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Unread 11-14-2018, 03:38 AM
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Default Best storyline ever

What do you think is the best storyline youíve ever run in TEW. Really life or c verse.
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Unread 11-14-2018, 12:50 PM
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Has to be Rey Mysterio Jr. versus Christopher Daniels for the Cruiserweight title in my WCW Lives 2001 save. Rey was the current champion when Daniels made his debut alongside bodyguard Abyss, and immidiately locked his eyes on Rey. Daniels mostly had Abyss do his dirtywork, and the first title match ended in a DQ victory for Rey, thus Rey retained the title. The assaults went on, with Daniels having his very own reasons. The next title match was a 30-minute No DQ iron man match, in which Daniels won the title after Abyss interfered and basically won him the final fall.

On Nitro, Rey and Kidman challenged Daniels & Abyss to a tag team match, which ended in chaos. The feud ended when Rey challenged Daniels to a title versus mask match, which Rey finally won and re-claimed the championship. Maybe not as a big feud as some of yours, but it kinda meant a lot to me, and is definately one of the best and most fun I've ever booked.
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Unread 11-14-2018, 01:32 PM
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Great question!

I'd have to say the best storyline I ever ran was in a 2005 game in the CVerse. I was booking Mid Atlantic Wrestling [no surprise there, really], and my main event was a program between Mainstream and Steven Parker. The two were tearing down the house.

I signed Brady Prince (this was in maybe March of 05) and I begin a build to make Brady Prince my top guy (because to this day I say that in the original 05 database, Brady Prince could really go) and it started a sixteen month storyline that saw Brady, as a heel, turn into the supreme Mid Atlantic Monster. He went undefeated, ran through everyone, won the rip Chord in January of '06 and held the title for several months before he finally lost it to Angel del Mexico -- who I had also been building.

It was a fantastic build that I've loved ever since.

A close second is my initial build of Greg Gauge/Keith. He debuted, I signed him (this was in an 07 game) and he won the TV title in his third match. He went on to have fifty-eight defenses of the TV title (I defended it every week on TV and never at pay per views) and he because I'm certified main eventer and the best wrestler on my roster. In the process he turned from heel to face and had a program with his brother (who took the TV title off of him finally). It was a great way to build a sibling rivalry -- they only loosely teamed but had been aligned -- and it really gave my TV a great feel.
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Unread 11-14-2018, 04:53 PM
Matt_Black Matt_Black is offline
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Not a single storyline, but the year long World title reign that Hell Cat wound up having in QAW was fun.

Last edited by Matt_Black : 11-14-2018 at 05:14 PM.
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Unread 11-15-2018, 02:50 AM
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Favourite one Iíve run was a year + run with USPW.

To start with I had Sam Strong as the proud dad trying to push Nicky Champion and Alicia Strong together. At the same time I brought in Joanne Rodriguez as part of a stable with her brothers Mario Heroic and Champagne Lover. J-Ro and Alicia started tagging and were very successful showing great chemistry.

This reached a head with Alicia telling her dad to stay out of her life (heavily implying that her and J-Robwere more than friends). Sam, the old school sort of guy he is, disowned her & turned heel with a big time slap.

All this basically built to Alicia facing off against an endless string of heel males inc Sam which she managed to overcome till she faced off against Champion for the top title. Naturally Alicia won the title with her and Champion showing respect post match.

Going forward was gonna establish a killer face trio of Alicia, J-Ro and Champion taking on an NWO type faction
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Unread 11-16-2018, 04:11 AM
ShibataHeadbutt ShibataHeadbutt is offline
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Mine was TEW 10

Playing as USPW, Kurt Laramee signed a deal and fr a few months moaned about the running of the company by Sam Strong

Enter Joe Sexy renamed as Joe Money, he came in and claimed that he now owns 50% of USPW due to Sam Strong being in debt and he has saved USPW

for the next six months Joe Money booked his stable, Millionaire Club, Kurt Laramee, JD Morgan and Travis Century

Kurt Laramee was USPW Champion and at a PPV i can't remember

Sam Strong came out of retirement to face Joe Money in a ladder Match for complete ownership of USPW

Laramee retained against Jim Force, and Sam Strong won the contract

Joe Money had recently resigned with SWF and Sam Strong left the business, handing over the company in storyline and outside the promotion to Alicia Strong

Jim Force became Jim Fear, and rampaged for a while, and Laramee continued his weasel gimmick of being a harassed champion
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Unread 11-16-2018, 08:19 AM
BiffJordan BiffJordan is offline
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I was running a WCW buyout game. The Bischoff buyout went as planned and he retained control of WCW, not Vince.

I had Goldberg as my "Bruno", champion for over a year until I saw WWF release Eddie Guerrero. I devised a plan to debut Eddie as a top heel. I brought him in with Konnan, Psicosis, Kaos and Hernandez as LAX and had them run over all the top babyfaces for the summer leading to a showdown on a B PPV where Eddie was able to steal the title away from Goldberg. He only kept it for about two months before he lost it back but the feud was gold. It helped elevate Psicosis to a legit upper mid carder and I was able to make a killer tag team from Hernandez and Kao's with Konnnan as the manager. The story ended at War Games when Goldberg, RVD, Rey Mysterio, Abyss and Sting beat LAX. I had a lot of fun elevating some random workers who turned out really solid.
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Unread 11-16-2018, 09:25 AM
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In a created company, Jay Chord winning the World Title, forming a stable around him, the House of Chord, full of MAW grads. Then that stable splitting into 2 factions, the other being The Triple Threat led by Davis Wayne Newton, and another face stable led by Sean McFly & Eddie Peak, and the 3 groups warring over the belt and the company.

Either that, or back in whichever game Brute gimmick/Domination match note could rapidly increase a worker's popularity, I accidentally got "The Mountain of Mayhem" Danny Rushmore to 100 Pop through the US and Canada having him win squash matches while I didn't have a feud for him.
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Unread 11-16-2018, 09:26 AM
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I still don't think I've topped one of the central storylines from my SWF diary way back in 2008. My first diary and several characters just connected for me. Particularly Rich Money, who I built around the "Magnificent Bastard" trope rather than basing him on any real world wrestler.

Jack Bruce was world champion and Richard Eisen was the evil controlling owner - not just a small bit inspired by the evil Mr. McMahon character. Feeling that Bruce was a poor representative for the company, Eisen wanted the belt on someone else and was very obviously manipulating things to make that happen. I believe it was at Supreme Challenge that he put Bruce into a Gauntlet match. The third challenger was left undecided heading into the match. I honestly can't recall without checking who the first two challengers were - think one of them was Remo. Bruce survived but was in bad shape. The Eisens and Emma Chase argued in the back about who should be the third challenger. Rich Money had failed in a title challenge on a previous event and had won his match earlier on the show, so he decides to go down to the ring and, still wearing a suit, defeats Bruce to become the World Champion.

They have a rematch at the next PPV in a cell-cage, similar to Hell in a Cell. Money hurt his knee in the lead-up, so he has to wear an Austin-style knee brace to be able to compete. But its a ruse and he removes it during the match, brutally beating Bruce with it to secure the win. Money climbs up on top of the cell to celebrate his victory, and suddenly music hits. Familiar music. Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. Sean McFly walks out onto the stage, returning to Supreme after a decade away and setting up the next challenger.

As much as anything, the story was just damned fun to write. Even just writing about in here makes me want to do another SWF save. But the company has changed so much that that connection isn't quite there anymore. Definitely my "best" in TEW.
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Unread 11-16-2018, 01:12 PM
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Had a pretty epic storyline involving Steve DeColt vs Jeremy Stone in my recent game. Ran for 3 years and gave both men 3 title reigns at the very top. It simmered down but it still remains one of my biggest rivalries and involves their entire families.
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Unread 11-16-2018, 03:40 PM
EnforcerM EnforcerM is offline
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By far... In my Road to Glory/0-0-0-0 game, successfully hiring Ric Flair in Montreal Screwjob after WCW dumped him, then actually using him properly for 2003 to get over roughly a dozen people years faster than I could have otherwise. Brought back the Four Horsemen with CW Anderson, Ken Anderson (Mr. Kennedy), and Rob Conway. Feuded with my characters and some up and comers. Flair took one of my own pet projects as a protege, then switched from Entertainer to Technician, and after that, he basically helped all my top guys get over and more skilled, and he was putting on B and B+ matches despite my product being performance based. The storyline continued with them going pseudo-face when a brutal heel team led by Tom Zuma, Brock Lesnar, and John Cena tried to wreck everyone (and "injure" one of the Horsemen), then I had Flair pass the torch after his protege won the belt in a big "yeah we're still heels" moment at my season finale event, making the protege the new leader of the Four Horsemen and stepping down from championship hunting. Flair is still active but does more managerial stuff now. The new leader is putting on 100 rated promos and giving 80-90 in matches, so I'm well happy with how it turned out.
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Unread 11-16-2018, 10:32 PM
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in WCW 98, instead of sting joining NWO wolfpac, I had woflpac recruit both sting & ddp simultaneously with sting rejecting and ddp accepting (joining nash, lex, macho, konnan)

seeing as sting, ddp & lex were the big 3 pro wcw guys during wcw vs. nwo, sting felt betrayed by ddp & lex that they joined an NWO group. sting would become even more disillusioned than he did in fall 96, with his feeling that everything he fought for ended up for nothing . it would be his motivation to turn into a real heel. i had sting turn his back on WCW and be enemies of the Wolfpac. i had it culminate with a big sting vs. ddp match at starrcade 98.

even had a twist in there where sting wanted to mess with ddp so badly that sting sting would team with ddp's WCW blood rival raven. raven would further pollute sting's mind against ddp.
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Unread 11-17-2018, 06:53 AM
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Originally Posted by ShibataHeadbutt View Post
Jim Force became Jim Fear, and rampaged for a while
Nice Dillinger Escape Plan reference. Lol
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Unread 11-18-2018, 04:11 PM
noknuckles noknuckles is offline
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I'm currently running a story where the serpent demon Ouroboros (I believe Hijo Del Mephisto was his name, he has a devil mask) invaded the Celestial Empire ruled by Freya Fish (Wanda Fish). Freya got overthrown. Ouroboros pushed her off the cloud and she spent a few episodes falling through the sky.

She landed in Canada and has amnesia. She's lost her memories so she doesn't realize she's a Goddess and now she has to fight against the evil and barbaric Canadians who worship the Goddess Freya and perform barbaric rituals where they sacrifice souls to their Goddess.

I have an even better storyline planned. I think it's going to end up being the greatest storyline ever written in the history of humankind. It involves Lindsay Sugar going to culinary school and opening up her restaurant.
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Unread 12-07-2018, 10:16 AM
sdaubs sdaubs is offline
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My favorite storyline I ever wrote was partially planned but not for the entire two years that it ran. I had two randomly generated wrestlers that I hired and placed in SWF development, and when I brought them to the main roster, I named them "'JD' Dee" and "Jeff Mock" (friends from childhood).

They both started as faces and as openers and Mock's gimmick got him over enough that I gave him a TV title and changed it to a Floating Title. I planned to have him beat the heels, then turn heel, and beat the faces and ultimately have a champion vs. champion match. I was trying to do the ECW RVD storyline with him.

Meanwhile, JD & Masked Cougar had tag chemistry, and they won and lost the tag titles a couple of times before Masked Cougar got a compressed spine or something similar and was out for about a year.

So Mock is a face Upper Midcarder who has beaten all of the heels at this time while JD is a face midcarder with no real storyline just now. I had New Wave (Scout (UM) & Guide (mid card)) that I signed for a short-term contract as heels, and I had them challenge Mock for the TV title. Mock & JD teamed up and whoever won the fall would get the shot at the title.

The first time, Guide pinned JD, but Mock beat Guide in the following title match and then they demanded another tag match in which Scout beat JD (again) but Mock beat Scout in the title match. At this time, I started Mock's heel turn. In the 3rd match, it was a double count-out or DQ, and so it was a fatal 4-way in which Mock won by pinning JD, but he didn't turn yet. The next show, New Wave attack JD, Mock comes out to rescue him and hits JD with a chair completing the turn and joining New Wave. Mock ended up blaming JD for even having to defeat his title and considered him the weak link.

JD & Mock have a title match (and good chemistry) which JD wins by DQ when New Wave & Mock attack him and throw him thru a table. JD had a mild injury that I wanted him to heal from so I gave him a 2-month vacation while Mock started beating the face side of the roster.

When JD comes back, they have a series of matches where JD wins by DQ when New Wave helps but never gets the title from Mock. I had both of them move into the Main Event by this time and were trying to get the title from Jack Bruce.

I was building to the champ vs. champ match with Mock got hurt for three months by a botched move from Bruce, so I stripped Mock of the title. I had JD win the title in a 3-way match and defend it a couple of times before Mock came back, and I had Mock win the title in a Fatal 4-way but Mock pinned Lassie, or whoever else was in that match.

I had JD chase Mock, but New Wave prevented the title from changing hands until the GM had them fired (aka their contracts ran out). Finally at the Supreme Challenge 39, with no New Wave as the backup, JD and Mock had an Iron Man 60 minutes match where JD finally beat Mock in a match that was rated 96 and was my 2nd highest match rating on that show.

I moved Mock to another brand after that show, and I'll have JD hold that title for six months or so, but after bringing them up from Development about four years earlier, they ended up being tied to each other a lot for the last two years as allies and especially as enemies.
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