and legends take chairshot after chairshot, asking for more! It's not a smart idea, but people are cheering the painted badasses who refuse to go down. Buffy T squad slithers out of the ring area to avoid the same fate. Brother Ray gets a mic and proceeds to mock the tough as nails fighters for their willpower.

- Me and Devon could spend all night bashing those chairs against your skulls! Out of our respect to your legacy we WILL stop... because we want to leave just enough of your for Starrcade, so we could retire your painted **ses once and for all!!

Team 3D hits their signature pose over The Road Warriors, also motioning title belts around their waists. Warriors went through tables and chairs already, but it seems like the best is saved for last.

Jindrak and O'Haire look for Hart together, rest of The New Blood went their separate ways it seems. So far nobody was able to spot "The Hitman"... Backstage Hogan is getting chatty with Mean Gene. Hulk is asked about the Battle Royal first, but that thing doesn't interest him that much.

"Battle Royal for the briefcase? Well let me tell you something, Mean Gene, good old Hulkster has a big target on his back. Hulkster made a lot of enemies along the way, brother, but that's nothing compared to the number of Hulkamaniacs I have behind my back!! Recently Hulkster realized that those same "fans" overstepped their boundaries and got ON my back... all I see lately is a bunch of marks trying to ride my coattails and shower in my greatness, brother!"

"Whoever wins that Battle Royal doesn't interest me, because I'm challenging the world heavyweight champion for a champ versus champ battle at Starrcade, Mean Gene!! Goldberg, let it be you brother, because I have a score to settle with you. Not only I never had my rematch, but I've had to wait for almost a year for my shot at the big gold belt! All because you speared me through the barricade at Bash at the Beach, jack. Now that Hitman is not a WCW champ, Hulkamania is free to run wild again, brother!!"

"Bill Goldberg vs. Hulk Hogan, everyone knows this is the money match, and let me tell you, we're not doing it on free TV anymore, dude. Starrcade is the place, and Hulk Hogan is the main event, much love."

What an amazing promo by our United States champion! After that fiery interview we switch to Jeff Jarrett who's strutting to the ring with guitar resting on his shoulder. Chavo Guerrero Jr and Chris Candido follow the "Chosen One" who also has something on his mind.

"Cut my music! I'll keep it short and sweet, you sheople. My name is J-E-Double F J-A-Double R-E-Double T, and I'm scared of absolutely nobody! Piper, if you think that your little lap dog Ken Shamrock can intimidate me, than you probably suffered a stroke and I didn't even touch you! Choke on Flair's junk, you slapnut! I'm the greatest TV champ and this network is winning the ratings war once again because I pull this company on my back! I'm so big that even our chairman can't touch me! And let me tell you, if he had the guts to step out here right now, I would bust this guitar right over his stupid head!!"

Holy maracas, it's La Parka's music! Somebody wanted to see "The Chairman of WCW"? Well they have him now. The skeleton fan favorite is in, and his eyes are locked on the prize!

This was arguably the biggest moment of La Parka's career so far. Surely he lent Eddie his costume so he could "win" the cruiserweight title, but now he's fighting for gold himself and he's looking damn good doing so!

He fights Jarrett with his fists, legs and head too. He isn't a mat slouch and he can bounce of the ropes with his sneaky athleticism. Schiavone calls La Parka a lovable fatty, but Heenan says "fatty? This guy is all bones, Tony!" The match ges great, with Parka entertaining the crowd with his own version of the Fargo Strut! Wheel kick connects, but a crazy corkscrew moonsault does not... so Jarrett puts "The Skeleton" in the Figure 4.

Candido and Guerrero both help Jeff apply more pressure on the hold, but eventually they get caught and banned from ringside! Amidst the argument Jarrett strikes Parka with an Acoustic Equalizer and picks up another victory.

In a match that had decent wrestling and good hear, Jeff Jarrett defeated La Parka in 8:13 by pinfall with an Acoustic Equalizer. Jeff Jarrett makes defence number 9 of his WCW World Television title. 77/100
TV champ is posing on the second rope with his title, gloating and trash talking the front row people. Jarrett probably didn't see the tag match earlier tonight, because he keeps his back turned for too long. Ken Shamrock slides into the ring like a hungry bulldog, trying to catch Jarrett's leg and snap it in half! Double J turns just in time to jump off the ring and over the barricade, and the chase is on! Mr. "I'm Not Scared Of Nobody" is sprinting like a chicken out of the coop... More action to come later on, folks!

New Blood is losing patience looking for Bret Hart, shouting at "colleagues" for not cooperating and helping them. Jocks roll on while La Parka goes through gorilla position, getting some claps from fellow wrestlers. Parka motions that he needs a good shower now, so he leaves. That same crowd of people ask DDP if he's aware that Nash and Kim left together twenty minutes ago? "WHAT!?" - DDP can't believe it, he needs to know where they went! Kanyon says he'll ask makeup girls if they overheard something. Not a bad idea, but DDP needs answers quick!

Where women - there's trouble, am I right? Booker, Buff and extra sweaty Big T are all standing in front of their locker room door, pleading Trish to let them in. Looks like she got offended by Booker's words, someone needs to apologize... that same time Saturn is stumbling down that same corridor, and he doesn't look well, bleeding from his neck and gruntling. Some backstage worker dared to ask if Perry was ok, and then got his face caved in! Saturn goes berserk on some pedestrian and slowly walks by Booker, who has that wide-eyed look on his face.

- What are you looking at!?
- Uh, nothing dawg...

You can the tension between them with a knife. Homicide runs past them with a black and white costume in his hand... what's he up to?? Commercial break.

A short vignette with Luna Vachon and "The Fallen Angel". Christopher, the man in round glasses, wants to apologize for Luna's actions last week. "Her hormones are all messed up... she is in pain... she's waiting for someone to come into this rotten world... and soon everything will be as clear as day. And now excuse me, demon is calling me..." What in the world? Announcers who got beat up last week say this is sickening.

And now it’s time for a Battle Royal! We’ve had a couple of those lately, and it’s fair to say that some guys get an experience advantage just being a part of them so often. People crowd the ring and only a few guys get a special entrance.

First one is Vader, "The Mastodon" is one of the favorites to win the whole thing. Vader has his eyes on Cena, who doesn’t have a lot of allies in the ring. Next up is Rey Mysterio, accompanied by his part-time manager Jimmy Hart. Rey Rey really wants to fight for the cruiserweight title, but if Liger is so dismissive of him, maybe it is time for Plan B.

Somewhat of a surprise, Eddie Guerrero enters the match too! Guerrero always has something up his sleeve, no doubt about that. Mike Awesome comes out next and he's right on Eddie’s heels…

SIRENS! The provisional winner of this match, "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner is ready to throw some pencil-neck geeks over the top rope. He flexes on top of the ramp and does pushups before entering the ring. Finally, the mystery man is about to be revealed…

BAGPIPES! What? Roddy Piper is in his wrestling gear, and he’s looking damn rowdy! "Hot Rod" quickly tells the schmucks in the ring to give hime everything they got, because most of them won't be booked for Starrcade! Roddy gets in the ring and we are good to go! Vader and Cena trade blows, Mikey is chasing Eddie, Finlay and Punk lock up and the rest of guys tussle it out between each other.

First elimination of the match goes to Vader who military presses Disco Inferno out. That goof tried to help Cena get a breather! The Cat tried to shake and bake his way around Vader, but his karate kicks didn’t budge the legendary brawler… That’s when Mike Awesome got him from behind and catapulted Miller out of the ring for another quick elimination. It seems like La Parka is on double duty today (that was a very quick shower), as he tries to eliminate Vampiro! No luck yet. Revolution bands up together to hit Piper in the ribs, Roddy kicks out and bumps Malenko’s head with the mouth of Shane Douglas. Wind up punch to Dustin Rhodes, Steiner lariats "The American Nightmare" out of the action!

Norman hangs on to the bottom rope so nobody could eliminate him, and he tells Berlyn do the same! German refuses to copycat the laughing stock and gets dumped out by Scott Steiner. Freakzilla stomps on Norman while he’s screaming and then throws him out for good with a Belly to Belly suplex. Rick Steiner offers his younger brother to work together, and they tackle Vampiro out! While Rick goes around woofing, Scotty throws him out! No hard feelings, but Scotty is in it for himself and he needs no help! He then clubs Mike Awesome in the back the neck, "Latino Heat" should be grateful for that.

In what could be considered a slight upset, CM Punk roundhouse kicks Finlay from the apron, notching an elimination of his own! Stupidly enough he poses for the crowd, giving Rey a chance to dropkick him out on the floor. Meanwhile Piper is holding "The Franchise" in a sleeper, who gets "saved" by a Superkick from Lance Storm! Piper knew that kick was coming, and he had no trouble leading Shane out of the battle. The leader of The Revolution is out, and he’s royally pissed about it. Regal probably enjoyed that backstage…

Shane doesn’t have to wait for his partners for too long because Rey and Eddie combine their agility and ring trickery to score stereo eliminations of Storm and Douglas! Rey is feeling funky, but then… La Parka uncharacteristically nails the underdog with a steel chair from behind!! Ring contestants are surprised, but one ring crew member knows all about the man behind the costume. Alex Shelley pulls Parka’s mask from behind revealing the angry mug of Konnan!


Announcers are having a meltdown, Tenay recalls that LAX warned us that their leader didn’t say his final word yet. Konnan goes berserk, nailing Shelley, Eddie and Piper, who called for security before dropping down.

Konnan is calling everyone in the ring putos, even Scott Steiner. Big Poppa points at Shelley, and tells Konnan that he just took out the son of his finest freak! Steiner Line!! Steiner mounts Konnan and screams that his briefcase now belongs to him! Mike Awesome uses this opportunity to blindside Steiner, but Eddie pulls the rope and Freakzilla sends the giant flying!! Konnan is draped over the second rope, Rey strikes him with a Tiger Feint Kick! Vader looked to push the ropes for Rey, but failed to catch the smaller kid. And that was his downfall, because another young man in John Cena showed us how strong his will and body is, muscling Vader over the top rope!!!

Utter disbelief. Vader shoves people out of his way and takes John down. Mastodon brutalizes the rookie and illegally dumps him out of the match to get some revenge. Konnan is now cuffed and escorted from ringside, so we have our final four. Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero, Scott Steiner and Roddy Piper…

Off to the races we go! Eddie and Piper pull no punches, while Steiner tells Rey to leave the ring and go to bed. Uh-uh, Rey doesn’t listen and kicks Scott with a few stinging low kicks. Meanwhile Mike Awesome grabs a hold of Eddie’s ankle, that gives Roddy a chance to strike and eliminate "Latino Heat"! Sid runs out and together with Mike they start bludgeoning Eddie… where's Benoit? "The Crippler" is nowhere to be seen. Rey ducks Steiner’s lariat and jumps over Piper to hit two big oafs with a Somersault Plancha! Rey just eliminated himself, but saved his friend! What a guy.

We are nearly done here. "Hot Rod" and "Big Poppa Pump" square off and talk trash to each other, with people getting loud. Eye poke and back rake from Roddy, he’s taking a run up to throw Steiner out! Swinging belly to belly from Steiner!! Scott tells Piper he’s gonna break his bad hip now… he military presses the commissioner and marches around the ring with him. Piper with an eye rake! Scott is on the ropes, and he eats some jabs! Piper slowly runs up with a high knee tackle, but gets denied and elevated over the top rope with an Exploder Suplex!

With the most eliminations under his belt Big Poppa Pump wins the briefcase, and a potential match with Hulk Hogan at Starrcade!

In a bout that had good wrestling and good crowd, Scott Steiner won the Battle Royal in 14:39 to claim ownership of the vacant US title match contract. 77/100
Steiner grabs that briefcase and treats all the ladies in attendance with some serious gun show, inviting some of the hotter ones to his hotel room after the show. He gets a mic and warns Hogan - his red and yellow ass belongs to him now! "HAK HOGAN, DADDY IS COMING FOR THAT US TITLE, YOUR WIFE AND YOUR CAREER! HOLLER IF YA HEAR ME!!"

Backstage Raven sits on the floor, staring at his world title. He got booked in another title defence tonight, and that seriously concerns the champion. Lisa Marie Varon wants to inform her master that she's about to have a fight of her own, but the man is not listening. After repeating herself twice Ms. Varon simply walks off, and then Raven mutters to himself "My title, my rules, my time", hugging the ultimate prize...

We get a footage from a bar where Kevin Nash and Kimberly have a friendly chatter. "Big Sexy" is a good listener it seems, because Kim never shuts up and bickers about her husband. Kev sips on some wine and bullshits his part of the conversation because uh... women love with their ears? Nash has too much fun with Page's wife. And "The People's Champ" is finally here!! DDP flips some table and asks what the hell Nash is doing!? Kev sips some more and tells Page to relax, they just chatted a bit, that's all. Kim says the same thing, but that makes him even angrier, and then... glass shatters!

No, we don't get to see Steve Austin, but we get Scott Hall glassing DDP in the back of his head! "OH MY GOD, WTF, GUYS?? I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS!??" - Kimberly yelps, falling to her knees to aid Page.

Hall throws his toothpick at DDP and Nash smirks, saying he had a wonderful evening. "We should repeat it some other time, Diamond Doll..." Kev drops some money on the table, Scott sips on some beverage, spits it in the waiter's face and says it's "too sweet". Partners in crime bounce, Kimberly asks for help. Time for us to come back, guys.

Lisa Marie Varon steps in the ring in her leather outfit, looking confident. She looks to keep her emotions under control, but there's no way she can keep her cool when Manami Toyota is out! "The Flying Angel" is out in her traditional black attire and our semi main event is on!

Ms. Varon has a slight size advantage, but Toyota has bags of experience behind her back. The AJW star kicks off with some serious offense, flying around the ring and kicking Raven's assistant, very hard.

Lisa takes over the match after she shoves Toyota from the top rope and to the floor! Back at 9, Manami is now locked in tight chin locks. Toyota drives Lisa in the turnbuckles to break up the hold and hits her head across the pad a couple of times to get fired up!! This time Missile Dropkick connects!

Toyota runs up with a wild lariat, misses! That gives Lisa an opportunity to try an Elevated Hangman's Neckbreaker, but that move is reversed into a Manami Roll! Kick out last second!! Veteran joshi wrestler clutches Lisa's arm, gets a hold of the second one and finishes the job with a Japanese Queen Cyclone Suplex to advance in the tournament… And it looks like Raven will be missing his valet in a couple of minutes.

In a match that had decent wrestling but was completely devoid of heat, Manami Toyota defeated Lisa Marie Varon in 6:24 by pinfall with a Japanese Queen Cyclone Suplex. 36/100
Toyota san bows to the fans and quietly leaves the ring. Well, it's not quiet in the parking lot right now, because New Blood finally got their hands on Bret Hart!

All seven guys get their shots in, stomping and throwing Hart in the cars. They eventually throw Bret in Ric Flair's limo... and take over the wheel. "Hitman" is in for the ride of his life! BASH!! Palumbo backs down into some 4x4 to give Bret VIP concussion. He speeds up, burns rubber and jams the luxury car into a production truck!! New Blood is loving it, they encourage Bull to go for one more time. He does, and the last collision is by far the worst one - the back of that limo is unrecognizable now. Orton opens the back door and Bret just falls out, barely able to breathe let alone fight back.

"HEY!! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU IDIOTS DOING!!??" - Ric Flair yelps. You see, it's HIS limo, and now it is destroyed. Flair throws his jacket on the ground and rants about it being a $100,000 vehicle!! "YOU!! GET THE HELL OUTTA MY FACE BEFORE I TAKE YOU PUNKS TO SCHOOL!" Looks like New Blood won't get their reward after all, and Triple H's bounty bag will be spent on the new ride for "The Nature Boy". "The Game" doesn't give a damn, he got what he wanted. Hunter approaches Bret and with a twisted smirk on his face says that the ambulance is on its way... Despicable!

The main event is next, and it will be held under Raven's rules. Goldberg gets a special entrance, he was locked in his locker room for hours and now the beast is unleashed! It's not often that we see Goldberg making his entrance first. The champion gets far less pomp and circumstances, but it is a memorable entrance nonetheless... because Raven walks out with a shopping cart full of weapons! He empties it, throwing stuff at Goldberg before the match starts. We have never seen anything like this, but it's Raven's Rules and we're underway!

Goldberg refused to give any interviews before this match in order to focus on his opponent. Focused Goldberg is a scary man, but he's also angry. Angry fighters are prone to make mistakes, and Raven knows this. DQ or count out won't save him tonight, but this master manipulator knows how to handle himself in extreme situations.

Goldberg follows Raven around the ring, flips the shopping cart over and slides back only to be attacked by the big gold belt! Raven throws everything he has at the challenger, who's not going down. Raven tries a Triangle Lariat but gets shoulder blocked out of the ring! Goldberg is hot on his heels, so Raven sprays him with a fire extinguisher and smacks a "STOP" sign in his head! Now he has a chair that goes straight to Bill's back! Raven sits the chair up in the middle and eventually catches "The Man" with a Drop Toe Hold on it! Cover... Goldberg kicks out almost immediately.

Raven leaves the ring once again, and now he throws the kitchen sink, the trash can and a shopping cart in the squared circle! Superkick from Goldberg knocks the sink out, and now the dominant powerhouse presses out the cart. Raven swiftly puts the trash can in Goldberg's face, so "Da Man" drops the cart on top of himself!! It wheels out to the corner, Raven is not even trying to cover his rival now. Quicks stomps frustrate the juggernaut and he runs wild with a Spear... and misses, ending up inside of the shopping cart! Raven grabs a chair and smashes Goldberg's skull for half a minute or so! He hits his pose, hits the Evenflow DDT and then the lights go out.

Remember those cryptic 12/11/2K vignettes? Well, the third one flickers on the TurnerTron, distracting everyone from the action inside of the ring.

When a man's heart is full of deceit...
It burns up, dies...
And a dark shadow falls over his soul...
From the ashes of a once great man, has risen a curse...

A pitch black house is painted white after the lightning strikes.

A wrong that must be righted...
We look to the skies for a vindicator, someone to strike fear into the black hearts
of the same man who created him... The battle between good, and evil has begun...
Against an army of shadows, lies a dark warrior...

The door shuts wide open and the hooded figure slowly turns to the camera.

The prevailer of good...
With a voice of silence...
And a mission of justice...
This, Is, Sting.

Raven can't believe his eyes, he's frozen and he stares at the tron! The announce team is having a collective orgasm, Sting is back! The real Sting lands right behind the world heavyweight champion... and plants him with a Scorpion Death Drop!! Sting lets out his signature yelp and leaves to let Goldberg finish the job. Groggy Raven gets absolutely annihilated with a hellacious Spear and put out of his misery with a Jackhammer on the trash can! Ref drops down and hits the mat three times to officially end the match and Raven's world title reign.

In a bout that featured great action and great heat from the audience, Goldberg defeated Raven in a Raven's Rules match in 9:09 when Raven was pinned with The Jackhammer after a distraction from Sting. Goldberg wins the WCW World Heavyweight title. 87/100
The fans are celebrating the return of "The Icon" and another big victory of Goldberg! "The Man" is back on top and Raven is a broken mess physically that will soon be a broken mess mentally. We wish you good night ladies and gentlemen, Starrcade is only 2 weeks away. Tony says this is the greatest night in the history of our great sport, and for once he might be right.

Final Rating: 86/100 (8.28 on TNT, up from 8.16)
This show has increased out popularity in 16 regions.
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Nice to see this back! Dang, I missed the predictions!

That snake! Konnan!

Can totally see the abandoned Saturn find family with a guy like Vampiro - or even CM Punk.

Makes sense to hotshot the title back to Goldberg, but it begs the question - who is next for the champ? Sting/Raven will be great, as will Steiner/Hogan and (I'm guessing) Awesome vs. Sid.
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Originally Posted by crackerjack View Post
Nice to see this back! Dang, I missed the predictions!

That snake! Konnan!

Can totally see the abandoned Saturn find family with a guy like Vampiro - or even CM Punk.

Makes sense to hotshot the title back to Goldberg, but it begs the question - who is next for the champ? Sting/Raven will be great, as will Steiner/Hogan and (I'm guessing) Awesome vs. Sid.
No need to worry mate, you are still first

It's so easy to make K-Dawg hated, he does all the work for you. If I ever write another dynasty, it will probably have Konnan in it for some continuity

I can say now that Saturn will stay solo until the end of this diary. I will try and incorporate multiple stories from his real life to his booking, so stay tuned, I guess?

Can't give away clues to Starrcade yet, but I have around 12 matches on the card and they are progressing slowly. Maybe some will be scrapped to keep it realistic, maybe I'll go full WWE 2019 and add 5 more

One thing is for sure - nothing's for sure...

*yelps in Sting*
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